Posted on January 1st, 2021


People in Sri Lanka as well as in the world got an excellent message from Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith for the new year 2021 that nobody has been expected from a religious leader in the country at the religious controversy current environment that Buddhism is being a great blessing upon Sri Lanka. Rev.Malcolm Ranjith has been playing a great role for the Christian Churches in Sri Lanka that the recognition of other religions than his religion as a great blessing upon the country.

The altercation of religions began in Sri Lanka after the European invasions and though there several religions in the country before European administration, religions played a closed role to people without creating arguments.  The European administration gave the priority to combine the religion and political administration with two major motives that were to convert people of the country to Christianity and to accept and recognize the European rule as the prime and the way of justice.  The negative impact of this situation was creating religious controversies and ideological conflict among religions in the country.

The review of the religious policies of the Lateran and second Vatican councils decided that the Catholic church should make a more harmonious approach toward other religions and the national council conducted in 1968 in Sri Lanka initiated to make a different approach toward Buddhism, however, token actions followed by church leaders in Sri Lanka were beginning and the politics in the country attempted to use the church as a support base of certain political parties and church leaders stuck with this vicious political effort.

Rev. Malcolm Ranjith began to change the role of church leaders giving meritorious behavior to all religious leaders and makes open and talks to the public. People from all religions desire is to have a good animation after death and this supreme objective has any person if there will be a life after death.

Buddhism has been playing the greatest role in religious conduct and the culture of Sri Lanka since its embarkation on the soil of Sri Lanka contributed massive support and this service cannot be denied by any religious leader of the country. The cultural disciplines have been influenced by Buddhism and neither activities nor services were performed without mentioning Buddhism.  Historical eras after the embarkation of Buddhism took prime place and not one thing all activities was done without mentioning Buddhism.  

The way of the demeanor of Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith is vital for all religious leaders, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, and others.                                     


  1. Ratanapala Says:

    The Tiger has decided to become peaceful and respectful being for the time being and hopefully for the future. This does not gurantee one hundred percent that the Tiger will be peaceful all his life. Tiger’s history is so full of horrors than good deeds in the treatment of indigens in different countries where it held sway for centuries! However the indications are that it will be more peaceful in the future for its own good and those around.

    For the Buddhists the behavior of tigers is more important than its demeanor!

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