Sri Lanka secures US$90 million grant from China amid ‘debt trap’ call
Posted on October 12th, 2020

Courtesy The South China Morning Post

  • Island’s president asks Beijing for help to disprove that Chinese-funded megaprojects involved impossible repayments
  • Financial injection follows visit to Colombo last week by Politburo member Yang Jiechi
China says the grant to Sri Lanka will be used for medical care, education and water supplies in rural areas. Photo: Xinhua

China announced Sunday that it was providing a US$90 million grant to Sri Lanka, two days after the island nation’s president sought help from a visiting Chinese delegation in disproving a perception that China-funded megaprojects are debt traps”.

Calling the financial help a timely grant”, the Chinese embassy in Colombo said it would be used for medical care, education and water supplies in Sri Lanka’s rural areas. and that it would contribute to the well-being of [Sri Lankans] in a post-Covid era”.

The announcement follows a visit to the Indian Ocean island nation on Friday by a Chinese delegation led by Yang Jiechi, a Communist Party Politburo member and a former foreign minister.

During talks with Yang, Sri Lankan President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa asked China to help him in disproving a perception that China-funded megaprojects are debt traps” aimed at gaining influence in local affairs.

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China considers Sri Lanka to be a critical link in its massive Belt and Road Initiative, a global infrastructure building drive, and has provided billions of dollars in loans for Sri Lankan projects over the past decade. The projects include a seaport, airport, port-city, highways and power stations.

Critics say the Chinese-funded projects are not financially viable and that Sri Lanka will face difficulties in repaying the loans.

In 2017, Sri Lanka leased out a Chinese-built port located near busy shipping routes to a Chinese company for 99 years to recover from the heavy burden of repaying the Chinese loan the country received to build it.

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The facility is part of Beijing’s plan for a line of ports stretching from Chinese waters to the Persian Gulf. China has also agreed to provide a US$989 million loan to Sri Lanka to build an expressway that will connect its tea-growing central region to the Chinese-run seaport.

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China expanded its footprint in Sri Lanka during the leadership of former president Mahinda Rajapaksa, the older brother of the present leader. Mahinda Rajakapaksa, who is now prime minister, held separate talks with Yang on Friday.

China’s economic influence over Sri Lanka has worried its closest neighbour, India, which considers the Indian Ocean region to be its strategic backyard.

Yang’s visit came days after the top diplomats of four Indo-Pacific nations – the United States, Japan, India and Australia – met in Tokyo to increase their involvement in a regional initiative called Free and Open Indo-Pacific” aimed at countering China’s growing assertiveness in the region.

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