Prime Minister instructs contractors to speed up the North-Central Expressway
Posted on June 19th, 2020

Courtesy Hiru News

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has instructed the contractors involved in the project to expedite the construction of the North-Central Expressway.

The Prime Minister expressed these views while participating in an inspection tour of the second phase of the project on complaints that the construction of the North Central Expressway is not being properly conducted.


The Prime Minister also inspected the ICC’s main operational center, which is leading the construction in the Riloluwa section of the expressway from Mirigama.

The Director in charge of the project has explained to the Prime Minister the current situation of the expressway in detail. He pointed out that the construction of the second stage of the expressway, which began with four lanes and six interchange points, has been awarded as a 30-month contract.

The project director has told the Prime Minister that the project has been delayed due to the lack of proper land acquisition when handing over contracts and that contracts have been awarded to local construction companies in four packages, and the progress of some of the construction companies was not satisfactory

The second phase of the construction of the expressway from Mirigama to Kurunegala is part of the second stage of construction and the contract has been handed over to two local construction companies.

The project director has also stated that the construction of the central highway has not been completed as per the agreement.

He pointed out that some construction companies have not completed work to match the advance payments provided and have extended the construction period with various excuses.

The Prime Minister has instructed the Director of the Contracting Company to expedite the construction work of the Riloluwa to Rangallepola section, where 69% of the construction has been completed.

The director in charge of the project pointed out to the Prime Minister that although some construction companies are nearing the end of the project, due to the slowing down of some companies, it will take another year and a half to open the second section of the Central Expressway.

He also explained to the Prime Minister that construction of the expressway, which commenced on January 30, 2017 on a 30-month contract, should have been completed by July 2019 if the construction work had been completed according to schedule.

The Prime Minister expressed these views while speaking to the media after the inspection tour.

The work of some companies is weak while some companies have made good progress. Some companies have stopped construction since the previous government has not provided the money. Once we have paid for their projects, they will start work again. We will take prompt action in this regard. I laid the foundation stone for all these projects. Work on this project was started by the previous government. If my government was in power then the construction work on the expressway would have been completed and the highway would have been handed over. We will finish the work as soon as possible and make it available to the public”

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