Scientists Confirm First Case of COVID-19 Transmitted From Corpse
Posted on April 14th, 2020

The first case of a dead body transmitting the coronavirus to a medical examiner was reported by scientists in Thailand, a discovery that has prompted concerns that those handling coronavirus victims might be at risk of infection, BuzzFeed News reported on Monday. This is the first report on COVID-19 infection and death among medical personnel in a Forensic Medicine unit,” the Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine Study announced on Sunday. The disinfection procedure used in operation rooms might be applied in pathology/forensic units too,” wrote Won Sriwijitalai of the RVT Medical Center in Bangkok and Viroj Wiwanitkit of Hainan Medical University in China. There is a lack of knowledge about whether corpses can infect others with the novel coronavirus, however the finding in Thailand has reaffirmed advice from health experts that people handling the bodies of those who have succumbed to the virus, including morgue and funeral home workers, should use safety precautions, according to BuzzFeed.

Anyone coming into contact with a COVID19 positive body, alive or dead, should be using personal protective equipment to prevent exposure,” said Summer Johnson McGee, health policy expert at the University of New Haven. Autopsies and subsequent investigations present real risks for coroners to acquire COVID-19,” McGee told BuzzFeed.

2 Responses to “Scientists Confirm First Case of COVID-19 Transmitted From Corpse”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    This justifies cremation of the deceased Covid-19 patients.

    Thanks to GOSL for taking a wise decision. If the Yahapalanaya were still here, they will not cremate dead Muslim patients due to the pressure of Islamic terrorist politicians.

    French have officially allowed burrial of dead Muslim Covid-19 patients. Hope they will realise their foly and correct the situation.

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    Corvid burials – Dust to dust, Ashes to ashes!

    In the end, what matters is not the sensitivities of some followers of medieval religions but the safety of the general population now and in the future. The world has yet to understand the full implications of this new Coronavirus which causes Corvid-19. Are we to take chances and say sorry later if by chance the virus has other means of infecting as well as mutating into more virulent forms. If that happens, just as much as now, no God will come to help. It will be up to the people and their government to look after the situation.

    Sri Lanka Government has taken a firm decision on how to dispose of infected dead bodies. Let it remain so for the good of the many now and in the future.

    In the Abrahamic religions they say – Dust to dust, ashes to ashes! Our bodies are just what we took from Mother Earth, in other words – our physical form is just Topsoil. Whether you burn or bury in the end worms convert the remains to topsoil!

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