Posted on April 27th, 2020


We hear many a good story about how Hela Vedakama can restore immunization in the human body from Hela Suwaya school of medicine. The time tested methods are available to our citizens in these times of fear to protect them from a virus for which there is hardly any treatment except vaccinations under the Western system. While a pot of medicinal smoke provides protection at a very inexpensive cost, the broth -kenda- made out of selected native rice varieties and medicinal herbs can supply the nutrition not only to withstand virus attacks but also as source of wholesome food. After listening to a very useful interview conducted by doctors who are attempting to popularize Hela Suwaya , I learnt that they have very effective treatment for non- infectious diseases such the Diabetes in Sri Lanka which will be a major threat to the Sri Lankans in the near future, kidney problems and even for Dengu

With the globalized systems facing the challenges of Corivid 19, the government and the people should NOW consider Hela Suwaya seriously as an effective way of restoring the health of the people.

There is another factor concerning Hela Suwaya  which should receive the attention of the economic planners who are probably now busy developing economic models to get us away from the dependence on apparel exports and export earnings remitted by the ex-patriate workers. Hela Suwaya treatment can be developed into a feasible pharmaceutical home industry in manufacturing herbal based medicine and types of food which can also assist in reducing our cost of living and importing of foreign made medical supplies. Further, Hela Suwaya has begun to promote agriculture based on organic fertilizer which too can be developed into a feasible industry and can help in the supply of wholesome food rather than consuming chemically treated types. While helping to reduce the cost of agriculture inputs especially the imported fertilizer , the alternate offered by Hela Suwaya can be a very effective impetus to real economic growth.

It is up to the policy makers to make use of Hela Suwaya for the nation’s health needs and to use the whole package as a God sent economic opportunity.


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