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13th Amendment – Implications of Eelam

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

Ratanapala 24 October 2012 The 13th Amendment in its various manifestations is in for consideration. It is best if the following issues too are discussed in this forum and elsewhere by patriots so that their implications for the future of Sri Lanka and for the future generations of all Sri Lankans are given due consideration. […]

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An Incovenient Truth

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

Ratanapala  21 August , 2011 In the early years of Rajapakse Presidency, well before MavilAru and the Great Humanitarian War, Sri Lanka sank to the depths of joining the happy company of Solomon Islanders in the Pacific to be theonly other country in the world to ban the book by Dan Brown – The Da […]

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Christian Terrorism comes to roost in Norway! Don’t cry for bogus human rights Scandinavia!

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Ratanapala For over 30 years Sri Lanka suffered at the hands of the Racist Tamil Tiger Terrorist called the LTTE, butthe  Lynch Mob calIed International Community always justified the terror in Sri Lanka as those due to unspecified Tamil Grievances  or Aspirations and discriminations by the majority Sinhala Buddhists. The fact that terrorism is not […]

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Christian School of Buddhism – Nibbana is Extinction!

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Ratanapala Ben Silva claims he is a Buddhist. He goes on to say that Nirvana or Nibbana the ultimate goal of Buddhism is extinction. He says:  To be specific, this idea of seeking Nirvana, a hindu /Tao belief and is not attractive to me. I consider seeking Nirvana (extinction) to be an idea from a […]

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Buddhism, Sri Lanka,Awsadahamy and the dogs who bark!

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

Ratanapala Ben Silva seems to get more adventurous by the day, trying to denigrate Buddhism for the all the ills of Asia. He sounds like a Papist out to get rid of paganism. He will blame Einstein for the Atom Bomb.Einstei just found a truth about matter  – that vast power is locked up within […]

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Reply to Ann Abayasekara

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Ratanapala 3 Jun 2010 Ann is  a person who lives in Sri Lanka but is completely alienated with the ordinary Sri Lankan. Her thinking is foreign as her first name and probably the faith she professes to. She has to go half way around the world to Gettysburg in USA to find her example. She […]

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Mura Dewathawo – Who will guard the Guardian Angels!

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Ratanapala The Buddhist Establishment in Sri Lanka and the Buddhist Priesthood has always been referred to as the Guardian Angels of Sri Lanka “”…” a nation comprising of nearly 70% Buddhists. Traditionally they have intervened in the politics of the country when they felt that the country was under dire threat of destruction and disintegration […]

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Congratulations Mr President and Many Happy Returns of the Day!

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Ratanapala Congratulations Mr President. You have once again defeated the forces that tried to revive the terrorists and their agenda for dismemberment of Mother Lanka. We wish you All the Very Best for another term as the President of Sri Lanka and wish you many more successes in the future. So it is now the […]

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Vote massively to elect President Rajapakse for a second term!

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Ratanapala A vote for Sarath Fonseka is a vote for Ranil W and his band of traitors  who wanted to bring Portuguese in 2005  to celebrate 500th anniversary of the beginning of colonial exploitation of Sri Lanka and Asia. A vote for Sarath Fonseka is a vote for those who tried to seize power by […]

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2010 Presidential Election –Elect President Mahinda to prevent the re-emergence of Tamil Racism and their aspiration to dismember our Motherland!

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Ratanapala For all practical purposes there are only two contenders for this presidential election “”…” the incumbent President Mahinda Rajapakse and the Presidential hopeful Gen Sarath Fonseka. Both are Sri Lankan heroes for having defeated the curse of terrorism which stalked our motherland for the last 30 years. President Rajapakse is accredited for having managed […]

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Great Betrayal of the Sinhala Buddhist Trust!

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Ratanapala The Sinhala Buddhist consensus that has been forged over a number of years, to eradicate Tamil Tiger Terrorism has been shattered in a short span of 6 months. The enemies of the nation who were reeling in anger and frustration since the demise of their cat’s paw the Tamil Tiger Terrorists have done the […]

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The General and the President – Beware and take care, the ‘Portuguese’ are once again at the gates!

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Ratanapala The forces that lost out  defending the Tiger Terrorists are creeping back to rob the hard won victory of the patriotic forces who are now in disarray just 6 months after their historic victory. Is it just unadulterated lust for power and wealth, jealousy, hatred and revenge?  It is  6 months since the end […]

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Archbishop congratulates Armed forces on the conclusion of war -” Kapanna bari atha imbeema”

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Ratanapala “In a sense, we could say that we have won the battle but the war is not ended. The war would end only on the day that we grow in nationhood realizing that we are all one people in one country with equal rights. We have to realize the fact that we are a […]

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