Pathfinder sets up eminent panel to prepare post-COVID Economic Strategy for Sri Lanka
Posted on April 15th, 2020

Gamini Sarath Godakanda

The Pathfinder Foundation has set up a study group chaired by Pathfinder Senior Fellow and former Central Bank Governor, Dr. Indrajit Coomaraswamy to prepare a set of action-oriented recommendations aimed at steering the Sri Lankan economy into the post-COVID-19 era. Dr. Sisira Pinnawala, Department of Sociology University of Peradeniya and Dr. Ganeshan Wiganaraja, Executive Director, Lakshsman Kadirgamar Institute will serve as principal authors for this initiative. The report is expected to be presented to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa before the end of April.

Other members of the Study Group, which will consist of twenty leaders from academia, research and the private sector, include Prof. Sirimal Abeyratne, Prof. Saroj Jayasinghe, Prof. Rohan Samarajiva, Prof. Muttukrishna, Sarvanthan, Mr. Ashroff Omar, Dr. Hans Wijayasuriya, Mr. Krishan Balendra, Mr. Mohamed Mushin.

Recently,  the Pathfinder Foundation was responsible for preparing 1) A National Security Strategy for Sri Lanka 2020 and  2) Study on Managing Foreign Policy and Relations with the UN System, both of which were presented to President Rajapaksa.

Gamini Sarath Godakanda

2 Responses to “Pathfinder sets up eminent panel to prepare post-COVID Economic Strategy for Sri Lanka”

  1. aloy Says:

    Does any of the guys here understand what would have happened if the plan of the 4/21 creators worked?. They had already built several centers in the east to house ‘victims’ of any mob attack like in 83. And an R2P (right to protect) force would have landed peacefully under the sponsorship of UN and comprising NATO troops which would have included Turkey as well. And our previous government would have asked the military to do nothing just as they did when the Geneva resolution was brought up perhaps with concurrence of previous president (if he did not approve it he should have sacked RW for sacrificing the country’s defense). JR too behaved same way when Indian troops landed and would have stayed put if not for the brave stand taken by Prez RP. So, like in 1815 we would have lost the country to the west again never to get it back. They would have ruled Sinhalese using the minorities for some time and then some day get rid of them too. All the countries the western world took over has been like that.
    Are these Colombians trying another similar stunt spearheaded by US embassy?.

  2. shenali Waduge Says:

    US-mouthpiece & Western neo-liberal economy promoter M. Moragoda through his US-funded Pathfinder organization is presenting US-proposals for SL to implement at National Security – National Foreign Policy and now National Economic Policy level drawing a bunch of Yahapalana supporting entities including the former Governor of the CB who was former VP of Pathfinder now returning to his old job.

    Are these entities out to ruin the good name of the leaders that the People of this country voted to power and bring them into disrepute by launching detrimental and destabilizing policies that are all part of pivot to Asia and MCC land take over and the continuous of western capitalist hegemony?

    69m voters will always protect the leaders that united the nation from terror and that strength is enough to be their defense against anyone trying to undermine them or country.

    The covid-19 has shown us the wrath of nature when people go against nature – globalization has proven a failure and we cannot have economic policies drafted by western-funded govts to take us back to a path that is a known failure. We are in a good position to reposition our economy placing agriculture at the centre and refocusing our farming and becoming less reliant on importing everything under the sun and start innovative productions locally. The scale of innovative thinking and ideas has emerged as a result of being usurped from our comfort-zones and pressing us against the wall to come up with localized ideas. It has brought to surface wonderful ideas and innovative concepts that our people are all praise for. People’s talents and competencies have also become highlighted where a sample set of know-it-alls have seen fit to only ensure their dominance prevailed.

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