Few Comments on the back ground images of TV news broadcasts
Posted on July 7th, 2020

Dr Sudath Gunasekara: Mahanuwara

 I find the Hiru News broadcasts alternatively display the following pictures

1 Galle Fort
2 Nelum pokuma Theatre
3 Ramboda Fall
4 Sigiiriya back side picture

I presume the idea of displaying pictures on the TV back ground screen at such time is to inspire viewers on things like, Natural scenic beauty, unique Cultural identity of a country, (like religious and architectural)  or engineering marvels etc among such other

Out of the above 4 items only the waterfall comes closer to this objective. Even then I would prefer St Clears, Devon, or Diyaluma at least to appear alternatively.

Galle fort is only a remnant of ugly colonial vestige that has nothing to do with our historical prestige. It  only reminds us of a sad and ugly legacy of repressive colonial past left behind by a colonial invade that haunts our minds

Nelum pokuna may be an important cultural place. But the front picture does not display any such cultural beauty. It resembles only an ugly iron railing to the human eye There is hardly any esthetic beauty it displays.

The 4th item Sigiriya completely deletes the popular image of Sigiriya we have in mind. I would appeal to those responsible to replace it immediately with the magnificent front view of that citadel and masterpiece by our ancient Sinhala engineers that is universally accepted and acclaimed as Sigiriya the 8th wonder of the world

As a patriotic citizen (Sinhala Buddhist) I would appreciate if all TV artists take my comments as constructive

 Further I would like if all TVV could follow this principle in future in selecting background shots to achieve objectives like inspire the natives especially their children of the marvelous achievements , of the ancestors, adds publicity to the  motherland among tourists so that you can attract more of them and leave indelible mental images of this Resplendent Island, the Paradise on earth, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, the cynosure of the Great East W sea and Air roots, Legendary Kingdom of mighty Ravana and the proud repository of marvelous ancient Sinhala Buddhist Architecture and sculpturing, master pieces of irrigation and agricultural technology like unique terraced paddy fields of Alagalla,  Walapane and Poddalgoda .

To help you to achieve these objectives I would like to mention few items here for your convenience.

Ruwanweliseya, Jayasri Mahaa Bodhia,Galviharala, Avukana, Yapahuwa, Samadhi pilimata, Jetavanaraamaya the highest brickwork and the 4th man made edifice  in the ancient world, Sri Dalada Maligava Kandy with the lake, Samanala kanda,  the 18 bends on the Kandy Mahiyangana road, Nuwara Eliya, Hakgala an dPeradeniy aBotanical  gardens, Akasa Chaiyya Mihintale, Victoria Dam in spill, Parakrama samudraya, Galoya Tank and Lakegala (the Abode of Mighty Ravana from where he ruled his Lankapura and set the time for his entire Empire and the biggest bare  rock outcrop on earth the only instant where a Rock has been named after a Country and  a country has been named after a rock, conversely.

I am attaching a rare picture of Lakegala ‘The Legendary Abode of Ravana the Great” here for your convenience .

Dr. Sudath Gunasekara

(This was the picture I designed for my book Cover ‘Lakegala Pamula_Meemure”. You can edit it to suit the screen by deleting my name and the words Lakegala Pamula Meemure. But the legend Lokaye visaalatama niravaranitha galkula Galaka namin Ratak Rataka namin galak” must remain, as that is the focal message I want to give to the world).

PS: Special Attention of Mr  Rangana De Siva: The versatile News broadcaster and commentator

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