Posted on June 10th, 2020

By Rohana R. Wasala

The Sinhala language online lankacnews/June 6, 2020 reported that the controversial Elections Commission member Ratnajeevan Hoole, in an interview with the regional Tamil language DAN TV channel in Jaffna, asked the voters in the north not to vote for the SLPP at the coming general election. The website carried the piece of news with a facsimile of the top part of an English language publication from which it was relaying the item of news; the latter carried Hoole’s picture alongside the headline in big letters, which ran: ‘Do not vote for SLPP…’. Hoole allegedly said this in Tamil. A number of other news sources have disputed this; Hoole said no such thing; his message had been garbled by supporters of the SLPP. According to lankacnews/June 8,Hoole,  interviewed by Sirasa TV/June 7, 2020, denied having asked voters not to vote for the SLPP; he had only stated that they should not vote for corrupt persons, liquor bar owners, individuals prone to violence, etc. Asked to comment on Hoole’s alleged controversial remarks supposed to have been made in Tamil, EC chairman Mahinda Deshapriya refused to comment on it until he received an authentic translation of the same. (Subsequently, Deshapriya has declared that he agrees with Hoole’s position, which suggests that the latter is not acting alone.) Some opposition speakers, meanwhile, are gleefully taunting the SLPP: ‘If the cap fits, wear it!’ 

Of course, the opposition might have something more than this chance of jeering the SLPP to thank Hoole for. Be that as it may, what, in my view, is important here is whether Ratnajeevan Hoole is capable of saying what he has been rightly or wrongly blamed for saying. Certainly he is capable of shooting his mouth off like that in the current highly charged pre-poll situation. His accustomed political postures, actions, and utterances over a long period of time, apparently inspired by a strange tribalism never expected in such a respected knowledgeable person, leave us in no doubt that it is not beyond him to act in that morally and legally unacceptable way.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Is it because he probably thinks that he is about to be in at the kill, when, as he hopes, the coup de grace is delivered to the unitary Sri Lanka by completing the interrupted Yahapalana agenda after having the dissolved parliament recalled through some constitutional sleight of hand with the help of Sumanthiran exploiting the Covid-19 situation? Hoole charged, as reported in the online lankacnews mentioned at the beginning of this piece, that the SLPP is engaged in spreading misinformation against him through the media; news channels supportive of the SLPP are disseminating falsehoods about him, he complained. He has declared that he does not know Sinhala to read the ‘garbage’ published in that language. He is also reported to have stated that some people claim that he is going to resign from the EC, because they think that, when they say so, he will stop his activities. But, he added, the 19th Amendment makes it difficult to mess around with the election. (Now, who is trying to ‘mess around with the election’ by trying to postpone it indefinitely or cancel it altogether under the pretext of allowing time for dealing with the catastrophic Covid-19, which, however, has by now been definitely brought under control?  The government or the opposition? Any rational observer can understand it is the opposition.)

To date, while being an EC member, he has conducted himself as if he is interested only in what he believes is good for his own tribe, to the exclusion of the rest 85% of the multiethnic population. I am 100% sure that the vast majority of ordinary Tamils do not expect him to behave in the way he does, which must be embarrassing to them. Obviously, the LTTE’s alleged hostility to him did not mean that he was a friend of the Sinhalese, or of all those including Tamils who opposed it. The older Sri Lankans have not forgotten news reports to the effect that he was accused of collecting funds for the LTTE in Nigeria in the 1980s.  Just before the presidential election in November 2019, Hoole made public utterances encouraging MP Sumanthiran of the appointed opposition’s TNA, who used to hector in parliament to bungling ministers of the UNP administration (the rump of Yahapalanaya on its last legs); when parliament was dissolved, he unsuccessfully moved court against it. Wikipedia says that Ratnajeevan Hoole is a dual citizenship holder (SL and US), which must be true. But he  didn’t seem concerned about the injustice the current president Gotabaya Rajapakse was subjected to by his opponents and their NGO allies or sponsors persistently challenging his candidature for presidency on the false charge that he had failed to renounce his USA citizenship, despite the American embassy in Colombo having confirmed that GR had legally given up his American citizenship well ahead of the announcement of his nomination. 

Practically, Hoole opens his mouth only with a view to frustrating the country’s democratic return to the permanent peace and political stability of the five years 2009 to 2015, established after the nation having paid for it in blood, sweat, and tears, and thousands of innocent lives lost, and some fourteen thousand young soldiers – some in their early twenties – maimed for life, and now lingering in army hospices, some of them lying in bed like vegetables; to this must be added losses incurred and casualties, mostly suffered by the young, on the rebel side, very much a part of the cream of Sri Lanka’s human population, like the young soldiers who fought in defence of the state. Only the mindless racist fringe represented by Hoole and others of his ilk are impervious to their pain and suffering, and now remain deliberately in denial of the collective anxiety experienced in that deadly past returning to haunt innocent Sri Lankans of all communities  in the menacing shadow of the Covid-19 monster.

Ratnajeevan Hoole seems to be nursing a pathological hatred of the Sinhalese, particularly, of Sinhalese Buddhists. He despises everything associated with the Sinhalese, their history, their literature, their ancient knowledge, and their spiritual heritage. Once, referring to the claim by a scholar that the 15th century CE Sri Lankan Buddhist university Vijayaba Pirivena of Thotagamuva (- though primarily a large Buddhist pirivena, it was a centre of secular learning as well, that flourished during the reign of king Parakramabahu VI of Kotte) was one of the earliest universities of the world, Hoole took umbrage at that description and denounced it as an insult to other universities of the world! His recent confession that he does not know the Sinhala language reflects his mysterious antagonism towards the Sinhalese. It doesn’t seem to matter that he was born and had school education in Nallur, Jaffna, in the north and that he completed his university education in Colombo in the south, as a beneficiary of free education, among the traditionally peaceful and egalitarian Sinhalese, before proceeding to UK and US for his postgraduate studies in engineering. 

The trouble dealing with Hoole is that, in the country’s dominant traditional culture, people believe that the learned are disciplined (vidya dadaati vinayang – knowledge imparts discipline)   and therefore, are worthy of respect and paying heed to); in their innocence, they equate learning with education; they don’t know that a person may have much learning but little education. We have been plagued with quite a number of characters like that in politics recently. But the cultured ordinary citizens, out of the respect they have for this engineering professor, have so far viewed his ludicrous behaviour which is unworthy of him as a member of the august body that the elected parliament assigned him to, with some amused indulgence. Probably, he has forgotten about his own self respect in his anxiety to live up to the commitments he might have made to the cynical politicians who put him in that position with certain ulterior motives. But enough is enough! He must either resign or serve out his term with the appearance of an honoured senior citizen who is growing old gracefully, something he owes to the peace-loving Sri Lankan people.


  1. Gunasinghe Says:

    Rohan, This guy is a racist who hate Sinhalese. He is under the protection of another traitor Sunada Deshapriya. He is an another idiot talking like idiot. Both of them are supporters of Yaha Palanay.

  2. aloy Says:


    Do not forget that this a way to earn a place either in the UN system or some other place like commonwealth, if you bash Sinhalese then you are sure to score marks in the west. It was the arch enemy of Sinhalese, RW who came to power by subterfuge that created this situation. We have not seen the back of him yet. To avert situation like this in the future, the Sinhala youths should develop killer instincts as well in addition to meththa and karuna. They should learn to go into difficult terrain like what LRD did and fight for their survival. if not we will be finished in another 20 years or so.

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Destruction of the Sinhalese race, Sri Lanka and Buddhism started with parangi invasion. Parangi brought religion
    of convenience which made a lot of Sinhalese alien to Sinhalese Buddhists thinking they are a class above and
    they did a lot of damage to destroy Buddhism, Sri Lanka and the Sinhalese race. Living example is traitor low life traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist mega thief mega thakkadiya, bay gal karaya, mass murderer (Sinhalese Buddhists only of course) Batalande wa(n)dakaya Pot Pot r@ni_leech wickrama Sinhala killer. Traitor chief’s wolf in sheep’s clothing disguise (that is catholic wolf in Buddhist’s clothing) did irreparable damage to
    Mother Lanka, Buddhism and the Sinhalese race to the delight of tamils, mussies and catholics. Thanks to traitor
    low life, Sri Lanka, Buddhism and the Sinhalese race are facing eternal threat from the traitor foreigners tamils
    and mussies.

    Dutch brought tamils from tn to work in tobacco plantations. Then British brought tamils again to work in tea
    plantations. Then a lot of kallathonis crossed the 16-miles of sea to save their lives from the severe famine in
    tn in the 60s. Knowing Sinhalese are divided thanks to anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka, anti Sinhalese, minority
    worshiping, Mother Lanka dismembering GooandPee aka UNPatriotic_rats, they have become natives with
    1000s of years of history without an ancient tamil brick older than 400 years to substantiate their bogus claim.
    No Anuradhapuras, no Polonnaruwas, their mythical kings lived in sand castles or used cow boy builders?

    While tamils stayed away from government, mussies after multiplying like , propped up every government
    since 60s, landed powerful ministries promoted even more mass breeding, and filled up all the ministries under
    them with mussies. So principled, so honest Sinhalese deshapaluwas never propped up any government and let
    the mussies in to do the destruction. We all know how honest our deshapaluwas are. Sinhala modayas let the mussies in.

    Today, both foreigners wants their exclusively them only kingdoms while living all over the country enjoying
    more benefits, freedom than the native Sinhalese. Divided Sinhalese are easy prey. Even these traitors get their drealam and mussisthan kingdoms, they will be fighting eternal wars to expand their territories and with their
    foreign backers Sinhalese are going to be refugees in their own land or going to be wiped out totally. Already Sinhalese are banned in N&E, and probably short-memoried Sinhalese already forgotten how traitor chief’s
    catholic buddy barrel man hitler mala paharan used a visa system for us to go to N&E. Don’t ask a GooandPeer
    or jaathidrohee vermins’ party aka jvper, he/she won’t remember that.

    Since parangi invasion, Sinhalese have become prisoners in their own land and situation getting worse. After
    killing 100,000+, mainly Sinhalese, to get their tamil drealam not a word to say sorry. Now the traitor foreigners
    getting ready again to kill 100s of 1000s of Sinhalese to get the drealam home and abroad. Meanwhile, other
    traitor lot mussies after multiplying like getting ready to kill Sinhalese by millions to establish its mussithan.

    Why do have to put up with these ungrateful menaces who don’t want to co-exist with us and plotting to kill us
    all. If the traitors get their kingdoms, Sinhalese going to lose all and become refugees in our own land. Do we
    want that, apart from the smanala gang who doesn’t have any off spring? Of course not. We should petition
    (e-petition) the government to send these people back to where they came from. After all Mr Modi recently
    opened the door for tamils to come any time.

    Mussies can go former Buddhist countries, iran, afganisthan, pakisthan, bangladesh, malaysia and indonesia (Google those countries’ Buddhist heritages) they turned to mussie after multiplying like . Or there are 80
    mussies countries they boast and halal, sharia, buriya, goni billa dress (high fashion in hell among ghosts),
    multi wives, child brides etc. etc. etc all there and don’t have to kill any Sinhalese to get them.

    650,000+ estate tamils volunteered to go back under patriotic Sirima B who negotiated Sirima-Shasthri Pact.
    Then while the repatriation going on she lost elections and traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists only) thambi
    mudiyanselage jr@ gave citizenship to all of them for their votes. Today, they must be numbering 3-4 millions
    or even more and aspiring for a greater drealam (remember 2019 Presidential Elections voting map aka
    drealam map).

    Can we trust these foreigners? Their record during the last 400 years is abysmal (apart from Murali). Even to put
    up a name borad, to sing our Natioanl Anthem, keeping our archaelogical sites safe, living all parts of our own
    country etc etc we are banned or need their permission. Name any country on the planet in a sad situation like
    this letting foreigners to rule over them. Enough is enough and it’s time to claim our country back and win our freedom to go back pre parangi era. Now the traitor menace getting ready to annihilate us all.

    Petition GoSL to send them back to save the Sinhalese race. Or within a few hundred years there will be no Sinhalese left in Sinhale! For a start take the civic rights of Sinhalese, tamil and mussie deshapaluwas who
    brought Sri Lanka to where we are today. Hang traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist who did the most
    damage (other two alugosuwas are dead, thambi mudiyanselage jr@ and lk porisada R@). Their murder
    Sinhalese, get Sri Lanka to themselves only agenda destroyed the social fabric of the country. To avoid eternal bloodbaths and to avert extinction of Sinhalese in Sri Lanka, petition the Government now!

  4. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Some of the treacheries of Anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka, minority worshiping, Mother Lanka dismembering GooandPee aka UNPatriotic_rats. Remember this is only some. You can’t see these in so called
    Buddhist Sri Lanka (on paper) where all the media are controlled by GooandPee henchmen.

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