President Sirisena’s revelations regarding 22,000 signatures and advisors of past and present presidents
Posted on June 7th, 2020

Aloysius Hettiarachchi

On the 4th of June  former president made a startling revelations to say that he had to personally sign 22,000 documents within  a couple of days or so for the extradition of Arjun Mahandran from Singapore. He has been convinced again to say that he cannot be brought to Sri Lanka to face charges because he is now an Alexander and not a Mahendran. This is amazing given the fact that all those around him were very experienced civil servants and top lawyers. I think the Attorney General at that time was the current one. Did they all take our head of state as a joke?. If so, no wonder a thing like Pasku Praharaya (the 4/21 attack) took place when all law enforcement forces as well as armed forces were under him. And all those top brass took advantage of the situation to make a fast buck at the experience of about 300 innocent lives as well as those 500 people who have been critically injured. If what he said was true, then it is an insult on the whole nation (especially on the Sinhalese) and action should be taken against all those who advised him to do this shameful act.

Similarly we see the same thing happening to the current president, too. We see that he is being surrounded by a similarly experienced lot and being advised to approve some wonderful projects. The world’s largest cricket grounds with money collected by begging is one. And then he has been advised to embark on beach nourishment project at a most unsuitable period of rough and high tide seas without any serious studies. Almost one billion rupees gone in water in just a couple of days. I remember the government of the country where I previously worked sent some senior engineers from their relevant department together with a representative of the company where I worked to Sri Lanka (Lanka Hydraulic Institute) to do the modelling of the project in their research station for a Coastal Protection Project. They were the consults together with LHI for that multimillion dollar project and they had high regard for those engineers doing the modelling. Why was LHI overlooked for this project?. Like signing the documents by the former prez, these coastal conservation officers and their contractors must have created a very nice picture of beautiful beaches after the work was over. However there should have been a clause to rectify the damages by the contractor if things go wrong.

We saw the other day a bunch of so called experts on dairy farming which included some lady professors giving a rosy picture to the nation. The whole nation knows how silly their plans are as similar importation of cows have gone awry more than once.

Not stopping there now the education ministers want to build so many universities in one go without any planning  when we are running short of money to pay even the salaries according to some news reports.

When we supported the prez in these forums for his campaign we had a good idea about him.  We thought he would at least take back Hambanthota port as promised and will not be openly supportive of some sections of the minorities who are hell bent in destroying the country.

Looking at the number of blunders already committed or planned to do within this short period of time we do not know where we will be heading on the long run, if advisors remain the same.

4 Responses to “President Sirisena’s revelations regarding 22,000 signatures and advisors of past and present presidents”

  1. Lionel Says:

    From the very beginning, the so called advisors were misleading the President. In his inauguration speech in Anuradhapura, President declared him as the minister of defence. But still that position is vacant!!! Hope he will get into the right track soon. Luckily he has understood that people have chosen him to take the country in the right direction. To fulfil that, he needs proper advice.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Stick in the mud vairapala sorry sena was a mere puppet used by traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist
    bay gal karaya mega thief mega thakkadiya mass murderer (Sinhalese Buddhists only of course) Batalande
    wa(n)dakaya Pol Pot r@ni_leech wickrama Sinhala killer to get into the driving seat. Batalande wa(n)dakaya
    knew it didn’t stand any chance of getting into power and promised vairapla sorrysena illiterate traitor palatial
    bungalows foreign trips etc. etc. as the bait and it jumped at the chance. The traitor chief Batalande
    wa(n)dakaya for the first time in its pathetic, treacherous life had a free hand to destroy Buddhism, Mother
    Lanka and the Sinhalese race to the delight of tamils and mussies.

    Traitor alugosuwa tried so hard to establish a catholic country in the N&E with its catholic buddy buddy barrel man
    hitler mala paharan. It gave half the country on a plate with the CFA, turned a blind eye to all mass murders by
    saying the terras were invincible. MR came invincible terras were running were running for their lives. In the
    process, mass murderer sacrificed 100,000+, mainly Sinhalese to its catholic buddy barrel man. Traitor
    alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists only) thambi mudiyanselage jr@ taught anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti
    Sri Lanka GooandPee aka UNPatriotic_rats how to carry on partying, doing no work, without elections for as
    long as they want. Get Sinhalese Buddhists murdered! No UN, no AI, no sooka yaka, reeri yaka mahasona,
    no MPs the world over moaning (after checking how many Sinhalese votes in their constituency of course) etc etc.

    Straight away wa(n)dakaya broke into the CB with its catholic buddy maha horandrhan and got away with
    Rs 6500 and the GooandPee thieves pocketed vast amounts of money. Vairapala? Vairapala was having the
    time of its life touring the world! As soon as wa(n)dakaya got into the driving seat it tried to ignite long term Sinhalese murdering project using mussies. Tried in Mawanella, Digana etc. etc. they didn’t ignite. Then the
    halal bombs came, and the traitor GooandPee kept quiet hoping it will start to burn the country. The traitors
    held a press conference, grinning ear to ear, thinking of carrying on for 20 or 30 years without elections, not
    doing any work etc. etc. But that Sinhalese murdering project also didn’t take off.

    Wa(n)dakaya done irreparable damage to Sri Lanka, Sinhalese race and Buddhism and it will spend next 100s
    of 1000s of lifetimes in the animal kingdom before being ‘promoted’ to be a two legged creature again (Darwin’s
    Theory of Evolution?). Everything The Buddha preached has been proven to be true by science again and again.
    Yet people outside the religion frown upon Buddhism since it isn’t a religion of convenience which regard
    sins as sins. The Buddha touched all the civilisations at the time and Iran, afganisthan, pakisthan, bangladesh, malaysia and indonesia (Google to see those countries’ Buddhist heritages) used to be Buddhist countries until
    fastest breeding religion aka religion of violence mussies arrived in those countries with their baby machine
    wives (BMWs?). They multiplied and multiplied and outnumbered (murdered thoses days today it’s a thing called votes are used) within a few hundred years turned all of them to mussie countries. Mussies are doing the same in Sri Lanka thanks to GooandPee deshapaluwas. That’s not all, invading mussies killed all the Buddhist monks in
    India and burnt down Buddhist Universities and uprooted what is left of the only true religion from its birth place. Buddhism didn’t fit the society in India with caste systems, animal sacrifices etc and people had quickly reverted
    back to religion of conveniences when mussies arrived there and they quickly finished off what is left off.

    All the crimes (sins) any two legged creature can do under the sun:
    1 killing
    2 stealing
    3 sexual misconduct
    4 lying
    5 drugs/alcohol abuse

    The above five is the basis for penal code in every country under the sun while they are Buddhism’s Five
    Precepts. Today, covid19 has taught a valuable lesson to uncaring, selfish, greedy two legged creatures not to
    eat animals. If you look at your teeth and then a cat’s/dog’s/lion’s (in a picture of course), it tells what sort of
    diet we should be eating. What’s more our distant relative, chimp, isn’t a meat eater (Darwin’s Theory of
    Evolution). What’s more livestock have diseases too and and they pass them on to two leggeds when they keep
    eating them (their revenge?). That’s not all, livestock generate a lot of greenhouse gases and farmers clear vast
    jungles to rear them. More destruction for the planet. The Buddha preached, health is wealth (arogya parama
    labha), how appropriate for a Covid 19-scared world!

    What The Buddha preached about universe too has been proven by NASA missions, that the size of the earth is
    a grain of sand in the vast vast vast vast universe where distances are measured in light years and no scientist
    knows where the edges are to date. The Buddha also preached every universe life time a Buddha is born to
    guide the two leggeds in the right direction to attain nibbana. Coming back to the crimes against the Sinhalese,
    Mother Lanka and Buddhism, wa(n)dakaya and gang should be severely punished to teach a lesson to future

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Please click the following links to see some of the treacheries by anti Sinhalese, anti Sri Lanka, anti Buddhist,
    minority worshiping, Mother Lanka dismembering GooandPee aka UNPatriotic_rats lying, murderous (Sinhalese
    Buddhists only) thieves. You won’t see these in so called Buddhist (on paper) Sri Lanka where all the media are
    controlled by GooandPee henchmen. Clue why Buddhist jaathidhrohee vermins’ party aka jvpers were
    massacred mercilessly and the real terras were given all the support by the traitor alugosuwas (to Sinhalese
    Buddhists only) thambi mudiyanselage jr@, lk porisada R@, r@ni_leech Batalande wa(n)dakaya. Also why
    patriotic Sirima B rehabilitated jvpers while GooandPee rehabilitated 0.What rehabilitate? They are Buddhists.
    Yet they are today GooandPJvp. Can you believe after sacrificing 60,000+, cream of Sinhalese and A K de
    lapaya sided with its catholic buddy Batalande wa(n)dakaya and joined the Sinhalese destruction, Mother Lanka
    dismembering and Buddhism destroying project under the yamapalanya!

  4. aloy Says:

    We are not so naive as to believe what these politicos say and fall for their dramas. How ever it may be true that 22000 docs have been signed by somebody. Also the current one knew who was awarded the beach nourishment project and their credentials. We know that he is someone who will go for a given target and achieve it whether it is politically correct or not. The Ratupawela affair is one and at that time he took the side of the economically powerful one.

    Whether the majority believe in him or an independent person other than the guy who is described as a born again by some people remains to be seen. But one thing has to be said: he needs to clear the augean stables that stinks to high heavens. A few months ago I got call which I believe is from there. I had not connected my name and the number given to any other document or person. Two days after I sent it by registered post one guy at the other end was calling me ‘hello, hello’ in a well polished voice pretending not to hear me but holding on to it until I cut it off. My office lady took the call and directed it to me said the problem is at the other end. The place needs a complete overhaul asap.

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