Educational videos on COVID-19:
Posted on April 26th, 2020

by Professor Sunil J, Wimalawansa, MD, PhD, MBA, DSc.

Caption: Myths & Facts: Staying Healthy During V COVID-19 Pandemic

The common link to the U-Tube channel o COVID-19:


Video 1:  Introduction – Staying Healthy

Video 2:  What is meaningful social distancing?

Video 3: Controlling COVID-19: Some countries are successful and others are not

Video 4:  Steps to be taken to control COVID-19

Video 5:  Community spread and quarantine: What should we aware of?

Video 6:  Who and how people should be quarantined

Video 7:  Fattening COVID-19 peaks with testing and proper segregating

Video 8:  Personal responsibilities and governmental actions needed

Video 9:  Taking steps to minimize risks: handling food and good nutrition

Video 10:  Importance of good nutrition and calming themed to boost the immunity

Video 11:  Vitamin D and other micronutrient adequacy to protect us from COVID-19

Video 12:  Changing patterns & trends of the spread of COVID-19 infection

Video 13:  Stronger immune system, lesser infection: new developments needed

Video 14:  Introduction of Prof. Wimalawansa by ven. Bodhi-Chitra Meheninvahanse, Nissala Arana:

Video 15:  It is time to normalize businesses in the country

Video 16:  Administrative actions that are needed to control the pandemic

Video 17:  Evidence needed to take right actions

Video 18:  Right vs. wrong administrative decisions

Video 19:  Bodhi-Chitra Meheninvahanse: Nisala Arana: Building up the immunity

Video 20: Bodhi-Chitra Meheninvahanse-Nisala Arana: Proper eating habits

Video 21:  Bodhi-Chitra Meheninvahanse-Nisala Arana: Importance of meditation & relaxation

Video 22:  Safe sun exposure and functions of vitamin D

Video 23:  Why respiratory viral infections are common during the winter

Video 24:  Vitamin D & COVID-19

Video 25:  How does vitamin D reduces the COVID-19 infection?

Video 26:  COVID-19 enters human cells through ACE2 receptor; what are they?  

Video 27:  How does COVID-19 kill us?

Video 28:  Who’s at high risk of getting COVID-19-Empirical therapies

Video 29:  Introduction to the speaker by Mr. Mahinda Lanerolle

Video 30:  COVID-19 වසංගතයට සඳහා ප්‍රතිශක්තිකරණ පද්ධතිය හොඳින් පවත්වාගැනීමේ වැදගත්කම

Video 31:  Introduction of Prof. Sunil Wimalawansa: මහාචාර්ය සුනිල් විමලවංස මැතිදුන් හඳුන්වාදීම:

Video 32:  COVID-19 හමුවේ ඇතිවන ආහාර හිඟයට සාර්ථකව මුහුණදීමට ගෙවතු වගාව පටන් ගැනීමේ ඇති වැදගත්කම

Video 33:  Staying Healthy: Facing COVID-19 without fear-importance of physical activities & breathing!

Video 34:  COVID-19 ජය ගැනීමට ගත යුතු පාන වර්ග.

Video 35:  COVID-19 වසංගතයටසඳහා ප්‍රතිශක්තිකරණපද්ධතිය පවත්වාගැනීමේ සහ විටමින් D

Video 35:  COVID-19 ජය ගැනීමට කල යුතු ව්‍යායාම.

Video 36:  COVID-19 ඇතිවනආහාර හිඟයට සාර්ථකව මුහුණදීමට ගෙවතු වගාව පටන් ගැනීමේ ඇති වැදගත්කම

Video 37:  COVID-19 ජය ගැනීමට කල යුතු ව්‍යායාම.

Video 38:  COVID-19 ජයගැනීමට භාවනා කළ යුතු ආකාරය

Video 39: 

Video 40:  COVID හමුවේඇතිවන ආහාර හිඟයට මුහුණදීමට ගෙවතු වගාව පටන් ගැනීමේ ඇති වැදගත්කම

Video 41:  Importance of exercise and proper breathing

Video 42:  තරඟකාරි මානසිකත්වයෙන් මිදී සැහැල්ලූවෙන්, සරළව ජීවත් වීමට පුරුදු වෙමු

Video 43:  හිඟන්නෙක් වගේ ආපු අපි, හිඟන්නෙක් වගේ යන අපි, අතරමැදදී කෙසේ ජීවත් වි

Video 44:  What we learned on COVID-19, during the past two weeks?

Video 45:  How vitamin D attenuates the COVID disease?

Video 46: The current trends in the spread of COVID-19

Video 47:  Herd immunity and community testing

Video 48: An simple way to avoid crowds at supermarkets & grocery stores

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