President’s Message Is For All State Employees-
Posted on June 26th, 2020

Sunil Yatalamatta Gamage 

People have voted me to build this country; we need to identify industries and entepreneurial businesses, and funded them during this time to bring back the economy” -Hon: President Gotabhaya Rajapakse

None of the Sri Lankan leaders couldn’t build a country people wanted to have; President Gotabhaya is the only hope.
Following media is an example which they used their platform to educate public on upcoming election.

When it comes to development the Central Bank has the major role to play. But over the years central has not done its national duty to move forward the country towards that path by making creative solutions to our motherland. Now is the time to do it, with the new leadership of the country. The leadership we have in our country is unique and this moment is phenomenon because president’s leadership is courageous as he is standing firm before the statements he made to public. Public has built their trust on him than ever before. Central bank need to do two things in this instance. National institution can show the pathway for prosperity from the financial management and investing point of view. Secondly they can make intelligent decisions on financial economic decisions on daily basis towards that prosperity perspective. The simultaneous approach will enhance objectives of financing stability of the country.Our medium and small industries will be benefited by this approach. If central bank fail to invent tools to rescue mid size entrepreneurs of the country it will have a ripple effect to our economy and collapse the economy. So intervention of central bank out of the box thinking is very important at this moment & develop the economy of the country. They essential must introduce financial product targeting our manufacturing and micro industries. Financing to import cars and selling cars want help to develop the economy. It will help only to develop individual people of the bank to move forward with promotions. That is not what the president expect form the the people in the institution. Central bank has the best intelligent financial expertise and this is the time to come out and bring their expertise. Every individual has a role to play towards the vision of the president.

The request by the president prior week meeting with central bank officers was phenomenon. President has every right to request that way, because he has been entrusted with huge confidence by the public of this country. People voted the president expecting that change, and that change is the voice of our deserving people of this country. Enough is enough the time has come to put your

brains into work and make use of it. There is no use of highly educated bankers of central bank if you cannot make financial products suited to our small industries to and agricultural sector. Most of the commercial banks make loans for well to do business people and the bank make profits at the year end, but it will not helpful to develop the country towards development of agricultural sector and small industries. In my previous articles I have addressed that this is a time for change: that change is a voice from the deserving people of this country. My personal opinion as such the state employees are not using to this change yet. But the president approach is the perfect voice, words, and behavior to initiate that change. Sometimes he will have to lay off some of those employees if they are not following the road map to prosperity vision.

Prosperity vision is not another piece of broken promises which was brought to people by previous Ranil and Maithree ruling to snatch the power of the country. They brought up about number of set of promises and all of them targeted to deceive people and snatch the power of the country. The last one was the funniest and once and for all for the country. Which was brought up by Designer gay finance minister Mangala Samaraweera , which was called Enterprise  Sri Lanka”. The meaning was to sell entire countries assets to private firms of locally and internationally and making the country bankrupt. So we all aware this was the reality too place over a period of time in this country. Our state sector public employees were not doing anything creative, at that time. Thinking out of the box to bring our economy towards progressive direction, wasn’t necessary, because the end result was making the country poor and have some wealthy business people in the country.

President Gotabhaya and previous leaders comparatively different in many ways. He has a clear laid out plan for the development of the country. He is mobilizing state service and resources towards it. His meetings with state service employees and visits signifies symbolic encouragement towards objectives. This leadership we haven’t had over a period of time. Today state service and state department aware to perform otherwise they know they need to face consequences. President is trustworthy, competent, committed, passionate, resilient, collaborative, and honest. Usually in western countries these were called soft skills, but today they are hard to earn skills and maintain. As I explained courageous leadership of his conduct and behavior with above skills make him the very right leader to our country.   

Attorney General Dappula de Livera has announced the prisons of the country, have become the playgrounds of criminals and pointed out that the prison department lacked honest and efficient officers. This is a serious comment made by top government law officer in public, that the state prison officers are corrupted handling drug dealers and prisons are safe heaven for them to continue their criminal activities. The question is how can we find solutions for these activities and implement law and order. Illegal activities have been in place at prison and come to surface through media, then only public will aware of these type of incidents. What can we expect from these criminals doers for the country; they already have inflicted heavy damages to our children, public and younger generation. We need to convict them in  courts in an expedite passion and must be given capital punishment. Nobody will find bad about it. Human right organizations won’t find solutions for the heavy social damage caused by these dangerous convicts to our younger generation of the country. If a country need to be civilized and disciplined, and to have law abiding people who in these circles need to act now. Again towards prosperity vision” cannot achieve without sacrifices and dedicated people.

Kabir Hashim the former parliamentarian at Balaya Program” tried to convince public that government is failed ruling and making in roads to a Military Junta rule. Mr. Kabir must be a long standing politician for his people but finding faults that way is not worth to a politician of a long standing. The people of Sri Lanka very well aware how your group of people acted in the past in parliament. People aware the drama you played in the previous Ranil regime. I must tell now the country has a leadership. It is not only a leadership but courageous leadership which means standing clear and firm in his vision and working towards it every moment of his leadership.

Muhudu Maha Viharaya is a national heritage of our country. According to ancient deeds written down the land belong to temple must be allocated and preserved as a national heritage. Some Moslem politicians want to change the historical heritage by occupying lands of north and east for political gains, but please don’t play games with Sri Lankan heritage. As you know over the years the previous government did not do anything to preserve them. They encouraged the vandalism of Buddhist statues and cultural heritage of our country. These monuments and statues evident and they are cultural proofs our history. They must be preserved and protected for the future. At the same time laws must implemented preserved the integrity of them. It has to be common Tamil ancient historical values and moslem, christianity as well.

The following was appered in EU site regarding eligibility for GSP Plus. This is a serious comment made by them .

Repealing the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) was a commitment made by Sri Lanka to the European Union (EU) in the lead-up to SL’s readmission to GSP+ as well as to the UNHRC in April 2019”

This is a serious comment and this is the way they enter into our internal matters. This is how western countries want to enter into our internal matters. I believe it is totally unacceptable to sacrifice our national security and for economic reasons. Mangala Samaraweera did this 4 years ago, in front of the world body without the consent of the president or our parliament. He will suffer for all his political career for that national crime.

People who can make a contribution to our society; this is the time to come up by using of their platform to message and transform for change. One simple example for that as such the famous Janapriya” Comedy series. Most recent comedy is a wake up call and a message strongly addressing the public to select the correct candidate in upcoming election. This is plain and simple what everybody need to do make use of their platform, people who can influence to make that change. Like wise people who could make the difference please don’t be silent and use your platform to message and educate public with creativity. Then only change will take place and can hope for better. There is huge responsibility for media. We had enough suffering in this country. Now it is the time to move forward with the right courageous leadership and every single person bears the responsibility doing individual part rather than focusing their rights in the upcoming national election.   

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