India-â„¢s relationship with Sri Lanka very strong: typical gobbledygook from India-â„¢s External Affairs Ministry

October 31st, 2013

Asada M Erpini

A spokesman of India-â„¢s Ministry of External Affairs has said, as reported on 31 October in the local media, that the -relationship between India and Sri Lanka is very strong and should not be characterized as usual-.

The response had been given at a media briefing when the gentleman was asked whether it was usual for a Chief Minister (CM) of provinces in foreign countries to approach the PM of India directly. -The Chief Minister of a province in a foreign country- in this situation is the much talked about CM of the Northern Provincial Council, who since being elected to the post has been able to garner, almost overnight, a great deal of media attention with his views and aspirations.

All that the spokesperson of India-â„¢s Ministry of External Affairs had to do was to give a straightforward -Yes- or -No-. Instead, he goes on talking about the welfare of the people of the North -” obviously of Sri Lanka – who have been adversely impacted. As to who was the root cause of the adversities is carefully avoided: the uninformed will jump to the conclusion that it was Sri Lanka-â„¢s armed forces and the majority Sinhala community that created the problems: India obviously cannot say that if not for the LTTE, which was nurtured, financed and trained by India, Sri Lanka by this time would have been a much more prosperous country than what it is today. And, India would not have to worry about the welfare of the people in the North (Tamils) at all.

Additionally, it is the Executive Head of one country that communicates with his or her counterpart in another: the protocol is that minions such as Chief Minsters of provinces have to approach the Executive Head of the concerned country first when it comes to bilateral or multilateral issues. If India wishes to go by the conventions and protocols of diplomacy and international relations, any communication from a CM of a province in Sri Lanka should have been disregarded.

The more important message as regards the relationship between the two countries, however, is that the average Sri Lankan may not be ready to share the views of the Ministry of External Affairs of India.

Tamils say “Thank You” to Stephen Harpen for boycotting the Commonwealth Summit

October 31st, 2013

Asoka Weerasinghe‚  Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

30 November 2013

Hon. Jason Kenney, MP (Conservative);‚  Hon. Chris Alexander, MP (Conservative), Hon. Tim Uppal, MP (Conservative),‚  Paul Calandra, MP (Conservative), Corneliu Chisu, MP (Conservative), Stephen Woodworth, MP (Conservative), Patrick Brown, MP (Conservative), Mark Adler, MP (Conservative), ‚ Wladyslaw Lizon, MP (Conservative), Brad Butt, MP (Conservative),‚  Harold Albrecht, MP (Conservatives), Parm Gill (Conservative), Stellar Ambler (Conservative),‚  Devinder Shory, MP (Conservative), Bruce Stanton, MP (Conservative), John Carmichael, MP (Conservative), Costas Managakis , MP (Conservative), Robert Sopuck MP (Conservative), David Anderson, MP (Conservative);‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  Paul Dewar, MP (New Democratic Party), Rathika Sitsabaeisan, MP (NDP), Peggy Nash, MP (NDP), Mike Sullivan, MP (NDP), Irene‚  Mathyssen, MP (NDP), Jenny Jogindera Simms, MP (NDP), Murray Rankin, MP (NDP), Linda Duncan, MP (NDP), Dan Harris, MP (NDP), Marc-Andre Morin, MP (NDP);‚  Hon. John McCallum, MP (Liberal), Hon. Judy Sgro, MP (Liberal), Marc Garneau, MP (Liberal), Kristy Duncan, MP (Liberal)

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I wish I had the conviction to address all of you as -Dear Honourable Ladies and Gentlemen--¦ but Naaa!‚ ‚  Couldn-â„¢t for the life of me, as I felt that none of you were honourable enough when all of you stood in front of 202 (we did a head count) Tamil Tiger sympathizers on the afternoon of Monday, October 28, facing a large banner carried by them with the words -Commonwealth fails on its core value by allowing Sri Lanka to Host Summit.-

What beats me is that none of you MPs who showed up had the presence of mind to discard your cloak of hypocrisy and ask these Tamils ——Well, perhaps you could name one-¦not two or three countries, just one, out of the 53 Commonwealth nations who live by the core values of the Commonwealth, and ‚ please don-â„¢t miss Canada when you make that choice.-‚  You know what dear MPs?‚  They will have difficulty to name one and so would you.‚ ‚  ‚ ‚ And that is this immoral game of Canada-â„¢s Big Humbug that you all are involved ‚ playing as Sri Lanka bashing politicians.. And that is the rub.‚  I wish I was there to present every one of you with a sausage of baloney from the ByWard Market, to remind all of you that you are full of it, and would go to any extent to seek the Tamil bloc vote in the Greater Toronto Area at the next federal election.‚  I see that most of you present were from the GTA ridings.‚ ‚  Right?

I laughed at you all standing in line in front of a mike, as if you all were groups of amateur choirs practicing singing your Tamil Tiger Blarney Christmas carol for the handouts of ‚ brown bags of samosas, chapthis ‚ and bowls of mulligatawny soup, from these 202 Tamils.‚  The only person missing was the choir master, Prime Minister Stephen Harper with his baton.

There is one thing that I noticed and I hope you did too, especially Rathika, that these Tamils after begging and prodding through public announcements for weeks for Tamils to join them to come down to Ottawa to rally and say -Thank You- to Prime Minister Stephen Harper for boycotting the Commonwealth Summit could only muster 202 Tamils to stand on Parliament Hill holding on to Canadian flags.‚  That ‚ small gathering speaks loud of the present interest of the Tamils on this dying issue as normally they would have brought 20,000 Tamils in bus loads to Ottawa at a snap of a finger by their leaders.‚ ‚ ‚  Remember the sea of 50-shades of dark brown faces under a sky of red Tamil Tiger flags on parliament hill and blocking Wellington Street for hours and hours every day during March, April and May of 2009? ‚ It-â„¢s pathetic that you all keep providing this miniscule depleting number of hardcore Tamil Tiger sympathizing separatists with oxygen with your presence for them to keep going, even though they are coughing and limping. ‚ ‚ Looks stupid, isn-â„¢t it?‚  Everyone of you looked pathetic to me!

Here-â„¢s what I mean when I say stupid.‚ ‚  At the end of my counting ‚ to three, I want every one of you, including NDPs Rathika to turn your palms over and look at them.‚  Here-¦we-¦go-¦ -ËœONE-¦TWO-¦THREE-â„¢.‚  Well, what do you see?‚  ‚ Look carefully every one of you, and you will find a film of Sinhala blood-â„¢ on them.‚ ‚  And they will never wash away, ever, reminding you politicians of your double-standard hypocrisy.

Canada was the Godfather of these Tamil Tiger terrorist serial killers whose sympathizers stood in front of you, or rather you stood in front of them on Monday supporting their foolish cause of ‚ still wanting their racist, mono-ethnic Tamil separate state, Eelam. Canada helped them for 13 long Liberal years to collect 2 million dollars a month and stuff it into the Canadian Tamil Tiger war chest to buy sophisticated killing war weapons to snuff out my unarmed Sinhalese people in scores of thousands.

It was in 1994, that one of the Canadian-Tamils cut a cheque for 7.5 million dollars from a bank account in Vancouver to buy 50 tonnes of TNT and 10 tonnes of plastic RDX explosive materials from the Rubezone Chemical Factory in Ukraine.‚  It were these explosives purchased with ‚ Canadian dollars that were used in the truck bomb to bring down the Central Bank Building in the Fort in Colombo on 31 January 1996, killing 114 innocent people and maimed another 1,338 innocent‚  people for life.‚ ‚  And if I request from you to let me know with a show of hands who knew of this fact, I will bet my last dollar that if 10 MPs put their hands up we would be lucky. As the majority of you know sweet nothing of the genesis of this Eelam war, and the ruthless killings and ethnic cleansing of the innocent Sinhalese and Muslims by the Tamil Tigers. ‚ ‚ And yet you support these ruthless bastards‚  by supporting their Tamil rump in Canada.

And I say to all the then Liberal parliamentarians, POX on you lot for aiding and abetting these serial killers to kill my Sinhalese people.‚ ‚  Judy, you know what I am talking about and so do you John.‚  As for you Kristy and Marc, you may not know it as you two were not around sitting in the hallowed chambers of the House.

I notice in the photograph taken that day of the NDP parliamentarians standing behind Rathika Sitsabaiesan doing the royal salute with her right hand up and her four colleagues smiling with appreciation when she was dumping on the Sri Lankan Government who got rid of her Tamil Tigers to give back the right-to-life to 22 million Sri Lankans whose human rights were hijacked by her ruthless Tamil Tiger terrorists for 27 bloody years.

I believe that Rathika has sold her sob story that she sought refuge in Canada because she was discriminated and persecuted by the majority Sinhalese.‚  I say to Rathika, that-â„¢s a bucket full of cods-wallop, lady.‚  Why don-â„¢t you cut out that fairy tale and tell your colleagues that you were 5 years old when you were brought over by your parents to dodge the Tamil Tigers who would have kidnapped you, brainwashed you and trained you to become a suicide bomber as over half of the 388 suicide bombers were young Tamil women who blew themselves up while killing 100s at special events or crowded places to satisfy the Tamil Tiger leader Prabhakaran who was chasing his own tail to find his mythical Eelam. And what you remember when you were 5-years old was playing hopscotch under a mango tree and even ‚ if the word D-I-S-C-R-I-M-I-N-A-T-I-O-N was parachuted down from heaven on Babi-dolls onto your lap, that you wouldn-â„¢t have known what the word DISCRIMINATION meant.‚  And that-â„¢s a fact.‚ ‚ 

I ask you to be fair to your moderate Tamil brethren, and there are thousands of them in the GTA who visit Sri Lanka regularly, and have witnessed the reconciliation process and what miracles the Tamils in the North and East are enjoying. ‚ And some of Tamil Torontonians have already started their lucrative businesses in the North and‚  East of Sri Lanka and enjoy the company of their Sinhalese friends and share a plate of string-hoppers with katta sambol and kiri-hodhi for breakfast. ‚ ‚ ‚ 

Give Peace a Chance and give them a break and cut out your stupidity.‚ ‚  Let-â„¢s accept it, that you have failed miserably if you could only attract 202 Tamils from the GTA out of the 200,000, then that tells an extraordinary fact -” you have failed to hurt Sri Lanka, the place that you only know of playing hopscotch under a mango tree.

And I tell to the rest of the MPs who did their little song and dance in front of the 202 Tamils who wanted to say -Thank you- to Prime Minister Stephen Harper for boycotting the Commonwealth Summit in Colombo, Sri Lankans couldn-â„¢t care two washed out dead capelin on the shores of Bonavista Bay as they know that Canada is hostile towards Sri Lanka, the land that they love.

And when Deepak Obhrai, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs who will be leading the Canadians at the Summit land his feet on the tarmac of the Colombo airport, he will understand what I meant when he will hear the strains of the song filtering through the fronds of coconut palms waving a welcome ‚ to him in the wind:

-*This land is your land, this land is my land/ from Dondra Head to ‚ the‚  beautiful Delft islands/ from the majestic Teak forests to the Palk Strait waters/ so don-â„¢t you come to hurt Sri Lanka/ as it was made for you as a visitor and me.

*When the sun was rising and I was strolling/ and the rice fields waving and the mist shroud rolling/ and as the mist was lifting a voice was chanting/ so don-â„¢t you come to hurt Sri Lanka/ as this land was made for you as a visitor and me.-

And I hope and wish that the Canadian delegation will not only be welcomed with the Sri Lankan norm at the airport with festoons of flowers around their necks but also with a special welcoming gift of a kite in the shape of a maple leaf so that they can go to Galleface Green by the Indian Ocean and fly their kites.

Please think about what I said, and not what Rathika has told you.‚ ‚  She has no moral right to hurt Sri Lanka and nor have you as Canadian law makers, the Godfathers of the Tamil Tiger terrorism in Sri Lanka.‚ 

Jason Kenney, I hope you heard me loud and clearly.‚  You and the rest who were at this gathering have no moral right to talk down on Sri Lanka as your Government has still not acknowledged the classic text book example of the ultimate human right when Mahinda Rajapaksa-â„¢s Government gave back the right-to-life to 22 million of his people by whipping the butts of the Tamil Tiger terrorists and eliminating them militarily on 19th May 2009 on the Nandikadal lagoon-â„¢s beach.‚ ‚ 

And when your government has still not acknowledged the classic text book example of human rights of liberating 295, 873 Tamils by the Sri Lankan armed forces, who were held as a human shield by the Tamil Tigers for 30 months like unwashed cattle.‚ And that‚ the majority Sinhalese prepared a million meals a day to feed them breakfast, lunch and dinner.‚  And not only that Jason, all of these Tamils were sent back to their ‚ own renovated, rebuilt homes within three years after the war ended.‚ ‚  And you had the gall and temerity to go to Sri Lanka on 7th January and preach to them about our – Made in Canada -Ëœaboriginal abused women-â„¢ Human Rights with a snide face almost saying -ËœWe are Holier than Thou.-‚ ‚  What bullish nonsense, Jason!‚  All this for a Tamil vote. Ha!

Before I conclude this letter, permit me to address the MPs who think they know best how to safeguard the security and sovereignty of that little island that is under the clawing hegemonic- shadow of the giant India, and still under pressure from Tamil Nadu wanting to invade the north of Sri Lanka to give the Tamils like Rathika, their Eelam.‚  Added to all that the unholy ‚ pressure from Canada to remove the army camps from the North and let the northern and eastern shores be wide open, so that the Tamil Tiger rump who are collecting funds to regroup and perhaps bring in shiploads of arm as they did bringing 11 shiploads during the Scandinavian monitored‚  Ceasefire period of 2002‚ to 2006. Sneaking sophisticated arms inland and try one more time to fight another war with kidnapped children as their child brigades and watch them getting mowed down along the front line like fields of poppies in Kabul as it happened during Eelam War IV.

The problem with you lot is that you did not have to fight terrorism in Canada, ‚ but the Sri Lankans did for 30 years, aided and abetted by India, Norway and Canada and a few other western nations.‚ ‚ 

President Rajapaksa knows it better than you all as he was the one who had to get rid of the scum off the civilized world.‚  He has said -There demands that we remove the troops from the north.‚  is not a practical thing to do and will not be done.-

Let-â„¢s see whether I can make you all understand why the military camps are in the North and East of the island, by rewording my reasoning.‚  The Sri Lankan Army is placed in the North and East because the Army has to protect the strategic interests of Sri Lanka, as much as what we expect from our Armed Forces to protect Canada-â„¢s strategic interests.‚  ‚ ‚ This is not rocket science. These were the areas that once a upon a time, for 27 long years were Tamil Tiger terrorist dens as well as ‚ where illegal immigration took place from South India, which has been a contentious issue in the recent past.‚ ‚  You factor in the problems that Sri Lanka has with Indian fishermen poaching on Sri Lankan waters who carried arms and ammunitions and barrels of kerosene and oil for the Tamil Tigers from Tamil Nadu.‚  So it is imperative that the army be deployed at strategic points in the island ignoring the demands of the meddling ‚ and stupid Canadian parliamentarians who doesn-â„¢t have to live in Sri Lanka-â„¢s north nor would want a summer cottage there either.

And if you want to know whether President Rajapaksa-â„¢s decision not to remove the Army camps from strategic positions in the North and East ‚ to ensure national security, territorial integrity and sovereignty, is his final answer, I am certain that he will respond without a blink of his eyes once by saying -“-Yes, it is the final decision and my final answer and stop trying to teach my grandmother how to suck eggs.‚  She does it the Sri Lankan way and that works and is good for us.-


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)

-ËœMadman-â„¢ who stood for a righteous cause – Forty sixth Death anniversary of L.H. Mettananda

October 31st, 2013

By Janaka Perera

‚ He was branded a religious fanatic because of what he stood for. ‚ ‚ 

‚ Friday November 1st‚ marks the 46th‚ Death Anniversary Lokusathu Hewa Mettananda – better known as L.H. Mettananda -” the indefatigable fighter for the rights of Sinhala Buddhists.‚  In the words of veteran journalist the late D.B. Dhanapala -Anybody who dare talk of Buddhist rights in a Buddhist country is bound to be called a fanatic on disturbing the peace and rousing up religious feelings-‚  (AMONG THOSE PRESENT).

‚ Mettananda-â„¢s goal was to liberate the country from those whom he considered aliens in their own land.‚ ‚  They found it difficult to identify with Sri Lanka-â„¢s pre-colonial history and culture and dealt in short weight to Buddhists.

‚ Mettananda was born on March 19, 1894 at Kalawadumulla, Ambalangoda as the eldest son of L.H. Kovies De Silva a businessman and Weerasooriya Karalinahamy. Mettananda had four brothers and one sister. Having had his primary education at Dharmasoka College, Ambalangoda, he entered Richmond College-Galle where he had a distinguished academic record. In 1912 he passed the Cambridge Senior Examination and in 1913 he successfully completed the London Matriculation examination.

In July 1930, he obtained the Diploma in Education from the London Day Training College and continued to study for a Masters’ Degree in Education. In between these years he joined the tutorial staff of Sri Sumangala Boy’s School, Panadura in 1912 and served as an Assistant Teacher at Holy Cross College-Kalutara during the years 1916-1918. He joined Ananda College as an Assistant Teacher in 1919 and the Buddhist Theosophical Society (BTS) selected him to become the first Principal at Nalanda Vidyalaya in 1923, which was a new school.

‚ In 1923 he married Celia, daughter of Mudaliyar J.De S.Wickremesooriya. They had three sons and two daughters.

‚ Mettananda-â„¢s first love was education. In each school he taught or became Principal, he encouraged students from the provinces to study science and qualify as doctors or engineers. He stressed the need for making students fluent in English. ‚ He himself taught Latin and English for four years at Ananda College. Under him, education was based on Buddhist traditions and the mother tongue was used as the medium of instruction.

‚ He also played a very active role in the Anti-Malaria campaign of the 1930s.‚  The then Commissioner for Relief, H.E. Newman praised the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress (ACBC) under Mettananda-â„¢s direction for the -fullest assistance- given to the commissioner in the distribution of relief items to affected people.

Mettananda was elected ACBC President at its AGM held in Galle in 1935. In his inaugural presidential address he reportedly stated that it was of paramount importance to steer education based on Buddhist principles.

‚ It was Mettananda who first demanded that the 5th Clause in the Kandyan Convention of 1815 on protection being given to Buddhism be included in the Constitution and demanded that the proclamation of 21st November 1818 regarding temple lands be implemented. He also demanded that Article 29(2) of the 1947 Constitution be abolished.

He was the guiding spirit behind the Buddhist Commission Report that accelerated the United National Party’s ignominious defeat in the 1956 Parliamentary Elections, reducing that party’s number of seats in Parliament to eight.

The call to appoint such a Commission of Inquiry was based on the need to remedy the injustices done to the Buddhists under three colonial regimes which were continued in the post -“independence period by local rulers subservient to colonial interests. The undertaking the British gave to protect and maintain the Buddhist religion had been grossly betrayed before the ink was dry in the Kandyan Convention of 1815.

Buddhism in consequence of the terms of the Convention enjoyed the same position as the Anglican Church in England. But even after 1948 not only was this fact ignored but attempts to marginalize Buddhists in the State sector, in the armed forces and elsewhere continued as before.

Mettananda noticed that the Prime Minister D.S. Senanayake’s Government was not prepared to give State patronage to Buddhism as in the pre-colonial days. When ACBC team led by Professor Gunapala Malalasekera proposed to Senanayake the need to establish a Buddhist Commission the Prime Minister at first agreed to accede to the request but subsequently backed out, saying that it would be a violation of the Soulbury Constitution. But it was really the pressure from non-Buddhist forces that strongly supported the then government -” which made the Prime Minister change his mind.

Consequently the Buddhist leadership had no alternative but to appoint a Commission of Inquiry themselves to probe into the continuing system of education and other areas that denied Buddhists their rightful place. The ACBC established a Buddhist Committee of Inquiry on April 2, 1954 in accordance with the resolution adopted at the 33rd annual ABC conference held at Kegalle on December 27, 1953.

The `Buddhist Commission’ as it came to be popularly known, held its sittings throughout the length and breadth of the country beginning at Ratnapura on June 26, 1954 and concluding at Anuradhapura on May 22, 1955. It gathered evidence from organizations and individuals representing all sections of Buddhist society.

At the presentation of the Commission Report to the Maha Sangha at Ananda College on February 4, 1956 Mettananda said:

‚ -A great noise is being made by our Government that much is being done for Buddhism. The Dalada Maligawa is to be provided with a new wing, Mahiyangana is to be restored, and the Pattirippuwa and Magul Maduwa are to be given to the Buddhists. The Tripitaka is being translated into Sinhalese. A Buddhist Encyclopedia is being compiled. These are no doubt very good things, but I ask you, -ËœWill the restoration of old buildings help to revive the Buddhist Way of Life?-â„¢ The translation of the Tripitaka and the compilation of a Buddhist Encyclopedia are good things, but will they alone help to revive the Buddhist Way of Life?-

In 1956 when S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike won the General Election he expected Mettananda to be satisfied with a cushy job like a diplomatic post and not bother about Sinhala Buddhist issues anymore.‚  But Bandaranaike was mistaken.‚  Mettananda spurned all efforts to placate him and spoke out loud and bold once again about the grievances of the Buddhists.‚  This made the Prime Minister call him a madman.‚  It only amused Mettananda who was devoid of ambition.

No one could question his sincerity.‚ 

L.H. Mettananda passed away in Colombo at the age of 73, on November 1, 1967.

To coincide with his death anniversary his daughter Dr. Kamala and her husband Thilak Ediriweera will lay the foundation stone for the construction of an elders-â„¢ home to be named after L.H. Mettananda in Pittugala, Malabe at a cost of around Rs. 20 million. It is being built as an addition to the ACBC Elder Citizens Home in Pittugala.‚  Accommodation will be on payment.

Response to India Must Attend CHOGM in it’s Own Interest-

October 31st, 2013

Ira de Silva Ontario, Canada

The Editor
Times of India
Delhi, India
Dear Sir:
Mr. Singh is still undecided about whether to attend. In the meantime Tamil Nadu is passing resolutions to boycott and politically backed thugs are on the loose in Tamil Nadu to pressure the Central Government. Security is being increased at Sri Lankan offices in Tamil Nadu because of the many past attacks on them when politicians in Tamil Nadu want to reinforce their antipathy towards Sri Lanka for political clout. What most Indians do not seem to realise is that Sri Lanka is not a part of India. It is a sovereign country. Tamil Nadu acts as if it can dictate terms to Sri Lanka via the Central Government. Should Mr. Singh decide to not go, it would appear that he supports Tamil Nadu in it’s strident, aggressive, violent politics and that he has adopted Tamil Nadu’s brand of ignorant, violent, undiplomatic attacks on Sri Lanka abdicating the Centre’s responsibility for foreign affairs giving it to the states. How far the “mighty India” has fallen will be demonstrated to the world.
Indian ignorance of the facts regarding Sri Lanka is demonstrated by the writer’s statement that “this was the first time a Tamil party has been allowed to form a provincial government by Colombo”. For your information, provincial governments in Sri Lanka were created after the Indo-Lanka Agreement, which incidentally was forced on Sri Lanka by India pandering to the LTTE and Tamil Nadu for Indian Tamil votes and was in India’s interests only. Sri Lankans were opposed and are still opposed to what India foisted on them. The reason that there was no provincial government in the north since these governments were created was because the Indian and Tamil Nadu backed LTTE was a terrorist, fascist, dictatorship which deprived a vote to those under their rule. It was only after the Indian created LTTE dictatorship was militarily defeated that people of the north had the opportunity to vote, not because of Colombo but thanks to Colombo and at great cost to Sri Lanka in lives lost and economic hardship all because of “India’s interests”.
Regarding what is at stake for India if Mr. Singh does not attend -
” If India downgrades its participation in CHOGM, it runs the risk of “losing” Lanka”. If Mr. Singh does not attend, Sri Lanka should clearly indicate to India that it will no longer tolerate India’s domineering, interfering, aggressive attitude and that India will not receive any concessions whether political or economic. In short, Sri Lanka should tell India to get lost. While it is questionable that ” India dominates strategic ground” in Hambantota, whatever ground it dominates should be taken back by Sri Lanka immediately. If India wants to stay home, so be it, get votes in India using other scapegoats and leave Sri Lanka alone.
“Second, India as the big regional power has never missed a multilateral summit in its own region. In 2004, India signalled displeasure with Bangladesh, which then rescheduled the SAARC summit”. India can signal it’s displeasure all it wants, the summit will be held in Colombo. If Mr. Singh does not attend, as pointed out, the other countries will be represented at the head of state level so India’s voice will not be equal. The same applies to Canada and there have been many voices in Canada, including that of a former Prime Minister, Mr. B. Mulroney, stating that Canada has made a mistake in it’s decision that the Prime Minister will not attend. Both India and Canada are countries that helped terrorise Sri Lanka. Non attendance may be a welcome relief for Sri Lankans who can still remember the fear and terror caused to them by these two countries support of the LTTE.
Third, “India’s leverage with Sri Lanka would vanish. This would make it impossible to influence Lankan behaviour particularly with regard to the fishermen issue, close to hearts of all Tamil politicians in India”. The fact is that the Tamil fisherman of Sri Lanka, whose livelihood is being threatened by the constant poaching of the Tamil Nadu fisherman, may welcome this “leverage” vanishing. The hypocrisy of India and Tamil Nadu’s interference and aggression against Sri Lanka is clearly manifested in this issue. While constantly harping on the rights of the Tamils of Sri Lanka, it is India that is infringing on their basic right to work in their own waters because of Indian disregard of international boundaries. The fact that the newly elected head of the northern provincial council in Sri Lanka has stated that India should attend indicates that he is fully aware of Indian hypocrisy and treachery regarding the issue of the fisherman.
For Sri Lanka’s sake, it is hoped that the “inner track of communication” whatever that is, will be broken, that Sri Lanka will be rid of India and it’s interests at the expense of Sri Lanka. If India is not attending because of votes in India, there is the possibility that if the President of Sri Lanka openly expresses his displeasure with India, it’s bullying attitude, stops giving concessions to India and stands firm on behalf of the country, he would get more votes in Sri Lanka. That would be a win win situation for politicians in both India and Sri Lanka. The losers would be the LTTE diaspora which would be a very welcome outcome for all Sri Lankans.
Yours truly,
Ira de Silva
Ontario, Canada


October 31st, 2013

Benefits outweigh Tamil Nadu fallout

Analysts say India will get isolated by non-attendance

Dr. Manmohan Singh the Indian Premier considering that it is in India’s strategic interests to maintain good relations with the neighbouring countries, has reportedly taken a decision to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) Summit in Colombo following a meeting of the Congress core committee yesterday, according to Indian media reports.

Times of India states the committee in some detail has evaluated the pros and cons of the Prime Minister attending the meeting in Colombo and decided that the benefits outweigh the political fallout from the Tamil parties. Political analysts point out that Sri Lanka’s better relationship with China and Pakistan may force the Indian Prime Minister to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Colombo despite political pressure from the Tamil parties of Tamil Nadu.

They say that it is India that will get isolated and lose by not attending the Summit. Meanwhile, the Indian media have also pointed out that by not attending the summit, especially after Sri Lanka’s newly appointed Northern Province Chief Minister of C.V. Vigneswaran asked the Prime Minister to attend the CHOGM, so that India can influence the Sri Lankan government for a meaningful political settlement, the center has felt that India would lose its influencing power on Sri Lanka to China and Pakistan.

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Stop Wigneswaran promoting separatism

October 31st, 2013

Ranjith Soysa‚ ‚  Media ReleaseSPUR‚  (Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka Inc)

Mr. C.V. Wigneswaran the newly elected chief minister of the Northen Province of Sri Lanka has called prabhakaran a liberation fighter and compared‚ ‚  him to Weera Kappeptipola . This is not only a grave insult to Weera Keppetipola but is also a grave insult to the‚  members of defence services and the general public‚  who sacrificed life and limb to restore peace and democracy to the whole of Sri Lanka and to all who were oppressed by the terrorism of the LTTE. Weera Keppetipola and other heroes fought against the British invaders to liberate the people of Sri Lanka. In stark contrast Prabhakaran did NOT fight an invading foreign power but fought against the armed forces of the legitimately elected governments of Sri Lanka in order to illegally carve out a separate country comprising of the North and East of Sri Lanka. This act of Wigneswaran of glorifying prabhakaran clearly shows that he supports‚  the ruthless terrorist campaign waged by the LTTE to break up Sri Lanka. All patriotic Sri Lankans irrespective of their ethnicity should whole heartedly condemn this blatant promotion of separatist terrorism and also condemn the grave insult to a heroic freedom fighter.

Mr.Wigneswaran doesn-â„¢t stop there. In another more recent speech he has said that he- cannot condone the army-â„¢s presence in the North based on national security- and alleged that the Sri Lankan Army is acquiring land from people in Jaffna. We wish to remind Mr.Wigneswaran that he has absolutely no right to determine the deployment of the Sri Lankan Army as it is done based on national security requirements by the ministry of defence.‚  Furthermore Wigneswaran-â„¢s allegation against the Army is false as according to Major general Hathurusinghe since 2009 the Army has handed back 4200 plots of land to civilians and Army camps on those lands have been relocated to state owned land. Both of these statements by Wigneswaran reflects his attempts at discrediting the Sri Lankan defence forces with the sole aim of playing cheap politics with regard to the presence of them in the Northern Province . His questionable attempt is to lay the foundation for a separate state with minimum resistance from the Sri Lankan government after the weakening of defence establishments‚  in the NP.

Mr. Wigneswaran has further stated that the Muslims who were driven out of the Northern Province are welcome to return to the Northern province. He however does not utter a word about the return of thousands of Sinhala people who were forced to flee the Northern province. It is clear that his objective is to exclude the Sinhalese from the northern province in order to establish a province comprising mainly of Tamil speaking people.‚  We wish to remind Mr. Wigneswaran that alll‚  Sri Lankans irrespective of their ethnicity have a right to settle in any part of Sri Lanka and that it is not his prerogative to determine the ethnic composition of the northern or any other province. We wish to remind him of the‚  Western Province where he resides is a multi-ethnic where no restrictions are imposed by its Chief Minister in respect of its ethnic composition.

We strongly request the government to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka and to continue to deploy the Army all over the country as dictated by national security requirements and not by the aspirations of the likes‚  of Mr. Wigneswaran. We further request the government to enforce the 6th amendment of the constitution to ensure that no politician acts to create separate units within Sri Lanka and all the politicians are compelled to uphold legally the territorial integrity of the country .

Ranjith Soysa

Spokesperson – SPUR‚  (Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka Inc)

31st Oct 2013


October 31st, 2013

By Stanley Perera -” Melbourne

My Dear Vignesvaran,

You have lived all your life in Colombo amongst the Sinhalese brethren.‚  You received free education from the GoSL the country of birth.‚  You entered the law college and received free education and rose up to the highest position in the judiciary.‚  Until you contested to the C.M-â„¢s position in the North you were not seen in public places wearing the red pottu and verti.‚  The two children of yours are married to Sinhalese.‚  The silk that you wore in the Supreme Court was borrowed from a retired Sinhalese Supreme Court Jude who happens to be a relation of yours.‚  Since retirement you are drawing a handsome pension from Sri Lankan government.‚  You are travelling to India backwards and forward with a VIP Passport provided by the Sri Lankan Government.‚  The children of yours were also given a free education by the Sri Lanka Government.‚  A safe and peaceful environment was set up by the Sri Lanka Government in the North for you to contest the P.C.election by sacrificing 40,000 Sinhala soldier-â„¢s lives.‚  Large number of Sinhala soldiers lost their limbs.

Since becoming the C.M. the terminology often used by you is not at all suitable to a man of your state which are unconstitutional, unpatriotic and anti Sinhalese.‚  Hence, betraying the country that took care of you and your family well and truly.‚  The utterances are irrational and distasteful.‚  Very irresponsible for a retired Supreme Court judge at the age of 74.‚ 

If one says another scoundrel, he must be a scoundrel in the first place.‚  If one respects the other, naturally he will be treated in the similar fashion.‚  Respect is something that a man must earn through his or her-â„¢s behaviour and the attitude.‚  Judging by your recent behaviour or utterances you do not deserve any respect at all.‚  Hence forth the writer is unable address you as Justice Vigneswaran or Mr. Wigneswaran.‚  Therefore you fall in to the category of third grade or gutter type Tamil who bring disgrace to the moderate Sri Lankan Tamil people.‚  You do not deserve an iota of respect from the patriotic Sri Lankan.

Sri Lanka is for all Sri Lankans.‚  Any one not patriotic or anti-Sri Lanka is not a Sri Lankan.‚  They the ones you find in Tamil Nadoo.‚  At least two third of the Tamils in the North and East are illegal immigrants from Tamil Nadoo.‚  During the time of terror by the racist Tamil Terrorists, Vaiko, Nedumaran, Seaman, Krunasleeping and that fat mistress exported ship loads of starving Tamils who were imported by the Tamil Terrorist leader to build up their numbers.‚  They are the racists who have joined hands with the fat mistress and karunasleeping.

It must be borne in mind that there are 234000 Sinhala IDPs waiting to be settled down in the North and about 40,000 muslims.‚  GoSL is blamed for not settling the Sinhala and Muslim IDPs before the NPC election.‚  It is a warning to the GoSL at least before the next NPC election all the displaced IDPs must be settled down.‚  Ethnic cleansing is the priority of the Kallathonis.

Wigneswaran does not display any signs of stesmanship.‚  What he demonstrates is absolute racist ideology adopted by the slain Tamil Terrorist Leader and the bunch of racist and uneducated together with the uncivilised TNAIs.‚  This is a contagious disease amongst the Kallathonis.‚  If the GoSL did not treat this disease with the proper medicine forthwith, GoSL is not fair by the other eight provinces.‚  Preferential treatment cannot be given to one province alone.‚  What the TNAi and Wigneswarn expect is to be the parasite.‚  Here the writer wishes to quote by late‚  P.C. Siva, -the udder in the North and mouth on the South.‚  Sambanthnai and Wigneswaranai are proposed for the honorary doctorate on PARACITOLOGY.‚  LISTEN YOU RACIS BUNCH, LEARN TO LIVE AND LET LIVE.‚  DON-â„¢T BRING SHAME TO THE MODERATE TAMIL PEOPLE. ‚ 

Cattle slaughter is not a Gava Gathana Pinkama – Dear is life to all

October 31st, 2013

-ËœDamned if you do, damned if you don-â„¢t-â„¢ seems the challenge posed to Buddhists and an increasing number of indigenous people in different corners of the world as they face new cult type incursions.

When a longstanding Muslim Governor of the Western Province in Sri Lanka suddenly issues on a State letterhead carrying at the top of the letterhead the representation of the Buddhist -ËœDharma cakra-â„¢ a request for public officials, majority of whom are Buddhist to take part and provide support to a -Ëœgava gathana pinkama-â„¢ (cattle slaughter /sacrifice meritorious act), one begins to wonder what is happening. In officially requesting Buddhists to violate their Buddhist first precept of venerating life by aiding and abetting cattle slaughter for the Hadj festival the Muslim Governor has crossed the boundary of respect and courtesy due to the indigenous religion and culture.

Stop cattle slaughter

Humanistic religions

Buddhism and Jainism are the only two religions in the world to treat both human and non – human sentient beings with a high sense of reverence for life, compassion and gratitude for services rendered to humans by animals such as the cow. There is no place in Buddhism for destruction of life of animals to appease gods. The Buddha condemned such practices unreservedly. It is these Buddhist values that form the core of the civilization of this country and prevail to this day.

The Buddhist public expect these values to be respected; not a defective code of ethics in respect to the treatment of animals.


The Dhammapada encapsulates the attitude of Buddhism and its reverence for life as follows:

Verse 129 – Of Others Think Of As Your Own Self
All tremble at force, of death are all afraid.
Likening others to oneself
kill not nor cause to kill.

Explanation: All tremble at violence, all fear death. Comparing oneself with others do not harm, do not kill.

Verse 130 -To All Life Is Dear
All tremble at force, dear is life to all.
Likening others to oneself
kill not nor cause to kill.

Explanation: All are frightened of being hurt or any threat to one-â„¢s life. To all life is dear. Seeing that others feel the same way as oneself, equating others to oneself, refrain from harming or killing.


An inexcusable request

Therefore, the act of issuing a letter by a Governor who had been holding the post for numerous years abruptly requesting Buddhist public servants to take part and provide assistance to animal sacrifice and cattle slaughter and view it as a -Ëœpinkama-â„¢ (meritorious deed) is something curious. Where is the Buddhist ethos and all that the Buddhists are fighting to save in a world where Buddhists wish to co-exist peacefully with all in spite of being well aware of the historical reality that some nations have all been created by conquest and conversion making inroads even to this day into what constitutes traditional Buddhist space and territory.

The cries for mercy and agony of animals awaiting death and their behavior in the last moments of their precious lives including urinating and defecating through fear unfortunately has no impact on those who are desensitized to suffering of other living beings.

To be asked to view cattle slaughter as humane and meritorious is repugnant to Buddhists. The only real Pinkama associated with cattle slaughter is the granting of freedom to the animal from slaughter by paying the Butcher or the owner of the animal destined for slaughter. This is done frequently in Sri Lanka by lay Buddhists, monks and Buddhist organisations. This is true religion.

A Buddhist country (Article 9) should be associated with granting freedom to animals. Arahant Mahinda recommended it to King Devanampiyatissa and it led to the establishment of the world-â„¢s first wild life sanctuary in Mihintale 2300 years ago, and a resolve on the part of succeeding Buddhist Kings of Sri Lanka to follow suit in extending state protection to animals.

Moral conscience

Buddhist public servants have a moral conscience and they must exercise their moral conscience and refuse to do things that violate their fundamental Buddhist religious beliefs. If it is in order for other religionists to claim the right to conduct themselves according to their religious beliefs (special Friday prayers, dress code or unwillingness to serve alcohol or pork), likewise such rights should also be extended and recognised among Buddhists. 74 per cent Buddhists cannot be asked to view cattle slaughter as meritorious act completely counter to the doctrine on which Buddhism rests.

Peaceful co-existence between communities can be achieved only when those with different beliefs and cultures are prepared to respect the original foundational ethos of a country long observed for more than two millennia, and not by disregarding them, manipulating them, bypassing them and overruling them.

Life Abroad – Part 51: KNEE JERK ON NHS!

October 31st, 2013

Dr.Tilak Fernando

Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him” (Corinthians 2:9 NKJV)

This column has exposed two individual incidents previously of the UK National Health Service’s bungling where a Sri Lankan anaesthetist, who worked in the same hospital once, died of clinical misadventure and about another Sri Lankan who suffered a severe headache being prescribed variety of strong drugs by his General Practitioner continuously and rebuffing the patient’s claims maintaining that ‘there was nothing wrong with his head’ until one day he started puking a blackish liquid followed by hiccupping.

This warranted to call an emergency doctor home who sent the patient immediately by calling an ambulance to the nearest neurological hospital at 23 hours; the patient was seen by a House Officer only at 8 am in the following morning.

Hospital too released the patient declaring “there was nothing wrong with him”, but the patient’s family insisted on a Senior Registrar to carry out a MRI of the patient which showed he was suffering from Subdural Haematoma. Urgent surgery managed to drain the blood out. If not for persistent demands made by the patient’s family to the Senior Registrar when he was released, the patient would have been ‘six feet under’ today!

The latest

Last week a friend (known to me from London) who likes to remain anonymous wrote to me about his disappointing experience with his London GP which is equally baffling. He had visited his GP in NW London for eighteen months in connection with a knee disorder but on every occasion the GP had put it simply down to ‘normal age related wear and tear; the GP only prescribed strong painkillers to relieve the pain.

At one stage the patient became wary of taking strong painkillers continuously and thought to himself thus: “Now I am 58, and by the time I reach 80 I may die of Liver or Kidney failure, if I were to continue this strong painkiller Co-cordimol”!

Finally he made a request to the GP that he be referred to an Orthopaedic consultant which only fell on deaf ears. Due to persistent appeals the GP finally referred the patient to a hospital for a knee X ray, instead to an Orthopaedic Consultant!

The furious patient responded by stating, “The General Practitioner was more interested in saving money out of his budget allocation rather than dedicating his services to help patients for whom he had committed and taken an oath in becoming a medical man!”

Even after reading the X ray results sent to the GP from the Hospital, none of the four partners in the GP Practice wanted to refer the patient to an Orthopaedic consultant! Such contemptible action finally dampened the spirits of this Sri Lankan who had a clean record of paying his National Health Insurance Contributions for decades.

Final decision

When the excruciating pain in the knee became unbearable, the disappointment and the exasperation combined together made him decide to get back to Sri Lanka. This goes on record as a clear cut case where an agitated British resident, disturbed and distressed to the core for the lack of healthcare in the NHS, deciding not only to stop visiting his General Practitioner anymore but seriously considering to throw the towel in and get back to his roots in Sri Lanka seeking solace.

Finally, when he arrived in Sri Lanka quite recently, the first thing in his mind was to find a reputed orthopaedic consultant with a good track record of successful operations in the past.

Providence plays tricks on individuals, from time to time, which no one is able to comprehend. That may be why when Mr. X was contemplating one evening at his cousin’s home at Wellampitiya, she suggested a name of a prominent Orthopaedic Consultant at Sri Jayawardenapura Hospital, who happened to be an old Anandian and a class mate of her lawyer husband.

Mr.X wasted no time in channelling the consultant at Sri Jayawardenapura Hospital. Finally he was introduced to the Surgeon friend by his relative giving a full history of his case and how he had fared in the UK with the NHS GPs

Getting down to business

The X-Ray photograph which was taken in a London, only a few weeks ago, helped the Sri Lankan Orthopaedic Surgeon to study and disclose to the patient in a medical jargon which Mr. X understood as ‘the cartilage being partly worn out and some parts of it were rubbing against the nerves’.

Mr. X was prescribed some medication as a ‘test run’ to see whether it could help him overcome his knee problem, failing which he was advised that the only solution would be to undergo keyhole surgery (Arthroscopy). Two weeks of drug administration did not help the patient and the decision was taken by the Orthopaedic surgeon to perform keyhole surgery.

Somewhat nervous Mr. X was taken into the operating theatre at Sri Jayawardena Hospital on a Sunday morning where the Surgeon was waiting to help this human being to relieve his months old knee problem.

The Surgeon managed quite successfully to remove ‘the wasted parts’ of Mr. X’s cartilage from his affected knee by Arthroscopy, with the help of local anaesthesia.

The patient was able to see every action and detailed movement of the scalpel by the surgeon on a screen while a lady anaesthetist standing by the patient explained to Mr. X exactly what the surgeon was doing.

Speedy Gonzales

Within thirty minutes of the operation, the patient was back in the ward; on the same evening he was discharged and allowed to go home. Two weeks later his stitches were removed and some drugs were given to the patient for a limited period as a follow up of the operation.

Mr. X, who has recovered fully from his ailment and mental affliction, is jubilant now and he boasts about being like “speedy Gonzales on the road”.

This Sri Lankan could not be blamed for his personal experience and adverse comments on the NHS doctors in the UK where all his endeavours failed which made him abandon the Country as a direct consequence, may be due to some rotten eggs in the National Health Service, which sceptics say it is not rational to blame the NHS wholesale for it!

The jubilant Mr X sends a message across to his fellow Sri Lankans at home ‘not to waste any money in going to the West when there are so many skilled doctors in Sri Lanka who really know their onions’. Referring to this particular Orthopaedic Consultant/Surgeon at Sri Jayawardenapura Hospital, Mr. X likes to call him as ‘Jeewaka’ who gave his life back again.

My friend in his email wrote to me further thus: “I am not going to disclose the details of the GP or GPs Practice Group who treated me in London, but we should appreciate what our local doctors can do with their knowledge gained from local medical schools and post graduate studies”.

Specialists are not God!

This incident sharpens the memory of the writer where a retired Consultant (known to him in London) who worked for the NHS for over twenty odd years suddenly became disabled with numerous complexities associated with Parkinson’s disease. Being unable to make an accurate diagnosis by many specialist professors in the medical field in the UK he was being treated for Atypical Parkinsonism.

Once he was referred to the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square, London as a private patient for a comprehensive test report, from head to toe. Even after such investigations at an expense, the final outcome was that not a single neurosurgeon or the professor who treated him could pinpoint and diagnose what the patient was exactly suffering from, except to tag along with the existed recommendation of treating for Atypical Parkinsonism’ !

Disappointed retired NHS Consultant-patient politely put a question to his medical professor who was treating him for years thus:

“Professor……., I have served the NHS for 20 years as a consultant and have saved thousands of peoples’ lives. Queens is supposed to be the Temple of Neurology, yet I am amazed why you are unable to pin point and say what exactly is wrong with me. If you are able to say so to me to my face after all these tests, I wonder what chances any normal patient would expect out of such expensive tests”.

Quite courteously and diplomatically the answer came from the Professor of Neurology ……., who was in charge of the patient, “Dear Doctor ……, this may be the Temple of Neurology, but unfortunately we are not God!”

This sumps up the British NHS!‚ 

Incident in Yorkshire: UK TO BE PUT ON NOTICE ON STUDENT MURDER-Steps through diplomatic channels: EA Ministry awaiting report from SL mission in London:

October 30th, 2013

Chaminda Perera

The External Affairs Ministry yesterday called for a comprehensive report on the killing of a Sri Lankan Student in Yorkshire, England.

The Ministry has informed the Sri Lankan mission in London to look into every detail with regard to the murder and the steps taken by the British Government to investigate it.

According to Public Communication Director of the External Affairs Ministry, Rodney Perera, the Ministry will take further steps through diplomatic channels with regard to the murder based on the report of the Sri Lankan mission in the UK.

“We are awaiting the report to decide on further steps to be taken with regard to the murder and its investigation process”, he said.

Thavisha Peiris, a Buddhist who had arrived in Sheffield in 2011 to study at Sheffield Hallam University as a IT student, was working at a pizza shop as delivery man when he was stabbed to death in Sheffield Sunday night.

He was found slumped at the wheel of his car on Sunday evening in the Southey area of Sheffield. At the time, he was on his way to deliver a takeaway.

– See more at:

-Removal of army camps from Sri Lanka-â„¢s north will not be a reality- -” President of Sri Lanka

October 30th, 2013

Asada M Erpini

His Excellency the President of Sri Lanka has given the apt response to the TNA separatists and their backers and instigators when he said -demands for removal of army camps from the North made by some elements will never be a reality-, as reported in the media on 29 October. And, His Excellency had selected the most appropriate venue and the setting for making the proclamation -” the convocation ceremony of the Sir John Kothalawala Defence University (KDU).

It is Sri Lanka-â„¢s armed forces that delivered the populace of the island nation, which includes Sinhalas, Moors, Tamils, Malays, Burghers, Vanniye Eththos, etc., from the misery and the mayhem and destruction that the LTTE terrorists carried on for a near three-decade period. Even the TNA or ITAK leaders and their members, who now make a great deal of noise against the Sri Lanka government and state that the army presence in the north should be reduced or that its members should be confined to barracks, were not able to set foot in the north unless they toed the LTTE separatist agenda.

The deployment of the armed forces in any sovereign nation is the prerogative of the Head of State: no so-called Chief Minister or separatists who elevated the former into that position has any say in the matter. Period.

When one considers the increasing amount of noise that keeps on surfacing, especially because of the CHOGM that is scheduled to be held in Colombo, Sri Lanka, the country has to be extra vigilant. Furthermore, some of the ardent supporters of the LTTE, who operate from the UK and the other affluent countries, have intensified their anti-Sri Lanka barrage of lies during the past few months. It has been reported that a wolf in sheep-â„¢s clothing -” but more correctly, an LTTE non-combatant terrorist in Catholic priest-â„¢s cassock -” has been in Sri Lanka recently conducting meetings with the so-called rehabilitated LTTE cadres. The armed forces should be there in the north, visibly as well as in cognito, at least to make sure that the -Ëœrehabilitated-â„¢ former LTTEers do not go back to what they can do and know best -” blasting the innocents and the infrastructure to smithereens.

It is time that the separatists, be they chief ministers or the MPs of ITAK or TNA, listen to His Excellency the President of Sri Lanka, and accept that they have to live with the armed forces in Sri Lanka-â„¢s north. After all, the members of the armed forces are there in Diyatalawa, Panagoda, Pallekele, Anuradhapura, Gannoruwa, etc., yet the peace-loving Sri Lankans have no problems whatsoever with their presence.





How to eliminate ill-wills of Sri Lanka

October 30th, 2013

Jay Deshabandu

What Mr. Vignasweren doing is very clear! He is playing a double game.‚  North provincial council is not just one of the nine provincial councils in Sri Lanka. ‚ From the beginning, it has become a separated council that gives no regard to the constitution.
Supreme Court ruled that police and land powers cannot be granted to the councils. But, the retired judge is demanding the government to violate the Supreme Court making the government in contempt of court.‚  Shouldn-â„¢t Vignaswarn be in contempt of the Supreme Court by instigating the violation?
The Supreme Court should represent the will of the people in Sri Lanka. The Supreme Court should therefore be the supremum. ‚ No one should be above the law. The answers to all ill wills can be made by making the laws of the land supreme.
The resolution passed by the P.S. councils to resurrect cemeteries of LTTE terrorists is against our constitution, but those in powers are weak to prevent it happening again.‚  Can a provincial council pass a resolution that can threaten the internal peace in Sri Lanka? ‚ Any ‚ ‚ Council that threatens the sovereignty, integrity and peace of this country should be dissolved.
Vignasweren declaration that Prabakaran was a hero is not a mere election gimmick played to attract terrorists-â„¢ votes, but it is actually a strategy to keep the separatists-â„¢ agenda alive.‚  It is a strategy to keep TNA happy. According to media news, the use of his words in his speeches lay the foundation for the mindset of separation.
‚  And, he even challenges the president because the president appoints the governors.‚  Obviously, he needs a Tamil governor. But this can be understood from his side, but the president should be able to appoint his man in order to maintain his link with the region.
He is clearly moving an inch by inch keeping the opposition forces in balance until he gets ‚ a solid foundation to show case a full scale conflict with the support of Tamil Nadu politicians blessed by some of the politicians in the West.‚  For now he talks about self-determination.‚  He is brewing the conflict very slowly. This is good news for the likes of communists including many leftist parties in Sri Lanka.‚  In Sri Lanka, the self-rule naturally would lead to separation because of the Tamil Nadu politicians who are eager to have a separate country for themselves.‚  The Sri Lanka is too small to be divided.‚  I hope that the government would expedite the constructions of Colombo-Jaffna highway because then everyone can realize how small Sri Lanka is.
CHGOM in Sri Lanka will show case the potential for further development.‚  Many businesses can reap its benefits. It is sad to see bankrupt politicians and individuals with self-interests like to sabotage this event. ‚ This includes obviously TNA.
TNA is still a racist party that does not care of the well being of the Tamils in Sri Lanka. ‚ Many TNA leaders have close ties with Tamil Nadu politically unconscious and stupid leaders who are hell bent on achieving an unrealistic Eelam anywhere on this planet.‚  But they first try the easy target-Sri Lanka.‚ 
The answers to Sri Lankan problems may be found by making the law of the land supreme. If the law and order are to be enforced, it should be enforced to the letter of the law to anyone of any status, whenever a person breaks the rule.‚  So we need a complete overhaul of our system because politicians control the police that enforce the law.‚  In our country some politicians are supreme and that is the root cause of all ills.‚  Can we expect the politicians to give up their power over the law enforcement officials?

What does reconciliation mean?

October 30th, 2013

By Neville Ladduwahetty‚ ‚  Courtesy Island

Judging from the opinions expressed by commentators, analysts both nationally and internationally, it is evident that Reconciliation has different meanings to different people. To some, Reconciliation is a process of healing while to others it means Truth or Justice, and to yet others it means Nation Building and/or Acknowledgement/Accountability of what happened. While any one or mix of the mentioned interpretations of what Reconciliation means may be applicable to certain particular circumstances, there is no clear understanding of what reconciliation means and therefore what needs to be done to bring about Reconciliation. The only condition that all are agreed upon is that without Reconciliation there is no going forward.
Reconciliation requires that there is consensus between the parties concerned as to what needs to be addressed for Reconciliation to be meaningful. For instance, in the case of the South African experience discussions between the apartheid regime and those opposed to it extended over a considerable period to determine the procedures and processes for meaningful Reconciliation. Despite this preparation, opinions differ vastly as to whether there is meaningful Reconciliation today in South Africa after nearly two decades.

In the case of Sri Lanka such discussions did not take place between the parties concerned. Instead, based on a joint statement between the President of Sri Lanka and the Secretary General of the United Nations a Presidential Commission, the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) was appointed on May 15, 2010. The Commission sought opinions from as wide a spectrum as possible of Sri Lanka-â„¢s citizens and published a report of what the LLRC considered should be addressed for there to be Reconciliation. Despite the initial misgivings as to the composition of the Commission, the report was accepted by the International Community and resolutions passed by the UN in Geneva calling for the implementation of what is commonly known as LLRC Recommendations. This is what the Sri Lankan Government is currently engaged in and in fact is being faulted for perceived short falls in its implementation.

1. If the general principle is for parties to a conflict to agree on the issues as to what needs to be addressed to resolve differences and bring about Reconciliation, have the International Community and the United Nations misdirected the Reconciliation process in Sri Lanka by calling for the implementation of the LLRC Recommendations without consensus between the parties concerned?
2. If as a consequence of the process adopted under pressure from the UN which represents the International Community, in the implementation of recommendations (that essentially are unilateral), the Reconciliation process fails to meet the desired objectives, should NOT the UN be held accountable?

It should be noted however, that even if they are, it means very little because at the end of the day it would be Sri Lanka that would have to face the consequences if outcomes are negative.

The recommendations of the LLRC are primarily based on opinions and views expressed by a cross section of Sri Lanka-â„¢s citizenry and what the Commission perceived as to what was needed to bring about Reconciliation. Having developed the recommendations there is no evidence as to whether the Commission attempted to seek the views of the leadership of the Tamil community. If it did, and the Tamil leadership did not cooperate the only option open is to proceed without consensus. Under these circumstances, it is unrealistic to expect the processes of Reconciliation to succeed, since meaningful Reconciliation requires consensus and commitment on the part of the parties concerned.
The Executive Summary of the TNA-â„¢s analytical response to LLRC report in its second paragraph states: “The LLRC-â„¢s processes and practices have failed to win the confidence of the Tamil community. The Commission also fails dramatically short of International standards applicable to accountability processes”(The Island, January 16, 2012). The Government should have brought the TNA-â„¢s opinion of the LLRC recommendations to the attention of the International Community, the UN and in particular India. There is a lacuna on the part of the Government in this regard. The need is for the Government of Sri Lanka to bring to the attention of those engaged with Sri Lanka and others who are critical of it, that the processes leading to Reconciliation being implemented do not in fact have the endorsement of the Tamil leadership and therefore the Reconciliation is unilateral. Under the circumstances the International Community, the UN and India in particular become jointly responsible for not bringing pressure on the TNA to participate in the implementation processes, since Reconciliation is in the interest of all concerned.

The responsibility for the implementation of the LLRC recommendations was with the Government until the election of the Northern Provincial Council (NPC). With a functioning NPC in place, some of the responsibilities come under provisions of devolved powers thereby making the NPC and Government jointly responsible for the implementation of the LLRC recommendations. This fact should be brought to the attention of the International Community, the UN and India in particular. In view of these altered circumstances the Government and the NPC should jointly develop clear separation of activities in regard to their separate responsibilities. The result of such an exercise would be the development of a Revised Action Plan based on consensus which in the future should be the basis for review.

The merits of a Revised Action Plan would be to create the need for the setting up of a joint mechanism to monitor progress and wherever necessary to intervene to build capacities and infuse resources to meet required contingencies. Such joint efforts have the potential to develop and strengthen Reconciliation processes that were not there when recommendations to foster Reconciliation were developed during and after the deliberation of the LLRC. Therefore, the presence of NPC has the potential to nurture a new environment of cooperation with benefits to all. However, while the potential is there, outcomes would depend on the attitudes of the parties concerned; i.e., whether there is a genuine commitment to Reconciliation or not.
While the potential for Reconciliation through cooperation is a real possibility, the NPC may opt to implement those provisions devolved under the 13th Amendment without engaging with the Sri Lankan Government in order to project an image of independence, and to be free of the so called “Sinhala Government”. Considering the enormous Social problems associated with the War Widows, the elderly, the disabled, children and IDPs following two decades of conflict and issues relating to infrastructure such as roads and housing to mention a few, there is bound to be serious constraints in terms of capacities and resources needed to meet these challenges. Despite its shortcomings if the NPC decides to go it alone and seek external assistance to meet its needs with a view to projecting a Tamil “self” the cost would be to concretize aloofness with a cost to Reconciliation.

An approach of aloofness may serve the aspirations of the Tamil leadership but what about the Tamil people. Would the interests of the Tamil community in general, the farmer and those engaged in fishing be better served by isolation and aloofness considering that without cooperation with the South such issues cannot be resolved without engaging at the national level with the governments of India and Sri Lanka? Therefore, the NPC should give serious consideration to the choices it makes as to how it proposes to address issues relating to devolved powers.
While the call for internal self-determination could conjure images of grandeur that may appeal to the Northern electorate, the NPC has to be fully conscious that whatever the NPC “determines” has to be within the existing Constitution with all its warts and blemishes. And if the NPC aspires to go beyond it cannot do so unilaterally, nor would it be profitable to resort to unconstitutional methods. Therefore, for the sake of its electorate the NPC has a responsibility to spell out the contours of what it means by “internal self-determination”. The NPC must realize that it cannot go beyond the current Constitution without the cooperation of the South, and that this is not possible without reconciling with the South, because it is only through meaningful Reconciliation and the guarantee of territorial integrity, and within the framework of a unitary state, that the NPC could hope to go from where they are now.

The options open to deal with violations committed by the parties to any conflict are either to resort to retributive justice or to measures based on restorative justice. If the former approach is adopted it would entail adopting procedures based on formal prosecutions involving witnesses, provisions for their protection and evidence of an order that would stand up in a Court of Law.

The experiences of countries that have adopted such procedures have been that it is not only time consuming, but also that at the end most of the accused go free due to lack of verifiable evidence. For instance, it took over a decade for South Africa to convict an organization that had planned to overthrow the post-apartheid government (Daily Mirror, October 29, 2013). In the meantime, thousands got off scot free due to lack of evidence leaving the victims to deal with the perpetrated injustice. This approach frustrates Reconciliation.
On the other hand, a more reasonable approach for Sri Lanka would be a policy of Conditional Amnesty where a blanket Amnesty would be granted to all combatants subject to charges being brought against anyone guilty of violations backed up by verifiable evidence within a specified time frame. Such an approach being restorative, would foster Reconciliation.

Reconciliation has to engage parties to a conflict not only in their total commitment to Reconciliation but also in consensus as to the particularities of the path leading to reconciliation. In the case of Sri Lanka while there have been expressions of the need for Reconciliation, the Tamil leadership stated that the “processes and practices” developed by the Government did not win the confidence of the Tamil community. Despite this view, the International Community through Resolutions in Geneva pressured the Sri Lankan Government to implement recommendations that were developed by a Commission (the LLRC) appointed by the Government. Consequently, the approach adopted is unilateral and does not have the formal endorsement of the Tamil community. It is evident from the foregoing that not only has the International Community violated a cardinal principle of Reconciliation -” i.e., the need for consensus, but the fact also that the Government of Sri Lanka through its failure to bring this to the attention of the International Community, has by omission taken on the sole responsibility for the success of failure for Reconciliation, when in fact it should have been the JOINT RESPONSIBILITY of the communities involved.
The situation has changed recently with the election of the Northern Provincial Council. While it was the responsibility of the Government to implement the LLRC recommendations until the election of the NPC, from now on, Reconciliation becomes a shared responsibility in respect of those issues that are devolved under the 13th Amendment, the most pressing of which concerns Social issues of vulnerable people particularly in the North. These altered circumstances require the Government to develop a Revised Action Plan jointly with the NPC; a fresh Action Plan that clearly identifies the respective areas of responsibility. Such a process would compel the NPC to cooperate with the Government, whatever its views are about the LLRC recommendations.

The compulsion to cooperate in the implementation processes coupled with the need to adopt a policy of Restorative Justice regarding former combatants based on Conditional Amnesty has the potential to foster meaningful and durable Reconciliation; a much needed condition if all communities in Sri Lanka are to move forward in retaining the hard won Peace.

PM Cameron assumes that, ‘Sri Lanka is still a British Colony’

October 30th, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne

British PM David Cameron had told Nobel Laureate Aung Sang, that he would have ‘very tough questions’ to President Rajapakse during the CHOGM. He had also said that, “…I am not happy with their human rights reord… I am not happy with what they have done following the conflict…” Cameron should note that Sri Lanka is no longer a British Colony. And that Sri Lanka as well is not happy with the human records of the UK, USA, Canada and so on. He would ofcourse have been happy if the LTTE rump‚ were allowed to carry on the wishes of the tigers. The gamble‚ here is for‚ Tamil diaspora
David Cameron’s predecessor, Gordon Brown as well had similar views during the war in 2009. So he sent his Foreign Secy David Miliband with French Foreign Secy‚ Bernard Kouchner, supported by Hilary Clinton, to advise the President. The President had politely told them that he need no lectures, and they went empty handed, with great disappointment. During the last stages of the war, the President declined to answer‚ calls coming from Western political leaders as they were‚ asking him to stop the war. All this are linked to Tamil diaspora votes.‚ Today as well, they are jumping up and down because of votes. They should be honest about it without playing‚ hide and seek.
At the summit, If Cameron tries to be too smart with his so called ‘tough questions’ , he should be paid back in the same coin.

Mahaweli Authority Stop Illegally Destroying Elephant Habitat in Welioya Mullaitivu.

October 30th, 2013

‚ Rahula Gunasekera

Mahaweli Authority in Sri Lanka is illegally clearing forest land in Welioya, Mullaitivu, for a new settlement, exacerbating the human elephant conflict. The land being cleared is rare thick forest in the dry zone and critical elephant habitat in the Anandakulam and Veppamkulam forest reserves. Historically theMahaweli Authority has been the leader in elephant habitat destruction. Now that there is very little forest land left in Sri Lanka, there is a disturbing trend of the Mahaweli Authority raiding nature reserves. We respectfully ask his excelency The President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksha and the Mahaweli Authority not to clear forest land in Welioya, Mullaituvi.

Mahaweli Authority Stop Illegally Destroying Elephant Habitat in Welioya Mullaitivu.

Please sign the Petition

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October 30th, 2013

“Training Programme on Aluminum Fabrication”

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Lanka-â„¢s first workforce smartcard coming, packs NFC touch hi-tech power

October 30th, 2013


-” OCTOBER 29, 2013

  • Only $7600+ outlay by the Govt!
  • -ËœGreat Work!-â„¢ -” Apparel Sector
  • Pranama Privilege Card will use Mobitel-â„¢s closed system NFC
  • -ËœLet us celebrate our workforce!-â„¢ - Rishad
  • 10,000 apparel workforce to start in mid-November

‚ The first ever smart card for a Sri Lankan workforce is fitted with no less than NFC touch technology-yet another new leap in electronic payments in Sri Lanka. And the state sector outlay for the initiative is a surprisingly minimal of $7600! -I am pleased that our hard work of past several months to finalise this smart card has shown good results, with the lowest costs! We thank our partners Channel 17 and Mobiltel. It is time we compensate our workforce well, and we are starting with the workforce that makes Sri Lanka a global brand- Sri Lanka apparel employees- said a satisfied Rishad Bathiudeen, Minister of Industry and Commerce of Sri Lanka on 29 October in Colombo.

Minister Bathiudeen was addressing the special meeting held at his Ministry on 29 October with his top officials including Anura Siriwardena (Secretary, Ministry of Industry and Commerce), apparel sector reps and other stakeholders to acknowledge and inspect the -Pranama Smart Card--the Privilege card for Sri Lanka-â„¢s 350000 strong apparel workforce of all ranks, jointly by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Channel 17, and Mobitel.

The card initially will enlist 16 private merchants-such as Singer, Unilever, Cargills, Mobitel, DSI, Abans, Sampath Bank, NOLIMIT, Hutch, Delmege, TVS, MRF Tyres, Rainco, Anton and ICL, among others -to give special rates on their products and services to 350000 strong apparel workforce here.


Upon producing the card at any of these merchant-â„¢s retail stores/sales points, the apparel employee becomes entitled to additional discounts and bargains (ranging from 2% to 15%) on top of the already declared/advertised discounts or rates by the merchant for the general consumer market.

For example, at Sampath Bank, card holding apparel employee would be given 1% extra interest on their savings in addition to the prevailing rates made available to regular customers, 10% additional discounts by Ceylinco Insurance in addition to rates of regular consumers, and 7.5% additional discount for shoes at DSI. The card will use the advanced closed system of‚  Near Field Communication (NFC) technology by Mobitel-“in that, the transactions takes‚  place as soon as the card touches the surface of Point of Sale (POS) Terminal of the vendor/supermarket! The closed system NFC platform for this card is provided by the Lankan telco Mobitel.

-We have secured agreement with the first 16 merchants for the next three years. And we will expand this number later on. The card can support the most frequent consumer need-the day-to-day shopping and FMCG needs of apparel employees. The benefits of the card are not limited to the card holding apparel employee only! It can be used by all members of his/her family. The pilot project involving 10000 apparel employees of all ranks is now scheduled to start in mid-November in five selected apparel firms in Kandy and Kurunegala Districts. After testing is over, we expect to equip the entire 350000 apparel workforce of the country with the final version of Pranama Privilege Card by November 2014. We thank the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and the Minister as well as Mobitel for their partnership in this-said an upbeat Jumar Preena, developer of the project -“who is also the CEO of Channel 17, a fully integrated mar-com agency in Colombo.

The apparel sector immediately lauded praise on Minister Bathiudeen. -We thank you for the on-going leadership and encouragement to finish this project and at this level of technology- said a beaming Secretary-General of JAAF Tuli Cooray, addressing Minister Bathiudeen. -As a result, today we are able to introduce the first workforce discount card in the country- Cooray stressed.


October 30th, 2013

By A. Abdul Aziz. Press Secretary, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama-â„¢at -” Sri Lanka

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad has travelled to inaugurate the Baitul Muqeet Mosque in Auckland

The World Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama-â„¢at and Fifth Khalifa, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad arrived in Auckland, New Zealand late afternoon on 28 October 13 following a successful four week tour of Australia.

The Khalifa has travelled to New Zealand to inaugurate the Baitul Muqeet Mosque in Auckland and to deliver the keynote addresses at the 25th‚ Convention (Jalsa Salana) of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama-â„¢at in New Zealand which begins Friday, 1st‚ November 2013.

On 29 October 2013, the World Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat and Fifth Khalifa, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad was welcomed by King Tuheitia at the Turangawaewae Marae in New Zealand and given a traditional welcome by the Maori community.

Upon arrival at‚ 10.30am, three members of the Maori community welcomed Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad with a traditional Maori warrior exhibition.

The Maoris began the exhibition at a far distance from His Holiness but advanced step by step whilst roaring in their native tongue, whilst female members of the Maori community chanted from the side.‚ As His Holiness proceeded through the Marae, dozens of Maori children and elders also partook in the welcome by chanting in the Maori language.

During the formal session, a number of Maori elders welcomed Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad with short speeches. The elders recognised His Holiness as‚ -an inspirational and strong leader who advocates for peace.-

The highlight of the event was when Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad presented King Tuheitia with a copy of the Holy Quran, recently translated into the Maori language by Mr Shaqeel Ahmad Munir.

During the presentation ceremony, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad addressed the tribal elders and thanked them for their traditional welcome.

Speaking about the Quran, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad said:

-The Quran teaches people how to live together in peace and certainly today we need love, peace and reconciliation to spread far and wide – that is the message of the Quran.-

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad concluded his address by expressing his hope that the mutual friendship developed between the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama-â„¢at and the Maori Community would last forever.

Earlier, during his visit to Australia, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad delivered the keynote address at a Special Reception held at the Princess Court Reception Centre in Melbourne recently.

The proceedings of the Event -” the link of which is:-

Ahmadiyya head also inaugurated the Masroor Mosque in Brisbane on 25 October 2013. After unveiling a plaque to commemorate the opening, His Holiness led the‚ Friday‚ Prayers from the new Mosque. The construction of Masroor Mosque cost $4.5 million and was funded entirely by members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Whilst praising the sacrifices made by the local Ahmadi Muslims, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad prayed that the spirit of sacrifice engendered would not be temporary but would ever increase and continue into the future generations of Ahmadi Muslims.

The English Translation of the Sermon, the video link of which is:-

-This [paper] war is not winnable.-

October 29th, 2013

C. Wijeyawickrema, LL.B., Ph.D.

-It does not matter if there is or is not an after-world, but

It is better not to indulge in acts of sinful nature, because

Even if there is no after-world, non-sinful acts do no harm

But, if there is an after-world, sinners are sure to suffer in Hell.-


Wigneswaran: A young woman (Sinhala-Tamil Obama) or an old witch (Tamil Separatist)?

wije29‚ Starting with Anura B, Mrs. Chandrika and RanilW, a good percentage of Sri Lankan black-whites believed and propagated the slogan, -this war is not winnable- for a long time, before the song changed to -what is called Pettigala is only a jungle,- and -Any fool can fight wars if there is money.- ‚ Few people, such as Professor Nalin de Silva, and the Buddhist monks always believed that Prabakaran was only a paper tiger.‚  As revealed from the Wikileaks, Erik Solheim disclosed that -within the power circles, there was only one person, only one soul, one warm body, Gotabhaya R, who believed that the war was winnable.- But just like that America lost the Vietnam War in the streets of Washington, D.C., Gota, who won the Prabakaran war at the battle front, is not in a position to win the Wigneswaran war at the table. The signs are on the wall that the MahindaR-Wigneswaran honeymoon is about to be over, and lawyers will begin the paper war, not for separation, but for internal self-determination within a united Sri Lanka. The funny thing (or the death trap) is that nobody other than Dayan Jayatilleke (DJ) or Jehan Perera can tell the difference, the latter an FGO (foreign a.k.a NGO) mudalali.

The GOSL lobsters are in the cool water pot on the burner, and Dayan Jayatilleke (DJ) is at his best, trying to reduce the flame to as low as possible so that no lobsters can feel hot until the point of no return, the tipping point, is reached. ‚ ‚ While Wigneswaran (W) is willing to help rehabilitate army soldiers and find them UN Peace-keeping jobs, DJ says W should be used as a good-will ambassador to win over the foreign leaders to GOSL side! W says no more violence and conflict resolution only through negotiations, DJ says W should be endowed with powers within the constitution. The philosophical or the psychological framework within which this scheme will work is also explained by W. He said during the election campaign and at the NPC inaugural session that Prabakaran was a Tamil liberator comparable to Veera Keppetipola. He, then notes, that some people liked what he said about P and some did not. W says this is because -people view situations from different perspectives.- W-â„¢s and DJ-â„¢s mission rests on this foundation rock: between two (or even three) perspectives what will the international king makers group (politicians of the world rich) accept (side with)?

The formula is very simple. W does not want anything more than what MahindaR himself has promised to Ban Ki Moon, -power devolution building upon 13-A.- Now who is going to interpret this statement? UN Security Council, World Court, Geneva UNHRC, American ambassador Ms. Sisson, Canadian PM. Jayalalitha, Karnanidhi-â„¢s daughter or Manmohan Sing or Rahul Gandhi? Unfortunately GotabhayaR will not get a seat at the table crooked politicians take part in presenting their different perspectives as W has mentioned above.

With the NPC elections, what has happened was that the ultimate decision making power on 13-A is gone out of GOSL hands. Contrary to what so many in Sri Lanka want to believe, Sri Lankan Supreme Court no longer has the ultimate say on such matters. With the Shirani Bandaranayaka episode, where she was denied the right to defend her case (as a student of law I consider she is only one of the three guilty parties), at international forums, SL Supreme Court has lost its judicial respect, other than from the constitutional law expert‚  LJM Cooray living in Australia.‚  Courts can give decisions but there has to be a power behind them to enforce the decisions. So many orders of the American Supreme Court would have had no meaning if not for the gun power of federal troops or the national guards (state level).‚  So when a dispute arises between NPC and GOSL as to which side is constitutional or more constitutional than the other side which will be based on hair-splitting arguments, known to Buddhists as Atuva, Teeka and Tippini, the power now is not with GOSL because NPC represents the wish of the Tamil people in NPC. Take the following situations:

News item 1:‚  Sri Lanka Army Commander warns against attempts to separate country

Wed, Oct 16, 2013, 09:18 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka. Oct 16, ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  Colombo: Sri Lanka’s Army Commander Lieutenant General Daya Ratnayake today issued ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  a stern warning to any individuals or parties that try to divide the country again.

News item 2: The New Indo-US Military Axis: Could Sri Lanka Be Decapitated?

October 17, 2013 | Filed under: Colombo Telegraph, Opinion | Posted by Dayan ‚  Jayatilleka.‚ The head of the island of Sri Lanka can be separated from the body of the island by overwhelming external force. Does such a force or combination of forces exist? Who, where and ‚ ‚  what are they? Does Sri Lanka have a credible capacity for deterrence or resistance?

Both are about decapitation: Daya R, the army commander, speaks of beheading the Tamil separatists, those who go against the local democratic legal framework. Dayan J, the father of the 13-A plus, responds with a new version of the old -this war is not winnable- song, arguing the possible beheading of the mother Lanka by way of the international democracy law of R2P, separating the merged NP and EP.

Then after the first meeting of the NPC, consider the following:

‚ News item 3:

‚ Defence Secretary, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, clearly stated that maintaining law and order in ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  the Northern Province is the responsibility of the Chief Minister, C.V. Wigneswaran, but ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  added that the Chief Minister has no power to issue orders to the police. He said the ‚ ‚ ‚  Leader of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), R. Sampanthan, has to establish peace and ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  unity instead of making meaningless statements. Rajapaksa made these comments when ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  he met the editors of Tamil newspapers at the Defence Ministry on Wednesday ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  (10/25/2013).

News item 4:

Northern Province Chief Minister, C. V. Wigneswaran, said police and land powers will ‚ ‚  come under the purview of the Northern Provincial Council (NPC), in due time, in ‚  accordance with the Constitution.

It is the duty of the Central Government to extend the necessary support and assistance to the NPC, he said, asserting that though the Central Government expects the NPC to ‚ ‚ ‚  support it, it is not prepared to devolve powers to the NPC. He made this announcement ‚ ‚ ‚  while addressing a meeting attended by representatives of the NPC, at the Rikko Hotel in ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  Jaffna, yesterday (24).

The Central Government says the Provincial Council system, which is the basis for the ‚ ‚ ‚  devolution of power, should be abandoned, he pointed out, adding that the government ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  cannot escape from granting powers vested under the Constitution. “If the government is ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  taking that stance, it will be an index to the international community that the government ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  is not prepared to provide the opportunity to the minority races to progress.”

‚ Soft power path

So obviously, there is a dispute, irrespective of what the black-white advisors tell the GOSL. The dispute is not about how to get the River for Jaffna Project implemented or how to help war-widows. The dispute is about the item that should be the last in a long list of first looking after the Tamils in NP. Those -low caste- Tamils suffered for 500 years want toilets and access to water not police powers or war cemeteries. ‚ But Wigenswaran is trapped by his own mistake of using Prabakaran-â„¢s name as an election ploy so he is compelled to violate the usual way of using the -soft power- strategy: Get the target country/leader tamed first using law books (and R2P), and finish the job (for a separate country) when it/him is really cornered.‚  Or said in other words, let the cow move around until it reaches the end of the rope. Surprisingly, this was what SJVChelvanayagam preached; little now and more later. Ironically, Wigneswaran says he wants to complete the project SJVC began! As described at the end of this essay, paradoxically W has misunderstood the soft path that Dayan J has mastered so well.

Soft power is the use of democracy, the other side of democracy that destroyed Detroit (DDD), to achieve global politicians-â„¢ goals.‚  ‚ ‚ The American professor Joseph Nye promoted this strategy which is less costly than the hard power of using military means which can cost young American lives. ‚ After all the needed prerequisites are achieved by using soft power, may be some hard power have to be used as if removing a shaky tooth. Soft power is an ideal strategy when there are locals in support of the goal to be achieved by using it. For example, Dayan Jayatilleke has been a fan of this method, which he is realizing inch by inch with regard to his 13-A plus plan.‚  So he advices Wigneswaran to work with MahindaR, do not disturb the apple cart and be the tortoise in a race with a hare.‚  This is why Dayan is worried that Manmohan Singh-â„¢s boycotting of CHOGM is not a good idea in promoting the soft power path with regard to 13-A based NPC. He was writing in the Hindu newspaper thanking India for getting an election under 13-A in NPC and wants India to continue the soft power path. Already under this path India has an embassy in Jaffna. Earlier, in 1987 India got from JRJ, power over Trinco area thus overriding the sovereignty GOSL. It was in 1957 that SWRD removed British control over the Trinco harbor.

In is thus clear that this soft power is really not a soft power, but power with guns hidden as a final threat, if and when needed to achieve aims of the powerful countries in the world. In the case of Sri Lanka, in the past, this soft power idea took the form of a slogan, -this war is not winnable.- It was a psychological power to break the morale of the soldiers and the people supporting the war. Dayan J is using this same strategy now when he says that there is a northern foursome (uthuru satara) which can become fearsome four (uthuru saturu), (Ref. HLD Mahindapala), if MahindaR does not follow the path lay open under the soft power plan. The northern four are: Jaffnaƒ Tamil Nadƒ Indiaƒ UK-USA. Dayan warns India that there is a China-Pakistan twosome which can become a threesome with Sri Lanka, if India does not come to CHOGM and does not continue to follow the soft power path which is working so well so far, in getting MahindaR inside a tunnel.

Reasonableness doctrine

To do justice to Tamils there was no need for a 13-A. But the black-white politicians in Sri Lanka at least from the days of Dudely Senanayaka in the 1960s, Mrs. B in the 1970s this was no done. They did not act reasonably. ‚ After May 19, 2009, MahindaR did not use the power he had to abolish 13-A, because he did not want to get rid of the eight PCs in the south (If that was not the case, then we have to think that India forced him not to touch 13-A). These PCs have been a gold mine for southern politicians. It was the reverse of what JRJ did in 1987. JRJ thought he could derail Rajiv-Dixit N-E PC by creating seven other PCs. MahindaR thought by having a NPC election he can save the racket called the PC system. NPC has become a completely different kind of animal. It will be an albatross on the GOSL neck. The reason is, whether Wigneswaran-â„¢s demands are reasonable or not will be decided at a forum outside Sri Lanka.

At such a forum, unlike the previous Thimpu or Oslo meeting, Wigneswaran is sure to get India, USA and UK solidly behind him because of the fluidity of the reasonableness doctrine. Since Tamils in NP voted for his election manifesto his demands (1) police and land powers should be given to NPC (2) army should be removed from NP and (3) NP should have Tamil (not Tamil-speaking) policemen are well within the internal self-determination the entire world had been talking about since Lenin, Stalin and Roosevelt-â„¢s times. Vasudeva, Tissa Vitharana, Dew Gunasekera, Rajitha Senaratne, Dilan Perera and the UNP are also hundred percent behind it. Take for example, the local government unit at Chavakachcheri decided. It wants Prabakaran cemeteries restored. Since W says P is a Tamil liberator comparable to Veera Keppetipola how could GOSL oppose this? As W says it is the perspective: army says P is a cruel terrorist who killed more Tamils than the army. W and the Chavakachcheri local govt. unit say P is a martyr. What side the world forum will take if this dispute goes to it for a decision. Who will decide who is reasonable and what demand is reasonable? W or Dayan J could very well cite Tissa Vitharana-â„¢s APRC majority report (which had even a husband-wife team), which proposed a Tamil police man in each Sinhala village to protect Tamils in the south as justification for the third demand! And what if all NP local govt. units pass such resolutions? This is going to be a real tiger-â„¢s tail for the GOSL which will make Hasalaka Hero-â„¢s mother cry again.

The coming clash on Wigneswaran (W) and IGP can be compared to the clash between Sir D. B. Jayatilleke as Home Minister and the then IGP in the 1940s.‚  It was a domestic clash settled domestically.‚  The present clash is domestic but will be settled internationally, may be even by the white members of CHOGM.‚  Why W is impatiently creating a police issue, violating the order that soft path agents normally follow, can be explained from the paragraphs below from an essay I wrote in June 2009:

Tamil Nad police and IPKF (Island 22/6/2009)

Quoted below is a rare example of how a hostile provincial police can sabotage a larger ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  national plan, whether the plan is reasonable or not. One can imagine how grave the ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  situation will become in the case of Sri Lanka considering the fact that there will always ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  be separatist-minded Tamil elements in Colombo, Killinochchi, and Tamil Nadu, helped ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  with the money from the LTTE government in exile. There will also be a set of white politicians from the UK, the EU, Norway, Canada and the US helping them separately, ‚ ‚ ‚  jointly or using UN agencies as a veil. These politicians are not Mother Theresas ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  overflowing with humanitarian love for the Tamil IDPs but scheming persons who want to ‚  tap the Tamil block vote to win their local elections. Humiliation they are now suffering at ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  the hands of the Sri Lankan government by way of deportation etc. would therefore not ‚ ‚  stop their political behaviour.

“-¦The decision to wage a war against the LTTE was not an easy one for Rajiv Gandhi. Nor ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  was he oblivious to the cruel irony in being forced to crush the very elements he and ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  Indira had nurtured with care and money-¦Rajiv could abandon neither the Tamils nor ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  could he support its chief representative, i. e. the LTTE-¦

-¦Confrontation with the LTTE had followed from the need to maintain relational control ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  and to restore balance of forces between the various actors in Indo-Lanka relations. That ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  the balance was in danger is clear from the account of the IPKF operations by Field ‚ ‚ ‚  Commander Sardeshpande:

-ËœWe gathered credible intelligence through smugglers, boatmen-¦ about exact bungalows, ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  lanes, hospitals, beds, towns, cities and helpers of the LTTE cadres, convalescing Tigers, ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  gunrunners and manufacturers of explosive devices and grenades and gave it to the Tamil ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  Nadu police, only to be told that there were no such individuals and no such activities! ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  We told them that the LTTE cadres after enjoying India-â„¢s shelter and medical treatment ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  were returning to Sri Lanka and killing IPKF soldiers-¦ All this made no impression on the ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  Tamil Nadu government and the police-¦.This was the tragicomedy played out on our own ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  country.-â„¢

-¦Facing an impasse in Tamil Nadu and fearing its deleterious impact on the IPKF role in ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  Sri Lanka, the Central Government on January 1988 imposed President-â„¢s Rule in the ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  state.”

From Ethnicity, security and separatism in India by Maya Chadda, 1997, p. 169

Follow the advice given in the Subhasithaya

Wigneswaran is on record in telling that the Northern Spring of Minister Basil was just a show using foreign donations. He did not give any recognition to the welfare work done by the army. Therefore, inviting W to a cabinet meeting on a monthly basis will not be like using a tame elephant to catch or trap a wild one. The other plan of appointing District ministers will be an international disaster with regard to the virginity of the 13-A. Instead of the Divi Neguma Law, a bureaucratic monster, GOSL should have extended the highly successful Gami Diriya program to NP, EP and to the entire country. The Gami Diriya removed the politician and the officer from decision-making by people at village level.‚  If this was introduced to the Jaffna or Kilinochchi Tamils they would have felt empowered as recommended by the LLRC report. Instead a false start of a Jana Sabha idea came and gone with a new Jana Sabha director general-â„¢s office in Colombo.

Sri Lanka does not have a Tamil racial problem. Sri Lanka has a spatial inequity problem. Not just Tamils, but all ethnic groups have socio-economic issues due to unequal distribution of resources and opportunities. Only about 10% of the people are enjoying the benefits of JRJ-â„¢s economic liberalization and the Mahinda Chinthanaya. Tamils in Sri Lanka has more rights than Tamils in Tamil Nadu or any other part in the world. ‚ After all the corrections/adjustments made, if complaints are continuing that means a group of Tamils who fight for a separate Tamil country on the world map thinks that Sri Lanka with its useless Sinhala politicians is an easy target for their plan. It is funny that in the Tamil source region, Tamil Nadu political jokers cannot talk about a separate Tamil country in India and they want to begin it first in Sri Lanka.

It is clear that a Vessantara path of putting all the eggs in the Wigneswaran basket with repeated presidential photo opportunities (with W attending a monthly cabinet meeting in Colombo) will not work. By putting the (police) cart before the horse W has provided a golden opportunity for ManindaR to not become a modern Siri Sanagabo. If W-â„¢s aim is a genuine Sinhala-Tamil marriage just like his two sons did he would not have begun what the Sinhala villagers say, pudana kotama kaapi yakaa (the devil swallowed the offering before the offering was even complete) path of confrontation. May be he thought to get it settled via CHOGM and therefore, ignored DayanJ advice of slow and slower inching, not what Dayan-â„¢s friend Vartharaja Perumal did. The soft path is such a cheating strategy, but by haste, W now stands as bad or as good as Vartharaja.

This is why MahindaR needs to consider, ignoring his black-white advisors, the demarcation of GSN units on hydrology-ecology-geography basis and create seven river basin regions in Sri Lanka. All over the -developed- world, due to environmental degradation that took place because of -development,- countries use natural boundary lines to demarcate their civil -administrative units. In New Zealand all local government units are based on river basin boundaries. Under seven river basins plan, each region will have a sea front. The nine-province division is an anachronism, a colonial device that began in 1832 to control the power of Kandyan chieftains after the 1818 Rebellion.‚  Ecological, environmental and geographical reasons require creating civil administration units to meet with the challenges of global warming and environmental degradation.

From what one hears on a daily basis of the inefficient and ineffective handling of basic daily affairs of people-”garbage disposal, water pollution, air pollution, forest removal, landslides, flooding, drought, farmers unable to sell produce, kidney failure, no schools, schools without toilets or water well, Dengue, prison congestion, road accidents, tuition mania, polluted fruits and vegetables, treasure hunting, sex crimes and other crimes, the big fish eating the small fish mentality-”it is very clear that the present model of governance that JRJ created is not working and a Sri Lankan Panchayathi system needs to be introduced sooner than later. Politicians ruined Sri Lanka and a GSN-level peoples committees, elected on non-political party basis should be empowered to handle most of the issues mentioned above.

If at least the nine-province system is removed and Tamil and Sinhala made a mandatory subject for school children then MahindaR will be following the Subahsithya advice and thus prove that the Sinhala Buddhist voters dowry he received from the late Ven Gangodavila Soma was not like the dowry Esmond Wickremasinghe received from the late D. R. Wijewardena or the dowry JRJ received from his wife which helped in his siblings education. Otherwise, we will have Wigneswaran with his beggar-â„¢s wound (of deceiving Jaffna Tamils of their socio-economic progress) that he cannot deliver because he has no police powers and GOSL with the old beggar-â„¢s wound in a new dress as W is a either a victim of the Tamil diaspora or an agent of the West.

If what has happened in Sri Lanka with Sinhala politicians had happened in any other place in the world, that place would have been shattered in to pieces. Sri Lanka has divine protection. Prabakaran could have got his Eelam if not for the fact that those gods who protect Sri Lanka made him go lunatic. On human scale, it is also clear that despite all the stupid things done by JRJ he saved Sri Lanka from breaking.‚  By accepting a race care-driving boy PM-â„¢s dictates he prevented Indian occupation of N-E provinces and creating the background for a Kosovo plan. He was like a bamboo tree bending and thus avoided uprooting by a cyclone. Similarly, MahindaR is trying an Indian Damanaya holding NPC elections and taking photos with W, giving a chance for W to be a Sri Lankan leader and not another Vartharaja.‚  Whatever role W is going to play, by implementing an ecology-based division of Sri Lanka MahindaR is in a position to do justice to Tamils in NP and to the Sinhalese in the south by removing their fears of a monster called Tamil separatism.

Seven River Basins

  1. Yalpanam
  2. Raja Rata
  3. Dambadeni
  4. Mahaveli
  5. Deegavaapi
  6. Kelani
  7. Ruhunu


(Compare this map with the nine-province

map which cuts all major rivers into artificial


‚ wije292

Petrol bomb in Chennai to protest against Sri Lanka event causes no major damage

October 29th, 2013

Asada M Erpini

A group in Chennai, is reported on 29 October, to have thrown petrol bombs at Post Offices, damaging an air conditioner in one place. The police have arrested a person belonging to the “Dravidar Viduthalai Kazahagam” -” whatever that group stands for. An air conditioner may be something valuable in Tamil Nadu, but many in other countries may say that such an item is worth peanuts!

One can only feel sorry for the people behind the petrol bomb: they are very poor learners. If they were protesting against the Commonwealth Games, they really have not learned anything. The international event that is to happen in Colombo in November is the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM). But more importantly, the results achieved by the group, to say the least, are pathetic. If they are a pro-Tamil outfit protesting against anything in Sri Lanka, they did not have to go far. The darlings of the Tamil Nadu politicians, and of others in New Delhi who wished to curry favour with Jayalalitha, Nedumaran, Karunanidhi, had the LTTE that had shown the world how to cause mayhem and destruction of a massive scale. All that the group had to do was to get some help from the LTTE rump still operating in Tamil Nadu or Sri Lanka.

If Dravidar Viduthalai Kazahagam or any other group wanted to prove its point, the LTTE rump would have given them the technical knowhow and the finances: the LTTE, who were ostensibly fighting to deliver the Tamils of Sri Lanka from the professed oppression and the -Ëœdenial of their basic rights-â„¢, had mastered the techniques of blasting bombs that caused maximum destruction. Some of the handiwork of the LTTE led to the death of over one hundred civilians and destruction of billions rupees worth of infrastructure in Sri Lanka.

The groups in Tamil Nadu should get help from the LTTE. Blast all your bombs in Tamil Nadu, but leave innocent Sri Lanka alone.

What and which zone of agreement?

October 29th, 2013

‚ C. Wijeyawickrema

-If the Tamils-â„¢ cry for separatism is given up, the two communities could solve their problems and continue to live in amity and dignity.- M.C. Sansoni, CJ-”(Sessional Paper No. 7 of 1980)‚ ‚ 

-Sinhala people have no other land [place to go].-‚  Wigenswaran-CM, NP

‚ wije293

Where Tamils live (Source map: website 1/25/2010

Vessantara-traitor dilemma

‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  Between getting branded as a Tamil traitor (even GG Ponnambalam was once called a Tamil traitor) or a Sinhala Vessantara/Siri Sangabo, Wigneswaran and MahindaR, respectively, could find the zone of agreement that Dayan Jayatilleke is talking about, if both of them act honestly and reasonably. Beyond the picture-taking oath ceremony, and the prohibited word -unitary- (Dayan talks of a united not unitary), there are serious but simple questions one could ask.‚  When Vigneswaran (W) says that Sinhala people have no other land [except this island], then he accepts the history and geography of the country. But is this because the visiting Indian foreign minister told him to say so? ‚ ‚ If it was his own genuine realization, then is he ready to forget the Tamil homeland myth of SJV Chelvanayagma? ‚ Since nobody calls Tamils buying land in Colombo as Tamilisation would he stop using the word Sinhalisation when Colombo government does anything in NP or EP?‚  Then only one can think of W or one his granddaughters one day becoming a Tamil Obama in Sri Lanka or at least a reincarnation of Lakshman Kadiragamar or even a Jeyaraj Fernandopullai. More Tamils live outside NP like a scrambled egg.

‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  But if the day after the photo-taking if W says that it was because of India that he could become CM-NP what could one expect? Before the election he said Prabakaran was the greatest Tamil hero. He did not realize that by telling so to get Tamil votes the cheaper way he was slapping on the face of Sinhala Buddhists who had the Sri Maha Bodhi and the Dalada Maligawa attacked, and busloads of Buddhist monks massacred. ‚ Prabakaran cannot be a Tamil Kappettipola maha dissava, objectively speaking. One can understand W now has a difficult boat to row in balancing how to satisfy promoting the Prabakaran game versus how to promote a peace-loving Tamil culture without harming the Sinhala heritage. ‚ But, if his plan is to blackmail Mahinda Rajapakse (MR) using the Indian card or the Michele Sisson face, he will destroy his politics, larger Tamil dream of peace and the politics of MR. This is why all those former -this war was not winnable- agents are preaching to W to apply breaks and be diplomatic.

‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  On the other side of the picture-taking opportunity, when MahindaR (MR) says he has Sinhala extremists and religious extremists in his government, which words must be honey in the ears of the TNA, Vasudeva, Dew, TissaV, Bahu, Rajitha and Mano Ganeshan, as well as the Indian RAW, can he elaborate what Sinhala extremists and what religious extremists he has (Yes, there were Sinhala extremists in the past (1957) by the names of KMP and Kusuma Rajaratne)?‚  After his recent twin conversion to multiculturalism and the Interfaith Sect, both modern instruments of remote-controlled colonialism, embraced by the black-white crowds in the former colonies (but England and France now accept multiculturalism experiment has failed), it is possible that he could now see Sinhala extremists, but in the case of religion, a reasonable and impartial person could see only one religious extremist in his cabinet: Rauff Hakeem who fabricates stories that Buddhists are destroying mosques, his hurriedly erected make-shift tin sheds. The Rajiv-JRJ 1987 agreement accepts a Tamil homeland in Sri Lanka and 13-A added this to the JRJ bahubootha thing. As long as 13-A is there Sri Lanka cannot be a unitary state. Hence, either unitary must go or 13-A should go. This is not a matter that MR can try to escape from the loop by passing the buck to a parliament so well known as a shop full of crooks. JRJ kept them in a hotel and forced them to vote for 13-A.

‚ Reasonable solution

‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  The reasonable thing is to erase the bahubootha thing and develop a constitution by the people. Such acts require selfless dedication to save one-â„¢s motherland. The reasonable thing is to accept that both UNP and SLFP Colombo politicians have failed to solve the Tamil issue with justifiable solutions. A real Buddhist leader can find these solutions within the Buddhist Jathaka stories and the Middle Path. Poor Christians and the Sinhala Buddhist villagers (not the Colombo black-white Sinhalese and the Christian establishment) would not object to doing justice to Tamils. The history has been that boru Vessantaras or Madri Devis messed up the issue because it was always their private benefit that was in their hidden agenda. For example, both RPremadas as well as Mrs. Chandrika thought NP as their private property and wanted to offer it secretly to Prabakaran on long-term lease! ‚ RanilW in 2002 offered NP and EP as well as the whole country (tiger cats were roaming all over the island, but army could not go to NP/EP) on a platter to Erick Solheim and Prabakaran.

‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  Rajiv Gandhi did not want nine PCs in Sri Lanka. He wanted one PC for N-E provinces. It was JRJ-â„¢s plan thinking it will prevent the Rajiv plan. Now the biggest problem Sri Lanka has is not Tamils but the exploitation of the country by a horde of parasites known as PC members, their relatives and officers who thrive under the PC system. It has become a lucrative gold mine. Those who want 13-A are these Sinhala sharks. The perception is that MR also thrives under the 13-A system. MR is using the King Walagambahu method to use this PC system to keep the presidency maintained (isolate PCs and hold elections exerting full governmental force). So much so that Michele Sisson says elections does not [necessarily] mean democracy. She knows it is not true in USA, because every day there is elections in so many locations in USA.

Death of democracy

‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  Since the 1960s one could see how democracy was dying in Sri Lanka. What are some indications? The (1) structural democracy was dying due to tampering with the rule of law, independence of the judiciary, impartial civil service etc.‚  UNP and SLFP political black-whites did this by gradual politicization of everything they touched. The 1947 constitution became the scapegoat. Except for the removal of appeals to the Privy Council nothing was wrong with that system. Even the Clause 29 could have been handled if the concept of discrimination with reason was used (India, USA and Malaysia used it). For example, when GG Ponnambalam complained that allocating money for the preservation of the ancient city of Anuradhapura was discrimination, the Soulbury Commission flatly rejected such madness. The destruction of structural democracy was completed with the JRJ bahubootha thing in 1978.

‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  Appointing active politicians (Jaya Pathirana) as SC judges began with Felix Dias. May Day rallies became so funny. In Colombo, blue and red rally participants throw stones at shops. In mid night when these people travel back to their remote villages green rally workers throw stones at their busses hiding behind rubber trees! The worst was in the 1970s when false answers were given for questions asked in the parliament.‚  Seetha Molamure who lost Ratnapura by-election sat in the Senate before the man who won took oath in the House. These are just a few examples of how structural democracy began to fall sick.

‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  The death of (2) territorial democracy was the next. Whatever one could salvage from the capitalist representative democracy that the American president George Bush was talking so highly about, who stole it from Al Gore in the first place, ended in Sri Lanka with JRJ-RPremadas election laws. Now MPs, PC members and Pradesheeyas are mostly thugs selected by party bosses in Colombo after an interview.‚  The whole system is a disgrace to democracy, whatever is meant by the word democracy. ‚ The election boss cannot even implement the law on declaration of assets on the candidates or the ones got elected!

‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  After 1978, During RPremadas time, another (3) attack on civil administration took place by increasing the number GSN units from 4,000 to 14,004. There was no rationale behind this decision except providing jobs to UNP catchers.‚  Each GSN unit now has at least 3-5 full-time government officers.‚  If local school teachers are added to this list 50-100 government servants per GSN unit. No country can develop if these people are allowed to idle because they have political party connections.

Spatial inequity

‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  With the governance system in such a mess for the past 50 years or more, it was not possible to expect anything better on the socio-economic side other than patch work here and there. Structural changes to a colonial open economy, reducing the gap between the rich and the poor, taking development work away from Colombo, all operated under the Colombo paradigm, which JVP described as -milk to Colombo and fodder to villages.- ‚ Some work was done but it was always government officers running the show fooling the politician. DS Senanayaka-â„¢s dry Zone land development schemes gave lots of jobs to Tamil technical officers, but were run very inefficiently. Dudley Senanayaka, Mrs. B and RPremadas had at least one major project always directed from Colombo. Now Basil Rajapakse has begun several projects also run by officers.‚  He decided not to copy the very successful Gami Diriya people-based project, and instead created a monster department to run his Divi Neguma plan. These can bring some results but unless people are deciding what they need to do, any officer-imposed plan cannot succeed. That is the history of such projects all over the world. The problem in Sri Lanka today is a problem of spatial inequality in not having equality of opportunity and equal access to opportunity. This is so all over the country worst affected being the border regions in the NP, NCP, EP and UP.

Degradation of morals (King Kosol-â„¢s Sixteen Dreams)

‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  The open economy introduced by JRJ without reasonable restriction has destroyed the physical, human and moral resource base of the country. Big fish eating the small fish, greed to make money somehow, parents encouraging children to tell lies, tuition mafia, bribery, corruption, sex selling, one can write pages of such ill effects slowly destroying the society, especially the Sinhala Buddhist society. During the 30-year war people lived smiling with the fear of death underneath and two generations suffered from this mental condition, became so un-human like, suspicious of others, extremely selfish, willing to lie or steal. Unfortunately, only a visitor from abroad can see these traits and the whole country needs mental therapy of some sort. ‚ This can be identified as the Mervyn Silva syndrome, so openly abusive of all Buddhist norms of civility. ‚ Buddhist temples are failing in their traditional role as the whole country is in a rat race. This situation is not limited to Colombo areas alone.‚  Yes, there is a section of the people who make money and rich but the masses are bankrupt, materially and morally. ‚ Importing luxury cars using the money sent by village women who work in Arab homes cleaning toilets, and the tourism madness have already done massive societal damage.

Zone of agreement (curse of the JRJ bahubootha thing)

‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  So Dayan Jayatilleke talks about the zone of agreement-”the fine line dividing an Eelam versus united federal state! His zone does not include a unitary Sri Lanka. He and other federalists want Wigneswarn to be cautious, not to be a case of pudana kotama kaapi yakaa (the devil swallowed it as if the offer was completed fully?) as if to give MR sometime to digest the rope. Dayan is so sure about a Bangladesh/Kosovo type R2P solution if W be patient. ‚ Hasty acts will be a reverse of what Prabakaran did, who refused all the good offers bestowed at his feet. ‚ This is all when MR is caught between the Canadian boycott of CHOGM and the British PM coming with -tough messages.-‚  May be another lucky UNP MP can become a new minister just to implement CHOMG decisions

‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  The short descriptions in paragraphs above show that Wigneswaran, TNA, Indian RAW and Michele Sisson are just small disappointments that MR has to worry about. Dayan-â„¢s zone is a mental zone limited to a merged N-E zone; MR-â„¢s zone on the other hand is the whole country replete with mismanagement by black-whites. Just forget about the university mess, tuition mess, hospital mess, transportation mess; even the Sugala Devi-â„¢s tomb is dynamited and the archaeology boss says he will have an inquiry! There is a Ph.D. minister whose only allocated function is to protect such historical sites!

‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  JRJ thought he was an Aristotle but ended like an Andare, the court jester. He preached for a system of government better than anywhere in the world, and with the help of A.J. Wilson erected a method which is now known as the bahubootha thing. With its other death trap, the new election method, this JRJ thing has become a curse for those who come to power under it. For example, we know from Mrs. B-â„¢s private secretary that she thought that -Chandrika [is] pissu kelinava.-‚  We know from RPremadas-â„¢ press secretary that -RP was suffering from severe mental (psychiatric) disease.- Fortunately, MR is free from all such problems but the curse affected him in a different way.‚  In order to overcome the most severe defect in the bahubootha thing (planted by AJ Wilson?) MR started using minister-â„¢s jobs as a bribe which is a politically wise thing to do. But in so doing he has violated a cardinal rule in management systems. It created a system of disintegration of functions that has become a malfunctioning of the whole system of governmental management. The divisions were such that no one can be identified as the party responsible for bad things. For example the function of agriculture which should under one minister is so divided that there is even a sugar minister. While this is happening on one end three or four ministers have all the key governmental functions taken out of other namesake ministries so that when things go wrong namesake ministers become the scapegoats. In a situation like this it is human nature to make hay when the sun is shining. The evil triangle operating for several decades is now at its zenith under this bribing method along with the PC white elephant. There is no Middle Path but extremism.

River for Jaffna

‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  ‚ Despite all these problems from A-Z, there is no alternative for the Sinhala Buddhists and the poor Christians in Sri Lanka other than MR.‚  People have not forgotten what JRJ, RPremadas, RanilW, Ravi Karunanayaka and Mrs. Chandrika did to the country. The new movement Bodu Bala Sena is really the challenge that MR faces because it is exposing how Sinhala politicians have been playing a game of cheating Sinhala Buddhists for half a century. Therefore, if Wigneswaran and TNA becomes an albatross on MR-â„¢s neck, the country will again be in a total mess. War capital will be over. Golden brains (GLP, CBK-based federalist), copper brains (Sarath Amunugama, legalize kassippu) and sand brains (Vasu, two language national anthem) will be the first to jump ship when the right time comes.

‚  ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  Therefore, if TNA is not for an Eelam, if they want to follow the law, if they learned anything from the good advice given by CJ Sansoni in 1980, then the first task before them on behalf of Tamils in Jaffna is to ask Colombo-â„¢s help to implement the river for Jaffna project, first presented by K Balasingham, member of the State Council in the 1930s and refined by S Arumugam in the 1950s and keeping it alive to date by DLO. Mendis. Since, Colombo itself should have undertaken this plan as part of the Mahaveli Project, a request from TNA, will be an eye opening cry of TNA. It would be the most beneficial, most reasonable Colombo-Jaffna joint project with least cost. In fact, this was something Douglas Devananda should have discussed with Basil Rajapakse and Bathirudeen if he was a wise man.

Colonial administrative divisions

‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  Whether or not Wigneswaran is honest MR has a duty to make sure that incentives promoting separatism are removed.‚  One cannot depend on Supreme Court or goodwill of Ms. Sission. America is the only country in the world where one part of a target country is bombed while parcels of food and medicine air dropped in another part of the same target country! Not only friendships are temporary but friendships can be different depending on the location-”Jaffna, Trinco or Hambantota. There are forces that W or MR cannot control. Tamils all over the world are dreaming for a Tamil state with a UN seat.‚  USA is joining with 300-million Indian middle class to control China and Trinco harbor is so valuable in this regard (it is already under Indian control). Christianization of Asia is easier if the Sinhala Buddhist society is in chaos with interfaith junk evangelical-Taliban intrusions. ‚ Steps taken to remove germs of separatism must be such that they could not be sabotaged using the R2P trick. This is why some actions suggested by Susantha Goonetilleke to introduce what Germany did to de-Nazify German minds after the end of Hitler cannot be implemented in the case of Prabakaranism in NP. Instead there are rational, reasonable, scientific Buddhist methods that can be justifiably applied in Sri Lanka.

  1. Making sure that children in NP are taught Sinhala as part of the national plan to teach Tamil and Sinhala to all school children in the island;
  2. Taking steps to demarcate GSN boundaries on the basis of natural-ecology (hydrology) and geography-based criteria;
  3. Surface or underground water resource based GSN units will fit within the 103 river basins running radially from a central mountain mass, making it possible to agglomerate‚  GSN units as electorates, districts and provinces as needed;
  4. If provinces are needed so that Tamil in the north wants a larger area all GSN units can be divided as seven river basins;
  5. River basin approach is the scientific method used in a world of global warming, environmental degradation, soil erosion, deforestation, flooding, drought, landslides, waste management, and land and air pollution.

‚ Seven River Basins

‚ wije292 ‚ 

  1. Yalpanam
  2. Raja Rata
  3. Dambadeni
  4. Mahaveli
  5. Deegavaapi
  6. Kelani
  7. Ruhunu

(Compare this map with the nine-province
map which cuts all major rivers into artificial

With this simple change it will become obvious that the nine-province division of the island done by the British for colonial reasons has no reason to exist other than the inability of the Eurocentric black-white thinking of the UNP, LSSP, CP and SLFP politicians. With the realization that NP is depending on the Mahaveli water and that there will not be an EP, the thinking that a Tamil country could be carved out of Sri Lanka instead of from India will face a natural death. With GSN units based on natural boundaries there will be hundreds of 100% Tamil, Muslim units but there basis is not language or ethnicity but hydrology-ecology. Divisions based on river basins will not be perceived as a Tamil separatist threat by the Sinhala villagers.

Evil triangle

‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  Tamil separatism is only a small problem compared to the wholesale destruction taking place in the island due partisan politics. An evil triangle (politician-officer-NGO) has enveloped the villages, towns, urban areas and the whole island making people-â„¢s lives so miserable which does not appear on surface but deep within. This why the administrative boundary modification proposed above becomes more relevant in salvaging the country from the present mess.

‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  LLRC recommended devolution of power to the lowest possible unit of government as opposed to Tissa Vitharana-â„¢s APRC idea of having a Tamil police station in Sinhala villages. If Sri Lanka is to be protected from inevitable destruction it is necessary to create GSN-level people-â„¢s civic administrative units where 10 members are selected on non-political party basis. This is how empowerment of people can take place. This is what India is trying to do under the Panchayathi Raj law. ‚ Our situation is not as complex as India-â„¢s. All local civil administrative functions need to be handed over to these committees. They will take the decisions with the advice of officer experts and the implementation of these policy decisions to be handled by local officers responsible to the GSN committee. At present local knowledge is ignored or erased by some officer answerable to party politicians. Issues people face on a daily basis, drinking water, garbage disposal, elementary education, floods, landslides, religious harmony, agriculture, water and air pollution, basic health, NGO exploitation must be tackled by local people at local level. The Divi Neguma law needs modification and used as an instrument to create this kind of GSN level civil administrative units.‚  It is true that politicians at all levels who created a mess in the first place will not willingly give up their power and perks.‚  But this is a war for the politician MR, unlike the military war won by the soldier GR. Imagine a situation that the Bodu Bala Sena taking a booklet developed on the basis of this essay and distributing it to villagers!

Eelamist. Leena Manivekaali visits Sri Lanka and completes anti-Sri Lankan propaganda film – White Van-

October 29th, 2013


The majority in the country has forgotten that a continuous plan is in operation to disrupt the CHOGM and to take our military leaders before the international criminal courts to take revenge against the defeat of the LTTE. As a link in this treacherous drive an extreme Eeelamist , Leena Manivelkalai visited Sri Lanka recently and directed an anti- government film called White Van.

She came to Sri Lanka under the pretext of participating at 41st Ilakaiya Santipuu literary festival by having mentioned to the authorities as a poetess and a writer. Rani Manivelkalai -Ëœs arrival in Sri Lanka or her stay in Jaffna was not scrutinized by our intelligence services.‚  She was received with honour and was driven ‚ to Jaffna by a well-‚  known ‚ Sinhala ‚ NGO activist.

After her arrival in Jaffna she did not participate at the literary festival. She was engaged in directing and producing a film on the persons who were made to disappear -by the SL Government-. Her effort was not only to help form‚  anti-Government views but also to arouse anti -“Sinhala‚  feelings in Tamilnadu.

After naming the film as -White Van- she commented ..- They will snatch your lives. They come hiding behind nightly dark clouds in Army uniforms. Sometimes they are in civil clothing. They will not give any reason after snatching you by your throat. You will be taken away without any warrant and sans your consent ‚ -

Pro-LTTE Tamilnadu resident, Manivelkali attempt in directing the -ËœWhite Van-â„¢ is to depict that SL Government and the army is ceaselessly kidnapping people using white vans. In her film the mention is made of the so called media person, Prageeth Eaknaligoda.

This is not the first time she made a film spreading anti Sri Lanka propaganda. In 2011 she directed a video film called Sengadal. In this film she accused Sri Lankan Navy‚  of attacking‚  Tamilnadu fishermen and Sri Lanka government-â„¢s war was not against the Tamil Tiger but against the Dravidians.

How is that this notorious film maker Manivelkali was allowed in SrI Lanka? She was free to roam around in Jaffna even though she was warned that she will be made to -Ëœdisappear-â„¢ by the Sri Lankan government.‚  She completed the film and left Sri Lanka safely.‚  Her plans are to screen the White Van before and during the CHOGM. ‚ 

(From the Defence column in Sunday Divaina of 27th Oct)

In calling cattle slaughter a -ËœGava Gathana Pinkama-â„¢ Governor Moulana has deeply hurt Buddhist sensitivities

October 28th, 2013

Shenali Waduge

-ËœDamned if you do, damned if you don-â„¢t-â„¢ seems the challenge posed to Buddhists and an increasing number of indigenous people in different corners of the world as they face new cult type incursions. Not only is the new cult enveloping victims among the Muslims but by penetrating the hyped liberal notion of -Ëœsecular multiculturalism-â„¢ the demands of Muslims take center stage pushing indigenous cultures not only to the background but ring alarm bells to the possible extinction, annihilation of not only the indigenous culture but the possible conversion of the people of an entire country to Islam in time to come e.g. Maldives.‚ 

‚ When a longstanding Muslim Governor of the Western Province in Sri Lanka suddenly issues on a State letterhead carrying at the top of the letterhead the representation of the Buddhist -ËœDharma cakra-â„¢ a request for public officials, majority of whom are Buddhist to take part and provide support to a -Ëœgava gathana pinkama-â„¢ (cattle slaughter / sacrifice meritorious act), one begins to wonder in which direction this country is now heading. ‚ In officially requesting Buddhists to violate their Buddhist first precept of venerating life by aiding and abetting cattle slaughter for the Hadj festival the Muslim Governor has crossed the boundary of respect and courtesy due to the indigenous religion and culture.

‚ Humanistic Religions

Buddhism and Jainism are the only two religions in the world to treat both human and non – human sentient beings with a high sense of reverence for life, compassion and gratitude for services rendered to humans by animals such as the cow. There is no place in Buddhism for destruction of life of animals to appease gods. The Buddha condemned such practices unreservedly. It is these Buddhist values that form the core of the civilization of this country and prevail to this day. The Buddhist public expect these values to be respected by the descendants of those who arrived in this country much later bringing a form of culture and attitude to the life of non -” human sentient beings as anything but intolerant and deplorable, and a defective code of ethics in respect to the treatment of animals.

‚ Dhammapada

The Dhammapada encapsulates the attitude of Buddhism and its reverence for life as follows:

‚ Verse 129 – Of Others Think Of As Your Own Self

All tremble at force,
of death are all afraid.
Likening others to oneself
kill not nor cause to kill.

Explanation: All tremble at violence, all fear death. Comparing oneself with others do not harm, do not kill.

‚ Verse 130 -To All Life Is Dear

All tremble at force,
dear is life to all.
Likening others to oneself
kill not nor cause to kill.

‚ Explanation: All are frightened of being hurt or any threat to one-â„¢s life. To all life is dear. Seeing that others feel the same way as oneself, equating others to oneself, refrain from harming or killing.

‚ An inexcusable request

Therefore, the act of issuing a letter by a Governor who had been holding the post for numerous years to suddenly request Buddhist public servants to take part and provide assistance to animal sacrifice and cattle slaughter and view it as a -˜ pinkama-™ (meritorious deed) is tantamount to a perversion of Buddhist values well entrenched in this country. It is a trespass on the Buddhist ethos and brings to the level of humiliation all that the Buddhists are fighting to save in a world where Buddhists wish to co-exist peacefully with Muslims in spite of being well aware of the historical reality that Muslim nations have all been created by conquest and conversion making inroads even to this day of what constitutes traditional Buddhist space and territory.

‚ The cries for mercy and agony of animals awaiting death and their behavior in the last moments of their precious lives including urinating and defecating unfortunately have no impact on those who are desensitized to suffering of other living beings, and who believe that shedding of blood and sacrificing the lives of others is the way to earn points from -ËœGod-â„¢ and one-â„¢s -Ëœreward in heaven-â„¢.

‚ To be asked to view cattle slaughter as humane and meritorious is a huge insult to Buddhists.The only real pinkama associated with cattle slaughter is the granting of freedom to the animal from slaughter by paying the Butcher or the owner of the animal destined for slaughter. This is practiced heavily in Sri Lanka by lay Buddhists, monks and Buddhist organisations. This is true religion.

‚ The state machinery of a Buddhist country (Article 9) should be associated with granting freedom to animals. Arahant Mahinda recommended it to King Devanampiyatissa and it led to the establishment of the world-â„¢s first wild life sanctuary in Mihintale 2300 years ago, and a resolve on the part of succeeding Buddhist Kings of Sri Lanka to follow suit in extending state protection to animals.

Moral conscience

Buddhist public servants have a moral conscience and they must be allowed the right to exercise their moral conscience and refuse to carry out orders which are repulsive and violate their fundamental Buddhist religious beliefs. If it is in order for the Muslims to claim the right to conduct themselves according to their religious beliefs (special Friday prayers, dress code or unwillingness to serve alcohol or pork), likewise such rights should also be extended and recognised among Buddhists. ‚ 

The conduct of a former Muslim minister and present Governor in brazenly calling upon Buddhist public servants to support -Ëœgava gathana-â„¢ (cattle slaughter) as it is a -Ëœpinkama-â„¢ (meritorious act) shows the extent to which Islamic values are rapidly replacing Buddhist values and the contempt some of these people have for Buddhist ethics and our ways of living. It is also an indication of the extent to which Islamic influence has grown to now be demanding from 74% Buddhists to view cattle slaughter as meritorious act completely slapping the doctrine with which Buddhism rests and bringing up exactly how (in)tolerant and (dis)respectful Islam and Muslims are of the indigenous Sinhala Buddhist race while accusing Buddhists.

‚ Peaceful co-existence between communities can be achieved only when those who came later with different beliefs and cultures are prepared to respect the original foundational ethos of a country long observed for more than two millennia, and not by disregarding them,‚ manipulating them, bypassing them and overruling them.


October 28th, 2013

Mahinda Weerasinghe

Curiously enough, that old gambit of Jaffna Tamils Catholics has been rekindled again. Frustrated by their incapability of getting hold the pearl of the Indian Ocean, they have reverted back to plan B.

This new plan really is the ancient one, dusted up and presented in a new garb. ‚ It is being exploited as a lever to ply Tamil Nadu out from Indian union. Then they could exploit TN as a battering ram to dash Lankans with!

Under the circumstances, what options are open for Mamohan Singh to manure? Let us consider some basic options!

1.)‚ ‚ ‚  If Mamohan Singh has a back bone, then he can act as a statesman, and partake in the common wealth conference.

But he obviously is no Statesman!

Indeed if he were to materialize in Colombo; he would be offering Catholic Jaffna Tamils the unique opportunity they have being waiting for!‚  They would hammer in the final nail into the coffin of an amalgamated Indian union!

As far as Sri Lankans are concerned they are not looking forward to his (patholaya-â„¢s) arrival rather they would wish for is; GROBR.

2.)‚ ‚ ‚  Obviously Mamohan Singh can abscond; thus taking the uncomplicated route out!

What would be the status of India then?

Far worse than one can envisage!

It would end the regional power that India is! Practically his big brother status in Lanka; would be kaput. The surrounding nabours will look at India-â„¢s indecisiveness and take its leader to be weak. In fact such an act would be taken as fickleness and vacillation? Sri Lana without consideration would levy an extra tax for their products entering the country and boycott its products where possible!

3.) He can declare that he is sick and hence unable to attend the conference!

In fact such an ambiguity is not a bad choice, thus shirking the responsibility, and placing the region in limbo! ‚ Indeed, thus relegating the Tamil pigheadedness to be dealt by a more decisive leader! In which case the b.) Consideration will still apply


3.)‚ ‚ ‚  Within that process Lanka would ascend as a regional power. And Mahinda be the rising star. Indeed he would evolve as the new power broker, manipulator and a wheeler dealer!


‚ All these have come to past, because the Indian clowns did not think ahead! Definitely Mamohan Singh is no Mahatma Gandhi; the man who through his iron will broke British Coolie slave exploiting and trading empire, sometimes also called the enlightened empire for its subtle manipulations!

What these Indian jokers do not grasp is, (and here I had to used Sarath Fonske-â„¢s indispensable phase; to define such dolts) if TN is get out of the union then India itself will be, a third rate power , and infantile nation of Tamil Nadu WILL BE nation of beggars.

How so?

Here I will outline the basic factors the nascent nation of Tamil Nadu should surmount!

1.)‚ ‚  Like Individuals nations need to water to survive, indeed lots of water!

Tamil Nadu dependent on Punjab for its water. Punjab as the name implies; the land of the five rivers also is the main source of water to Tamil Nadu.

In 1966 the international law association adopted Helsinki rules on international river waters. These rules were adopted in the United Nation-â„¢s Convention in 1986 and were accepted by the international Community as part and partial of international law. This would say if TN sede from India there is no power on earth which can persuade them to give water to the newly born nation of Tamil Nadu.

2.) Catholic\Christians will dominate this nation of indentured laborers, and continue to keep TN in bondage as hand maidens of the white man!

- B R Haran acrimoniously informs that; -ËœJust as it divided the Tamil people through the bogus -ËœAryan (Brahmin) -” Dravidian (Non-Brahmin) Theory,-â„¢ to alienate non-Brahmins from the -ËœHindu-â„¢ folds along linguistic lines (Aryan Sanskrit -” Dravidian Tamil); the Church similarly divided the Sri Lankan people along linguistic (Sinhala-Tamil) lines. On the one hand, it backed the LTTE fully against the government, and on the other, it successfully infiltrated the Sri Lankan establishment and influenced the government through Sinhala Christian leadership.-â„¢
Indeed he informs -ËœThe first Sri Lankan Tamil leader who started the demand for separatism was a Christian -” Samuel James Velupillai Chelvanayakam; he also called for a -Greater Dravidic Nadu- on both sides of the Palk Straits.

It can be said that LTTE just followed his footsteps, backed by the Church and missionaries. Ever since ethnic riots took place in 1983, Anton Balasingham, a Roman Catholic, assumed the mantle of LTTE-â„¢s political leadership and was second only to Prabhakaran, also a Christian.

Ironically, the 85% Hindu majority of Sri Lankan Tamils came totally under the control of a Christian minority leadership, thanks to the Machiavellian machinations of the Church and missionaries.

Jayalalitha-â„¢s lack of insight is legendary. She is showing the Sinhalese Bogy as a diversion.

‚ Sinhalese are not answerable for years of mismanagement and absurd leadership TN has chosen! The impending obliteration of Hinduism should be placed on this aging actress and that grand dad Karunanidhi! Indians should look within and look without, for answers to their situation and mental anguish!

-Indeed, Church finally succeeded in influencing Jayalalitha after her party-â„¢s rout in the 2004 parliament elections, resulting in two telling actions. First, she repealed the anti-conversion law, enacted by her own government, to appease the Christian community; secondly, she went to the extent of denigrating and destroying the sanctity of a 2500-year-old institution established by Adi Sankara and flawlessly maintained by his order of disciples as -ËœJagath Gurus-â„¢ for millions of Hindus.-

Since then, this aging actress (Jayalalitha) has clearly sided with the Christian clergy the results were evident. Last year, while reacting to the spontaneous -Ëœretaliatory-â„¢ attacks on Christians in Kandhamal, Orissa, she called it as a -disgrace- to the nation. In fact the real disgrace I feel is; how she keeps passing the buck!

3.) ‚ Naturally the jobs in the Northern India peninsular for Tamils will dry up.

4.) ‚ Indeed Racism, prejudice and xenophobia are rampant in India. It-â„¢s a strange mixture of prejudice, ignorance and centuries-old discriminatory practices, when communities kept to themselves and segregation practices based on caste taboos raged.

Like the leopard which has fallen into a well, India is a nation in deep frustration. Obsolete strategies and mismanagement of resources is the resultant. Corruption is a huge second economy.

One can clearly perceive where all this is leading to. And who are leading the Tamil Nadu flock by their nose up the garden path!‚  In fact is this actress\leader has been mesmerized by Jaffna Catholics so much so, that she has disregarded the Tamil Hindus, which is her real power base.

apparently their plan B was put on hold waiting an opportunity such as Catholic inspired 1983 incident of Sri Lanka; which galvanized Catholic-Buddhist war in Lanka(naturally with Tamil Hindus as scrape goats). ‚ Mamohan Singh arrival in Colombo may evolve into that opportunity!

Are the Sinhalese worried? Not by a long shot as Jaffna Catholics are predictably transparent!

Soon Jaffna Tamil Catholics will find that their design has backfired yet again! The cunning Sinhalese will naturally be bringing it round to their advantage! Indeed within that process TN Hindus will be burnt as they were in a deep slumber.

Jaffna Tamil Catholics hatefulness of the Sinhalese is well-known. It is historical and deep seated inferiority complex. Even if whole of Sri Lanka is given them still it would not quench their thirst of vengeance. Strangely enough, something always come to the Sinhalese aid! If Prakakaren had got his Eelam; he would still would want to subjugate the Sinhalese. He would have gone on to do this by exploiting the Indian Tamil Hindus as cannon fodder to get whole of Sri Lanka and enslave the Sinhalese. His blind fury, new no bounds. Perhaps Gotabaya understood this and acted with impunity.

If these jokers assume that if they were to emerge as a nation, then they could invade Lanka and live happily ever after! Well they are in for a surprise! As soon as they break away from the Indian union, the India left behind will be Aryan dominated, would become rabidly anti Tamil Nadu and pro Sinhalese! A typical catch 22 situation.

If they could mot obliterate the Sinhalese race the last 2000 years how in the world can they achieve it now?

Indian Hindu Tamils should appreciate that Sinhalese live with the Indentured slave labor brought over to Ceylon by British slavers. In fact they were not tolerated by Jaffna Tamils and they never put out the red carpet in Jaffna them.

Jaffna Tamil Catholics are of the opinion they are specially created and unique, unlike the Indian riff raff. In their eyes plantation Tamils are low of the lowest and treated as pariahs. In other words it would mean that; Jaffna Tamils have not come from India originally but descended from heaven. ‚ In fact that-â„¢s why they are so special! According to the Catholic judgment they are Gods anointed lot.‚  Such bizarre myth of theirs is equal to their Holy Catholic mother-â„¢s virginity; remains unconfirmed!

Forgetting history does not mean the facts can be expunged. It is the Sinhalese Buddhist who polished the Jaffna Tamil Catholics subsequent to their arrival from India. Sinhalese got them reconditioned them from their old mind set, and taught them about hygiene, education, and polished them. And above all, got them to desist from sitting on the road side and doing number 2, as their distant cousin still practice. No wonder the inferiority complex! The Indian plantation Tamils will also be given the same polish and reconditioned similarly!

Jaffna Tamil Catholics are lucky to have got cohabitate with tolerant Sinhalese Buddhists and to live amongst them. If they have cohabited with German Aryans they would have ended in Gas chambers as Gypsies did! As Jews and gypsies found after living hundreds of years that there are no traditional home lands in Europe for them!

It is time that these Jaffna Catholics face reality!


Tamil Nadu’s Campaign against Sri Lanka Supported by Indian Central Government

October 28th, 2013

Ira de Silva Canada

‚ Tamil Nadu has unanimously adopted a resolution that India should boycott the CHOGM. It has now been supported by some members of the Central Government as well as the Opposition. According to Ms. Jayalalitha, even “token” representation should “not be allowed”. The question is who is going to “not allow”. Has the Central Government been replaced by Tamil Nadu? Is Tamil Nadu now governing India and is it the sole representative of India?

It would be good if India immediately communicates it’s decision to Sri Lanka. If Mr. Singh is not attending it will confirm to Sri Lankans that India has once again acted true to form and shown it’s true feelings for Sri Lanka which has been constant harassment, terrorism, invasion and interference namely the ugly face of India towards it’s neighbours.

Regarding suspending Sri Lanka from the Commonwealth, once again Tamil Nadu is showing it’s ignorance and contempt for the values of democracy and values of the Commonwealth. India has a vote, not a veto. That should be made clear to Ms. Jayalalitha by her Indian counterparts at the Centre, as they must know the protocol. As for the rights of the Tamils to be on par with the Sinhalese, she once again displays her ignorance of Sri Lanka because all Sri Lankans have the same rights. Her hypocrisy in trying to champion Tamil rights in Sri Lanka is clearly illustrated by the fact that while calling for rights of the Tamils in Sri Lanka, she makes every attempt to deprive these same Tamils of their livelihood by encouraging Tamil Nadu fisherman to poach in Sri Lankan waters. This attitude also illustrates her complete disregard for international law but reinforces the Indian attitude towards not only Sri Lanka but other countries in the region.

Regarding “the assembly also wants India to abstain from using the term friendly nation while making any reference to Sri Lanka”. Finally, Ms. Jayalalitha speaking on behalf of the Government of India, has admitted that it is not a friendly nation. Sri Lankans should accept this reality and would welcome it’s government categorising India as “unfriendly” and acting accordingly. Politicians in Sri Lanka should realise that despite their constant trips to India and Indians visiting Sri Lanka, the claims that India is a friend etc. ring hollow. Ordinary Sri Lankans know that India is not just unfriendly but an enemy that is willing to terrorise, invade, dictate and subjugate the country for India’s benefit.

It it is hoped that the Government of Sri Lanka, even at this late stage, will realise that it can not depend on India, that India by it’s own admission is no friend, that India has repeatedly acted against Sri Lanka just to secure Indian votes and economic gains, that the India that created and promoted LTTE terrorism to harass Sri Lanka has not changed and that India is willing to sacrifice Sri Lanka for political expediency. Therefore, Sri Lanka should clearly indicate to India that it will not tolerate any further interference by India, that while it is India’s decision to attend or not to attend, Sri Lanka will not tolerate any further insults or unjustified votes against it, and that it will not be subservient to India. It is once again time for the President of Sri Lanka to defend the country against external aggression because this resolution is clearly that. Sri Lanka should make it clear that non-attendance will be considered as an unfriendly, subversive act and that it will take all measures to protect the country against Indian ambitions both political and economic because that is what the Sri Lankan government is elected to do. In short, it is time to tell India that if they want to stay home to do just that in every sense of the word. Ordinary Sri Lankans are fed up with India’s bullying and interference. It is time to officially communicate Sri Lankans distrust and disgust of India.
Yours truly,
Ira de Silva


October 28th, 2013

By Stanley Perera -” Melbourne

Vigneswaran I knew was from the time he became a Supreme Court Judge.‚  But the writer does not know anything about Vigneswaran before becoming a judge.‚  The writer is of the view that Vigneswaran lived in Colombo amongst his Sinhalese brethren all his life bludging the Sri Lankan Government.‚ 

Justice Vigneswaran after taking his oath as a Judge of the Supreme Court, made a controversial speech on aspirations of the Tamil people.‚  Justice Vigneswaran wore the silk burrowed from a retired Sinhalese Supreme Court Judge who happened to be a relation of his.‚  Until his retirement Justice Vigneswaran wore this borrowed silk.‚  Silk is the cloak worn by the Supreme Court judges.‚  He was one of the two judges of the bench presided by Justice Mark Fernando.‚  But never been a presiding judge.‚  If Justice Vigneswaran went against the order of the majority, he must write his own order reasoning out as to why he was opposed to the majority order.‚  So what a lazy judge does is, he agrees with the majority order.‚  Justice Vigneswaran was not only a lazy judge often he asked dumb questions from the defence counsel.‚  When asked to elaborate on the question he asked, he has forgotten what the question he asked.‚  Juctice Vigneswaran was notorious to be an unreliable judge as he frequently been sick or going to India for medical treatment.‚  Soon he retired on medical reasons.‚  THIS IS A VERY VALUABLE POINT THAT NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED BY THE AUTHORIES.‚  IF JUSTICE VIGNESWARAN WAS NOT FIT ENOUGH TO PERFORM AS A SUPREME COURT JUDGE DUE TO HIS POOR HELTH CONDITION, HOW COME HE FUNCTION AS A CHIEF MINISTER OF THE NORTHERN PROVINCIAL COUNCIL?

Question number two:‚  When Vigneswaran was nominated to contest as the Chief Minister there were some allegations that Vigneswaran lived all his life in Colombo and he was not a registered voter in the North.‚  THIS IS THE SECOND POINT THAT NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED BY THE AUTHORITIES TO ASCERTAIN IF VIGNESWARAN IS REGISTERED AS A VOTER IN BOTH COLOMBO AND NORTH OR ONLY REGISTERED IN COLOMBO.‚  The GoSL must appoint a commission to investigate the above allegations together with his speeches made since becoming the CM on the basis of communal feelings that brings disharmony amongst the Sri Lankan communities.‚  His affiliations with the Indian sponsored anti Sinhalese and pro-terrorist ideology.‚  Vigneswaran is not a clever judge.‚  The man-â„¢s utterances are not that of an educated person. ‚ ‚ This man has more Sinhalese friends and relations than Tamils.‚  He has selected cheap and racist ideology for quick fame.

Since Vigneswaran became a politician he becomes a servant to the voters.‚  So he must Sir the constituents.‚  Vigneswaran must realise that he is only the CM.‚  Above him are: GA, Governor, Basil Rajapakse, Gotabhaya Rajapakse, Prime Minister and the President.‚  Therefore Vigneswaran is only the bottom of the heap.‚  At the rate he is uttering anti Sri Lankan slogans copied from the filthy Nadoos, Vigneswaran is already branded as a trash together with stinking TNAI.‚  Dogs bark.‚  Moon never comes down.‚  It is only fools make a noise.‚  Empty vessels make a noise too.

If one respects others, others will respect you in return.‚  While Vigneswaran disrespects Sinhalese, this fool cannot expect the Sinhala people to return him the respect.‚  Respect is something that one has to earn through his behaviour and the attitude.‚  This fellow is sponsored by Indians, funded by the RAW, manipulated by anti Sri Lankan mistress and Karunasleeping and elected by racist Tamils, practicing megalomaniac-â„¢s ideology.‚  Having lived all his life amongst the Sinhala brethren and bludging the Sri Lankan Government, no sooner the chappie becoming the CM showing his true colours is no surprise for a racist Tamil.

Could Vigneswaran have become a Supreme Court judge in India or in Tamil Nadoo?‚  NO.‚  Could Vignesvaran have become a Chief Minister in any State in India, let alone in Tamil Nadoo?‚  NO.‚  It is only in Sri Lanka that this racist Vigneswaran rose up to the top ladder in the judiciary and in local politics. So where is the discrimination you racist Vigneswaran?‚  Didn-â„¢t you achieve the Tamil people-â„¢s aspirations?‚  Where is the patriotism to the country that gave you everything that you asked for?‚  You are an undesirable, ungrateful and untrustworthy son of a gun.‚  You possess all the pre-requisites to be a parasite.‚  Megalomaniac has been replaced by a Megalomaniac.‚  This chap received a free education at the expense of the Sri Lankan government.‚  Man you are insulting the moderate Tamil people.

Sri Lanka is for all Sri Lankans.‚  Tamil people live all over the island.‚  Vigneswaran wants all Sinhalese leave north.‚  This chap wants the Sinhala Governor out of North.‚  The chappie wants separate Tamil Police force in the North.‚  This idiot wants the SL Army leave north.‚  Did this man say any of these during the 30 years of terror by his predecessor the Megalomaniac?‚  The chappie is blowing hot and cold.‚  Very injurious indeed.

More than half of the Tamils in the North are KALLATHONIS including Rayappu, Saundranayagam, Sampanthan and Sivajilingam.‚  They are thriving at the expense of the Sri Lankan Government.‚  Those starving Nadoos who do not know what a toilet is or how to use a toilet, an uncivilised Indians demanding the Tamil people-â„¢s aspirations.‚  It is a joke.‚  These Kallathonis demand from a country they do not belong to a separate state.‚  Now at this point the writer reminds the lecture by SL Army Commander Daya Rathnayake, -that if anyone tries to separate the country, their heads will be separated from the bodies like what happened to the Megalomaniac.‚  The above named racist Kallathonis including the successor to the Megalomanic‚  must take this lecture as a warning.‚  Take my humble advice you racist Tamils:‚  Live and let live like the moderate Tamil people.‚  Don-â„¢t insult the moderate Tamils like Thurai and Rajasinham.

Retired Major General Chandrasiri has better right to be Governor of Northern Province than Retired Judge Vigneswaran to be the Chief Minister.

October 28th, 2013

By Charles.S.Perera

Tamil Terrorists of Sri Lanka were a group ‚ ‚  apart, who had not accepted Sri Lanka as their motherland.‚  They had also not accepted that they belonged to the‚  larger Community of Sri Lankan people.‚  They wanted therefore to break away to form ‚ their own Tamil fatherland, exclusively for the Tamils.

From about 2001 TNA were the spokesmen for the terrorists, and had no interest in Sri Lanka other than to break it up to realise posthumously ‚ their leader -“the terrorist Prabhakaran-â„¢s dream of a separate Tamil Eelam State.

Even today TNA would go all the way to India, Canada or any other distant place, to discuss the rights of the Tamil people of Sri Lanka, overlooking more appropriate persons to consult such as the President of Sri Lanka, and his government.‚  The Sinhala people are distasteful to TNA. TNA remains ‚ a‚  part of the terrorist outfit-its rump. When they say they do not want to participate in the CHOGM one sees how disconnected they are from reality.

TNA are not acting as Sri Lankans, but more like the Tamil Nadu supporters of ‚ Jayalalitha.‚  Their place is in Tamil Nadu and certainly not in Sri Lanka, perhaps their agenda is to finally join up with TamilNadu to make a larger Tamil Eelam.

Now after the elimination of the Tamil terrorists we find that not only were the Tamil terrorists of Sri Lanka, but all Tamils in Sri Lanka think as the eliminated terrorists.‚  They want a separate Tamil Fatherland exclusively for the Tamils,‚  and ‚ they do not seek to have any affinity with the rest of the non-Tamil‚  population of Sri Lanka. Reconciliation is a meaningless word for them.

This became more apparent when the TNA Candidates won the PC elections in the North and formed the North PC with Vigneswaran as the Chief Minister.

Vigneswaran a Tamil from Colombo is a retired Judge.‚  A judge is appointed from among the lawyers.‚  He is not necessarily an intellectual nor an exceptionally intelligent person.‚  Vigneswaran represents the Tamils living outside the North and East.

One expected that the Tamils coming from the South, think differently from the Tamils in the North or East and are more tolerant, learned and not down right hardcore Tamils with a leaning towards‚  the Tamil terrorist way of thinking.

Vigneswaran was a Judge by profession, but his mentality is similar to that of the uneducated criminal terrorist Prabhakaran. Vigneswaran speaks the same language of his hero Prabhakaran, whom he equates to Keppetipola Mahadisawa,‚  showing his utter lack of the knowledge of the history of Sri Lanka.

He said in his maiden speech as the‚  Chief Minister of NPC, -We must try to diffuse our anger by learning how a single man called Kepitipola Disawe brought about anger in the midst of the Britishers and enthusiasm in the midst of the present day Sinhalese. War and competitions are those factors that would be working against us, but mutual understanding would bring about unity in our midst.-

With such foolish pronouncements Vigneswaran has kicked‚  reconciliation on the -back-.‚  No reconciliation is possible with a man like Vigneshwaran as the Chief Minister of NPC, he simply does not want it, and UNHRC Pillay should take note.

The myth the educated Tamils in Colombo and elsewhere in the South are different to those in Jaffna was busted when the Chief Minister of the North PC made his maiden speech .‚  Vigneswaran enjoyed the peace, all the‚  liberties, respect and opportunities the South provided‚  for him; ‚ but the ungrateful man he is, he‚  has turned out to be a‚  Tamil politician like Sampanthan and the rest admiring and hero worshipping ‚ the‚  Tamil terrorists, aspiring to do differently what his Talaivar Prabhakaran wanted to do through terrorism-to ‚ carve out a separate territory to the Tamils.

In his Maiden speech as the Chief Minister he talks as if he were the anointed King of the North. His maiden speech as CM of NPC was not in keeping with what is expected of ‚ a Chief Minister.‚  He cannot be any different from the eight other Chief Minsters of Sri Lanka, and claim additional rights and privileges.

He says he does not condone the presence of the Army in the North for the reason of such presence based on National Security.‚  He does not want the Army to acquire land and says the land should be returned to the rightful owners and – mechanisms must be in place to ensure that it happens.-

He has also said , –¦-¦..that ‚ it was wrong to act without understanding the language, culture and civilization of the Tamil community while he added that police had become an obstacle to the people of the North in their daily affairs. He added that it would therefore be wise to recruit people of the North to the police force in the area.-

Vigneswaran as the CM of the NPC should carry out the duties allocated to his Office, without giving instructions to the government as to what it has to do for the Northern Provincial Council.

When he said that, -Our people will not work in a way which makes it necessary for the army to remain in full strength in the North,” , he seems to have really lost his – mental balance- .‚  He is not wise, forward looking, and‚  human.‚  He demonstrated‚  that he is not the man through whom ‚ peace, happiness, and progress ‚ would come to the people of the North. He does no seem to know that peace and prosperity will come to north only in uniting forces with the rest of the country.

Vigneswaran is certainly out of place in the ‚ North as Chief Minister. He does not speak as a wise man,‚  a retired Judge at the ripe age of Seventy, but as a man in his dotage, who loved the terrorist leader who without even a proper education built a great terrorist fighting force. He now wants to take ‚ up the reins to realize his hero-â„¢s dream in ‚ a more acceptable way as an educated person and a retired judge.

Vigneswaran has become a sleepwalker. His main preoccupation is the Army. He does not want the Army in the North. Poor man is amnesic. He has ‚ forgotten that it is after all the Army that brought peace to the people of the North who gave him an – over whelming- support.‚  He seems to have forgotten that his making the Maiden Speech as the Chief Minister of the Provincial Council of the North after a democratic election, was made possible by none other than the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka that he now wants to send away.

Vigneswartan is no better than‚  his political leaders the Sampanthan and the click, he says in his maiden speech ‚ not of things that he proposes to do for the upliftment of the living conditions of the people , how he proposes to make the North prosperous, and the people happy, but he speaks of separation, removing the Army, and changing the Governor.

He goes a bit too far‚  in‚  saying that the Governor of the Northern Province should be removed.‚  He‚  added, -If the President is really interested in a civil administration, we urge him to appoint a person, not a military person, but a civilian as the Governor. I wish to inform that the Northern Province people expects a Governor who has experience in the post conflict period, who has the experience in rehabilitation, reconstruction, resettlement, development and a person who has the interest in the affairs and welfare of women, children, elders, youths and in the former armed cadres.- (emphasis mine)

What an ignorant man ?

What does Vigneshwaran who praises Prabhakaran comparing him to Keppetipola Dissawa, know about Major General G.A.Chandrasiri ?

The people of the North if they have any sense of gratitude and knows at what cost the peace that they enjoy today ‚ has been brought to them, should consider it a great privilege to have Major General G.A.Chandrasiri as their governor.‚  He is the symbol of peace that is now prevailing in the North, which Vigneswaran, Sampanthan and his TNA cohorts are trying to upset and create disorder.

Major General Chandrasiri‚  as the Governor in the North is not representing the Army, but he is a retired civilian appointed to the office of ‚ Governor by the President of Sri Lanka, as much as Vigneswaran does not represent the Judiciary,‚  but a retired civilian appointed the Chief Minister of the NPC by the Governor G.A.Chandrasiri‚  following the PC elections in the North.

Major General G.A.Chandrasiri is however a National war hero. He had a brilliant past‚  before his retirement.‚  Vigneswaran was only a Judge, listening to cases in a clean and neat courtroom, and living a comfortable life in Colombo, in peace and security.‚  Nevertheless Vigneswaran cannot hold a candle to Major General Chandrasiri who in his military service was risking his life to keep people like Vigneswaran safe and in comfort.

Major General G.A.Chandrasiri was the Commander of the Security forces in Jaffna.‚  He joined the army in 1974 when he was only 20 years of age.‚  He was the Brigade Commander Armoured Brigade and Commander of the Area Head Quarters in ‚ Mannar.‚  As the Commander of the Security forces in Jaffna he resisted several attacks against Jaffna by the terrorists.‚  Later after a successful offensive he pushed the terrorists out of Jaffna, and recaptured Elephant Pass.‚  After elimination of the terrorists he was the Competent Authority for approximately 3,000,000 internally displaced personnel and was in charge of the resettlement process.‚  He retired from the Army in 2009 and was appointed the Governor of Northern Province.

What better man is there to be the Governor of Northern Province other than the retired Major General G.A.Chandrasiri.‚  He is better than a civil administrator could ever be.‚  He saved Jaffna from being mutilated by the Tamil terrorists, and helped in the resettlement of the IDPs.‚  He risked his life to save the Jaffna Peninsular. Not only the Tamils in the North, but also the present Chief Minister of the NPC should‚  be grateful to‚  G.A.Chandrasiri and be proud to have him as the Governor.

The retired Major General G.A.Chandrasiri has a greater right to be the Governor of the Northern Province , than the‚  retired judge Vigneswaran to be the Chief Minister. Perhaps Anandasangaree would have been a better choice.

Vigneswaran came from Colombo, lived, studied, and worked in Colombo.‚  He was invited by the former spokesmen for the terrorists the TNA , who are not patriots of‚  Sri Lanka , who never risked their lives to keep the North secure and out of danger from the terrorists, to be their CM Candidate for the North Provincial Council elections.

The Tamil people of the North perhaps voted for him as they thought he is different from‚  the unclean TNA politicians, (who may have frightened them as they have faces that made them fearful), and hoped that Vigneswaran will be‚  more respectable and ‚ create for them a gentle and a peaceful political environment than the egoist TNA the shadow of the terrorists.


The TNA Are Mere Smalltime Political Representation With A Single Northern District Council Win, Not Heads Of Nations To Decline Attending The CHOGM Summit Which Is Laughable!

October 28th, 2013

Insight By Sunil Kumar

October 27th 2013

It is no blow for the Commonwealth Heads of Government (CHOGM) summit to be held in Colombo which some myopics seem to believe is troubled~ far from it ~‚ that Sri Lanka-â„¢s main Tamil party the TNA has said it would boycott the event. “Main Tamil Party” in this respect seems indicative of many factions within the Tamil Community and the only Tamil party with a miniscule representation in Parliament which does not really entitle them to the high faluting attitude they seemed to have adopted of late and the arrogance somewhat reminiscent of their onetime champions the deposed Tamil Tigers.

While the “troubled” caption comes as a result of declination by a few of Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger sympathetic Diaspora supportive adversaries who have been misled by the cooked up innuendo and false portrayals of what transpired in Sri Lanka in the decades long anti insurgent campaign by the Armed Forces, there has also been no mandate for the TNA to participate in the CHOGM as they are not heads of any State by any stretch of the imagination. It seems wishful thinking on their part.

On this basis‚  even if they attempted to participate, they should be prevented on the basis that they are Tamil Tiger sympathisers~ formerly very boldly and openly ‚ and today somewhat low key for very obvious reasons yet‚ continuing to carry out secessionist objectives where, now that they have gained a victory in a Nothern‚ Provincial Council Election that has no real‚ bearing on relativities linked to governance of the Nation‚ they still attempt to show a clout to which they are far from being entitled to.

It almost seems high handed that utterances such as quote~ -We will not take part in CHOGM. But our staying away does not mean we are protesting against the participating nations. We will be eager to meet them,- Mavai Senathirajah, a senior Tamil National Alliance (TNA) legislator has said on Saturday.So what gives them the right to be so bold in their rhetoric or is this some kind of ignorance linked apathy?

As it stands today they should realise that they are being closely watched by an Administration that hardly wants any recurrences of past secessionist based problems linkable to Tamil Tiger dogma and conscious of the direction of the TNA which shows ‚ signs that they seem to want to persist in what they call “the Tamil struggle” which should not be acceptable to a multi ethnic environment in Sri Lanka albeit with a strong Majority Sinhalese head count within the ruling party which is impartial and fair towards addressing the needs of all minorities particularly Tamils.
Something the Administration has done admirably well and continues to do so which the TNA hardly wants to admit or recognize but continue to present obstacles at every turn which could lead to an eventual unacceptable perception by the Nation’s lawmakers that could land them in hot water.

In response to‚  what TNA sources have‚ said that “during the inaugural meeting of the Northern Provincial Council, the TNA group had resolved that Chief Minister of the Tamil-dominated northern province C.V. WigneswarIan must shun the CHOGM in Colombo‚ due to be held this‚ November .” But who invited him? as once again he is no head of Government nor has he the mandate to attend by the simplest of definitions.There also seems to be a matter of interpretation of Plain English about what CHOGM stands for.

It is almost as though the TNA are attempting to force themselves into the CHOGM which is what makes it laughable as they seem to be taking too much for granted over a single Provincial Council win ‚ while also presenting themselves as the overall representation of all Sri Lankan Tamils which seems the furthest from the truth as there are many within their community who would much rather give them a wide berth based on their pro Tamil Tiger stance‚ and pledge their allegiances to the Government of Sri lanka who has prioritised their needs today‚ despite opinions to the contrary stemming from deplorable and unacceptable sources.

Malala Fever in the Western media: David Milliband trying score some points.

October 28th, 2013

By U.B.Gunasinghe PhD

Few weeks ago American media outlets were very excited by the news that Malala has been nominated for the Noble Peace price and eventually same media outlets were very disappointed that she did not receive the Nobel peace prize.‚  I was surprised to see David Milliband appeared on one Sunday talk show with some agent from a private firm helping with Malala foundation.‚  This guy knows where to go for his personal gain.‚  He may be involved with the foundation.‚  This is the guy who was helping LTTE who were dragging young girls from schools and their homes and sending to war front and eventually die for nothing.‚  His country (UK) is presently harboring terrorist aunty Adel Balasingham who was acting as a leader of the LTTE baby brigade and distributing cyanide capsules to young ladies who were deprived of their right to go to school and have a good free education provided by the Sri Lankan government.

Fact about Nobel Peace Prize:

Usually Nobel committee awards the prize to who deserves in the field of Science and medicine.‚  But some time peace prize is politicized and given to who has done nothing for the world peace.‚  One good example is giving Nobel peace prize to President Obama.‚  This year-â„¢s peace went to the organization who is trying to eliminate chemical weapons from the world.‚  I think this is reasonable instead of giving it to Malala.‚  No doubt that this young girl is outspoken and survived assassination attempt by notorious terrorist group Al-Qaida. In the Western media they depicted that many developing countries are not allowing women to have a good education.‚  Contrary this problem prevails only in some Muslim countries and the problem is not universal.‚  Therefore she did not deserve the Nobel peace prize at this juncture.

In Sri Lanka, President Rajapaksa-â„¢s government deserve more credit for saving many young girls and boys rescued from the LTTE clutches and giving them the chance to rehabilitate and integrated into the society.‚  They were deprived of their childhood, good education and live free as normal citizens.‚  Sri Lanka should be extolled by the international community for her good work on these misguided children.‚  But what is really happening?‚  Every year in March at UNHRC headed by the Nazi, racist HR commissioner trying to castigate Sri Lanka based upon unproven charges mostly fabricated by Tamil net and BBC.

I think it time for our foreign ministry to take up the Adel Balasingham matter with the appropriate forum and even try to extradite her to Sri Lanka to face justice for her crimes against humanity.‚  Her video showing distributing cyanide capsules to children is enough to convict her even in International criminal Courts.‚  ‚ As expatriates we must investigate the possibilities (possibly by good layers) of take this matter to ICC.

Sri Lanka assumes leadership of the Colombo Process

October 28th, 2013

Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka to the UN, Geneva

The Chairmanship of the Colombo Process was transferred from the Government of Bangladesh to the Government of Sri Lanka during a meeting held at the Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka in Geneva on 21 October 2013.

The Colombo Process is a Regional Consultative Process on the management of overseas employment and contractual labour for countries of origin in Asia, which was initiated at Ministerial Consultations for Asian Labour Sending Countries held in 2003 in Colombo. The group includes Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam, and has met in Manila (2004), Bali (2005) and Dhaka (2011) to review and monitor the implementation of previous recommendations and identify areas for future actions. The Geneva headquartered International Organization for Migration (IOM) serves as the secretariat for the Colombo Process.


Speaking on the occasion Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva Ravinatha Aryasinha said with 21% of its working population working overseas and 46% of them women Sri Lanka takes the issue of labour migration very seriously and will bring to bear Sri Lanka’s experience on the Colombo Process. Noting that while the Colombo Process countries are in some instances competitors, Ambassador Aryasinha said Sri Lanka believed that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and that their collective voice will be stronger than any individual voices. He said building on the accomplishments of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka in consultation with the membership of the Colombo Process, will evolve a road map on action to be undertake in the course of their chairmanship where member countries can optimize their mutual benefit. He saw the sharing of best practices, a qualification recognition process, minimum wages as well as improvement of working conditions in countries of destination, and assistance to migrant workers in crisis situations as priority areas. He also emphasized the importance for the Colombo Process to engage with greater vigour and credibility with countries of labour destination through the Abu Dhabi Dialogue (ADD) and other similar processes, as well as to pursue the interests of Colombo Process countries in ensuring that due recognition is given to migration as one of the priority areas of the post-2015 development agenda.

Permanent Representative of Bangladesh to the UN in Geneva Ambassador Abdul Hannan, said he was pleased with what his government-â„¢s chairmanship had accomplished, and was happy to be handing over the chairmanship to Sri Lanka, the birthplace of the Colombo Process. He thanked Ambassadors of all Colombo Process countries in Geneva and the IOM in the region and HQs for their support during the Bangladeshi chairmanship, which included the hosting of the Ministerial Meeting and Senior Officials meeting in 2011, the endorsement of the operating modalities, a Research Study on Labour Migration in Colombo Process countries and the recent Colombo Process statement delivered at the UN High Level Dialogue (HLD) on migration.

Director General of the IOM Ambassador William Lacy Swing who thanked Bangladesh for its very able leadership of the Colombo Process, said he considered it fitting that the Colombo Process should, after ten years of existence, be returning to its birthplace. He reassured the incoming chair that IOM would remain engaged with the Colombo Process and would explore new ways of securing funding for the process, thereby enhancing the regularity with which it meets. The timing of the handing over was opportune as there is much to be done following the HLD and in view of the other ongoing processes. He underlined the possible benefits of the Colombo Process engagement with other processes, with the global Regional Consultative Process (RCP) meetings being a prime opportunity for such interaction. He also suggested that the Colombo Process may also wish to consider how it might engage with other RCPs in their region, in addition to the ADD.


25 October 2013

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