Corona Virus on Astrological Prospective | Ashish Mehta
Posted on March 22nd, 2020

Ashish Mehta

A lot of people ask about the coronavirus these days. Out of curiosity or out of fear Everyone’s question remains, now what next. Let’s talk today about the coronavirus on the astrological perspective.

Any virus is born from the conjunctions of Rahu or Ketu or from the position. And due to the combination of Guru and Ketu, it intensifies. At this time, the coronavirus is attacked all over the world. And that too has been intensified due to the combination of Guru and Ketu.

Two things are mentioned in the scripture about Guru. Guru represents life and The one who intensifies it is the Guru. What makes a local thing to global is a guru.

So the coronavirus, which was a local thing in China, became global due to the Guru and Ketu’s conjunction. Fortunately, on 30th March, the guru is leaving Ketu’s alliance and entering Capricorn. That Means After March 30, we will all be free from the effects of the Coronavirus.

But it will start from 24th March. You will be surprised to know that Chaitra Shukla Prati Prada is said to be the day of origin of the world. Thighs are going to start change after 24th march. And its result will come before us after March 30.

After that the summer season will start from April 19, as soon as the summer season starts, the sun will come in Aries, its medicine will be available and the panic will end.

From March 24th, its panic will end in the whole world, we will start getting treatment from March 30. Just get focus. Don’t get panic, & Do take care of your self.

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