Sri Lanka to import Japanese drug against COVID-19
Posted on March 29th, 2020

Courtesy Adaderana

Chairman of State Pharmaceutical Corporation (SPC), Dr. Prasanna Gunasena says that an order has been issued through the Presidential Secretariat to import the drug found in Japan against COVID-19, the novel coronavirus.

Joining Ada Derana Big Focus, he said that plans are underway to streamline the drug distribution system in the country.

He further said that the pill found by Japan to combat coronavirus is due to be brought to Sri Lanka within two days.

Previously, Japan’s health minister said the government was considering using a drug called Avigan, also known as favipiravir, to treat patients sickened by COVID-19.

More than a month later, favipiravir has shown promise in two trials involving coronavirus patients, with more countries, all desperate for an answer to COVID-19, prepare to test its effectiveness, reports foreign media.

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