Parliament Jokes!

December 14th, 2014

S. Akurugoda

According to a latest news item, the constitutional proposals drafted by the so-called Joint opposition to abolish the Executive Presidency within a 100-day timeframe, envisages the formation of a Parliamentary Affairs Committee, replacing the present system of control of Parliament by the Cabinet, paving the way for the Parliament to become the primary organ.

 I remember there was a Sinhala film titled “Parliamentary Jokes’ screened  few years directed by Ranjan Ramanayake , a actor and a parliamentarian.   Although I have not seen the film or unaware of what is in it, the titles came to my mind soon after I read a news item  titled ” The viewer who called Mahindananda Aluthgamage traced – He is Ranjan Ramanayake”.  According to the news item,  the caller, who questioned Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage during the live “wada pitiya” which prompted the Minister to end the programme abruptly causing a severe embarrassment to him has been traced as Member of parliament, UNP’s Ranjan Ramanayake. He had used the name as Sunil from Matara.

Whoever who imitated as Sunil, if it was a parliamentarian, indicates nothing but the poor state of the parliamentarians whom the voters elect to represent themselves.

We hear almost daily about parliamentarians and other politicians crossing sides these days as never we heard before. The changing camps is  now like a two-player (government and the opposition) strategy board game played on a  chessboard.

When the party secretary of ruling SLFP crossed-over to opposition, the secretary of the main opposition party crossed-over to the government. The SLFP secretary said to have changed the camp after having a hoppers night with the President without  even having a backbone to tell the President or anyone else in his party that he is leaving the party to contest the presidential election. 

Those who crossed-over from the ruling party to the opposition repeat opposition slogans  against the ruling party while those who crossed-over from the opposition repeat government slogans against the opposition. Those who praised the  President for defeating terrorist, while with the government  are now in the forefront of the opposition to defeat the President at any cost. It is also interesting to note that those who never utter a word about winning the war against terrorism, all these days,  are now praising the President and the ruling party for his achievement after joining the government.  Some of those who identified as nationalist are now sitting and dining with the well-known anti-nationalists like Wickramabahu and Rajitha Senarathne.  It will not be surprising if they sit on the same stage with TNA and other pro-LTTE elements within the next few weeks to establish a  country  with so-called good governance and free of corruption.

Those who were listed as possible parliamentarians  to crossed-over from the government, as claimed by the media supporting the opposition,  say they are not changing the ruling party even though they have problems within the party.  They do not tell us  what those problems are, but  by looking at the politicos who have left the government during the last few weeks,  majority of the ordinary citizens know very well that the problems they might have are personal and certainly not based on principles.

The so-called common opposition say their aim is the abolish the executive presidency ‘to provide more powers to parliament’  in addition to their claim of establishing good governance free of corruption.  It is interesting to note that both parties direct their fingers to each other for taking bribes after a crossed-over either from the ruling party or from the opposition.  Under the western type of democracy that we have, voters elect their parliamentarians to match their political views to represent them for a specific period and not to dessert them as they pleased to archive their own selfish goals.

The basic question we have is what would be the country’s political and economic stability, apart from the state of governance and the level of corruption, one could expect from these parliamentarians if powers are vested on the parliament  to become the primary organ ,as proposed above, after abolishing the executive presidency.  

Tissa challenges UNP leaders to relaunch party machinery

December 14th, 2014
 Former General Secretary of the UNP, Health Minister Tissa Attanayake challenged the UNP leaders to re-launch the presidential election campaign, commenced by him as the then UNP General Secretary. He added that the switch of the presidential election mechanism of the UNP was put off by him when he left the UNP.

Therefore, the UNP leaders are now at a standstill and in difficulty by failing to re-launch the election machinery, he said.

Minister Attanayaka said it was with much dedication that he put in place the UNP’s election machinery.

“But none of the UNP leaders supported me in this exercise. Now the UNP leaders are groping for the switch in the dark. By the time they find the switch, the Perahara has already gone,” he added.

He challenged the UNP leaders to restart the party machinery.


JVP, UNP now silent about Sirisena’s siblings misconduct _ President

December 14th, 2014

Dharma Sri Abeyratne in Nawalapitiya  Courtesy The Daily News

It was the JVP and the UNP that first spoke about corruption and misconduct of the siblings of common candidate Maithripala Sirisena, President Mahinda Rajapaksa said.

Addressing a UPFA election rally in Nawalapitiya yesterday, the President said the JVP and the UNP emphatically criticized the Brothers’ Company of Sirisena earlier revealing misconduct.

“It is strange that they never utter a single world about that Brothers’ Company now. They have now changed the tune and are harping on the Rajapaksa Brothers’ Company,” the President said.

The rally was organised under the theme Surakshitha Hetak in support of UPFA candidate President Mahinda Rajapaksa contesting the forthcoming presidential polls.

President Rajapaksa said it was against his policy to sling mud at anyone. He said only one of his three brothers was introduced to politics by him.

“He is Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. The other two brothers were introduced to politics by late Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike. I invited only Gotabhaya Rajapaksa because I wanted an energetic, capable and trustworthy person to liberate the country. Everyone is aware that he discharged the duty assigned by me. Due to his support and dedication, the country was united within four years.

Now he is assigned to carry out the duties of urban development including beautifying the Colombo city,” the President said. President Rajapaksa said that every minister is given the freedom to perform his duty.

“Accordingly, the minister of the respective ministry is responsible for the smooth functioning of that particular ministry. The government allocates millions of funds each year for these ministries. Similarly, the government allocates a greater amount of funds each year for the health sector. But a great part of those allocations were returned as they were not properly utilised,” he said.

“Now the former Health Minister says that he was not allowed to carry out his duties properly. This is what is called natanda beri minihata polowath edhai kiyuwalu. You asked me nothing more than to liberate the country from terrorism in 2005. At the time two thirds of the coastal belt was controlled by the LTTE. Utmost priority was given to liberate and unite the country. As a result of the clear and visionary leadership of the government, the country was liberated within four years defeating three decades long terrorism,” the President said.

President Rajapaksa said he was able to unite the country by eradicating terrorism even though many former rulers failed to do so. “As a result of liberating you from terrorism, you all are living peacefully and happily in a brotherly manner. After liberating the country, attention was focused on developing the country in 2010. Under these measures, the entire country has been placed on a rapid development track after 2009,” he said.

The President added that 169 Muslims were massacred in Kattankudi by the LTTE.

“The Muslims in the North and East were given only 24 hours to evacuate. They were chased away denying them their human rights. But people who talk so much about human rights, were silent when Muslims were killed and chased away from the North and East by the LTTE,” he said.

President Rajapaksa said moves are underway to create a better future for the next generation.

“We must create an educated and intelligent generation capable of conquering the world.”

The President said 150,000 employment opportunities would be provided for youths by next year.


The United National Party of Ranil Wickremasinghe  can only increase the Cost of Living: The Common Candidate should know this fact.

December 14th, 2014

By Garvin Karunaratne

The Common Candidate declaring that he could bring the Cost of Living down requires a last laugh because he does not know that it was the United National Party his main supporter that abolished and closed down the infrastructure that our country had to control the cost of living.  President Jayawardena abolished the main part and Premier  Ranil Wickremasinghe abolished what was left of the great infrastructure  that Sri lankan political leaders and administrators had carefully built up since independence. I was myself a party to build up that infrastructure in my service in the Administrative Service.

This infrastructure comprised:

            The Marketing Department for controlling the prices of local produce- vegetables, fruits, eggs etc..

            The Guaranteed Price Scheme for controlling paddy and rice milling. This was implemented by the Marketing Department and later by the Agrarian Services Department,

            The CWE(Cooperative  Wholesale Establishment) for controlling the prices of imported produce that was considered essential.

            Price Controls

            Weights and Measures Control.

 All these programmes were implemented on the basis that the Government had the right to intervene in all commercial activities in the interests of citizens. 

This infrastructure  was intact till 1977 when at the behest of the World Bank and the IMF(International Monetary Fund) this entire infrastructure was abolished or  under funded because the tenets of the Open Economy was for the Public Sector to give up all commercial activities. That was left to the Private Sector. 

In 1977 when President Jayawardena came into power he embraced the Open Economy as advised by the IMF which meant that the Private Sector was the engine of growth. He dismantled the Marketing Department and the Guaranteed Price Scheme for paddy and other cereals including Rice Milling and the major part of the CWE was also abolished. What was left of the CWE was abolished during the Prime Ministership of Ranil Wickremasinghe in 2002 and 2003.

 Thus to expect the Cost of Living to be controlled or brought down by anyone who is working with the United National Party is a non runner. It cannot and will never happen.

Let us go into the working of this infrastructure because it appears that the leaders who are supporting the Common Candidate and the Common Candidate himself appear to be ignorant of the methods of controlling the cost of living. 

The writer worked as an Assistant Commissioner in the Marketing Department from 1955 and in the Agrarian Services Department from its inception in 1958 to 1967. Later he was in charge of these Departments and in charge of Price and Weights and Measures Control as the Government Agent of a District.

 The Marketing Department.

“ The Department for Development of Agricultural Marketing of the Fifties and Sixties under the able leadership of Commissioners Basset and later B.L.W.Fernando ensured that prices of all essential local produce was indirectly controlled and the traders were compelled to offer fair prices to the producers and the retail shop keepers were compelled to sell at fair prices to consumers. As the Assistant Commissioner of a Province I visited all major producer fairs, purchased produce at some and dispatched the produce to the Tripoli Market in Colombo for sales overnight.” (Karunaratne: How the IMF Ruined Sri lanka…, Godages) During my years in the Marketing Department at least on three days in the week my day started at four in the morning  to visit producer fairs that opened at six. Then we did not have the infrastructure of roads built by our President Rajapaksa and we laboured on narrow roads for hours on end.

In detail,

This Department had Assistant Commissioners in all the major districts where local produce was grown. It had a staff of Marketing Officers and Managers of Vegetable and Fruit Purchasing Centers and also had Sales Depots in the main conurbations. In Colombo there were over fifty retail outlets.

The method was to buy vegetables and fruits from producers, paying the producers a higher price than what was offered by the traders at the village fairs where producers brought their goods for sale. Very often at producer fairs the purchasing traders get into a ring and offer low prices. At the close of day the producers are compelled to sell to the traders at whatever price because otherwise they will have to incur transport costs and moreover the vegetable produce will waste away and become unsaleable.  The goods  purchased by the MD  was dispatched to Colombo and other cities overnight. The entire scheme was controlled by the Tripoli Market in Colombo. There was a Marketing Officer at the Wholesale Market in Pettah, Colombo who reported the availability and the prices to the Assistant Commissioner in charge of the Tripoli Market.  The Marketing Officers and the Assistant Commissioners in the  Districts  reported the availability of produce and the prices at which the traders purchased the goods. The Assistant Commissioner at Tripoli Market  analysed the prices in Colombo and in the producer areas and fixed a purchase price which was higher than the rate at which traders bought from producers.  A very small margin of around 10 to 15% was kept for wastage and transport costs and a retail price was fixed for sales in the sales depots in Colombo and other cities.  This retail sale price  was lower than the sale rate at the wholesale market in Colombo. The aim was to make available vegetables and fruits at cheap rates to the dwellers in the cities. The traders at both the producer areas as well as the traders at the wholesale markets in Colombo had to adjust their rates according to the rates fixed by us if they were to be in business. In other words the traders who purchased at the producer fairs had to adjust their prices upwards as otherwise no one will sell to them because the Marketing Department Depot was open and buying. In the cities the wholesaler had to sell at a lower rate because the MD retail units were selling at a low rate. While the margin we kept was in the region of ten to fifteen percent generally the trader at the purchasing unit kept a fifty percent mark up and the wholesaler in Colombo also kept a fifty percent mark up.

I was in charge of the Tripoli Market in 1956 and I not only fixed the prices to purchase produce in the producer areas  but was held responsible to ensure that all the City Stalls were full of stocks. I can yet remember the names of stalwart  officers- RFC Livera,  Kulasingham, Adhikari, who could be trusted and  who ran round in circles to ensure that all City Stalls had stocks.  

The MD actually purchased around ten percent of the crop but we were able to manipulate the prices that the Private Sector purchased and sold because we did not keep any margin as profit. The small margin we kept was to cover transport and wastage. We really did control prices. For instance  The Marketing Department  at Ambalantota purchased curd from Ridiyagama at around twelve in the morning. This was immediately dispatched to Matara by van. This was brought to Triploi Market  by overnight train  the next morning and offered for sale both at Triploi Market and at our depots.  We fixed a low margin to cover transport costs only.  This effectively controlled the prices of curd in the entire city.

  The entire system was based on service and making a profit was not a concern. In fact we Assistant Commissioners were found fault if we incurred a profit  or incurred a loss. We were expected to be able to avoid making a loss. 

The MD Scheme was successful in reducing the margin that traders kept as profit,  This enabled ensuring  low prices in the cities. The abolition of the MD Scheme enabled the traders to rule the roost and prices skyrocketed because of the high profit margins they kept.

This is a scheme built up in Sri lanka which I have not found in any other country and I have traveled in almost all Asian Third World countries.

It is to the credit of the Sri lankan  Army that they did  purchase vegetables and sold at lorry sales in the City to bring the cost of living down a few years ago.  The Marketing Department had a bakery that made bread, rolls and sold at cheap rates and this effectively controlled bakeries. Today the Sri lankan Army had opened food outlets at Battaramulla etc where meals are available  at cheap rates. I have taken meals there and can vouch for the quality.  When I worked in the South I was in charge of the MD Canteen at Kataragama where we made and sold rice and curry, chappaty and thosai all at cheap rates to ensure that the hoteliers there could not sell at fanciful rates.

It is sad that the United National Party killed this effective method and it is hoped that someday this system will be restored. But that will never happen with the Common Candidate.

The MD Cannery

In 1954 the MD established a Canning Plant and commenced canning fruits. The fruits used were offered a floor price – a price at which we would buy everything that was offered. Traders generally bought an amount that their wholesaler needed and if the supplies were more they would  reduce their price.  The MD offered floor prices for totatoes, red pumpkin, ash pumpkin, organges and pineapples. The tomatoes were made into tomatoe sauce and juice, the Red Pumpkin made into Golden Melon Jam, the Ash Pumpkin made into Silver Melon Jam,  Oranges made into Juice, Passion Fruit made into Juice, Pineapple made into Pieces, Rings and Juice.  With this the Chena cultivators made good money with the sale of their crop. On the other side Sri Lanka was able to become self sufficient in Jam, Tomatoes sauce, and Juice.  And save foreign exchange by avoiding imports.

The MD was even able to build up exports of pineapple pieces and rings and  Assistant Commissioner Oswald Tilkekeratne  went abroad often for this purpose.

When President Jayawardena abolished the Marketing Department the Cannery was privatized. It is being run today by a private company but it does not offer prices for local produce. My estimate is that fifty percent of the crop is wasted for lack of buyers today. We are not self sufficient in fruit juice today purely because of the waste due to the lack of sales and the lack of a Cannery..


The CWE imported all essential items and sold them at their Retail sales Depots at low rates keeping a low margin. The CWE had a large number of retail sales depots.  This did not enable the Private Sector to import and keep high profit margins. The main items imported by the CWE were lentils, chillies,  coriander and other curry stuffs,

The CWE was partly abolished during the days of President Jayawardena and the rest was abolished during the time when Ranil Wickremasinghe was Prime Minister.

The Guaranteed Price Scheme

In order to enable farmers to obtain a maximum price for their produce like paddy , kurrakan  etc the Government offered a premium price, The concentration was on paddy as Sri lanka was not self sufficient.

Paddy was accepted from genuine producers   only through Cooperative Societies. The aim was to ensure that the high price went to the producer.

The paddy was milled in Rice Mills that were run by the Department as well as through rice millers. This rice was issued on the ration and any excess was sold to traders.

This was an intervention into commercial activities and this Scheme was abolished and the Rice Mills were abandoned and sold for a song.

Once I gazed in amazement at the ruins of the Ambalantota Rice Mill that was broken up and parts sold for a song and parts left to weather and die. That was my home for a full year when I controlled the Southern Province and then we milled rice on a 24 hour basis and employed over a hundred people. Now with the dismantling of rice mills we are slowly  importing rice mills.  

After this Scheme was abandoned paddy purchasing was commenced and then paddy was purchased not from genuine producers. Anyone that brought paddy to government stores were paid the premium price. In the GPS days paddy was purchased only from genuine producers on a list approved by the village level officers and then the premium price offered went directly  to the producers.  After the Scheme was abolished, when purchased were made, as we do now,  the premium price goes to the traders, mostly rice millers and not to the producers.

Price Control

The prices of all essential goods like Lentils, Sugar, Chillies, were controlled. These were imported goods and a reasonable margin was allowed for the traders. 

Price Control was  officially abolished. Though at a late stage some prices are controlled  the situation is far from the days when goods were available at cheap rates., The items like Sugar and Chillies were also sold at MD Sales Outlets. 

Weights and Measures

There was effective control over weights and measures. Inspectors were active.

We as administrators were heavy weights. The bakers in the cities knew that we were on the look out for any bakeries that sold short weight bread. If any bakery tried to,  then the wrath of the Government Agent was leashed out on them with  frequent raids by Price and Weight Control Inspectors.  If the Government Agent charged bakeries for short weight the bakers were certain of a maximum punishment at the hands of the Magistrate.

Under the open economy which has been followed since 1977 by the United National Party and which the Common Candidate has vouched to uphold the weight is for the Public Sector to be in the back ground and allow the private Sector to make a fanciful profit.  

This entire infrastructure was abolished by the Jayawardena Government at the behest of the IMF and up to date there is no mechanism to control the cost of, living.

The very fact that the final blow to the CWE was done during the time of the Prime Ministership of Ranil Wickremasinghe should be realised by all parties supporting the Common Candidate.. 

Once this entire infrastructure was  dismantled, it is extremely difficult and very costly to establish it again. 

This infrastructure was abolished at the instance of the IMF and now because  under the open economy we have become an indebted nation, it is impossible to re establish this public sector activity because we will displease the IMF whose blessings we require to attract foreign investors and  obtain loans to keep ourselves afloat. The culprit for this is the United National Party of President Jayawardena  that made Sri Lanka follow the open-liberal economy and paved the way for Sri Lanka to become an indebted country and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe. 

Thus for the Common Candidate  to state that he will control the Cost of Living is  something that deserves a last laugh. His very statement that he will try to control the cost of living proves his ignorance.

Garvin Karunaratne,

Former Government Agent

13 th December 2014

මෛත්‍රී ගියේ විදේශීය කුමන්ත්‍රණයක ඉත්තෙක්‌ වෙලා -Minister SB Disanaye disclosed Chandrika’s Rs 2 billion political graft.

December 14th, 2014

Courtesy Divaina

Minister SB. Dissanayake, is always a disputed figure in the political arena. This time, he was interviewed by the “island” and was speaking about the allegations against the government on bribery , corruption, and lack of good governance. The questions and the answers are given in Sinhala.

අමාත්‍ය එස්‌.බී. දිසානායක අප දේශපාලන කරලියේ කවදත් විවාදිත චරිතයකි. ඔහු මෙවර “දිවයින” සමග එක්‌ වූයේ රජයට එරෙහිව පවතින අල්ලස්‌ දුෂණ, වංචා යහ පාලනය නොමැති කම ආදී චෝදනා ගැන කතා කරමිනි. එහි දී අප ඇසු ප්‍රශ්න හා ඊට ඔහු දුන් පිළිතුරු මෙම සංවාදයට ඇතුළත්ය.

ප්‍රශ්නය – අද මේ රටේ දේශපාලනඥයෝ අන් කවරදාකටත් වඩා යහපාලනය නොමැතිකම, අල්ලස, දූෂණය, අක්‍රමිකතා, වංචා වැනි මාතෘකා ගැන කතා කරන්න පටන් අරන්. මේවා අහනකොට ඔබට මොනවද හිතෙන්නේ…..

පිළිතුර – අද නොවෙයි……. එදත් ඕවා කිව්වා. හැමෝටම කිව්වා. හැම කාලෙම කිව්වා. කාටද නොකිව්වේ කියන්නකෝ. ඩඩ්ලිට, ඩීඑස්‌ට. බණ්‌ඩාරනායකට සිරිමාවොට ඡේආර්ට, විඡේතුංගට….. මේ හැම එක්‌කෙනකුටම ඔය චෝදනා තිබුණානේ. වෙන එකක්‌ තියා අනගාරික ධර්මපාලතුමාටත් හොරා හොරා හොරා හෝමෝ සෙක්‍ෂුවල්කාරයා කියල චෝදනා කළා ලංකාවෙන් යන කල්ම. ඔය ස්‌විස්‌ බැංකුවල සල්ලි දාන කතාව ඉස්‌සර වෙලාම කිව්වේ ටී. බී. ඉලංගරත්නට. ඩී. බී. විඡේතුංගලයි ගෙදර බැරල්වලට සල්ලි වක්‌කරනවයි කියල කිව්වා. කෙහෙල්වත්තේ සුචරිතයෙන් ලලිත්ලට ගාමිණීලට ගහපු හැටි මතකද….. නැව් ගිල්ලා, වරාය ගිල්ලා කිව්වා. මහවැලිය ගිල්ලා කිව්වා. මම ඕවා ගැන දන්නේa 1931 ඉඳලා… ඒක නිසා මට ඕවා අලුත් දේවල් නෙවෙයි. හුඟක්‌ම තියෙන්නේ පුහු චෝදනා. එදා තිබුණ සංවර්ධන කටයුතුවලට ඔය වගේ චෝදනා තිබුණා. අද එසේ නොවෙයි…. රටේ ඇත්ත සංවර්ධනයක්‌ වෙන නිසා චෝදනාත් වැඩියි. එදා එක වරායයි. අද රට පුරා වරායවල් 7 යි. එදා එක ගුවන්තොටුපළයි. අද රට පුරා ගුවන්තොටුපොළවල් 10 යි. අධිවේගී මාර්ග හැදෙනකොට, පාරවල් කාපට්‌ වෙනකොට, ගංගා ෙද්‍රdaනි 103 පුරාම සංවර්ධන ව්‍යාපෘති ක්‍රියාත්මක වෙනකොට රට පුරා සංචාරක හෝටල් 403 ක්‌ හැදෙනකොට සංවර්ධන කටයුතු වෙනකොට ඔහොම චෝදනා විසි තිස්‌ ගණනකින් වැඩිවෙලා එනවා. මහා දැවැන්ත සංවර්ධනයක්‌ වෙනකොට ඔය චෝදනා ටිකක්‌ එනවා….. ඒක වළක්‌වන්න බෑ. ඔබ මොකක්‌ද යහපාලනයක්‌ ගැනත් ඇහුවා නේද?

ප්‍රශ්නය- මම කිව්වේ යහ පාලනය නොමැතිකම ගැනත් කතා වෙනවා කියලයි.

පිළිතුර – ඔව්. ඔව්. කතා වෙන්න ඕන. මොකද ඕවා කියන රනිල්ලා යහපාලනය කරපු හැටි අපට මතකයිනේ. මතකනේ ගෝනවල සුනිල්, ඉස්‌කෝලේ යන දරුවව දොස්‌තර කෙනෙක්‌ගෙන් උදුරගෙන ගිහින් දූෂණය කරලා අවුරුදු 7 කට හිරේ ගිය ගෝනවල සුනිල් ජනාධිපති සමාව දීල බේරගෙන සමස්‌ත ලංකා සාමවිනිසුරුකමකුත් දීල තමන්ගේ කාර් එකේ එක්‌ක ගෙන ගිහින් තමයි රනිල් යහපාලනය කළේ. ප්‍රේමදාස යහපාලනය කළේ සොත්ති උපාලිව ඔඩොක්‌කුවේ තියාගෙන. එතකොට චන්ද්‍රිකා. එයාට හිටියානේ බැද්දෙගානේ සංජීව කියල චණ්‌ඩියෙක්‌. අපි දන්නවානේ මේවා. මමත් එතකොට ඔය පක්‍ෂයේ මහලේකම්නේ.. ඔය හැම එක්‌කෙනෙක්‌ම යහපාලනය කළ හැටි මට මතකයි…… ඒ අතින් බලනකොට මහින්ද රාජපක්‍ෂ මොනවද කළේ. මොනවද කරල තියෙන්නේ. හොර ඡන්ද දැම්ම ද එක ඡන්දයක්‌. ඡන්ද පෙට්‌ටි ගිනි තියලා තියෙනවද. ඡන්ද පෙට්‌ටි පුරවල තියෙනවද…… අපරාධ කරල තියෙනවද. භීෂණයක්‌ ඇති කරල තියෙනවද…….. එහෙව් එකේ මොකක්‌ද මේ යහපාලනයක්‌ නෑ කියන එකේ තේරුම. අනිත් අය විධායක බලයට යටවෙලා කරපු භීෂණ, දූෂණ අක්‍රමිකතා මහින්ද රාජපක්‍ෂ කරලා නෑ…….

ප්‍රශ්නය – විධායක ජනාධිපති ක්‍රමය ගැනත් අද බොහෝ දෙනා කතා කරනවානේ. සමහරු කියනවා මේක හොඳට නරකට දෙකටම භාවිත කළ හැකි කඩවර අවතාරයක්‌ වගේ දෙයක්‌ කියලා. ඔබ මොනවද ඒ ගැන කියන්නේ.

පිළිතුර – හරියට හරි….. කඩවර අවතාරය වගේ තමයි. විධායක බලතලවලට මුවාවෙලා තමයි ඡේ. ආර්. එදා පාර්ලිමේන්තුවට නොකියා ඉන්දු ලංකා ගිවිසුම අත්සන් කළේ. ඉන්දීය හමුදාව ගෙන්වා ගත්තේ. ජනමත විචාරණයක්‌ තිsයලා කොබ්බෑකඩුවගේ ඡන්දයත් හොරෙන් දාගත්තේ ඔය විධායක බලය නිසා තමයි. ප්‍රේමදාස ජනාධිපතිගේ කාලේ කොල්ලෝ මරල පාරවල් දිගේ ටයර් සෑයවල පිච්චුවෙත් විධායක බලයට මුවාවෙලා තමයි. එතකොට චන්ද්‍රිකා වයඹ ඡන්දේදී කරපු අක්‍රමිකතා කළේත් ඒ බලයට මුවාවෙලානේ.

ආ… තව එකක්‌ කියන්න ඕන අපිට සල්ලි හම්බ වුණා ජපානෙන් කටුනායක කොළඹ අධිවේගී මාර්ගයට. මම ඒ කාලේ නියෝජ්‍ය මුදල් ඇමැති. මට මතකයි අපි ටෙන්ඩර් පටිපාටියක්‌ ගෙනල්ලා හොඳට හොයලා බලලා චීන සමාගමකට දෙන්න කැබිනට්‌ එක තීරණය කළා. නමුත් චන්ද්‍රිකා මැතිනිය වෙනත් කැබිනට්‌ පේපර් එකක්‌ ගෙනල්ලා අපිට පෙන්න පෙන්න කිව්වා. කට්‌ටියක්‌ මේ අධිවේගී මාර්ගයෙන් ගානක්‌ ගහගන්නයි හදන්නේ. අපි ඒක නතර කරමු. මෙන්න තියෙනවා කොරියානු සමාගමක්‌ (නමත් කිව්වා) අපි ඒකට දෙමු.

ඒක හොඳයි. ගණන් සාධාරණයි කියලා. නමුත් ඒ කැබිනට්‌ පේපර් එක අපි කාටවත් බෙදුවේ නෑ. තනි මතයට කොරියානු සමාගමට ටෙන්ඩර් එක දුන්නා. එතකොට ඒ සමාගමත් කොරියාවේ බ්ලැක්‌ ලිස්‌ට්‌ වෙලා. ඒත් ටෙන්ඩර් එක දුන්නා. අන්තිමේ පාරත් නෑ. ගත්ත සල්ලිත් නෑ. නමුත් තාමත් අපි රටක්‌ හැටියට ජපානයට ණය ගෙවනවා. ඔය යෝජනාව රොනී කියලා මිනිහෙක්‌ තමයි ගෙනාවේ. පස්‌සේ මිනිහා හැමතැනම බැණ බැණ හිටියා බිලියන් 2 ක්‌ අරන් මිලියන් 2 යි එයාට දුන්නනේ කියලා.

ඔන්න ඔහොමයි. ඒ ගොල්ලෝ විධායක ජනාධිපති බලය අතට අරන් වැඩ කළේ. නමුත් අපේ ජනාධිපතිතුමා ඕවා කළේ නෑ. එතුමා කළේ කවුරුත් කරන්න බෑ කියල අත්a ඇරල දාපු යුද්ධය දිනල පෙන්නපු එක. මේ රට හදපු එක. රට සංවර්ධනය කරපු එක. Rණ වෙලා ගිය ආර්ථිකය ධන අගයකට ගෙනාපු එක. ජනාධිපතිතුමා ජනාධිපති බලය පාවිච්චි කළේ හොඳ පැත්තට. අනිත් අය එහි බලය නරකට යොදා ගත්තා තමයි. නමුත් ජනාධිපතිතුමාට ඒ චෝදනා කරන්න බෑ.

ප්‍රශ්නය – ඔබ පෞද්ගලිකව විධායක ජනාධිපති ක්‍රමයට පක්‍ෂ ද…….

පිළිතුර – ඔව්. බලන්න ඒ බලය යොදාගෙන මේ ගමෙන් ආපු මිනිහා, ගැමියා, ගැමියාගේ පුතා මේ රටට කරපු වෙනස. රටට අරන් දීපු ජයග්‍රහණ. මම කියන්නේ තව බලය දෙන්න කියලා. මම මේකට පක්‍ෂයි.

ප්‍රශ්නය – හරි ඔබ පක්‍ෂයි කියමු. නමුත් ජනාධිපති මහින්ද රාජපක්‍ෂ රටට ගෙනාපු මහින්ද චින්තනය තුළත් මහින්ද චින්තන ඉදිරි දැක්‌ම තුළත් විධායක ජනාධිපති ක්‍රමය අහෝසි කරන යෝජනා කරල තියෙනවා. නමුත් රජය ගෙනාපු 18 වැනි ව්‍යවස්‌ථා සංශෝධනය තුළ තිබෙන්නේ විධායක ජනාධිපති ක්‍රමය රකින යෝජනා. මෙන්න මේ පරස්‌පරය ගැන මොනවද ඔබට හිතෙන්නේ……….

පිළිතුර – ඔය අහෝසි කිරීම් එහෙම ආවට ගියාට කරන්න බෑ. ව්‍යවස්‌ථා සංශෝධනයක්‌ එපාය. ඒක කරන්න ලේසි නෑ. 1972 ජනරජ ව්‍යවස්‌ථාව ගෙනාවේ 72 දී වුණාට ඒක කරන්න මේ රටේ ඔය කොල්වින්ලා, ලෙස්‌ලි ගුණවර්ධනලා, කමල් කරුණානායකලා, ඔස්‌මන්ඩ් ජයරත්නලා වගේ අය සාකච්ඡා කරලා වැඩ කරන්න පටන් ගත්තේ 1967 ඉඳලා. ඡේ. ආර්. ගෙනාපු 78 ව්‍යවස්‌ථාවත් එක පාර එදා හැදුවේ නැහැ. ඒක කළේත් 75 විතර ඉඳලා.

ඒකට නම් සංශෝධන 18 ක්‌ ආවා. 72 එකට එකක්‌වත් ආවේ නෑ. 78 හදපු ව්‍යවස්‌ථාව වෙනස්‌ කරලා ජනාධිපති ක්‍රමය වෙනස්‌ කරන්න මොනතරම් කයිවාරු ගැහුවත් තාම බැරි වුණානේ. අද වන විට අවුරුදු 36 යි. මේක වෙනස්‌ කරන්න කයිවාරු ගැහුවාට ඕකට පාර්ලිමේන්තුවේදී ඉස්‌සරවෙලාම විරුද්ධ වෙන්නේ ඔය ඉන්න එක්‌සත් ජාතික පක්‍ෂ මන්ත්‍රීවරු. ඒ මොකද මම කියන්නම්. ඔය එජාපයේ ඉන්න එක්‌කෙනෙක්‌ වත් ඉන්නවාද ආසනයක්‌ දිනාගෙන ආපු මන්ත්‍රීවරු. ඔක්‌කොම ඉතින් ආසන භාරදීලා ආපු මන්ත්‍රීවරු. වෙන ක්‍රමයකට ගිය ගමන් එයාලට එයාලගේ ආසන නැති වෙනවා. මොකද ජනාධිපති ක්‍රමයයි මැතිවරණ ක්‍රමයයි එකට ගැට ගැහිලනේ තියෙන්නේ. මැතිවරණ ක්‍රමය කේවල ක්‍රමයට ම නොගිහින් මිශ්‍ර ක්‍රමයකට ගියත් ඔය ඉන්න හුඟක්‌ අයට ආසන නැති වෙනවා.

අනිත් පැත්ත බලන්නකෝ… මේක වෙනස්‌ කරන්න අලුතෙන් ආණ්‌ඩුක්‍රම ව්‍යවස්‌ථාවක්‌ ගේන්න ජනාධිපතිතුමා හැදුවා නියම පිළිවෙළට තේරීම් කාරක සභාවක්‌. පාර්ලිමේන්තුවෙන් ඒක හදන්න ඕන. කෙටුම්පත පාර්ලිමේන්තුවෙන් එන්න එපාය. කෝ…. ඒක හදාගන්න ඔය. කියන කවුරුත් උදව් කළා ද, මගහැරියා මිසක්‌ කතා කරන්නවත් ආවේ නැහැනේ. අද බොරුවට කයිවාරු ගහනවා. එදා කෙටුම්පතක්‌වත් දුන්නේ නෑ. වගකීමෙන් පලා ගියා.

දැන් මේ 18 වැනි සංශෝධනයෙන් අපි කළේ ප්‍රායෝගික කාරණයක්‌. අපේ ජනාධිපතිතුමාට තව වරක්‌ ජනාධිපතිවරණයට තරග කරන්න අවස්‌ථාව සලසල දීපු ඒක. එයා මේ වෙලාවෙ රටට අවශ්‍යයි. එයා නොසිටින්න ඇමරිකාවේ, මහා බ්‍රිතාන්‍යයේ එක්‌සත් ජාතීන්ගේ සංවිධානයේ බලපෑම්වලට මේ රට යට වෙනවා. බලන්න.. ඡේ. ආර්. ට පරිප්පු ටිකක්‌ උඩින් දාපු ගමන් ඡේආර් ලා බය වුණානේ. ලලිත්ලා බය වුණානේ. ඇඳන් යට රිංග ගත්තානේ. මහින්ද රාජපක්‍ෂ නිකමටවත් බය වුණාද…. නෑ…….

ඇමරිකාව ප්‍රමුඛ බලවත් රටවල් එක්‌සත් ජාතීන්ගේ සංවිධානය හරහා දිගින් දිගටම අපට ගහගෙන ආවා. මෝඩිගේ පැමිණීමත් එක්‌ක ඒක ටිකක්‌ අංශබාගේ හැඳුන තත්ත්වයකට පත් වුණා. ඊට පස්‌සේ මොකද කළේ. උන් කළේ යුරෝපයේ කොටි තහනම ඉවත් කරන එක… ඊළඟ ප්ලෑන් එක තමයි පක්‍ෂය ඇතුළේ බේදයක්‌ හදලා රාජපක්‍ෂලා එළවන්න මෙහෙයුම ක්‍රියාත්මක කරපු එක. ඔන්න ඔය කුමන්ත්‍රණය පරදවන්න ඕන නිසා තමයි අපි ජනාධිපතිතුමාගේ බලය ශක්‌තිමත් කරන්න ඉක්‌මන් ඡන්දෙකට යන්න පුළුවන් වෙන්න 18 වන සංශෝධනය ලබාදීල ඔහුට නැවත අවස්‌ථාවක්‌ සලසලා දීල තියෙන්නේ.

ප්‍රශ්නය – ඔබ කියන්නේ ජනාධිපතිවරණය අවුරුදු 2 ක්‌ ඉදිරියට යන්නේ ජාත්‍යන්තර කුමන්ත්‍රණය වටහා ගත් නිසා කියලද…?

පිළිතුර – ඔව්. පැහැදිලිවම ඕක අද ඊයේ පටන් ගත්ත දෙයක්‌ නොවෙයි. එක්‌සත් ජාතීන්ගේ පරීක්‍ෂණ කණ්‌ඩායම එවන්න මේ රටේ අභ්‍යන්තර කරුණුවලට ඇඟිලි ගහන්න ඉඩ නොදෙන ශක්‌තිමත් නායකයෙක්‌ අපට ඕන. ඔය විදියට පරීක්‍ෂණ කණ්‌ඩායම් යවල තමයි ඉරාකෙට විරුද්ධ මෙහෙයුම ඇමරිකාව පටන් ගත්තේ. ඉවර වුණේa සදාම් හුසේන් මරලා. ඉරාකය කොච්චර පොහොසත් රටක්‌ද… සුන්දර රටක්‌ද…….. අද මල සොහොනක්‌නේ. ලිබියාවේත් එහෙම නේ. නමුත් මෝදි ඒමත් එක්‌ක ඒක ටිකක්‌ අමාරු පැත්තකට හැරුණා. ඊළඟට තමයි බටහිර තානාපති කාර්යාල අපේ මැති ඇමැතිවරුන්ට කතා කරල සල්ලි ගස්‌ හොල්ලන්න පටන් ගත්තේ. චන්ද්‍රිකාලා වැඩේට බැහැලා. අපේ මන්ත්‍රීවරු සමග කතා කරන්නේ එහෙමයි. අපේ හැට හැත්තෑවකට කතා කරල තියෙනවා. මේක සෙල්ලමක්‌ නොවෙයි.

ප්‍රශ්නය – මට පේන විදියට ඔබතුමාටත් කතා කරලා වගෙයි.

පිළිතුර – මට නෑ. නෑ. නෑ. ඔව් හෝ නෑ මම නැහැ ඒ ගැන කමේන්ට්‌ස්‌. මං වැඩක්‌ නෑ. අපේ ඇමැතිවරුන්ට, මන්ත්‍රීවරුන්ට කතා කළා. තානාපතිවරු මගින් බෝතල් අරගෙන ගෙවල්වලට ගිහිල්ලම කතා කළා. අපි දන්නවනේ වුණ හැටි.. මට ඇහුණා රාජිත කියනවා. බුද්ධි අංශය එයාලා යන විත්තිය දැනන් හිටියේ නැහැ කියලා. නෑ. ජනාධිපතිතුමා දැනගත්තා. එතුමා කතා කළා. මටත් කතා කරන්න කිව්වා. මෛත්‍රිගේ වෙනස ගැන දැනගෙන එයත් එක්‌කත් පුද්ගලිකව කතා කලා. ඔය කට්‌ටියගේ වෙනස්‌කම් කලින්ම දැක්‌කා. අපි කළේ ඒකට ඉක්‌මන් ඡන්දයකට ගිය එක.

ප්‍රශ්නය – ශ්‍රී ලංකා නිදහස්‌ පක්‍ෂයේ මහ ලේකම් මෛත්‍රිපාල සිරිසේන ඔය කුමන්ත්‍රණය තුළ කලක සිට හිටියා කියලනේ ඔබ කියන්නේ. නමුත් ඉතිහාසය බලන විට සී. පී. ද සිල්වාගේ කාලේ ඉඳලම ශ්‍රී ලනිප මහලේකම්වරු ඔබත් ඇතුළුව විපක්‍ෂයට ගිහින් තියෙනවා. ඒ කියන්නේ ඉතා අතීතයේ ඉඳලම ලේකම්වරු ගන්න කුමන්ත්‍රණයක්‌ තිබුණා කියන එක ද……..

පිළිතුර – නෑ……. ශ්‍රී ලංකා නිදහස්‌ පක්‍ෂය විතරක්‌ නෙවෙයි. අනිත් පක්‍ෂවලිනුත් කතා බහ කරලා අරගෙන තියෙනවානේ. ඕක තමයි තත්ත්වය. අපේ රටේත් ඒ පක්‍ෂයෙන් මේ පක්‍ෂයට, මේ පක්‍ෂයෙන් අර පක්‍ෂට ලේකම්වරු නායකයෝ මන්ත්‍රීවරු අරන් තියෙනවා. ශ්‍රීලනිප ය ගැන ගත්තාම අතීතයේ ඉඳල ලේකම්වරු පක්‍ෂයෙන් ගිහින් තියෙනවා තමයි. නමුත් ඒ එක තැනකවත් ජාත්‍යන්තර කුමන්ත්‍රණයක්‌ තිබුණේ නැහැ. මම ගියේ වෙන මොකක්‌වත් නිසා නොවෙයි. අර චන්ද්‍රිකත් එක්‌ක බැරි නිසයි. ලෝකයේ කිසිම ආර්ථික අර්බුදයක්‌ නැති වෙලාවක ලෝකයේ කිසිම රටක සෘණ ආර්ථිකයක්‌ නොතිබුණ වෙලාවක එයා ලංකාවේ ආර්ථිකය සෘණ 1.4 ට බැස්‌සුවා. (ලිවීමට සුදුසු නැති වචන කිහිපයක්‌ කියයි). මුදල් ඇමැතිකම තියාගෙන මහ විනාශයක්‌ කළා. මම කිව්වා ඔය මුදල් ඇමැතිකම මංගලටවත් දෙන්න කියලා. කළේ නැහැ. හරිම අකාර්යක්‍ෂමයි. කම්මැලියි. මම එළියට ගියා. පාර්ලිමේන්තුවට ගිහින් මම යන්නේ ඇයි කියලා විනාඩි 45 ක්‌ පාර්ලිමේන්තුවේ කතා කළා. ඔය මෛත්‍රිපාලලා වගේ හැංගිලා හිටියේ නෑ මම.

ඉතිහාසයෙත් කඩන් ගියා තමයි.. ඒකට හේතුව චන්ද්‍රිකා. නමුත් අද මෛත්‍රී කඩාගෙන ගියේ විදේශීය කුමන්ත්‍රණයක ඉත්තෙක්‌ වෙලා.

ප්‍රශ්නය – ඔබ කිව්වා කටුනායක කොළඹ අධිවේගී මාර්ගයට ජපානයෙන් ගත් ණය මුදල අතුරුදන් කියලා. කොපමණ මුදලක්‌ ද ඒක.

පිළිතුර – මට මුදල මතක නෑ. ඕක ඔය පාර හදන්න දෙන මුළු මුදලම නොවෙයි. ඊට කලින් මූලික කටයුතු ටික ඉවර කරන්න දීපු මුදල. ලොකු ගාණක්‌ ඒක. ඒක තමයි කොරියන් සමාගමට ටෙන්ඩරය ලබා දෙන්න ඉවහල් වුණේ.

ප්‍රශ්නය – මුදල අතුරුදන් වුණේ කොහොමද…….

පිළිතුර – මම දන්නේ නැහැ. මම කියන්නේ මේකයි. මුදලක්‌ නම් ටෙන්ඩරයට දුන්නා. කිසිම දෙයක්‌ වුණේ නැහැ. නමුත් අපි දැන් ණය ගෙවනවා. ඔය රොනී සල්ලි බෑග් උස්‌සන් එක එක දිහා ගියා කියල ආරංචියි. බිලියන 2 ක්‌ කෑෂ්වලින් එයාට ලැබුණලු. ඒක ගිහින් දුන්නලු අදාළ තැනට. ඉන් මිලියන 2 ක්‌ විතරයි එයාට දුන්නේ කියලා කිරිඅම්මලාට, අත්තලට බැණ බැණ ඇවිද්දලු කියලයි ආරංචි. කවුරුත් ඒ දවස්‌වල ඕක දන්නවා.

ප්‍රශ්නය – හරි. අපි දැන් තව පැත්තකට හැරෙමු. කතා කරමු අපි අපේ කතා නායකයා ගැන. මෛත්‍රිපාල සිරිසේන ගැන. ජනාධිපති මහින්දට තරග කරන්න හොඳ ප්‍රතිමල්ලවයෙක්‌ හමුවෙලා තියෙනවා කියලා ඔබට හිතෙන්නේ නැද්ද?

පිළිතුර – නැහැ. මොන පිස්‌සුද. ඔබ මතක්‌ කළ නිසා මම මේ ටිකත් කියන්න ඕන. එයා ඔය මහලේකම් කමට ආවේ මම නැති නිසයි. මාත් එක්‌ක තරගෙට එයා ඉල්ලුවා ඡන්දෙ මහලේකම්කමට. ඒ වෙලාවේ අපේ ජනාධිපතිතුමාත් උදව් කළේ මට නොවෙයි එයාට. ඡන්දෙ දුන්නෙත් එයාට. නමුත් මට පරාදයි. අවුරුදු 3 ක්‌ මම ලේකම් වෙලා හිටියා. අපි 94 දී ආණ්‌ඩුව පිහිටුවලා කැබිනට්‌ මණ්‌ඩලය පිහිටුවන කොට කැබිනට්‌ එක සම්බන්ධයෙන් නමක්‌වත් නොකියවුණ කෙනෙක්‌ තමයි ඔය මෛත්‍රිපාල. ජනාධිපති මහින්ද තමයි මම ගියාට පස්‌සේ මෛත්‍රිට ලේකම් කම අරගෙන දෙන්නත් මූලිකයා වුණේ. එහෙම කරපු කෙනාට තමයි මෛත්‍රි ඔහොම කළේ. එයත් එක්‌ක ගිය අය බලන්න. කිසිම ජනපදනමක්‌ නැති මිනිස්‌සු. ඡන්දයක්‌ ඉල්ලා ආසනයක්‌ දිනන්න බැරි මිනිස්‌සු. කිසි ජන පදනමක්‌ නෑ.

ප්‍රශ්නය – ඔබතුමා කියන්නේ මෛත්‍රිපාල සිරිසේන මැතිsතුමාටත් කිසිම ජනපදනමක්‌ නැහැ කියලද?

පිළිතුර – මම එහෙම කිව්වේ නෑනේ. එයාට තියෙනවා. ඡේ. වී. පී. එක සන්ධානයෙන් ඡන්දේ ඉල්ලපු වෙලාවේ හැම දිස්‌ත්‍රික්‌කයකම ශ්‍රී ලංකා එකේ නායකයා අභිබවලා ඡේවීපී මන්ත්‍රීවරු මනාපවලින් දිස්‌ත්‍රික්‌කයෙන් පළමු තැන ගත්තා. හැබැයි පොලොන්නරුවේ පළවැනියා මෛත්‍රිපාල. එයාට ජන පදනමක්‌ තියෙනවා. පොළොනනරුවේ… නමුත් වැඩක්‌ නෑ….

ප්‍රශ්නය – ඇයි වැඩක්‌ නෑ කියල කියන්නේ. මෛත්‍රිපාල සිරිසේන විපක්‍ෂයේ පොදු අපේක්‍ෂකයා විදියට තරගයට එන්නේ මේ රටේ බලවත් බලවේග ගණනාවක්‌ එකතු කරගෙන. සුළු කොට තකන්න පුළුවන්.

පිළිතුර – බලවේග තිබුණට එකමුතුවක්‌ නෑ. ගිය පාර සරත් ෆොන්සේකා ඡන්දෙට ආපු වෙලාවේ විපක්‍ෂයේ පක්‍ෂ ඔහුට එක සිතින් සහයෝගය දුන්නා. නමුත් මේ පාර බලන්න. මෛත්‍රිපාල කියනවා රනිල් අගමැති කරනවා කියලා, රතන හාමුදුරුවෝ කියනවා එජාපයට තියෙන්නේ මන්ත්‍රි ධුර 40 යි. රනිල් කොහොමද අගමැති කරන්නේ කියලා. තිස්‌ස කියනවා පැය 48 න් විධායක අගමැති කරන්න ඕන කියලා. මංගල කියනවා එහෙම කොහොමද කරන්නේ කියලා. සෝභිත හිමි කියනවා මෛත්‍රිපාල මැතිතුමනි යන්න නම් එපා මේ වැඩ ටික ඉවර වනතුරු ඔබතුමා ඉන්න කියලා…..

ඉතින් කොහොමද මේ කට්‌ටිය දිනලා ගමනක්‌ යන්නේ…… චන්ද්‍රිකාගේ න්‍යාය පත්‍රය අරන් බලන්නකෝ. එයාට පළමුවැනි අවුරුදු 6 මදිනේ…..

ප්‍රශ්නය – මෛත්‍රිපාල මැතිතුමා විපක්‍ෂයට යන විටත් විපක්‍ෂය වටා වෙනත් කණ්‌ඩායම් වලින් මන්ත්‍රීවරු, දේශපාලනඥයෝ එක්‌වනවිටත් තිබෙන බලවත්ම චෝදනාව තමයි බටහිර රටවල් ලොකු කුමන්ත්‍රණයක නිරත වෙමින් මහජන නියෝජිතයන් මුදලට ගන්නා බව. මේ චෝදනාව මේ විදියටම එදා ආණ්‌ඩුවෙන් කඩාගෙන යනවිට එස්‌. බී. දිසානායක ඇතුළු පිරිසටත් තිබුණා නේද…

පිළිතුර – නෑ. නෑ. නෑ. නෑ. එහෙම චෝදනාවක්‌ අපිට තිබුණේ නැහැ. එදා කිසිම කෙනෙක්‌ කුමන්ත්‍රණ චෝදනා එල්ල කළේ නෑ. ඒක මම කියන්න ඕන. සල්ලි ගත්තාය කියන චෝදනාව නම් තිබුණා. නමුත් මේ ගොල්ලන්ට තිබෙනවා විදේශීය කුමන්ත්‍රණයක චෝදනාව….. ඒක චෝදනාවක්‌ නෙමෙයි. ඒක තමයි ඇත්ත. බටහිර තානාපති කාර්යාල කුමන්ත්‍රණ චෝදනාව අපට නැහැ.

මම එදා එළියට ගිහින් වාද විවාදවලට ගියානේ. ඔය මෛත්‍රිලා වගේ හැංගිලා හිටියේ නැහැනේ. මම ගියා. කතා කළා. විවාද කළා.. අපි විදේශ කුමන්ත්‍රණකාරයෝ නොවෙයි.

සාකච්ඡා කළේ බුලිත ප්‍රදීප් කුමාර

ලේසිම චන්ද ගුණ්ඩුව  දුෂණයෙන් භීෂණයෙන් තොර  යහ පාලනයය්

December 14th, 2014

ධර්මසිරි සෙනෙවිරත්න

 රටේ දැවෙන ප්‍රශ්නය , මුලික ප්‍රශ්නය  හා  අනාගතය තීරණය කරන ප්‍රශ්නය වන 13අ සහ පළාත් සභා අහෝසි කිරීම  ගැන කතා නොකර  ඉහතකී පහසුම  චන්ද ගුණ්ඩුව දැන් චන්ද දායකයා වෙත  සියලුම අපේක්ෂකයන් ගෙන් ඉදිරිපත්වී ඇත.

ඕනෑම  අන්දමකට නිර්වචනය කල හකි නිසා  මේ පොරොන්දුව  තමන් ඉටුකර ඇති බව  පසුව කියන්නට  දිනු එකාට හැකියාව ලැබේ   ජේ ආර්  කිව්වේ තම පාලනය ධර්මිෂ්ට පාලනයක් කියාය  සරත් චන්ද්රට බිමදාගෙන ගැසුවේත් විනිසුරන්ට  ගල්ගසුවෙත් ඒ ධර්මිෂ්ට පාලනය මගිනි ප්‍රේමදාස  60000 ක් පමණ මැරුවෙත් එම පාලනයේ ”’දිගුව” මගිනි එහෙත් ඒ ජා ප  යින්ට  එය දැහැමි යහ පාලනයක් විය බටලන්දේ ඝාතන  කොමිසමට අනුව සිදු නොවීය  .  එසේවුයේ යහ පාලනය නිසාය.

චන්ද්‍රිකා  රනිල් රට කොටින්ට දෙන තුරු  බලා ගෙන  සිටියේද යහ පාලනය පවතී සමයේය . මහින්ද 13අ අහෝසි නොකරන්නේද යහපාලනයක් පවත්වා ගැනීම සඳහාය. ජේ ආර්ගේ සිට මේ දක්වා අතුරුදහන් වුවන්  ගේ සංඛ්‍යාව බැ ලු විට යහපාලනයේ රංග පෙනීයය්.

එහෙත් කාට කියන්නද පාලකයින්ට අනුව ඇත්තේ යහපාලනයකි  එය එසේයය් සඵත කිරීමට උගතුන්ද ඇත. ප්‍රේමදාස කාලයේ ආර්ථික උපදේශක තිලක් රට්නාකාර පැවසුවේ රුපියලේ අගය අඩුවී නැතිබවත් රුපියලට තවමත් ඇත්තේ ශත සීයක් බවත්ය.

13අ අහෝසි කරන්නේ යය පොරොන්දු වුනත්  එය නොකර සිටීමට ඔවුන් නොයෙක් හේතු දක්වනු ඇත . එහෙත් යහ පාලනයේ  කය්වාරුව  දිගටම ගසනු ඇත. මේ මගින්  රටම හැමදාම රැවටීමට ඔවුහු උහ්සාහ ගත්හ

 දේශ පාලකයෝ බල ලොභීහුය උන්ගෙන් ඔය කියන යහපාලනය ලැබුනත් ලැබෙන්නේ  සොච්චමකි 

අපි අපිව පාලනය කර ගෙන සිත දමනය කරගෙන  එලොව සඳහා වැඩකටයුතු කරගෙන යන්නට සිතා සිටිමු එතෙක් මේ පින්බිම අපට ඉතිරි කර දෙන්න ””” පින් කරන( හා නොකරන) හාමුදුරු වරුණේ”  යයැය්  අපි බැගෑපත්ව ඉල්ලාසිටින්නේ බෞද්ධයන්ට පතිරුප දේශයක මිස එලොව සඳහා කටයුතු කරන්නට වෙන තැනක බැරි බැවිනි.   

A Coalition With No Clear Vision And Motivated By  The Greed For Power Is No Replacement For President Rajapaksa and the UPFA.

December 14th, 2014

Lankaweb Weekly Editorial

December 13th. 2014

  It seems somewhat of an aberration of the norm of good governance that the present President has provided  the Nation that those who are attempting to replace him have no clear vision that could supecede or circumvent what has already been set in place by him and are being driven by what is  quite plainly visible as the greed for power where ordinary sins of any aspiring Administration have been blown out of proportion to enhance their election platform!.

 One where the UNP with no real means to accomplish this cannot even field a candidate of their own and has chosen a pawn who has jumped ship from the President’s camp together with the rest of the opportunistic ship jumpers with high faluting rhetoric and unsubstantiable promises to help them reach their goal which will surely fall short as already the cracks in the ungainly alliance is beginning to show.

 The President in the meantime  with a little help from the somewhat lopsided bunglings of his opponents seeking power and their real intent becoming more and more transparent, is making great progress and appears to be in the driving seat once again for a clear win which could at the end of it all be another tumultuous one as the common man is becoming very much aware of the covert and at times underhand means being used to attempt bringing the President to disrepute, which are more than likely to work towards his favour.

 There is nothing the Coalition led by Maithripala Siriseena has to offer the Nation that has not already been set in place by the present regime and the voters simply will not be fooled by the cheap rhetoric and mudslinging going on where they are more than likely to remember the harm that was done to the Nation during the administrations of the likes of Mm. Chandrika Kumaratunga and Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe bearing in mind how the other aspiring power hungry entity, none other than Maj Gen. Sarath Fonseka remembering the huge tumble he took  when he attempted to head down this road. It surely will be People Power against the coalition of meaningless repertoire!

 Simply put the dirty game of politics in Sri Lanka appears to have become a lot dirtier with the language and modus operandi of the Sirisena led coalition which does not have the wherewithal to transform Sri Lanka into what she already has been transformed into as the “Miracle of Asia” in the eyes and minds of those who marvel at the transformation thanks solely  to the efforts of President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his team of legislators whose policies for the betterment of Sri Lanka are not only rock solid towards posterity but also one which has assent from many world leaders bearing in mind the recent acollades from the likes of former Malayian presidential great Mahabir Mahathir, Indian Leader Narendra Modi, the Chinese, Russian and Japanese leaderships, and many others of significant reputation in a long list of admirers from around the world who have praised the President’s accomplishments on an ongoing basis and openly acclaimed  him as a man of courage  an astute leader and the only one of the day who vanquished the greatest threat to his Nation the Tamil Tiger terrorists and here we have  their supportives  the coalition which  appears to be more than ready to lend a means  towards a resurgence whether inadvertently or not in the manner they choose to oppose the President.

 The positives that the President has instilled into the well being of Sri Lanka stand apart from the enemies of the nation such as the Tamil Tiger supportive Diaspora, the TNA and the rest of the motley crew with an eye on the pie of power some often disguised as benefactors ironically and for all the wrong reasons where little needs to be said for the hounds and hyenas of the coalition out to oust him and the words being bandied at times hardly worth paying attention to!

 An appropriate recent quote by Public Administration and Home Affairs Minister W. D. J. Seneviratne needs to be emphasized relative to all this which very profoundly suggests that “The people will not fall prey to the contradictory statements made by the so-called common candidate and his colleagues, The United National Party (UNP), which is considered to be the country’s main opposition party has suffered 29 consecutive election defeats to the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) since 1994.

Therefore, the UNP which has not been able to present its own candidate for the upcoming Presidential election is bound to face another humiliating defeat. That is why they were desperately searching for a common candidate and finally found one from the SLFP.

“During the last Presidential Election they snared Sarath Fonseka and now the UNP has snared Maithripala Sirisena as the scapegoat for their defeat as they have no courage to fight an election on their own,” he explained.

“They are paying the price as a result of their actions when they were in power, they are now finding it difficult to even find a proper candidate for an election. This clearly proves the pathetic situation faced by the UNP today. The so-called common candidate and his colleagues do not have a proper policy. They issue contradictory statements from time to time. Maithripala Sirisena previously said he will do away with the Executive Presidency within 100 days from coming to power and now he says that he is going to limit the powers of the Executive Presidency. The UNP is asking for the Executive Prime Minister post within 24 hours after the Presidential Election. The Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) is not likely to support Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe as the Prime Minister. This is the precarious situation that the confronts the common opposition. They have no clear vision about the future of our motherland. They only want to come to power at any cost by defeating President Mahinda Rajapaksa and taking him before the International Court of Justice. But, Sri Lankans are not fools as they will not be fooled by the UNP’s gimmicks and will always support the progressive vision of President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Therfore, no one can defeat President Rajapaksa or his vision at the forthcoming Presidential Election” end quote which are words of wisdom which will stand in good stead for the Nation and its voters come election day.

Help Sri Lanka’s Colombians

December 14th, 2014

Listen SriLankans 

Help Sri Lanka’s Colombians … can we ever understand them?

They spend Rs.X on high teas, hanging out at nightclubs, dancing the night away till wee hours….spending loads on beautifying themselves and then no sooner bread goes up by Rs.2, gas goes up by Rs.100, vegetables goes up by Rs.10 they moan and complain about the spiralling cost of living….how many of these complainers give a poor man to eat, feed the hungry … we wonder.

They complain about the education system…but allow their daughters to dress like they are not dressed, moms themselves dress to compete with their daughters, mums vye for the daughter’s boyfriends, son is busy with friends and a ‘do not disturb’ sign and no one is bothered to check whether they are doing drugs…daughters are allowed to go out at night and come back drunk in the early hours… and then when they fall into trouble…they blame the President and the Education of the country.

The fathers are busy making money…they don’t know what the wife and children are upto ..they too are playing fun on their own and when things don’t work out …blame it on the President and the Government for the ills.

They have been given a beautiful Colombo – that’s not enough

They have been given a nation without bombs – that’s not enough

They can travel anywhere they please – that’s not enough

What exactly do they mean by wanting change….. and what is the change they are getting exactly when the same set of rogues are now in a new camp ….





December 14th, 2014

Dr.Tilak Fernando

Some of the incidents that have taken place in London during the peak of the LTTE’s callous activities at home could be catalogued as threatening, precarious and at times hilarious too. It was an era that certain self-appointed Cdn-2010-tag---In-Focus---imlb.jpgTamil groups, who pretended to be ‘agents’ of the terrorist organisation, began to coerce money from innocent Tamil families and business houses in the UK. In places like Wembley and Alperton, Middlesex rival Tamil gangs, originally from Jaffna and the East, occasionally battled with swords and guns at each other.

During the most popular social annual event in the Sri Lankan expatriates’ calendar (Festival of Cricket), Tamil thugs boisterously wandered about shouting slogans fearlessly. That was the extent of haughtiness those ‘Tiger cubs’ in London demonstrated from time to time.

Arson and sabotage

In a separate incident, during High Commissioner Sepala Attygalle’s term, certain hoodlums managed to set fire to the High Commission building at night causing considerable damage to the lobby area! It was later revealed as a terrorist attack by the LTTE supportive vandals by pouring petrol through the gap of the main door of the High Commission. Fortunately the destruction was limited to the foyer area, but the reception desk needed a new replacement after re-decorating the whole vestibule at a cost.

It sounds somewhat comical now, but at that time it was cogitated as awfully serious when the Foreign Minister A.C.S. Hameed was lodging at the Cavendish Hotel in London, and his personal secretary, appointed by him to the High Commission, had to be picked up from the hotel. Peter Wijesinghe received orders on that score to proceed towards the Cavendish Hotel and pick the lady up. The procedure adopted by the High Commission at that time was to utilise the services of any junior member of staff who possessed a British driving licence to undertake chauffeuring duties as well.

When Peter Wijesinghe arrived at the hotel entrance he could see the Rolls Royce Phantom, that belonged to Saudi Arabian Prince Imam Dr. Sheik Shamsadin A. Alfassi, Chairman, World Sufi Council, who was a good friend of President Premadasa, parked at the hotel entrance. Apparently, the Sheik voluntarily made available his limousine for the Minister’s personal use whenever he was in London, although he (Minister) never used it but exhibited it only as a showpiece’!

On this particular occasion, the hotel was undergoing some refurbishing work where several builders (white) were busy in painting the outside of the building, perched on a tower type scaffolding. Peter drove into the hotel compound at dead slow speed looking out for a parking slot when he was shaken by a down pour of cream coloured spray paint that fell on the Mercedes Benz making the green coloured car look like a spotted jungle tiger!

Agitated and frantic Peter Wijesinghe immediately stopped the vehicle on the spot and started shouting at the workers and impugned them for the colossal damage done to the paintwork of the Mercedes Benz; the workmen in turn became apologetic and put it down to an inadvertent mishap! However, in Peter Wijesinghe’s mind it simply boiled down to nothing but racial hatred and jealousy on the part of the white workers having noticed an Asian guy driving a luxury Mercedes Benz motor car into a star hotel in Central London!

Soon the Manager of the hotel arrived on the scene, and there ensued a big commotion; the Manager wanted the Benz removed to a safe place in the first instance, whereas Peter Wijesinghe stuck to his guns and maintained he would not remove the vehicle an inch unless the Police arrived on the scene! Finally the Cavendish hotel accepted full responsibility for the misadventure and undertook to do a good clean out job at their expense.

One of the boundless perks enjoyed by foreign diplomats based in London was the exemption of taxes and VAT on purchases of new cars, petrol, road tax (revenue licence), telephone and TV rentals, electricity bills and so forth.

Despite such boons, it was an open secret that those who were in charge of the administration at the Sri Lanka High Commission were either totally inefficient or being frugal that they seldom allowed the drivers to top up the fuel tanks, especially when it came to the second vehicle (Benz) used for all ad hoc running.


Peter Wijesinghe recalls yet another humiliating situation while chauffeuring the High Commissioner, Chandra Monarawala, to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Central London once, using the official Mercedes Benz. The red alert flashing on the fuel indicator to warn there was not much fuel in the tank made him send shivers down his spine.

Within minutes, the vehicle with Diplomatic plates and the lion flag proudly undulating in the wind got stuck on the middle of a busy road outside Buckingham Palace causing a heavy traffic build up. Highly self-conscious and ashamed Peter left the High Commissioner inside the vehicle and ran across the road towards the Buckingham Palace sentry point, used his presence of mind and sought SOS assistance, displaying his Blue Identity card, issued by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, and the High Commissioner’s Ivory diplomatic card.

Immediately rescue operations began swiftly with traffic police arriving at the scene and clearing the traffic for a start. High Commissioner was assisted to proceed towards his intended destination by taxi while Peter Wijesinghe managed to walk up to a nearest petrol station at Victoria to get a can of petrol before he could proceed to collect his boss.

Mysterious disappearances

Another shadowy incident that took place at the High Commission was the disappearance of the official Mercedes Benz car overnight. Out of the two Mercedes Benz vehicles allocated to the Sri Lanka High Commission for transport purposes, one was exclusively reserved for the Head of the Mission’s use, which used to be parked at his residence at Avenue Road, St. John’s wood, after office hours, while the other had a permanent parking bay marked right in front of the office building. The Attaché Administration was fully responsible for all the transport activities.

One fine morning when the caretaker opened the front door of the High Commission he could not fathom what had taken place during the previous night. The Mercedes Benz, which had been parked as usual at the allocated bay in front of the building, had disappeared.

When the staff started to arrive by 9 a.m., several theories began to surface as some suggesting it to be an ‘LTTE master plan’, while others putting it down to some wheeler-dealer masterminding the operation in connivance with the staff inside the High Commission office! Others gave hope stating that the Benz would have already been in mid sea travelling up to Africa or completely dismantled by morning and its parts might have gone to some breaker’s yard! So much so, days passed by into weeks and months but there was not a clue as to whatever had happened to the official Benz that belonged to the Sri Lanka High Commission!

A subsequent enquiry conducted by the High Commissioner ended up with negative results because there had been no proper method of allocating vehicles to whoever was authorised to use them at a particular day or occasion.

The basic method adopted by any transport office in the UK is to have a log sheet allocated to every vehicle in the morning and given to an allocated driver with his name and the vehicle number marked clearly.

The first thing the driver has to do is to record the opening mileage of the vehicle on the log sheet, and the process is reversed at the end of the day again. In the same log sheet provision is there to mark any fuel obtained, which helps the supervisor or the transport manager to keep a tab on the usage and monitor the movement(s) of each vehicle.

This type of procedure would have helped in the case of the above-mentioned incident with regard to the disappearance of the parked Mercedes Benz and to hold the particular driver responsible for his actions and to identify the officer who obtained vehicle keys from the driver at the end of the day!

The million dollar question is that the Sri Lanka High Commission having had thirty five odd members of staff at that time had not been able to organise or devise a simple administrative function of allocating duties to drivers in a systematic manner where a specific member of staff was held responsible for dishing out vehicle keys and to collect them at the end of the day’s work with the driver’s log sheet indicating the use of the vehicle on that day!

The outcome of the enquiry had been that the last person to use the vehicle had “just left the car keys on an official’s desk” before leaving the office! In such a dilemma no action could have been taken against any staff, as accountability could not be established! The final outcome was that the Sri Lanka High Commission lost an expensive motor vehicle, while the financial loss itself managed to dig a big hole in the Sri Lanka government coffers. 


Steven Blaney urged Rathika Sitsabaiesan, a Tamil Tiger Agent, to apologize “to veterans and all Canadians” for her statement that called the day “an important event” and likened it to Remembrance Day.

December 14th, 2014


RATHIKA SITSABAIESON TRIES TO EQUATE THE CANADIAN WAR VERTERANS TO TERRORISTS. CANADIAN WAR VERTERANS FOUGHT TO PROTECT AND DEFEND. TAMIL TIGER TERRORISTS SOUGHT TO DESTROY A NATION AND ITS PEOPLE – WITH A LETHALITY INDEX SCORE SIMILAR TO AL QAEDA. Rathika  your tiger stripes ingrained will be exposed and challenged by honorable men and women of Canada. Thankyou Mr Blaney! Thankyou Mr Bell for exposing this, she is one of many hundreds!

Response by Minister of Public Safety Steven Blaney to Rathika Sitsabaiesan’s statement:

“Tamil Heroes Day is dedicated to the glorification of the terrorist group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, known more commonly as the Tamil Tigers. This group was listed as a terrorist entity by our Conservative government in 2006. I am shocked and appalled that an NDP Member of Parliament would not only endorse the celebration of terrorists, but would also equate it to the solemn occasion of Remembrance Day where we honor our fallen Canadian heroes. Under the principled leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Canada has been a world leader in speaking out against the human rights abuses taking place in Sri Lanka and in defence of the Tamil minority, but celebrating terrorist violence is indefensible. We must not forget that Tamils in Sri Lanka also suffered persecution at the hands of the LTTE. I urge her to stop shopping for votes from terrorist linked groups, and to immediately apologize to veterans and all Canadians for these comments.”

shameless rathika 2

TORONTO — Canada’s public safety minister said Thursday he was “shocked and appalled” after a New Democratic Party MP rose in the House of Commons to commemorate Tamil Heroes Day, which honours fallen Tamil Tigers rebels.

Steven Blaney urged Rathika Sitsabaiesan, a Sri Lankan-born rookie MP, to apologize “to veterans and all Canadians” for her statement that called the day “an important event” and likened it to Remembrance Day.


Rathika Sitsabaiesan’s statement

“Mr. Speaker as Canadians of Tamil heritage in November we commemorate two important events, Remembrance Day and the Tamil Heroes Day. This month symbolizes the beauty of life because we remember all those who sacrifice their lives for the rest of us to live in peace and freedom. We remember that each and every one of the people who have been caught in the crossfires of war throughout the ages have embraced life over death but those who made the ultimate sacrifice ensured that we who survived would be able to live with dignity and with liberties. This month provides us with the occasion not only to remember and pay tribute to the heroes but also to reflect on the lessons of the struggle for justice, peace and a life free from discrimination. Sadly on the island country of Sri Lanka where I was born as a child of war the discrimination and injustices continue and the ethnic and religious minorities continue to live without peace and in fear. Mr. Speaker let us always work for peace at home and abroad and as always support those who put their lives on the line. From the bottom of my heart I thank you all lest we forget.”

TORONTO — Canada’s public safety minister said Thursday he was “shocked and appalled” after a New Democratic Party MP rose in the House of Commons to commemorate Tamil Heroes Day, which honours fallen Tamil Tigers rebels.

Steven Blaney urged Rathika Sitsabaiesan, a Sri Lankan-born rookie MP, to apologize “to veterans and all Canadians” for her statement that called the day “an important event” and likened it to Remembrance Day.

Rathika Sitsabaiesan’s statement

“Mr. Speaker as Canadians of Tamil heritage in November we commemorate two important events, Remembrance Day and the Tamil Heroes Day. This month symbolizes the beauty of life because we remember all those who sacrifice their lives for the rest of us to live in peace and freedom. We remember that each and every one of the people who have been caught in the crossfires of war throughout the ages have embraced life over death but those who made the ultimate sacrifice ensured that we who survived would be able to live with dignity and with liberties. This month provides us with the occasion not only to remember and pay tribute to the heroes but also to reflect on the lessons of the struggle for justice, peace and a life free from discrimination. Sadly on the island country of Sri Lanka where I was born as a child of war the discrimination and injustices continue and the ethnic and religious minorities continue to live without peace and in fear. Mr. Speaker let us always work for peace at home and abroad and as always support those who put their lives on the line. From the bottom of my heart I thank you all lest we forget.”

Held each Nov. 27, Tamil Heroes Day was created by the Tamil Tigers to mark the date the first member of the armed separatist group was killed in combat. The rebel boss Velupillai Prabhakaran traditionally gave a defiant speech on that day.

“Tamil Heroes Day is dedicated to the glorification of the terrorist group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, known more commonly as the Tamil Tigers,” said Mr. Blaney, pointing out the Tigers are on Canada’s list of designated terrorist entities.

“I am shocked and appalled that an NDP member of Parliament would not only endorse the celebration of terrorists, but would also equate it to the solemn occasion of Remembrance Day where we honour our fallen Canadian heroes.”

He called on Ms. Sitsabaiesan, the MP for Scarborough-Rouge River, “to stop shopping for votes from terrorist-linked groups, and to immediately apologize to veterans and all Canadians for these comments.”

In an email Thursday, Ms. Sitsabaiesan said she was not supporting terrorism or encouraging violence. “Rather, as the first Tamil MP elected, I join Tamil-Canadians and all across our country in mourning those who have died in wars at home or abroad, and in supporting those who work tirelessly for the cause of peace.”

But photographs of a Heroes Day event held Thursday in Markham, Ont., and posted on the Facebook page of the Tamil Youth Organization-Canada, showed the Tamil Tigers’ militaristic flag and visitors walking past a wall of portraits of men and women in rebel uniforms.

During their three-decade campaign for Tamil independence, the Tigers conducted hundreds of suicide bombings and assassinated moderate Tamil leaders as well as Rajiv Gandhi, the former Indian prime minister. They were crushed by Sri Lankan forces in 2009.

Tamil Youth Organization - Canada/Facebook

Tamil Youth Organization – Canada/FacebookA Tamil Heroes Day event held in Markham, Ont., on Nov. 27, 2014.

The Tigers have been a designated terrorist group under Canadian law since 2006, when the Royal Canadian Mounted Police dismantled the group’s branch offices in Toronto and Montreal, which had raised millions to support the conflict. A half-dozen Toronto-area men were convicted of supplying arms and equipment to the rebels.

Since the fighting ended five years ago, Heroes Day has become, for some, a day to reflect on the toll of the brutal civil war, which not only decimated the Tigers but also killed an untold number of civilians. But on his website, Sri Lanka-Canadian journalist D.B.S. Jeyaraj wrote Heroes Day “is not and has never been a national day of Tamil mourning.” Rather, it was “an intensely conducted partisan event ‘of the Tigers, for the Tigers and by the Tigers.’ ”

Adrian Wyld/CP

Adrian Wyld/CPSteven Blaney

A video of Ms. Sitsabaiesan’s speech in the Commons Tuesday was posted on her YouTube page. It showed her reading from a prepared statement that began, “Mr. Speaker as Canadians of Tamil heritage in November we commemorate two important events, Remembrance Day and the Tamil Heroes Day. This month symbolizes the beauty of life because we remember all those who sacrifice their lives for the rest of us to live in peace and freedom.”

Deepak Obhrai, parliamentary secretary of foreign affairs and international human rights, said there was no denying ethnic Tamils faced discrimination in Sri Lanka, “but you can’t compare Remembrance Day to Tamil Heroes Day.”

The Calgary MP said it was “a disservice to veterans” to make such a parallel.

“I think it needs to be pointed out to her that you can’t compare the two, you can’t compare a terrorist organization to people who have fought for core Canadian values,” he said.

National Post

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Response by Minister of Public Safety Steven Blaney to Rathika Sitsabaiesan’s statement:

“Tamil Heroes Day is dedicated to the glorification of the terrorist group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, known more commonly as the Tamil Tigers. This group was listed as a terrorist entity by our Conservative government in 2006. I am shocked and appalled that an NDP Member of Parliament would not only endorse the celebration of terrorists, but would also equate it to the solemn occasion of Remembrance Day where we honor our fallen Canadian heroes. Under the principled leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Canada has been a world leader in speaking out against the human rights abuses taking place in Sri Lanka and in defence of the Tamil minority, but celebrating terrorist violence is indefensible. We must not forget that Tamils in Sri Lanka also suffered persecution at the hands of the LTTE. I urge her to stop shopping for votes from terrorist linked groups, and to immediately apologize to veterans and all Canadians for these comments.”

“Global South must reflect on ‘how’ development is done, not just ‘what’ is done”- Ambassador Aryasinha

December 14th, 2014

 Sri Lanka Mission Geneva

Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva Ambassador Ravinatha Aryasinha has said, in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Global South must continue to reflect on ‘how’ development is done, not just ‘what’ is done.

He made this observation, when in his capacity as and Chairman of the Personal Representatives of G-15[1], together with Executive Director of the South Centre Dr. Martin Khor, he initiated a joint consultation by the South Centre and the Group of Fifteen (G-15) on ‘The state of play of the Post-2015 Development Agenda and potential opportunities for the Global South’.

Ambassador Aryasinha emphasized that developing countries must remain engaged even more actively in this final phase of the finalizing the Post-2015 Development Agenda, to prevent it from being imposed on them as a fait accompli. He said, the G-15 believes all countries must adhere to the criteria agreed upon in Rio+20, namely that the operationalization of the SDGs must be based on the principle of ‘common but differentiated responsibility’, and should not place additional restrictions or burdens on Developing countries. He also stressed that true development requires a genuine global partnership and called on developed countries to honour their international commitments, especially those related to financial resources, technology transfer and capacity. Ambassador Aryasinha said the consultation would help both the G-15 and the South Centre to consider various options on the way forward and to prepare possible actionable recommendations to improve the Post-2015 Development Agenda process, which could be shared with G-15 capitals, as well as with like-minded countries who will be negotiating the Post-2015 Development Agenda.

Dr. Khor detailed the state of play of the Development Agenda at the New York level. He said although there was much focus on New York, the ‘real development agenda’ was being negotiated in Geneva – within UNCTAD, WTO, WHO, ILO, WIPO and other institutions, given that the agreements they negotiate are legally enforced.  Dr. Khor said South-South cooperation is becoming even more important today, and called on the G-15 to “reclaim its initial central role” by providing a non-UN platform where South-South dialogue can expand. He recalled that the G-15 was historically created as a counter Group to the G-7 to protest the unilateral decisions taken by developed countries and imposed on the rest of the globe. He said as the Development Agenda is being negotiated, the G-15 should play a leading role. However, Dr. Khor stressed that North-South cooperation must continue, as Western countries bore a postcolonial responsibility to developing countries.

Dr. Mariama Williams, Senior Programme Officer, Global Governance for Development Programme; Dr. Montes Manuel, Senior Advisor, Finance and Development; and Mr. Vicente Paolo B. Yu III, Head of Administration and Coordinator, Global Governance for Development Programme delivered presentations on the topic. Ambassador Amr Ahmed Ramadan, Permanent Representative of Egypt to the UN in Geneva and delegates from other G-15 countries participated in the discussion.

Opening comments made by Ambassador Aryasinha are also attached herewith.

Sri Lanka Mission


[1] Established as a Summit Level group of developing countries in 1989, following the conclusion of the Ninth Non-Aligned Summit gathering in Belgrade, the G-15 comprises 17 developing countries from Asia, Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean (Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, Jamaica, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Venezuela and Zimbabwe). The aims and objectives of the Group are to harness the latent potential of the member states for mutually beneficial cooperation, besides serving as a forum for the conduct of regular consultations in pursuance of their common agenda.


Nobel Laureate Malala

December 14th, 2014

By Rohana R. Wasala

 Young Pakistani child rights activist Malala Yousafzai (17) and Indian child rights campaigner Kailash Satyarthi (60) received their shared Nobel Prize for their activism from the King of Sweden in Oslo last Wednesday (10 December). Malala was quoted as saying: “I tell my story, not because it is unique, but because it is not”. Her Pakistani critics maintain that she is being manipulated by the West, and that she is breaching Islamic tenets by what she is doing. Malala’s own approach to the problem she is setting out to address is unorthodox. At the Girl Summit in London on Tuesday 22nd July 2014 she said: “Traditions are not sent from heaven, they are not sent from God. (It is us) who make cultures. We have the right to change it and we should change it. Those traditions that go against the health of girls, they should be stopped.” Whether the charge of Malala’s being a puppet of the West is true or false, the issues she is raising are real and her commitment to her cause is genuine.

The following article was first published under the title “Who is Malala” in The Island (11-10-2014), i.e. only a day after her nomination for the prize was announced.

 ‘I AM MALALA – The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban’ (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, 2013) is the autobiography of the brave Pakistani teenager Malala Yousafzai written in collaboration with British journalist Christina Lamb. The book is dedicated ‘To all the girls who have faced injustice and been silenced. Together we will be heard.’ It was released a year ago in October 2013. Malala was shot by a cowardly Taliban gunman on 09 October 2012 when she was just 15. It is two years since then. Today Malala is 17 and is in the forefront of world attention as an intrepid campaigner for education for girls, human rights for women, and tolerance in a male-dominated society and culture. Sadly but not surprisingly, she is still being targeted by the Taliban. It would be opportune to have a brief look at the story of her life and work to date, though it is early in what looks like the evolving career of a burgeoning female politician who shows great promise of making an immense contribution towards creating a Pakistan where women are truly emancipated and where their human potential is realized to the fullest for the benefit of the whole society, thereby setting an example for the rest of the world.

Malala was born to parents Ziauddin  Yousafzai and Tor Pekai in Mingora, the biggest town and the only city (as she describes it) in the Swat district of Pakistan’s northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province on June 12, 1997. Swat is a place steeped in cultural history. It had been conquered by Alexander the Great in 327 BCE; Buddhism arrived there in the second century CE, and Islam in the 11th . Their house was in Gulkada (‘place of flowers’), but earlier it had been called ‘Butkara’ ‘the place of the Buddhist statues’. Now the Swat valley is strewn with the ruins of some 1,400 Buddhist monasteries, which had stood along the river Swat according to the records of  ancient Chinese travelers. Malala is proud of her native place. It is paradise on earth, she says, a place of beauty, peace and tranquility that even the Buddha visited according to many stories  and there is a giant stupa in the valley where some of his ashes are enshrined. (Swat was a Buddhist kingdom before its ancient culture was wiped out by invaders.)

She studied in a private school founded by her father, registered under the name Khushal School. But the society she was born into did not normally set great store by an educated womanhood. Malala understood this from her own mother Tor Pekai’s experience. Pekai had started going to school at age six with the apparent approval of her family including her father and brothers. But she was the only girl in a school for boys. Tor Pekai’s sisters had no interest in going to school. They stayed home and played while she was at school. Tor Pekai envied them. She stopped going to school even before the first term was over. Her father didn’t seem to have taken any notice of it. That was the level of his interest in his daughter’s education!

Where Malala was born it was customary to hold a woma celebration at the end of one week after the birth of a child, to which friends and neighbours were invited to share the family’s joy at the arrival of the new baby. (‘Woma’ means seventh, Malala explains.) Her parents didn’t have the money to buy the goat and rice they needed for the feast. Her grandfather (‘baba’, her father’s father) didn’t help them out because Malala was only a girl, not a boy! So they didn’t have a woma for her. But when Malala’s brother was born next to her, the old man wanted to  give her father money to hold the woma, but the latter flatly refused to accept it. Ziauddin, Malala’s father, is a Pakistani activist who wants to promote democracy in his country, eliminate discrimination against women, and improve educational opportunities for all. So, naturally he is a critic of the Taliban.

Maulana Fazlullah (b. 1974), aka Mullah Radio or Radio Mullah, was the leader of the Taliban in the Swat valley. He wanted to enforce Sharia in Pakistan with the help of some 4500 militants he commanded by late 2007. Fazlullah exploited the earthquake on October 8, 2005 that left Mingora largely unaffected but devastated neighbouring Kashmir and the northern parts of Pakistan to drive fear into the poor people who listened to him saying that it was due to the wrath of God over their sins. Malala asked her father: ‘Is he right, Aba?’ ‘No, Jani’, he replied. ‘He is just fooling people’. (‘Jani’ means ‘dear one’.)

Fazlullah set up a ‘parallel government’ in some villages in the Swat valley, and tried to enforce Sharia law by establishing Islamic courts. He also launched an illegal local FM radio channel (hence his nickname) to broadcast his fundamentalist message. Initially people supported him both morally and materially. Fazlullah had his men attack music shops for the ‘eradication of sins’; he opposed the anti-polio vaccination program in his area arguing that the aid workers were engaged in proselytizing Muslims in the region under cover of social work; he also opposed franchise and education for women.

On behalf of the Swat Council of Elders Malala’s father Ziauddin, at seminars and on the media, daily challenged Maulana Fazlullah: ‘What are you doing? He would ask. ‘You are playing havoc with our lives and our culture’. He told his daughter: ‘If you have a headache and tell the doctor you have a stomach ache, how can the doctor help? You must speak the truth. The truth will abolish fear’.

In 2008, the Taliban had started attacking girls’ schools in the Swat valley. The young Malala (only 11 then) went with her father and his friend Fazal Maula with his daughter to Peshawar for a BBC Urdu talk show, where Muslim Khan was due to represent the Taliban. But Muslim Khan was not there in person in the studio. Malala challenged: ‘How dare the Taliban take away my basic right to education?’ There was no response from the Taliban representative because his phone interview had been pre-recorded. Later Ziauddin laughed and said to his daughter that she should go into politics. ‘Even as a toddler you talked like a politician’, he teased her. Malala writes: ‘Our words were like the eucalyptus blossoms of spring tossed away on the wind. The destruction of schools continued.’ On the night of October 7, 2008 the Sangota Convent School for girls and the Excelsior School for boys were blown up using IEDs (improvised explosive devices); fortunately, the two schools had been evacuated as they had received threats earlier. Through these and other atrocities ‘The Taliban bulldozed our Pashtun values and the values of Islam’.

Malala tried to distract herself ‘by reading Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time, which answered big questions such as how the universe began and whether time could run backwards. I was only eleven years old and already I wished it could.’

It was on January 3, 2009 that the first entry of her ‘The Diary of Gul Makai’ under the title ‘I AM AFRAID’ appeared on the BBC Urdu website. (‘Gul Makai’ or ‘Grief-stricken’ was her pen name.) Once she wrote about the burqa: ‘When you are very young, you love the burqa because it’s great for dressing up. But when you are made to wear it, that’s a different matter. Also it makes walking difficult’.  Referring to an incident involving her wearing a burqa while shopping with her mother and a cousin in the Cheena Bazaar, she wrote: ‘When we entered the shop we were going to, the shopkeeper laughed and told us he got scared thinking we might be suicide bombers as many suicide bombers wore the burqa’.

People often warned them that the Taliban might kill Ziauddin, but not his daughter saying, ‘even Taliban don’t kill children’. This is what Malala also believed, although they had issued a death threat against her. She, in fact, feared for the life of her father because of his anti-Taliban activism. Yet, they all had misjudged the character of the Taliban terrorists. They were proved wrong in crediting them with enough humanity not to kill children for their macabre cause. At the time of Malala’s shooting, ironically, her mother was crossing the doorway into her school for her first lesson since she had left school at age six on a newly started adult education programme.

Usman the driver of the school van drove it with the injured girls at top speed to the Swat Central Hospital. From there the critically injured Malala was flown by helicopter to a military hospital. A CT scan showed one bullet lodged very close to her brain. So it had been a close shave for her. She was put into an induced coma. While she was thus fighting for life the Taliban issued a statement admitting responsibility for the attack: Ehsanullah Ehsan the Taliban spokesman said: ‘Malala has been targeted because of her pioneer role in preaching secularism … She was young but she was promoting Western culture in Pashtun areas. She was pro-West; she was speaking against the Taliban; she was calling President Obama her idol’. This was a reference to something Malala had said in one of the many TV interviews she had done before. Fazlullah had ordered the attack on the girl two months earlier. ‘Anyone who sides with the government against us will die at our hands…’ He said they had used local Swati men to gather information on my movements between home and school, and they had chosen a place near an army checkpoint  to show they could strike anywhere.

From the army hospital Malala was flown to Birmingham for further treatment. There, after being taken out of her medically induced coma, she was subjected to multiple surgeries in one of which a facial nerve had to be repaired in order to cure a paralysis of the left side of her face. There was no severe  brain damage. She woke up on October 16, one week after the shooting. Arrangements were made for Malala’s family to be brought to UK where they are resident now. After recovery, she was admitted to a school in Birmingham in 2013. She gave a speech at the United Nations on June 12th  the same year , her 16th birthday (which is available on the You Tube). When she addressed the UN Assembly there were only 400 people sitting around her, she writes: ‘… but when I looked out I imagined millions more.’ She told herself: ‘This is your chance Malala’. She says she didn’t write the speech only with the UN delegates in mind. ‘I wrote it for every person around the world who could make a difference. I wanted to reach all people living in poverty, those children forced to work and those who suffer from terrorism or lack of education. Deep in my heart I hoped to reach every child who could take courage from my words and stand up for his or her rights.’

Malala was wearing one of Benazir Bhutto’s white shawls over her favourite pink shalwar kamiz and called on the world leaders to ‘provide free education to every child in the world’. ‘Let’s pick up our books and our pens’, she said, ‘They are our most powerful weapons. One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world’. The audience gave her a standing ovation.

On October 10, 2013, in recognition of her work the European Parliament awarded her the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought. She was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for 2013, but she didn’t get it. Last year the prize was awarded to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) for their work in Syria. Malala has again been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for this year for ‘her tireless commitment to education, women’s rights and tolerance. The Norwegian Nobel Committee will soon announce this year’s winner. (This essay was completed on October 9; but the Prize results were to be announced the next day, i.e. Friday October 10.)

At present Malala is living and attending school in England. She has set up her organization ‘The Malala Fund’: ‘My mission, our mission, demands that we act decisively to educate girls and empower them to change their lives and communities’. (The Island/11.10.2014)

British intel asked for CIA torture report redactions, Downing St admits

December 14th, 2014

Courtesy RT

British intelligence was in contact with the CIA prior to the publication of the US Senate report on torture published earlier this week. Downing Street confirmed the UK asked for information to be redacted on national security grounds.

The statement contradicts those made earlier by the British government, which denied any involvement in US torture operations.

The controversial report produced by Democratic members of the Senate Intelligence Committee found US military personnel had been involved in torture techniques, classified as “enhanced interrogation.”

The techniques were called “brutal” by Senate members, and include graphic accounts of waterboarding, stress positions, sleep deprivation and rectal feeding.

Following the report’s publication, British media reported “Downing Street said to the best of their knowledge they hadn’t asked for any redactions from that report.”

However, CIA head John Brennan defended the torture program, claiming it had helped to save American lives, and aided the hunt for Osama Bin Laden.

While it is unclear how involved the UK were in rendition and torture following the 9/11 attacks, MPs have called for a judge-led inquiry into the role MI6 played in assisting the US in extraordinary rendition.

“The Senate’s report, and the further reports of redactions, greatly strengthen the case for a full and detailed inquiry into allegations of British facilitation of kidnap and torture, led by a judge,” said Conservative MP Andrew Tyrie, who founded the All Party Group on Extraordinary Rendition.

“We cannot know what, if any, of the material redacted might be of legitimate public concern. Until a full inquiry is completed, it will continue to be claimed that some of it is,” he added.

An undated file photo shows Diego Garcia, the largest island in the Chagos archipelago (Reuters)

The 499-page report does not mention anything in regards to UK assistance in torture programs, nor does it make reference to Diego Garcia, a British territory widely suspected to have been used to transport rendition victims to countries where they would be tortured and abused outside of Britain’s legal remits.

The CIA ‘black site’ is suspected to have been used on multiple occasions under Britain’s previous Labour government, while David Miliband, brother of current Labour Leader Ed Miliband, was serving as Foreign Secretary.

“Downing Street’s U-turn on its previous denial that redactions had taken place tell us what we already know – that there was complicity, and that it wasn’t reflected in the Senate report,” said Conservative MP and former Home Secretary David Davis.

“We know from the behavior of the previous government with respect to the Binyam Mohamed case, that the term national security includes national embarrassment.”

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg also said on radio station LBC he would be open to an official inquiry.

“Once the police investigations are done, once the report from the Intelligence and Security Committee is done, we should keep an open mind if we need to about moving to a full judicial inquiry if there are any outstanding questions,” he said.

“I’m like anybody else: I want the truth out there.”




December 13th, 2014

Kanthar P Balanathan


This article is written with an objective of propagating the truth of SriLankan political manipulations to the citizens of SriLanka, both in SL and overseas. As SriLankans, sometime we cling onto partisan politics to take sides without recognising and understanding the truth of, national unity, national security, growth, economics, economic growth, technology, and social integration. We should never, ever assume that there are different ethnic groups in SL. We are all the same humans from one gene, however, different social and political environments over centuries, have made people to use different language, scripts and religion.

For example Lord Buddha was born into a Hindu family; history records. However, Buddha generated an inner, erudite, divine, desire to put across a great superior philosophy, which was accepted by billions of humans across South East Asia and India.

SriLanka is an island, which was invaded by the Indians over several centuries. Several millions of Sinhala people were massacred over centuries. Jaffna was not a Tamil colony until the 13th century, when Kalinga rowdy; “Magha”, with Kerala coolies, invaded and established a colony. Sinhala kings were able to overthrow and bring Jaffna under their control. Illegal migration commenced from that time. People from Kerala, Karnataka, Andra, Marathi, Bengali, Indonesia etc. were brought as coolies, labour and traders.

How did the Tamil issue start? Mr. Mahindapala explains in his two part series. Please visit and read: (i) Chelvanayakam’s Maradana speech (1949) paved the path to Nandikadal (2009) part I & II Ref; (ii), (iii) (, (iv)

It is not proposed to repeat the writings of Tamil politics. Please read the document: A letter to Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam Tamils political actions have been detailed in chronological order. (Ref:

SriLankan Politics since Independence

SriLanka became an independent country in 1948. A Malaysian born, Filipino looking, Christian, Malaysian/Ceylonese by registration, SJV Chelvanayakam (Samuel James Veluppillai Chelvanayakam) became prominent among the imprudent Hindu Tamils of SriLanka by his move of forming a racial “Federal Party” (ITAK), just because he was overlooked for a portfolio in the Ceylon Cabinet. Note:- If we cut the ‘m’ from his surname the name will be Chelvanayaka. SJVC did not understand the historical name flip. If he could be a Christian, it does not stem that he is a devoted Thamizhan. A race is identified by its religion, language, and culture. Majority of Tamils are Hindus. At the personal level, sociology investigates the social causes and consequences of such things as romantic love, racial and gender identity, family conflict, deviant behaviour, aging, and religious faith.(Ref: Dept. of Sociology, University of North Carolina)

 DS Senanayaka (Mudaliyar family) governance did not take the political scheming of SJVC seriously and he (DSS) failed. The dynasty and family governance begins with DSS, which is the Senanayaka Mudaliyar dynasty. Dudley Senanayaka takes over from 1952.


It could be bluffed off that there were no other matured political candidates among the Ceylonese? Ceylon/SriLanka has practiced a dynasty culture, even though the country moved to democratic governance since independence.

The truth, we have to understand here is that the dynasty did nothing to protect the country from secession manoeuvring by the Tamils. If we turn the pages we could study that dynasty and the wealth power has been ruling Ceylon/SriLanka since independence.


Following the Senanayaka dynasty, SWRD takes over by promising a racial dogma, which was bringing “Sinhala” as the Only Official Language. Though SWRD was a LSE scholar, he failed in this politics of language. This was an impulsive counterproductive act to the whole society in the island. Sinhalese are the majority and it is fair to say that Sinhala shall be the language of the island, however, the mode of implementation could have been a gradient implementation, as impulse has an impact.

What was the outcome of SWRD’s policy?

  1. An unprecedented widening of social disparities and social injustices. 
  1. A severe strain on co-existence among different ethnic and religious communities and increasing disharmony and distrust.

Following the implementation, racial violence broke out in 1958, where Tamils in the South were raped, killed, and their properties looted & destroyed. It was a chaos in the island. In the following year, SWRD was assassinated by his own people.

  1. Has there been any conclusive judgment and pronouncement on the person or gang who assassinated SWRD?
  2. Why was he assassinated?
  3. Who assassinated SWRD?
  4. Isn’t SWRD a London School of Economics scholar, loyal to Ceylon then?
  5. Was “Rule of Law” present then?
  6. Was killing of SWRD, a national security issue, because the media was not propagating true events?
  7. Was the government accountable then?

The Australian government Attorney General’s Department on “Rule of Law” states: (Ref;

[The rule of law underpins the way Australian society is governed. Everyone—including citizens and the government—is bound by and entitled to the benefit of laws. 

We uphold the rule of law through our daily work to ensure:

  • laws are clear, predictable and accessible
  • laws are publicly made and the community is able to participate in the law-making process
  • laws are publicly adjudicated in courts that are independent from the executive arm of government
  • dispute settlement is fair and efficient where parties cannot resolve disputes themselves. 

We support the Australian Government in being accountable for actions, making rational decisions and protecting human rights.]

On the death of SWRD, another dynasty begins, the Radala dynasty: Late Srimavo Bandaranaike takes over power. It would be necessary to emphasize at this juncture that politics is the only profession/employment that does not entails a Job Specification and a Job Description. Although politicians take oath that they will work to the “constitution” (Job Description), DO THEY?

What was Srimavo’s qualification? The only qualification was: [Sirimavo Bandaranaike was born on 17 April 1916, as Sirimavo Ratwatte to a prominent Radala family, who were descended from Ratwatte Dissawa, Dissawa of Matale] Ref:

If the people have to vote for Radala/Nilame/Mudaliyar/Govigama, qualification, then why do we bullshit about “Democracy and Freedom” (ප්රජාතන්ත්රවාදය)? What happened during late SB’s time? Insurrection broke out in 1971. SB ordered military to shoot to kill hundreds of thousands of educated Sinhala youth. Did “Rule of Law” prevail during her time? NO!

Since 1970, cost of living rose to a gargantuan level. Even to get a loaf of bread, people had to get permits, and wait in queues. People had to drink කහට තේ. It was a misery for the people of SL. SriLankan were subjected to “Absolute Poverty”. However, SB was able to build a multimillion dollar Bandaranaike memorial Hall to preserve her prestige.

Although SB’s motive was to make people to grow food, the mode of transportation was a failure.

From 1977 to 1994 the capitalistic clan was in power. JRJ took power in 1977. As soon as JRJ took power racial riots broke out in 1977, with rapes, killings, colossal destruction to properties and loots.

Following the devastating riots of 1977, a racial riot broke out in 1983. The root cause for the 1983 riots, of course, are the LTTE and the Tamils. We wanted it and we generated it.

What happened to the Rule of Law in 1977 and 1983?

Was the government then able to eliminate terrorism undertaken by the Tamils? With lack of perception, and understanding of the counter-productive outcomes, and the economic corollaries, JRJ succeeded in pawning the country to the Indians by signing the 13th amendment in 1987. 13th amendment is deemed a white elephant.

Sequentially, the performance of subsequent President, R Premadasa was to mass slaughter JVP youth using his “Black Cats”.

The Banda dynasty returns to power in 1994. Chandrika assumes power as the President. Referring to, CB is claimed to have qualifications as follows. “Chandrika was educated at the St Bridget’s Convent, Colombo, and at the Aquinas University College Colombo where she studied for the bachelor of laws”. The only fact we could see is that there is a college, but they do not have a degree program in Law. Is this true? Ref:

In 1995, LTTE invaded Vani, and took control and established a mushroom illegal administration, keeping civilians as human shield. CB did nothing to this illegal establishment. Vellupillai Prabakaran continued to build his military and weaponry with the help of R Premadasa, RW, and the subsequent governments. Of course, LTTE was ungrateful, they assassinated Mr. Premadasa.

The sixth amendment was passed in 1983 and a circular was issued on the 18th August 1983.


What happened to the Rule of Law?

It has to be comprehended that, although we blame India as the contrivance, which machined LTTE to be a military, terrorist organisation, the main perpetrators are the western countries, particularly UK and USA. Strategic forethought of certain countries and their intelligent moves cannot be easily understood. The leaders of SL, in governance up to 2005 paved the way for the west to build up the military capability of LTTE.

Why did our leaders not understand these moves by the west? Could the people of SL assume that they were subjugated and controlled by the west to be their political friends, while the Tamil Diaspora and the Tamil politicians were plotting and conspiring their way towards separation?


Let us address “Democracy”. Definition of Democracy? “Government of the people, by the people, for the people, direct or representative; State having this form of society ignoring hereditary class distinctions and tolerating minority views”. US department of state definition of “Principles of Democracy” is, Majority Rule, Minority Rights. USINFO Publications outlines elements of the Principles of Democracy, which SriLanka has failed ever since they were granted independence.

Democracy is defined as a set of principles and practices that protect human freedom. It is defined as the institutionalization of freedom. It is also said as to rest upon fundamental principles, not uniform practices. It is also known that Democratic societies are committed to the values of tolerance, cooperation, and compromise.

Democracy is said to subject governments to the “Rule of Law”, which ensures all citizens are protected under the Law, and their rights are protected by the Legal system.

It is also a reality that democracy recognizes diversity as an enormous asset, treats these differences in culture, identity, and values as a challenge, which can strengthen and enrich, however, not as a threat.

It is known that political parties have faith in the principles of democracy to recognize and respect the authority of the elected government even if they are not in power.

All democratic political parties, whether small or large national coalitions should share the values of tolerance and compromise. Leadership and vision can be provided only through broad alliances with other political parties, which will win the support of the people of the nation. In democracy, political parties struggle is not for survival through fights, but a competition to serve the people.

SriLanka failed in the principles of democracy as the majority rule had divisions; (i) upcountry Sinhalese, (ii) low country Sinhalese. Even, political parties were formed on racial grounds. To the Tamils, division among the majority politics is an advantage, like the Hyenas. They play their trump card like that in Mahabharata. Citizens of SL lack in political maturity, lack of understanding in the National Security issues, which drives them to partisan politics.

SriLankan should ask a question: What is patriotism? Are we patriotic? What is National Security? Why should we be concerned about National Security?

The writer’s open letter to MA Sumanthiran answers some questions. (Ref: 

Politics – Current Opposition Coalition

Every SriLankan should address, and understand the political contriving of the opposition, and their policies on social integration and national security. Since independence, the country has been fleeced and divided, however, not socially integrated, and the country was subjected to threat to national security.  The current opposition leader failed attempts to become the President. The Opposition fails to even select a candidate to contest for the Presidential election. For years, internal conflicts drove them to enmity between party members. Key members of the opposition group has paranoia to contest, as they feel demise, and loss of respect among supporters. RW does not want to give up his leadership voracity and hence is holding on to the position. Isn’t that dictatorial?

Can the country claim the move of the three musketeers (3Ms) a great move in politics? The opposition cowardly moved into the governing platform to kidnap My3 to bring to their spineless and gutless platform and contest for the president. Could it be that CB’s goal is to bring her children (Vimukthi Kumaratunga) in to politics via nomination and a portfolio? CB may have an ulterior motive, which SriLankan may not be aware of at this stage. Why can’t CB give up politics and give it to the youngsters who are politically matured and cultured in the 21st century.

Current opposition politics is seen as My3 is contesting on behalf of RW, because RW is scared to contest. RW imagines that he could attain a powerful position of PM with the Presidential system abolished. Once a person (My3) amasses power, can we think that My3 will give up his position to someone in another block? Isn’t that an imprudent, ridiculous assumption?


If SriLankans are wise enough, they could understand with pure reasoning, this election philandering, and laugh off.

Analysis of MOU


Following are specific election promises:

[“As Sri Lankans we face several grave challenges. The country, which was once seen as a model of democracy, has degenerated in recent years into a place where its citizens cannot live with dignity and in safety. Among the manifestations of this situation are:

* The total breakdown of the Rule of Law, 

* The erosion of democratic institutions essential for governance,

* An unprecedented widening of social disparities and social injustices, 

* A severe strain on co-existence among different ethnic and religious communities and increasing disharmony and distrust. 

In this situation, the following programme is presented so as to re-establish democracy, good governance, social justice and the rule of law. 

Accordingly, it is proposed that the present authoritarian and corrupt regime be defeated by fielding a common candidate acceptable to all those in agreement with the programme. The immediate tasks will be implemented within a hundred days. They include the abolition of the current executive presidency and the re-establishment of a parliamentary form of government and the rest of the programme to be implemented through a new Parliament.] 

  • Pre2005, the country never, ever, practiced real democratic The Radala, the Mudaliyar, were elected to rule the country by force. The Radala are a small minority in the Kandyan kingdom. The foolish people of SL were brain washed and mind set to vote for Radala, Mudaliyar and the high caste goons. Lack of education and poor knowledge in politics drove the people to be cheated for 56 years of post-independence.
  • Breakdown of “Rule of Law” was experienced during the governments of the Radala and the Mudaliyar.
  • During the period 1958, 1977 & 1983 the country faced breakdown in the Rule of Law. Gap between the two ethnic groups commenced to widen with the birth of terrorism.
  • Since independence to 1971, domination by the minority Radala and Mudaliyar, widen the gap between the minority and the majority, which gave birth to “Jathika Vimukthi Peramuna” that led to the 1971 civil war.
  • Lack of wisdom and improper practice of “Rule of Law”, by the governance gave birth to terrorism by the Tamils: LTTE.
  • Post 2005, terrorism was eradicated, terrorists were rehabilitated, trained to do a specific skilled job. Underworld gangs were eliminated, gang warfare was purged, and people were given the freedom to commence business and become entrepreneurs. Majority of citizens are happy now as they have become “Muthalali” (මුතලාලි). Becoming a මුතලාලි was restricted to certain Radala and Mudaliyar and Govigama only, during the pre-2005 period.

In short, post 2005, everyone enjoys total freedom, reducing the gap on social disparity and social justice.

We are trying to bluff off, and bull shit by stating “severe strain on co-existence among different ethnic and religious communities”. Colombo, Jaffna are typical examples of co-existence and social justice. Question: Has My3 clan ever visited Jaffna after 2009?

How many trains and bus service scuttle the A9 road every day between Jaffna and Colombo? Has any politician thought, why such traffic?

It is of the view that social integration and economic integration are on the ascent, now, within the statesman, HEMR’s My3 visited Jaffna to observe the co-existence of the communities? 

Authoritarianism, dictatorial, crudity, inflexibility did prevail, pre-2005, barring late Dudley Senanayaka, who was a patriot and an honest cognisant politician.

It would be wise to analyse the post-independence era governance to make judgement of dictatorial and authoritarianism practices.

Has the My3 clan been driven by the west? If so, please visit the following web site to know the truth about the west.

US actions:

  1. Ex US marine speaks out on The US govt…the truth couldn’t have been said better!
  2. Diego Garcia:

It is certain that Tamil Diaspora in Canada is dynamic in marshalling momentum for separation of Tamil Eelam. The political weakness of the opposition group may drive them to grant more powers to the Provincial Councils, which is detrimental to the economy of the nation. Do SriLankan want to be driven back to 1970?

Turning our pages to history: during historic time, King Elara, 205 BC to 161 BC, was ruling from Anuradhapura. No king was able to defeat Elara. (Ref:

(Ref: Dutugamunu (Sinhala:දුටුගැමුණු duugämuu), also known as Dutthagamani duṭṭhagāmaī and Gamani Abhaya ගාමිණී අභය gāmaī abhaya (“fearless Gamini”), was a Sinhalese king of Sri Lanka[1] who reigned from 161 BC to 137 BC. He is renowned for defeating and overthrowing Elara, the usurping prince from the Chola Kingdom, who had invaded the Kingdom of Rajarata in 205 BC. Dutugamunu also expanded and beautified the city of Anuradhapura and projected the power of his native Rajarata region across the island of Sri Lanka.

While there were copious amount of kings and petty kings, it was only king දුටුගැමුණු, who was able to defeat Elara and unify the island. 

It was the same and similar historic event by HE Mahinda Rajapaksa, who was the only leader who was able to defeat LTTE, and terrorism from the island and unify SriLanka, and the country since 2005 is marching towards social integration and economic recovery from the past ill fade leaders. 

Since 2009, the country gangsters, underworld gangs, and dominance of individual politicians, and especially Tamil separatism is fading away. Don’t we SriLankan have the courtesy and gallantry to honour HEMR and GR to have achieved the goal? 

SriLankan should ask a question. Did we practice “Rule of Law”, Accountability, and democratic principles from 1948 to 1970 – 2004? Who benefitted from the governance? All the rich became richer and the poor became poorer and were victimised. From 1970 to 2005, the country was run by terrorists and incompetent western puppets giving in to the terrorists. 

People of SriLanka: Let us think; why has My3 gone into another platform whose ideology, totally differs. It is obvious that power avidity, power hunger, power thirst has allowed the opposition to accept a different person from another ideological platform as a common candidate. My3, whose ideology totally differs from that of the opposition has entered into another platform.

In time to come the opposition with My3 may have critical internal war among themselves that may lead to situation like that of Egypt and Libya.

Today any woman from the South can freely walk on the streets of Jaffna, and a woman from Jaffna can freely walk on the streets of Matara. Isn’t that a country needs in terms of unification co-existence, and social integration.

SriLanka needs HEMR for another term, for the country to climb up to its position, fulfilling people’s ambition of economic growth, economic integration, social integration, rule of law, accountability, business growth, industrialisation, foreign investment, independent freedom, elimination of social disparity, and mainly maintain NATIONAL SECURITY, and unification of SriLanka.

UNP’s 20 pillars to government and “Maithripala will lose”,the world’s leading astrologer tells to Hirunika and Daham

December 13th, 2014

Hot News

In the coming few days It is anticipated that around 20 UNP’s organisers from all parts are to join the government as revealed by the former general secretary Tissa Attanayake. Most of the local UNP MPS, Provincial council members and grass root level organisers are agaist the decisions taken by the UNP in consenting for the common candidate, Maithripala sirisena to contest  and it was frustrating to them.

The common candidate Maithripala Sirisena would be having drastically bad period between the December 22nd and January 19th 2015 was stated by the India’s number one astrologer professor A.S Karala among the world’s best 10 astrologers.This had been told to Hirunika Premachandra and the common candidate’s son Daham Sirisena who had met the astrologer in India on the 11th December.he had said the common Sirisena would be inflicted with a huge defeat at the presidential election on the 09th January 2015

” When I handed over to Mahinda 75% of the war was won”-Chandrika

When the power was handed over to the incumbent president Mahinda Rajapaksa 75% of the areas captured by Prabhakaran were liberated and given and there was only 25% that had to be captured was said by the former president Chandrika Kumaratunga addressing a meeting in Yakkala, Gampaha.In this context Mahinda Rajapaksa cannot take the credit for winning the war on his own initiative.

He is trying to get votes on the pretext of this achievement.The whole country has been destroyed by one family.The roads were made during her time also.But during his time they were made obtaining commissions.Even the Katunayake expressway was commenced during her time and the board with her name had been thrown and replaced with his name was added by the former president.

Secretly signed agreements in Sri Lanka (Indo-Lanka Accord-CFA-ISGA-PTOMs)

December 12th, 2014

 Shenali D Waduge

 It is time that the public revisit some of the agreements that our supposed leaders had secretly signed for personal and political gain at the cost of the nation and its people. We are quick to accuse external forces of attempting to destabalize Sri Lanka without realizing that it is because there are handful of people ready to be their stooges that external forces have managed to destabalize our nation. The people need to identify who they are and ensure they never get elected.

 The agreements that became dangerous prescriptions for future trouble begin with the 


The backdrop to the accord is important to remember. While LTTE may have been not as sophisticated as it became, LTTE were trained by India and had arms supplied by India. The Sri Lankan Army was not as well equipped as it is now. But, Sri Lanka’s forces did have brave men and brave leaders that cornered Prabakaran and would have virtually captured him alive. India was not ready to give up on its investment and thus a call sufficed to threaten to virtually invade Sri Lanka and that threat was symbolized by Indian Air Force violating Sri Lanka’s territory to drop some food while back home in India people were dying of hunger. The year 1987.

The lack of will to nip that which threatens the nation, the mentality of delaying and using issues for political advantage and lack of faith in the armed forces cost the country much.

The people knew little of what transpired to lead to the Accord for its contents were all kept secret. It was signed under virtual duress with Sri Lanka’s Cabinet forced to give undated letters of resignation, media was debarred and the country placed under curfew.

India’s aspirations and deals aside what were our leaders doing?

  • Why did they not question key clauses in the Indo-Lanka Agreement foremost of which is why Sri Lanka agreed to accept North and East as Tamil Homelands. Why did Sri Lanka not object to the merger of North and East? There is no such ‘areas of historical habitation of Sri Lankan Tamil speaking people, who have at all times hitherto lived together in this territory’. Did none of our officials or politicians have enough knowledge of history to demand this clause to be rephrased? Do we not see the same references being made with no correction demanded from Sri Lanka’s side except for patriots always pointing out discrepancies?
  • Why did Sri Lanka’s leaders not demand repeal of the Accord no sooner India failed to disarm the LTTE in 120hrs as promised?
  • Why did Sri Lanka not annul the Accord when it was made clear that Sri Lanka’s obligation to adhere to the Accord was condition to India’s performance and implementation on 5 key steps none of which India honored?
  • Why did Sri Lanka’s leaders and officials not raise voice and refuse to India’s request to pull back Sri Lanka’s military from the North?
  • Why did our leaders and officials not keep the public abreast of India’s failure to perform the obligations it promised under the Accord.
  • Under the principle of International Law ‘Pacta Sunt Servanda’ (agreements must be kept) both parties must execute their mutually agreed obligations in good faith. India breached its obligations under the Accord but there was no protest or challenge from Sri Lanka – timidity, meekness and moral cowardice carries this country nowhere.

Is it not because Sri Lanka did not make Sri Lanka’s stand clear that we remain saddled with not only the Indo-Lanka Accord but the 13th amendment that created the Provincial Council system that has been simply a wastage of public funds. Do we suffer from a tendency to meekly accept what India or any other bilateral partner produces in the form of agreements? If not, why did officials not question how a Provincial Council system could solve an ‘ethnic problem’ and moreover how ‘ethnic’ is the problem when men and women are trained as terrorists on foreign soil? Why have our officials 30 years on not thought it time to immediately remove all references to Sri Lanka’s problem as being ‘ethnic’ and declare that Sri Lanka suffered a terrorist problem.


Exactly 15 years after the Indo-Lanka Accord came another secretly signed agreement by those that advocated the theory of ‘unwinnable war’ and championed the policy of appeasement. That agreement was called the ‘roadmap to peace’ it became the roadmap to a piece of Sri Lanka as declared by Madam Maria Carrilho, EU MP who said that the CFA will lead to a new autonomous state, a flag and new anthem.

Why did no one in the UNP or UNF coalition protest against the 2002 Accord – the same silence prevailed with the Indo-Lanka Accord except for Gamini Jayasuriya who resigned, President Premadasa and Lalith Athulathmudali who did not attend the signing.

The people must realize what this agreement meant. The people must know that for the first time a political party was ready to enter into an Agreement that placed an internationally designated terrorist group on par with a sovereign state. What is shocking about this decision is that Sri Lanka could have easily joined the War on Terror declared in 2001 following the 9/11 attack and used that to stifle the LTTE, instead of doing that Norway that brokered the Accord managed to do a deal with the current Opposition Leader and sign a treacherous cease fire agreement that gave legitimacy to a terrorist movement. Even Dr. Subramaniam Swamy declared that the CFA was the outcome of a ‘surrender mentality’ of the UNF Government prepared to hand over large chunks of vital Sri Lankan territory to terrorists in return for a few billion of dollars being dangled as carrots by the West including Norway, USA and Japan among others.

While UNP supporters boast of their Leaders vision and management thinking, none of our doubts were put to rest when Ranil Wickremasinghe signed the CFA without informing even the Party’s Secretary or his own cabinet.  

What was the quid pro quo that allowed the ‘architects’ to betray the nation under the CFA?

Who did not mind the LTTE committing more than 10,000 ceasefire violations?

Who cared not to take action against the LTTE for killing 174 security forces personnel, 388 civilians, for 117 attempted murders, 620 abductions, 46 attempted abductions, 106 cases of extortion, 2,199 conscriptions, 875 injuries to persons, 22 instances of torture, 128 cases of intimidations and recruitment of 1, 200 children?

Who did not care not to equate a terrorist organization to be on par with a legally established armed forces that protects the nation?

What type of people agrees to sign an agreement that grants LTTE official recognition through the CFA as ‘equal stakeholders’?

Who were the Architects and people involved with the 2002 CFA and is it morally correct for us to accept these people as our leaders when the possibilities of them to sign over the country should always be on our minds. We cannot and should not accept people as leaders when we have doubts about them.

Who were some of these people who deserve no place of trust and reliability for they have by the choice taken in silently being part of a treacherous agreement have shown they never put the country first.

* Defence Minister – Tilak Marapana “I have no intention at all in waging war with the LTTE at the moment. We have embarked on a peace mission and our target today, and my role as Defence Minister, is not to plan strategy to attack but merely to ready ourselves to defend”

* Secretary Defence (December 2001) – Austin Fernando…

* Chief Spokesman/Secretary for the UNF – Bradman Weerakoon later to be the Secretary to the PM and thereon to ICES NGO

* Head of SL Peace Secretariat – Bernard Goonetilake and Jayantha Dhanapala
* Deputy Director General, Peace Secretariat in Colombo, Dr. John Gunaratne
* Head, LTTE Peace Secretariat, S. Puleedevan
* Head, SLMM, Tryggve Tellefssen
* SL Legal – Lakshman Marasinghe

Did these architects not have an iota of love for their country and respect for its armed forces? Did they not feel guilty to place our soldiers in barracks and allow LTTE freedom to move where they liked? Did the LTTE not humiliate our soldiers by laughing at them and ridiculing them knowing the soldiers had no ability to react?

The CFA eventually paved the way for LTTE to assassinate Sri Lanka’s popular Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadiragamar and led to the release of intelligence members most of whom were Tamils or Malays. Maj. Muthalif, Lt. Col. Rizvi Meedin and over 60 others were gunned down in cold blood. LTTE began to smuggle shipments of arms, sophisticated telecommunications through Sri Lanka’s own customs. Those that signed approvals today hold advisory posts while others are planning to jump to the Government since the Opposition Alliance appears to be sinking.

Can the people of Sri Lanka forgive or forget how these architects handed 95% of Eelam to the LTTE on a silver platter without any sense of guilt or qualms about hiding the details from the people. If they can sign one such agreement these people can sign many more treacherous agreements which is why the people must never allow such people whether politician or public office to ever be given a prominent role in governance.


If 95% of Eelam was given via the 2002 CFA the rest was to be secured through the ISGA and PTOMs.

The ISGA was put forward by the LTTE to legalize what was provisionally established through the CFA.

If Ranil agreed to make the cake, Chandrika Bandranaike agreed to ice the cake and hand it to the LTTE. US5bilion became the fatal attraction for this third betrayal. Greed to grab the money became a race as to who was willing and ready to share the cake with LTTE.

At this stage, the JVP, the JHU, Lakshman Kadiragamar and patriotic forces were quick to raise awareness of the dangers of signing the ISGA and averted what would have led to an Eelam.

Again it is important to highlight why these leaders are referred to as traitors. When 32 countries had banned the LTTE why would Sri Lanka’’s leaders agree to a proposal by the LTTE to accept that theirs was a Tamil struggle in ‘self-defence”? If they had agreed would Sri Lanka be able to argue in any international forum in defense?

It is because these treacherous leaders kept what they were agreeing to sign a secret that the public was never privy to the clauses and were signatories willing to allow LTTE to rule over Muslims and Sinhalese through the ISGA? Is it not strange why not a single of those privy to the agreement clauses ever objected to why the proposal should be drafted by the LTTE? Not a single person ever questioned why allocations were given to Tamils, Muslims and GOSL with no mention of Sinhalese (GOSL is not Sinhalese) or why LTTE a terrorist organization was allowed to make all appointments to the ISGA District Committees and would administer all State land, financial affairs, judicial affairs and development while Sri Lanka’s representatives were happy to get their hands of half of the USD5m and care not what happened to the country.

What the public need to note with relevance to what is happening currently is that the same set of people now coming before us as ‘alternative’ and ‘uncorrupt’ and ‘our saviors’ were those that were ready to give LTTE rule of law, LTTE the right to collect taxes, to allow LTTE run administration, to allow LTTE to deal directly with external parties, to allow LTTE to trade and while allowing for all of this LTTE was ready to say it was agreeing to give up calls for an independent Tamil Eelam? Were our people so stupid not to realize that there would be no requirement to demand an independent Tamil Eelam because having given LTTE a carte blanche they were actually given Eelam by our own people!


So the series of treacherous secretly signed pacts started with the Indo-Lanka Accord, then to the CFA, then the ISGA and then came to the PTOMs. Again the JVP, JHU and patriotic forces brought the dangers of the clauses into public domain inspite of the stoic silence of the pro-West Sri Lankan media.

The ISGA carrot was $5billion, the PTOM carrot was $3billion

Chandrika Bandaranaike jumped and signed PTOMs on 24 June 2005. She, claiming to be the daughter of 2 respected Prime Ministers knowingly excluded the South refusing to acknowledge the South as victim of the tsunami.

For the 3rd time, the GOSL was placed on par with a terrorist movement.

For the 3rd time, despite patriotic forces putting forward the grave dangers and risks involved the same mistake was committed between Ranil W and Chandrika Bandaranaike, the same twosome propelling the hired Maithripala Sirisena as Presidential Candidate.

The PTOMs committee comprised 1 nominee from LTTE, 1 nominee from the Muslims and 1 nominee from GOSL (again no mention of Sinhalese) and not a single member in Government bothered to raise hue or cry over this omission. The Regional Committee of the PTOMs was designed in such a way to make LTTE the majority in the Committee and no objection from those supposedly representing Sri Lanka.

There are few items that the Public must be conscious of and keep reminding of their representatives

  1. Leaders and their advisors are not elected or paid by the State to barter the country’s interests or to divide the country into pieces because someone dangles a lot of dollars and pounds, green cards, houses and foreign scholarships. They can barter away their own property but not which does not belong to them and which they are only given custodian status of.
  2. Leaders and their advisors are expected to function with integrity, morals and good ethics during the term of office that they are elected. They are not owners of land to think they have the right to trade that land for deals that personally benefit them.
  3. Leaders and their advisors must realize that the country does not function to suit their individual whims and fancies, to meet their personal or family agendas or their personal ideologies. If they want to follow their personal beliefs resign and do so but not compromising on what the masses are paying them to uphold.
  4. Leaders and their advisors have no right to change legal and constitutional provisions or interpret them to satisfy their own fancies or to shove down crafty legislature because they are in turn influenced from unknown quarters.

The issue is simple.

Why have our leaders and public officials who have unlimited enjoyment of state coffers simply watched gross violations of Sri Lanka’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and been oblivious to the eventual outcome. Would it not mean that they too would eventually have to flee the nation and they can but what about the rest of the people? Have these signatories and those that were aware of the clauses of these secret pacts care what would happen eventually to the nation? It was by some stroke of luck that both US and Japan refused to supply funds to the PTOMs claiming that LTTE was proscribed and this further highlighted the treacherous minds of our own people ready to sign and accommodate the PTOMs.

The nation owes gratitude to the bench of judges led by Sarath Silva CJ who on 15th July 2005 less than 3 weeks of its signing following excellent submissions made by H L de Silva, S L Gunasekera, Gomin Dayasri, Minoli Jinadasa and Manohara de Silva managed to issue a stay order on the PTOMs MOU. The following year (15 September 2006) another legal victory ensued with the demerging of the merged North-East (following the Indo-Lanka Accord).

From JR Jayawardena, President Premadasa, to Ranil Wickremasinghe and Chandrika Bandaranaike a series of secretly discussed and signed pacts with only a handful of their trusted coterie being privy has compromised the nation and the people. The blunders they have committed have been for personal power, glory, money or to score points over their opponents with little care for the outcome to the nation.

The last few agreements signed secretly have been the worst and they now appear before us signing further deals in a coalition that shows no sign of coalition. Handful of coalition members are signing secret pacts amongst each other with others promising to join only if their demands are met but kept secret from others in the camp because they can’t trust them. This one common cam comprises CBK-Maithri-Ranil & UNPers without choice-JHU-Fonseka-Arjuna-Rajitha-Bahu-Hirunika-other cross overs from the Government as to who is running the show and whose promises are to be fulfilled in what order if at all they do end up winning in an election that is about electing ONLY one person and not many with ideological differences that makes any to wonder how long it will take for them all to reach one decision.

We have seen enough of treacherous agreements throughout the past 3 decades. The people should not allow room for more secret pacts to be entertained compromising the country any more than it has because signatories will end up taking the first flight out of the country but it is the people who will end up suffering.

 Shenali D Waduge

Election/s in Sri Lanka, Western colonialism and China factor!

December 12th, 2014

By mahinda

“All things are subject to change over time”  (sabbe sankaara accica- the Buddha)

There was a time in our known history the Asian (India based) rule was dominating the world, i.e. mighty Kushan empire that ruled from present day Nepal to near Turkey early 2000 CE. Before that there was similar emperors i.e. Jinghis Khan who dominated up to Western borders another 3000/5000 years before CE.

Then came Greek, Roman empires, Spanish, Portugal, French, Britain already gone in to the history and contemporary USA whose declaration as world super power and its dominance stands on mere fire power, conspiracies and manipulations of other economies. But time and then this trend has changed by now and clear and concrete visibilities have surfaced the China is emerging as world super power sooner or later in few years is unstoppable.

The Westerners never accepted or admitted the fact that everything subject to change because their ideology based on God created “ Permanence, Comforts and Soul” (nithya, sukha and aathma) were in an illusion that their glory and dominance over other poor nations (in western view) will remain forever with the authority of omnipotent God!

Monotheism itself was their tool of rule! 

To their own dismay and surprise, the Asia started to emerge  since 1950’ties with Japan becoming technology giant the suite followed by other Asian nations and now China is No. one country in the world in terms of monetary status as well as industrial, which is the essential requisite to become super power when fire power status achieved.

Great Napoleon had said “ I can see the yellow people marching in millions, do not go to bother Kathy”

I believe I do not have to detail too much on this issue, therefore let me go to our main subject directly.

The politics in Asia are deeply dominated by China factor whether any one like or not and continues. The change is taking further shape unstoppable. It’s no more useful learning colonial languages such as Latin, French, German etc., for the prestige of well to do affluent class. Its prominence is now taken by China.

So, go and learn Chinese now for god sake!

Any further attempt to influence or manipulate Asian theatre by West will fuel rift with China and emerging Russian camp as well. China has already established its control over the Indian Ocean and even had given billions of dollars of debt to India who claimed a rival to China is now keeping mum. The tunes change when the Sitharist has changed.

The west (US) had been trying to manipulate Sri Lanka under different forms the so called human rights issues, which are not even existing in USA, and failed. They were to exploit election as a mean of destabilizing the country, regime change and make it another Libya. The mission failed by Sisson, who is gone now. Obama has realized the reality I supposed, if not when the China withdraws investments on US Reserves, its unimaginable how it will melt like a butter out of refrigerator.

Any attempt to install a puppet govt. in Sri Lanka by USA or West will be a distant or to be more precise an impossible task for few centuries of this side. Any such attempt will not last or such puppet governments will not be able to rule more than few months.

West and USA must remember how they manipulated regimes and politics of the countries they had vital interests when they were having their glory time until recently and some success, then failures and turned to complete disaster now.

No matter what it is, China will do their best to have their grip, of course Asian grip on its territories.

Those locals who jump up to regime change, cling to power by any means and dream for Western dominated gala time should wake up from fake dream now and see the real movie  now. Your masters are now bankrupt, they cannot give you Aids like in the past but only AIDS!  Your former masters are also now China dependant.

A prominent professor who visited a temple in Ladakh in 70’ties found an Olaa leaf writing of a Tibetan scholar monk who had written that “in the 21st century the Chinese and Sinhalese will become masters of the Asian Theatre” – Refer Buddhist times 2012

The final truth for the knowledge of West is “ Impermanence, Suffer and Soulless” (Anicca, Dukka, Anathma)

West ! Mind your own business, be compassionate, be happy and well, let others live.  

මුස්ලිම් වරුන්ගේ තර්ජන

December 12th, 2014

ධර්මසිරි සෙනෙවිරත්න

බොදුබල සේනාව රජයට උදව් කල හොත්  නියෝජ්‍ය ඇමති  ෆෛසේර් මුස්තාෆා රජයෙන් අස්වෙන බවට තර්ජනය කරය් , අනේ මුන්ට ගිය කලක්  බෞද්ධ බලමන්ඩලයකට බෞද්ධ රටේ  කිසිවක් කිරීමට   කොහෙන්දෝ ඇවිත්  කඩා පත්වී බෞද්ධ සරණින්  මුක්කු ගසා ගත්තවුන්ගෙන්  අවසර ගැනීමට  සිදුවේ ගන යන්නේද   වෙනත් පරදෙශී ආක්රමනිකයෙකුට බයේ  නන්නත්තාරයේ දුවන්නට වූ මුස්ලිම් වෙළෙන්දෝ .සෙනරත් රජතුමා  ගේ අනුකම්පාව නිසා  මෙහි පල පදියම්වී  ඉංග්‍රීසින්ගේ  අනුග්‍රහය ලබා  බල පුළුවන් කාරයන්වී  තමන්ට සෙවන දුන් සිංහලයට  කෙනෙහිලිකම් කිරීම අරබුයේ ඉංග්‍රීසින්ගේ ද උසිගැන්වීම  ඇතිවය.

1915   බෞද්ධ පෙරහරට  පහරදී පටන්ගත්  බෞද්ධ විරෝධී  ව්‍යාපාරය අශ්රෝෆ් විසින්  ජිහාඩ් බලකායකට හරවන ලදී  එතැන් සිට  ධීගවාපිය බුල්ඩෝසර් කරමින්  සටන අරම්බනලදී  අපේ  බෞද්ධයෝ  කටක් අරිය විට  බටහිර ගති  ජඩ මාද්‍ය කාරයොත්  උගත් එහෙත්   ප්රඥා  ව නැති  අදුරු මහදුරු ඇතුළු බලධාරියෝ  ”’හා හා ආගම් වාදය අවුස්සන්න එපා” යය මොරදුන්හ .

බෞද්ධ රාජ්ජයේ  ඒකමිතිය බිඳිමින් ප්‍රේමදාස වැනි ජනපතිවරු ”’ පන්සලෙත් පල්ලියේත් කොවිලෙත් දැල්වෙන්නේ එකම පහණය’ යය් කියමින්  ගම උදාවල  මේ හැම  ආගමික මද්යස්තානයක්ම ඇ ටවුහ. මහින්ද අධිකරණ ඇමති වශයෙන් හකීම්ව පත් කර   සිංහල බෞද්ධ රටට ”ෂරියා නීතියද ගෙනා වේය . දැන් ගොනිබිල්ලන්ගෙන් ප්‍රවේසම් වීමට සිදුවී ඇත්තේ අපටය.

එන පොට නම් හොඳ නැත.  බොදු බලය රජයට සහාය දීම හොඳ නැත්නම් බොදු රටේ,,,, බොදුනුවන් 70% සිටින රටේ,,,,   සුලුවාර්ගික 9% පමණවූ  මුස්ලිම් වර්ගය  සහාය දීම කොහෙත්ම හොඳ නැත.

විශේෂයෙන්ම ආගම පැතිරවීම සඳහා ජිහාඩ් යුද්ධය අනුදන්නා  ආගමක්  කොහෙත්ම හොඳ නැත.  එහෙත් කටක් අර මුන්ට දෙකක් කතාකරන්නට කොන්ද පන ඇති එක දේශ පාලකයෙක්   මේ සිංහල රටේ නැත.

බොදු බලය මේවා කතා කරන විට චන්ද්‍රප්‍රේම ලාට  වාසුලාට  ඉංග්‍රීසි පත්තර කාරයන්ට  රාජිතලාට ;'; ඌරු ජුවල් ”යය්  

තව දුරටත් රජුන් තනන්නට සුළු වාර්ගිකයන්ට ඉඩ දෙමු ද  සිංහල බෞද්ධයන් ඉදිරියේ මේ යෝධ අභියෝගය ඇත.මේ රට සිංහල බෞද්ධයන් විසින් ඉදිකළ රටක් බවත්  අනෙක් සුලුවාර්ගිකයන් ට  මහා ජාතිය අභිභවා යන්නට ඉඩ නොදිය යුතු  බවත්  රටේ සංස්කෘතියේ ප්‍රධාන සංරචකය සිංහල බෞද්ධ බවත්  සුළු වාර්ගිකයන් විසින් පිලිගතයුතුයය් කියන  නායකයෙක්  අභීතව ඉදිරියට එන තුරු  අපේ අනාගතය අඳුරුය. 

කකා බිබී  ඩෙ ගා  නටන සිංහල යන්  ට කොය් රට වුනත් කමක් නැතත් අභිමානවත් සිංහලයන්ට  ”සිංහලේ  ”අවශ්ශ්‍යය   .  සිංහල බලවේග කඩා බිඳ දමන්නට  විශාල බලවේගයක් මේ දිනවල දියත් වී ඇත..බික්ෂුන් ද හෙළ උරුමය රකින්නොද    බටහිරයන්  ගේ බලවේග වලින්  විකුර්තිවී මොකක්දෝ වින්නැහියක් වේ ගැන යනු පෙනේ 

සියල්ල මුදලට යටවීද . මේ අල්ල ”මේ යකාගේ තර්ජනය ”’ සුළුපටු එකක් කර නොසලකියයුතුය. ජාතියම බුල්ඩෝසර් කරන්නට මුස්ලිම් කාරයන්ට ඉඩ දෙමුද. නැත්නම් නියමිත තැන පෙන්වා ” ඔන්න ඔහොම  හිටු දඟලන්නේ නැතිව ” කියා  එළවමුද . තීරණය ඔබට බාරය්.

ගඟෙන් දිය බී මුහුදට ආවඩන  අපේ දේශ පාලකයෝ

December 12th, 2014

 ධර්මසිරි සෙනෙ විර ත්න

75% වන සිංහලයන්ගේ චන්දය  සිඟා කා  බලයට පත්වී  බටහිර ත්   ඉන්දියා ව ත්  පිනව  වමින්  චන්දය දුන් අ  ය නොසලකා  , ඔවුන්ගේ මුලික ප්‍රශ්න යටපත් කරමින්   ඔවුන් නොමග යැවෙන  යහ පාලනය ක් ගෙනදෙමය්  අනන් මනං දොඩවති . සිංහලයන්ට ඇති  මුලික හා වැදගත්ම ප්‍රශ්නය වන 13අ  සහ පළාත් සභා  ගැන වචනයක් හෝ පිට නොකිරී මට  වග බලා ගනිති  මොවුන් සේරම සිංහලයන්ගේ කනෙන් රිංගා යන්නට උත්සාහ කරති  රට පාවාදෙන් උන්ටද හරි හරියට චන්දය දෙන  උන් සිංහලයන් අතරද ඇත.

  සැපට කකා බිබී ඉඳීම මිස වෙනත් දෙයක් නොසොයන  දේශ පාලන ඉතිහාසය ගැන හෝ ජාතික ඉතිහාසය ගැන හෝ මල පොතේ අකුරක් නොදන්නා  නොසොයන  අ  ය චන්ද්‍රිකා ටත් රනිල් ටත් හුරේ දමන හැටි  දැකීමට ලැබීමත්  අවාසනාවකි ඔවුන්ගේ පැටිකිරිය  ගැන නොදන්නා අයෙක් චන්දය දීමට නොයා යුතුය. 

මේ දෙදෙනාගෙන් මයි ත් ත්‍රී පාලනයකට කිසිදා ඉඩක් නොලැබේ ලැබෙන්නේ වය්රී පාලනයකි  චෞර පාලනයකි. පළපුරුදු  සිරිසේනත් හෙළ උරුමයත්  සෝභිත හිමියොත්  ප්‍රධාන ද්‍රෝහීන් දෙන්නා සමග එකතු වීම අදහා ගත නොහැක්කකි . මහින්ද පොරොන්දු සියල්ල ඉටුකර නැත. ප්‍රභා මරා ත්‍රස්තයන් ඝාතනයකර උතුරත් නැගෙනහිරත් වෙන්කළ ඔහු  අපට අවශ්‍යම වන්නා වූ  13අ සහ පළාත් සභා  අහෝසි කිරීම ගැන  කතා කරන්නේ නැත.

                                      මේ සියල්ල අබිරහසකි මොකදෝ” ගුප්ත බලවේගයක් ;” විසින්  අප ඉදිරියේ කඩතුරාවක් ඇ ද ඇත .
මහින්දට  කැමති අයත්  සිරිසේනට කැමති අයත්  දෙගොල්ලම  කැමති  13අ අහෝසිකිරීමටය. රනිල්ට හා චන්ද්‍රිකාට කැමති අ  ය ට මොනව  වුනත් හොඳය . එහෙත් මහින්දත් සිරිසේනත් දෙන්නාම මේ ගැන නිහඬය.  දැන් අපට බය අපේ චන්දයෙන් පත්වී  උරුමක්කාරයෝ කරුමක්කාරයන් කර  රට දෙකඩ කරන 13 ඉදිරියටත් පවත්වා ගෙන යාවි  කියාය . තුනේන්දෙක තියා ගෙනත් එය නොකළ මහින්දට  සමාවක් නැත .  ඔහු මෙය ප්‍රමාද කලේ හේතු ඇ තිවනම්    එය  අපි දන ගත යුතුය  එය ප්‍රමාද කිරීමක් මිස  නොකරන දෙයක් නොවන බවට ඉඟියක් හෝ දිය යුතුය.

ඉන්දියාවට බියවීමට ජේ ආර් ටත් හේතු තුබුනේය .  එහෙත් ජේ ආර් ට එදා චීනය  හෝ රුසියා මිතුරුකම් තිබුනේ නැත. මහින්ද ජේ ආර් තරම් බිය විය යුතු නැත.  ඔය තරම් බය නම් ජනමත විචාරණයක් පවත්වා  රටේ  මනාපය ලෝකයට ප්‍රකාශ කිරීමට කටයුතුනොකරන්නේ ඇ ය් . ජනතා මනාපයට එරෙහිවීමට සෙසු ලෝකයට  පහසු නැත.   

අපේ මේ කුකුස් දුරු කිරීම  සියලුම අපේක්ෂකයන්ගේ යුතුකමය.

                                     පළාත් සභා අහෝසි කිරීමට  නොහැකිනම් වහාම රටේ ජන අනුපාතයට අනුව සිංහල බෞද්ධයන් උතුරු නැගෙන හිර පදිංචි කලයුතුය  එවිට  මොන බලතල දුන්නත්  සිංහල රට බේරෙනු ඇත. දෙමල නිජබිම් එවිට නැත,. රටේ උරුමක්කාරයන්ට රටේ ඕනෑම තැනක පදිංචිවීමේ අයිතිය වත් අරගෙන දෙන්න  මහින්ද හෝ සිරිසේන   කටයුතු කරනු අතය් අපි අපේක්ෂා කරමු 

මීට පෙර  ”’දුක හිතෙන කතාවක් ”’ මැ යින් මම මේ පිලිබඳ ඉඟියක් දුන්නෙමි  එම ව්‍යාපෘතිය සිංහල මනසින් ඈත්වී නැත . එහෙත් වැඩි දෙනෙකුට එය විෂය වුයේ නැති බව  සටහන් වලින් පෙනී ගී යේය .  

මහින්ද කියන නව චින්තනය හා නව මුහුණුවර  අඩු වශයෙන් එයාවත් වේවා . සිරිසේන චෞර ග්‍රහණයෙන් මිදේවා කදී බින්දී විසිරුණු සිංහල බෞද්ධයෝ යලි එකතුවී  සිංහල රට ආරක්ශාකරත්වා . ගඟෙන් දිය බී මුහුදට ආවැඩීම   නතර කරත්වා  . දැනට මට කල හැක්කී මෙසේ  ප්‍රාර්ථනා    කිරීම පමනය්  ව්‍යසනයක් අ ත ළඟය 

What the wives of those thinking about crossing to the Maithri camp say to their Minister husbands?

December 12th, 2014

Listen SriLankans


  1. Are you mad to give up all the perks – whats the point getting so many dollars, won’t we have to spend it now for everything we do, when we didn’t have to do so earlier?
  1. Are you mad to give up all our security and vehicles – even our servant has one!
  1. Are you mad to give up all what our children are enjoying – how humiliating to for the children and they won’t be able to pull their weight with the other kids or get privileged status with the teachers.
  1. Are you mad to give up the house we live in – that will mean we will have use the money we have got to buy one or live on rent in an awful area surrounding by awful people…yuck
  1. Are you mad … this means I will end up having to do the shopping, cleaning, sweeping, washing, cooking and have to give up on all the high teas I attend…. and then produce sheets of paper with numbers when you keep asking me how much I spent ….YOU MUST BE JOKING IF YOU THINK I AM GOING TO DO THAT!



Could the Opposition be enticing Govt MPs to cross over so they could cross over in turn and take those posts?

December 12th, 2014

Listen SriLankans 

Could the Opposition be enticing Govt MPs to cross over so they could cross over in turn and take those posts?

 Now here’s an interesting thought…

 Isnt it just possible for the Opposition now in the wilderness since 2002 and with the reality that they would remain in the wilderness till 2024 to egg the Govt MPs to cross over to the Maithri camp and after that happens, Opposition MPs striking a deal and crossing over and getting the post in Govt?

 Quite possible….

 So the Greens are going to the Blue and the dumbos in the Blue camp are coming to a camp that has no color…

 By the way does anyone know what the color of the Maithri camp is…

 It cant be blue

It cant be green

It cant be red

It cant be purple

It cant be orange

 Brown? Grey? PINK???? now that’s a thought.

Hailing Nepal court for convicting journalist-killers

December 12th, 2014

Our Correspondent

Guwahati: Journalists’ Forum Assam (JFA) has expressed its contentment that a Nepal court has convicted and sentenced five perpetrators involved in the killing of a Nepali journalist in Dailekh district of western Nepal. In a recent unprecedented verdict the Dailekh district court has sentenced the assailants for torturing Dekendra Raj Thapa, an active media person of Nepal for many days and later buried him alive.

The incident took place a decade back, when a group of ultra left party members targeted Thapa, who was then working for the state-owned Radio Nepal and Nepal Samacharpatra newspaper, on his way to a village apparently for resolving some community issues there. Shockingly, the cadres belonged to UCPN-Maoist (then CPN-Maoist) abducted the middle aged journalist on June 4, 2004 and tortured him for many weeks before burying Thapa on  August 11, 2004.

India’s tiny Himalayan neighbour, Nepal  witnessed the uprising of Maoist fighters between 1996 to 2006 spreading an undeclared civil war across the country that resulted in the killing of over 15,000 individuals and displacing nearly 1,50,000 people.

Though the court convicted Bir Bahadur KC, Lakshiram Raj  Gharti, Nirak Ghartimagar, Harilal Punmagar and Jaya Bahadur Shahi, four other accused former Maoists (namely Bam Bahadur Khadka Mukti, Bam Bahadur Khadka Arun, Keshav Khadka and Bhakti Ram Lamichhane) are still absconding.

Thapa’s widow Laxmi Shrestha, who filed a case against the local Maoist rebels, reportedly expressed happiness at the court verdict, but reiterate her wish to see the others brought to the justice.

Soon after Laxmi’s official complain, the police arrested five out of nine accused members of the ultra left party in January 2013. However it was not an easy task for the police to continue the investigation as the high-placed elements (read rebels turned lawmakers) opposed the move.

Of course, the local media persons under the banner of Federation of Nepali Journalists, Nepal’s National Human Rights Commission with the Committee to Protect Journalists and International Press Institute had extended all possible supports to book the killers of Thapa.

The media fraternity of Nepal, while terming the development as a ray of hope for justice, maintained that the prison term for each convict was very short (maximum up to two years) and they ‘should have been punished in a strong manner.

Of course, a Maoist leader, who wanted anonymity, asserted that the court verdict was against the spirit of peace agreement with the government. He cautioned that the verdict might push Nepal into more conflicts in the days to come.

“While appreciating the initiative of Nepal, which has transformed into a multi party democracy ending the monarchy, to book the former Maoist rebels  under the law, for killing a journalist a decade back, we can also take notes from the example,” said a statement issued by JFA president Rupam Barua and secretary Nava Thakuria.

Assam in particular and India as a whole have witnessed the assassination of media persons by various elements including the so-called revolutionary groups. Should not we expect justice for the killing of journalists, even when the mastermind was the insurgents!

added the statement.

Assam as well as northeast India has lost a number of acclaimed journalists in the last few decades, where the bereaved families are still waiting for justice.  In most cases the perpetrators were the armed group activists, who later joined in the peace talks with the government to escape punishments.

“The general perception in Assam emerges that since the day the insurgent leaders engage with peace talks with the authority, they automatically get the impunity against all their past misdeeds, which must be challenged by one and all,” argued the journalist forum.

Australian MP lashes out at colleague for speaking on behalf of Tigers

December 12th, 2014


Australian MP Don Randall recently lashed out at Senator Lee Rhiannon for expressing views supportive of the LTTE. The following is the full text of the statement posted on MP Randall’s website:

It is shocking and outrageous that Senator Lee Rhiannon of the Greens made a statement in this parliament on 26 November 2014 which demonstrates that one of the senators of this parliament commemorated the brutal terrorist leader Prabhakaran, who not only killed innocent civilians but killed democratically elected politicians in Sri Lanka.

As the members of this parliament are aware, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam commemorate the birthday of the leader of the LTTE, Prabhakaran, to coincide with Martyrs Day on 27 November each year. This is being celebrated by the LTTE supporters, who are continuing to promote separatism and radicalism in Sri Lanka after the defeat of the LTTE militarily more than nine years ago.

Sri Lanka fought a brutal, horrific, savage and barbaric LTTE outfit for over three decades, at huge human and material cost. The LTTE terrorists utilised innocent children for their cause as child soldiers and introduced cyanide capsules and suicide bombing to the world, using men, women and children to destroy economic, commercial, religious and public facilities. During the period of 30 years of conflict, the LTTE killed a number of democratically elected Sri Lankan leaders—including one President, seven cabinet ministers, 37 members of parliament, one presidential candidate, 10 political party leaders and the former foreign minister Lakshman Kadirgamar—and Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. They used 300,000 innocent civilians as human shields for military advantage, preventing them from escaping to safe areas. It is also known that they used heavy weapons to brutalise and to terrorise during the move to divide Sri Lanka, challenging the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka. They also killed over 12,000 innocent civilians, killed 1,200 and wounded 2,500 Indian peacekeeping forces, and killed 27,000 and wounded 87,000 Sri Lankan military police. In 1990, 600 surrendered policeman were brutally murdered in the east of Sri Lanka by the LTTE.

As we witness how the world is shocked by the atrocities of ISIS, while we condemn its brutal terrorist leaders, some Australian parliamentarians are commemorating terrorist leaders, which is shocking and a clear display of double standards. Under the circumstances I urge Senator Lee Rhiannon to make a public apology regarding her disgraceful and dishonest statement on Sri Lanka in this parliament. That is just untenable when, in the post- conflict era, Sri Lanka is positively progressing and people are enjoying a dividend of peace. The statement made by Senator Lee Rhiannon is unacceptable as she is supporting the LTTE while castigating the democratically elected President of Sri Lanka, which clearly creates disharmony and division amongst Sri Lankans in a peaceful Sri Lanka.

Sirisena sinking in corrupt deals of UNP and Chandrika

December 12th, 2014

H. L. D. Mahindapala

 Though there are several peripheral issues the main issue, whipped up by the Opposition, is to change the presidential system and revert to the parliamentary system. This is another of way of the Opposition saying: Get rid of the Rajapakses. But changing of the constitution, in itself,  is a non-issue. It  has failed  to cut much ice with the voters so far. Ultimately the election will  boil down to a contest of personalities, I think,  between President Mahinda Rajapakse and Maithripala Sirisena.

As for the election itself, it lacks the fire and passion of major issues stirring the political pot. So far it has been rather a tame event, other than, of course, the musical chairs played mainly by Chandrika Kumaratunga who is hoping to sit in a chair of  her own as the power behind the throne, if and when the opportunity arises.

 On the issue of personalities Sirisena’s election campaign so far has been focused on projecting his image on three main bases: First, as a man with a clean and incorruptible record. Second,  he claims to be a man who came from the “ al-lay, (channels) vel-lay (paddy fields) and pal-lay” (huts) man  — meaning a rather simple man though the  rustic image he proposes  to project is somewhat misleading because his brother Dudley has amassed a fortune of Rs. 3 billion and counting.  Third, he  is claiming the Bandaranaike legacy with Chandrika Kumaratunga sitting next to him, which seems to be his tactic  of wooing and  winning  the SLFP vote.

 Take for instance, his claim to be a clean man, which is his main political plank. If he is really averse to corruption, and if he is the clean man he claims to be, how come his campaign is handled mainly by the most corrupt political woman  of our time,  Chandrika Kumaranatunga. This is not what I say. This  is what her best friend and political supporter, Victor Ivan, Editor of the RAVAYA, said in print. What he wrote about her in his book titled Queen of Deceit is sensational.

 He says, and I quote:  “President Chandrika Kumaratunga. has been the most corrupt and inefficient of all the corrupt and inefficient politicians who have come to power since Sri Lanka gained independence in 1948.” Now everyone will agree that this is a damning statement that should  have made her hide from the public for the rest of her life. Like Hamlet’s Ophelia she should have gone into a nunnery. But not Chandrika Kumaratnatuga.  The reason is also explained in a way by Victor  Ivan.. He says and I quote : “To her lying was a gift from the gods, granted to her to make her life easy. She was not afraid to lie, not even in the official bio-data presented as President of Sri Lanka. ” says Ivan.

 He goes on to say:“ She let it be known that she had a degree in law from one university, a degree in political science and economics from a Paris University and was qualified to read for a doctorate. While she had not even passed her AL Exam she proudly proclaimed to a forum of medical associations that although she earned sufficient grades to enter Medical College, she did not make use of that opportunity because she was not interested in becoming a doctor.” – p. 67.

 Victor Ivan also quotes her late husband Vijaya Kumaranatunga  who had told him to leave her alone as Victor was pushing her to provide her certificates. She was running upstairs to escape Victor. Then Vijaya explained to Victor that “she felt the need to pose as an educated person though she did not even possess the qualification to sit for Law College. (p. 68)

 As far I know, the only qualification she can claim, mainly because of her wide experience, is that of a sommelier – a trained wine taster. This too can be challenged because guzzling wine at Sorbonne does not qualify anyone to be a be an expert in fine wine.

 But what undermines and questions Sirisena’s claim to be an  honest man is once again Chandrika Kumaratunga’s unexplained fortune found in safety deposit boxes.  Victor Ivan says on p. 42 that Anuruddah Ratwatte, her uncle, told the CID investigating his millions that safety deposit boxes of Chandrika Kumaranatunga were in the Suduwella Branch of the Hatton National  Bank. To quote his again: “The vault was not in the name of Chandrika Kumarantunga   but in the name of her sister Sunethra. …According to his (that is Ratwatte’s) estimate there was (hold your breath, dear readers!) —  Rs. 1.2 billion in these safes. (p.42),

 When Sirisena is dependent, primarily on corrupt Chandrika Kumaranatunga, it leads to the inescapable conclusion that birds of a feather flock together. The very close alliance  with “the most corrupt and inefficient of all the corrupt and inefficient politicians who have come to power since Sri Lanka gained independence in 1948” questions the  integrity and the honesty of Sirisena  who promises to establish a clean administration. Sirisena cannot say that she  is Bandaranaike’s daughter and, therefore, she is pure. In fact, Victor Ivan deals with this aspect and says that of all the Bandaranaikes only S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike was pure.  This is a damning indictment of Chandrika Bandaranaike who is now directing even the UNP policy from her house near the Parliament, according to Tissa Attanayake.

 Besides, like a general in the army, Sirisena should shoulder total responsibility for what takes place on the main issue of corruption. As they say in law, the leader of the Opposition alliance, like  the general in the army, should accept command responsibility. Sirisena in all respects is the general leading his political army to clean up the administration. So can he do that with a the most corrupt woman leading his campaign?

 The corruption talked  about  is not somewhere way down the line. It is right next to him, sitting next to him and leading his campaign. If  he  tolerates corruption at that level – corruption taking place under  his very nose — then  he loses his claim to be a clean man. His alliance with corrupt Chandrika Kumaranatuga is sufficient  to prove that he is neck-deep in corruption even before he can take office.

 Even if one  accepts  that Sirisena is a clean man can anyone seriously believe  that he will lift a finger to clean up his stables with corrupt politicians like Chandrika Kumaranatunga directing operations in his name. She is not manipulating behind  the scenes for nothing. She will demand  her pound of flesh and Sirisena has already promised it to her. In fact he announced it to the media saying that she will be given a “deserving place.” She says openly that her children do not want her to enter politics. So why is Sirisena admitting her  through the backdoor? In any case, does the “most corrupt and inefficient” woman in Sri Lankan politics  deserve a place in any respectable place in public services?  It is her  failure  to serve the public with honesty and integrity that makes her the most corrupt of the  Bandaranaikes.

 She is  not the only corrupt one in his stables. Sirisena’s MOU with the UNP too makes you wonder what  his standards are in maintaining  the high values of running a clean administration. Being in politics for 37 years Sirisena ought to know  that anybody aligned to the UNP’s corrupt and anti-national deals under Ranil Wickremesinghe  can never be clean. Sirisena can’t pretend to be ignorant of UNP’s heinous corruption because it is an open secret. For instance, Tissa Attanayake, the former Secretary General of UNP, has confirmed something more than corruption in  the UNP. Rejecting  the accusation of corruption against him he says in his letter of resignation to  his leader, Wickremesinghe: “Actually it is Ravi Karunanayake who has obtained money illegally from Raj Rajaratnam, a well-known LTTE supporter from America. Ravi has cases pending against him for violation of foreign exchange regulations.”

 This is a serious  issue raised by the one of the most high-ranking  UNP insiders. Tissa Attanayake should know  at  first  hand the  insider trading because he was until the other day the General Secretary of the  UNP.  Besides, when he raises the issue of Ravi Karaunayake accepting  money from an LTTE billionaire everyone knows that it has serious consequences to the nation’s future. In short, it spells doom to the nation’s peace, security and territorial integrity. So the Ravi-Rajaratnam deal is more  than corruption. This is the conduct  of traitor  who is taking money from the  enemy to sell the nation down  the river, like the way Wickremesinghe did with his deal with Prabhakaran. And Wickremesinghe, who is close to Ravi, is also a  partner in this crooked deal. Nothing of this magnitude can take place without Wickremesinghe knowing it.  

 What is more, Rajaratnam did not give money to Ravi Karunanayake because he liked  his elephantine girth. No. He gave money because he cut a deal with the UNP. What is  this deal? What is the UNP going to give Rajaratnam in return for  the money? What happened to this money? It is the leader of the UNP, Wickremesinghe, who is answerable to these questions, now that he has pledged with Sirisena to be transparent and accountable.

 Sirisena too owes  it to the nation to reveal the inside story of this deal that threatens he security of the nation. Has Sirisena asked any questions about this UNP deal with LTTE’s Rajaratnam? Will Sirisena and Wickremesinghe answer these vital questions asap? The nation has a right to know about this $300 million deal. The response  to these question will be a credible  test of the  honesty and integrity of Sirisena – the man who promises transparency.

 But will Sirisena dare ask the UNP which is supposed to deliver him  the votes he needs  to win? So how honest is honest Sirisena? It is now quite clear that both Chandrika Kumaratunga and  Wickremesinghe sitting on either side of Sirisena have more than one political skeleton hidden in their cupboards. They have to answer many questions regarding the political/personal deals.

 Despite the crooked  past of Chandrika Kumaratunga Sirisena has gone on record saying that he would give her a “deserving position” in his government. How can Sirisena claim to be an honest man when one of his key decisions announced  even before the election is to give this crooked woman a place in his government? After she lost her last election she juggled and through her French connections got a job in UNICEF as some kind  of educationist in S. Asia. The public protest  against the appointment was  spontaneous  and strong that UNICEF had to dump her unceremoniously.  So if she is not fit to  hold a job in the UN how can she be fit hold a  job in any clean administration in Sri Lanka?

 Being a party man who was close Chandrika Kumaratunga  Sirisena knows  her record perhaps as good as, or even better than Victor Ivan. So if he gives her  a job – undoubtedly a top job in payment for political services rendered — what is left of Sirisena’s integrity?  He might as well take Kudu Naufer out of jail and appoint him as Minister with responsibilities to oversee drug trafficking.

 The tragedy is that Sirisena has gone too far down the road to elections with these two corrupt leaders to dump them. It is too late now. He is stuck with them and he has to live with them. He can only sweep their corrupt practices under the carpet and pretend  that the “My3-pala-naya” is the cleanest  in the  world. Of  course, remember Sirisena has had enough practice of sweeping his  son’s attack on a DIG’s son at the Malu Malu beach under the carpet. There  has been no official inquires nor judgment meted out to the guilty criminals.

 So including corrupt Chandrika, Wickremesinghe, Ravi Karunanayake – all peas from the same rotten pod —  would be a piece of cake for honest Sirisena. What is unacceptable  in this charade is his claim  to occupy the high moral ground. If Sirisena is leaving Rajapakse because of corruption what’s the difference  in shacking up with Chandrika Kumaratunga, Ravi Karunanayake  and Wickremesinghe? They are not offering Sirisena a  pure  white paradise of Christs, Buddhas and Mohammeds, are they?

 So the nation is back to square one as far as corruption goes. Sirisena is stuck in the mud. He can’t change the constitution within  the time specified by him. He can’t chuck out his corrupt  partners. He has already promised a prominent place to the most corrupt woman in his Cabinet. He has already reneged on handing over his “Executive Powers” to an “Executive Prime Minister” within 24 hours.

 He is also back peddling as fast as he can. Now  he says he will retain the presidency with some critical  powers. He now  says that he will retain the Defence Forces under his  grip. He has already made arrangements to keep Chandrika next to him which will be a safety valve. She  will be a counter weight to Wickremesinghe.

 All this will be fine by Sirisena. But where – where, O, where? – will all this leave Wickremesinghe? When he was Prime Minister under Chandrika Kumaratunga when she was president his bone of contention with her was to grab the defence forces and keep it under his wing. Now that Sirisena has decided to keep the forces under his wing, after promising  to hand over all executive  powers to the prime minister, Wickremesinghe is back to where  he began with no real powers to be in command of all the mighty forces.

 Poor fellow! At the end of the day he is always  left with holding  the wrong end of the stick!

 Sirisena and Chandrika Bandaranaike have already mapped  out their share of power leaving Wickremesinghe to hold “My3” all by himself.

 C’est la vie, Ranil!

The executive presidency, 13A, provincial councils and the presidential campaign.

December 12th, 2014

By Chandre Dharmawardana, Ottawa, Canada.

Although the executive powers of the President have become pivotal to the agenda of the “common candidate” of the opposition, the even more emotional question of the 13th amendment has been kept out of the limelight. While the incumbent can claim the status quo as his working model, the supporters of the “common candidate” do not seem to have any common ground to stand on.

In 1987 Rajeev Gandhi was reeling from exposures in the Indian press regarding kick-backs from arms purchases. Twenty million from Sweden, fifteen million from a German submarine deal, and other allegations of high corruption were coming to light. Meanwhile, military operations in Sri Lanka against the LTTE, a group that the Indians had nurtured as their jagular -hold on Jayawardena, were going against the LTTE. Standing firm against Sri Lanka and tightening the jagular would turn the limelight away from Gandhi’s domestic scandals.

To make matters easy for Gandhi, the army and air-force operations, guided by American and Israeli advisers, followed the inhuman tactics perfected in the Gaza. Athulathmudali’s “operation liberation” ignored the fate of the civilians in the North, already caught in the cross-fire among the rival LTTE, PLOTE, EPRLF, TELO and other groups.

When the Indians air-dropped “supplies” on 4th of June 1987, the Sri Lankan army offensive to capture Prabhakaran had to be called off. India claimed that the SL government had carpet bombed Vadamarachchi, with over 2000 dead, repeating the gross claims of the LTTE to justify India’s intervention. Calling in foreign journalists to Vadamrachchi to discredit some of these claims did not help, as India was simply looking for an excuse. Meanwhile the LTTE offensive changed character to include the Black Tigers. The first suicide attack (by Miller) of the war came on July 5th, targeting the Nelliyadda camp, with the LTTE claiming to kill a 100 soldiers. This was followed by indiscriminate army reprisals killing innocent civilians. The Indo-Lanka accord was signed on the 5th of July. J. R. Jayawardena (JRJ) used the powers of his executive presidency and acceded to the Indian plan. He had no option to disagree. Today this would be called creating a “Ukraine potentiality” for Indian hegemony over a part of Sri Lanka.

It led to the 13th amendment to the constitution, creating provincial councils with wide devolved powers, merging the North and the East into one province, as well as a right-to-protect (R2P) type intervention that allowed the Indian Peace Keeping force (IPKF). Although Prabhakaran appeared to agree to it under duress, he took the first opportunity to reject it and fought the IPKF. He rejected the “Indian Model” and insisted on achieving Eelam at any human cost.

JRJ could sign the Indo-Lanka accord using the special powers vested in the executive presidency. Its legitimacy itself may be debated. Its present-day effect is to create a triple force against the stability of Sri Lanka. (i) A Ukraine-potentiality inherent in the 13th amendment, (ii) A Northern Provincial administration where the leaders rush to India for consultation on almost every matter, and Although the TNA has stated its support for a “united” Sri Lanka, there is no trust between the leaders of the North and the South. Some of Mr. Sampanthan’s saying have been interpreted by editorial writers of the Hindu, and the Sunday Times (, as “secessionist”. (iii) A tense Tamil Nadu tantalized by the Tiger vision.

Not surprisingly, the TNA has demanded wide powers going beyond the 13A including the “right to self-determination”. The Southern nationalists have demanded the abrogation of the 13th amendment. The TNA claims that the North and the East are exclusive Tamil homelands whose demographic character should not be modified by non-Tamil residents. The LTTE had in fact “ethnically cleansed” the North of its Muslims and Sinhalese.

After nearly three decades of ‘provincial councils’ in most parts of the country, we now have an extreme redundancy in government, with unclear jurisdictions and superfluous expenditure in maintaining multiple tiers of politicians. The local, provincial and national level politicians depend on one another for favours, racketeering and electioneering. Thus today no major party in the South will agree to its dismantlement, while freely admitting that it is a cancer in the body politic.

Mahinda Rajapaksa, with his 2/3 majority cannot abolish the 13th as everyone would find reason to lobby against any such moves. However, the small political parties without local and provincial support, but strong in agitation and propaganda, as well as strident nationalist groups can demand the abolition of the 13th, correctly arguing that it is dangerous for national unity, that it totally corrupts the body politic, while tripling the expenditure of governing the country. But their voice has no weight.

Even more interestingly, legal experts have wondered if the abolition of the executive presidency will instantly create the anarchy of nine virtually independent provinces under a powerless parliament.

In our view, both candidates running for the presidency have to speak clearly on what their vision is. President Mahinda Rajapaksa has sometimes spoken of a 13A plus, within a “home-grown” solution, clearly alluding to the unacceptability of the constitutional distortion imposed by Gandhi. However, he has not defined his position, while no MP wants to jeopardize his own provincial henchmen.

Given the triple threat implicit in the 13A, and its wasteful corrosive effects, the election is an opportunity to define a fresh approach . The provincial councils should be transformed into bodies where administrative power is devolved. Constitutional power is retained at the center. There can be local police forces, and some local land powers etc. Even in Canada or USA, where there are powerful provincial or State governments, the Royal Mounted Police or the FBI has over-arching powers that hold the provincial units subject to national laws. Many matters like environmental issues, public health and infectious diseases, crime, rivers and irrigation, transport, power distribution, forest reserves, federal land-holdings etc., need national scale controls.

The candidates must present realistic plans for these issues, instead of presenting the public with unrealistic promises of abolishing the executive presidency as well as corruption in a mere “hundred days”!

If Mahinda wins….he stays in power till 2024….if that happens what should Opposition do….

December 11th, 2014

Listen SriLankans 

Here’s a scenario to think about….

More and more it appears that the 2015 Presidential Election is a ONE HORSE RACE.

If the horse wins he remains President for 8 years (until 2024)

Now what does that mean for all those in the Opposition?

They will remain in political wilderness till 2024…now when we know most of them are already in the departure lounge… what is the only solution…give up the UNP….it will get nowhere now that bandit queen has returned….and Ranil has no chance with her pulling her weight.

That is why John Amaratunga is leaving…

That is why Harin Fernando is planning to leave

That is why Daya Gamage intends to leave before his businesses collapse

And… now

Rajitha must be having sleepless nights

Radhakrishnan and other man must be wanting to kick themselves

Welgama must be having second thoughts so too Wickramanayake, Nimal Siripala, Duminda Silva and a lot of others and probably why Maithri must be wanting to puke

Now President must take note of all these characters and ensure they have no place in his new Govt…

Are These The Champions Mr. Sirisena And His Allies Were Hoping Would  Carry Them To Victory? A Disillussionment Surely!And What A Revelation!

December 11th, 2014

In Retrospect By Sarath Kumara

December 9th. 2014


So! The high and Mighty USA who continued to harass and intimidate Sri Lanka, seems to be in an impasse! Egged on by the global Tamil Tiger sympathetic diaspora and all the enemies of the Nation of Sri Lanka who combined  with so many dubious entities like the now Infamous Channel 4, the departed Naveen Pillai of the UN, the EU as well as David Brown of the UK and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and others of similar ilk who chose to jump on ther bandwagon of speculative innuendo,based on falsified reports and tear jerkers of very creative artists to mislead the world at large despite their unprovable nature sans tangible credence or evidence attesting to culpability of criminalities do not justify the validities sought based upon the recently exposed indiscretiions to which all of them were surely part and parcel of in a vert logical sense!

 Beyond speculation and conjecture, they now have a huge dilemma on their hands towards accountability for criminal activities involving the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) which has very recently come  to light in very provable perspective. A shocker and a shameful revelation which should send a loud and clear message that this surely is poetic justice for all the intimidations and wrongful accusationd made in collaboration with sources opposed to Sri lanka including the United nations Human Rights Watch perhaps throwing a mantle of ignominy over all of Sri Lanka’s adversaries in this respect and projecting the imagr of president Rajapaksa Sky High!!!

This comes at a time when the President of Sri Lanka has called a Presidential Election and his opponents led by the likes of ship jumping Maithripala  Sirisena  the common candidate who appears at times to hang in the inertia of ineptitude in limbo as well as his novice like approach to politics depending on the wisdom and wit of half wits and deadbeats with whom he appears to have cast his lot! The sure sign of a loser! 

Given all his meanderings which at times only point to how obsessed he is towards seizing power undoubtedly a quest which he has disentitled himself to even before the Presidential Race began and together with his new found buddies the Ranil Wickremasinghe camp and his disjointed UNP, Chandrika Kumaratunga  whose incapacities were revealed during her tenure  as  President he seems to be on a one way street to defeat.

CBK significantly a sore loser and  possibly a former would be betrayer of the Nation to her enemies  the LTTE predominantly as well as Tamil Nadu covertly perhaps  who sought to compromise her integrities towards her loyalties to her country and the rest of the deserters of the UPFA who once aligned themselves with the President and have quit for painfully obvious reasons that weren’t conducive towards their personal ambits appeared ever ready to take up the cause of the UNHRC allegations led by the US /UN  et al alliance but now must be considering their options.The Sinhala Nation hopefully will become very aware of this prior to casting their presidential votes as the would rue the day they voted for the motley bunch of campaigners led by this willy nilly  indecisive orator of borrowed punch lines and cliches  which were echoed by his champions not so long ago albeit ignominiously dumped and now their hopes of a US backed boost could be fast fading as the US indiscretions towards their own liabilities towards Human Rights have conme to light in the most incredible manner!

They have very visibly now formed an alliance hell bent on dethroning the President  and in the face of the transparencies pointing towards US culpability towards Human Rights violations  which are not only contemptible but also alarmingly bold given the officious rhetoric that was constantly used against Sri Lanka by the US authorities over the related issues at a time when there were many analysts pointing out the indiscretions of the US whose own backyard was in dissaray , here now is proof of the pudding! .

Maithripala Sirisena and his allies while appearing to be ever willing to engage the one great patriot of Sri Lanka  in confrontation appear to be making a grave error. The foremost leader who delivered Sri Lanka from the worst enemies in her history, who fought the most remarkable battle against the worst enemies Sri Lanka has ever had to deal with and won within the requirement of a legitimate campaign against terror while  also conducting his campaign in a compassionate and nation friendly manner towards preserving sovereignity and territorial integrity.

Needless to say Sirisena and his allies may be left high and dry in their quest as backing the USA over their Human Rights accusations against Sri Lanka  was a major issue  as part of their campaign platform alongside other puny issues which are more than likely to backfire on them as they seem hardly feasible towards uplifting Sri Lanka as opposed to dragging it into the mire of indecision and negative progress which will surely be viewed objectively towards disenfranchising any ambitions towards a run for the presidency as he already seems to have established his own dreamt of a franchise towards the presidency somewhat prematurely.!

Here are the findings of the US Senate relative to the culpabilities of the USA and its Central Intelligence Agency where they have neiter cause nor mandate to hurl accusations at Sri Lanka over the issue uf the UNHRC which in fact appears to be fast becoming a non issue! One which aspiring Presidential Candidate was a sure shot towards projecting his victory which now seems farcial from this singlemost perspective.Wrong guidance, wrong inspiration from the wrong sources perhaps in a Nation that adulates the securities her  President has provided on an ongoing basis for all Lankans, with no NGO links that could leave many vulnerabilities exposed!!



” In a career-defining speech, Sen. Mark Udall took to the Senate floor Wednesday to disclose classified information regarding an internal CIA investigation into the agency’s Bush-era “enhanced interrogation techniques.”

Udall, an outbound Democrat from Colorado, began revealing key conclusions from the so-called Panetta Review, written in 2011 and named after then-CIA Director Leon Panetta. Udall says that the Panetta Review gives evidence that the CIA is still lying about the scope of enhanced interrogation techniques used during the Bush administration.

That deceit is continuing today under current CIA Director John Brennan, Udall said.

“One disturbing finding: Director Brennan and the CIA are continuing to willfully provide inaccurate information and misrepresent the efficacy of torture,” Udall said. “In other words: The CIA is lying.”

Obama, Udall said, “has expressed full confidence in Director Brennan and demonstrated that trust by making no effort at all to rein him in.” Udall additionally referred to Brennan’s “failed leadership” and suggested that he should resign.

Udall said that redactions in the Senate Intelligence Committee’s landmark torture report obfuscated key details about the CIA’s harsh interrogation methods. Among those, Udall said, the report is ambiguous about how many CIA officials participated in the brutal practices. In reality, it was only a handful, he said.

“Torture just didn’t happen after all,” Udall said. “Real, actual people engaged in torture. Some of these people are still employed by the CIA.”

Udall said it was bad enough not to prosecute these officials, but to reward or promote them, Udall said, was incomprehensible. Udall called on Obama “to purge” his administration of anyone who was engaged in torturing prisoners.

“He needs to force a cultural change at the CIA,” Udall said.

As he spoke, Udall continued to give a blistering and detailed account of the CIA leadership’s and their refusal to come clean with the American people on the Bush-era program. Udall accused the CIA of outright lying to the committee during its investigation.

“CIA was knowingly providing inaccurate information to the committee in the present day,” Udall said.

Udall publicly disclosed the existence of the Panetta Review during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing last December. It has been previously reported that it harshly criticized the utility of the CIA’s brutal Bush-era interrogation techniques.

Udall and other Democratic senators on the intelligence panel have suggested the Panetta review strongly corroborates the findings in their committee’s torture report, which was released Tuesday.

Since the torture report’s release, top CIA officials including current Brennan have swiftly defended the agency and its practices and accused the intelligence committee’s investigation of being misguided.

The speech Udall gave Wednesday will likely be the last of his Senate career. In November, Udall lost his seat to Republican Rep. Cory Gardner. The defeat was viewed by many in the privacy and civil-liberties community as a stinging loss, as Udall for years has aggressively criticized perceived abuses wrought by intelligence agencies, including mass surveillance operations carried out by the National Security Agency.”


December 11th, 2014

Nalin de Silva

The opposition parties in Sri Lanka consists of UNP, JVP, TNA and few other parties such as the Democratic Party of Sarath Fonseka. The JHU can be now considered as a party of the opposition and in addition there are certain individuals without affiliations to any recognized political party who are identified with the opposition.

Maithripala Sirisena belongs to the latter category though he is contesting the Presidential Elections as a candidate of a recognized political party and as the so called common opposition candidate. It should be mentioned that a candidate nominated by a political party at the Presidential elections or Parliamentary elections or any other elections need not be a member of the political party.

Copy of Cdn-2013-tag-Point-of-View.jpg

These political parties or the individuals in the opposition do not form a common opposition nor are they babies in politics. The UNP has been in politics for about seventy years and Ranil Wickremesinghe has led the party for about twenty years. The JVP is now more than fifty years old and Anura Kumara Dissanayake is known in the political world for at least twenty five years.

Ranil Wickremesinghe with Chandrika Kumaratunga

The TNA and its predecessors such as the Illankai Thamil Arasu Kadchi (ITAK) the Tamil Congress, Hindu Maha Sabhai, have been in politics since the days of Ponnambalams, meaning Ponnambalam Ramanathan, Arunacahalam and G. G. Ponnambalam. The JHU and its predecessors, Janatha Mithuro, Thrastha Virodhi Jathika Vyaparaya have participated in various political activities for about twenty five years. Only Sarath Fonseka is relatively new to politics but he is known for his white flag story (sudu kody kathava) since his visit to US in 2009 after the Nandikadal Victory.

Different political policies

It is well known that these political parties and individuals have different political policies and do not constitute one political unit. Neither Chandrika Kumaratunga nor Maithripala Kumaratunga belong to the SLFP at present despite the latter’s claim that he is still the secretary of the party.

The elections commissioner has recognized Anura Priyadarshana Yapa as the secretary of the SLFP and the party has suspended the membership of Maithripala Sirisena. The latter’s claim that they will form an all party or national government if accepted means that it will be a government of the TNA and JHU as well. This is not altogether impossible as the JHU is capable of changing its policies opportunistically.

The JHU leadership was with the JVP in their school days and then with the Chinthana Parshadaya for a short time, then joined Mangala Samaraweera and his federal politics opposing “war”, then coming to nationalistic policies after realizing that there was an “illuma” (demand) for such politics. They can go back to Mangala Samaraweera politics if they think that there is an “illuma” for federal politics. However, the SLFP under Mahinda Rajapaksa will not be in a so called all party conference, and it should not be forgotten that the SLFP has the biggest mass base at present.

In any event, Maithripala Sirisena has had to sign several pacts and it is clear that there is no common opposition. Let the so called common candidate spell out his policy on the Tamil problem, the devolution of powers to the provincial councils, on the northern and eastern provincial councils, police and land powers etc. This presidential elections is finally on defeating Tamil racism operated through the dispersed Tamils by England and US, and not on “good governance” and Western styled bogus democracy of Ven. Maduluwawe Sobhitha Thera and his team (not dayakayas) of left out leftists and academic trade unionists who have no existence if not for the publicity they receive from some sections of media.

It is England the colonial superpower of yesteryear that established, nurtured and maintained Tamil racism against the Sinhala people (not a so called Sinhala government) to take revenge from the Sinhala people whom they could not defeat at “war” (they annexed the Sinhale or Sinhala kingdom through cunning diplomacy of Doyle in 1815 using a pact that they never wanted to implement) and to destroy the Sinhala Buddhist culture. We would like to know the policy of Maithripala Sirisena on the Tamil problem in general and his strategy of defeating the dispersed Tamil manipulated by England and US.

Ranil Wickremesinghe was not born last year and everybody knows his policy not only on the Tamil problem through the ceasefire agreement but also on giving employment in the public sector which he curtailed and “good governance”. Ven. Sobhitha Thera more than anybody else knows “good governance” of the UNP when he and the late Prof. Sarachchandra were given a “panchakarma” treatment of body massage. However, Ranil Wickremesinghe talks of democracy, media freedom etc., as if he was born yesterday and it is clear that he and the others are dancing to the tune of somebody else.

However, they do not know that it is the tune of Swan song. Chandrika Kumaratunga who has no mass base at all, (she is not a member of the Mahajana Party or Bahujana Nidahas Party of Rajitha Senaratne and two or three others) is known for her policy on PTOMS and other policies that were directed towards separatism and how she went to Chennai with her late husband who was anti Sinhala Buddhist to the core to discuss with Tamil terrorists.

Stage actors and actresses

The JVP has had no consistent policy on the Tamil problem from Wijeweera days and they have been wavering between pseudo nationalism and what they understand as Marxism in their history. Their record on democracy is known at least since the late eighties when they threatened to kill those who wanted to exercise their franchise at the elections. The university students know the democracy practiced by the JVP (and the Peratugameens) and it is not known that the JVP has changed its policies this year.

The promises of all these parties and the individuals are nothing but mere statements to fool the people and Sri Lanka under Mahinda Rajapaksa has a better record of “democracy”, media freedom etc. than during UNP or Chandrika days not to mention the “democracy” we experienced in the “occupied” areas during the JVP terrorist days. Except for the rhetoric there is nothing substantial in the speeches of the opposition (parties and individuals) and in any event they do not function as one unit. In that sense there is no opposition that contests the Presidential Elections.

There is another dimension to this phenomenon. The opposition is only an “achacharu” of political parties and individuals with different policies and they have been “united” by England and US who are interested in defeating Mahinda Rajapaksa at the Presidential Elections for his stand against Tamil terrorism and his policy on Tamil racism in general.

Mahinda Rajapaksa is the most nationalist leader and his record as an anti colonialist is much better than most of the so called Marxists and left of centre pink socialists who are nothing but agents of the West and repressive Western knowledge in the final analysis. Thus it is not the so called opposition that is contesting the elections as the opponent of Mahinda Rajapaksa but the Western powers led by England and US. Maithripala Sirisena who is the weakest personality in the opposition is only the candidate of England and west not different from Sarath Fonseka of infamous white flag incident. Mahinda Rajapaksa would be opposed by the West led by England and US for the second time and our local boys and girls (guys and gals in American parlance) would be only the stage actors and actresses acting according to the script of present day Doyles.


Sri Lanka is once again at a crossroads and don’t be dumbfounded again!

December 11th, 2014


Dear readers,

Ad hoc elections are nothing new to Sri Lankans. Most are purely based on whims and fancies of the individuals in power. In between a little spice may be added by the astro-folks as well.

The letter reproduced below is written during the run-up to the 2010 Presidential Elections, where the writer warned the people through this letter addressed to both leading candidates, namely MR and SF. And you will note that some of the predictions made by the writer, such as bringing Mohan Peiris to the office of the CJ from the back door have absolutely come true. This letter represented the voice of the silent majority who had been deceived and sidelined from participatory democratic governance by all post – Independence governments.

However in reality it was a grim reminder of the country’s pathetic record of the authoritarian executive presidential rule since 1978.

Here we go again. This time one jokey has been changed while the last time winner and other factors remain moreover the same. Only exception is that the ruling bosses have alienated themselves not only from Tamils but from Muslims as well. Hence the critics and the West presume that the Government has failed in its duty to the minority communities. The Ranil faction, not confident enough to challenge MR head-on, has hidden behind another Common Candidate, with a plan to grebe executive power for the PM designate RW through pre-poll agreements


Serve to yourselves not the rouge politicians, put MR in the witness box and charge him for deceiving you and taking the country for ride at will failing the democracy altogether.

 People’s jury demands you to prove your integrity and will to deliver

Posted on January 4th, 2010


Since 1977 motherlanka has been betrayed and her destiny destroyed by too many dishonest, twofaced Machiavellians. The innocent people have suffered enormous hardship in the hand of these two faced self-seeking autocrats who preached morality in public and practiced completely opposite in private. They were so drunk with power and dare to use alarming subterfuge to mislead and cajole the innocent citizens. The need of the hour is to demand the both prospective candidates who stand the forthcoming presidential election to prove their integrity by deeds not by words They should give a clear undertaking to all citizens that they would strictly honour their oath of allegiance and govern the nation faithfully with utmost respect to the rule of law and not by deception any more.

Pledge for government embracing a policy of strict discipline and commitment

In 1960s when Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, visited Sri Lanka his dream was to emulate the Ceylonese economic model, at a time when Sri Lanka was well ahead of Singapore. Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew followed a system of government based on strict discipline and commitment and with that radical approach he turned Singapore then called -malarial island into a global financial centre and a made the Singapore a developed nation.

Singapore and Malaysia, role model economies in Asia, are very appropriate if Sri Lanka is to mover forward as a nation. Nobody will disagree that those politicians ruled Sri Lanka since independence are directly responsible for the plight of the country today. They betrayed their motherland with lack of vision, self-seeking attitude coupled with their incompetence and lack of respect to the law and order.

MR and SF who appeal to the people for a mandate to the office of the President should stop displaying their ignorance to identify the real issues faced by the people of Sri Lanka today. If they have a political will and commitment to serve the motherland they should address the fundamental failures that let down motherlanka since independence by their predecessors [including MR administration]. At this election campaign people expect them to say, only if they have a commitment and will to deliver, in very clear terms that, in the event elected to the office of the President, they would adopt an economic policy based on strict disciplined policy backed by sheer commitment to steer the nation to economic prosperity.

The potential candidates should pledge to the people to put a stop to exploitation of the innocent people any more and insulting them of their intelligence. What people yearning today is for a committed and honest leadership and not for another incompetent leader with no vision and direction; Peoples desire is for a genuine leadership dedicated to deliver what is pledged to the people by the government headed by a Executive President.

Country needs a nation-building plan with the participation of all the parties

Parties may came or go but there should be a National Action Plan with the participation of all political parties [including the ethnic minority parties] that should stay remain and followed by all governments elected to office.

It is an undeniable truth that those incompetent and corrupt leaders hitherto ruled the nation were fatally failed to exercise peoples sovereign power as required by law and lead the country in the right direction. At least at a time when the whole nation is experiencing the catastrophic results of the fatal failure of former leaders [including MR], the so-called should have the audacity to concede that they got it completely wrong and their ignorance and failure directly responsible for the disastrous results; that had they had a vision and commitment based on strict disciplined economic policy to deliver, that there would never have been a youth uprisings in 1971, 1989 and an extremely costly war [more than 200,000 precious life of youths from both sides] waged by youths in North and East that almost divided the country. It is an accepted phenomenon that the youth, as they always are, do refuse to suffer in silence when those who responsible for good governance are at fault and failed to deliver; when leaders are corrupt and mercilessly exploits nations resources and the sovereign power of the people, only to serving themselves, their cronies and their families.

Restore the right political culture

Sri Lanka is one of the very few countries where politicos are allowed to go unpunished even when found committing wrongs of very serious nature, both criminal and civil offences. Probably the extent of unfettered immunity they enjoy may not be found anywhere else in the world. This dangerous situation invariably induced the corrupt elements to disregard all ethics in politics and to indulge in all forms of wrongdoing with no regret or remorse.

One of the urgent needs of the day is to redesign the political culture in the country that leaves no room for criminals and disruptive elements to enter into mainstream politics. Reforms should encourage honest and committed people willing to serve that nation with their time and energy to enter into mainstream politics whilst discouraging disruptive elements.

The conduct and behaviour of present-day politicians suggests that they are from a different planet. There are so many criminals and government revenue fraudsters in the mainstream politics today. Needless to mention the names but the intelligent people of Sri Lanka know them by name. It is very unfortunate that the incumbent President, down to earth and a humble man, is ignorant of the criminal characters closely associate with him whereas sensible people know inside out. It is hard to believe that these disruptive elements enjoy absolute immunity from enforcement of the laws of the land; Bribery and Corruption laws, Criminal law, Revenue and Customs laws, Road Traffic law so on and so forth do not apply against them. If Sri Lanka is to succeed, clearly there should be an end to this menace. Those who appeal for peoples mandate to the office of the President cannot be ignorant of this fact anymore and people expect them to declare their stand not by words but by deeds that they will deliver

There is no point punitive measures against such elements are only limited to statute book. There should be a political will to punish those who offend the laws of the land with no mercy. There is a great sense of responsibility in the people and the media. They should not be divided when there is threat to observance of the law and order of the land. They should be united in adversity disregarding political differences. They should always be vigilant and observant of the rights of the people. When any person in the executive or legislature are found committing a wrong they should act decisively to build a strong public opinion against such elements demanding immediate action and resignation from holding of any public office. Both media and people should recognize that there is an unwritten agreement between the people and the politicos. The politicos are required to exercise the mandate given by the people as required by law. People should be aware of that the focal point of power is in the people and hence not dare to demand the politicos to deliver the promises pledged to the people and not to let them to evade their responsibility.

Those who enter politics do so on their freewill and they are paid for their job. They should behave appropriately and serve the people as true servants of the people whom they represent and not as their masters. This is why oath of allegiance is there and it is not there for fun, as some politicos seem to think. All media institutions and people should realise that when the media institutions [print and electronic] are independent and play their part to expose corrupt politicos who violate law with a strong public opinion created against them no politico would dare to indulge in any wrongdoing. They would behave appropriately when there is system in place, a strong media and public awareness, to deal wrongdoers with what they deserve.

Observe how beautifully the system works in the other parts of the world. For instance in the UK, the powerful Home Secretary Jacqui Smith was forced to apologise and resign for a minor wrong committed. She had made a wrong expenses claim of just £ 7 of  money for viewing of two adult movies by her husband. There are so many other MPs like her who were forced to step down for making false expenses claims. For seeking help from the Immigration Directorate, to expedite a visa application by his housemaid cost David Blunkett his job as the Home Secretary. Again in July 2009 the labour party deputy leader, Harriet Harman, MP was charged before the Magistrate Court for using a mobile phone whilst driving. She attended court and paid the fine. There is a lot Sri Lankans can learn from these countries where the democracy works proper. In these countries people respect and understand the importance of the concept of equality before the law and act without favour in the public interest.

Zero tolerance of abuse in any form

What people of Sri Lanka are urging from those who seek mandate to the highest office of the Executive is nothing more than a similar form of administration; guaranteeing the equality before law to all citizens. Both SF and MR, the leading candidates, should express their stand in clear terms to the public that they will not tolerate abuses of any nature under their administration. First and foremost the interference with the public institutions and committing immoral acts whilst holding a public office. Then comes the other crimes; unlawful disposal of duty free permits; abuse of rent disbursement of Rs.100, 000,00, abuse of pubic funds assigned for MPs under decentralized budget allocations; abuse of office to make ill-gotten money by other means such as illegal commission taking through improper awarding of government tenders and so on and so forth. The candidates should set an example by their own conduct, by deeds and not just words by displaying their commitment to uphold the rule of law. They should pledge to the people that they would ensure zero tolerance of any form of wrongdoing.

Athigaru Uthumanan Wahanse

This is something infused in Sri Lankan politics by insincere politicos that clearly undermine the self-esteem of the fellow citizens. No one can justify as to why citizen should be made to call politicos elected by popular vote, Thuma or Uthuman wahanse or Athigaru Uthumanan wahanse. It is the president, elected to exercise peoples executive power, who should put right this bad precedence. Even in US, or UK where the executive power of the head of the government is superior, the head is not addressed with such titles. In the US the president is addressed Mr President in public and in the UK the prime minister is addressed Mr Prime Minister. Whereas in Sri Lanka when the president appear in the electronic media the interviewer address him – Uthuman wahanse that is not acceptable in a civilised democratic society. It is the duty of the president to put this right. He should not undermine the dignity and self esteem of the people. He should make a statement in public that nobody should call him with the insulting title of  – Athigaru Uthumanan Wahanse

The president and other politicos should be made to realize by the people and the media that represent people that they merely exercise the sovereign power of the people; that they only perform a job of work in the legislature or in the executive and that they are not above the fellow citizens but servants of the people. There is no point that the norm  – every person is out of use and restricted to the supreme statute book only. What people yearning for is equality in real sense; that every citizen is treated with respect regardless of his or her vocation or social standing. Due respect and honour should be conferred only on those who dedicated to bring a real difference to the quality of life of the people.

Establish the democracy proper in the political party system with reforms required

Since independence, Sri Lanka suffered heavily without visionary leaders serious economic downturn whilst the other nations in the region, some who were well behind us, like Singapore and Malaysia, marched forward achieving tremendous growth.

For Sri Lanka to achieve true potential of the people and economic prosperity there are certain fundamental chances to be introduced to the working of political party system.  A bold policy invention by all political parties in the leadership selection process is utmost important. Such a move would clear the path to select able and dynamic people with a vision to lead the country in the party leadership. Although Sri Lanka a democracy on paper, not a single political party in this country [including the JVP] follow a democratic and transparent process in the in selection of the party leader.

There is a lot Sri Lanka can learn from other leading democracies where the party leader selection process is absolutely transparent, democratic. Any elected MP, who believes that he has the required qualities, a clear vision and character to command the nation should be allowed to enter the leadership selection process. [This is the process followed in the UK, a leading democracy] In the even a vote of no confidence against the incumbent leader is upheld, a leadership election should be called and the incumbent leader should be barred from standing in it.

If two or more candidates stand, then all elected MPs in the partly should hold a series of ballots. On each round, the candidate with the fewest number of votes should be eliminated. The series of ballots by MPs to be continued until there are only two candidates remaining at which point ballot of all registered members of the party should commence. To be eligible to vote, an individual should have been a paid-up member of the party for at least three months or so. The candidate who tops the poll is to be declared the leader.

This is clearly a transparent and democratic process and it allows only the person who demonstrates true leadership qualities, dynamism and commitment to serve the nation to become the party leader. In the public interest, people demands all candidates who takes part in this presidential election campaign to declare their commitment to bring in necessary reforms in the leadership selection process in their respective political party. When one party comply and introduce necessary reforms that would automatically compel the other parties to follow.

In Sri Lanka had there been a proper democratic policy in the party leader selection process, probably MR would not have been the leader of SLFP. Surely RW, a proven product of incompetence [whose behaviour suggests that the UNP is a private property he inherited from his father] would never have been the leader in the UNP. In the JVP, on the other hand, Somawansa Amarasinghe would not have been the leader. There are more committed and popular people in the party with proven character like Anura Kumara Dissanayake and Lal Kantha who would have selected to the party leadership.

Pledge to bring following changes to the character of all from of elections

(a) Bring in necessary legislation with provisions to declare all forms of funding to the political parties mandatory with unfettered powers to the Auditor General to inquire into funding

(b) Bring in necessary changes to the election laws to make it binding for every person stand in any election to declare assets before or at the nominations [remove any room for delay or evasion]. All asset declaration should be available for public inspection on a request made to the Election Commissioner by any media institution or member of public.

(c) Ban public rallies, cut outs, banners, posters etc altogether in future elections. Valuable time, energy and money wasted for such purposes could be use for a productive purpose.

(d) Make electronic media the only mode to address the people with a fair time allocated to all candidates.

(e) All party leaders should agree to go for head-to-head electronic media series of debates.

(f) Restrict public meeting for political party members and party conventions only

(g) All elections [parliamentary, presidential and local council] should be held on a same day avoiding unnecessary waste of public funds. All politicos stand elections should realise that Sri Lanka could not afford endless elections. It is estimated staggering cost of two billion rupees for the forthcoming presidential polls. This is reportedly the highest cost ever to be spent on one election in the history of Sri Lanka. The Commissioner of Elections, Dayananda Dissanayake has already directed his officials to cut down costs as much as possible.

(h) MR is fully aware that his term of office is due to end only in 2011, although he used the constitutional provision for his personal advantage to call for an election after four years in office. Had he been a true patriot would he ever called for an election when he was fully aware that Parliamentary election is also due in three months time.

Remove all forms of undue inducements offered to politicos

Make politics attract only worthy people not criminal elements

In Sri Lanka politicos enjoy luxurious life with all kinds perks and privileges whilst the quality of life of the average citizen is pathetic, some eats only one meal a day. There is no question that Sri Lanka cannot afford a jumbo Cabinet of over 50 people maintained at taxpayers money. Probably Sri Lanka may be the only country where Cabinet posts are offered to entice cronies who please the President.

It is an accepted norm that the size and the privileges offered to Cabinet should reflect the standard of living of the people. In Sri Lanka, a poor country with 20 million people there are 51 Cabinet Ministers with excessive privileges, whereas in the UK, a developed nation with 60 million people, there is only 17 Cabinet Ministers with lesser privileges.

MR clearly knows he has got it wrong but seems ignorant about the pledge given to the people. If he wants people to see him as a man who feel the pulse of people he represents, then he should not hesitate to tell the people that he got it wrong and that he would reduce the number to bare minimum and stop extravagant expenditures of taxpayers’ money.

If MR and also SF failed to address this important issue head-on, and continued to utter rubbish that would only expose their lack of vision or direction. The right person would unreservedly pledge to the people that in the event he is elected he would bring down the size of the Cabinet to bare minimum of 15 members, proportionate to the population and the size of the country. He would also undertake to cut down the extravagant privileges to bear minimum.

Pledge to stop other privileges that only encourage abuse

(a) Remove the privilege of a duty free permit issued to all politicos once in five year to import a luxury car. The government incur colossal loss of revenue due to abuse of this privilege by fraudster politicos who unlawfully sell their permits to organised revenue fraudsters.

(b) A study conducted on this matter reveals that the average CIF value of luxury vehicle usually imported on these permits such as Mercedes  [s class], Toyota Land Cruiser BMW X5 etc, is over 10 million rupees. The rate of customs duty and other levies chargeable on these (diesel driven) vehicles is 524% of the CIF value and for each vehicle imported the government incurs over 52 million rupees of revenue loss. If the fraudster politico gets his share of 20% of the government revenue defrauded he gets over 10 million rupees just for doing nothing and then “legitimise” these ill-gotten gains through various kinds of money laundering activities.

(c) In 2007 a large number of brand new vehicles were imported on these duty free permits issued to parliamentarians, provincial counsellors, local government members and other privileged officials. According to the Central Bank Finance Policy Report 2007, Government revenue collection has been affected due to the motor vehicle imported under duty free permit scheme.

(d) In 2007 government expected 28 billion rupees on motor vehicle imports but only collected 15 billion rupees because customs duty waivers on 2007 was staggering 14 billion. For the year 2008 revenue collection target on motor vehicle was 35 billion rupees and if the situation continues the government may not be able to collect 40% of the target – A press release by The Director General of Customs.

These are the real issues that MR and SF should address without beating round the bush. They must make a statement clarifying their stand and tell people whether they would continue with this abuse or will put it right immediately preventing a colossal loss of revenue.

(e) Stop rent disbursement of Rs 100,000.00 offered to politicos to rent a house in Colombo. This is another absurd arrangement open for abuse. Those politicos live in Colombo suburbs conveniently made use of this privilege to cheat taxpayers’ money. For instance, people like Susil Premajayath and Bandula Gunawardena vacated their own houses in Nugegoda and moved further in. Surely there are so many others who did the suite. People would like to here from both MR and SF, where do they stand on this issue.

(f) Remove the unnecessary back up security provided to politicos, a nuisance in the eyes of the fellow citizens. Surely, every citizen would agree that the way the so-called politicos behave on the highways is a disgrace. They seem to think that the Highway Code is applicable for other citizens only and violate the traffic rules at will whilst the police turn a blind eye. This is really insult to the people who yearn for law and order in the country that should be applied equally to all citizens irrespective of their status or authority. People see no valid reason for police inaction, if not for a directive from above. Absolutely there is no apparent reason (except exaggerated security concerns created by their own security people who would loose the perks they enjoy in the event the unnecessary security is withdrawn) for the continuance of back up security to politicos involving a large number of security personal and vehicles, another unnecessary burden to the already ailing economy.

(g) Remove pension rights to politicos and demonstrate your commitment to the principle of equality before law real sense [like any other public servant no politico should be allowed pension right unless served in the legislature for a minimum period of 20 years of continuous service]

(h) Stop the annual budget allocation to MPs to be used for ‘development work’ under their own supervision. This is just another scandalous affair open to abuse.

(i) All MPs should be held accountable for their actions. There should be no special or unequal treatment for those holding any public office. Any MP or a Member in the Cabinet found committing any wrongdoing should be dealt with severely with automatic dismissal from the office held.

(j) Abolish provincial council system, which provides no value for money spent on them. The provincial councils have been introduced only to accommodate politico cronies of second layer at the taxpayers’ expense. Originally this system was proposed by India as a power sharing arrangement with people in the North but the people of north refused the system and finally it ended up in the other parts of the country. Clearly, this system is nothing more than a white elephant maintained at taxpayers money. If the presidential candidates truly focused they should pledge to the people to abolish the provincial council system altogether. They should not hesitate to those parasites who live a luxury life on taxpayers money to find an alternate way of living without being a curse to the already bleeding economy.

(k) Solicitation and acceptance of Commissions and bribes is another major concern that is rampant in the government business causing colossal losses of public funds. There should be a system in place to ensure total transparency of all dealing of government bodies with freedom guaranteed to the people and media [both electronic and print] to obtain information of such dealings/transactions. All dealings of government projects and tender process should be made absolutely transparent and published before awarding any tender or project to any prospective bidder with an adequate window guaranteed to public or media institutions to intervene if any evidence of wrongdoing is surfaced.

(l) Remove the immunity guaranteed to the office of the president under the Constitution because president is not a ceremonial figure but is the person who exercises the executive power of the people. The person elected to the office is responsible for performance of peoples executive power. Hence the president should be held accountable for all executive actions.

Evidence of abuse of power by the president is in abundance that cost country dearly. The past presidents abused the constitutional immunity with no fear or whatsoever to serve their cronies who were found guilty for defrauding government revenue and the president CBK was the most prominent. In some cases on her illegal orders not only confiscated property by the government revenue agencies were released even the penalties and fines imposed on the government revenue fraudsters were nullified.

(m) Strengthen the powers of the Auditor General with unfettered powers to combat corruption in every public institution. This is mandatory if proper system of democratic government to be assured. The Auditor General is the peoples watchdog created to ensure proper accounting for all forms of expenses of public funds. Therefore, to ensure effective functioning of all executive and legislative bodies that exercise peoples sovereign power the office of the Auditor General should be absolutely independent from any form of political interference.


Restore peoples confidence in the judiciary

In Sri Lanka judiciary lacks both direction and commitment that is required to uphold the peoples executive power exercised by the executive president and the cabinet of ministers. However, due to undue political interference by the president, the Judiciary in Sri Lanka has lost it independence and effectiveness.

The most glaring act of interference with judiciary is the fast track option to the Office of the Chief Justice, retained by the president. In Sri Lanka this process is being used to appoint  subservient junior judges to the office of the Chief Justice through the back door entry policy – first to the office of the AG and then fast tracked to the office of the CJ.

This unethical practice and abuse of authority by the president has denied Sri Lanka the services of most respected and independent judges in the calibre of Justice Mark Fernando, who was deliberately denied his logical expectation to the office of the CJ by executive intervention. He was indisputably a firm and impartial judge who would have firmly upheld the independence of the Judiciary and due performance of peoples executive power by the Executive President as required by the Constitution. He was denied his logical expectations to the highest office of the judiciary, because he was not anther yes man. The president CBK first indirectly interfered with the independence of the judiciary by appointing Justice Sarath Silva, a judge in the Court of Appeal, to the office of the AG and then she directly interfered by appointing the same judge to the office of the CJ fast track process bypassing the outstanding judges in the Supreme Court of their expectations to the highest post in the Judiciary.

Abuse of power by the President and interference with the independence with the Judiciary never came to an end after CBK. This unethical practice is still being continued under MR administration. Appointing of Mohan Peiris [a lawyer and legal advisor to the government from the private bar] is a similar ploy adopted by MR administration. Mohan Peiris is not a person with an unblemished character either. There were serious complaints against him, allegedly exposing his unbecoming character as a lawyer. For instance, in 2001, the Director General of Customs, WDL Perera, reported him to the Supreme Court against Mohan Peiris’s conduct in a significant government revenue fraud inquiry, where the value of the subject matter was worth over 50 million rupees. The DGC’s complaint was never inquired into. And now Mohan Peiris has been appointed to the office of the Attorney General. The sinister motive behind this appointment is patently clear because MR administration has had enough from the former Chief Justice Sarath N Silva and therefore president MR has cleared the path to install his obedient man to the office of the CJ.

The immoral actions by president CBK and president MR clearly undermine the independence of the Judiciary and Presidents action discreetly conveys a message to the most senior Judges in the Supreme Court with logical expectation to the highest office of the Judiciary i.e. unless they are willing to be abide by the president they can simply forget about their high expectation to the office of the CJ. The president’s action not merely a direct interference with the judiciary but it is an act of insult directed at the Judiciary. On the other hand, from the public interest point of view this wrongful action is extremely damaging for the following reasons.

Under the constitution there is a great sense responsibility vested in the Judiciary. It is a creation by the supreme law of the land to defend peoples executive power and their legislative power. Whenever there is any likelihood of threat of abuse of peoples executive power by the president, the cabinet of ministers or by the elected members to the legislature who exercise peoples legislative power the Judiciary is required by law to defend strenuously sovereign power of the people. If put it in plain language the Judiciary is the peoples watchdog created to ensure that peoples executive power and their legislative power is appropriately exercised by the president, cabinet of ministers and the legislature.

When the Judiciary is headed by a person who is partial, prejudiced and obedient to the president, the purpose of creation of the judiciary is completely lost as effective functioning is held back by undue interference by the executive President. Those who wonder as to why no person holding high office in Sri Lanka was ever brought to justice should now realise the reason behind it. It is depressing that the judiciary in Sri Lanka is dysfunctional against big sharks, whereas the judiciary in the same region in Asia had never hesitate to defend the peoples judicial power and to deal with fraudster politicos with no mercy, including the heads of the state for abuse of office and corruption charges.

The people of Sri Lanka would like to hear from the main two candidates of their stand on this matter.

Question 1 to MR – Will you make a clear statement to the people and concede that you got it wrong.

Question 2 to MR – Will you undertake not take any further action that undermine the judiciary and would abstain from appointing Mohan Peiris to the office of the CJ after Justice Asoka de Silva?

Question to SF – Will you make a statement condemning the unethical practice by president MR, interference of the independence of Judiciary by him and give a clear undertaking to the people that you will staunchly uphold the independence of the Judiciary and ensure proper functioning of all three institutions [executive, legislative and judiciary] under your government in the event you are given a mandate?



People yearning for moral standards return to politics

People reject the political notion – Ballo marala hari salli hoyapalla pioneered by JRJ in 1977 and followed since thenSri Lanka has suffered enough due to JRJs Machiavelli political idealism, which encouraged all sorts of criminal and fraudster elements to enter into politics, who were allowed to accumulate wealth by any means by indulging all sorts of immoral acts whilst infusing a kind of horror feeling in the people. This Machiavelli approach is still being followed in Sri Lanka under MR administration to meet the aspiration of the government. According to the Machiavelli approach the leader speaks of morality in public while acts amorally in private. The criminal, Mervin Silvas covert role is the best living example under MR administration.

Cases of this nature under previous administration are in abundance. People should be aware and mindful of the immoral behaviour of the so-called peoples power to insult their intelligence anymore.

Machiavellians ruled Sri Lanka since 1978 onwards

  1. J R Jayawardena [1978 – 1988]

Probably JRJ is the smartest Machiavellian ever produced in Lankan politics. First, JRJ used his crafty approach to sideline Dudley Senanayake, perhaps the last gentleman leader in the UNP.

JRJ, when serve in the opposition was a committed campaigner for democracy. He talked passionately about morality in politics, failure of government instructions to uphold the law and order, breach of fundamental rights of the citizens and so on so forth.

What he was practiced after came became the head of the state was completely opposite to what he was preaching. He was the man responsible for opening floodgates for all fraudster and criminal elements to enter politics. Under his administration he encouraged wrongdoing and then blackmailed the wrongdoers to have a firm grim on them. People of this country are well conversant of the style of governance practiced by Machiavelli JRJ. He obtained signed resignation letters from all the MPs of his party and used the signed letters to be used as and when he deemed fit. JRJ he was the main architect who ruined the morality in Sri Lankan politics altogether. Under his administration, politicos were provided excessive perks and privileges that never found in the Lanka politics before. State pension, duty permits for cars, a pay that is completely disproportionate to the average pay of a fellow citizen was offered to politicos under his regime.

He created a fortress for his own defence. Under the monstrous Constitution, his own creation, he was the focal point of all powers. He retained all executive powers under his command. He was the Head of the State, Head of the Executive, and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. The stronghold created for the protection of the President was so impregnable he incorporated a special provision in the constitution [Article 35] and enjoyed absolute immunity from any criminal or civil proceedings against anything done by him in his official capacity or private capacity.

The man, who talked extensively about the human rights when he was in the opposition, denied the right to life to fellow citizens [a most important fundamental right recognised in the UN charter and also in constitution of our neighbour, India] under fundamental rights chapter in his constitution.

JRJ, under his constitution also retained the control of the legislature with absolute power to summon and dissolve the parliament as he may deem fit. Power retained by him to undermine the legislature under his command was such that he retained the power to dissolve the parliament was such that he could do so simply after one year the citizens elected their representative to the legislature.

Control over Judiciary under him was so rigid that powers retained in him devalued the countrys Judiciary and its independence. He retained all appointments to the Supreme Court, including the Chief Justice and judges to the Court of Appeal by a warrant under his hand. And he was first person who is responsible for bring in outsiders from the private bar to the apex post in the Judiciary. His appointment of his own lawyer, Neville Samarakoon to the office of the CJ was the beginning of direct political interference with independence of the Judiciary in Sri Lanka. Having Neville Samarakoondone as the CJ, JRJ surreptitiously hoped for an obliging CJ to do his bidding, although after the said appointment his desire never succeeded, as CJ Neville Samarakoon was a strong and independent Judge who never flinched from his duty of maintaining judicial independence.

Under his democratic constitution JRJ also allowed multinational companies to setup their bases in Sri Lanka and to exploit countrys resources including the work force as they please with no interference whatsoever from the domestic laws. The protection provided extended to include any other form of interference by any executive or administrative action.

JRJ, the man who talked morality in public discreetly used his power to destroy those who refused to suffer in silence under his oppressive rule. When he sensed that youths who were agitating against his autocratic rule destroying all democratic institutions and embraced Rohana Wijeweera, JRJ clandestinely prohibited Wijeeweeras political party, the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna for no reason whatsoever and force the party members to underground and then used state and state sponsored terror to eliminate thousands of youths who were killed in cold blood.

JRJ also was not afraid to interfere with the operations of the government revenue agencies to protect the government revenue fraudsters. In one such case where a luxury car imported by Nawaloka, defrading the government revenue of over 1.8 million rupees, was ceased and confiscated [Case No POM/167/1985], he summoned the Head of Customs and ordered him to release the car, which was by the then advertised in print media for sale by public auction.

His respect to the rule of law and to the fundamental rights of the people was such that when policemen were found guilty for violation of fundamental rights and ordered to pay compensation to victims, JRJ came forward to defend the policemen and authorised such payments from taxpayers money, which was considered a tacit approval of human rights violation by the state agents. Tyrannical rule under him also encouraged criminals and their accomplices. In one such famous is where on his orders a reconvicted criminal serving a long prison sentence [such as Gonawala Sunil] was pardoned and released.

  1. R Premadasa [1989 – 1993]

When this name is mentioned the immediate imagery produced in the minds of the people is a man holding a basketful of saman pitchcha flowers over head high worshipping Lord Buddha. But in reality he was a two faced criminal. On his orders all JVP polibureau members taken into custody, including the leader Rohana Wijeweera were killed in cold blood. President Premadasa carried out that inhuman and degrading act with tacit approval of the then Attorney General Sunil Silva. After carrying out this serious crime Premadasa had the audacity to allow telecasting a video clip in which Rohana Wijeweera was pleading his comrades to surrender. The impression given to the public was that Wijeweera was alive and keeping fine in the government custody. The media reported that polibureau members who were in the government custody had differences between them and after serious row they exchanged fire at each other. Premadasa was a crafty Machiavellian and a spin doctor who abused his office to get rid of people whom he considered a threat to his own survival. Day in and day out he preached morality to people while acting amorally in private.

  1. Ranil Wickramasinghe (RW) [May 1993 – August 1994]

This is another twofaced peoples politico who closely associated with the criminal elements. His association with the SSP Douglas Peiris, who was accused for murdering hundreds of youths in cold blood, is a known fact and enough evidence is available in the public domain. RW was also accused for his personal knowledge for some brutal murders carried out in his own backyard, Batalanda torture chamber.

How he got his man [Gonawala Sunil], a reconvicted criminal serving a long jail sentence, is another illustration of his connivance with criminals. Once Gonawal Sunil was released from the prison RW was his ally in crimes in RW private life. Gonawala Sunil was not only a well-known criminal he also was a powerful figure in the ring of smugglers who were concerned in the importation of goods by illegal means defrauding the government revenue. In one such case, even after failed a smuggling attempt, thanks to the intervention of his ally RW, Gonawala Sunil was successful in snatching 1.8 million rupees from the Customs Department by deceitful means.

RW’s association with the other government revenue fraudsters in general was also excellent. When he was the Prime Minister, in September 1993, Customs launched stern action against those who imported duty free cars on duty permits issued to politicos and sold such vehicles unlawfully in the open market. As a result of strict enforcement of law some cars were seized and confiscated amidst strong political pressure. However, soon after the initiation of action in the first case, further action against fraudsters was stopped as a result of direct interference by the then RW who came forward to defend the government revenue fraudsters. RW had no respect whatsoever to the law of the land and ordered release of all vehicles already confiscated by the Customs. That was not the end of the matter, he was a man with such a despicable character and he had the audacity to give a strict warning to the law enforcement agencies to abstain from enforcing law altogether.

RW was an excellent Machiavellian who followed his belief to the letter. Having served his men with his fraudulent action [unknown to public], RW had the audacity deceive the public with a press statement that carried only utter falsehood. He informed the public that on his orders stern action was being taken against those who abused duty free permits and those who illegally sold permit cars in the open market, incurring over 2 billion revenue loss [Silumina 5th September 1993]. Today this passionate Machiavellian once again preaches people about the importance of honestly and integrity in politics.

  1. D B Wijetunga [1993 -1994]

What kind of picture is formed in average citizen’s mind when the name of DBW is remembered? Probably a very innocent and harmless person may come to your mind. Yet, this was another very successful Machiavellian who left no room for the average citizen to know about his true character. The powerful fraudsters used this man to the maximum and for them DBW was a fatherly figure. They worshiped him and even personally delivered his monthly ration to his family home in Kandy.

The President DBW’s private life was totally different from his public life. He used his diplomacy extremely well to support his men, the powerful government revenue fraudsters. However, he was vicious when offended, particularly when failed to get things done the way he wanted. Very few only knows that he was a man directly responsible for persecuting some officers who refused to compromise with his unlawful orders and accommodate fraudsters. Some such officers who refused to carry out his illegal orders were lost their jobs and some were placed under interdiction under his rule. See Counterpoint magazine [February 1994] for a complete exposure of DBW’s deceptive character and connivance with fraudster mafia.


5.Chandrika Bandaranayake Kuramatunga (CBK) [1994 – 2005]

The people gave CBK an overwhelming mandate because she pledged to the people to be a strictly disciplined leader and to clear corruption and abuse of power rampant in the government business. She was extremely firm, uncompromising and committed during her election campaign to power and promised people to restore law and order, to eliminate abuse of power and for a lasting peace under her able leadership which would not tolerate any form of wrongdoing.

By far from those idealised hopes, the political leadership under her reflected only a common or garden-variety leadership, autocratic and unenlightened. What she practiced in private was totally different to what she preached to the people during her election campaign. She was just another Machiavellian and the government under her rule was a total disaster. She betrayed the people who had placed a great faith and trust in her and simply became an easy pray of the powerful fraudster and criminal mafia that effectively control the economy. Not only did she tolerated all sorts of wrongdoing she also encouraged those who swindled the government revenue with her tacit approval. The extent of her blindness and drunkenness with power was such that at times she was bold enough to dictate her unlawful orders directed at the head of the government revenue agencies with her own handwriting.

During the CBK’s term of office, there were some upright officers in the government revenue agencies courageous enough to blow the whistle and expose her abuses through the media. However, this arrogant woman, as against the other Machiavellians, was so stubborn and overconfident. She launched direct attack on these officers who expose her deceptive action in the public interest. And on her illegal order some officers were arrested charged with baseless grounds and placed under interdiction. Now, this politically bankrupt woman once again preaches about the honestly and integrity in politics and about a visionary leadership which she claims found in the MR administration.

Need of the hour and obligations of SF and MR

You may pledge to deliver different things at the election campaign. Please stop this immoral, senseless and illusionary politics that only insult the intelligence of the people. What people want right now is to prove your character with your will to be a truly honest leader with a vision and commitment to deliver. Up until now, the people of this country had betrayed by so many dishonest politicos who rule the country by deception. They were two faced and had no integrity or commitment to serve the nation. Consequently, the innocent people who were taken for ride by corrupt and self-centred politicos have undergone immense hardship for no fault of them. People want you to prove your character and worth right now and to demonstrate by your own conduct that you are not just another twofaced politico. People demand you to respect each other and not to display your ignorance of responsibly by allowing disgraceful acts such as use of force and terror towards your opponent, which only expose absence of any vision, direction or magnanimity in you, an essential characteristic to be a successful leader. Politically intelligent people of this country expect you respect the political judgement of the people most of whom are not partisans of any particular political party or candidate but clever observers.

Advise to SF

People will never forget your contributions towards wellbeing of fellow citizens; your dedicated service as a truly committed military commander. You proved to the whole world that what you have achieved during your tenor as the military commander is simply unparalleled to what others have done. You almost sacrificed your life on your march to free the nation from terror. Surely every decent citizen of this country who enjoys freedom from strife would pay his or her utmost respect for what you have achieved under your command. Therefore, just turn your back on some disparaging remarks made by certain criminal elements enjoy immunity under MR who yet to understand how costly the association of these criminals would be.

General, now you are promoted to contest the Presidential election by the United National Party under the grip of [RW] and by the Janatha Vimukthi Peramauna headed by Somawansa two proven impotent leaders who lacks either vision or direction. Why they promote you? Is that because they love you to be the President of this country? Remember, these two are politically bankrupt and decomposed and not worth a penny. They are fully aware that people have no trust or confidence in them and that is the very reason for them to come behind you and use you as their proxy. They are trying to have a piggyback on someone like you, a renowned figure who has won the hearts and minds of people. These people who has no confidence in them are now trying to get into power through the back door.

General, people know that you have signed a MOU with these people contents of which are hidden from the citizens yet. People also know that the MOU you signed would impose very serious limitations and moral obligations on you. If the citizens of this country were to consider your candidacy in the forthcoming elections, in the first place, you should place the MOU you signed with UNP and JVP before the people. They have a right to know what you have conceded to RW and Somawansa in the event you are elected to the office of the President. Therefore, people of this country have their reservations about your candidacy at the elections. The reason is clear. In the event you are elected to the office of the President, people of this country require you to discharge the duties of the President strictly in accordance with the oath of allegiance you would take under the constitution i.e. to be faithful to the laws of the land and to the people of Sri Lanka who would assign their executive power to you for due execution. And for whatever the reasons people do not want you to be directed and dictated by a MOU you signed with RW & Co. It is very unlikely that the politically knowledgeable people in this country would let RW to take them for a ride anymore.

You should bear in mind that as long as you go along with RW and Somawansa in the election campaign you will destroy your chances. You know the popular saying when you sleep with dogs you will have ticks in you. People have no confidence in these people and as long as you go with RW and Somawansa people will have no confidence in you as well. That would be the most likely the verdict of the people. As at present, in the eyes of public you are nothing more than a puppet remotely control by these rotten, disintegrated politicos. People know your capacity is severely curtailed for reasons beyond your control but still believe you have some options open for you provided you act swiftly.

Remember, if RW and whatever the executive committee of the UNP are confident that you are the right person to contest the under UNP ticket, then surely you naturally become the most appropriate person to be installed as the party leader. You should not hesitate to use this opportunity to your advantage. People want you to use your intelligence and to become the party leader in the UNP by a popular mandate by the general membership. This is not a bad ploy at all, particularly at a time when there is a steady disintegration is observed in the UNP. You can see in front of your own eyes that senior in the party are deserting RW providing you the best opportunity.

Having become the party leader, you can have your the executive committee appointed by popular vote, the only process that allows people with integrity to take key position in the party. In fact, you should have done this at the very initial stages of this campaign but still it is not too late. There is no doubt, providing you become the party leader and seek peoples mandate to be the chief executive of the country with a right team [your shadow cabinet] with no barriers, people will definitely consider that you are the right person with proven character to be the President in this Country.

General, your destiny is in your hands. Act fast, meet the plausible challenge if you need peoples mandate come before the people free from any impediments. People don’t want some elements that are already rejected to dictate terms on you; prove your character by meeting the challenge head on with a integrity to lead the Nation

Word of advice to MR

Dear President, before your own eyes you can simply see the plight of those who followed the Machiavellis political ideology and got burned to ashes. Best example is the decomposed CBK, your predecessor; the one who shamelessly abused the great faith and confidence placed in her by the people of this country. Probably she was one of the best who was given an overwhelming mandate to put things rights. Yet, it is very unfortunate that peoples judgement on her was proved wrong. She was a monumental failure. CBK was just another common and unenlightened autocrat. Look back and see her sorry plight today. Nobody bother pay a shit of respect towards her. She got everything wrong and got what she rightly deserved.

Do you want to follow the same footstep and fall into the same trap or you want to be the peoples leader forever? Choice is in your hands. If you want to be just another Machiavellian like JRJ, RW, R Premadasa, and CBK and rule the country by deception your destiny in the history would be the same; another addition to the names of ‘Great Betrayers of the Nation’ list.

Remember, you have full potential to be the Mahathir Mohamed, or Lee Kwan You of Sri Lanka. You have already proved some characteristics of a good leader. You were stand firm against the western pressure, stood firm and refused to betray your people and won the hearts and minds of the people. If Ranil or CBK had been the President there is no question that they would have kneeled down before the western pleasure. People love your good qualities. You are known for your modesty and people naturally compare you with big-headed CBK. Yet, please be aware, people also know about your bad character, lack of integrity; that why this sincere word of advice, because people are willing to pardon, after all you are a human; providing however, you shun all bad qualities and become a true leader with firm commitment to deliver.

For you there is so many thinks to gain. Simply be honest and committed. Reject rule by deception, which will only bring your downfall. Be brave enough to redesign your policies based on strictly disciplined economic policy – dasaraja dharma and zero tolerance of any form of wrongdoing. In the name of your motherland, give up all forms of wrongdoing; reject all habit of pleasing cronies and other bad practices that only help ruining your chances be a successful leader. Get rid of all criminal elements around you. Reject Mervin Silva criminal gang. Renounce egoism that only tarnishes your name and don’t promote or tolerate elements that promote egoism. Be courageous to select and rely on a team of committed people [your cabinet] with proven character to deliver. Reject wholeheartedly the ones whose prime concern is to embezzle public funds by improper means.

MR, people want you to displays that you are a changed person with right characteristics. If you want to win the hearts and minds of the people you must prove your character before the election that you are not a Machiavellian anymore or a ruler govern by deception but a man with an integrity and commitment to fulfil all objectives set by the supreme law of the land

People want actions not words. Prove your character to the people right now with the implementation of the following

Get rid of all criminal elements you associate right now. Prove your adherence by removal of Mervin Silva criminal gang forthwith

Display your magnanimity with due respect to your opponent. Deal severely with those who disrupt his political campaign

Make a voluntary declaration of your assets and all contributions made to your election campaign

Stop extravagant expenditure of taxpayers’ money including Dansala’s to induce people

Withdraw all backup security provided to all MPs and Ministers with immediate effect. This is just another nuisance; unproductive waster of taxpayers money. There is no logic in continuation of this practice. Security backups provided when in power is withdrawn when moved to opposition. If they can live without such security when in opposition, there is no logic to provide such security when they moved to government. In the eyes of public this is purely an abuse.

Give a clear undertaking to the people to meet the following in the event you are given a fresh mandate to be the President

To remove all elements that have blood in their hands from the office of the Cabinet of Ministers and from the legislature [Lokuge, Susantha Punchinilame, Mahinda Ratnathilake and other such elements whose names are not included

Pledge people to strengthen the fundamental rights of the citizens with right to life guaranteed in the Constitution

Pledge to strengthen the independence of judiciary with no interference whatsoever. Give an open undertaking to the public that Mohan Peries appointed to the office of the AG will not be to the office of the CJ through the back door. This unethical practice clearly undermines the independence of Judiciary and implicitly warns the Judges to be partial towards the government when it is a party to a case or when any bill is challenged before the Supreme Court.

Pledge to stop the bad practice of paying compensation awarded against police officers who violated fundamental rights of citizens from taxpayers money. There is no logic in this practice and clearly this act amounts to tacit approval of violation of citizens rights by state officers. Those who found fault at fault should be made to pay on their own funds and should be removed from office forthwith.

Pledge to remove the pension rights given to MPs unless one complete a minimum of 20 years continues service in the legislature

Pledge to remove the privilege of a duty free permit issued to all politicos once in five year to import a luxury car. The government incur colossal loss of revenue due to abuse of this privilege by fraudster politicos who unlawfully sell their permits to organised revenue fraudsters. Instead allow permit only once in 10 years however, no individual should be allowed to profit from the privilege afforded to a public office. If any vehicle imported under any duty free permit scheme is to be disposed of then the permit holder should made to sell it direct to the government store at the depreciated value the base value for which should be the cost of the vehicle at the time of importation. Any unlawful disposal of either a permit itself or a vehicle imported under a permit should lead to automatic removal of the MP concerned who abused the privilege plus automatic confiscation of the vehicle.

Pledge to abolish provincial council system, which provides no value for money spent on them.

Stop rent disbursement of Rs 100,000.00 offered to politicos to rent a house in Colombo. This is just another opening to abuse taxpayers’ money by politicos

Pledge to remove the immunity guaranteed to the office of the president under the Constitution. Office of the President is not a ceremonial head but it is the office that exercises peoples executive power. The person elected to the office is responsible for due performance of peoples executive power. Hence the president should be held accountable for all executive actions.

Pledge to strengthen the powers of the Auditor General with unfettered powers to combat corruption in every public institution. This is mandatory if proper system of democratic government to be assured. The Auditor General is the peoples watchdog created to ensure proper accounting for all forms of expenses of public funds. Therefore, to ensure effective functioning of all executive and legislative bodies that exercise peoples sovereign power the office of the Auditor General should be absolutely independent from any form of political interference.

Pledge to reintroduce morality in politics. The President should set an example by shunning all forms of wrongdoing and giving a clear message to every person that the will zero tolerance policy against any form of wrongdoing.

Pledge to end all forms of abuse of power including any form of interference of law enforcement agencies punishable with automatic removal from office.

Pledge to overhaul the government tender awarding process. Make it absolutely transparent with freedom guaranteed to the people and media [both electronic and print] to obtain information of such dealings/transactions.

Pledge to bring in democratic reforms in the leadership selection process – first introduce necessary reforms in your own party, invariably other parties would follow. That would help to dump rejected people holding onto power by undemocratic means – RW [UNP] and Somawansa [JPV] – and the general membership of the respective parties would have a opportunity to elect the most deserving person to be the party leader

Pledge to bring reforms to the character of all form of elections minimising expenses, time, energy and conflicts between the parties

Pledge bring in necessary legislation with provisions to declare all forms of funding to the political parties mandatory with unfettered powers to the Auditor General to inquire into funding

Pledge to bring in a National Action Plan with the participation of all political parties [including the ethnic minority parties] that should stay remain and followed by all governments elected to office.

Pledge bring down the size of the Cabinet of Ministers to bare minimum of 15 members, proportionate to the population and the size of the country. And to cut down the extravagant privileges to the Cabinet of Ministers to bear minimum.

Pledge to establish professional and cost effective public service with an assurance that recruitments and promotions to be made purely on performance and merits only

Pledge to bring in a statue to honour peoples right to information to uncover how all state institutions are run and to release the information when required by any citizen or any media print or electronic, unless the release of information requested could prejudice the effective conduct of public

Pledge to make all media, both electronic and print to function independently with no government interference.

Pledge to bring in Public Interest Disclosure Act to provide legal protection to workers who are victimized by employers for blowing the whistle about wrongdoing at work place. Such a piece of legislation is a must to encourage public officers to raise their concerns about of abuse of power by any office whether in the executive of in the legislature

Pledge to deliver all other objectives promised to the people of Sri Lanka under article 27 of the Constitution, through a strictly disciplined programme of work.

Chandrika is today manipulating UNP – Minister Attanayake

December 11th, 2014

Asela Kuruluwansa and Indika Polkotuwa

Former UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayake who took oaths before President Mahinda Rajapaksa as the new Health Minister yesterday said Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, who failed to implement the written pledge given by her to abolish the Executive Presidency is today manipulating the UNP to achieve her personal selfish objectives.

He said he joined the UPFA after switching off the UNP election machine and would challenge the three or four member clique taking party decisions without the knowledge of the UNP working committee to switch on the stalled UNP machine if they can. Attanayake said so addressing a media conference after taking his oaths and participating in religious observances at the Sri Dalada Maligawa in Kandy and receiving blessings.

He said a large number of UNP electoral organizers who approved his decision to quit the party were much discontented about the sorry plight the UNP had fallen into split due to cliquism. He said a two or three member clique was now manipulating the party by hoodwinking the working committee.

He said when common candidate Maithripala Sirisena failed to fulfill the main conditions of the common agreement he suggested that Ranil or Sajith should contest the Presidential election as the UNP candidate.

He said he had made great sacrifices for the wellbeing of the UNP for over 25 years as a party activist and he had always taken his political decisions in the interest of the country and nation.

The UNP founded by late Prime Minister D S Senanayake marched forward by increasing its membership, he said.

“The non acceptance of this suggestion had caused a grave injustice to the UNP rank and file and supporters,” he said.

He alleged that the so-called common candidate had a secret agreement with the TNA and the conditions of this agreement were no secret to the people.

He said this secret agreement if implemented would be extremely harmful to the country. He said the agreements the common candidate had reached separately with the JHU, Democratic Party and other organizations were contradictory.

He had decided to support President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the UPFA after careful thought.

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