Two Clarion Calls for the Sinhala Nation
Posted on July 29th, 2021

Dr Sudath Gunasekara Mahanuwara

I send two important messages to the nation with this call

1. Assert and protect our sovereignty, independence, freedom and political stability as an Independent country as an equal before any other world nation by keeping foreign Ambassadors in their due place

(This call is for the Government)

 2 Give up the bane of Political parties which have destroyed this nation and restore our own system of government based on the roots of our civilization, if you want to save and once again build up a united and prosperous Sinhala nation and usher in a vibrant state and a prosperous economy for tomorrow. (This call is for the whole nation. It will come at the end of this article)

Message 1

Assert and protect our sovereignty, independence and freedom and political stability as an Independent country as an equal before any other world nation by keeping foreign Ambassadors in their due place

(This call is for the Government)

 Here I do not want to deal with The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961)

  1. That precisely has laid down how Diplomats should deal with their host countries and
  2. How host countries should deal with those who violate it under this Convention,

as it had been already explained by Mr.Sangadasa Akurugoda in his Article that appeared in the July 26th, 2021 Lankaweb, which I have given as Annex 1 at the end of this brief note.

 My memo apropos this issue

This memo of mine is addressed as an open letter to The President, Prime Minister, the Cabinet, all MPs in the present Parliament of this country and all patriotic Sinhala people, living here and abroad, and particularly the Maha Sangha, who have gone down in the 2500 year history of this country, as the Muradevatavo of the Motherland and the Sinhala Jatiya, pleading them to join their hands, heads and hearts in unison to guarantee that the above objective given under Message 1  is realized as a living reality.

I am copying this write up to Lankaweb News site as I have a higher faith in getting it published definitely and quickly too, without any fear or favour.

However, considering the critical importance and the urgency of this public issue and National crisis I do hope and wish other media people will also copy this from Lankaweb and give maximum publicity to it as an urgent national issue of the hour, where the Government of the day has to take immediate action as a top priority.

My suggestions

First, the President, Prime Minister and the Government should take immediate action against these undiplomatic Ambassadors, under the provisions of  the Vienna Convention 1961,  not only the Ambassador of US highlighted in in Akurugoda’s  letter but also of India, UK and any other country violating Diplomatic norms by meddling with our internal matters, in blatant contravention to the Vienna Convention, asking  them to stop this nonsense immediately and put an end to this headache and nuisance forthwith, and protect our sovereignty, Independence and freedom as a free and equal Nation with any other nation on this planet irrespective of its geographical size, before every diplomatic goat will follow suit and demand us to shave his beard ”, as the proverbial Sinhala adage has very aptly stated

Second, The Government also should take immediate action without further delay against traitors like Hakeem, Sambandan, Sumandiram, Vignesvaran and all other traitors who get involved in this kind of treacherous and terrorist activities against the Sri Lanka State under relevant laws like the PTA, the 6th  Amendment to the Constitution and also simultaneously ban all communal and extremist political parties and such NGOO etc

Third, All the Opposition parties in Parliament should also fall in line with the Government’s stance and support the Government in this war, against these undiplomatic, uncivilized enemies of our country, keeping the country first, at this critical hour of the nation and the Motherland without any reservation, to get this headache sorted out for good without resorting to cheap and silly demonstrations and trying to rouse their supporters against the government creating more problems for the government already buried to its neck deep in Covid 19 pandemic, natural disasters and many other politically organized, too exhaustive to list here and learn to act as responsible political organizations without resorting to this kind of silly and foolish political gimmicks and trying to make narrow political capital like the man  who was trying to light his cigar while the other’s head is caught with fire”

Fourth, At least ten brave young MPP should form a ginger group within the Government as insiders and  demand the President and the Prime Minister to take action under 1 and 2 above, immediately  before everything goes out of control and  become irreparable and irredeemable, without any fear or favour as the entire country, or at least the 70 lakhs voters who voted the President (August 2019) and the Government (May 2020) with a 2/3 in Parliament without a single Muslim or Tamil Vote, except the very few like the Junior Thondaman who may have voted MR for personal reason for supporting his father’s funeral  even violating medical advice in May 2020,  will stand solidly  with the Government on this  bold decision of the Government.

This kind of approach must definitely get the nod from both the President and the Prime Minister, in the backdrop of the present wave of social unrest all over the country on trivial issues, fast growing unpopularity on various issues such as the unbearable cost of living, increased fuel prices, excesses of the government, and salaries anomalies of public servants and certain mad appointments such as Ministers like Ali Sabry and diplomats like Moragoda and Ministry Secretaries like Education and Health  and Chairmen  of certain cooperation  like Dumnida Silva, a list too long to list here for brevity against the wishes of the Sinhala Buddhists majority and the Buddhist clergy and respected personalities like Rev Malcom Ranjit Fernando, might be a welcome shower after a long drought.

 If you do that without fear or favour and without being un-necessarily servile any more, to party leadership and convince them to carry out 1 and 2 above, the fast growing unpopularity of the Government might disappear overnight that might give at least a breathing space to regain the lost popularity at least temporally in the country.

This is a golden opportunity to come back for the Government. That is why my dear sons I am asking you to make use of this wonderful opportunity for President and the Prime Minister to bounce back

 And address two very important national issues.

If you succeed I can vouch you will be the future leaders of this country. Because the whole nation is looking for a new Sinhala Buddhist leadership as they are fed up with all present day leaders as none of them are genuinely committed to the cause of the Sinhala Buddhists as the Kings of the yore such as Dutugemunu, Parakramabahu or vijayaba the 1st  were. At elections they all talk of Sinhalese and Buddhist. But immediately after the elections all of them serve only the Muslims and Tamils aspirations, expecting their vote at future elections , which will never happen like the proverbial goat testicle that never fell down in spite of the fox was following behind it for days.

There is no difference between the SLFP, UNP, SLPP or SJBV, in this regard. All of them have betrayed the Sinhala Buddhists, down the decades starting from 1948 up to date, except Mrs B. the only National Leader this country ever had since 1948.

Today we are witnessing a very turbulent and restless time where the people are exhausted with all the political parties   and therefore they are  desperately looking for a solid leader, moulded in the Anagarika Dharmapala calibre to rescue this country and the Sinhala Buddhist nation. If you carry out this historic mission intelligently to the letter and get these two things done for the moment (1&2) you will also go down in history as the valiant sons of the 21st  century Sri Lanka  who rescued the Sinhala Nation out of an imminent crisis of the demise of the Sinhala Buddhist civilization in this country, followed by its disappearance from the surface of this planet. Furthermore the people will adore you as true patriots, products of the Anagarika Dharmapala tradition who got the rulers to address two vital national issues in time. The people might find in you the younger politicians, the kind of future leaders they are looking for to convert this Paradise Island once again to its pristine glory.

Please remember there are only two things under the sun for which all political leaders are afraid of. What are they? The first is marana bhaya and the second is Chanda bhaya, for which these leaders are no exceptions.

 Therefore this is the time to strike the iron as it is more than hot just now.

But of cause this mission has to be done very carefully. You have to convince them that you are doing this in their own interest and the interest of the Party and the interest of the country and the Sinhala nation and the Motherland and that you are divine messengers sent by the Gods and you are carrying out their Commandments only. Other than that there is absolutely no private interest, you must make it very clear.

The strategy has to be well worked out for this noble mission and the members of the core group who go to meet the President and the PM (preferably together) have to be very carefully selected. They have to be trustworthy, genuine and men of unstinted past record of loyalty to the Party and the leadership and of commanding authority with whose every word will convince the leaders to the hilt and to whom the leaders can never say no.

In this regard I will give three instances where I have succeeded in three such important missions on my own.

The first, where I convinced Lalith Atulatamudali to join hands with his no 1 political rival Gamini Disanayaka, making up the differences, if he wants to defeat Premadasa the all-powerful UNP Leader at that time which he did. In fact this I did on his estate at Rambukkana one day in early 1991 on my way to Colombo. Next morning he rang me up from Colombo and said Sudath I told each and every word you spoke yesterday to Gamini and both of us have unanimously decided to join hands. Thank you very much for the advice”. This is how the DUNF was formed in 1991.

The second. In November 1992 where I got President Premadasa to withdraw the Cabinet paper that proposed to amalgamate the Divisional Secretaries with the  Pradesiya Sabha and appoint Divisional Secretaries as Secretaries to the PS Chairmen and also to appoint outsiders from parallel Services as Divisional Secretaries which would have been the end of the SLAS and professional Administration in this all three levels namely National, District and Divisional which would  also have been the death-knell  of SLAS, the premier State machinery of the government in the country. This I did as the then President of the Sri Lanka Administrative Service Association.

The third, where I got Chandrika convinced to appoint Mrs. B as the Prime Minister of this country on the 11th of September 1994. I did this as the Permanent Secretary to Mrs Bandaranayaka’s Ministry.

So if the proposed group wants to know how to convince the President and the PM who may be definitely reluctant to do so either for personal reasons, threats from India (As they did it to JR in 1987) or US or bad advice of the so-called selfish Advisors to the President and the PM. But if you do it the way I propose you can win it. Because, you are doing it in good faith, in the interest of the country and the Sinhala nation at large.

On my part I will definitely volunteer to help you in the interest of my Motherland, Sinhala Nation and the Buddha Sasana.

Annex 1

US Embassy and its involvement in local politics

Posted on July 26th, 2021 Lankaweb.

Sangadasa Akurugoda

1 As per media reports, US Embassy officials led by Ambassador Alaina B. Teplitz held discussions with SLMC leader Rauff Hakeem and earlier with TNA leader R. Sampanthan at the latter’s residence, where the focus was on the proposed new Constitution, post-war reconciliation efforts, devolution of power, rule of law, Prevention of Terrorism Act and other issues which are solely internal issues of the host country. It is also reported that both US and Indian missions are engaged in discussions with political parties represented in parliament and other groups to reach sort of common agenda. (  For details

2 General Description of the Procedure adopted i expelling a Diplomat

The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961)

The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961) contains the most widely accepted description of the international law on diplomacy. A diplomatic agent is granted different inviolabilities and privileges, as well as immunity from the jurisdiction of the receiving state, in order to enable them to exercise their official functions independently and effectively and to avoid any interference on the part of the receiving state. The functions of a diplomatic mission are clearly stated in the Article 3 of the said Convention.

(a) Representing the sending State in the receiving State;

(b) Protecting in the receiving State the interests of the sending State and of its nationals, within the limits permitted by international law;

(c) Negotiating with the Government of the receiving State;

(d) Ascertaining by all lawful means conditions and developments in the receiving State, and reporting thereon to the Government of the sending State;

(e) Promoting friendly relations between the sending State and the receiving State, and developing their economic, cultural and scientific relations.

Organizing meetings with local politicians, who are well-known for their racial extremism, to discuss the proposed new Constitution of receiving State, devolution of power, rule of law etc (none of which are any of the functions stated above) are gross violation of the Vienna Convention since the foreign Diplomats are bound to respect the laws and regulations of the hosting State.

The process of dealing with diplomats who are no longer welcome has now been fully recognized under Article 9 of the Vienna Convention:

Article 9 of the Vienna Convention

1. The receiving State may at any time and without having to explain its decision, notify the sending State that the head of the mission or any member of the diplomatic staff of the mission is persona non grata or that any other member of the staff of the mission is not acceptable. In any such case, the sending State shall, as appropriate, either recall the person concerned or terminate his functions with the mission. A person may be declared non grata or not acceptable before arriving in the territory of the receiving State.

2. If the sending State refuses or fails within a reasonable period to carry out its obligations, the receiving State may refuse to recognize the person concerned as a member of the mission.

The most common response when foreign diplomatic officials act inappropriately is to declare those officials ‘persona non grata ‘and to expel them from the country, if diplomatic parlance fails. While this is traditionally a remedy for offenses committed by the actual personnel being expelled, it is entirely at the host country’s discretion and several nations have used it to respond to objectionable activities on the part of a foreign government as a whole. We remember how President Ranasinghe Premadasa declared David Gladstone, who served as Britain’s High Commissioner to Sri Lanka between 1987-1991, ‘persona non grata ‘and expelled from the country for his unwarranted interference in an internal matter of the country”.

Statements issued by various foreign diplomats in Colombo, notably those of former and current US ambassadors, almost one after the other concerning the internal affairs of the host country, and reported visits and secret visits said to have been made to meet the opponents of the democratically elected government to matters related to internal politics are examples of diplomatic excesses.

We also remember how the former US Secretary of State John Kerry blatantly boasted in public that US funded to execute Sri Lanka’s regime change in 2015. They didn’t utter a single word against any of the undemocratic, unconstitutional and mega level corruption issues which took place under the government they funded to install, but appears to have restarted their old game, once again by various means, soon after the removal of their choice.

The meddlesome foreign envoys in Colombo should need the growing concern, among the Sri Lankan population about the undue foreign interference. The government needs to act without further delay and take remedial action to safeguard the country’s security and sovereignty.”

Sangadasa Akurugoda

Message 2

2 Give up the bane of Political parties which have destroyed this nation, since 1948 and restore our own system of  government based on the roots of our civilization if you want to save and  build up a united and prosperous nation and usher in a vibrant state for tomorrow. (This massage is for the whole nation.)

 I request those who are interested in this subject to read my article An open letter to all political parties and politicians who seek a mandate to rule this country at the forthcoming elections Published in today’s Lanka web (29.July 2021).

 I will follow up by my proposal on How to form a Government without political Parties’

Dr. Sudath Gunasekara

Originally published in Lankaweb on 5th August 2019

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