Coronavirus: The lost six weeks when US failed to contain outbreak
Posted on September 17th, 2020


Having watched Asian and European countries struggle against Covid-19, the US was slow to ramp up testing and order its residents to stay at home. We look at this crucial time period and what exactly was done to prevent the outbreak.

Produced by the BBC’s Franz Strasser, narrated by Hannah Long-Higgins

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  1. Nimal Says:

    Who ever invented tis virus which is a variant of this virus that is there in most tropical countries that is spread or created by the bats. I and my burgher friends got the original version in 1957 when we had a supporting roll of the film ‘bridge on the river Kwai’ filmed part of it in Kandy where we were under the bats, thousands of them for 3 weeks letting off fire crackers to get them into the air.We annoyed bats who defecated on to us and we ate the wild fruits and wild cinnamon leaves which had a bit of their dirt that seem to have cured us. We all got the fever for 2 or three weeks but luckily we ate bags of wild strawberries from Hunasgiria mountain that gave us the defence. My brother in Galgamuwa use to prescribe Quinn and anti malaria tablets that was affordable to the poor villages.
    Who ever manufactured this new variation is to control the some numbers in their own country and bring chaos to their rivals.
    We all know some use chemicals and viruses for geo political games.Sri lanka are bit immuned because some may be having plans to establish a easily controllable foothold in the island for geopolitical purpose. Therefore we should be fully neutral without an exception.

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