Fundraising appeal made to fight the act “Tamil genocide education week ” in court.
Posted on June 7th, 2021


O5th June 2021

Dear SLUNA members and friends,

As you all are aware, the bill 104, namely Tamil Genocide Education bill has become a law in Province of Ontario on 12th May 2021.

The law alleges that a Tamil Genocide, has taken place in Sri Lanka since 1948, and it says it is necessary to educate school children about its history to remember.

 Under these circumstances, I presume that all of you very well understand the situation our young kids would face in schools in the future. Canadian born young Sinhala kids would be mentally harassed for no fault of themselves. They would not know anything of these ugly made-up stories with full of hate.

Under this unfortunate situation, we strongly believe that SLUNA should take a lead in protecting our young children from this sad situation. Though, this year they were silent, we are sure that they would do a well-planned Tamil genocide education week by 2022. It will be much easier for them carry on with such a task with the support of many Tamil trustees in school boards.  

For 35 long years SLUNA fought a very tiresome battle against Tamil terrorism propaganda which was designed to destabilise our Mother country, Sri Lanka. Therefore, we strongly believe that it is our duty to fight this discriminatory piece of legislature of Ontario with the legal system of Canada.

Few Sri Lankan community organizations, namely,

Sri Lanka Canadian Action Coalition (SLCAC)

Sri Lanka United National Association of Canada (SLUNA)

Canadian Sri Lankan Center for Social Harmony (CSLCSH)

Sri Lanka Canadian Action Coalition Brampton (SLCAB)

We now have come together and planned to launch a legal battle against this discriminating piece of legislature of the Ontario government.  We do not see any other remedy to overcome this discriminatory situation.

Our group have discussed this matter with eminent lawyers and sought their advice and they said the chances are very good for us to win the case. We have now chosen the most suitable legal firm of lawyer to represent us in the court. The company is well experienced in constitutional matters.

I very earnestly appeal to you, on behalf of SLUNA executive committee, to be a strong force in protecting our children’s future in Canada.

Your generous contributions / donations purely would be going to meet the cost of this legal battle. We only know the initial cost $25000 but not the follow ups. It could be much more depends on the time it would lead in the future.

Your generous contributions could be sent to the bank account of SLUNA of which the details are given below. Every contribution would be duly acknowledged.

Name of the bank account: Sri Lanka United National Association of Canada.

Account number: TD Canada Trust:  03302 004 5000275

Or you can mail your cheque to the SLUNA address find on this letter head.

Once you make your contribution please send us an email or text massage. The details are given below.

Email: or or to SLUNA treasurer Sarath Kumarasinghe :

Phone:  Sarath Lokuliyana: 416 540 1950

 Sarath Kumarasinghe: 647 271 8724

It is important for us to maintain records and issue receipts for the donations. 

We believe in united fight for this unwarranted piece of law. That would be the strength to fight for justice.

Thank you

Sarath Lokuliyana

President on behalf of the SLUNA Exco.

C.C : Mr. Sarath Kumarasinghe Treasurer SLUNA

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