Posted on August 2nd, 2020


The State of Victoria, with its beautiful city of Melbourne, the virtual birth place of multi-culturalism in Australia is in a state of shock since yesterday.  The socially friendly, compassionate, kind hearted 6 million Victorians are isolated for the second time from the rest of the country.   Australia is a geographically isolated continent, unlike Sri Lanka with its closest neighbours in India, Pakistan and  Bangladesh.

What has happend to Melbourne is a sad situation.  A large number of aged care cenres have recorded several positive cases of covid 19 and deaths. Many aged care centres have been closed down and aged  personnel moved to hospitals.  South Australia, Queensland and NSW are sending emergency medical crews to Victoria to combat the pandemic.

There are no more morning coffee tables of Italians, Greek, Macedonians etc.   There are no more Coffee Parties for Ladies.  There are no more traditional fruit and vegetable markets of farmers products available to customers.  There are no more cultural events of Indian, Sri Lankan, Malaysian, English, Americans over the weekends. There are no more places of worship open. There are no more Pubs, Pokies, Casinos open.  There are no more smiling Australians who wish you GOOD DAY MATE”.!  There are all covered with face masks.

In Sri Lanka, both Sajith and Ranil believed in increase in PCR tests as a solution.  But President Gotabaya  and PM Mahinda made an effective use of PCR tests, by placing them in isolation camps until test results  are released.  Sri Lanka opened several temporary make-shift hospitals to accommodate patients.  At the beginning Mulleriyawa IDH hospital workers refused to look after Covid patients and went on strike.  The vast continent of Australia, did not open a single new temporary shelter but released them to go home, to find positive test results later on, but  by that time the damage has been done..

Sajith Premadasa, pretending to be a Medical Doctor, recommended prescriptive drugs for the patients. Sajith Premadasa, pretending to be an Economics Wizard of London School of Economics (DUBIOUS BUT COLOURFUL DEGREE OBTAINED IN 7 MONTHS OF STUDIES!!), recommended pumping more and more money into the hands of people.

Did increase in PCR tests work in Victoria? No.  Did pumping Job Keeper Allowance, Special Work from Home Payments, Pensioners Extra $750 quarterly payments help to combat the pandemic? No.

Sri Lanka worked to a plan, without a Parliament, constrained by the ability to impose Emergency and lack of funding,  it declared curfew, restricted travel in suburbs, arranged home deliveries of all essential items, offered mere Rs 5000 for each deserving family, but ensured  movement restrictions  using drone cameras and patrolling by Army and Police personnel.   Sajith complained of a military rule in Sri Lanka.  Their local and international goons wrote massive articles to Tribune, Herald, BBC, Sky News of a possible military takeover in Sri Lanka.

But today, Victoria was reluctantly compelled to do exactly what Sri Lanka did in early part of April, in spite of pumping money into the hands of people and increasing PCR Tests.

Because of Civil War in Sri Lanka, if someone in your family had died, you still feel the pain.  Because of Covid 19, if someone in your family has died, you still feel pain .  You need not have  to have a death in your family in tragic situations, to understand the effective way in which your Leaders look after your family.

The pandemic in Australia has not been controlled yet.  Apart from Victoria, there are emerging reports of increase number of positive cases in New South Wales, Queensland as well.  South Australia, Western Australia  and Tasmania appear to be in good hands.

We wish Melbourne and the World  to return to its colourful Glory as quickly as possible.

Dhammapada Verse 204:

Arōgyā paramā lābhā
ṭṭhiparama dhana
vissāsa paramā ñāti
parama sukha

(Health is the ultimate profit, happiness is the ultimate wealth, a trusted friend is the best relative, Nibbāna is the ultimate bliss”)


  1. Ratanapala Says:

    Well said. The dishonest, jealous and simply put unable and morally corrupt in Sri Lanka have done a great disservice to Gotabhaya Administration by trying to belittle his managemet of the Covid-19 pandemic in Sri Lnaka so far.

    Corvid-19 pandemic is the great leveler which has exposed the ‘naked emperors’ of the world. These emperors who were ready at a drop of a hat to send their ‘knights in shining armor’ to the four corners of the world in their golden chariots have been found to be mere mortals grovelling in the muck.

    Their arrogance have brought the innocent people over whom they lord over into despair. The hundreds of thousands of the young the infirm and the destitute are suffering because of their own visions of bogus human rights and runaway unrealistic democratic ideals. These they try to shove down other less informed and less endowed nations too.

    Sri Lanka will fare well under the leadership of Gotabhaya Administration if he takes command over the Pohottuwa effectively. He has done it so far. Let us all give him a hand!

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