Handing over the Colombo ECT to India is High Treason, rank incompetence, and an inept business decision.
Posted on January 27th, 2021

Stanley Gunaratne 

No global tender was held. No effort whatsoever was made to list on the stock market. No effort seemingly made to screen domestic partners. No serious global player sought.

No nation on Earth goes to India for infrastructure.

An MOU (which itself mentioned Japan and not exclusively the pathetic Indians) is not a legally binding agreement. For the government to say otherwise is an OUTRIGHT LIE.

India is known to have actively worked to destroy and suppress this country.

Ceylon/Sri Lanka has never been part of India, is not now and never will be. We are not in “India’s backyard”. This is an independent country.

India’s interests are of no concern to us.

India has nowhere else to take its transhipments.

Adani has serious corruption charges ongoing in Australia.

This President it seems – like his predecessor – lacks the spine, the patriotism and the will to do what is necessary.

Elected servants of this country would do well to remember that their allegiance should be to the people of THIS nation. Not to India.

That our leaders cancel various beneficial South Korean, Chinese and Japanese projects (which often included actual legal agreements) and would sell out to the Indians speaks volumes about their competence and allegiance.

The Indo Lanka Accord is also illegal and has no validity. The Port of Trincomalee and other assets should not be under Indian control either.

If India is deciding what happens here, there is no point of an independent Ceylon/Sri Lanka. Corrupt and treasonous politicians who are absolutely useless have ruined this beautiful country which has massive potential.

ALL citizens – irrespective of party, ethnicity, region of residence, age, etc – should be appalled at this dreadful decision which is nothing short of high treason.

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