Question President Sirisena Over Easter Sunday Terrorist Attack
Posted on April 21st, 2020

Dilrook Kannangara

President Sirisena was the president, commander in chief, defence minister and the head of the national security council when the Easter Sunday terrorist attack happened. That is a very long list of highly responsible positions concerned with national security. He must take responsibility for the lapse in security provided to the people and he is answerable. He must be questioned over it.

The attack didn’t happen out of the blue. Indications were many. 34 Sri Lankan Muslims trained to become terrorists in Syria and elsewhere and it was discussed in parliament. It was widely known that they were returning home after a beating in Syria. Local intel units repeatedly warned the government about the impending attack. Indian, Turkish and US intel agencies also warned of it. In fact, the government did heed the warning and informed all MPs and their security detail about it. Thawheed Jamaath and other controversial groups were operating in the island freely. Even Tablighi Jamaath which rose to notoriety recently has a very large following in Sri Lanka. Apart from face-save measures, nothing was done against them. How many more of these are there?

Former police chief and the defence secretary were arrested over it but they were mere instruction-takers. They acted according to instructions. Unless justice takes its course, this won’t be the last of offenders. All offending parties must pay for the crime.

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  1. Ratanapala Says:

    Harin Fernando came to know of the bomb attacks from his father in hospital if he did not come to know about it from his security detail. He is a pathological liar and this story about the father in hospital could very well be one such canard from him. – It is most likely he reported the matter to Ranil who feign not having been informed, but asked him not to shout and let the bombings go-ahead to embarrass Simple Sirisena! Knowing the man this is very likely!

    As for Sirisena, he is guilty whether he has been informed or not. He was the Commander in Chief as well as the President. Ranil is guilty whether he knew or not for he was the Prime Minister. There is no excuse for this neglect of State Security and buck can only stop on their tables. Both of them are guilty for dereliction of duty and in my eyes should face the highest penalty in the land with no possible parole.

    Before all this happened, it was in March 2015 that Ranil should have stepped down from his post as the Prime Minister – after the Central Bank Bond Scam. He remained in office and went on to execute an even larger scam an year later in March 2016.

    We are still waiting to hear about the legal proceedings against Ravi Karunanayake – legalese will not help!

    The nation is losing patience on the whole judicial process on all these unfortunate happenings. Justice delayed is justice denied! People are wondering whether there is justice at all in Sri Lanka!

  2. aloy Says:

    We have been talking about the heroics of Rawana and fascinating stories in Mahawansa. But do not be under the illusion that we have rulers who can save us from extinction. How confidently the ex-minister who came out from 4th floor and challenged the authorities gives an indication to where we are heading. I think we have virtually lost all. Even the Cardinal seems to have realized it and is trying to cozy up with Sajith who has nothing to do with it.

    Perhaps there is some chance that Mako can save us if he realize the present situation where the courts are also under a lock down condition and there is no way people can select a deserving set to rule them. He should give enough time for the process and also cancel the nominations he has already received. He is fully empowered to do that as there is nothing mentioned in the present constitution to handle this exraordinary situation, I believe.

  3. aloy Says:

    Yesterday, for the first time in history an oil barrel was sold (or discarded) at a rate of -39 dollars. I believe that this was a fake thing created by the US for one day to insult the perpetrators of 9/11. Today the first family of US was leaving white house and may be very soon the west will surround South China sea effectively forcing them to withdraw just as the west did 500 years ago. There is also news that India is getting ready to deploy forces to the countries including SL that surround it under cover of assisting to prevent Covid-19. Perhaps this is another thing like what Rajiv Gandhi did. This is perhaps what was in the pipe line all along.

    We must not allow any country to enter ours for anything at this critical juncture. Can our ranawiruwos show their colors and prevent this happening. The easiest thing for the rulers is to comply just like what JR did and be under the Indians indefinitely.

  4. aloy Says:

    I take my hat off to the secretary of defense for making a bold statement immediately assuring that a scenario in which Indian forces arrive in SL will not happen. Perhaps it is this sort of tough statements that is required from SL to avert Indian interference concerning our country. Also I hope our forces will always respect the democratic norms of our country as they did on the early hours of 9th January 2015.

    Coming back to My3, let us try to give the devil its due. He has always spoken his mind. And he has always stood by his party men, to my knowledge ever since that hoppers night. So, what was the reason for him to declare in public that in one week’s time some thing big is going to happen in the country?. He then left to India to seek his god’s protection. Was he and his officers under some kind of pressure to let this happen?.

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