GoSL Review the Role of Sri Lanka’s Human Rights Commission/Head from 2015 to 2020
Posted on August 26th, 2020

The Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission and its controversial head needs to be reviewed to determine if during the period of good governance rule, their actions have been prejudicial to the interests of Sri Lanka by carrying out an agenda inimical to the national interests of the country. The Commission head was seen on many occasions not standing up for the country or armed forces during international forums and this has given rise to many questionable opinions of the Commission & its head by citizens of Sri Lanka. The people must have faith in the entities set up & bound by the constitution to protect the sovereignty & territorial integrity of Sri Lanka while upholding the rights of all its citizens not only some. 

To allay these allegations and doubts, the Government must appoint a committee to review 

Whether the SLHR head had links to LTTE diaspora

Travel itinerary and officials & non-officials met

Funding sources

Links to separatist ideology / organizations and individuals

And a content analysis of the statements made throughout this period 

How many cases handled and resolved and type of cases taken up 

No public official should be allowed to denigrate the nation in particular its armed forces in international forums abusing their position.

Many of todays cardboard heroes did pittance during decades of terror and it took the blood sacrifices of the Armed Forces to bring an end to terror and serial murders.

This sacrifice cannot be demeaned and ridiculed or downplayed.

Western countries whose armies were sent on illegal interventions are yet protected by their governments, Sri Lanka’s armed forces were only defending the nation & its citizens from terror. The role they played during the conflict & thereafter can never be belittled by anyone, especially a public official.

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  1. aloy Says:

    Human Rights head apart, do you know what the symbol at the top means?. It is not about protecting SL, which UN had never in their mind. How long can we live like frogs in the well?.

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