Ontario Bill 104 2019 for creation of “ Tamil Genocide Education Week” Leading Upto 18th May Annually
Posted on September 15th, 2020

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM FRCP/FRACP Specialist Rheumatologist, Wellington , New Zealand. Spokesperson, United Sri Lanka Association Wellington New Zealand .

Dear Members of Ontario Parliament,

I write to you as a contributor to a webinar on 16/8/20 organised by the ” Ontario Centre for Policy Research” on the alleged Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka and the  Mullivaikal Massacre, that has formed the basis of the above bill.  Mullivaikal  in Mulativu Sri Lanka , is where the final battles that laid to rest three decades of brutal terrorism in SL  were  fought in May 2019. In these the  Sri Lankan forces  defeated decisively  the Terrorist, The Tamil Tigers in battles acknowledged  widely as clean . The massacre that is being alleged is a Tamil civilian casualty figure of 40,000 or more in the last few weeks of the battles in Mullivaikali .

The real casualty figure assessed by the UN resident representative in SL at the time , Sir John Holmes was around 7000 or less, consistent with the collateral damage expected from the magnitude of the battle . These numbers have been confirmed in the documents tabled by Lord Naseby in the British House of Lords in October 2017 and by the census carried out by the Tamil University teachers , a few months after the end of the war. The absence of the expected two to three times that number of war wounded, lack of any traces of burial or disposing of that  number of war dead, the findings of the internationally supervised Paranagama commission into missing persons from the war,  and many other investigations have al led to the same conclusion

Far from being massacred by Sri Lankan forces, nearly 300,000 Tamil civilians who had been held captive by the Tigers  as human shields at gun point and often shot at to prevent escape,  for months to protect themselves   from the advancing Sri Lankan security forces, streamed into the hands of these very same security forces , as the pictures below show, the moment they were rescued from the Tigers at Mullivaikal . This is hardly the response one would expect if they had been  just subjected to a  Miullivaikal massacre, as the Tiger Diaspora allege, through the  Bill 104 .

These allegations therefore have no factual basis at all and are the construct of the international Tiger Diaspora,  that supported  Tiger terror ion Sri Lanka  for 3 decades with funds and propaganda . 150,000of them are based in Canada especially in the Ontario region and are behind the sponsoring  of this bill . Tamil Tigers used terror in Sri Lanka to create a monoethnic Tamil state of  Elam which would have  consisted of two thirds  of Sri Lankas coast line and one third of the land area of Sri Lanka, that would be the home to  just 8% of Sri Lanka’s present population. Having failed at war, now the Tiger Diaspora are resorting to  a complex web of deceit and deception, to garner western support to pressurise Sri Lanka to relent into giving them Elam.

The initial  genesis of  this demand lies in the fact that the Tamils were the privileged minority during one hundred and fifty years of Divide & Rule” British colonial administration . Following independence in 1948 , the consequent loss of these colonial privileges were seen  by some Tamils as discrimination and presented as such to fellow Tamils to induce them into violence and Terror. This misrepresentation also had a fertile  soil in the well meaning western  minds, prepared to accept allegations of minority discrimination” , without too much inquiry. These formed the basis of allegations of  Tamil discrimination” that has now been further exaggerated beyond  belief, to Tamil Genocide”, to justify the call for Elam.

Through this  bill  the  Tiger Diaspora aims to incorporate and reinforce, using Canadian state funds,  these baseless allegations into the Toronto school curriculum and other think tanks in Canada , to make it an unchallenged fact eventually.

Please read the attached transcript of my presentation at the webinar referred to  that explains further  why these  allegations are baseless and why the bill should be defeated out right . Presenting it is a clear misuse of sacred democratic freedoms of Canada and if ratified will seriously undermine ethnic reconciliation now going on in Sri Lanka.

Thank you very much for your support and cooperation in defeating this bill.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM FRCP/FRACP
Specialist Rheumatologist, Wellington , New Zealand.
Spokesperson, United Sri Lanka Association Wellington New Zealand .

14. 9.20

How the 290,000 victims waded into the hands of the Sri Lankan Troops at the end of the war in May 2009, straight after the alleged Mullivaikal   ( Mullativu) Massacre of Tamils by the Sri Lankan troops.

How credible is it that if they were the victims of a Massacre, they would stream back into the arms of those who were responsible for the massacre


What the Sri Lankan troops really did for these civilians : including  Tiger leader Prabakarans parents ,whom they looked after for several years thereafter, till they passed away from natural causes

How the Sri Lankan Troops Rehabilitated over 30,000 surrendered Tiger combatant cadres & Incorporated Them As Responsible  Citizens, Into Civil Society

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