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Bishop Rayappah Joseph says, ‘ arrest me if you can’

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne Ravana Balaya infuriated by a statement made by Rayappah Joseph against Sri Lanka, had asked the IGP to arrest him for making false statements. So he had challeged the Ravana Balaya to get him arrested, if they can. According to the Bishop, he was not wrong on the war crime allegations on Sri Lanka. […]

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Mannar Bishop Rayappah Joseph lies to Ambassador Rapp

Saturday, January 11th, 2014

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne It is no secret that Rayappah Joseph was a mouth-piece of the terrorists when the North was under the control of the LTTE. Now he is a candle holder to the LTTE rump and had been undermining Sri Lanka and accusing the govt of war crimes. It had been reported, that at a meeting […]

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British PM Cameron’s gimmicks in Sri Lanka exposed in Tamil Web site

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne  During the CHOGM in Sri Lanka, some British papers gave full publicity to PM Cameron’s gimmicks in Sri Lanka. He was keen to be in the North than to participate in the summit. One paper carried a photo of him with Tamils with the heading, ‘Tamils praise Cameron as a god’. Another said, […]

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Chief Minister Vigneswaran pushes the Sri Lankan flag to the back-seat

Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne With regard to administration in the North, Chief Minister Vigneswaran seems to be taking directions from the LTTE rump. First, he demanded the removal of Governor Chandarasiri. Then he wanted the army withdrawn from the North. Now he does not want the national flag and the national anthem in the North. There was a time […]

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TNA ‘rewriting’ history of Sri Lanka

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne LTTE sympathiser, Prof. Peter Salk of Sweden University in his address to the Tamil diaspora in London recently had stated that Sri Lanka is a Hindu country. There is no doubt that he had been well paid by the LTTE rump to make this statement. Since 2002, he had been a close ally […]

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Nelson Mandela and the West ‘weeping buckets’ for him !

Friday, December 6th, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera Nelson Mandela, who led South Africa out of apartheid has died at the age of 95. He fought his entire life against apartheid and he was imprisoned in 1962 for sabotage and conspiracy to overthrow the govt. He walked to freedon in 1990 and served as President from 1994-99. He is held in deep […]

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TNA MP Siritharan glorifies Tiger leader Prabhakaran

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne TNA MP Siritharan in a speech made in Parliament on the 26th Nov had lionised the Tiger leader Prabhakaran. He had said that, “Prabhakaran was a national hero” and had called upon Tamils to commemorate his death. Govt MP’s have condemned him for making a ‘Mahaveera’ speech glorifying the terrorist leader. For Siritharan, the man […]

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Attempts to celebrate Tiger leader’s birthday and heroes day

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne The birthday of Prabhakaran falls on 26 Nov. During the hey days of the LTTE, Prabhakaran commemorated his birthday by his much publicised speech  which was made at a ceremony in the North. It was his usual call for a separate state and  claim for Eelam. Then the following day, 27 Nov, was commemorated as the heroes day, […]

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Muralitharan ‘confronts’ David Cameron

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne PM Cameron, a keen cricket fan, took time off from the CHOGM‚ to play cricket. At the Colombo cricket‚ Ground, Cameron‚ ‚ had met Murali while he was participating in the ‘Murali Charity Foundation’ which promotes cricket between the Sinhala and Tamil youth. Cameron is‚ an admirer of Murali as he had watched him bowl out one English […]

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C-4 Callum Macrae absconding without paying van driver

Saturday, November 16th, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera ‚ Callum Macrae and the C4 team had to abandon their trip to the North due to a protest staged at Anuradhapura railway station. Some people had protested against their shady move in going to the North. The protest leaders had explained to Macrae the resons for their‚ protest. They had also told him that C4 […]

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UNP and the CHOGM

Friday, November 15th, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne The CHOGM is now in full swing. During the last few weeks‚ there was so much talk about countries which were going to boycott the Summit. Mean while in the domestic front, we have the UNP and TNA which‚ boycotted the CHOGM. The UNP is in a mess and some claim that there are signs […]

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PM Harper’s Representative laid flowers at Elephant Pass LTTE Cemetery

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne Canadian PM Harper’s representative MP Deepak Obhrai had laid flowers‚ at the Elephant Pass LTTE cemetery. LTTE terrorists fought against the lawfully established govt of Sri Lanka.‚  Obhrai’s action‚ would of course boost the morale of the Tamil diaspora. Obhrai had done this despite the fact that even in Canada the LTTE is proscribed as […]

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Australian & New Zealand Parliamentarians doing ‘politics’ in Sri Lanka, deported

Monday, November 11th, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne Australian Greens Party Senator Lee Riannon and New Zealand Greens Party MP Jan Logie, who had visited Sri Lanka on tourist visas, had been deported as they had been engaged in local‚ ‘politics’. Their mission had been funded by the Global Tamil Forum. The Greens Party is famous for supporting bogus refugees from Sri […]

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India to send delegation and PM Singh to skip CHOGM

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne India had‚ signalled that the Indian PM will abstain the CHOGM. Instead‚ they had decided to send a delegation headed by the External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid to participate in the summit. However, Tamil Nadu is‚ disappointed over this because they wanted India to boycott the conference completely. Due to the forthcoming elections, India’s internal problems […]

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PM Manmohan may attend CHOGM – says Indian media !

Friday, November 1st, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne The Indian media had reported‚ that‚ PM‚ Dr. Singh is most likely to attend the CHOGM. The Congress Core Committee had evaluated the PM’s attendance and had decided that the benefits in attending the summit outweigh the ‘costs’.‚ Some issues that they looked into‚ had been maintaining good relations, strategic interests of India etc. The Core Committee had […]

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PM Cameron assumes that, ‘Sri Lanka is still a British Colony’

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne British PM David Cameron had told Nobel Laureate Aung Sang, that he would have ‘very tough questions’ to President Rajapakse during the CHOGM. He had also said that, “…I am not happy with their human rights reord… I am not happy with what they have done following the conflict…” Cameron should note that […]

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Chief Minister Wigneswaran says,”Remove Major Gen. Chandrasiri as Governor and withdraw army from the North”

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne At the inaugural session of the Northern Provincial Council, Chief Minister Wignesvaran had called for the removal of Major Gen. Chandrasiri as Governor of the North. He had‚ said, “The people do not want a military official serving as Governor of Northern Province. They want a senior civil servant”. He had also said that […]

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TNA leader Sampanthan urges India to boycott CHOGM

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne TNA leader Sampanthan, speaking to reporters at Tamil Nadu Head Quarters, had requested‚ the Prime Minister‚ of India Dr. Manmohan Singh to boycott the CHOGM (Commonwealth Heads‚ of Govt Meeting) which is to be held in Sri Lanka in November. He had asked the Indian Govt to seriously consider the views of Tamil Nadu leaders as […]

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Call for merger of the North & East by Chief Minister Wigneswaran

Sunday, October 20th, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Australia The Chief Minister of the Northern Province Vigneswaran,‚ has called for the merger of the North and the East. The population of the‚ East comprises not only of Tamils but Sinhalese and Muslims as well. According to‚ reports, the‚ Sinhalese,‚ Tamils and the Muslims living in the East‚ are in equal number. If there is a merger, the Sinhalese […]

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TNA’s decision to rebuild LTTE cemeteries

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera The Chavakachcheri Pradeshi Sabha had passed a resolution calling for the reconstruction of LTTE cemeteries in the Northern Provincial Council area. Now, it‚ appears that other local authorities run by the TNA and the Northern Provincial Council itself‚ may move a similar resolution. Then, the‚ ITAK‚ had decided to commemorate those who died fighting for the LTTE.‚  ITAK […]

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Northern PC elections, TNA and Navi Pillai

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Australia‚  At the recent elections,‚ TNA bagged 30 seats out of 38. UPFA won 7 while the SLMC obtained one. The TNA’s victory is no surprise. Because, for obvious reasons, whatever the govt does for the people in the‚ North, they would vote for the TNA. Prabhakaran was world’s number one terrorist leader and the LTTE […]

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Deport Callum Macrae from UK Channel 4 for his anti-Sri Lanka campaign

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Australia Callum Macrae from the UK Channel 4 News, produced a documentary highlighting so called ‘war crimes’ in Sri Lanka during the war in 2009. The feature length documentary titled, ‘ No Fire Zone’ depicted Eelam war iv through a doctored film that it was violence against the Tamils. In 2011 he directed another […]

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‘Call for Indian intervention’ – Neelakandan

Monday, September 9th, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera The Sri Lanka-India Friendship Society gathered last week-end at the Taj Samudra to celebrate the Indian Independence Day. At this meeting, its President, Attorney at Law, Kandiah Neelakandan had, in an unscheduled speech ,’…called for Indian intervention to save the civil society in Sri Lanka’. Neelakandan & Neelakandan law firm represented Shiranie Bandaranayake, former […]

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Navi Pillay says, she is ‘Open-minded’?

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Australia UN Human Rights Chief, Navi Pillay, a South African national of South Indian Tamil Origin, arrives in Sri Lanka on 25th August for a week. The invitation for her to visit Sri Lanka had been extended two years ago so that she can see for herself the efforts of the govt on reconciliation, reconstruction and rehabilitation […]

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Dayan Jayatilleka singing hosannas for Azath Salley !

Friday, May 10th, 2013

Dr.P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne Dr. Dayan Jayatilleke, writing to an English Daily and defending Azath Salley had said, “Azath Salley’s rhetorical flourish, in which he was never abusive towards the Sinhalese or Sinhala Buddhists as a community…” and so on. In contrast to all the drumming Dayan is doing for Azath, the ‘no nonsense and outspoken’ Defence Secretary, […]

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Remarks by US Ambassador in Sri Lanka & Boston bomb blasts

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne   The US Ambassador in Sri Lanka, Michele J Sisson addressing Foreign Correspondents last week, had warned that if Sri Lanka does not show progress in reconciliation matters the country could see a return to war. She signalled about other options by the so called International Community as well. Sri Lanka did not comply […]

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‘I am the only alternative’ – Sarath Fonseka

Friday, April 5th, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne Sarath Fonseka (SF), the leader of the Democratic Party had said, after his party was registered, that, ‘His outfit is the only alternative to a corrupt govt as well as a bankrupt Opposition’. Unfortunately, he had realised about the bankrupt Opposition a bit late. During the last Presidential elections the Opposition was in a limbo […]

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Gotabhaya, Defence Secretary on 13th Amendment

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne During recent times Tamil Nadu had shown its animosity towards Sri Lanka in various ways. The latest being that Sri Lankan cricketers are not allowed to participate in the IPL games in Chennai. Thus Tamil Nadu had created a ‘crisis’ and is dictating terms to the Central government. New Delhi appears to be at […]

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Rift among lawyers after induction of new BASL President

Monday, April 1st, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne CJ Mohan Pieris had not been invited for the convocation held on Saturday at Navarangahala to induct the new BASL president. Instead, the UNP dominated BASL, had asked a ‘pretender’ to grace the occassion. Impeached CJ Shiranie Bandaranayke with bankrupt politicians had sat at the High Table. As expected a great majority of the […]

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Jayalalithaa’s chauvinism & discrimination – SL Cricketers dropped from IPL squads !

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa had put a stop to Sri Lankan cricketers playing for the Indian Premier League in Chennai. She had told the organisers that Chennai could be used for the games only if Sri Lankan players, officials, support staff do not participate in these matches. A total of 13 cricketers were […]

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