Posted on May 24th, 2021


The nature of politics in Sri Lanka is giving heavyweight to criticise minor issues that aren’t significant and people observed that the opposition parties in the country have been using such minor issues to show that they are active in politics to attract the support of people. As the head of the state president is criticised by the opposition, that doesn’t mean the president has failed the management of the economy.

All countries of the world have been influenced by The COVID-19  and no proper study results have been published so far and neither the government nor the opposition has evidence on this matter. However, for publicity, the opposition uses social media and attempt to show that the president has failed and the opposition has not presented the alternative to the government approach and the opposition directly criticises the president. Is the effort of the opposition successful in attracting popular support? No, it is not because of popular support, and giving consent to manage the economy is a different matter. Has Mr.Sajith Premadasa been attracted popularity to attract public consent for economic management is a questionable problem and the informal talks of people show that people have not massive criticism against the role-playing of the president and to change the president’s authority at a presidential election? 

Many countries in the world have failed the economic management effect of the COVID-19 has complicated economic development and Mr.Rajapaksa, as the leader of the country, works well and people need to appreciate his effort.  

The main issue in the country concerns the control of the pandemic and the government takes positive action while taking steps to control pandemic and to maintain economic development. In this situation, people must unit and ignore politics and divisions. The history of the country showed that a variety of epidemics were in the country and people used to act together while engaging in epidemic control and economic activities performed well without problems to families.

The patience of people and uniting are major tasks in the current difficult situation and nobody is immune to the pandemic and people need to respect the rule to survive. The shouting in political rallies would not help in the current situation and engage in own work without supporting to spread pandemic is the responsibility of people.

People in Sri Lanka are addicted to various religious practices ignoring the threat of the pandemic, and many people opt to make hurray for good or irrelevant activities. The government does what is right to the country and people need to support the government behaving as advised by the government.  

Mr.Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has a clean and productive vision. The president has not gone out of the vision even in a situation; the country is hit by a pandemic, Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe has expressed the best practice and the government cannot ignore his views.     

Since the Donomore Reforms, the people of Sri Lanka have not been understood the fundamental issue of the country which has been insincere to communities each other that is called disunity and struggling economically has been a problem face by many and policymakers did not consider it could be eliminated.         

Mr.Rajapaksa is being good job, and people need to support him following the instruction given by his office.

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