Crippled Sri Lankan constitution and the Election commissioner’s unexpected behaviour.
Posted on May 22nd, 2020

Chandrasena Pandithage

In Sri Lanka, the most powerful unit called “people of Sri Lanka”. Nobody has a right to stand above them. That is a law,

Country’s decision-makers are them, not anyone else. Presidents, Prime ministers, Parliament, or Court’s duty is to work for them. Presidential elections. Parliament elections and referendums are very important to take people’s participation in this mechanism.

It’s very understandable about people’s power and the value of their participation in the mechanism often. Nobody has the power to impose a restriction on elections or referendums. All those terms were in President J. R. Jayawardhana presented the constitution. In that constitution show the President’s power. Nobody has the power to change it without people’s consent. To get people’s consent, it must hold a referendum. This is the law,  

President’s power remains as earlier, nobody challenges this till get people’s consent through a referendum for 19 amendments.

People of Sri Lanka gave power to President Gotabhaya Rajapaksha with the executive power to rule the country, and no one has a right to challenge his executive power. Now people need a parliament election. We expect a parliament election urgently. We do not expect any baseless arguments to delay the election from Election Commissioner. Your duty is not to look at Covid19 to delay Elections, make a programme for the general election. This is not a time to play political games.

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