March 1st, 2012

Ministry of External Affairs

Countries emerging from painful conflicts and renewing their commitment to economic and social development after the eradication of terrorism, deserve understanding and sympathetic support from the international community, not judgmental attitudes buttressed by pressure which erodes the dignity and self-respect of developing nations, Professor G.L.Peiris, Minister of External Affairs, said in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, on Wednesday.

He made these comments at his meeting with Mr. Olugbenga Ayodeji Ashiru, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria. He explained to his counterpart in the Government of Nigeria the gist of his arguments in Geneva during the last few days.

The two Ministers said that they are looking forward to the establishment of resident Missions in their respective capitals shortly.

Prof. Peiris observed that the developing world has a particular interest in ensuring that organs of the United Nations system, such as the Human Rights Council, are not politicized, in the sense that they become instruments for giving effect to decisions made by power blocs for political reasons. If these bodies are to retain their practical relevance and usefulness in the modern world, there is the compelling need to preserve and indeed strengthen the culture that enables member States to formulate their opinions and to vote on the merits of a specific matter without undue ressure from powerful countries. If political and strategic lignments, rather than recourse to an issue based approach, re seen to determine voting patterns, the actual conduct of hese bodies, over time, will move further and further away rom the value system underpinning the Charter of the UnitedNations, the Minister observed.

Professor Peiris emphasized that external intervention at a ime when domestic procedures are vibrant and moving forward, s entirely counterproductive in terms of achieving results on he ground. Nothing is more crucial, he suggested, than nsuring that the wellbeing of countries recovering from the avages of terrorism — which should clearly be the sole aim nd objective — should not be lost sight of in the nterplay of global forces motivated by other agendas. It is mportant, he continued, to recognize in this context the istinction between co-operation and imposition: while the nternational community admittedly has a constructive role to lay, it must not seek to impose its will in an arrogant nd insensitive way.

Sri Lanka, having shaken off the scourge of terrorism against verwhelming odds, needs the space and the time to continue ts domestic process in keeping with local aspirations and ithin the framework of its own legal and cultural systems.

This has been acknowledged by perceptive commentators from the estern world, like Lord Rogan of Lower Iveagh, whose deep amiliarity with the complexities of the Northern Ireland ituation enhances the value of his views, Minister Peiris said.

Countries of Asia and Africa are the heirs to rich ivilizations which equip them to deal effectively with issues, however challenging, which confront them in modern times.

Nuances of context cannot be relegated in response to pressure f sustainability of solutions continues to be regarded as the riority requirement, the Minister pointed out.

A dinner hosted by the Foreign Minister of Nigeria in honour f the visiting Sri Lankan Foreign Minister was attended by a arge number of Ambassadors and High Commissioners who were nformally briefed by Prof. Peiris.


Psychopaths and the moral conscience of the world

February 29th, 2012

By Mario Perera, Kadawata

There was another shooting in an American school. A school boy entered that precinct of learning with a gun and let off a barrage at his school mates. There were deaths. Photos and videos displayed it all. There was weeping and hysteria. School children were seeking consolation in one another”‘s arms. The parents of the suspect were asking pardon from the disconsolate parents of the deceased and injured. They were nonplussed to explain why it happened. However it did happen.

This scenario takes place all the time with a disconcerting regularity. In Norway a man, considered as being in his full senses shot dozens of his own co-citizens, seemingly as a protest against the country”‘s immigration policy. It was like cutting one”‘s nose to spite one”‘s face. Now the latest incident of a school shooting was in Ohio. The name Ohio became popular in the 1960″‘s consequent to a song of Joan Baez titled: by the banks of the Ohio. There a man took his lover out for a walk and killed her. Gay isn”‘t it?  All the while the lover was pleading with him: don”‘t murder me, for I”‘m not prepared for eternity. Oh yes, the killings all happen against the background of “‘eternal values”‘ fostered by the killer nations. Everybody over there, in the USA is stricken with shock and disbelief. They are all asking questions all the time, without answers. No need for answers as religious rites takes their place as the consolation factor.

These questions without answers regard school children mowing down one another within school premises and without apparent motives. Well the answer is there, just that they do not want to face the obvious. There is a disease, with the symptoms manifesting themselves where it normally would. It is not among the aged or the middle-aged that these symptoms show up but among the young, precisely among those in the learning process. It is simply that what they learn is contradicted by what they KNOW. The land of the free and the home of the brave is what they bawl out, standing stiff as broom sticks and their hands against their hearts, no doubt expecting to crumble with heart-attacks at the falsehoods they utter with such patriotic fervour. The younger ones know that their land is a make believe land of lies, deceptions and hypocrisy. It is a land whose soldiers sodomize prisoners in other countries (remember the woman soldier named England?), and urinate on the corpses of dead foes. As its NATO allies, chief among them being England, France, and Germany, it disseminates death and destruction on a global scale. Their superlative industry is the killing industry. The whole world, that is the non white and non-Christian part (the one that is outside the vision of the British Channel 4), is their killing field. They kill and kill and kill. That is their first commandment. The one they preach to others is the commandment of the Bible, thou shallst not kill”‚¦especially “‘us”‘. What they practice is the commandment: killing is our right”‚¦we can kill and so can you, but on our behalf.

The World Wars, One and two, and all the wars ever since, colonial and neo-colonial are of their making. Their sacred four letter word (besides the one that immediately crops up in the mind!), is KILL. What were the World Wars about? They were just about matters only relevant to them, pertaining to dynasties and territories. They implicated the whole world in their own sordid affairs. They made the whole world a killing field. The slogans were naturally human rights and freedom and similar”‚¦all lofty ideals enthroned, as the French say dans la merde (in shit). From then on, since the two atom bombs that annihilated millions of civilians, the sound of bombs has never ceased. Just think of Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lybia”‚¦literally everywhere, the killing continues. The hand behind all that is white in colour. The hand than bombs the world rules it, beneath the banner of “‘universal morality”‘.

Why is the reaction among school children? They are the ones facing the future, not the aged or the middle-aged, satisfied with things the way they are. The soldiers fighting and killing human beings of other colours and other faiths, have all just passed out from that very same school system  and what do they do”‚¦they KILL on massive scales, they piss on dead bodies, they exhibit horrendous sexual lusts on the conquered. It is the young who are curious and questioning. S for their seniors, they know that so it was, is and will be. They live with it. But not so with the youth.  The young are no more gullible. They have eyes to see and ears to hear. They see the chaos among the war ravaged minds of those of their age, returning from the KILL. They are confronted with videos, photos and accounts of how exactly it happens over there. They feel the ground under their feet shaking. The foundations of their civilization are warped and brittle not solid as their teachers narrate.  And just like the Norwegian guy, they protest consciously or subconsciously the way they can”‚¦by turning their guns on their own.

The NATO countries and societies are generating psychopaths, mentally deranged persons. The young are not ready to hide behind the smoke screens depicting their armies as disseminating freedom and justice throughout the world. They saw how an unarmed Head of State was treated in Lybia, and how unarmed old Bin Laden was killed before the eyes of his wives and little children. All this happened while their leaders Obama and Clinton watched gleefully glued to their television. These so called highly civilized people made a pathetic display of their much vaunted culture by taking to the streets and dancing the jig”‚¦or was it the hula hula?

And just to think that such people in the USA, England, France and Germany show off as the moral conscience of humanity”‚¦.just disgusting to the point of wanting to vomit. The Ohio killing spree is just one of a series in a continuing saga. Children imitate what they parents and elders glorify, which is KILLING. So they come armed and they kill. It is only when that happens to them in their own homes, with their own hands, and on their own, that the elders wake up to the grim reality. Then only does the nation display shock and perplexity. All they say however is that they do not know”‚¦that is because they do not want to see. Even if they see they do not want to accept. They play the Ostrich”‘s game. But the children want to see what they know is taking place. And when they do see the abysmal difference between what they are taught, in schools, in pulpits of churches and what they come to know, it makes them mentally deranged, and so they too”‚¦KILL.

Now the killing spree is over for the moment. Now the world will be subjected to the church ceremonies, the candle-lit vigils, and the prayers and the ferreting out of heroes and villains, of the cowboys and crooks. No one will address the cause which is the desecrating of the human person far beyond their shores, of his body, of his mind, in short of his entire personality by these marauding white nations equipped with instruments of death, with naked displays of arrogance and insolence, and all clothed in immunity and impunity.


US-Indian Resolution against Sri Lanka Only the First and not the Last

February 29th, 2012

Dilrook Kannangara

When the illegal CFA was signed, there were widespread protests organised by patriotic groups against it. Their slogan was a “‘respectable peace”‘. Interestingly the current President participated in them. These protests were extremely popular although the then government tried hard without succuss to downplay them; so successful that the CFA UNF government was toppled prematurely just two years later.  Similar protests were launched in 1958 against the illegal Banda-Chelva and Dudley-Chelva (1965) Pacts, 1987 Indo-Lanka Peace Accord and the political package of 2000. People burnt the political package inside and outside the parliament. PTOMS (2005) is another case of public anger against anti-national moves despite the fact that collapsing PTOMS meant no tsunami aid to people under LTTE control. An excellent move that proved invaluable when war broke out a year later. However, there aren”‘t any such protests today. Government sponsored protests are too politicised that only UPFA activists and organisers participate in them. The problem with government sponsored patriotic agitations is their contradiction. On one hand they support unpatriotic moves of the government and on the other they want to display patriotism to the rest.

What created this pathetic situation?

All potent patriotic individuals and groups have been subjugated by the government. Wimal Weerawansa, Patali Ranawaka, Ven Ellawala Medhananda, Ven Elle Gunawansa and most other patriots and the movements they powered have been totally subjugated by the government.  As a result there are no patriotic forces that can function independently and objectively against threats facing the nation. This is a much bigger threat than the threat posed by separatists and their western warlords. To some extent they are good salespersons. They very successfully sold patriotism to voters to get elected. But once elected they have abandoned that which made them winners.

Their cheap antics are a disgrace to the nation and fail to achieve anything. People find these antics amusing. Barking, screaming, name calling, threatening and burning aimed at UN agencies and powerful UN members cannot achieve anything. Nothing was achieved this way. Only decisive action can achieve tangible outcomes.

When the government entertains TNA demands, there is no one to oppose them either in public or from within the government!

Where are the patriots within the government? Probably they have very complex excuses – which the public either cannot understand or rightfully, don”‘t bother to understand – for not opposing the appeasement of TNA!

Give into some demands and there will be more demands

It was silly on the part of the government to entertain TNA concerns in the first place, sometimes at the expense of national security and equality. Once these initial demands were met (some demands were more than met), TNA leaders like typical bloodhounds started making more demands. It should have been expected. Now the demands, grievances, aspirations, allegations and all other names for extortion have snowballed. It is too big for the government to handle now. TNA has not made it a secret. They openly declare their “…”little now, more later”‚ strategy. Knowingly the government has fallen head first into their trap.

Stupid antics of some by the name of patriotism look even worse in this background.

When demands cannot be won through puppets, puppeteers directly get involved. Before agreeing to anything demanded by US, EU or India, the government must consult the people, China, Russia and other genuinely friendly nations. All their interests must be protected in any move. Giving into US and EU demands will not make them friends but it can turn our friends into enemies. Same goes for TNA. Giving TNA demands never make TNA any better. It only destroys the future of non-Tamils.

We are in Geneva because of incompetent reconciliation advisors

A new breed of go-betweens emerged after the war triumph in 2009. They are called reconciliation advisors who are nothing but election refuse. People repeatedly rejected them at elections defeating them. If they had done their job properly, Sri Lanka will not be in Geneva today. Thankfully at this very late hour the government has finally realized their incompetency and not appointed them to any key position to handle the impending Geneva showdown.

Reconciliation advisors argued the reason behind allegations of war crimes is the weakness in government propaganda campaign that was not consistent. Though it is true the government propaganda campaign was weak, it is only part of the problem. They naively argued that if western nations and India know the ground reality, they would not believe anything the LTTE rump is spreading. Assuming their naive argument is correct, what did they do about it? Nothing.

US, EU and India know very well the ground reality. A few dozen visitors from these places have visited Sri Lanka with annoying frequency. They know Sri Lanka is safe for Tamils; they know Tamils enjoy an unfair advantage in Sri Lanka in terms of land rights, Tamil own land laws, the right and ability to live in any part of the island nation, all fundamental rights and equal rights. There is nothing they don”‘t know about it. Yet they demand more. Reconciliation advisors kept advising to appease Tamils and TNA more and more until their demands snowballed to a level they cannot handle. If TNA demands were cut down at inception, they would not be making any demands today.     

Geneva has destroyed all reconciliation efforts and as a result Tamils and non-Tamils are divided to the extent they were before the reconciliation process.

What to do now?

This is not the last resolution USA will be presenting against Sri Lanka. It is only the first in a series of resolutions aimed at creating Tamil Elam and appointing pro-US and pro-Indian TNA puppets as its supreme rulers. TNA leaders are now in India getting further instructions.

At the very least now, the government must recognize the danger of inaction. The only political solution is ethnic integration in the north where the problem is. The Indian model of ethnic segregation is not going to work in Sri Lanka. It is the Sri Lankan model based on ethnic integration that works. Reconciliation advisors must make an about turn from ethnic segregation efforts (devolution, power sharing based on ethnicity) to ethnic integration efforts (making sure the Jaffna peninsular is not Tamil only). Reconciliation must break barriers to integration by scrapping the Thesawalamei Law that very effectively prevents integration. Scrapping this has no negative impact on the outcome of any future election.

Legal action must be taken against TNA for conspiring against the Constitution and the nation. The 13th Amendment must be put before the public. War time solutions are not suitable for peacetimes. People can decide its suitability to modern ground realities. Scrapping the 13A can save billions of dollars every year that can go into development benefiting everyone.

The independent Tamil nation USA and India trying to create in the island to counter China, Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka, Russia and any other potential obstacle to neo-colonialism will be ruled by TNA. Eliminating TNA from the political sphere, legally, can disrupt their plans. It can make things easier for a proper political solution based on ethnic integration to be implemented. Similarly, western neo-colonial rulers have appointed their puppets in East Timor, Libya, etc. When it cannot be done peacefully, western colonials have used genocide to achieve it as exemplified in Diego Garcia. They provide useful geopolitical platforms to launch attacks on other nations. Giving into these moves to appease the puppeteer and the puppets is the worst the government can do. That will make Sri Lanka without any friends as friends of Lanka will find it a threat after puppet nations are created in its place.   

Amidst this clamour there is resentment growing in the electorate against the government that is prepared to appease TNA at the expense of UPFA voters. Any power sharing deal no matter how weak it sounds with the TNA will be punished by voters at the next election. Since TNA will never be satisfied, no TNA voter will vote for the government. Even if they do the loss will be many times more than the gain. Losing the next national election will seal the fate of the Rajapaksha family in the hands of the opposition, US-EU axis of evil and the LTTE rump gunning for its blood. The government will be saved only to the extent it saves the interests of the people and its voters in particular.

This nation cannot stand on its own. The only way it can deflect interference from powerful nations is by having a symbolic military presence of China in the island. All nations big and small avoid confronting China for obvious reasons. There is no sense in putting off Chinese military presence in the island. It is a win-win situation for both nations which will be welcomed by most South Asian, African and Latin American nations. China is the centre of the new Non Align Movement. Sri Lanka has already aligned with China in development, finance of projects and credit. It is time to reaffirm this alignment economically, politically and militarily. Australia”‘s economic alignment with China saved it from one financial crisis after another. Singapore too avoided financial crises thanks to its very heavy economic alignment with China. Chinese military expertise will save Lanka from Indian sponsored separatists and any military threat they may mount.

President Premadasa successfully deflected Indian and British interference through his political and military alignment with China until Indian sponsored terror groups killed him. It is on record he is the only elected national leader since 1956 who didn”‘t offer any political solution to South Indian separatists. He surprised many by despatching the Indian invading army without any compromise. If anything came close to it, without a doubt it must be May 2009 when the Army Commander toured China with a military delegation at a time when India was expected to interfere in the island to avoid a “…”human rights catastrophe”‚. Since China is the only substantive lender and financier of Lankan projects, pro-western political parties have no future in Sri Lanka. If ever they come to power they will have to either lose their puppeteers and face dire consequences or lose the steady development support from China. That is a huge political incentive for the government to economically align with China. Economically, India is vastly disadvantageous to Lanka even without CEPA.

Indian action before Geneva has surprised many; it”‘s conduct during and after Geneva will shock them.

The incredible hijacking of the word Freedom

February 29th, 2012

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey-Courtesy Pravda.Ru

 Freedom, a word so much used during the Cold War period and repeated so many times, that one began to get suspicious. And the more time that elapses, the more obvious it gets that those using this word were abusing it, so tenuous were their arguments based upon lies and so thin and fragile their glass roofs. Their freedom is a chimera, an illusion and a fraud. The conclusion is that Freedom is a meaningless word describing a notion that does not exist.

There are certain soundbites that bite deep into the collective conscience of humanity, words and catch-phrases which light up hearts in the darkest depths of despair and the word Freedom, carefully nurtured and shaped into our collective conscience by a biased and brainwashing media, is one of them.

Freedom is a word which is today much used in the corridors of London and Washington, as they gear up for war with Iran and try desperately to explore all the avenues they can to launch a savage and murderous attack against the people of Syria, now that their terrorists have failed to make their mark. It is also a word which will be bandied around the corridors of Geneva in the forthcoming days as the United Nations Human Rights Council meets.

Where was this council when the people of Tawerga in Libya were being massacred by terrorists backed by the FUKUS Axis (France, UK, US and Israel) just because they were black? Where was this council when the FUKUS armed and aided terrorists from Misratah painted slogans on the walls calling for death to slaves and blacks out of Libya? Where was this council when the Jamahiriya government proposed a free and fair democratic election and the FUKUS Axis refused?

How free were the people of Libya to choose whether they were governed by the all inclusive and racially tolerant Jamahiriya system (government by people’s councils) or the murderous scourge of racists and rapists and torturers and thieves unleashed by the FUKUS Axis?

How free were the people of Iraq to choose whether their civilian structures were bombed by NATO military hardware? How free were the thousands of children a day murdered by US sanctions over the years? How free are the people in western countries to choose whether their foreign policy is dictated to them by NATO? Has anyone elected NATO? Then why is it controlling foreign policy as a supra-national organism and who pulls its strings?

How free was the British businessman extradited to the USA because Washington told its poodle Britain to do so, to have a free and fair, open trial in his own country, because he was caught in a CIA sting operation, when he was transporting what he thought were spares for cars?

How free are the people in Guantanamo Bay, held for years without the right to due legal process, without the right to a lawyer, to see their families, or even to answer a formal accusation? How free were those people detained illegally in Abu Ghraib concentration camp in Baghdad, when they were beaten and kicked senseless by American cowards wearing jackboots, when their food was urinated in, when they had dogs set upon them? How free were they when they were being sodomised by their perverted and demonic jailors?

How free is the average citizen to choose his destiny, to shape his Government’s policy? How free are people living in political systems in which a minority can be elected into power and impose their policies upon the majority who did not vote for them?

How free are people to use the natural resources their country produces? They are not. In western countries, the ones which treat the word “Freedom” as if they owned it, the people do not control their foreign policy, they do not control their internal policy, they do not control who governs them, they do not control whether their laws are implemented, or whether their governments choose to breach international law time and time again (such is the case with the FUKUS Axis), they do not control financial policy, they do not control fiscal policy, they do not control economic policy.

So suppose those hijacking the word “freedom” used what it stands for in their policy instead of abusing it?

Asylum shopping and how AI earns its keep in Canada

February 29th, 2012

By Lucien Rajakarunanayake

 “‘One principle of asylum law is that you seek protection at the first available opportunity. You don”‘t asylum shop,”‘ said Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney. These are important words in a world where asylum is a heavily traded commodity, with both calculating Tamils and human smuggling mentors seek to score high of the asylum shopping list by vilifying Sri Lanka on human rights.

Minister Kenney was quoted in the Canadian National Post when it ran a prominent piece on February 9, on the first public hearing of the claim for asylum in Canada by 76 Sri Lankan Tamils who arrived there on the human smuggling vessel MV Ocean Lady more than two years ago. He said none of those on board the Ocean Lady had come directly from Sri Lanka. “…”Some passed through two or three countries”‚. Kenney”‘s position was that people who transit through multiple countries have had other opportunities to seek protection.

Human smuggling

The hearings into the asylum claims by the 76 Sri Lankans who were smuggled into Canada is expected to have a serious impact on Canadian political thinking and laws on the granting of asylum there. Stopping human smuggling ships became a Canadian government priority after the arrivals of the Ocean Lady and the MV Sun Sea, which reached Canada in 10 months carrying 492 Sri Lankans.

A Conservative Anti-human Smuggling Act is now before Parliament, the National Post reported.


A photograph of a leading representative of Amnesty International in Canada with the cheque for 50,000 Canadian dollars obtained from the Canadian Tamil Congress. Also, here is your link to the CTC”‘s fund raising for AI-http://www.youtube.com

While the bill has not yet become law, federal lawyers appear to be paying close attention to the Ocean Lady hearings. Significantly, the Canada Border Services Agency has filed notice that it intends to intervene in each of the 76 cases, the National Post said.

According to evidence already available, the smuggling of these Tamils was organized by a Bangkok-based human smuggling ring. The Ocean Lady sailed from Indonesia and made stops in Thailand and the Philippines before it was intercepted by the Canadian Navy and RCMP off Vancouver Island on October 17, 2009.

All those on board made refugee claims. They were later released and most moved to Toronto, home to a large ethnic Tamil Sri Lankan population, reportedly the largest number of Sri Lankan Tamil expatriates in any country, many of them very actively supporting the politics of the LTTE, and very keen on raising funds and carrying on propaganda activities against Sri Lanka.

The four suspected operators of the smuggling ship were arrested in Toronto last June on human smuggling charges.

Asylum seekers

At last Monday”‘s hearing, a Tamil asylum seeker said after his father disappeared in 2000 he was “‘relentlessly”‘ sought by the rebel (LTTE) recruiters but his mother fended them off by giving them money, some of which was sent by his uncle in Canada. He said he had never joined the LTTE. But under questioning, he was asked to explain why he had given several notably different versions of his story. For example, while he wrote in his refugee claim he was “‘relentlessly”‘ recruited by the LTTE, he told an immigration official upon arriving in Canada they had only asked him to join once, while when he testified Monday it happened just “‘two or three”‘ times.

In a situation where credibility is often a key issue in refugee hearings, this man had also contradicted himself on matters such as whether his siblings had been targeted by recruiters, whether one or two uniformed men had abducted him and on details of how he was released after his abduction. A decision on this hearing in not due till next month, but there is reportedly much concern among the pro-LTTE expatriate Tamil community in Canada about the turn of events from these hearings, and the need for different strategies to show Canada and other Western countries that Tamils in Sri Lanka continue to live in danger.

This is where Amnesty International (AI) comes into the picture. There is no doubt that AI has a commendable record on many issues of human rights and related matters through many years. But its record of deception on Sri Lanka goes far beyond being misled to one of deliberate distortion of facts. Its record of bias against Sri Lanka came into the open a few months ago when the Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC) held a Walk-a-thon to raise funds – yes 50,000 Canadian dollars for the express purpose of funding AI. CTC is very emphatic that it is not a front organization for the LTTE. In fact it is known to take offence at being so described.

We will not do so, but state that its activities are so close to that of other organizations that admitted front organizations for the LTTE and the promotion of its ideology of separatist terrorism to create a Tamil homeland or Eelam in a part of Sri Lanka. This puts AI in a tough corner when it accepts funds from CTC, while steering an international campaign against Sri Lanka, on the same issues that interest the CTC.

Allegations of war crimes

It is interesting to know more about the CTC. Among its mission and objectives are to “…”Work with various levels of governments in Canada to highlight and resolve issues impacting Tamil Canadians,”‚ and “…”Cooperate with Canadian and international organizations in alleviating the suffering and provide humanitarian assistance to Tamils worldwide,”‚ as well as “…”Recognize and support the social, cultural and political aspirations of the Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka and worldwide.”‚

The CTC is very strong in its criticism of Sri Lankan government”‘s treatment of Tamils and is especially supportive of allegations of war crimes and violation of Humanitarian Law by Sri Lanka in the final phases of the military operations to defeat the LTTE.

Its views on these matters are very close to those of pro-LTTE Tamil organizations in the West. It is highly critical of the LLRC report taking up positions not different to that of such pro-LTTE groups as well as AI, Human Rights Watch and the International Crisis Group that refused to give evidence before the LLRC.

The CTC in its preliminary response to the LLRC report states that “…”in the months leading up to the release of the LLRC report, the commission was widely dismissed by international human rights groups, including Amnesty International, who in a critical report, described the process as ‘flawed at every level’ and severely falling short of international standards”‚.

AI that now benefits from the CTC funding has continued a campaign directed against Sri Lanka and continues to use the highly questionable Channel 4 documentary “‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields”‘ in its campaign calling for an international probe into allegations it makes against Sri Lankan authorities.

When AI gets a donation of 50,000 Canadian dollars from the CTC, obtained by the sweat of a walk-a-thon for the purpose, there are immediate questions as to the independence or objectivity of AI in its attitude to Sri Lanka, and about its entire strategy that targets Sri Lanka on alleged violations of humanitarian law and its campaign to drag Sri Lanka before an international tribunal on alleged war crimes.

If “‘one principle of asylum law is that you seek protection at the first available opportunity: You don”‘t asylum shop,”‘ as Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has said, it must also be a guiding principle of those who claim to champion human rights and humanitarian law not to shop for funds from those who are ready to blind themselves to the worst brutalities and savagery of a terrorist organization, such as the LTTE.

Letter to Ambassador Tamara Kunanayakam

February 29th, 2012


Ambassador Tamara Kunanayakam

Dear Ms Kunanayakam,

The West has held back Sri Lanka’s economic and social development since Independence by flying in economic spin doctors to hector its statesmen.

The country was handcuffed no sooner it began to need help from the IMF.

Sri Lanka was turned into a raw-material supplying slave.

On the other hand, a selected group of countries were allowed unfettered growth. Examples of such countries include Sri Lanka’s friends Singapore and the Republic of Korea. Pupils from Singapore once gained an education in schools, including state-funded ones, in Sri Lanka. Trainees from Korea arrived at the state-funded Ceylon Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research.

On the other hand and later, after keeping Sri Lanka in economic bondage for more than half a century, the West attempts to pelt stones at its bondsman. A simple narrative on countries thus bound and exploited has been set out in the conscientious work “Bad Samaritans” by a South Korean-born Cambridge economist.

The Civil War that ended in 2009 provided a legacy of problems with new ones unearthed every day. Not least come the PR stunts of protection money racketeers and war profiteers who use lobbyists to influence some Western nations. Such money-backed influence may not technically visible by primary definition. On the other hand, Western economic protectionism is set out in printed volumes starting with the 1952 World Bank report.

So Sri Lanka has both war-era and earlier issues of half-century to deal with. Attempts to make the country run before it can walk must be understood as blame-shifting by those nations whose victim it is. An exceptional vehemence of tone at conferences may mark those nations in which protection money racketeers have set up their main bureaus.

Wishing you every success,

Yours sincerely,

Strategy for Sri Lanka at the Geneva Sessions

February 29th, 2012

By Neville Ladduwahetty

There is speculation that at the 2012 sessions of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva, a resolution would call on the Sri Lankan Government to table the Report of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) together with a plan as to how the Government proposes to implement its recommendations.   There is also an expectation among those who are of the view that the LLRC report falls short in respect of accountability that the resolution would call on the Government to present to the UNHRC how it plans to address more fully, issues of accountability.

Attempts by the UN Human Rights Council to have the LLRC Report tabled at its sessions is a violation of the mandate of the Human Rights Council because its scope is limited strictly to promotion and protection of Human Rights whereas the mandate and scope of the LLRC Report relate to issues associated with an internal armed conflict that are governed by Humanitarian Law.  The Human Rights Council was set up under UN Resolution 60/251 in 2006.  All 16 paragraphs in the Resolution are devoted to mechanisms and procedures that need to be adopted to promote and protect Human Rights.  For instance paragraph (2) states: “”‚¦the Council shall be responsible for promoting universal respect for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms”.  And paragraph (4) states: ” “‚¦that the work of the Council shall be guided by the principles of universality, impartiality, objectivity and non-selectivity, constructive international dialogue and corporation, with a view to enhancing the promotion and protection of all human rights, civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, including the right to development”.  It is evident from the foregoing that the Human Rights Council has to confine its review processes only to issues relating to promotion and protection of Human Rights of member States.  This makes the Human Rights Council in Geneva the wrong venue to table the LLRC Report.     



The time frame of the LLRC was from the commencement of the Cease Fire Agreement on February 21, 2002 up to the end of the armed conflict on May 19, 2009.  During most of this period, the conflict was categorized as an armed conflict and accepted as such by the LLRC and also unequivocally by the panel of experts appointed by the UN Secretary General.   Consequently, the mandate of LLRC Report must necessarily be confined to issues relating to an armed conflict in which the terms of reference are International Humanitarian Laws (IHL).  Therefore, the Government is not only right that the LLRC Report be not tabled at the on-going UNHRC secessions, but also, the Government should not make available to the Human Rights Council how it proposes to implement its recommendations, because the Council is meant to deal only with issues of Human Rights and NOT those relating to internal armed conflict. 

Issues pertaining to human rights in the LLRC Report are with a view to fostering reconciliation and to prevent recurrence of violence in the future.  The recommendations in the report are not intended to promote and protect human rights although it does so as a measure to foster reconciliation.  Judging from the fact that nearly one third of the report is devoted to Humanitarian Law its main thrust is on issues of accountability associated with armed conflict.  Such issues are governed by provisions of International Humanitarian Laws.  Consequently, the context in which actions should be judged is under provisions of Humanitarian Law and not under provisions of International Human Rights Laws (IHRL).  Even the human rights that civilians in the conflict zones were entitled to during an armed conflict were violated by the LTTE when they took the civilians hostage and made them an instrument of war by using them as a human shield; an act prohibited under provisions of Humanitarian Law.  



Attempts by Sri Lankan representatives in Geneva to convey to the Human Rights Council the considerable strides made with regard to implementing some of the recommendations in the LLRC Report should be undertaken only with respect to Human Rights issues.  This makes it necessary to separate Human Rights related recommendations from the rest.  The Government should object to sharing with the Human Rights Council, programmes for implementing non-human rights recommendations proposed in the LLRC Report since they are outside the mandate of the Human Rights Council.    

Despite the fact that US, UK and EU claim that the LLRC Report falls short on accountability issues, the fact remains that nationally and internationally, there is overall acceptance that the Commission has dealt with conflict related issues satisfactorily.  Those who find the Report falling short on accountability for conflict related issues are misguided by a notion that the nearly 300,000 persons who emerged from the conflict zone were all civilians. They fail to realize that the LTTE exploited civilians to the maximum extent possible to render “direct participation in hostilities” during the final stages of the conflict thereby denying them the right of protection as civilians. They in fact were made to function as combatants in one way or another to obstruct the military operations of the Security Forces. The inability to ascertain who was a civilian and who was a combatant makes charges of conflict related accountability driven more by political considerations rather than on objectivity.      


The agenda for the Government should be to share with the Human Rights Council ONLY those recommendations in the LLRC Report relating to human rights and post-conflict issues relating to Human Rights with focus on reconciliation. In addition, the Government should also share Sri Lanka”‘s National Action Plan for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights (Action Plan) in Sri Lanka. Since the LLRC Report was tabled in Parliament in December 2011 while the Action Plan had already been approved by the Cabinet in September 2011, there is a need to incorporate human rights related issues in the LLRC Report into the Action Plan thereby developing a comprehensive Action Plan for promoting and protecting Human Rights. Such an Action Plan would not only address issues that are intended to foster reconciliation but also promote and protect rights of citizens by virtue of being human have a right to expect from their respective Governments; an expectation that forms the very core of Human Rights.  In view of time constraints to develop a comprehensive Plan the Government should request for time to develop a comprehensive Plan.



The Government should strenuously resist attempts to have the LLRC Report tabled at the 2012 Sessions of the Human Rights Council in Geneva on grounds that it is the wrong venue, because the Council was set up to address ONLY Human Rights issues and not issues arising from conflict as it was with the LLRC. The LLRC Report addresses Humanitarian and Human Rights issues relating to conflict as well as Human Rights issues intended to foster reconciliation in post-conflict Sri Lanka.  Therefore, it is necessary to separate them and incorporate the Human Rights issues into Sri Lanka”‘s National Action Plan for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights.  Since the LLRC Report was tabled after the Action Plan was developed, Sri Lanka should request time to incorporate Human Rights issues in both in order to develop a comprehensive Plan.

Improving human rights is similar to improving the virtuousness of individuals.  While the aspiration is there to be more virtuous, human frailties get in the way.  This is so with human rights situations in countries too.  Consequently, human rights situations in ANY country are in a state of constant flux as demonstrated with the derogation of civil liberties following the terrorist attack in the US on 9/11, and more recently with the excessive force with which the Wall Street protesters were handled.  While there are plans and intentions to improve human rights, factors beyond control could deter the resolve needed to realize desired objectives.  Therefore, the Commissioner for Human Rights and the Human Rights Council should jointly support the efforts of member states to improve human rights situations in countries instead of using human rights as a weapon to further political compulsions of influential member states.  The tendency to use the office of the Human Rights Commissioner and the Council to selectively target member states is a violation of the provisions under which they are collectively expected to function as stated in paragraph 4 of the Resolution establishing the Human Rights Council.


February 29th, 2012

 Innovest Investments

Former Chairman of the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) and Finance Commission Ajit de S. Jayaratne, Business Leader Dian Gomes and Oxford-educated Wealth Manager AroshaGunasekera launched Innovest Investments (Pvt) Ltd., an Innovative Investment Management Company offering expert services to both institutional and individual clients looking to invest in the Stock Market as well as Fixed Income Securities such as Corporate Bonds and Treasury Bills.

 The company will offer clients investment management services carried out by a highly skilled and accomplished team who, utilizing state-of-the-art analysis software, have identified certain undervalued stocks with high growth potential as well as the most profitable fixed income options available. Innovest seeks to insulate client portfolios from significant losses by transferring funds to Fixed Income Securities when prolonged adverse equity market conditions are anticipated.

Innovest will fully manage client portfolios for a stipulated duration with all investment decisions taken in consultation with the Investment Committee guided by Mr. AjitJayaratne. With a corporate culture that revolves around ethical principles, Innovest will be employing an equitable service strategy with a strong emphasis on performance-based commission as opposed to a per transaction basis which generates commission regardless of the accuracy of the advice given. Innovest considers it a core principle to serve all clients with equal respect regardless of investment capacity. In order to maintain service quality, all clients will be met by the CEO who will explain the services offered in an elaborate manner. Client portfolios are then customized in accordance with the client”‘s risk appetite and belief systems and then managed by Innovest.

Innovest accepts new investments and also facilitates the transfer of existing portfolios at no additional cost. The Investments will at all times remain under the name of the client, with HSBC acting as the custodian of the funds, while being actively managed by Innovest over the stipulated contract period. The company implements a rigorous portfolio monitoring and risk management process ensuring that all investments are made in a systematic and responsible manner. The company aims to act in the best interest of their clients at all times, with the highest regard for the fiduciary responsibilities involved, while pursuing the highest possible returns on behalf of them. Innovest hopes to provide a personalized and genial service based on strictly principled business practices. Innovest recently launched their website, www.innovest.lk and can be reached on (011) 2 67 67 55. The company is a registered Market Intermediary with the Capital Markets Regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) ofSri Lanka.

What would be the chemical composition or the formula of the smell of cooking chicken or chicken cologne that deposits on you while cooking?

February 29th, 2012

Dr Hector Perera                       London

 Why do we wait for servants”‘ cooking or frying sardines, sprats, prawns, dry fish or even preparing chicken or fish curry? Try it out yourself then only you would notice that you get showered with these tiny volatile molecules or microscopic particles in these foods, spices escape with molecules of steam evaporating, leaving an “‘oily sticky cocktail”‘ of molecules. YOU MIGHT ASK WHERE THEY DEPOSIT? If you think for a moment what I say has no basis then try this acid test, just try running your finger on the wall near the cooker, and then you will realise that the area is sticky and oily! Perhaps do the same test on the cooker hood, kitchen cupboards or any other material in or around the kitchen. I am sure you would notice most of them will have this sticky oily-surface, including the extractor. Try and remove the cover only on the extractor to clean, before you remove it then your fingers feel the sticky oily nature. Did you ever wondered, “…”Where did they come from?”‚

Perhaps you have paid your hard earned money to buy your appliances and household goods but now unfortunately without your knowledge actually you are ruining them. All of them are covered with tiny invisible oily molecules! How did this happen? This is by careless act of cooking. It could be you or your servants who are clueless of any careful cooking.

 Did you ever thought about the volatile chemicals in the fish, chicken, dry fish, and prawns then in all the spices you used for making the food tasty. I am sure you know the list of spices you add to cook chicken, may I remind them? Yes you add, roasted curry powder, red or white large onions, garlic, ginger, curry leaves, lemon grass, cardamoms, cloves, whole pepper, cumin powder, cinnamon, turmeric powder, table salt, olive oil or butter as well. What about tamarind and vinegar? Any way this is the list that I would add cooking chicken curry. To me strictly speaking this is a sort of herbal mixture with salt and oil. Let me give the chemical composition of just two spices only for your appreciation.

 Chemicals in cinnamon

My question is did you have any idea about the number of complicated organic chemicals in this mixture? I can list out the individual chemicals in each spice for example in cinnamon along there are twenty 23 organic chemicals. Bear with me to list them for your information. The primary constituents of the essential oil are 65% to 80% cinnamaldehyde and lesser percentages of other phenols and terpenes, including eugenol, trans-cinnamic acid, hydroxycinnamaldehyde, o-methoxycinnamaldehyde, cinnamyl alcohol and its acetate, limonene, alpha-terpineol, tannins, mucilage, oligomeric procyanidins, and trace amounts of coumarin. Cinnamon contains an active compound known as MHCP or Methyl-Hydroxy-Chalcone Polymer which is what was thought to be the chemical in the plant that was responsible for its blood sugar controlling affects. Actually it has some medicinal value too.

Chemicals in cloves

Similarly there are a larger number of complicated organic chemicals in cloves. In the literature it is mentioned clove is taken as an ingredient for men”‘s sexual problems. If you add too much in curries, it will burn from Bournemouth  to Lands end. This essential oil comprises in total 23 identified constituents, among them eugenol (76.8%), followed by β-caryophyllene (17.4%), α-humulene (2.1%), and eugenyl acetate (1.2%) as the main components. The essential oil from clove demonstrated scavenging activity against the 2,2-diphenyl-1-picryl hydracyl (DPPH) radical at concentrations lower than the concentrations of eugenol, butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), and butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA). Honestly, not a comfortable list to read.

I can list out most of the chemicals present in other spices such as ginger, garlic, curry leaves, lemon grass, pepper, chillies, cumin and turmeric and all the rest but my question is what would be the chemical composition or the chemical formula, when these spices reacted and interacted with each spice and chicken? I am sure no one has listed or found out the chemical composition of CHICKEN COLOGNE, or the lovely smell you get when cooking chicken, am I correct? The complicated organic chemicals undergo intermolecular and intramolecular reactions under pressure and temperature while cooking to produce a highly complicated chemical composition. Some chemicals break up in presence of heat then react with other chemicals. Who has analysed the chemical composition of chicken curry? That is why I called the smell that comes out of chicken curry as CHICKEN COLOGNE, what else can I call?

Chicken tonight

Who would safely say this vapour is safe to inhale while cooking, invariably you inhale or get doped with some of it while cooking. If you are cooking in firewood kitchen, the things are more complicated due to too many volatile chemicals given out from burning firewood. This fact has been found out by WHO and mentioned the dangers of firewood burning firewood. These chemicals in cooking chicken are highly volatile that is why you can detect the smell from the kitchen to the front door. The visitors coming for dinner detect the smell easily and conclude that, there”‘s “…”chicken tonight”‚. Now would you argue that some of it wouldn”‘t deposit on you while cooking? By laws of science, any volatile vapours tend to deposit on any cold surface such as on your hands, face, hair, neck area and further, then on the clothes you wear. I am sure the chicken curry is tastier than a lentil curry but who would like to rub this vapour of chicken curry or as I mentioned, the CHICKEN COLOGNE ON YOU?

What would be the solution to the problem?

To me this is a problem that is getting cooking smell depositing on you or me while cooking. This smell is one of the reasons why the children are afraid to learn cooking. I am trying to help you how to minimise or cut down this smell depositing unnecessarily on you then on the goods in the kitchen because on the long run they ruin your valuables. I have been cooking scientifically to cut down this smell, save energy and also to save the waiting time in the kitchen. Our servants spent hours in the kitchen to prepare a tasty meal, we never realised their hard work those days. When it comes to us to do the job, then only we realise these things. Also the more gas or fuels are burnt, we need to pay or buy them.

My aim to help the people

I have been challenging for anyone to come forward to disprove my energy saving cooking ideas but so far no one wants to face the challenge. My challenge is still open with Rs 500,000 for any scientist, energy saving authority or an environmentalist to disprove my theory. Please remember my main aim is to help the people to cook scientifically.

When the opportunity arises, I will demonstrate how to cook chicken or any other curry, cook rice without burning and fry fish and sprats cutting down the smell depositing on you. No one can stop the smell spreading but I can cut down it depositing on you. Unlike any other cooks or chefs, I will show how to save about 60% gas that is usually wasted due to careless cooking. If they witnessed my kind of scientific cooking, then cooking would never be the same again. My previous cooking demonstration with ITN must have been witnessed by millions perhaps the people must not have realised the importance.

Cooking is easy and fun

Some people think cooking is a tedious time wasting act for that they employ servants to cook or the worse thing is to get unhealthy takeaways. I am prepared to show how one can cook a healthy family meal, enough for six people in a matter of 45 minutes, not three hours as some people do. Rather than asking me how I do that why not put me the spot, take up my challenge and ask me to demonstrate it once again. You have nothing to loose, you would learn how to cook scientifically, save energy and learn not to get CHICKEN COLOGNE on you while cooking chicken or CURRY COLOGNE while cooking other curries. In my method if anyone looks forward to see DANKUDA in cooking rice, you will be disappointed. I showed you the problem and I have the answer, if I failed to full fill my arguments then I would pay for it. According to science, “…”Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”‚, I am sure you know what I mean! Any comments perera6@hotmail.co.uk


Of Atavism, Brownian emotions, human rights etc

February 28th, 2012

Dr Bandula Kothalawala London N7

According to a news report in the Island of 28 February 2012, Jeremy Browne, UK Foreign Office Minister responsible for the human rights, emphasized the responsibility on the part of the global community to intervene inSri Lanka unless the government addressed accountability issues.

 Alas, Mr Browne has missed a good opportunity to keep his mouth shut, unless, of course, he wanted to make an ass of himself. These utterances allegedly made at the XIX UNHRC Sessions inGenevatypify persistent, often unsuccessful, attempts by British ministers and their fellow travellers to occupy moral high ground on the international scene and distract the unsuspecting public away from numerous human rights violations they are directly or indirectly responsible for. Mr Browne”‘s remarks constitute a curious mixture of breath-taking arrogance, sickening condescension and pitiful ignorance “- perhaps, all the three roughly in equal measure-, bear unmistakeable testimony to his intellectual dishonesty and smack, above all of, stomach-churning hypocrisy.

Mr Browne should know that the Government of Sri Lanka fought a bloody war to safeguard its independence, preserve its territorial integrity and uphold its sovereignty against a ruthless terrorist outfit which still remains banned in the European Union,United States,Canada,IndiaandSri Lanka. The LTTE had usurped the control of some 25% of the territory through violent means and trampled upon its citizens”‘ democratic rights for over 25 years. It had claimed about 70% of the country”‘s coastline and its activities had caused the death of some 100,000 people and maimed many more for life. Over 100 suicide attacks had been carried out, killing scores of politicians including President Ranasinghe Premadasa, Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi of India and Foreign Minister Laksman Kadirgamar, servicemen, civilians etc. The LTTE had systematically eliminated all moderate Tamil politicians, civic leaders, intellectuals, academics etc. The people of Sri Lanka had lived through this trauma for nearly three decades before they were liberated from the clutches of the blood-thirsty outfit by Sri Lankan armed forces in May 2009. Mr Browne has conveniently forgotten that the LTTE had been allowed to have its international headquarters in London for a very long time despite numerous representations made by the Sri Lankan Government which pointed out that this particular office was used to raise funds necessary to carry out those murderous attacks and commit a spate of horrendous crimes. It was no secret that the LTTE had been discreetly assured that it had no problem with the British authorities as long as it did not do anything to “…”foul its nest on British soil”‚, according to one informed source. Mr Browne should know that one of his namesakes defended Britain”‘s role in the war in Afghanistan on the grounds that it was absolutely necessary to keep Britain safe and continually criticized foreign governments for harbouring terrorists.

Mr Browne should be aware that the Government of Sri Lanka did not invade a foreign land under the pretext of looking for weapons of mass destruction and slaughter thousands of innocent civilians, as the UK and its allies did in Iraq. I do recall how the British and American forces, in the search for Saddam Hussein, dropped bombs weighing some 250kilos on locations where the Iraqi leader was supposed to be in hiding, killing men, women and children in the process. I do not remember Mr Browne or any of his colleagues muttering about human rights and accountability issues in the UNHRC or elsewhere. When, in 2006, the Lancet published the result of a serious study and estimated that some 655,000 people lost their lives as a consequence of the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq, both the US and British Governments rejected the figures and said that they had no information on civilian casualties and that they relied on the statistics from the Ministry of Health in Iraq. Let me remind Mr Browne and his acolytes that the British and American Governments did not even want to keep records of civilian hecatomb in Iraq!. Mr Browne and people of his ilk were keen to know how much concern, compassion and consideration the British Government had for civilian life in Sri Lanka during the colonial period, I could refer them to some useful, informative and authoritative sources.

I do hope that the sanctimonious Mr Browne will recall how the British Government reacted when a developing nation stepped on its toes in 1982. I refer to the Argentine occupation of the Falkland Islands in 1982 and the British reaction, ostensibly, to preserve its “…”sovereignty”‚ over a territory some 8,000 miles away from the British shores. I am sure that Mr Browne knows how Britain conquered and occupied the tiny islands about 175 years ago and kept making shaky claims and that it still wants to hold on to it as a relic of its empire. Mr Browne must know that the UK lost no time in despatching a formidable naval expedition to the South Atlantic within two weeks of the Argentine occupation of the Island, fought a war which killed 655 Argentines and 255 British servicemen and forced the “…”invaders”‚ out. Mr Browne”‘s Government”‘s recently started flexing its muscles to intimidate Argentina once again and is still in no mood to cede its “…”sovereignty”‚ over theFalkland Islands.

Strangely enough, the plight of Tamil civilians still seems to haunt Mr Browne and his colleagues. Yet, Mr Browne and his Government (I mean HMG) did not lift their little finger to persuade the Tamil Diaspora in the UK to get the LTTE leaders to free the innocent hapless Tamil civilians held hostage by them until they were freed by Sri Lankan armed forces at great cost to life and limb. Mr Browne must be aware that the welfare and safety of the civilian population continues to be the duty of the Government of Sri Lanka and, in my view, the SL Government did and is doing its best to discharge it despite the extremely difficult circumstances. Perhaps, Mr Browne is ignorant of the fact that the SL Government continued to send supplies of food, medicine and other essentials to the LTTE-controlled areas for over 25 years and paid for the civil administration “- especially, hospitals and schools there.

If Mr Browne is concerned about “…”crimes against humanity”‚, as is/was one of his namesakes, there is plenty that he can busy himself with. It is, perhaps, not too late to atone for transporting 7-10 million Africans across oceans as slaves under abominable conditions, is it? Or for massacring thousands of innocent civilians above the age of 18 and destroying their homes, fields and crops during the Wellassa Rebellion in Sri Lanka?

Atavism is described as the reappearance in an organism of a characteristic after its disappearance for several generations. Perhaps, this is not an accurate description of what Mr Browne and some of his colleagues seem to be afflicted with, for the genes responsible for colonial mentality and behaviour have made their appearance with surprising frequency in the recent past. In addition, they seem to be getting mixed up with those of equus asinus too often! Mr Browne ought to know that the British Government has no residual duties or responsibilities in Sri Lanka. He should cure himself of his seemingly atavistic temptations to meddle in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation.  

Darwinism can only be believed through blind faith

February 28th, 2012

Ajit Randeniya

 A writer named R. Chandrasoma has written to the Lankaweb about my postings on Richard Dawkins and Darwinism, describing the matter contained as a diatribe: to describe my criticism of Darwin and his so-called “‘theory”‘, and Dawkins”‘ wild interpretation of it, as “‘diatribe”‘ is based on cliched use of the word without a proper understanding of its meaning.

 What I have done in those articles is to ask some pertinent questions about Darwin”‘s credentials as a scientist, and point to some glaring holes in his “‘theory”‘: reference to such analysis as a “‘caricature of Darwinism”‘ shows that Mr Chandrasoma is yet to evolve to the advanced stage of the tree his God Darwin described.

 I presented some important questions about Darwin”‘s credentials as a scientist and the veracity of the conclusions he reached about past events, based on some fossil remnants. In doing so I relied on nothing but established facts on Darwin”‘s life and education, and critical evaluation of the method he adopted in coming to the conclusions he presented in his books. In the light of weaknesses that surface during such analysis one cannot help but question the basis of the propaganda of Darwin”‘s work being carried out by people like Richard Dawkins and his disciples such as R. Chandrasoma.

 In unmistakeable Dawkins fashion, Chandrasoma has adopted the usual tactic of accusing me, as someone who has dared to cast doubts on the humbug they believe without questioning, of being a “‘creationist”‘ and a religionist; Chandrasoma couldn”‘t have been more wrong!

 This writer didn”‘t get on to the subject as a representative or defender of any established religious organisation based on creationism or any other philosophy that is in conflict with Richard Dawkins”‘ “‘expanded”‘ version of Darwin”‘s conjecture; in fact the article follows the best traditions of scientific inquiry and scepticism honed through doctoral studies in the biological sciences.

 If Chandrasoma or Dawkins wants to “‘rebut”‘ questions about Darwin”‘s qualifications as a scientist or the gaping holes in his “‘theory”‘, they must do so without reference to the critics”‘ particular beliefs: that particular aspect is irrelevant to the matter under discussion. Chandrasoma claims that: “…”there are highly influential people “- ranging from George Bush to Sarah Palin “- who believe that God made man (and his planetary abode) about 4000 years ago and that the animals around us are the descendants of species taken “‘two by two”‘ by Noah after the great flood”‚. But this writer is not highly influential, or share those particular beliefs!

 One simply cannot see the relationship between the answer to the question whether Darwin had a background or education in science and the questioner”‘s belief in God or otherwise! The wise path for Chandrasoma would be to read-up on Darwin”‘s educational background and to decide for himself whether Darwin was a theologian or a scientist and then answer the question whether he would be happy to accept a similar (or contrary) “‘theory”‘ purported to be a “‘scientific”‘ theory, if preached to the world by the Pope or Archbishop of Canterbury.

 The circular argument Chandrasoma presents in the value-laden statement: “…”in his later work “- The Descent of Man “- Darwin assembled an impressive body of evidence to show the animal nature (in structure and basic functions) of the species once regarded as made in the image of God. The intellectual revolution was the acceptance that we are truly part of the Animal Kingdom”‚.

 On the issue of Dawkins”‘ connection with his ancestor”‘s slave business, I didn”‘t try to condemn him for being born in to such an ancestry, or suggest that he has inherited any “‘genes”‘ that compels him to own slaves: I merely raised the question as to whether his own colonialist family background was a factor in his virulent defence of Darwin”‘s race based theory. After all, he owns a 400 acre farm in England, purchased with the wealth his ancestors made through slave trade!

 In the light of the few examples of the “‘rebuttal”‘ cited above, there appears to be little point in spending time in trying to show reason to Chandrasoma: he, like most defenders of Darwin and his humbug, appears to have got convinced of the “‘theory”‘ without asking the relevant questions, and then trying to defend, ipso facto, what he believes in!

 Chandrasoma may benefit by the helpful advice Buddha preached in Kalama Sutta, (The Instruction to the Kalamas Anguttara Nikaya, Tika Nipata, Mahavagga, Sutta No. 65) on the criteria to be used when confronted with new “‘theories”‘ such as Darwin”‘s. I quote the sections relevant to acceptance and rejection of new ideas:

 The criterion for acceptance: “Come, Kalamas. Do not go upon what has been acquired by repeated hearing; nor upon tradition; nor upon rumour; nor upon what is in a scripture; nor upon surmise; nor upon an axiom; nor upon specious reasoning; nor upon a bias towards a notion that has been pondered over; nor upon another’s seeming ability; nor upon the consideration, ‘The monk is our teacher.’ Kalamas, when you yourselves know: ‘These things are good; these things are not blameable; these things are praised by the wise; undertaken and observed, these things lead to benefit and happiness,’ enter on and abide in them.

 The criterion for rejection: “It is proper for you, Kalamas, to doubt, to be uncertain; uncertainty has arisen in you about what is doubtful. Come, Kalamas. Do not go upon what has been acquired by repeated hearing; nor upon tradition; nor upon rumour; nor upon what is in a scripture; nor upon surmise; nor upon an axiom; nor upon specious reasoning; nor upon a bias towards a notion that has been pondered over; nor upon another’s seeming ability; nor upon the consideration, ‘The monk is our teacher.’ Kalamas, when you yourselves know: ‘These things are bad; these things are blameable; these things are censured by the wise; undertaken and observed, these things lead to harm and ill,’ abandon them.

 I reject Darwinism because it fails these tests. In fact I reject it as unproven, unprovable rubbish. Chandrasoma believes in it because he has blind faith in Richard Dawkins!

Letter to Ban-Ki Moon over Louise Frechette’s behavior towards Maj. Gen. Silva (Sri Lanka)

February 28th, 2012

From Shenali Waduge Sri Lanka

The UN Secretary General
Ban-ki Moon
UN Head Quarters
New York,

28 February 2012.

 Dear Mr. Ban-ki Moon

 As the person tasked to steer a global peace organization comprising over 14,000 people serving in all parts of the world it is important that you not only set an example for others to follow but you take action when UN staff break or violate the code of conduct which all UN staff must abide by.

 The appointment of Madam Louise Frechette by you to Chair the UN Senior Advisory Group has resulted in this present letter to you for her breach of these staff rules & regulations. As a very senior Canadian civil servant and a former No.2 in the UN organization despite her previous controversies, we would not have thought she would stoop so low.

 The General Assembly mandated the Senior Advisory Group to comprise of 5 eminent persons of relevant experience appointed by the Secretary General, 5 representatives from major troop-contributing countries, 5 representatives from major financial contributors to peacekeeping missions and 1 representative for each UN regional groups. Maj. Gen. Silva was to represent the Asia Pacific Group. He is also the Deputy Permanent Representative for Sri Lanka at the UNO.

 I would like to use the staff regulations to put forth to you why you do not require to delay taking action against Madam Frechette for the very areas that she breaches are clearly given below taken from the UN staff regulations effective July 2009.

 Provisions relating to service of the staff
Article 8
The United Nations shall place no restrictions on the eligibility of men and women to participate in any capacity and under conditions of equality in its principal and subsidiary organs.

Maj. Gen. Shavendra Silva was appointed as a member of the SAG in accordance with the GA resolution 65/289 and pursuant to the decision taken by the Group of Asia and the Pacific Small Island Developing States (official name as of 2011) or The Asia Group. Maj.Gen. Silva was to represent the interest of the 57 members of this Group.

 Regulation 1.2
Basic rights and obligations of staff
a) Consequently, staff members shall exhibit respect for all cultures; they shall not discriminate against any individual or group of individuals or otherwise abuse the power and authority vested in them;
b) “‚¦. The concept of integrity includes, but is not limited to, probity, impartiality, fairness, honesty and truthfulness in all matters affecting their work and status;

Madam Frechette has violated all these basic rights in carrying out her role as Chair of the Senior Advisory Group and gone to the extent of influencing the other 19 members of the Senior Advisory Group as well. Either they all felt the same as she did about Maj. Gen. Silva or they were all intimidated to follow her instructions. Either way this is a clear example of unfair & impartial work ethics which should not be accepted by the UN office especially the Secretary General who has appointed her.

 General Rights & Obligations
(f) While staff members”‘ personal views and convictions, including their political and religious convictions, remain inviolable, staff members shall ensure that those views and convictions do not adversely affect their official duties or the interests of the United Nations”‚¦”‚¦ They shall avoid any action and, in particular, any kind of public pronouncement that may adversely reflect on their status, or on the integrity, independence and impartiality that are required by that status;

Madam Louise Frechette & fellow members has all the right to perceive Maj. Gen. Silva in whatever way they like “- but that has to be outside of the UN office. Whatever their personal views they cannot allow that to interfere in what they are mandated to carry out. Therefore the integrity, impartiality of the entire SAG team comes into question and the UN Secretary General cannot delay in calling all of them & advising as well as reminding them of this clause lest they have forgotten.

 (g) “‚¦. Nor shall staff members use their office for personal reasons to prejudice the positions of those they do not favour;

Madam Frechette has violated this clause by influencing fellow members of the Senior Advisory Group none of whom spoke a word with Maj. Gen. Silva on 19th or 20th February 2012 when he attended the initial meetings and none of them had the decency to even pass a single document to him. Is this the manner that an eminent person functioning as Chair of a Senior Advisory Group functions and is this the work ethics that fellow members have to follow “- simply put was this civilized behavior? Why did these 19 members all coming from different parts of the world not speak a word to Maj. Gen. Silva?

 Rule 1.2
Basic rights and obligations of staff
Specific instances of prohibited conduct
(e) Any form of discrimination or harassment, including sexual or gender harassment, as well as physical or verbal abuse at the workplace or in connection with work, is prohibited.

Madam Louise Frechette has been found guilty of violating this clause too. She has called Maj. Gen. Shavendra Silva on 21st February totally ignoring that he had been present at meetings on the 19th & 20th February and told him that she thought it “…”not appropriate”‚ for him to attend meetings. This is a clear case of discrimination, verbal abuse and such behavior cannot be tolerated by the UN.

 (f) “‚¦”‚¦.. nor shall staff members threaten, intimidate or otherwise engage in any conduct intended, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the ability of other staff members to discharge their official functions. Staff members shall not threaten, retaliate or attempt to retaliate against such individuals or against staff members exercising their rights and duties under the present Rules.

Having told Maj. Gen. Silva not to attend the SAG meetings Madam Louise Frechette goes on to “…”threaten”‚ Maj. Gen. Silva saying that should he attend the meeting inspite of her asking him not to, she would have him removed. Maj. Gen. Silva as a nominated representative was merely carrying out his role by appearing for the SAG meetings in his capacity as nominee of the Asia Pacific Group. Madam Frechette had no right whatsoever to disgrace him in such a manner.

 (g) Staff members shall not intentionally misrepresent their functions, official title or the nature of their duties to Member States or to any entities or persons external to the United Nations

Madam Louise Frechette is not the UN Secretary General, she is certainly not its Deputy as she was forced to resign from that position in 2006 & she is not the head of the International Criminal Court while Maj. Gen. Silva has not been found guilty of any crime whatsoever. Therefore, Madam Frechette has no right to refer allegations which are not proven against Maj. Gen. Silva. She is mandated to only steer a Group that covers peace keeping operations. By her current actions, she has gone outside of that mandate.

 The same set of staff rules & regulations need to be quoted in the case of UN Human Rights Chief Navi Pillay who went to the extent of seeking the removal of Maj. Gen. Silva from his appointment as member of the Asia Pacific Group. She cites the “…”reputation of the UN”‘s peacekeeping”‚ division in her appeal to UN Secretary General to reconsider decision and select a replacement. If reputation is what is at stake, with the scandals Louise Frechette has been involved in leading to her resignation in 2006, it is upto the UNSG to replace Louise Frechette forthwith. Her present actions clearly depicts that she is not suited for any UN position. Moreover, for UNHRC Chief to be going to lengths to write to UNSG over Maj.Gen. Silva needs further investigation as to her going past her area of work to remove a nominated UN representative. Navi Pillay should know better that allegations are insufficient to convict a person and it is unethical to tarnish a fellow UN member.

 As Secretary General it is expected that you will take a more proactive stance in asserting at least the fundamental basic rules of the UN is implemented without undue interference from all quarters especially the NGO/human rights lobbies which are all privately funded organizations functioning on donations and paid to carry out tarnishing campaigns. As an elected Secretary General your duty lies to the General Membership of the UN & not to function to the dictates of these organizations who need to have problems prevailing the world over for them to exist “‚¦.they are the one”‘s who needs to have “…”problems”‚ so that they can beg for funds to “…”solve”‚ the problems!

 The present incident with Madam Frechette necessitates prompt action and certainly something more than simply sweeping the matter under the carpet. As is proper an investigation must take place and in the least before the next SAG meeting Madam Frechette as well as the other members of the SAG must apologize to Maj. Gen. Silva and if speaking with him is an arduous task a simple hello would suffice, I am sure!.

 Over to you for action as the UN Secretary General in charge of keeping 14,000 staff united in ethical performance.

 Shenali Waduge

Sri Lanka

බුද්ධමත්ව තීරණ ගනිමු. අනුකම්පා විරහිතව සතුරාට එරෙහිව සටන් වදිමු.

February 28th, 2012

à¶Â Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’à·Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚± à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚«Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚©Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­ à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢

à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â½Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚± à·Æ’à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚, à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚» à¶Â¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚©Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶Â»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚«Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Å”à·Òà¶Â± à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…”à·Å¡ à¶â€ Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚«Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶Âº à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’ à¶Â·Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬”à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶â€˜Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à·Æ’à·Òà¶Â¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸ à·Æ’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚§Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…”à·Òà¶Â± à¶â€¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­. à¶â€˜Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´ à¶â€°Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸ à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à·Æ’à·ÂÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ëœ à·Æ’à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬ à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚·Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…”à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚± à¶Â¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢. à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚·Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶ÂºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬ à¶Â¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Â½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚©Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸ à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬” à¶â€¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬ à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Â¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶Â¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Å”à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã- à·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶Â¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚° à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…”à·Òà¶Â± à·Æ’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚§Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯, à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´ à¶Â½Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯  à¶â€°Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½ à¶Ã-à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã…¡ à¶Â¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã…”à·Å “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚«Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢. à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚·Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬” à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬ à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã- à¶ÂÃƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à·Æ’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚± à¶Â½Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡, à·Æ’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚º à·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬” à¶â€¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶ÂºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à·Æ’à¶Ã-¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…”à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Â¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶Â¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶Å”à·ÂÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Å”à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚º à·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯, à¶â€˜Ã Ã‚·Ã†’à·Å¡ à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶Å”à·ÂÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à¶â€ Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚·Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚º à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸ à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Â¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚± à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¥Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚º à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à·Æ’à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à·Ã-¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚«Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚º à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶Â¸ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à·Æ’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-. à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶â€¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…”à·Å¡ à¶Â¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…”à·â€Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à¶â€Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§  à¶â€°Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬” à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚·Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…”à·Å¡ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚«Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬, à·ÂÃƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã- à¶Â½Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã-¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à¶Â¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚°Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯ à¶Â»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¡ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶â€˜Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’à¶Â½Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚º à¶â€¹Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…”à·Ã- à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚» à¶Å”à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à·Æ’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬ à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â» à¶Â¯Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚± à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚º à¶â€¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Â¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚º à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬¦Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬ à¶â€ Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸ à¶Â¶Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶â€˜Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ à¶Â¯Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à·Æ’à·â€”à¶Â¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢. à¶â€¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚°Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚º à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯ à¶Â»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¡ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¶Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚°Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶Â¸ à·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à·Æ’à·Å Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚·Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚º à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶Â¶Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½ à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯ à¶Â»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¡ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à·Æ’à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶â€°Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚± à¶Å”à·â€Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚«Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡ à¶Â¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢. à·Æ’à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…”à·Å¡ à·Æ’à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚º à¶ÂºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚± à¶Â¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚» à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã- à·Æ’à¶Å”à¶ÂºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…”à·Å¡ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…” à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚© à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚©Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯ à¶Â»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¡ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶Â½Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…”à·ÂÃƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’à·Å Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚®Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶Â¶Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½ à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚» à·Æ’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚§Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-

à¶â€¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à¶Â½Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã-¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶â€˜Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’à¶Â½Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à¶ÂºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Å”à·Òà¶Â± à¶â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚¸ à·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à·Æ’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚» à¶â€¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡, à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚·Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à·Æ’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Â½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½ à·Æ’à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½ à·Æ’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬¦Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’à·Å  à¶ÂÃƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à·Æ’à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¶Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚°Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…”à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à·Æ’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸ à·Æ’à·ÂÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚«Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶ÂºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚», à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚·Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬ à·Æ’à·Òà¶Â¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸ à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã- à·Æ’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚§Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢. à¶â€™ à·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…”à¶Â§Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ à·Æ’à¶Ã-¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚°Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚º à·Æ’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½ à·Æ’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬¦Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸ à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…   à¶â€¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬ à¶Â»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Â¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã-¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…”à¶ÂºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…”à¶Â§ à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…”à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶Â¸ à¶Â¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚» à¶Å”à·ÂÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢. à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à¶Â»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶Â¯Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚± à¶Â½Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯ à·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬ à¶Â¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚°Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ à¶â€ Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶â€¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬¦Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬, à·Æ’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬¦Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸ à¶Â¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚± à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…”à·Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯, à¶â€°Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶Âº à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…”à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ à¶Â»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Å”à·ÂÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚°Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶Å”à·Å¡ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚«Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…”à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶Â¸ à·Æ’à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬”à¶Â»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚«Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸ à¶â€¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à·Æ’à·ÂÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚«Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶Âº à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚± à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚», à¶Â¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚± à¶ÂÃƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡ à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚·Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…”à·Å¡ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚«Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚º à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚«Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…”à·â”š¬ à·Æ’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½ à·Æ’à·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸ à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚°Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚º à¶Â¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…”à¶Â§, à¶â€˜Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚¸ à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚º à¶Â¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶Â¯Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚©Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Â¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à·Æ’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚§Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-. à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚·Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶â€°Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬ à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚± à¶Â½Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…”à·Å¡ à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…” à¶Â¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à¶â€¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚°Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à·Æ’à·Òà¶Â¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸ à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…”à·Òà¶Â± à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â± à¶Â¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚± à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚», à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸ à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶â€™ à¶Â¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚° à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…”à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à·Æ’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚§Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚± à¶â€ Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à¶Â¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à·Æ’à·Òà¶Â¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸ à¶â€™ à·Æ’à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚º à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚° à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚» à¶Å”à·ÂÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à¶Â½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã- à¶â€¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­. à¶â€™ à¶Â¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à¶â€¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…”à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚«Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯ à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡. à¶â€™ à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à¶Â½Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à·Æ’à·Å”à¶Â½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Â¶Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶Å”à·ÂÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶Â¸ à·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à·Æ’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚± à¶Â½Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯ à¶Â½Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…”à·Å¡ à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…”à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶Â¸ à·Æ’à·Òà¶Â¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸ à¶â€¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à¶Â¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚» à¶Å”à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬  à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚», à·Æ’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚º à¶â€¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…”à·Å¡ à¶Â¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¶ à¶Â¶Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶Â·Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚» à¶ÂºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã…¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚«Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à·Æ’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚§Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚± à¶Â¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚© à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶ÂºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã…”à¶Â¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à·Æ’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡ à¶ÂÃƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶â€ Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬ à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à·Æ’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½ à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸ à¶â€¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬ à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚« à¶Â¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚«Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…”à·â”š¬ à¶â€ Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à·Æ’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬¦Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸ à¶Â¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚± à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…”à¶Â§Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’à·Å  à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚° à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…”à¶Â­ à¶ÂºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚º.

à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à·Æ’à·â€Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã- à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’à·Å Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚®Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à·ÂÃƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã- à¶Â½Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã-¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶Â¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬”à¶Â» à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à·Æ’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à·Æ’à·Å Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚·Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚º à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶â€¹Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸ à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚» à¶â€¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­. à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶â€°Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ , à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’à·Å Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡  à·Æ’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â± à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’à·Å Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã- à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶Â¶Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶ÂºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶Å”à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â± à¶Â»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚º à·Æ’à·â€™Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚§Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚± à¶Â¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚«Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬ à·Æ’à·Å”à¶ÂºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶Â¶Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶â€˜Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚¸ à¶Â¶Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Â»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚º à¶Â¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à¶Â¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à¶Â¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Âº à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶â€ Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚· à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢. à¶â€°Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…”à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã- à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’à·Å Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚º à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸ à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚«Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚º à¶Â½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…”à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’à·Å Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Â¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚± à¶Â»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…”à·â”š¬ à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…”à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸ à¶â€¹Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…”à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚± à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚°Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã†’à·Å Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚®Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à·ÂÃƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã- à¶Â½Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã-¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à¶â€ Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚· à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½ à¶ÂºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚º. à·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â§ à¶â€°Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’à·Å Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚º à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶Â¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬”à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶â€˜Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶â€˜Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…”à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’à¶Â¸ à¶â€°Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à¶â€°Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶â€˜Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬ à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚± à¶Â¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à·Æ’à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…” à¶â€¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à¶Â½Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚± à¶Â¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´ à¶â€°Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Â¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚° à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚½Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬ à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚», à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’à·Å Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚º à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’à·Å Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶â€˜Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à¶ÂºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚° à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…”à¶Â§ à¶Â¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚º à¶Å”à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…”à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶â€˜Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’à·Å Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶â€˜Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…”à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’à¶Â¸ à¶â€°Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à¶â€¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬, à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’à·Å Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶â€˜Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯ à·Æ’à¶Â§Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚± à¶Â¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚ à¶Â¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚º à¶ÂºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚º.

à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚´Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶Â¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…”à·â€ à¶Å”à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶ÂºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§ à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡. à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à¶â€¦Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚§Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…”à·Òà¶Â± à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã’à¶Â± à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’à¶Â½Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚º à·Æ’à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¶Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚°Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯ à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡. à¶â€™ à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã†’à¶Â½Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚º à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à·â”š¬Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã- à¶Â¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢”š¬ à·Ã-¾Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à·Æ’à·â€Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚± à¶Â½Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯ à¶â€˜Ã Ã‚¶Ã…¡ à¶Â»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶Â­Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¶Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…¡ à¶Â±Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã…  à¶â€˜Ã Ã‚¶Ã‚¸ à¶Â»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¢Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚º à¶Å¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¸Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã…¡Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚¯ à¶ÂºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚± à¶Â´Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… “‚Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚»Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã‚Ãƒ Ã‚·Ã… Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚±Ãƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚¶Ã‚ºÃƒ Ã‚·Ã¢â‚¬â„¢.


How great is the US human rights record?

February 28th, 2012

 Shenali Waduge

The US has self-appointed itself to chide nations using the tool of human rights “- therefore human rights becomes the perfect tool to give or deny loans, trade concessions or even maintain diplomatic dealings. To point fingers one”‘s own terrain must have in the least minimum human rights violations but a closer look at the US will reveal how appalling the US human rights record actually is and begs to ask the US to first put its own house in order before crowning itself the undisputed leader of human rights. For a country that has been responsible for the deaths of over 10million civilians over the past 75 years carrying out incursions/invasions to satisfy capitalist corporates where has there been accountability for these deaths and why is US not asked to give explanations!

 Let us compare the two world powers the US & China. The US refers to China as an “…”authoritarian state”‚, a country that practices torture, degrades people, detains people, indulges in arbitrary arrest & detention, denies fair public trial, has a repressive corrupt police, interferes in the privacy of families, has limited freedom of speech and press, lacks free elections & political participation, lacks transparency in governance, discriminates people, has restricted worker rights, represses Tibet, restricts freedom in Hong Kong & Macau. These are just some of the accusations against China by the US.

 China is no human rights champion but it is not going to take kindly to a nation accusing it of human rights violations when its own record is questionable in all areas. This is the crossroads that we currently face. In a western dominated international media very rarely are US human rights violations flagged. Accusations are always targeted towards nations that challenge the West. All that the US accuses China and other countries of happens in the mighty America as well. When US exists because of China”‘s loans has the US moral right to be so arrogant?

When the US accuses other nations of not providing freedom of life & personal security it emerges that 1 in 5 Americans are victims of crime annually. In 2010, 20.6m crimes were committed throughout the US (violent crime, murder, property crime, aggravated assault, burglary & robberies, larceny theft, motor vehicle theft, forcible rape). In 2010, 1 murder took place every 35.6minutes, 1 forcible rape every 6.2minutes, 1 robbery every 1.4minutes, 1 aggravated assault every 40.5seconds & 1 violent crime every 25.3seconds. A burglary took place every 14.6seconds, a motor vehicle is stolen every 42.8seconds. When the US population is 308.7m there are roughly 300 million firearms owned by civilians in the United States as of 2010. Of these, about 100 million are handguns. The US gun and ammunition manufacturing industry includes about 300 companies with combined annual revenue of about $6 billion

 The US accuses China & other nations of denying freedom of privacy when it installs GPS tracking systems without the knowledge of US citizens! Moreover, thousands of people including US citizens have been subject to electronic device searches across the US between 2008 & 2010).

 There are 42m black Americans in the USA “- ie 13.6% of the total population. Unemployment among blacks stands at 16% as against 10% of white Americans.

There are 148,200 women in state and federal prisons with 70% guards comprising of men which explains female inmates being subject to rape, other sexual assault, sexual extortion, and groping during body searches. Some male guards even watch female inmates bathing or going to the toilet. The US prison population stands at 2.4m representing 25% of the world”‘s entire prison population and 60% of the 2.3m inmates suffer from some sort of mental illness. There are 3300 prisons throughout the US run by private companies.

 When the US asks nations not to discriminate it emerges that over 22% Americans do not even want to have a Muslim as their neighbor. There are 2.6m Muslims in the US and over 70% of them are suffering mental agony as a result of verbal attacks against them.

 US accuses countries of not allowing freedom of expression & movement. Little are US citizens aware that there are over 1200 Governmental organizations, over 1900 private companies involved in counter terrorism, homeland security & intelligence in over 10,000 locations throughout US with over 800,000 people with security clearance working in Washington DC which has a population of only 617,666! Over 260 organizations have been created following 9/11 to track, collect threat tips and coordinate counter terrorism.

 The US is going to great lengths to protect its territory, it is spending billions on securing economic stability of its corporates. While all this is happening, internal problems prevail and the statistics does not reveal anything to be proud about.

 There are 744,000 homeless people in the United States. In 2010, 17.2 million households, 14.5 percent of households (approximately one in seven), were food insecure, In 2010, 46.9 million people were in poverty, up from 37.3 million in 2007. The 2010 poverty rate was 15.1 percent, up from 12.5 percent in 1997.

20.5 million Americans live in extreme poverty. This means their family”‘s cash income is less than half of the poverty line, or about $10,000 a year for a family of four. More than 1.25 million, or 1 in every 58 children in the United States, were abused in 2006. More than half (61 percent) of the children (771,700 children) were victims of neglect, meaning a parent or guardian failed to provide for the child’s basic needs. Forms of neglect include educational neglect (360,500 children), physical neglect (295,300 children), and emotional neglect (193,400).

 The United States is the only industrialized country in the world without a universal health insurance system. 46 million Americans have no health insurance. 18000 people die each year because they are uninsured. Yet, U.S. health care system has become one gigantic money making scam. United States spent 2.47 trillion dollars on health care in 2009. Americans now spend a staggering $200 billion a year on prescription drugs.

 While the US Government is busy upsetting nations all over the world its own citizens including children as young as 12 are degenerating into literary drug addicts clinging to prescription & antidepressant drugs most of whom are clueless about the nefarious activities that its Government is upto worldwide. There were 100,000 workplace discrimination charges filed in 2010. The charges covered discrimination due to race, sex, national origin, religion, retaliation, age, disability & equal pay.

 The 21stcentury saw US involved in bold invasions totally ignoring UN or common diplomacy. The extraordinary renditions have led to over 3000 victims who have been transported by private companies to foreign destinations to be tortured by the CIA. Guatanamo Bay, Diego Garcia still remain as torture dens of the CIA. US has not even ratified most of the important UN Conventions/Treaties & refuses to follow those that they have signed anyway.

 In summary some of the US war crimes that we must never forget is the atomic bombings of Hiroshima & Nagasaki in 1945. It was the world”‘s first use of atomic bombings. The US is responsible for killing over 110,000 Japanese citizens & injuring over 130,000. By 1950 another 230,000 died from injuries and radiation. Since World War II the US has bombed twenty-three nations. Then there is the 1968 My Lai Massacre where over 500 unarmed civilians were beaten, raped, tortured & maimed by the US army platoon led by Lt. William Calley.

 In 1988, totally disregarding the Rome Statute of the ICC Article 8 (2) (b) (iv) which prohibits civilian damage in an anticipated military advantage, the US shoots down Iran Air Flight 655 killing all 290 passengers & crew on board. The excuse given by the US was that the US plan had mistakenly identified the Iranian airliner as an attacking military fighter how does that explain awarding the officer who shot the place a Legion of Merit! Over 37,000 US personnel are positioned at 100 installations in South Korea & this continues to be the single greatest obstacle to peace in Korea “- incidentally Ban-ki Moon is from South Korea! Another US perpetrated war crime is the lists of communist party members in Indonesia given to Suharto to kill “- that figure is said to be somewhere between 100,000 t0 1,000,000. The same Indonesian army invaded East Timor in 1975 using napalm, phosphorus bombs & chemical defoliants delivered by US planes.

 How many of us know that the US used 8million tons of bombs in Vietnam dropped indiscriminately with 80% falling on rural areas & not military targets? How many of us know that the US used nearly 400,000 tons of napalm on Vietnamese villages where ¾ of South Vietnam was declared “…”FREE FIRE ZONE”‚ & not “…”No Fire Zone”‚? What is the US preaching to Sri Lanka? A memo by Defense Secretary Robert McNamara in 1967 estimates that Vietnamese civilians killed or injured by US forces were 1000 per week. 5m Vietnamese had been killed by the US. US was indiscriminately spraying nearly 20m gallons of defoliants throughout South Vietnam “- present day civilians are still suffering from the after-effects, the same as Iraqi civilians. US also bombed Laos in 1964 “- 230,000 tons of bombs. A further 260,000 bombs were dropped in Cambodia in 1969.

 Then in Iraq the US used depleted uranium leaving a legacy of radioactive debris resulting in serious environmental contamination & health problems with child mortality reaching 380%. Between 1990 to 1997 an estimated 1.2m Iraqi children are said to have died due to the economic sanctions and as a result of the radioactivity. The goal to divide Yugoslavia into mini-states began in 1991 with US covertly providing arms, training, satellite intelligence to the Croatians to attack Serbs leaving 250,000 Serbs to be ethnically cleansed from Krajina. Under the US-brokered Dayton Agreement, Bosnia/Herzegovina was divided into 2 with US/NATO, IMF & international controlling the central government & all of its economic assets fleeced by foreign investors “- they all own energy facilities, water, telecommunication, media & transportation. Sri Lankans please relate these lessons to one”‘s own country! In 1999, 23000 missiles & bombs, 35,000 cluster bombs, 31000 depleted uranium weapons were dropped in a country with just 11m people. US & NATO targeted schools, hospitals, farms, bridges, communication centers, waterways “- these were no mistaken targets. Today, soil, water, air has spread to Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece & Italy.

 The US may like to play the role of human rights champion while totally ignoring its atrocities over the past decade and foreign Governments should be far more courageous to even diplomatically remind the US that it has violated the Nuremberg Principles, violated the 1949 Geneva Convention relating to the protection of civilian prisoners of war, wounded & the sick, it has committed serious war crimes & crimes against humanity, it has purposely destroyed civilian infrastructure, it has used biological, chemical & depleted uranium “- which are weapons that violates international laws but more importantly violates moral & humanitarian code of conducts expected of a civilized nation.

 Shame on you, America! And despite all these guilts you are pointing fingers at Sri Lanka?


Where Did The Lankan’s Squander The Game Against India And What Are Their Options ?

February 28th, 2012

Top Spin By Suni

February 29th 2012

They squandered the game in all probabilities by being overly confident in the first place after their surge to the top of the points table against all odds, taking the Indians for granted and almost clinically wasting the two fine performances by Sangakkara and Dilshan and handed the game on a platter to India. who should have by rights been making return reservations to go home prematurely at the end of it but revelled in the Sri Lankan Faux Pas, inconsequential as some may be inclined to think in the run off to the next game against Australia on March 2nd and it could be them lining up at the reservations counter at the airport rather than the Indians who seem to have been given a new lease of life – at least for now!.

 Many probably wondered if it was indeed Mahela Jayawardene that captained the Lankans in this game as there were unforeseeable blunders which were quite uncharacteristic of Sri Lanka’s illustrious player captain and what followed was a combination of a comedy of errors and a lambs to the slaughter scenario in the end where the Lankans looked quite ordinary and pedestrian like in their approach to the attacking cricket needed to pull this one out of the fire and cruising to what could have been a comfortable win over the Indians who did the attacking as the Lankans were left dumbfounded.

 What was painfully visible to anyone with some cricket sense was the absence of a second spinner which could have in all probabilities contained the Indians and their onslaught on the Lankan bowlers on a flat track where only Rangana Herath curbed them to a degree ~ his figures surely indicate this and high time the selectors became aware of the importance of playing two spinners rather than opting for the somewhat lopsided decision to go with one only, despite the two new balls. In Senanayaka and Randive there are two fine spinners at least one of whom surely deserves inclusion to accompany Herath or it could be a regrettable decision in the game against the Aussies which will make or break Sri Lanka’s bid for a berth in the finals’.

 The Indian run chase of 321 was made to look phenomenal and record breaking mostly because the Sri Lankans faltered where the target was reached in 36.4 overs and the fastest accomplished in a 300-plus total in 50 over cricket. While not taking away Indian glory for their gutsy performance this was a game where Sri Lanka made apathetic blunders and the role could have been reversed had some of the decisions and choices made at the helm been slightly different, more focused and assertive rather than rash, brash and impulsive.

Despite Jayawardene’s reputation of being a knowledgeable and shrewd captain, this time around some fallibilities showed up in the form of bad choices in bowling changes, the field setting and the timing of his power plays when India were attacking with Gambir, Kohli and Raina where the Indians made merry and capitalised on the lapses with a near unprecedented chase which netted them the win with a bonus point and this was the back breaker which has left the Lankans reeling as it was a single point that caused the Sri Lankan heartache and has left the fans in wonderment and some despair. To compound all this the team effort which saw them through in the previous games seem to have taken a back burner and gone was the enthusiasm to pitch into the opponents and unsettle them and knock them into disarray where the role was surely reversed! and they seemed a tad disoriented.

 The Sri Lankan bowling figures probably says it all where the flaying at the hands of the Indians is reflected visibly against every bowler perhaps with the exception of Rangana Herath where the rest of them ~ Matthews, Kulasekera, Malinga and Maharoof were despatched to all parts of the field. Malinga in particular the strike bowler who was mercilessly struck and was a disaster that should never have been permitted as he bled runs regardless of what he delivered and imagination lacking on the part of Mahela who might have tried a few other options including Dilshan who of course was nursing a couple of broken fingers and had done enough with the bat yet in desperate situations something might have worked where obviously it did not as it was never applied.The partnership breaking technique of tossing the ball to an unlikely source (Sangakkara and Jayawardene do have bowling skills attached to their resume Thirimanne and Chandimal notwithstanding albeit unknown ) never seems to occur to the Lankans and perhaps another add on to their repertoire short of imaginative application should the situation demand it which sometimes jump starts unexpected results!

 It appeared to be painfully visible that another spinner combined with a few better choices by Mahela refered to earlier might have saved at least the bonus point and the place in the final instead of which they will have to slog it out with the Aussies who probably sense Sri Lanka’s susceptibilities to wrong decision making by the skipper and will be ready to capitalise although its not quite over for the Lankans yet but its surely back to the drawing board for them if they want to overpower their opponents on Wednsday which just might turn out to be a tough ask in the aftermath of the leather hunt at Tasmania where the options probably need careful insight and the approach aggressive and carefully measured !

 Thilan Samaraweera as a surprise inclusion too just might come in handy and be fortuitous towards a favorlable Sri Lankan outcome and by the way he can bowl too!!

NAVANIDEM PILLAI – Commissioner of UNHRC Impartiality in Doubt!

February 27th, 2012

Prof. Hudson McLean

 I have been following  the learned Hon. Ms. Navnethem Pillai and one must admit that she has excellent credentials to hold the position of Commissioner of UNHRC.
Undoubtedly, her rise to the top of the tree was through her own achievements in South Africa, the African Continent and at the Hague.
Throughout her life, during and after Apartheid, Ms. Pillai has exercised strong vocal opposition to the Apartheid  regime in South Africa. As a Tamil, she then changed her atention to Tamil causes in Asia, especially Sri Lanka.  Since her stance is in Public Domain accusing and expressing her opinion on Sri Lanka on internal politics of Sri Lanka, one may assume that she, as a public official, has taken a personal stand (a dual role) on defending the Tamil grievences as presented by various parties, including the Tamil Terrorist LTTE Tigers, their TNA, Diaspora etc.
One may assume that due these facts, that the current activity of Hon. Ms. Pillai as the Commissioner of UNHRC is very likely prejudiced, partial and dependent on her previous opinions.
Therefore, Hon. Ms. Pillai as an illustrious international legal personality, should give serious consideration to her current status, either she acts as an independent Commissioner (which under normal circumstances as a human being subjected to in-built prejudices might be difficult), or resigns from this prestigious International position, to maintain its Credibility, and decides to act as an independent, dedicated legal representative of the Tamil Diaspora.
As to remuneration, at her mature age, with the available funds of Tamil Diaspora and certainly her personal acquired wealth, plus potential incomes from other future engagements, Hon. Ms Pillai should not find difficulties in sustaining her comfortable standard of living.
Hon. Ms. Pillai, is certain to give careful consideration to her illustrious professional legal history, her contributions as a Supreme Court Judge, and her potential standing as a Fair, Impartial voice in the global UNHRC, and possibly consider tendering her resignation, or refrain from entanglement with the internal affairs of the Sovereign State of the Republic of Sri Lanka.
And benefit of any doubt should be in favour of Sri Lanka.
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Madam Louise Frechette

February 27th, 2012

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J  6G1 . Canada

27 February 2012

Mr. Ban ki-Moon, Secretary-General, of the United Nations
New York, US

Dear Ban ki-Moon:

Re: Madam Louise Frechette. UN”‘s Chair of the Senior Advisory Group

Well”‚¦well”‚¦well”‚¦what”‘s all this then Ban ki-Moon?  This Canadian-woman thinks that she owns the United Nations, at least she seems to believe that  she has a lease on the United Nations. No doubt you have been made aware of the botch-up she has created by vetoing the appointment of Ambassador Major-General Shavendra Silva of Sri Lanka from your special Advisory Group on Peace Keeping Operations.

Having invited him to meet her, she had brusquely informed him that she will not let him participate in the discussions of the SAG and will have him removed from the room should he insist in coming into the room.  I am dismayed and I am embarrassed as she is a Canadian like me.   

Ban ki-Mon, wasn”‘t this the same Louise Frechette who was involved in the controversial $110 million Oil-for-scandal  programme and had to step down as a result of Canada”‘s complicity after the investigation by US Federal Reserve Chairman  Paul Volcker.  If I recall rightly $8 billion was embezzled from this supposed humanitarian operation between 1997 and 2003. And you still thought much of her and felt that she was indispensable and appointed her to a higher posting in your administration.

Ban ki-Moon, that faux-par has finally come to roost on your office work-desk.

The question that you have to ask now is, if Ambassador Major-General Shavendra Silva was appointed as a member of the SAG in accordance with GA resolution 65/289 and pursuant to the decision taken by the Asia Pacific Group, then according to you does the Chair have the authority to exclude Ambassador Maj.General Shavendra Silva from the SAG?

If you believe that she has no right to act in a high handed prima donna fashion, then you have an obligation to the United Nations and its Asian member states to remove her immediately for embarrassing the Asian Group. Let”‘s see you doing it!

You being an Asian let’s see some solidarity.  I know you have “‘Mooned”‘ Sri Lanka several times before and you have now finally arrived at the Stop sign which says, “…”Ban ki-Moon the time has arrived  for you to stop Mooning Sri Lanka.”‚

  Let”‘s have some civility towards the dignity of the islanders under the leadership of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who eliminated the “‘Made in India”‘ Tamil Tiger terrorism in Sri Lanka, and gave back the “‘right-to-life”‘ to his 22 million people.  This is the most precious human right that any human being would ask for.

Ask Madam Frechette to hand over her resignation before she truly believes that she is now the Queen of the UN and that she can do anything to embarrass the Asian countries as well as you.

The UN owes an apology to Sri Lanka, Ban ki-Moon, and there shouldn”‘t be any “‘ifs and buts.”‘


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)

What has the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) actually achieved?

February 27th, 2012

Shenali Waduge

The UN Human Rights Council replaced the UN Commission on Human Rights in 2006 in a bid to strengthen human rights, move away from politicization & selectivity and instill professionalism & credibility. Six years since its inception “- we simply ask what has the UNHRC actually achieved and on behalf of whom is the UNHRC really functioning and more importantly on what basis are the judgments arrived at.

 From which angle the decisions of the UNHRC is taken is important for in including nations like Russia, China, Pakistan, Cuba & Libya into the UNHRC membership the UNHRC is projected as a body of members that have poor human rights standards. Who says so”‚¦the West. Thus, International media owned & operated by the West will highlight ONLY human rights abuses of these nations totally ignoring the human rights violations by countries projecting themselves as champions of human rights but who carry out sadistic covert operations that have created the mess that currently exists globally. Did the US not ask Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait & used that as reason to invade Iraq? Did the US not inform President Gaddafi that he was free to travel with a white flag but then captured & killed him in the most inhuman way one could imagine? Did US not coax Sri Lankan Government into inflating civilian numbers killed before the UNHRC sessions “- we can only wait and wonder what is likely to happen as a result! Lesson 1 to 100 to remember at all times “- Never trust a word the US or India says. Governments may have shortcomings and weaknesses but these should not be compromised for the sake of the country!

 When the UNHRC passes resolutions against Israel the west criticizes its one-sided attitude. The example often used is the Goldstone Report that excoriated Israel & exonerated Hamas. The problem lies in the reality that there is no truth prevailing. Israel knows its shortcomings but refuses to admit because nothing is really black or white in global governance”‚¦sadly this is the state of affairs happening globally. So if members accuse Israel as guilty before the verdict isn”‘t it the same in the case of Sri Lanka? Much of the criticisms arises when decisions or resolutions proposed are against western dictates. However, when western biased resolutions are proposed it has to be implemented without even discussions! At the 2001 World Conference Against Racism in Durban, the US & Israel delegations walked out “- could other smaller countries do the same?

 Much of the language of human rights & the terminologies used are associated with western concepts & thinking which do not strike a compromise with the rest of the world especially the Asian & Middle Eastern nations where cultures, values & living styles are far different. This is why most of the programs do not reach significant levels of success.

 Whether it happens in the East or West “- we agree that around the world there is increase in torture, violence against women & children, crimes etc where millions of victims go ignored. Prominence is given to ousting a single man while the collateral damage to civilians & civilian infrastructure is ignored. Human rights of civilians gets clouded in a complicated harangue of discussions centering around how terrorism should be stopped when all it takes is a few decisive decisions to actually end terrorism altogether. These are the ground realities that exist but these are also the realities that are totally ignored drowned in incomprehensible clauses that ordinary people cannot understand or relate to. These are possibly set up to confuse matters more than provide solutions to them.

 So while the West bemoans resolutions brought against Israel “- do they stop to answer the fundamental question? Is Israel involved in forceful “…”colonialism”‚, is it brutally suppressing Palestinians? Or has it been advantageous to oppose the “…”demonization”‚ of Israel & evade answering. This is how politics takes place all over the world. Yet when we know that the news we watch, the print we read, the commentaries we hear are manipulated where do we actually turn to for correct information? Is it not because of these “…”news”‚ manipulations that conflicts have worsened? If Sri Lanka is being targeted using a dubious documentary called Sri Lanka”‘s Killing Fields despite its main victim proven to be a hardcore terrorist, the pictures of misery in Syria are said to be those used in a previous conflict”‚¦so much for journalistic ethics? We would be extremely happy to see Channel 4 winning the “…”coveted”‚ Nobel Peace Prize in order to place the real truth about the authenticity of the documentary and it would give us the opportunity to further highlight the hypocrisies that prevail.

 Violence & murder of civilians throughout the world should be the concern of the UN & the UNHRC “- it is not set up to chide a few nations totally ignoring nations that artfully ignites the violence. UN is armed to discover the truth of these underhand operations through the appointment of unbiased Commissions of Inquiry. The findings of these reports suffices to categorically tell Governments and their intelligence outfits to stop such activity. If the UN body or the UNHRC cannot do this simple task and spends time formulating HR reviews, meeting at sessions, engaging in polite conversations followed by damning statements “- these are all just a waste of everyone”‘s time because the violence, the terror and the heartache continues unabated for the world”‘s citizens. That is the simple truth. If anyone disagrees just see the amount of discussions that took place about Darfur, Rwanda & Bosnia while millions died, thousands were abducted & thousands were raped. If anyone should point fingers it should be at the UNHRC for doing NOTHING. If the UN or the UNHRC have done nothing or can do nothing to stop racist murders, rapes, terrorism, violence on women & children is there any need to function as a body just to produce annual reports and sing hosannas every year about how the UN or UNHRC has survived in a year of turmoil?

 Moreover why should only the West decide who should be voted into UN bodies? China”‘s membership to the UNHRC was opposed by US whose human rights records is far from clean. Ironically the UNHRC praised Libya”‘s human rights record in 2011 just months before Libya was suspended to coincide with the West”‘s agenda to oust Libyan leader Gaddafi. So the UNHRC did a periodic review & praised Gaddafi for the promotion of human rights “- Australia welcomed Libya”‘s willingness to facilitate visits by Human Rights Watch & Amnesty International, Canada welcomed recent legislation allowing women married to foreigners the right to pass on their Libyan nationality to their children even the US supported Libya”‘s increased engagement with the international community but also highlighted concerns about freedom of express “- similar to the statements issued on Sri Lanka! We all know what happened to Gaddafi just months later. We also know the future of Libya which is unlikely to be any different from Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo or Egypt.

 What has the UNHRC done about the incidents that actually led to the collateral damage that took place and where has been the justice for the innocent lives lost, the civilian infrastructure destroyed and the historical significance of these places that were bombed. The countries that took part in these devastating attacks are where they are because they have fleeced the Third World and it is the continuance of these countries that they manipulate the world through international media & international monetary organizations.

 The UN or the UNHRC is not a body meant to dabble in the ugly game of politics leave that to Governments. If the UN or the UNHRC is a body comprised of “…”qualified, efficient & people of integrity”‚ then all they need to worry about is finding ways to ensure that at least ONE person does not die because of the decisions they take. The UN/UNHRC could have done far more than they have done to stop terrorism instead of wasting time over the years coming up with 2nd phase solutions without nipping terrorism in the bud. If anyone”‘s human rights are being denied it is the UN & UNHRC that must be first responsible.

 Whether the cloak is changed is immaterial. If the body functions in the same manner UNCHR or UNHRC”‘s the output is the same.


Open letter to Brad Adams Human Rights Watch – article ‘Hold Deportations of Tamils to Sri Lanka’.

February 27th, 2012

Lakshman Peiris

Can HRW deny that they have received funds for operational purpose by LTTE supporting Tamil Disapora (Asylum seekers) who has built up hundreds of mushroom organisations around the globe!   

Without just spouting false allegations can anyone from the HRW  researches accuse any individual or department of the GoSL with proof beyond doubt or on balance of probability that some returned Tamil asylum seekers from the United Kingdom have been subjected to arbitrary arrest and torture upon their return to Sri Lanka.

Sri lankans can also make convincing allegation that Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch and the lot who write biased reports just do it to satisfy their immoral employer and stay in employment. Would Brad Adams name the Directors of HRW, their remunerations including the perks they enjoy in carrying out their so called work! Tell the world how many conflicts they have solved internationally. HRW lost a highly lucrative income they enjoyed for decades when the conflict in Sri lanka was brought to end by the GoSL three years ago.  Sri Lankans do not need INGO”‘s like HRW who are nothing but parasites who live on the carcasses of conflict.

It is easy for jokers like HRW  who have hijacked the Human rights agenda to make a comfortable living to request British governments not to return rejected Tamil asylum seekers to Sri Lanka until it can fairly and thoroughly assess their individual claims based on up-to-date human rights information on Sri Lanka.

The British public are undergoing some of the hardest austerity measures in their long history.  Why should the British Public be burdened with bogus Tamil asylum seekers who lie through their teeth just for their economic needs.  Will Brad Adams and his HRW or the UN pick up the colossal expenditure to the British Tax payer!

Why did the eight persons deported from the UK have to smuggle themselves back to UK? India is also a party to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, which states in article 3 that no state “…”shall expel, return (“‘refouler”‘) or extradite a person to another State where there are substantial grounds for believing that he would be in danger of being subjected to torture.  Why did they not seek asylum in India!

It is common knowledge that thousands of Tamils used the conflict that spanned for 3 decades to seek asylum in western nations. They supported the murderous LTTE terrorists with funds and material using various rag tag Tamil organisations spread around these western countries. Unfortunately western countries are beginning to see the light and realising their foolish deeds.

You just have to visit the Asylum tribunals in the United Kingdom to see Tamils lying under oath.  Without having the honesty to say that they came to the UK in search of better economic welfare for themselves and their families. They  lie through their teeth or through solicitors (well versed) in using any loophole in the immigration legislation especially prone to human rights hijacked by sinister organisations like HRW.  However it is a fact that most of these Tamil asylum seekers who left Sri Lanka, a nation they claimed abused, tortured them to an extent where they had to flee for their life have gone back to Sri lanka on holiday as soon as they obtained British  and other foreign passports!

What Foreign and Commonwealth Office Minister Alexander Burt said at the parliamentary debate on Sri Lanka on February 22 “…”We are aware of media allegations that returnees are being abused. All have been investigated by the high commission, and no evidence has been found to substantiate any of them. Are we to believe a bunch of HRW researches singing for their crust of bread or the Minister advised by his advisers in Sri lanka? 

However the UK and most western nations are inundated with these pseudo human rights activists who have organised themselves into organisations that can support local politicians in their bids to get elected.  The LTTE funds from years gone by and that still collected from the Tamil Diaspora rump through various LTTE front organisations  have not vanished into thin air. People smuggling and other nefarious activities are still been carried out by the LTTE supporters languishing in these western countries. It is alleged that these funds found their way even to politicians like Hilary Clinton!

It is up to 22 million Sri lankans of all ethnic backgrounds living peacefully in Sri lanka to sort out whatever differences they have. They do not need INGO parasites like Human Rights Watch  to teach them human rights.

GoSL welcomes US stand on ‘accountability’

February 27th, 2012

By Shamindra Ferdinando in Geneva-Courtesy The Island 

February 26, 2012, 10:04 pm


 The Sri Lankan government says that those talking of moral obligation on the part of the US and its allies to intervene in Sri Lank have conveniently turned a blind eye to the position taken by the US at the first Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of the world”‘s solitary superpower  before the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on Nov. 5, 2010.

 GoSL sources told The Island that the decision to move a resolution against Sri Lanka was contrary to US position articulated by Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs, Dr. Esther Brimmer that the responsibility on the part of the administration was for own people, to whom we are ultimately accountable.”

 The human rights review took place in the wake of whistleblower website, Wiki Leaks releasing a plethora of classified military and diplomatic documents relating to excesses by US forces fighting non-state actors and the US military ignoring abuses by those working under its command both in Afghanistan and Iraq. Since then, international human rights organizations, including the US based Human Rights Watch (HRW) have accused the US of massive excesses.Responding to Dr. Brimmer, Cuban Ambassador Rodolfo Reyes Rodriguez demanded an immediate end to US blockade targeting Cuba, which he called a crime of genocide. Ambassador Reyes alleged that the US action seriously violated the rights of the Cuban people.

 The Cuban reminded how the US was continuing torture, extradition, executions and other serious violations in Guantanamo, Abu Graib, Baghram, and other facilities. Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, Russia, China, Algeria, Bolivia and Nicaragua backed Cuba.  

 Many concerns were raised about America”‘s record on counterterrorism and alleged use of torture. Cuba and its allies demanded the military base at Guantanamo Bay be closed.

 Although Legal Adviser of the Department of State, Harold Koh, categorically declared that the US did not and would not torture, while reiterating President Barack Obama”‘s commitment to closing Guantanamo, since the Nov. 2010 meeting many more US excess had come to light, sources said.

 Referring to the fresh wave of violence in Afghanistan leading to the killing of four US personnel, including two senior advisors, government sources said that trouble had erupted after it emerged that copies of Koran were destroyed at a US military facility.

 In line with the UPR process 192 UN member states are subjected to scrutiny once in every four years. GoSL delegation sources told The Island that nothing could be as accurate as what US Assistant Secretary of State Esther Brimmer told theUNHRC sessions two years back. Brimmer made that statement in the presence of Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe, US Ambassador to the Human Rights Council who is leading the campaign against Sri Lanka here.

 In the run-up to 19th sessions of the UNHRC, Ambassador Donahoe reiterated the moral responsibility on the part of the US and like-minded countries to pursue accountability issues in Sri Lanka. She was speaking at a meeting attended by senior representatives of all member states of the UNHRC numbering 47.

  Sources said that the US position articulated by Assistant Secretary of State, Brimmer also contravened the R2P or “‘Responsibility to Protect”‘ doctrine pursued by Western powers and those NGOs funded by them. GoSL delegation now in Geneva told The Island that stand taken by the US at the 19th UNHRC sessions scheduled to begin today (Feb. 27) totally differed from its position at the first UPR review.

  The US joined the UNHRC in early 2009, three years after the establishment of the body.

  The GoSL delegation said President Mahinda Rajapaksa had emphasized on many occasions that his responsibility was for the people of Sri Lanka. Sources said that the government dubbed its military campaign a humanitarian operation as one of its major objectives was the rescue of the Tamil speaking people.

 The position taken by the US Assistant Secretary should be applied to any other country fighting state or non-state actors, in Sri Lanka”‘s case a formidable internal threat backed by powerful external factors.



Louise Fre’chette a symbol of abuse of authority, of intolerance , and of denial of right of speech which UNO champions.

February 26th, 2012

By Charles.S.Perera

 We now know what UNO is made of “- it is made of falsehood, arrogance, abusers of authority, intolerance, money grabbers ,  withholders of  free speech and egocentrics. Its Administrators like Louise Fre”‘chette  besides  lacking social nicety and moral uprightness of a  Senior UN executive,  also lacks diplomatic integrity.  

 This is what had taken place on the 21 February, 2012 in a room at the panel of the Senior  Advisory Group ( the Peace Keeping Panel) of the UNO, where rates of reimbursement to troop contributing countries and related issues were to be considered.

 The meeting was Chaired by Louise Fre”‘chette from Canada.   Different countries of  the five regional groups of the UNO had appointed their  representative that make up the Senior Advisory Group.  The Asia group had elected the Deputy Ambassador and  Permanent Representative  for Sri Lanka  Major General Shavendra Silva as its member.

 Louise Fre”‘chette the Chair person,  apparently receiving instructions from some source  outside UNO had called the Deputy Ambassador General Shavendra Silva.

 This is what transpired:

“…” On Tuesday (21st February 2012) evening, Madame Louise Fre”‘chette, Chair of the Senior Advisory Group to consider rates of reimbursement to troop-contributing countries and related issues (SAG) asked Ambassador Maj. General Shavendra Silva, Deputy Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka, who is the representative of the Asia Pacific Group in the SAG to meet her.

She had brusquely informed him that she will not let him participate in the discussions of the SAG and will have him removed from the room should he insist on coming into the room.”‚

She had actually said, “…””‚¦. You may have been nominated by the Asia Pacific Group, but I will decide whether you participate or not. “‚

We can use so many abusive words to show our disapproval of this Fre”‘chette”‘s high handedness, intolerance and arrogance.  But this however is the malaise from which the whole of the UN System is suffering.  Being not unknown to the working of the UNSystem  this UN Official”‘s  undemocratic attitude is not unusual amoung some of the high ranking officials of the UN System.

UN  is an august  institution with a very  noble intentions  in which the highest of  human relationship and attitudes are woven into its Charter in words and phrases well selected not to give dubious meaning to highest principles on which the  Organization  should function. 

But  unfortunately the  staff selected and appointed to  high positions, with  salaries in keeping with the dignity of the positions are furthest from the noble principles written down  in the UNCharter .  The UNO is one ,  and its Staff another. 

The Senior grade Staff is for the most part not an example of  what the Organisation represents.  Most of them  are racists, proud, inhuman, pompous, oppressive and pretentious. They think of themselves as  a new creed- International Civil Servants above the ordinary human beings.  They are masked men and women. They are masked with the aura of being members of UNO a noble institution, but with personal prejudices, hatred and intolerance.

Fre”‘chette had been a Minister  of her Government and an Ambassador before being named as the Deputy Secretary General of the UNO by Kofi Annan. Fre”‘chette may not  have even read the UN Charter or the Declaration of Human Rights, despite having been the Deputy Secretary General of the UNO for eight years. If she had she would have been a different person.

Qualifications , professional distinctions and social status do nothing to make a person fit to work  in an organization like the UNO  unless there is an attitudinal change to become humane, simple, to be in the service for  human beings.  At least that is what the founding fathers of UNO wanted its administrators to be.

At 66 years  Fre”‘chette”‘s  position had gone into her head,  unless there is some thing else more “…” remunerating “…”  to breakaway from the very principles of UNO to turn against a representative of a Member State Major  General Shavendra Silva to  obviously help “…” the pro terrorist Canadian Tamils”‚ to take revenge against a Sovereign State of  Sri Lanka attacking one of its  loyal distinguished representatives.

To  Fre”‘chette giving a piece of her mind to a Major General and asking him to “…”keep off”‚ the meeting place may have been a glorious  instance of self elation, allowing her  a  moment of sadist pleasure at her age.  

What ever Fre”‘chette”‘s  seniority in the UNO what ever her  high qualifications she may have, what ever distinctions she had received from her own country, as a human being  she has lost  her human touch, and above all  her “…”stricture”‚ to General Shavendra Silva has made her lose her right to be a member of that Noble Orgnaisation the UNO. 

UNO is a place of dialogue, where every one is expected to be treated equally where  every one has the right  to speak and participate in deliberations. A person of authority may take a strong decisions against some one, yet in communicating that decision  he or she should be able to maintain the dignity of the position he or she  holds. Fre”‘chette has failed to maintain that dignity of the position she holds and therefore has forfeited the right to that position of being the Chairman of the SAG.

Even the Secretary General of the UNO has not the right to deprive a representative of a member state  elected by a Regional Group to represent that group in any  Panel Meeting, attending such Meetings and participate in them.

We remember very  well the Canadian Prime Minister Mr. Stephan Harper, hollering against Sri Lanka  calling for an international investigation and  demanding not to hold the next Commonwealth  Head of State Meeting in Sri Lanka.  We also remember  another Canadian Louise Arbour  pointing her finger of accusation against Sri Lanka. 

These Canadians are ironically defending the interests of the expatriate Tamil immigrants while they have completely neglected the indigenous Canadian Indians  not to have any problem from them, as they have  been completely weakened and neglected to the extent they the native Canadians would not even make a whimper in protest of ethnic discrimination.

But the expatriate pro terrorist Tamils in Canada could make not only Louise Fre”‘chette, and Louise Arbour dance to their tune , but also Stephen Harper  the Prime Minister himself.

These incidents have  some thing common, including  Navi Pillai”‘s  Statement against the appointment of the Deputy Ambassador and Permanent Representative Major General Shavendra Silva  to the SAG.

This also seems to have some relation  to the expatriate  Pro terrorists Tamils  of Canada making a hue and cry about  General Shavendra Silva being appointed to the SAG in the UNO, preceded by two Tamils filing legal action in America demanding the arrest of General Shavendra Silva and take him to a tribunal accused  for war crimes.

Hence Louise Fre”‘chette    has not acted in the interest of the UNO in speaking to General Shavendra Silva and saying, “…””‚¦. You may have been nominated by the Asia Pacific Group, but I will decide whether you participate or not. “‚,  but in the interest of these expatriate Tamils in Canada who are also supported by her Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Reviewing this in the light of the above it is evident that Louise Fre”‘chette is another  UN High official  that has been “…”commandeered”‚  by the Pro Terrorist Tamil expatriates  in Canada in their  campaign to discredit and destabilise Sri Lanka as an extension of their “…”terrorist manoeuvres”‚  from outside Sri Lanka.

It has nevertheless to be pointed out to Louise Fre”‘chette, that her reprehensible  method of using authority as the President of the SAG, affects herself and not the Major General Shavendra Silva.  

Even though, Fre”‘chette in her mean  way took it on herself to insult the  General Shavendra Silva, he cannot be insulted, because he stands higher than her in Status, achievements, and the esteem of a Nation.  It is a priviledge Fre”‘chette does not seem to appreciate to be able to sit in the same room with a man of the caliber of General Shavendra Silva, a hero, a great soldier, highly esteemed representative of Sri Lanka.

While Louise Fre”‘chette was seated in a comfortable cushioned chair before a  clean table in a air conditioned room, the Major General Shavendra Silva was in a battlefield  dodging the terrorist bullets,  avoiding serpents  in drenching rain or under sweltering sun

He was a man who was fighting a ruthless group of terrorist armed to their “…”teeth”‚ risking his life 24 hours of the day.  We have seen him in live television shot from the battlefields how efficiently he commanded his detachment of soldiers under him with firmness and with a fatherly  concern and always telling them not to take unnecessary risks and wishing them well before they were dispersed.

He was a soldier of high principles, well disciplined and kind.  Though as a military man he was fighting the terrorists he was extremely kind  to the civilians without distinction of  what community they belonged. He had helped  wounded  or captured terrorists with kindness, and not with hatred.

The  expatriate Tamils in Canada cannot appreciate that man as they were and are completely out of touch with Sri Lanka which they only know by name and from what they have read.

Louise Fre”‘chette what ever experience she has , and the length of service in  UNO, and whatever her  other professional distinctions, cannot hold a candle to General Shavendra Silva who is a being far above her pretentious  official egocentric self.

Neocons, Al-Qaida and Hamas are united in building the next nuclear bomb

February 26th, 2012

Ajit Randeniya

 The current US, British and French led attack on the Syrian President Bashir Al-Assad and his government, carried out with financial help from the corrupt sheikdoms of Saudi Arabia and Qatar is in fact a part of the psychological warfare (PSYWAR) aimed at Iran, the next military target of the neocon-captured American foreign policy apparatus.

 Adding to the sinister nature of this conspiracy, two weeks ago, the neocon-Arab collective received support from their “‘partner in crime”‘ in many ways, Al Qaeda: the new leader of Al Qaeda,  Ayman al-Zawahri  issued a statement urging Muslims in the region to support the uprising in Syria. Also, Khaled Meshal, chief of the politburo of the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas whose political and spiritual roots lie with the Sunni Arab Muslim Brotherhood has endorsed the Syrian revolt; in doing so,  Hamas “‘ bit the hand that fed”‘ after enjoying President Assad”‘s hospitality for 13 years since they were expelled from Jordan!

 For those who closely follow Middle East politics or world affairs in general, this evil-union was not surprising at all: it is clear as day that the cornerstone of the false (US) flag neocon Middle East policy and strategy is to eliminate the fervently pro-Palestinian, strong (but not-so-smart), Arab leaders through invasion and subterfuge.

 The parallel, overarching aim is to pulverise Arab populations using ethnic, religious, linguistic and other divisions, and to radicalise them, hoping they would resort to extremism and terrorism: they got rid of Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi using this strategy, and Iran appears to be the preferred next stop.

 Planning to intervene in Syria, and in Iran including the use of psychological operations (psyop), provocative rhetoric and stoking the United Nation agencies appear to be well under way. The corporate media has been unleashed to wage the usual war propaganda blitz aimed at preparing the American people for the coming conflict; phony atrocity stories and conspiracy theories regarding Iran”‘s nuclear “‘ambitions”‘ are being beamed daily to American, British and French living rooms.

 The evil neocon strategy for Iran is based on mobilising the majority Arab, Sunni Muslims against Iran, the largest Shiite Muslim population in the Gulf region, by fuelling the deep-rooted Sunni-Shiite divide. Syria, where the minority Alawites (an offshoot of Shi’ite Islam) hold power through President Bashar al-Assad is in fact the theatre where this ploy is being currently deployed, by mobilising a largely Sunni rebel movement.

 An examination of the significance of the Sunni-Shiite sectarian divide in Middle East politics and relations demonstrates the veracity of this analysis.

 The nearly 1400 year old Sunni-Shiite divide, and the continuing animosity, is founded on violent disagreement over the rightful succession to Prophet Muhammad”‘s caliphate rather than on any major ideological fault lines. The rise in Egypt, Jordan and Syria of the fundamentalist Salafi sect of Sunni Islam who are deeply anti-Shiite is further deepening the rift.

 The current global Muslim population of around 1.5 billion is made up of around 1.3 billion (90%) Sunnis and around 200 million Shiites, with largest Muslim countries Egypt, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan all being Sunni-majority; Iran, Iraq, Bahrain and Azerbaijan are only Shia majority countries in the world. The global Sunni and Shiite populations are projected to reach almost 2 billion and 275 million respectively by 2030, maintaining the current ratios of Sunnis to Shiite;

 The rivalry between the Shiite and Sunni sects of Islam has always been the dominant dynamic in the Middle East, arguably even more intense than the collective antipathy of all Muslims towards Judaism: as an example, the so-called Arab Spring protests in Bahrain last year quickly turned into a sectarian clash between the Sunni monarchy and the majority Shiite population, prompting the Sunni rulers of Saudi Arabia next door to send troops to Bahrain, aggravating tensions between the Saudi government and the Shiite Iran.

 For the past four decades, Syria, a majority Sunni country, has been ruled by the Assad family who come from the Alawite minority sect, a branch of Shia Islam, of around 3.5 million, making up just 12% to 15% of the Syrian population. Despite President Assad’s wife being Sunni, the Sunni-Alawite divide has always been a factor in Syrian civil and political life.

 The Alawite Hafez al-Assad”‘s rise to power in Syria itself was a direct result of the “‘divide and rule”‘ policy of European colonialism: after World War I, French colonial administration in Syria was forced to recruit minorities to fill government positions including in the military due to the Sunni majority”‘s refusal to serve the foreign intruder; the military became Alawite dominated and the military hierarchy  backed Hafez al-Assad”‘s 1970 coup.

 The Sunni Muslim Brotherhood (Ikwan) attempted to assassinate Assad in 1980, and since 1982 Sunnis in Hama have been rising against Assad without success. The neocon decision to provide moral, financial and military support to the Sunni rebels in Syria is based on their belief that regime change in Syria is likely to be a strategic blow to Iran and Hezbollah. This strategy is being carried out under the guise of a laughable western led push to ‘democratise’ Syria.

 In the current phase of the operation, the world is being fed a steady diet of pro-Sunni Syrian rebel propaganda, based primarily on tales of “‘mass slaughter”‘ by the Syrian military; reports of atrocities routinely come from the rebels, unverified, and the Western corporate media dress such war propaganda as news, laced with a heavy dose of anti-Assad rhetoric; initial claims of hundreds of casualties are often “‘revised downwards”‘ to “‘dozens”‘ as in the case of the alleged shelling of Homs. These tales are similar to the phony reports of “‘incubator babies”‘ allegedly speared by Saddam Hussein”‘s troops as they entered Kuwait! The project will culminate in “‘shock and awe”‘ in the skies over Tehran.

 It appears that in their evil wisdom, the neocons see that a Sunni-dominated Syria would truncate the “‘Shiite crescent”‘ that currently connects Iran, Iraq and Syria and extends in to Lebanon via Hezbollah.  Through this strategy of playing the “‘Sunni card”‘, the neocons are aiming to unleash a civil war in the Muslim world, pitting Sunnis against other minorities. Such an eventuality will inevitably lead to a blood bathe in the region, and unanticipated longer term repercussions for themselves.

 A civil war in Syria will pit Sunni Islamists against the “‘Alawite, Druze, Christian, and Assyrian minorities with the resultant bloodshed, sectarian cleansing, refugee crises, assassinations and bombings, destabilising the entire region. Freedoms of Christians in Syria, the envy of Christians in other Arab countries – especially Qatar- will be a major casualty of any regime change in favour of the Sunnis.  The warring minorities are likely to be backed by rival regional blocs.

 The neocons, in their evil brilliance, appear to have failed to see the reasons why their conspiracy is being actively supported by the corrupt, autocratic Sunni Arab sheikdoms of Saudi Arabia and Qatar! Through this failure they have failed to take in to account the ultimate impact on themselves of a united, wealthy Sunni majority population of over a billion Muslims!

 This evil, hair-brained strategy devised by the same Anglo-American neocon team that ravaged Iraq and Afghanistan with “‘shock and awe”‘ and Operation Infinite Justice will result in yet another senseless war in the Middle East, staged for the benefit of Israel: it will lead to slaughter and disaster similar to Iraq where millions were dead or displaced and the country reduced to dysfunctional sectarian misery, and Afghanistan where occupation has resulted, many thousands of dead later, spreading terror to Pakistan. Libya, where bombing to “‘protect civilians”‘ resulted in 30,000 deaths and thousands being tortured by the Nato installed puppet regime was the most recent neocon adventure. Along the way to Tehran, thousands more will die, conflict will extend across the region, oil supplies will be disrupted.

 Can this evil be stopped? The UN Security Council needs to act proactively, leading the pragmatic as well as principled case against such evil designs across the Middle East by the US-UK-French-Israeli axis for no better purpose than maintaining control through proxy regimes.

 Instead, they are busy overseeing domestic affairs of sovereign member countries like Sri Lanka and the Maldives!

Hello America!(and WEST)-The Human Rights allegations to be advocated against Sri Lanka by USA at the UNHRC on 27th Feb. 2012., solicited by their duped hound NGO’s, LTTE Cohorts & other parasites.

February 26th, 2012

by mahinda karuanaratne

You point one finger at us, four towards you.

The shameless America and West is relentlessly attacking on us the Sri Lanka an innocent nation,  and its majority the Sinhela as if we are uncivilized because the words being used portray that they are equating us to barbarians and jingoistic, bellicose community.

This is what the corrupted minds of the west (due to their pre Churchian Devil Worship Cult practice and later Churchian fallacy had planted in their minds) cannot understand about other very civilized nation well before them (west), and well mannered and fully civilized much long before the then scanty clad, bellicose, jingoistic, murderous westerners.

Since the Buddhism emerged in India, its influence and acceptance by the rulers in Sri Lanka, revitalized already civilized Sinhela nation and became totally non violent, loving kind, proud nation who was self satisfied in agriculture, irrigation, arts and crafts, trade etc. to which ample evidence is still in tact in olden kingdom cities, much have been visited by many civilized, scholarly people from the west and so on.

When our forefathers were civilized and doing Irrigation marvels the West was clad in scanty or no cloths, and now pointing finger at us, threatening and criticizing of what?

Since the history known, It was West who went of rampage of conquering secular countries towards the east, murdered innocent people in thousands and millions, destroyed their cultures, religions and devastated, then all valuables taken away, establishing their rule of law at Sward or Gun and forced to follow  their book (Bible fallacy) and forcibly converted and engaged in all kinds of harassing and assassinations against innocent people of their subject countries.

The British prisoner escaped from  kings custody, Robert Knox has written who Sinhela nation was and how they lived, if any one wants to know about it.

Has any one forgotten that it was British who invaded Australia, massacred the Aborigines and made it a British Colony, many other countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America which need not be mentioned and repeated.

Irish pirates who invaded Americas, annihilated Red Indians and overtook their motherland, and throughout the history they invaded secular countries, plundered, massacred people and did and doing policing on their own new world order known to be the Neo Colonialism. That”‘s the history the America or the West cannot wipe off or cover.

Lets go to the recent history of how much murders the America has committed alone;

-         Massacre of 5 millions in Vietnam by use of Agent orange and relentless bombing

-         Massacre or millions in Korean War

-         Massacre, Wholesale slaughter of millions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki by use of nuclear bombs

-         Massacre of millions in Iraq 

-         Thousands being killed in Afghanistan now


-         Many thousands killed in Egypt & Libya


We know for sure tomorrow  in Syria, Iran, then Pakistan, India & China are your next targets.

But America must keep in mind that you are destined to learn the lessons never learned when engaged with IRAN, so do the Israel, your half brother. 

Who kills or killed these humans and inflicted destruction on lives and properties belonged to some one else”‘s land and where is the War Crimes Inquiry for these horrendous crimes?

That”‘s  the  America the country pointing finger at we innocent Sri Lanka now.  Did the UN (Puppet) ever uttered a word about these crimes by America?


Lets come back to Sri Lanka,

America alone and their Western allies accuses SLG of killing population of North is the main allegation brought up since the elimination of that ruthless, proxy army the LTTE from our motherland. Why, simply because they were your (America”‘s) lackey.  They were proxy ARMY of the Vatican.

America simply grumble at Mahinda Rajapaskha govt., for  war crimes purposely perpetrated by interested parties who wants to throw him out of power, establish a puppet regime here who will be servile to America and West, then divide our beloved motherland, bring UN Force, do every doggy thing as you did in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Serbia, Sudan, Iraq, Egypt,  & Libya  etc. etc.

America !  Where were you when ruthless LTTE was killing innocent (Sinhela) people in villages in the north, south all over the country?

Where were you when LTTE bombed trains, buses, offices, the Central bank, Tourist hotels, Central bus stand and many other and finally our sacred Temple of tooth relic?

Where were you when LTTE massacred 600 Police force in eastern province?

Where were you and UN during the time UNP massacred over 100,000 Sinhela youths in 88/89 in which regime the Ranil Wickremasinghe was a minister?

Where were you and UN when the Tire Pyre was ablaze all over Sri Lanka?

Where were you and UN when the famous Batalanda torture house was running where thousands of Sinhela youths were tortured to death by inhuman methods surpassing the Hitler”‘s torture camps?

Where were you and UN when the School students were wholesale slaughtered , buried and burnt in Sooriyakanda?

There are thousands of incidents to remind you that should be investigated which had taken place during the time of UNP regime and with the full blessings of Ranil Wickremasingha. Those culprits should be brought to the guillotine along with you before pointing your blood stained fingers at GSL and Mahinda Rajapaksha our beloved president.

Why you were simply silent on those and now talking all nonsense only about  May 2009?

The answer is simple, America and West is guided by the all powerful Church agenda, that if non Christian, they should be tormented, converted or else sent to extinction.

Why this sympathy for LTTE? Is solely because they are & blessed by Church.

America does not know today the people on the earth are intelligent and wise that every one knows what your secret agenda is. Yet, you have not learnt from your past mistakes and you are yet to learn America!

You are a bankrupt, corrupt, sinful country that try to teach other nations just as if a Crab teaching the cubs to walk straight. 

However much you are trying to portray a mass picture of fancy about America, You are today a bankrupt country with no morality or sanity in the society, drug addiction, intoxication, adultery, Prostitution, homosexuality, robberies, poverty, starvation, and homelessness is pouring. Handful of people in your country enjoys all the wealth and majority are suffering for day to day survival in a rat race. Slavery and forceful exploitation is over helming in America.  Immoral and mind corrupted, mentally sick are pouring all over the cities. Stealing and robberies during daylight.  Unemployment is souring.  With all these dirt in your own eyes, why you are trying to point at others whose eyes are clean?

Your polity, society,  morality are all totally corrupt, broken, distorted and you are in the same direction as the Roman empire was, or Greek, Spanish, or British to the destruction and committing sins that have no redeeming.

Your uncivilized soldiers in various fronts have been engaged and doing all insanity, from raping girls to pissing on enemy corpses, a truly shame on your nation. Harassing innocent people and unleashing hound dogs on prisoners a really shame to humanity.

In your country there are no values, but all devalues. Fornication is the order which does not bother Mother, Daughter, Father, Son or whoever. You exhibit and advocate all sins as joyful acts and had declared that is your super democracy, freedom and so on.

In your country there are no trade union rights, no strikes, the order is hire and fire policy instead. Then you alleges there are no human rights in other countries a blatant lie.

Your children cannot add or subtract a figure without a calculator, while in our country the small boy at vegetable vendor adds together dozen items by mind when the bunch is ready.

Ion your country majority does not know how to even use the computer, nor some people can read and write. Here in our country our children just after the mothers lap knows how to use computer and does marvels. Your people do not know where is the next state or where on the earth the other country is, our children can draw a world map and mark all major countries and capital of the world by memory.

This is all because of your Greed, hatred and ignorance inculcated in your people”‘s minds, that you all think you Americans are the superior kind on the earth, granted,  and all others are subhuman”‘s on the earth. Thus your currency says a big joke on it “…” we trust on god “…”  (dog) “‚  Was there a spelling mistake is unknown, you are degrading even the Dog the best friend of man !

All right, such is to be expected from Hippy and Gipsy culture, which we need not be planted here and there.

Please don”‘t corrupt the world by introducing all ill will, hate greed and ignorance in the name of dog.

Continue your sins by harassing, tormenting and killing innocent nations, societies & people, but although you believe the Gody is there to forgive all your Doggy, the consequences of Cause & Effect is undeniable, uncontestable you will have no mercy from anywhere, the retribution is on the way.

We have sole rights to live in our motherland with peace and protect our Buddhist doctrine and environment, we do not go to invading other”‘s countries, nor we rob others resources. Therefore we need no body point fingers nor accuse us of Human rights or Crimes, when we are under danger from some evils, it is our govt. and forces who will protect us. This was the practice during the kingdoms in Sri Lanka ever since our history thousands of years before the America was even born. Therefore there no necessity to tell us as to what our affairs be.

We are innocent people who have no weapons, no nukes, but we have morality, sanity, and loving kindness towards even the enemy, what is inherited to us by the great unparallel philosopher the Lord Buddha ever born in this era on the mother earth and the quality that is not seen elsewhere on the earth.

Therefore, we appeal America to cover it”‘s own nudity than pointing fingers at us, look back at your own sins and wrong doings, then educate your people, give them food, water, medicines and clothing and a good education at least and teach them to be kind and tolerable towards other nations who are living hard way, but meritorious, does not do any thing wrong to you.

You will impose sanction on us, then we will live on hand to mouth level or starve, than you will be happy, you will prosper,  yet we will suffer and prevail. Unlike you, we need no Ham , Turkey & Cheese and Jack Daniel to quench our hunger. We can eat Rice, a Jackfruit or leaves from nature mother,  drink a coconut, or just water from a fall. Rice and Coconut chutney is our favorites before you gave that Diabetic spreader  shit Wheat. 

We know the difference between Mother, Father, Daughter and Son etc, no mix up as in your country. Up above all that we have our morality originating from Triple gem the  Buddha, Dhamma & Sangha that takes us on the right path to the salvation.

We love our motherland, we have a culture, we have a moral value. We have nothing to loose other than the very life, but its not the end of the episode and not worried as you people are. We live by merits, high morale and sanity, we deserve it in the cycle of existence, which you people will never afforded  or deserve.

Any problems in our own country, govt. leave it to us, we need no your intervention to it. We will deal with our own, which we have been doing here over 3500 years known history. You need not teach us reconciliation which we have already practiced and shown the world for thousands of years.

If you have self respect, Cover your nudity, eliminate your ill will, greed, hatred and ignorance and be generous, meritorious  kind and exemplary to other countries and nations, fix your own problems, so that you will be Ok, or else prepare for the Eternal Hell !

An innocent human from small island nation Sri Lanka.


TNA wants Tamil Nadu to ask India’s Central Government to pressure Sri Lanka!

February 26th, 2012

 Asada M Erpini

With the US-spearheaded resolution that is due to be tabled at the UNHRC sessions starting on 27 February, which in no way would be complimentary to Sri Lanka as regards alleged human rights violations, the TNA has a team of its Parliamentarians visiting Tamil Nadu (TN), according to media reports on 25 February, at cursory glance, on a hilarious mission.

 Third World, Developing or Resource-compromised are all fashionable and condescending euphemisms that only mean the same “- poor. And, Sri Lanka, unfortunately, is one such country, however much one may love it. When the US, Canada, Australia, Norway and some EU nations batter Sri Lanka, all that the puny island could do is to turn the other cheek “- not for a slap but for a sock that shatters the jaw.

 Were Sri Lanka a rich country with vast oil reserves, as are found in some lands in the Middle East, or if it had rich uncles controlling the US economy, as is the case with Israel, the situation would have been “- to use an expression that is widely used by the Americans themselves “- a very different ball game. At least in the initial stages and until the US discovered that Sri Lanka”‘s rulers were not ready to tow its line, the island nation would have had an ally that was ready to defend it at international forums including the UN Security Council, come hell and high water.

 Furthermore, none of the countries carrying the battering ram against Sri Lanka depends on the latter for its existence. In contrast, Sri Lanka”‘s economy will face a crisis if it is not allowed to export its garments and tea to the US, EU or Australia. As a result, all that Sri Lanka could do when the US is positioning its multi-pronged missiles against it is to plead with the other UN member nations to be objective and to accept that the war against the LTTE was a step it had to take to bring back the peace and normalcy that Sri Lankans of all ethnic and religious groups, including the non-LTTE Tamils, longed for. Yet, the US has its armoury of overt as well covert actions and a plethora of arm-twisting strategies that could persuade some of these nations to be on its side or stay without supporting Sri Lanka at a time when the country is in dire need of friends.

 Sri Lanka is powerless even to contemplate any direct action against the US and its allies that are hell bent on presenting the resolution at UNHRC sessions against it. Additionally, none of the individuals who will steal the limelight at the proceedings on behalf of their mother countries is the recipient of a red cent from Sri Lanka”‘s treasury. As opposed to that, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MPs get paid and enjoy enviable benefits at the Sri Lanka tax payer”‘s expense. Yet a team from the TNA, comprising Mavai Senathirajah, Selvam Adaikalanathan and Suresh Premachandran are to ask the TN state government to pressure the Central Government of India to support a resolution inimical to Sri Lanka. The absurdity of the whole episode is that the TNA continues to refuse to nominate its members to the Parliament Select Committee, which is the appropriate forum to discuss matters of interest to Sri Lankans, including the Tamils, in spite of repeated requests by President of Sri Lanka, His Excellency Mahinda Rajapakse, the elected Head of State.  Additionally, India is not Sri Lanka”‘s colonial master that has the State Government of TN as its viceroy for Sri Lanka. The TNA MPs running to TN, crying that the “‘Sinhalese bullies”‘ are not giving them their marbles back is worse than being childish. 

 The stance that the TNA has taken and the numerous meetings its bigwigs conduct in the Western capitals at which sob stories are fed to the eager media correspondents buttress the position of the US and its anti-Sri Lankan allies. This unsavoury charade is built on the premise that TNA is the major Tamil political group, when in fact its member MPs cannot claim that they represent even 4% of the population in the country.

 If Sri Lanka is to have any chance of long-term success as a result of the highly laudable moves such as the Sri Lanka Army”‘s proposed 5Rs - Rehabilitation, Re-integration, Re-construction, Resettlement and Reconciliation “- seminar, which is scheduled to be held in August, the TNA should be banned from continuing with its actions that undermine Sri Lanka”‘s sovereignty. Legislation should be put in place post haste to achieve this goal. The Government of India led by Jawaharlal Nehru declared secessionism illegal in 1963 that put paid to the clamour for independence for a Dravida Nadu or Dravidisthan by Tamil bigwigs such as Ramasamy and Annadurai. It is natural therefore that those players in the TN political arena today are using the TNA as their cat”‘s paw to achieve what their forefathers could not get back in India half a century ago.


February 26th, 2012


When the Commissioner of the UNHRC is directly or indirectly a party to an issue under investigation, then he or she is not in a position to act impartially, hence has no moral right to act as the Commissioner unless that person has no personal sense of honour and dignity, has no sense of shame to abuse one”‘s position to allow an advantage to a party that the Commissioner supports or wishes to win.

It has been reported in the media (The Island Newspaper “- 25.02.2012) that Ms. Pillay had been a judge of the ICC, an acting Supreme Court Judge etc, Therefore, when somebody has clearly forwarded an argument against her ability to be an impartial Commissioner, she must effectively counteract that argument by giving reasons as to why she is not a party to the issue under investigation. Her credentials are far too strong to dismiss an accusation against her by ignoring it. If she does not counteract, but continues to acts as the Commissioner of the UNHRC when issues against GOSL are taken up, then the credibility of the UNHRC would be in doubt.

The reason why Navanidem Pillai cannot act impartially because she is a Tamil by birth therefore directly a party to the issue that is due to be taken up in the coming sessions of the UNHRC against GOSL. Similarly a Sinhala UNHR Commissioner too cannot act impartially when a case is taken up against the GOSL.

The issue to be taken up against Sri Lanka is said to be some human rights violations done by the Sri Lankan Army against the LTTE (an exclusive Tamil terrorist organization) and against a majority Tamil civilian population who were with them and nourished them for over a period of thirty 30 years. What that means? It means a clear evidence of a conflict between Sinhalese and the Tamils of some sort. The substance of the conflict is not the issue here but the fact that there exists a conflict between the Sinhalese and the Tamils. A conflict does not exist among ordinary Sinhalese and the Tamils who are living as neighbours, doing business together, playing games etc in Sri Lanka. But a political conflict exists between the so-called Tamil Diaspora, the Tamil political representatives in Sri Lanka and the Sinhala politicians and a power sharing conflict between the Sri Lankan politicians. The GOSL accepts the fact that there is a conflict of some sort exists between the Sinhalese and the Tamils because it has appointed the so-called Lesson Leant and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) and a Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) to solve the Tamil Question.

 Therefore, there exists a political conflict that go beyond the borders of Sri Lanka between the Sinhalese and the Tamils. It is the Tamil Diaspora that intends to present a case against the GOSL through a UN member state. If there is no such conflict exists, then why Tamils living far away are unhappy about defeating a Tamil terrorist outfit. Therefore, when a million strong Tamil Diaspora rallies against the GOSL, Ms. Pillay, herself a member of the Tamil Diaspora, can then she say, sorry I am not part of that Diaspora? If she is an exception, then what are the grounds for it? The fact that she being a Tamil in itself is sufficient ground for the Sinhalese to feel unhappy, uncomfortable about her being the Commissioner of the UNHRC that is poised to investigate allegations against a military force consists of 99% Sinhalese.

GOSL has already accused her being bias but no Tamil organization has ever accused her for being bias and that means she has been bias towards them and the only reason that one could think is the fact that she is a Tamil.

We as an organization most respectfully call her either to resign or to make a statement giving acceptable reasons as to why she is an exception within the Tamil Diaspora.

      sinhalanation@sltnet.lk              www.sinhala-nation.org                       26.02.201


Pillay disassociates from resolution against Sri Lanka

February 24, 2012, 9:54 pm

By Shamindra Ferdinando in Geneva 

 UN Human Rights Commissioner South African Navanethem Pillay yesterday distanced herself from the anti-Sri Lanka resolution, which the US intended to present during the course of 19th sessions of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) scheduled to begin on Monday (Feb. 27).

  This transpired during a meeting between Sri Lankan delegation led by External Affairs Minister Prof. G. L. Peiris and HR Commissioner Pillay in Geneva. Responding  to Sri Lanka”‘s strong condemnation of the US-resolution, Ms. Pillay said that she had nothing to do with it. 

 Pillay succeed Louise Arbour as HR Commissioner on Sept. 1, 2008 for a four-year term. 

 The HR Chief alleged that the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) had failed to address accountability issues. The government strongly countered the allegations, highlighting  the shortcomings in the so-called Panel of Experts”‘ (PoE)  report, with a decision to keep the identities of those who made the allegations under wraps for 20 years a major fault. While reminding Ms Pillay of her judicial background, Prof. Peiris pointed out the PoE had reached far reaching conclusions on the basis of information, which couldn”‘t be verified for 20 years. Pillay didn”‘t respond to Minister”‘s remark. 

 Ms. Pillay had been a judge of the Appeals Division of the International Criminal Court in the Hague, president of International Criminal Court for Ruwanda and Acting judge, Supreme Court of South Africa et al before taking over UN HR Chief”‘s position four years ago. 

 Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva, who was accompanying Prof. Peiris warned that US move could derail the country”‘s national reconciliation process, thereby cause irreparable damage to post-war recovery process. Minister de Silva also reminded Pillay that the UNHRC had nothing about HR violations committed by the US, including execution of Al Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden in Pakistan.

UN must apologize to Sri Lanka

February 26th, 2012

Shenali Waduge

When lies, fabrications, distortions, covert action plans and everything other than the truth has been part and parcel of Sri Lanka”‘s conflict by players projecting themselves as conflict-solvers we need not be naïve to be surprised at the latest antic by Louise Frechette in her capacity as Chair of the UN Senior Advisory Group. In many ways it is a perfect example to highlight the lack of work ethics in an international body, the neglect of common diplomacy & decorum towards fellow team members and simply racism at its peak. Louise Frechette is just one such person in a world where there are plenty of others ever ready to ostracize Sri Lanka in a game where money talks in a world where there is nothing called peace, stability or sustainable development. UN “- your slip is certainly showing.

 Sri Lanka was expecting the very groups aligned to LTTE front organizations to begin a tirade of opposition against Sri Lanka. Thus, the appointment of Maj. Gen. Shavendra Silva when he was nominated to Represent Sri Lanka as the UN Deputy Representative in New York in August 2010 came as no exception. He was also selected to the Special Advisory Group on Peace Keeping Operations & nominated to represent the Asia Pacific States. It was the first time a Sri Lankan had been appointed to such a prestigious post. Naturally we expected opposition. Not surprisingly the human rights groups protested & so did UN Human Rights Chief Navi Pillay. Perfect for this is what we wanted “- to showcase her bias, the conflict of interest as well as to project that nothing would be done despite objections. We will however continue to highlight these discrepancies & injustices.

 So Louise Frechette holding the position of Chair of the Senior Advisory Group disallows informs Maj. Gen. Shavendra Silva that it was “…”not appropriate”‚ for him to attend sessions on 21st February totally ignoring that he had taken part at the meetings held on 19th & 20th February. She had even threatened to remove him from his seat should he attend even after her warning If he had initially participated in the SAG meetings held on 19 & 20th January what was Louise Frechette attempting to achieve on 21st February? Is this how a senior member of the UN behaves? Is this how the Head of a Committee treats other members? Therefore, Louise Frechette may be heading the Group but she has no authority to bully members. It is clear that Louise Frechette had influenced other members of the Group for none of them had spoken to Maj. Gen. Silva when he attended the 1st meeting. Neither was he handed a single document. Louise Frechette should never have behaved as she had done unless it was to embarrass Sri Lanka ahead of the UNHRC sessions as part of a global plan purely on the money received by pro-LTTE lobbyists. Should we give instances of these transactions? And the UN is teaching Sri Lanka to “…”reconcile”‚, “…”make peace with one another”‚ !!! Even if no one talks to him for the rest of the sessions Maj. Gen. Shavendra should attend.

 So does Louise Frechette presume Shavendra Silva to be a “…”war criminal”‚ “- simply because pro-LTTE lobbyists who are paying scores of human rights organizations & even foreign MPs says so? Well there is something called innocent until proved guilty. Let us also remind the world that Ban-Ki Moon”‘s Expert Panel is no UN appointed or authorized panel “- therefore it has no mandate other than serving Ban-Ki-Moon individually. Did he pay for these experts or was it funded by the UN? Why did Ban-Ki-Moon not appoint similar panels to advise him on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya “‚¦.why only Sri Lanka? In short none of these deliberations arrived at by the panel has any validity in the halls of the UN General Assembly.

 Nevertheless, despite objections to Louise Frechette”‘s behavior all that the UN office said was that it was a “…”member state decision”‚. But the spokesman does not hesitate to remark that UNSG had in fact watched the Channel 4 video”‚¦so does the UN office release all videos watched by UNSG or was it just to rub salt on Sri Lanka ahead of the UNHRC sessions? Ban-ki-Moon may not like to comment, but it is not done for any Chair to be embarrassing another member even threatening to remove him from the meeting should he attend. This is worse than children squabbling. Louise Frechette may have been holding top posts in both Canada & the UN however her present action reduces her to questionable levels and reveals something more than meets the eye. Obviously decades of diplomatic discipline seems not to have accounted for anything.

 Louise Frechette is no stranger to controversy & scandals. Her involvement in the $110m oil-for-food program led to her having to step down as a result of Canada”‘s complicity in the scandal following investigations by US Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker. It is believed that $8billion was embezzled from this supposed humanitarian operation between 1997 to 2003. The Oil-for-Food program was created to allow Saddam Hussein to export about $40billion of embargoed Iraqi oil in return for food, medical supplies & other humanitarian aid for his country. The program eventually became one that was riddled with kickbacks, mismanagement & corruptions in high echelons of governance.

 Louise Frechette involvement in the scandal comes in her helping to cover up damning internal UN audits. Frechette is accused of personally telephoning the auditors and demanding that audits not be directly sent to the UN Security Council. She was thus severely criticized by the Volcker panel for knowing about the corruption but not doing anything about it and not reporting it to the Security Council. The Oil-for-Food program was one that involved kickbacks, oil smuggling and corruption beyond the levels we would imagine. She was also faulted for not taking action against Benon Sevan and her own failure in making inconsistent explanations to the inquiry.

 Her position as the 1st Deputy Secretary General of the UN is said to have been created for her under influence of Canadian businessman and Trilateral Commissioner Maurice Strong. Strong has been acting as “executive co-ordinator of UN reform” to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. She served in the post as the Deputy to Kofi Annan from 1998 to 2006.

 Her role in the oil-for food program coupled with her connections to the Jean Chretien”‘s government which chose to remain out of Iraq purely because Chretien”‘s daughter was married to the son of Paul Desmarais who had major oil stakes in Iraq shows the behind the door deals that take place in the pretext of securing global peace. Her close connections to the Liberal party also highlights the fact that she chose not to mention Canadian companies implicated in the oil-for-food program. Her one time boss & former Canadian PM Paul Martin is part owner of Cordex Petroleum Inc in which Saddam Hussein invested $1m.

 Now the Liberal Party of Canada enjoys accusing Sri Lanka, humiliating Sri Lanka but it behoves to ask why there are over 33RCMP (police) corruption investigations against the Canadian Government? But will truth ever come out? Hardly.

 If the oil-for-food program was one instance that overshadowed her performance the other was the bombing of the UN head quarters in Baghdad in 2003 where 22 UN staff were killed leading to an investigation that concluded that UN security systems were dysfunctional providing little security to UN staff in high risk environments. The “…”reorganization”‚ ordered by Kofi Annan & led by Louise Frechette faulted Frechette for her blurring the chain of command on security and staff revealed their disgust in the “…”integrity survey”‚ in 2004. .

 Louise Frechette is also accused of failing to establish Secretariat management accountability over 1998-2006 which fell under her basic responsibility. The General Accountability Office had not assessed priorities, interim goals, target dates, UN managers did not monitor & evaluate performance or comply with regulations “‚¦.the list was a long one. Louise Frechette had to publicly acknowledge her errors.

 A good look at her record through the UN system itself clearly indicates that though she may have been qualified for her role throughout the period she served in the UN she had not done justice to the position given to her. The Oil-for-Food program brought out her alignment with corruption, the accountability processes with the UN system depicted her gross neglect of monitoring management performance, inability to prevent fraud & corruption. This eventually led to her resignation in March 2006. Should we then be surprised at her treatment of Maj. Gen. Shavendra Silva? Not really.

 There is little doubt that the UN houses thousands of people who have been parachuted into senior positions through diplomatic connections or by other notorious means. Many of these are unqualified and motivated to make money and enjoy the perks only.

 We expect much more from an international “…”PEACE”‚ body whose expenditures are over $20billion a year but failed miserably to stop 3 genocides taking place in Rwanda, Bosnia & Darfur.ï┚¬Ã‚ 

 The UN cannot afford to throw stones living inside a glass house.

 Such third grade tactics as is happening presently against Sri Lanka clearly must stop and it is time the UN apologizes to Sri Lanka. Simply put, there are many ways to punish a government for crimes “- but the UN has no concrete plan to stop terrorism or to even charge terrorists for their wrong doings. If the UN places individual citizens above all else then the UN & its bodies should have at all times taken into consideration the need to stop the next act of carnage by the LTTE. But the UN did nothing to stop any of these acts of terror carried out by the LTTE over 3 decades. Nevertheless, one dubious video which raises questions about its authenticity in the light of its chief victim has been proved to be a hard core LTTE member, even the date inscribed being after the conclusion of the military operation gets a thumb up by human rights groups, gets screened in the UN & foreign parliaments & is now nominated for a noble prize “- we will not be surprised if it wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

 Be that as it may what is obvious from the Louise Frechete episode is that all of these incidents seeking to embarrass Sri Lanka is planned & well coordinated which does not excuse the ill-preparation of the Government in using these instances to place the truth negating the fiction. These are perfect opportunities that should not be missed to protect Sri Lanka”‘s integrity by our own officers of integrity.

 Shenali Waduge

Submission to the House of Commons Sub-Committee on Human Rights re Sri Lanka

February 26th, 2012

Mahinda Gunasekera

Mr. Scott Reid, MP for Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Assington,
Chair of the House of Commons Sub-Committee on Human Rights
of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development,
and the other members of the Sub-Committee on Human Rights

Honourable Members of the House of Commons Sub-Committee on Human Rights,

Submission on the Human Rights situation in Sri Lanka

 Further to my letters e-mailed to Ms. Miriam Burke, Clerk to the Sub-Committee on Human Rights with copy to Mr. Scott Reid, MP, Chair of the House of Commons Sub-Committee on Human Rights on November 24, 2011, December 1, 2011 and December 12, 2011, seeking an opportunity to appear before the Sub-Committee especially due to the fact that I was proceeding on a six week holiday to Sri Lanka from January 12, 2012. I am now submitting my views pertaining to the period of the conflict in Sri Lanka which was decisively ended by the military defeat of the fighting forces of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), an organization designated as an international terrorist movement banned by 32 countries including Canada, by the armed forces of the duly elected Government of Sri Lanka on May 18, 2009.

 I am the President of the Sri Lanka United National Association of Canada, which is a Non-Profit Community Association which has functioned since 1983 bringing an alternative viewpoint on Sri Lankan affairs to the elected parliamentarians, media and general public of Canada. Our association represents Canadians of Sri Lankan origin from all ethnic, religious and other backgrounds with the majority of the members coming from the Sinhalese community, who have made Canada their adopted homeland.

 Brief History:

 A conflict that has raged for a period of nearly 33 years with five separate attempts being made to reach a negotiated settlement by both direct and internationally mediated talks failed to achieve peace, as the LTTE did not bargain in good faith and used the talks and ceasefire periods to re-build their weapons stockpile and fighting forces before breaking off the talks unilaterally and resumimg hostilities. The last round of negotiations took place during the Norwegian facilitated peace process starting in February 2002 with the USA, EU, Japan and Norway functioning as Co-Chairs. The peace talks did not make much headway as the LTTE was not prepared to discuss substantive issues, and they pulled out after 4 or 5 rounds by June 2003. The LTTE refused to attend the talks till the year 2006 when President Rajapakse appealed to the Norwegian facilitators to re-start the talks. They used this opportunity to send their delegation to Geneva and Oslo to meet with the Tamil Tiger international representatives to seek enhanced funding for procurement of weapons to launch their so called final war of liberation to establish a separate mono-ethnic racist separate state called “Eelam”, but did not participate in the peace talks adducing flimsy excuses.

 During the period of the ceasefire which commenced in February 2002, the Nordic Monitoring Mission reported that there were over 7000 complaints against the LTTE of which 3400 were ruled as violations including the killing of over 400 persons comprising Sri Lankan security forces personnel, civilians from the Sinhalese, Muslim and Tamil communities, and high profile citizens such as the distinguished Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Lakshman Kadirgamar, other ministers of the government, Neelan Tiruchelvam a Tamil intellectual and human rights activist, Keethes Logeswaran, Deputy Director of Sri Lanka’s Peace Secretariat, all of latter being members of the Tamil community. Attempts were also made to assassinate the Army Commander, Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka, and the Secretary of Defence Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapakse. In comparision, the number of complaints against the members of the nation’s security forces amounted to about 800 of which around 150 were determined as violations mainly relating to harassment of persons at the check points manned by the military and police. The LTTE also had conscripted over 6,000 underage children to their fighting forces according to UNICEF, many of whom were under 15 years of age and some as young as ten years, making such recruitment war crimes.

 Over the years, the LTTE killed over 10,000 civilians and seriously injured as many by planting bombs in public transit and shopping centres, detonating claymore mines and truck bombs, unleashing nearly 387 suicide bombers, carrying out assassinations and engaging in ethnic cleansing massacres by descending on rural hamlets in the middle of the night and hacking to death the sleeping families with machetes. They also liquidated members of other Tamil militant groups and dissidents to attain the status of sole representative of the Tamil community. Among some of the most heinous crimes committed by the LTTE were the machine gunning of 144 Buddhist pilgrims who were engaged in contemplative meditation at the Sri Maha Bodhi Tree and Ruwanwelseya dagoba in the sacred city of Anuradhapura, hacking and shooting 33 novice Buddhist monks at Arantalawa, bombing the sacred Temple of the Tooth Relic in Kandy, killing of over 200 Muslims at prayer in Kattankudy and Eravur in the eastern province. The 27,000 Sinhala residents of the north were forcibly driven out between 1976 and 1981, whilst the large resident Muslim population of nearly 90,000 were ejected from the Jaffna peninsula in 1990 on 48 hours notice, with each family being permitted to take with them the equivalent of $3.00.

 Also, whilst an LTTE delegation was having direct talks with President Premadasa Ranasinghe in Colombo with a ceasefire in place, the LTTE forces surrounded several police stations in the eastern province and demanded the surrender of the police officers. As the lives of a large number of policemen were in danger, the President accepted the offer of the LTTE delegation led by Anton Balasingham and ordered the officers to surrender to the LTTE on condition that that they would be released unharmed as assured at an agreed location. These police officers less the Tamil officers who were separated from the group numbering 687 were instead driven to the jungles of Tirukovil, made to dig their own graves and shot in the back of their heads at point blank range. The immense damage caused to valuable property and lives by the LTTE starting with the truck bombing of the Central Bank and other commercial property in Colombo’s financial district on January 31, 1996, using explosives purchased from the Ukraine with payment of around $7.2 million by the Canadian Tamil supporters resulted in the destruction of several buildings and killing nearly 114 and injuring over 1400 office workers. They attacked trains, buses, and the Katunayake international airport destroying over six Sri Lankan Airlines air buses. They uprooted nearly 125 km of the northern rail track, sank several ships and did untold damage throughout the country causing an inestimable amount of losses.

 War thrust upon the government by the LTTE in 2005:

 In and around 2005, a confident LTTE began extorting large sums of money from the Tamil diaspora resident in western countries and Tamil businesses to procure weapons to commence their so called final war of liberation to carve out a separate state called “Eelam” which has been confirmed by HRW in their report of March 2006. The LTTE unilaterally commenced attacks in December of that year on military camps, naval installations,etc. killing over 450 security forces personnel. They avoided participating in the peace talks in February and March 2006 in Geneva and Oslo as arranged by the Norwegian facilitator at the urgent request of President Mahinda Rajapakse, and went on with their killing spree without counter action by the government. By July 2006, the LTTE cut off irrigation and drinking water to 15,000 farming families at Mavil Aru in a strategic move to draw the government forces out from around the Naval Base of Trincomalee so that they would be in a position to use their forces concentrated in the region to endanger the Naval Base which was the point of supply via sea to the 40,000 troops and the 500,000 civilian population in the Jaffna peninsula. The war was thus thrust on the government and they then took measures to rid the LTTE fighters from Mavil Aru and restore water to the farmers, and also retake Muttur which fell to a lightening attack by the LTTE and move from there to secure the Trincomalee Naval Base from LTTE fire directed from Muttur and Sampur at the southern end of the harbour.

 A war thrust on the government by the LTTE was effectively countered by forcing the LTTE to withdraw their forces from the eastern province and thereafter moving against the LTTE forces in the northern Vanni region from several fronts, fighting them on the beaches, marshes, and jungles without giving the Tiger terrorists room to regroup or resort to any of their tactics of using human waves of child soldiers interspersed with suicide bombers. The Tigers were on the backfoot constantly retreating and forcing the resident civilian population to move with them burying millions of landmines, IEDs and anti-personal mines as they went. They had also removed the roofing sheets of the civilian houses which they used to fortify bunkers, which action led to the ultimate decay and destruction of these homes by exposure to the elements for 30 months, making it more difficult for the government to re-settle the displaced civilians after the military action. They temporarily held out behind 12-20 foot earthen bunds and 10 foot deep ditches, but the Sri Lankan military having suspended the use of heavy weapons adopted strategies in the latter stages to painstakingly dig zig zag tunnels at night time to take these earthen bunds and move forward without harm to the displaced civilians being held by the LTTE.

 The government in consultation with the ICRC and members of the international community zoned off safe areas for the civilians, but unfortunately the LTTE entered these ‘no fire’ zones with their fighters and heavy weapons from where they directed fire at the advancing military. The armed forces used unarmed aerial vehicles (UAVs) to locate the LTTE’s heavy weapons and to ensure that the civilians are not in the immediate vicinity before engaging in retaliatory fire to eliminate the threat to themselves. The LTTE even placed their heavy weapons close to hospitals and UN compounds used for delivery of food and other essentials as confirmed by the UNSG’s panel report, apparently with the mischievous intent of endangering the patients and hospital staff from the retaliatory fire. The Sri Lankan authorities declared two 48 hour cease fires in February and April 2009 to enable the displaced Tamil civilians to move into government controlled territory via safe corridors where they would be out of harms way and provided with all necessities, but the civilians were prevented from moving out by the LTTE under threat of death as it was their intent to use these civilians as a human shield and a bargaining factor in a future deal to be ferried out of the country to continue their military goal of breaking up Sri Lanka.

 After the LTTE forces were completely surrounded with no way of escape from their last redoubt in the Pudumatalan strip which was essentially a safe zone earmarked for the displaced civilians, they continued to fight and even fire on desperate civilians who attempted to flee to safety in government controlled terrain. The government called on the LTTE to surrender unconditionally in the interest of civilian safety, but they would not heed that call as they presumed that their supporters in western capitals would bring enough pressure on these governments through their demonstrations which would compel the western powers to intervene and pluck them out to asylum in another country such as Eritrea to continue the fight another day. Although the British and French Foreign Ministers did attempt to exert pressure on Sri Lanka, and some moves were afoot at the US Embassy and some officials of the UN, Sri Lanka refused to yield as they were now seeing the end of a ruthless terror campaign which gripped the nation for 33 long years.

 Allegations of human rights violations and war crimes:

 This war fought within the bounds of Sri Lanka with the limited means available to this developing nation which took several measures such as establishing civilian safe zones, declaring ceasefires and even calling on the terrorist fighters to surrender when there was no escape for them, has reaped the highest number of allegations of wrongdoing and calls for accountability from international rights groups who apparently act selectively, western media and several western countries. The accusers were far removed from the battlefield and are solely dependant on tattle tales from members of the pro-Tamil Tiger diaspora, the LTTE’s propaganda arm called the Tamilnet and other Tamil asylum seekers eyeing greener pastures in developed countries to base their allegations of wrongdoing. The information so provided to the UNSG’s panel, and rights groups such as the ICG, HRW, AI, ECHR, Channel 4 News, ICJ Australia, etc. filtered through Tamil translators adding their spin to it is coming from prejudiced sources, on which reports running into hundreds of pages have been written is only a collection of unsubstantiated allegations. Furthermore, it is totally one sided, which fails the test of natural justice.

 The reports published by the UNSG’s panel and the other rights groups have confined their focus to the last 3-4 months of he 35 month military operation where they allege various war crimes and human rights violations. None of them had access to the battlefront, and in fact commenced their work of investigations several months after the military operation had been concluded on May 18, 2009. These groups are seeking an international probe into these allegations, and seek to haul Sri Lanka before the international criminal court, when Sri Lanka which is a sovereign nation with a democratic framework and functioning courts is quite capable of dealing with war crimes or violations of international humanitarian law if any, that may have occurred during the course of the internal military action. Sri Lanka has in fact appointed a Presidential Commission to look into all matters relating to the conflict called the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission with respected citizens from the three main ethnic communities serving as commissioners. The LLRC report was published in November 2011 and steps are being taken to implement the many recommendations in a timely manner.

 These very same rights group had little or nothing to say about the horrendous crimes committed by the LTTE over a period of 33 years, a brief outline of which has been given above. Neither have they commented on the very serious violations that have taken place in other theatres in the former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc. where powerful western nations have been involved in highly aggressive bombing campaigns.

 The allegations which range from shelling of hospitals, civilian safe zones, UN centres, and non-provision of food and medicine to the civilians in the territory temporarily usurped by the LTTE. The allegations relating to short supply of food and medicine have been refuted by the Sri Lankan authorities giving statistics and evidence from doctors, government agents who always maintained a three month buffer stock, WFP manager who confirmed that there were 6 weeks stock at the end of January 2009 plus weekly convoys of trucks carrying supplies to the region till the very end, when ocean transport was resorted to due to the land route being dangerous and difficult. Sri Lanka has been a rare example of a country that provided food, medicine and other essentials throughout the conflict to regions controlled by the Tamil Tiger terrorists, which also went to feed and care for the armed cadres of the terror group that waged war against the state. As far as shelling of hospital, civilian safe zones or UN centres, the UNSG’s panel and the rights groups have noted that the LTTE had placed their heavy weapons at those sites to attack the army resulting in retaiatory fire.

 Civilian casualties:

 The UN spokesperson in Colombo, one Gordon Weiss claimed at the end of April 2009 that the number of civilians killed was in the range of 7,000. His boss, Sir John Holmes, Under Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs rejected the number saying that the UN did not have a presence on the ground and could therefore not be in a position to ascertain accurate figures that could be verified. Much later, after leaving the UN, Gordon Weiss published a book called the ‘Cage’ aimed at the market within the one million strong Tamil diaspora where he went on to state that the final number would run into tens of thousands of civilian deaths, and concluding that atleast 40,000 had been killed. In a book launch in Canberra, when he was challenged about the number of casualties, he rolled back the figure to about 10,000. In another interview given by him at a book show in Dublin, he said his method was ‘Unscientific but yet Scientific’ which is extremely confusing.


It appears that he is basing his calculations on one single incident that had taken place in January 2009 when Food Convoy Number 11 made its way to the Vanni accompanied by two UN security officers (one retired Bangladeshi military officer and a Canadian Tamil) who had travelled without notifying the UN Resident Representative, Neil Buhne, and had camped out in Mullativu where they got some some Tamil civilians to dig a bunker for them to stay during the night. Their presence in Mullativu was subsequently brought to the attention of the Sri Lankan Army which had to immediately suspend hostile actions in the region to ensure the safety of the UN personnel. They claimed they had gone there to try and negotiate the release of the UN’s local staff who were Tamil residents of the Vanni who obtained employment in the UN Agencies with the permission of the LTTE The LTTE merely played games but would not release a single local employee. As they camped out in this place which they assumed was one of the declared safe zones, they had the terrible experience of being bombarded with artillery shelling through the night. In the morning they discovered that 23 of the civilians who came to pass the night where the UN officers camped including children (or child) had been killed by the shelling. They immediately assumed that the shelling came from the Sri Lankan Army, and this information was relayed to Gordon Weiss and ended up in the hands of the UNSG’s panel and the rights groups. These UN security officers managed to safely extricate themselves and reach Colombo. Later, when the Sri Lankan authorities came to hear of it, they summoned the UN Chief Security Officer, Chris du Toit (who had earlier trained Joseph Savimbi’s terror group in Angola at the behest of the white South African Aparthied regime) and his deputy the Bangladeshi officer, and questioned them as to how they concluded that the artillery shelling came from the Army (see Rajiva Wijesinha’s blog) when the Army had suspended operations due to their presence. They had then admitted that they could not figure out from which direction the shelling had come, but had dentified one shell as having come the LTTE. This single incident resulting 23 deaths was extrapolated by Gordon Weiss into the estimated number of artillery duels to arrive at his unverified number.

 The UK Sunday Times reporter who overflew the final battle ground estimated 20,000 civilian deaths and carried this number in his column. The ICG from their headquarters in Geneva determined that the number of civilian deaths was in the tens of thousands and guessed it had to be 30-40 thousand. So the number began to snowball with Channel 4 News picking up same and fixing the number at 40,000. Some of these rights groups and media began to even estimate the total number of civilians that lived in the Vanni coming up with numbers pulled from a hat, whereas the LTTE prevented any census being taken in the region after 1981. The population in the Vanni has changed constantly with some going to South Indian refugee camps, some paying a tax to the LTTE and moving to the the capital city of Colombo making the Tamil community the largest group in the city. Yet others may have migrated overseas or moved to the Jaffna peninsula. The Government Agents in charge of the four districts in the Vanni region have estimated a total of 305,000 which is likely to include some exaggeration as the LTTE would give bigger numbers to receive largerquantities of food and other supplies. The Sri Lankan authorities have estimated the number of civilian deaths based on the population figure of 305,000 as stated in the video ‘Lies Agreed Upon’, and accounted for the 294,000 rescued and cared for in the welfare camps and rehabilitation centres, added approximately 3,000 others who escaped from the Vanni and went to India and other SE Asian countries to catch a boat to Canada or Australia, plus LTTE fighters killed in the final stages estimated at 4,000 as compared to loss of nearly 3600 Sri Lankan soldiers who battled with small arms following the suspension of heavy weapons around mid-April, leaving about 4,000 to be accounted for, who may have met their death as a result of being caught between the two forces, some killed by the LTTE when they attempted to flee, or died of sickness waiting to be rescued by the Sri Lanka Army. If the number of LTTE cadres who were felled in combat is more than 4,000, then the balance to be accounted for is reduced. Considering the fact that half the Tamil Tiger cadres engaged in battle in civilian attire, the number of cadres killed in action could far exceed the estimated 4,000 deaths, which brings the balance unaccounted for to a still lower number.

 Dr. SinhaRaja Tammita-Delgoda, a historian and son of an old soldier was given special permission to enter the battlefront in March and April 2009 as an independent observer and given a vehicle with a Tamil soldier at the whelel, and granted access to all ranks in the military, displaced Tamil civilians who fled into government controlled areas, and allowed to record his observations as he saw what took place on the ground. He was attached to most of the army divisions that did battle in the final phase He has written two very insightful essays on the military manouvres and strategies adopted by the Sri Lankan Army to breach the high defensive earth bunds constructed by the Tamil Tigers in their stand to hold on to the diminishing land area and keep the herded Tamil civilian population as a human shield, which have been published by the Centre for Land War Studies (CLAWS) of New Delhi, the most recent of which could be accessed at the following link, i.e. http://www.claws.in/index.php?action=Claws%20Paper . In Dr. Tammita-Delgoda’s view, following the suspension of the use of heavy weapons, the amry offensive was mainly an infantry operation, which involved tactics, night time operations and surprise manouvres to defeat a well equipped and hardy fighter who knew the terrain well.

 Submitted in attachment are photos taken by Dr. Tammita-Delgoda at the end of April 2009 of the final strip of land to which the LTTE was confined to along with the civilians who were used as a human shield , where one could see some tents and cadjan covered huts in which the Tamil IDPs were housed. He has pointed out that if a single incendiary had been fired into that place, all of the tents and huts would have been burnt to the ground, contrary to the allegations by rights groups, and others that there was relentless shelling of this area. There is also a picture of a truck where the wooden floor has been removed under which a hole has been dug to make a very deceptive bunker and strong point in the midst of the civilian huts where armed LTTE cadres operated, showing that the LTTE was least concerned about the safety of the Tamil civilians.

 Channel 4 News:

 Channel 4 News continually broadcasts new and varied video clips to support their position that the Sri Lankan Army deliberately targeted Tamil civilians and that they tortured and executed Tamil Tiger cadres.

The witnesses whom they have cited such as Vany Kumar have now turned out to be members of the front organization called the Tamil Youth Organization headed by a man code named Castro, who had undergone weapons training with the LTTE and later assigned to deal with the foreign media.

 The much hyped extra-judicial killings shown in the Channel 4 video has been shown to be a doctored one of LTTE men dressed in Sri Lankan Army uniforms killing captured Sri Lankan security forces personnel or Tamil dissidents, or a staged video done with the intention of framing the Sri Lankan authorities. The descrepancies in the main segment relating to the extra-judicial killings has been questioned by video technology experts. Experts hired by both the UN as well as the Sri Lankan government, i.e. Grant Fredericks and Siri Hewavitharne respectively, have stated that it has been filmed with a video camera and not a mobile phone as originally intimated by Channel 4, and that it has been digitally altered with more than one video layer being present. Channel 4 initially stated that these summary killings had taken place in January 2009, and now claim that it had happened in May 2009, whereas the inscribed date on the video is UTC 2009-07-15 13:17:23 which is after the war ended on May 18, 2009. Also, Jon Snow concludes that the perpetrators are government soldiers as they are wearing Sri Lanka Army uniforms and supposedly speaking some meaningless Sinhala words in the background, and that the victims are captured Tamil Tiger cadres, without identifying a single person. The experts have concluded that the Sinhala sounds appear to have been later dubbed, and that the voice recording together with 17 frames are not synchronized with the rest of the video. In fact a second video has been found where the gunmen speak clear Tamil words which are directly related to the action taking place, making it more than likely that the perpetrators are Tamil Tiger cadres masquerading as Sri Lanka Army soldiers dressed in army uniforms which came into their possession when they previously overran army camps, vide http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohI3CSD4neM . This video has been made by the Tamil Tigers as a propaganda ploy to raise funds for their war effort from the Tamil diaspora by displaying their killing capabilities. It had been carried in a Tamil website, i.e. www.pulligal.blogsite.com , as far back as November 2008, which pre-dates both of the dates cited by Channel 4 and subsequently doctored to frame the Sri Lankan authorities.

 A.A. Gill writing in the Sunday Times of the UK about the same video commented as follows:

“…”The channel has accumulated a large collection of samizdat amateur footage from mobile phones and video cameras – mostly un-attributed and uncorroborated. It mixes this footage with comment from unnamed sources with distorted voices and shadowed faces and human rights lawyers. It was brutal, it was shocking, but it wasn’t journalism. Not a second of this has been shot by Channel 4; none of the eyewitness accounts comes from journalists.”‚

Further analysis of the Channel 4 News video has been given in a well researched article written by Prof. Michael Roberts of Australia where he has revealed suspected collusion between the Tamil Tiger network and Channel 4 News which could be accessed at the following url: http://colombotelegraph.com/2012/01/07/visual-evidence-ii-torture-images-on-channel-4-and-weiss/ . Hassina Leelaratne’s article titled ‘UN Officials Channel 4 Video Analysis A Forensic Hoax’ should be studied to realise the background and qualifications of the UN hired experts who concluded that the Channel 4 video concerning the extra-judicial killings was authentic, despite the many questions that came up in their own analysis, by accessing her article: url http://srilankausa.weebly.com/ .

 The narrator named Vany Kumar who described scenes from pictures taken by the Tamil Tigers was not an innocent British university graduate visiting relatives living in the war zone in the middle of a hard fought war, but a LTTE activist with three aliases and military training who was volunteering her services since 2008 on the request of a LTTE leader named Castro. Even Isipriya described as a journalist is a military trained cadre of the LTTE who has taken part in several armed attacks. The injured Tamils in civilian clothes shown at a makeshift hospital could well have been those injured at the frontlines where the Tiger cadres supported by an equal number of civilians engaged in combat roles dressed in civilian attire, and not any hit by shelling as made out. The video showed one hospital where some of the roofing tiles got dislodged but there was no structural damage or a crater formed by the shell to be seen, as it could have been caused by the vibrations from the firing of long range weapons placed close to the hospital by the LTTE .

A Tamil asylum seeker (Tamil migrant may have taken part in shooting of soldiers, hearing told – Global News ) who arrived in Canada on the “‘MV Sun Sea”‘ admitted to have been one of the LTTE fighters who had been asked to shoot and kill Sri Lankan soldiers held captive towards the end of the war, per news report of 4/19/2011 by Doug Quan in the Postmedia News.

The gruesome scenes of a Tamil youth tied to a tree being tortured by men in military fatigues wielding a knife whose faces are not shown later succumbs to his wounds and dies at the spot. This is made out to be an act carried out by Sri Lankan soldiers. However, Dr. Noel Nadesan a leading Tamil domiciled in Australia who is the editor of the only Tamil community newspaper ‘UTHAYAM’ has in his article of July 14, 2011 titled ‘Media and the suffering of the Tamil people’ published in Sri Lanka’s Daily Mirror, says ” I was told by sources in the Wanni that this was an LTTE operation and pictures were taken for propaganda purposes by LTTE. Have a close look and you will find among the so-called soldiers a man in slippers. Sri Lankan soldiers never go about in slippers when they go out on operations. ”

Doctored segments of key footage, misconstruing facts behind some of the pictures presented, and the narrator Jon Snow acting as the accuser, jury and judge, thereby displaying conduct unbecoming of a journalist as he accepts the pictures and story lines given to Channel 4 by Tamil Tiger elements at face value, almost a willing collaborator of the agenda of the pro-Tamil Tiger Rump hell bent on discrediting Sri Lanka in revenge for the elimination of the three decade long terrorism on the part of their heroic Tamil Tiger forces on whom they depended to break up Sri Lanka by force of arms. This video with its lack of journalistic ethics, and numerous falsifications and fraudulent alterations will no doubt end in the heap of journalistic dung that is cast aside by the discriminating viewer.

I trust the honourable members of the House of Commons Sub-Committee will not be swayed by the heap of allegations based on unsubstantiated tales presented by pro-Tamil Tiger elements whose dream of a separate state ended with the total defeat of the Tiger forces and the elimination of the terror leaders on the banks of the Nandikadal Lagoon, along with the capture or destruction of millions of dollars worth of weapons, aircraft, and fleet of naval craft including specially designed suicide boats. I would be pleased to come before the Sub-Committee and answer any questions or even submit further material for your study and understanding of what took place in the land of my birth, and speak of the peace and development currently taking place in Sri Lanka.

 Yours sincerely,

Mahinda Gunasekera

Copy to: Ms. Miriam Burke, Clerk to the Sub-Committee – Shall appreciate if you would kindly make copies for all of the member of the Sub-Committee. MG

By E-mail
 Agincourt, Ontario Canada 

January 11, 2012

Despicable is Hillary Clinton

February 26th, 2012

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey Courtesy Pravda.Ru


Despicable is Hillary Clinton. 46685.jpeg

Hillary Clinton is an interesting case study. She started four years ago as a charming Secretary of State, the smile on the snout to wipe out the snarl of her predecessor, Condoleezza Rice and four years on, she appears on camera butch, a trucker-type probably complete with tattoos, insolent, inconsequential and incompetent. We now understand Bill.

What happened to Hillary Clinton?

Her credentials for the position of Secretary of State were never that great; let us be honest: someone who lied on camera for all to see about getting off an aircraft in the middle of a war zone in Bosnia in the 1990s when in fact she arrived to a red-carpet welcome, complete with band playing… Since when is a red carpet and a band a war zone?


And now, the Chief of Diplomacy of the United States of America imitates her representative at the UNO, Susan Rice, in insolence, calling Russia and China “despicable” for spoiling her war plans in Syria (and beyond).

Insolence is indeed the mainstay and the keyword behind US diplomacy, intrusion ditto and hypocrisy has to be the toothpick in the throat of those who try to expound Washington’s virtue on the world stage. And let us be perfectly frank. Hillary Rodham Clinton had a very easy passage before her as the outwardly visible sidekick of Barack Obama, elected after eight years of a Bush regime which confirmed all the worst nightmares of the conspiracy theorists. Did she pull it off? No she didn’t.

For someone in her position, to label the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China as “despicable” because they exercised their right to block NATO’s evil desire to make another Libya out of Syria, is a clear sign of how low US diplomacy has sunk. In fact, it is difficult to discern which of the last three Secretaries of State is worse: Colin Powell, with his lies at the UNO about Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction; Condoleezza Rice, with her justification of Georgia’s murderous attack against Russians and now Hillary War Zone Clinton, responsible for Libya and desperate to press further eastwards as she holds the hands of those whose human rights records are…in a word…despicable.

Despicable are those Gulf Royals, unelected, but in power, and accepted without a word of contestation by Clinton and Obama and company, some of whom allegedly go to Morocco and perform the most horrific sexual crimes with boys and girls…despicable are the leaders of the Gulf States favourable to the USA and its allies siphoning off their resources, which have carried out the most draconian measures against their citizens.

No mention from despicable Hillary War Zone Clinton.

Despicable is the United States of America and its policy of torture flights, on which CIA operationals carried out barbaric acts against detainees; despicable it is to flout international law, invade sovereign states and destroy their civilian infrastructures with military hardware.

Despicable it is to maintain concentration camps, a festering wound on the collective face of humanity and a profound insult to human decency. Despicable it is to sodomise detainees; despicable it is to urinate in food, despicable it is to deprive detainees of sleep, despicable it is to water-board people, despicable it is to force Moslems to eat pork.

Despicable is Guantanamo Bay concentration camp, where the worst human rights violations in Latin America are perpetrated by the United States of America; despicable was Abu Ghraib concentration camp in Iraq, where the great American heroine Lynndie England was let loose on people who had been imprisoned without charge but hey! “just havin’ fun”. Despicable it is to detain people without due process, without access to a lawyer, without access to family visits and without even an accusation.

Despicable it is to arm terrorists overseas, as was the case in Libya and as is the case in Syria. Despicable, then, if we analyse with a modicum of intelligence, is Hillary R. Clinton and the hellhole that she represents.

To prove my point, in how many of the human rights violations mentioned above were Russia and China involved?


Thank you. I rest my case. Hillary War Zone Liar Clinton: YOU are despicable.



February 26th, 2012



Tomorrow the circus will begin. The tents are up in Geneva. The trapeze artistes, the tightrope walkers and the clowns are all dressed up raring to get on with the job of entertaining the multitude.

In the days of the Roman empire the people may not have had rights (human at that) and freedoms but they had bread and circuses. Maybe just to keep the plebs happy the Roman emperors gave it a high-sounding Latin name – panem et circenses.

The Roman populace seemed to be happy enough even if their only right was to trek to the closest amphitheatre and see Christians thrown to the lions or a couple of muscle-bound gladiators stab each other to death like Spartacus does in the movie by the same name.

Having enjoyed the spills and thrills they returned home and satiated their hunger with bread so generously distributed by the gormandizing emperors and their fawning courtiers. That is if they could not lay their hands on enough cheap wine to drink themselves to sleep, saying to hell with human rights.

How times have changed. Indeed. Today British MPs who hoodwink the taxpayers by diddling their parliamentary expense accounts – maybe that Tiger-supporter Siobhain McDonagh might know a thing or two about all this – those who have coerced working Tamil families to part with their hard-earned money in the name of “‘donations”‘ to the cause of Eelam, human rights activists who are living on public generosity or hidden funding from ultra- right foundations or accepting money from LTTE front organizations, are all gathering in Geneva.


They are all coming, often at other”‘s expense to speak about human rights. Never mind that their countries”‘ economies are collapsing around them, that the great Eurozone constructed with much fanfare and highfalutin nonsense as though it is a permanent altar to their economic well-being, they continue to maintain the facade of power, influence and strength.

“‘Tis the time to feed on the weak

So why are they all congregating in Geneva? Why, this is the time of year when vultures who have spent their days preparing diatribes against the small and the poor get together like carrion eaters to feed on the weak.

Among this lot are the real carrion consumers, the leftovers from the Eelam Project. They have been liberal with other people”‘s money, buying up politicians and some in the press who are ready to do any bidding for a fistful of dollars.

They all have one objective in mind, one cause to espouse. That is to try and rub Sri Lanka”‘s face in the dust. And why is this? Because Sri Lanka did what nobody thought it could do despite all the prognostications and expert advice from armchair analysts and political leaders that we could never defeat the LTTE.

All this ho ha has little to do with human rights, war crimes or crimes against humanity. These are mere phrases that keep the human rights industry and its hangers-on active and alive.

I dare say there are some who genuinely care about the rights of others and are committed to carrying on the good fight on behalf of them.

But most of the others are publicity seekers, some on the take and those who like to fatten themselves at the expense of others, even if it means driving those who they claim to help to penury.

Now many of those who have gathered in Geneva are hoping that the Human Rights Council will somehow push for an international inquiry against Sri Lanka. One of those who would like to see this happen and so elevate herself to a status that will ensure another term for her, is a woman called Navi Pillai out of southern India via South Africa. It was probably this Pillai woman who managed to get Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to appoint another South African buddy of hers to the so-called experts”‘ panel that is a disgrace to any panel of experts.

She has collected round her a motley crowd which has been singing from the same hymn sheet for quite some time now, determined to make Sri Lanka pay for defeating what many have conceded is perhaps the most ruthless and vicious terrorist organization in the world.

Instead of being thanked for doing a job that some countries have failed to do with other terrorist groups even though these countries have resources far superior to that of Sri Lanka, we are being castigated for a job well done.

If the US and the UK have still not been able to eliminate terrorism and violence in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, it is not because they are so concerned with human rights, strict adherence to the Geneva Conventions and the laws of war. Surely not! It is simply because even with their technologically sophisticated wherewithal they have not mastered the techniques of fighting terrorism.

So from several thousand kilometres away in the US mainland, the brave American warriors send drones into the air intending to kill suspected terrorists and instead killing civilians attending wedding ceremonies, at a funeral or simply going about their business like any normal person.

It wasn”‘t us!

When they kill the wrong people the first reaction of those who sent the drones is to deny any knowledge of such an incident. Then they admit the incident but claim they killed and maimed killed militants or terrorists. Then sometimes, quite reluctantly and diffidently, they accept that maybe a civilian or two did die.

Ha! So then where are these advocates of human rights, those brave souls who step forward to condemn Sri Lanka but are scared out of their wits to say a word against the US of A lest a drone or two visit them at home or the CIA plants pornography on them or put suspicious sums of money into their bank accounts and then catch them with their pants down?

Is it only the LTTE Tamils who have human rights? Don”‘t the Iraqis, the Afghans, the Libyans who are now being tortured and killed by the new democrats planted there by the West, and Pakistanis living in the border areas with Afghanistan have human rights like those over whom the West continues to lament.

Surely more independent-minded people have a right to ask these international and local do-gooders who thrive on fat donations from dubious sources why they do not press for international – or even truly independent domestic – inquiries into what is turning out to be routine killing of civilians by western armies or their henchmen almost daily?

Has the world community left to the once-powerful but declining West to tell the rest who has rights and who does not and who should be investigated and who should not?

Who the hell gave them that right anyway?


TNA Aren’t Imbeciles To Want To Show Up At Geneva Having Once Been And Still Is An LTTE Front, Where They Should Probably Have Been Forced To Attend!

February 26th, 2012

Insight By Sunil Kumar

February 26th 2012

The TNA probably needs to be deemed the ultimate example of complete LTTE supportives during the height of their existence of nefarious and Nation destructive activities and it is mind boggling how they have come to be politicians in Sri Lanka today. Despite their diluted palavering with the Administration which the true discerning see as a mere ploy they have gained access to their present day status mainly due to the upholding of democracy within Sri Lanka and its legislators but this privilege could be shortlived once their true transparencies show and all their pretences fall apart!

 TNA aren’t imbeciles to want to show up at Geneva having once been and judging by their words and actions still is an LTTE Front! Therefore it is not al all surprising that their (the TNA’s) decision to stay away from the forthcoming Geneva UNHCR convention, which obviously is a deliberate decision as they could easily be exposed for their true identity of LTTE supportives. It would be disastrous for the TNA if someone were to raise the alarm and there are very likely sources who could do this. Given their capacity to connive, concoct fabrications, resort to deceitful and pretentious presentations of being true representatives of the greater part the Tamil community ( which incidentally was also a ploy of the LTTE also and denied by many Tamils today happy and re-settled in domains in the North and East of Sri Lanka) they would have little ground to stand on realistically in Geneva as they in collaboration with the LTTE are the true culprits of any rights abuses which took place in Sri Lanka. When a war against terrorism of the nature and length of what transpired in Sri Lanka is put into persopective it seems fairly easy to conclude the statutes of limitations and who was really at fault. There is documented evidence to prove this and these are not fabrications but have been attested to as real by sources qualified to do so!

 It would have been fortuitous for Sri Lanka, her administration and true freedom loving citizens had the TNA been present at this convention and perhaps if there was a mandate and compulsion apparent to world administrarors to force their presence in Geneva to answer to the accusations levelled at Sri Lanka on Rights Violations et al, which they in all probabilities bear a greater responsibility for by virtue of their involvement with the LTTE, it would seem justifiable in the eyes of many.

 Hence it becomes somewhat obvious as to why the TNA are playing goody two shoes with their rhetoric in the process and avoiding the Geneva Sessions. In all probabilities the TNA are conscious about their former links to the terror group in Sri Lanka having openly supported the LTTE which once spanned a global network and is suspected of doing so surreptitiously even now and their body language constantly pointing to their veiled ambitions to instigate the resurrection of Eelam. No rocket science needed towards this inference based on the blatancy of the TNA simply because they have garnered a few seats in Parliament and seem oblivious to the likely repercussions of some of their current policies and actions which the Administrators of Sri Lanka are in all likelihood monitoring very carefully which in due course could turn out to be a breach of the Law and punishable should their objectives be in direct violation of the Nation’s Constitution relative to Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity, interestingly also the issue on which the LTTE were defeated and crushed.

 That they too have to answer to the destruction that took place in the country in recent past,quoting Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa commenting on the TNA”‘s statement over the UNHCR sessions in Geneva seems in all likelihood the reason for the TNA to want to avoid it and when the TNA utters meaningless statements that they support the GOSL on various issues saying they are behind the President while having a hidden agenda in reality they speak with a forked tongue where there could be a hidden danger to the Nation if not dealt with effectively where the best means would be to outlaw them should they cross the guidelines posted by the Laws of the Land.

 The Hon. Minister’s comments as quoted are that:

” the TNA”‘s behavior was a proxy to the LTTE and they are answerable for what the LTTE did”‚, whilst asserting with confidence that “the Government had nothing to worry as it had kept all the pledges given to the public. We the (GOSL) have not violated human rights, but paved the way to preserve rights of all the Tamils put in trouble by the LTTE. We rehabilitated over 17,000 former combatants and provided them livelihood. Over 100,000 were resettled. We provided electricity. Roads are being constructed. No more emergency laws, No high security zones. Establishing the democracy, we held elections in the North and East. Then, how can the TNA speak contrary about promises by the government”‚, the Minister who was responsible for infrastructure and resettlement process in the area lamented.

If the TNA still dreams about Eelam regimes, they have not understood the reality. There was a time that some TNA MPs were also unable to visit the North and East. President Rajapaksa was given a mandate by the people including the Tamils in the North and East and he will uphold his promises to them. We have to warn the TNA not to drive the Tamils into desperation again. Please don”‘t do the same mistake again. It caused a grave disaster for the country and hindered the country”‘s development”‚,

where the statement of the Minister rings true to the realities one would attribute to the TNA which of late seem to be taking on the same role the LTTE were aiming at .

 Case in point collectively for all those apathetic sources finger pointing at the GOSL in a concerted albeit baseless attempt to discredit it not only in Geneva but also through their past wasted and deliberately orchestrated attacks led predominantly by the likes of UN ‘head honcho’ Ban Ki Moon and his ‘comrade in arms’ Naveen Pillai who have set a decrepit and seemingly biased example of false accusations based on doctored presentations, crocodile tears of some whose efforts to bring down the GOSL through lies and innuendo failed albeit picked up also by certain world powers for all the wrong reasons never once granting or upholding the imperative concession that this is a Sovereign Nation which has fought off the evils of terrorism justifiably, unprecedentedly and made the existences of all her citizens safe and secure where only the losers to date continue their protests and worthless clarion calls.

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