Sri Lanka’s Evil Triangle- Is it possible to ‘Educate’ Austin Fernando?
Posted on January 10th, 2021

C. Wijeyawickrema, B.A. (Hons.), LL.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Dear Mr. Austin Fernando:

Thank you very much for your response (Jan. 2) to my previous essay  titled, Attempts to exhume the provincial council cadaver: a reply to Mr. Austin Fernando,” (Lankaweb, Dec. 31). However, I am not happy with your decision to stop our exchange, because it appears to me that you did miss my message. The attachment to my message in Sinhala is simple and clear, and it identified you as a devolution” thief. You are a cool disciple of the boisterous Dayan Jayatilleke, in a different panchakanda. What I expected from you was a rational justification for the Devolution Nirvana of yours, because on this same topic, DJ never answered several lists of questions sent to him by me over the past decade.

DJ cannot see the devolution danger because his panchaskanda is wrapped in a Christian-Marxist skin. A comment on my essay in English in the Lankaweb, states that you are a man of Catholic Action, now dormant. He connects you with one Paul Perera (who was this man?) to a Mahaveli land settlement incident in the 1980s. Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith most probably blocked the prevailing ideological struggle against the Buddhist civilizational roots in the Island, raised recently by Mrs. Chandrika, Rossie the Mayor and Mangala, the self-appointed redeemer of pristine Buddhism for the world. Incidentally, these fit perfectly with Vigneswaran’s theory of the five Shiva Lingams brought in pre-historic times to bless the island.

The joining of words by you in your reply, – unexplainable, compounded, confusion”- reminds me the strategy Dayan Jayatilleke used to escape, when he got cornered by a challenger.  He even told those who opposed his ideas to go and learn English. Once I sent him an educational reply titled, English with a smile!”

I expected that you offer us a reasoned/seasoned justification explaining why you selected the devolution path. I drew your attention to 7 selected essays demolishing this devolution panacea such as giving police powers ladder to separatist monkeys. The late H. L. de Silva, P.C. (Island, 9/6/2007) and Dr. G. H. Pieris (Island, Sept. 8-15, 2005) provided more than enough facts as to why the federal option is suicidal. Hence, you have a duty to let us know they were wrong, and you are correct. In other words, why do you think that the 13-A is not a death-trap, and it helps the poor, innocent Tamil villager, not the Eelam-bound Tamil politicians.

In a way Dayan is direct in his blind commitment. See what Dayan, the unofficial father of 13-A plus project, says on this subject (Colombo Telegraph Jan. 7, 2021):

As for my appointment [as SajithP’s foreign affairs consultant] being a slap in the face of the Tamil constituency”, that’s a laugh. I would like my critics to point out a single Sinhalese or even Tamil or Muslim in the public sphere who has been a more consistent advocate and defender of the principle of devolution, the 13th amendment and the Provincial Council system and opponent of those who wish to abolish or truncate that system. No Sinhalese in the public domain has been attacked more by the Sinhala racist Right over decades, on precisely this issue, than I have. It is this stand of mine, including in Geneva, that caused Minister Weerasekara to suggest in the pages of the Daily FT that in the good old days I would have been spiked to death”. 

…. I have, of course, also critiqued the utterly unrealistic Tamil effort to push beyond the 13th amendment towards a post-unitary new Constitution, an effort which sank the UNP government. As the Press statement of the remarks of visiting Indian External affairs Minister, Dr Jaishankar shows, his specific and concrete ‘marker’ reference was to the 13th amendment.”

Dayan’s delusion is no different from the delusion that SWRD found in SJVC in 1958. How could a sane person say that devolution within the framework of 13-A plus is the end of any Eelam dream, despite a ton of hard evidence available against his theory?  What we Sinhala Buddhists have been trying to prove with ground truths is that 13-A plus arrangement is the beginning of the end of Sinhale as a Palestine in South Asia, the balkanization path. I think the Eelam strategy has not changed from the one SJVC used before 1976, little now, and more later, except that American-Indian new love affair against China has given, Eelam-bound Tamil politicians a new hope of inching towards the point of no return. This is the hidden meaning of Sumanthiran’s words, devolve us powers that the center cannot take back, once given.”

Austin, it is as if you and Dayan have two identical brains! Why is that Lakshman Kiriella, who once said, any idiot can win wars if there is money,” who is now suggesting in the parliament that the Romesh de Silva committee could follow the Orumittanadu blueprint without trying to reinvent the wheel, also elicit a brain function just like the two of you? On the topic of center-periphery relations Siddharthan’s committee had no recognized Sinhala Buddhist member, and Kiriella suggests shamelessly to resurrect Siddharthan’s report. He has already forgotten the election verdict. The hard-learned experience is that devolution path is a disaster with absolute certainty of a breakaway sooner than later. Just think about Vigneshwaran’s five Shiva Lingams, mentioned in my previous essay. Any person genuinely concerned about peace and harmony ought to think about decentralization of power to empower people at village level, instead of providing ladders to jumping separatist monkeys.

We learn until our death. The data we receive is converted to information, which in turn provides knowledge. Yes, if we get garbage in, we get garbage out. But even gossips play an important social role. For example, I cannot remember whether the gifting of a pistol as a birthday present to a tiger boss by a defence secretary, reported in a newspaper was gossip or not. Most probably you know if it was true or not. For example, if you are a Christian, which I did not know when I replied to your essay, I could have more easily understood your for stand on the Orumittanadu drama. Please note the word, Orumittanadu, symbolically connects Chandrika’s package deals, Tissa Vitharana’s APRC majority report, 17 and 19, and the 2015-19 Yahapalana game of Ranil-Sumanthiran and Jayamapthy, all in one knot.

I was not interested in knowing whether you knew Chandrika or any x, y and z. It is about how your ideas match so well with her ideas,  and further, I did not send you a court document for you to generate your own questions and exonerate yourself. And then you say < unexplainable-compounded-confusion>! Please read the 7 essays listed.

Educating Austin

For example, if you read one of the essays numbered 2, 3, and 5 of my attachment dealing with Chandrika’s secret 1997 balkanization plan (which Siddharthan copied for the Orumittanadu thing), what I very clearly pointed out was the fact that Chandrika was using the spatial unit called an electorate (electoral map used prior to 1978) for the purpose of carving out ethnic enclaves. This I called the Dangerous Ampare Path,” because Ampare district happened to be the first victim of her political dismemberment surgery. Her formula was, if an electorate has 50% or more voters of a particular ethnic group that electorate becomes qualified to be part of that ethnic Region. Thus, the new S-E region (Oluville region) is a collection 3 such electorates, Potuvil, Samanture & Kalmune.

Thus, my point, Austin, that you did not fathom was that, if the Malayanadu Indian Tamil electorates (or Hill country combined Indian Tamil-Muslim electorates) so request they cannot be denied a region or a Pondicherry unit within a region. This means, electorates with Christian/Tamil majorities in the South are also qualified to make similar demands, if necessary, via appealing to Geneva.

Austin, now tell me which sentence/s in my essay in Sinhala confused your brain.

I do not know why you are so excited about my email being copied to the secretary of defence. I copied it to so many others also as blind copies. I copied it to SD as my way of appreciating the sacrifice he and the Hasalaka Heroes did, because of which you are now a happy camper in Colombo. I have been doing it on a regular basis, not limited to the one email you have received. As for the American security matter that you are worried, there is no need for me to come to Colombo to meet him to give what you consider as a big security tip. Just listen to the Talk with Sudaththa (Sudaa Creation) interview with Wijedasa Rajapaksha, MP on Jan 5, 2021. Something which is commonsense is apparently a big spy story for you!

Evil Triangle (ET)

All what you wrote in your Dec 15 essay could be understood easily and succinctly, if you consider the existence of an ET. It consists of the trio – politician-officer-NGO. This is a model to explain what has happened to Sinhale since 1931 or 1948. The NGO here means all private entities, individuals, and non-governmental agencies. For example, when the army captured Kilinochchi etc. it found that NGOs had not done any development work for which they received heavy foreign funding. In India, these NGOs are under strict control, but in Sri Lanka black-white politicians thrive sharing NGO dollars. Are you going to disagree with me if I say that officers, from office janitor to ministry secretary, are all corrupt, except for a small percentage of duty-bound souls?

Politicians. Marxists and officers are responsible for the Mismanagement and for the phenomenon known as the Tragedy of the Commons. Have you been to the place that you people train SLAS officers from new recruits to senior officers such as district secretaries? The entire premises stinks with toilet smell. Same with the health ministry building. Please go to the link below to understand the Ronie de Mel syndrome of public servants. It was the white civil servants who had sympathy toward poor villagers and performed such dedicated service. Think of H. R. Freeman who became a State Council member in 1931 and 36. How many CCS/SLAS guys you could count for doing any creative work or service to the nations? I worked under two prominent CCS officers and I know how the game had been played.

I could guess why you wrote an irresponsible reply to my essay. President Sirisena must be still addressing you the same way he addressed you when you were the GA, and he was a lowly GS. I wonder whether you address him now calling him Sir, just like M.J. Perera and Maithripala Senanayake called each other Sir. This looks like such a trivial matter, but I wrote an essay on this topic, long before President Sirisena sacked Ranil. Sirisena was either so humble or so low in self-esteem to seek prior permission from Ranil to continue to call him Sir. My question was whether Ranil and CBK in turn addressed Sirisena calling Sir. I was so surprised to see on you tube that at the SWRD statue at Galle Face on Jan. 8th CBK revealing that Sirisena went to Sirikotha to obtain permission from Ranil to continue to call him Sir.

I must be honest with you in this final paragraph. You exhibited a kind of superiority complex when you tried to underestimate the value of the services rendered by Sarath Weerasekara and Nalin de Silva, in their respective spheres of influence. SLAS officers like you are robots on a train track in a tunnel, with self-respect damaged by (mostly) stupid politicians. See what Anuradha Yahampath is doing as Governor of EP and how she handles obstructive politicians there (compare this with how you behaved like a puppet in public before that stupid Muslim CM). With this wounded and suppressed pride, sometimes unknowingly, you people float toward arrogance as an outlet to vent your frustration. This must be why you treated my essay shabbily thinking to dismiss it with nonsensical sentences. For your information, I spent my working life doing teaching and research in 11 universities and colleges, in three countries. As a director institutional research/assessment/effectiveness, I have gained an ability to penetrate one’s thinking mechanism via his/her writing. My post graduate research in a new interdisciplinary field of applied law and applied geography, gave me training to test the efficacy of laws, and how to make them more effective. It is with this insight that I see objectively, 13-A path as a disaster to our motherland. So please read my essays on Lankaweb and learn, learning is what we do until our death.

Good health and good luck!

C. Wijeyawickrema, B.A. (Hons.), LL.B., M.A., Ph.D.

I am requesting Prabath, editor, Island newspaper to forward this reply to you as I do not know your email address.

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  1. aloy Says:

    No need of constitutions for our country. As the Prez famously said my word is the gazette. So, what we have is ‘hondatoma athi’ or more than enough.
    What we have to do is to find that elusive Diyasena Kumaraya, with good knowledge of state craft, as the present ones future seems to be bleak. He should be articulate and his stars aligned well, then only he will have the strength to do something worthwhile for the country. We are a small country but that doesn’t matter.

    Alexander the Great was from a very small country. He had the courage and tell his people what to do. He had the advantage of being a prince. He knew what his people (perhaps foolish to the extent such as ours) wanted. So he told them all the gold in his treasury will be their if they follow orders and come with him to conquer the adjoining land and they did just that. They went on until their people came to our land also and perhaps beyond. There seem to be evident at Anuradhapura.

    The guy UNP trying to send to parliament seems to be a lame duck or an invertebrate. It is the duty of people like C.Wije to tell them to find the correct one take advantage of the current situation.

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