Made In Sri Lanka Is Real, But Need More Work
Posted on July 2nd, 2020

Sunil Yatalamatta Gamage

Police officers should be held responsible if crimes including theft, murder or drug trafficking, were taking place in the areas coming under them’. GeneraL Kamal Gunaratna Defense Secretary

Four and half years of yahapalanaya”; rule had been a failure in many way to our country. Under the banner of Yahapalanaya” Our Central Bank was robbed, Our Christian people were murdered by decreasing the national security of the country via draining and jeopardizing the national intelligence, Hambantota Port was Sold, Indo lanka trade agreement was about to sign without any mandate of people, as the same Singapore trade agreement, the agricultural sector was embracing it’s natural death sentence, farmers were encouraged to grow Tulips and Roses, legislation for lesbian and same sex marriages, national forest preserves were cut down and living beings and their habitat were threatened, E.G Willpathtu, conspiring MCC treaty signing with US, Attaching our Maha Nayakaya and sanga society. Public strikes, trains strikes, postal strikes, tear gas and water canon for strikers, Parents were scared to send their children to schools. University students were picketing and unrest on daily basis. These were everyday practices and stories of past four and half years in our country. People must recall how much of uncertainty was in their lives past few years with Ranil and Mithree so called Yahapalanaya”. It was a stigma not to be forgotten easily by the general public. Ranil and the gang introduce mockery to governing constitution as he needed to stay in power to do more devastation to our country. I cannot be silent without recalling the past. That is what was happening to my beautiful country. Like every expatriate in the world, I love my country, and now the country is in the right direction with right leadership. I want every possible person to use their platform to educate public to win and vote for a leadership who will continue to develop the country through its resources and value.

In order to establish a law abiding society we need to practise tough rules for sometime until people obey the rules. Rules are prime forming a just society everywhere in the country. Discipline is quite essential quality or a present day skill we need to learn and practice whichever the stage of our lives.We talk discipline people; which means law abiding people. Which means if road sign says 60km/h, everybody need to aware we need to drive the vehicle 60km/h. Probably 5km above or less will not count as a big violation of law. But it is better to stick to that speed limit. If the people are walking on the right at the street speed limit must be maximum 50km/h or otherwise 30km/h is the speed. That is just a simple example of good practice. When we communicate we need to listen as much as possible rather than talking. Then we need to  aware how to listen attentively. We need to respect our parents, elders, teachers, values of others, etc. Think about the time we had gone through over the past 4 and half years. Do you remember the day our former prime minister Ranil Wickramasinge’s behavior in the parliament with his fellow politicians. He said Kauda hora” , then his followers said Rajapakse is the hora”. what this behavior make you aware. Ranil Wickramasinghe is a person more than 70 years old. His basic behavior and conduct in the parliament was very low and undisciplined. We all were watching this through media. Is this the behavior of responsible politicians. This is one of the reasons why people made aware  all the 225 politicians must be useless and utter waste of public money. There is no greatness in such a parliament. Hon President was exactly correct as he decided not to have those people summon to parliament again. Politicians need to be knowledgeable, disciplined, dedicated, trustworthy, committed, competent, respectful law abiding set of people who work as trustees to people of this country. That is why the incoming election is crucial judgement of people. We all need a country of safe for living and politicians of dedicated to protect its constitution and the land. We don’t want to hear divisive speeches of devolution of power again in the upcoming parliament. We want to hear people speak how they will improve our economy, we want to hear hear how they implement laws and orders to protect our forestry, we want to hear how they planning to improve the racial harmony between Our own Tamils, Sinhalese, Moslem s, We want to hear how they are planning to give the new life to our own industries like Valachenai paper mill. How they are planning to improve our fruit industry, How they are going to preserve  our  ancient historical sites and their integrity. Which will eventually gain our lost prestige lost proud again. It is not difficult to achieve. Our security forces achieve much difficult war against terrorism then why can’t we plan and work ourselves to achieve self sufficiency.

Right now only Sri Lankan military personnel only trustworthy based on the choice as well as circumstances by people. There is nothing wrong they have been entrusted more and more portfolios to carry on as they have proved by themselves as they are capable as well as won the hearts and minds of general public. Our military enormously respected by Sri Lankan people. Why is that for them. It is because they were the people established our national borders of the country. They are the people established the national security of the country. We all know how they did it and now they are dedicated to our security. People and Organizations respected and recognize for many achievements. However, there is significant difference between these two Words Anybody can identify recognition and respect are similar words. They apparently look same, but they are different in broad sense. The word recognition is for achievement of something. Mostly it is awarded as certificate or as a valued generous to admire. The recognition explodes in a big way at the time, and then forgotten later on. Probably the significance remains a shorter period of time. That is way I said it explodes and subside later on. But respect not like that; it reverberates as time goes on. It is because it stays in the hearts and minds of the people. Sri Lankan military stays in the hearts and minds of the people because of their contributions towards our motherland.  Even anything they involve to they did it with dedication , vision , guiding with values.  And the achievement through such a pathway is successful. And that success is a story for the country and for the people. That is the reason our military  has been respected by the people of the country.

According to current economic shifts and changes, the future economic prospects of a country will be on how safe the country to travel, stay, their hospitality and how much of bio diversity in that country ; all of these will depend the security; law and order of the country. The places in the world increasingly getting vulnerable and unsafe due to extremists, drug traffickers, religious troubles, racial communal unrest. Especially Asia Pacific region is getting more economic hot spot in the world , the security of that region getting more and more prime. Sri Lanka will be the main destination of many tourist, and cruise liners destination as world is looking for more and more places of safe and secure.

There is a huge potential to introduce brand new international news channel which will cover Asia and the world. It has to be born from a country like Sri Lanka. Such a news channel must prominently dedicated to cover the news of Asia. Right now world news channels doen’t do enough information, due their geo political interest and many more. The Asian news channel need to prepare Asian economic affairs and the world through this news channel. It is because Asian Pacific will be the next economic power center of the world. That is one of the method of getting rid of bogus news channel of BBC, CNN, Fox news etc. Asia Pacific region need a world news channel. This is the time for it. It has to be born from Sri Lanka.

These days all of our news channels broadcasting political discussions of upcoming election and views of politicians. Many people including myself find these discussions are useless and waste of time. They are just political discussions. I do not think most of these panel discussions with politicians bears any national importance to our country. People of this country are hungry of knowing of how this country will develop in economic, cultural, social sectors, planning and implementation of the policies in the next five years. It is necessary media platforms to use the concept to promote in a discussion style to aware the public. Only couple of channels are doing this national duty. Most of the channels are not doing the thing that they suppose to be doing. For example if we need to prosper in fruits; The sweet Green orange requirement for the country. We must invite expertise in agriculture sector and discuss how can we achieve the self sufficiency of green orange requirement to our country. Why this is important? Such a discussion will only be a perspective, but it will have the potential to be developed as an idea and develop further. Now we have a government looking for such opportunities and remember this is a people’ government. This is why made in Sri Lanka concept need to move forward. There is no point of discussing  MCC treaty, Politics in Sri lanka through Davasa” program. We do not need to hear what happen to the justice to drug dealers in the country. That is only a news. Please use your media platform to promote how can we achieve prosperity through self sufficiency in the areas of economy, culture, etc. Media Channels need to bring intelligent, academics, and thought leaders in to such discussions. We need to force those PhD holders into this type of projects and make use their intelligence put into work for the country.

We must need to promote our Sri Lankan entity heavily and aggressively around the world to gain the economic advantage to our country. We have everything for that to achieve. We need planning from a scratch starting with security. Security and safety must shift to focus to ensure individual safety and freedom from north to east without any scary to people. It is about safety culture. Right now we don’t have it. But for sure as there is a task force working round the clock to ensure the individual safety, we can hope it could be achieved.

I am compelled to write on Sri Lanka Police Narcotic Bureau division. According latest arresting of culprits involved in drug dealers in the country; above division front line officers are involved drug trafficking  hiding, & safe distribution of heroin throughout the network. It seems like the police officers involved into drug trafficking had been continuing the business for a long time. The police media spokesman says, when we recruit 100 people there may be 5 or 6 people; with in born hard to train people and every workplace is like that” This is a sensitive subject now it has gone to public awareness. I want to let this police officer;  when you know information worth content of a box. And when you suppose speak information circled in the box. Make sure you speak information within that circle. If you wish to continue to maintain the respect of police department. This has been a beyond dangerous development. We must be grateful being appointing a task force, which has more powers to investigate even police the chief.The immediate next step would have been the collapsing of the system. The end result would have been unimaginable; our country would have been a placed in the world map as a country of drug dealers. There could have been high way gun fights in our country among drug dealing groups. So if the president didn’t appoint the high powered panel of expertise to investigate the island wide narcotic and drug/heroin distribution system, the institutional officers involvement will never come to surface. So the question is what was our police chief doing all this time. He must resign otherwise must laid off from work immediately. People need to urge the government to do this and show the transparency of work. We want to see our country free from drugs dealers sooner than ever before. Making the legal network effective and efficient to bring those drug king pins to justice and the politicians involved into this business need to be revealed. This is a very good starting point to let the public aware which politicians involved in this business and sentence them. We are over looking many more investigations and their outcome. I will highlight something quite clear in this forum. People of this country are watching very closely; what is happening the investigation of Holy Sunday attach. We need to identify people behind this attach and prosecution through our justice system. We need to find brains behind bond scam, and prosecution through our justice system. If this is not going to happen it will be the starting point of falling of trust, people had kept on this government.

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