Maha Sangha praises President for not attending private functions (Video)
Posted on September 4th, 2020

Courtesy Hiru News

The Maha Sangha today expressed their views regarding certain appointments made by the President and the present government

Meanwhile Ven. Asgiri Anunayake Thera expressed his views regarding the President’s decision not to participate in private functions.

One Response to “Maha Sangha praises President for not attending private functions (Video)”

  1. Nimal Says:

    If the president want to move the country forward then he should ignore these prelates who live on our hand outs, have no
    capacity to understand the complexities of running a country in this ever so complex world.
    Instead the President as done in the past play golf with the achievers in the country like the CEO s of honest companies that are wealth creating.
    wine and dine with the progressive elites in Colombo who are struggling to make ends meet during this critical period then he might feel the temperature of truly wealth creating people.
    I watching the programme gammade on TV where the villages are complaining that their drinking water well is polluted with dirt and want the government come and clean it,what a joke?
    Why can’t they get together clean it?They moan like hell.I still could not forget the time when the US marines came to help the victims of Tsunami in 2003 where the local citizens were on looking and one or two standing with folding hands instead pitching in to help the situation. This is our balu culture.
    so the president and other politicians in power must associate in Colombo which is the power house of the country with the high achievers. Why not spend a few hours watching a rugby match or a selected prestigious cricket match. Put the country on the right path where it will progress to the extent that our passports are accepted by countries with visa free travel.Stop venerating before monks but get on with running the country.

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