Is Sri Lanka-â„¢s Eelaam Project shaping into a Reality?

September 18th, 2013

Shenali D Waduge‚ 

A question on everyone-â„¢s mind is whether TNA would be able to achieve what Prabakaran could not and why the Government that stopped Prabakaran would allow an Eelam to emerge under its defacto political party the TNA? The answer to that question is not as easy to conclude which is why Eelam is being described as a project involving various stakeholders who not necessarily desire the same objective.

Eelam a project of Tamil elite caste politicians:

Divide and Rule was the colonial strategy to plunder invaded foreign lands while keeping natives in continued conflict with each other. The strategy adopted for Sri Lanka was to divide people along ethnic lines. Thus, minorities were provided disproportionate status in education, employment and governance (on condition that they converted to Christianity) throughout colonial rule but reversed the status quo before handing over independence knowing the outcome. Governance at independence came to the hands of neither Sinhalese Buddhists representing the majority or Tamil Hindus but to a handful of English educate elite from both Sinhalese and Tamils who were trained to think and behave more like the colonials. It was this same English educated elite class of Tamils that objected to their own Tamil people gaining education when S W R D Bandaranaike introduced the Social Disability Prevention Act in 1957. These elite Tamil politicians educated in English went so far as to even write to authorities in London making their objection and these same elite Tamil politicians educated in English objected to the Sinhala Only policy when Tamil was never a language of administration and they did not speak a word of Tamil. The caste system within the Tamil community was broken only after Prabakaran not belonging to the elite or high caste realized it was an impediment to run a guerrilla movement where the ideology could not be hampered by divisions within -” so LTTE declared a ban on caste system yet the Tamil elite high caste wish to continue to dominate over the rest of Tamils.

Eelam a project of Tamil Diaspora

The flow of Tamils out of Sri Lanka to western climes increased with the July 83 riots and subsequently as a result of the massive propaganda campaign of the LTTE to promote discrimination and virtually all applications were addressed to countries that would eventually enable a steady flow of funds to maintain the LTTE terror as well as nations that would assist in funnelling illegal arms to Sri Lanka. The tide turned when in 2001 the West strategized to use terror as a means of advancing neo-colonial agenda to advance the notion of humanitarian military intervention and descend upon nations and eliminate their erstwhile leaders using media to promote them as -Ëœdictators-â„¢. The Tamil Diaspora whether they belonged to LTTE or not did contribute to the LTTE (by choice or force) because it meant a better living condition for them in a western nation which has now prompted them to be referred to as -Ëœeconomic refugees-â„¢. It is nothing we can hold against them as most Asians always think they can have a better life in the West. The LTTE used this to their advantage and without concern for Tamils. This self-interest remains a key feature in the silence of most Tamils in a dilemma even they find difficult to explain though many are now rising against the brainwashed -ËœTamil Only nation-â„¢ ideology to say life with the Sinhalese has never been that which LTTE had promoted. The Buddhist-Hindu ties are certainly one way to bring the two ethnic groups and cultures closer.

Eelam a project of Indian Government:

It has become a debate to determine as to when India began to train Sri Lankan militants on Indian soil to carry out a prolonged armed struggle in Sri Lanka against the Sri Lankan Government in cohesion with Indian South Asian strategy. Suffice it to say India has to at one stage admit that it trained Sri Lanka-â„¢s militants including females on Indian soil well before 1983 riots though it used 1983 as a prima facie case to openly admit training them. India cannot hide the fact that India clandestinely trained Sri Lankans without Sri Lanka showing any hostility towards India and that guilt is something India cannot escape from even with the excuse of its anger at President Jayawardena-â„¢s pro-US stand, allowing a Voice of America in Trincomalee or allowing Pakistan to refuel in Sri Lanka during the Indo-Pak war. In providing Indian Government support, Indira Gandhi, her son Rajiv Gandhi and most of the successive Indian Governments ended up inviting trouble to India-â„¢s Southern borders and what India thought to be an easy issue to solve between India-Sri Lanka and Tamil militants has ended up drawing too many foreign players that has left India-â„¢s national security a concern for its establishment. India could not have been naƒ¯ve not to explore the scenario of Tamil Nadu converging with Sri Lankan Tamils on a bogey of Eelam handled by different players and to eventually exclude Tamil ideology, Hinduism and Tamil nationalism altogether! When the genesis of all conflicts finds itself to the same doorstep India should have been aware that every opportunity is taken to attempt to divide lands and territories and create conflicts that benefit a handful of people while the collateral benefits amongst others is what keeps these conflicts from being solved. The mistake has always been in thinking that movements manufactured can be crushed. IPKF debacle should have surely taught lessons for India.

Nevertheless inspite of the dangers to India it is ready to apply its own incursions via economic domination of Sri Lanka, political bullying and other incursions to which Sri Lanka lacks the strategy or personnel to counter.

Eelam project of India-â„¢s intelligence and other intelligence:

-ËœLTTE are our boys-¦ we will handle them-â„¢ was the message given to the IPKF commanders sent to Sri Lanka depicting the close ties established between Indian intelligence and various groups of Tamil militants that India helped train. Many a time the Indian army had accused the Indian intelligence of supplying wrong information that proved detrimental to its own troops. That intelligence agencies have followed a line of their own out of the scope of their governments is nothing that needs to be repeated -” it is often believed that they run a shadow government with their own polices sometimes running contrary to the country-â„¢s national policy and jeopardizing the cordial relations between nations -” possibly that being their agenda having aligned to divergent interests of their own. Nevertheless, the fact that Rajiv Gandhi-â„¢s assassination itself was connected to a string of controversial claims speaks volumes of such possibilities. It is not a can of worms any government would dare open on any grounds lest it would reveal too many skeletons from the closet.

Eelaam a project of Tamil Nadu politicians:

Eelam or Nation for Tamils only emerged not in Sri Lanka but in India-â„¢s Tamil Nadu where Tamils were showing their dissatisfaction against Hindi. The various calls to separate were however crushed by India-â„¢s central government though it has not stopped the Tamil nationalism rising in Tamil Nadu. The only issue has been the fact that Tamil Nationalism via Eelam has been usurped by non-Hindus though Hindus constitute the majority of Tamils in both Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. No Tamil Nadu politician has dared to use the separatist issue as an election slogan in Tamil Nadu. The various calls made related to Eelam in Sri Lanka has at best only got the attention of the Indian Central Government for it has been a good bargaining platform to coerce the Indian Government while the Indian Government sheepishly uses it to get Sri Lanka to agree to its terms and conditions. In other words the Eelam slogan used by Tamil Nadu politicians and referred to in turn by Indian Government has at best served their interests and not the Tamils of Sri Lanka.

Eelaam a project of the Church

The links with LTTE and the Church is a factor that has been raised even in India. Sri Lanka-â„¢s North, East and Tamil Nadu have been experiencing a rise in conversions helped by the numerous charity organizations that have been using -Ëœcharity-â„¢ to hide their inner mechanizations. Numerous articles by Indian authors give detailed links to these ties. Father Emmanuel heads all the Tamil Diaspora organizations under his umbrella the Global Tamil Forum. Father Emmanuel calls Prabhakaran Jesus Christ, LTTE the soldiers of Christ, suicide bombers the martyrs of the Catholic Church to whom the Church provided a Catholic burial, and self proclaimed himself, the Moses who would lead the Tamil nation from the bondage of the Sinhalese-Buddhists to the land chosen for them by God: Ealam. Numerous other members of the clergy have openly spoken on behalf of the LTTE or been chief guests at LTTE events and have been associated with some of the orphanages from which LTTE recruited their child soldiers. Rajappu Joseph Bishop of Mannar, declared open the -Embassy of the Tamil Eelam-, the Eelam House in London. LTTE Voice of Tigers tied up with Radio Veritas, a Catholic broadcasting station run by Asian Catholic Bishops Conference based in Philippines.Tamil Nadu is a major benefactor of Church funds and Christian humanitarian organizations. The power of the Church is such that the present Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu even repealed the anti-conversion law (in 2004) implemented by her own Government.

Eelaam a project of the West:

The West that is well aware of how conflicts arise and how helpless Governments are does not have to be told who the terrorists are. 3o years of terror has shown us that Western politicians have preferred to take the side of the terrorists primarily because the -Ëœterrorist-â„¢ situation gives them leverage to push governments to adhere to their objectives. Given that conflicts take place in Third World developing countries who need to take loans to purchase arms and ammunition and expand its military to defend itself, Western Governments have made merry with terrorism to continuously strangulate Third World nations into debt. Many of these Western governments have interests of their own -” either they are puppets of those who tell them where to wage wars and when to wage wars or they sponsor conflicts because it suits the neo-colonial agenda applying maxims of trade and geopolitical leverage in which again the same handful of people end up pocketing profits from the woes of others. They have the explicit backing of the UN because the same people influence how the -Ëœpeace-â„¢ bastion runs with only Russia and China now providing any balance and so these two nations and their allies will soon form the two camps that would eventually lead to the ultimate showdown on account of the nuclear and chemical arsenal both camps have in their possession.

Eelam a project of arms profiteers

Anyone that manufactures arms does not do so for a hobby and the scale of the manufacture ensures sales are not meant only for defence of one-â„¢s nation. What we need to at all times remember is that politicians themselves are people who are owned by a handful of people not seen but very much in control of all that we do. It is no exaggeration to say that they control every action and inaction taking place around the world -” they decide to give jobs or make people redundant, they will create jobs where they find cheap labor, they will increase taxes and have no qualms about destroying the environment or destroying lives of people. All the contemporary conflicts are manufactured and engineered by these people. If at all anyone needs to be charged for war crimes it is them.‚  Is it now difficult to understand the Eelam Project and those involved?

Where do Sri Lankan Tamils fit into in this agenda?

In many ways Tamils have been the bait of all the parties we call stakeholders -” they have been victims of their own cause or for their own cause. A handful have certainly benefitted by now living overseas from where they take care of their families back home, however if Tamils were to dislocate themselves from the caste factor they would realize that a significant number of Tamils have never enjoyed anything called progress in their lives. It was this number that the Sri Lankan army saved having been the flock from whom LTTE chose their cadres, picked their child soldiers and those who were virtually slaves of the LTTE and if they are reluctant to even appreciate being saved by the Sri Lankan army it is because they have come to accept their fate which is no different to whatever party that handles them. They are now being steered by the TNA who have taken over from the LTTE and it will be from this group that the new LTTE is likely to emerge wherein LTTE cadres that escaped are likely to have returned as -Ëœholidaying-â„¢ expats, -ËœIndian-â„¢ beneficiaries or as Indian labor to the numerous Indian projects set up in the North.

As for the Tamils, is it too much to expect that some gratitude for the development seen in the past 4 years that had never been seen throughout LTTE de facto rule is something to make them renounce the TNA? Or do they think that it is the duty of the Government to develop these areas and they need not show any special gratitude and it is not for others to question their allegiance to the TNA irrespective of LTTE existing or not?

Where have Sri Lanka-â„¢s politicians gone wrong?

The LTTE prevailed during the terms of 5 Presidents and it took the 5th to eliminate the scrooge of terror after 3 decades of death and destruction. Sadly there is little that can be said of the main opposition and one wonders if there is such in Sri Lanka given the irrelevant and lack of national interest topics it ties itself to and never speaking on behalf of the majority to ever come into power.

In looking back we can conclude that it was the lack of real will that stopped the country-â„¢s leaders from taking the all-important decision to defeat terror made difficult because most advisors were of the opinion that they were faced with an -Ëœunwinnable war-â„¢ combined with the lack of faith that Sri Lanka-â„¢s armed forces had the capability to take on the LTTE. It served them better to use the LTTE and the period of terror to hide their weaknesses and that became a perfect way to remain in power. The promise was that terror would be over after the next election victory! Sadly the proponents of this unwinnable war theory continue to remain holding very influential posts still and unapologetic of their actions that continue to haunt their current role.

It took push and pluck to go beyond Mavil Aru, the liberation of the East and the onward march to take over the North while several other factors also contributed including luck that had been a distant feature for the army put right through the efforts of the Defence Secretary.

Nevertheless what needs to be reiterated is that it was not only the lack of will to solve issues but the fact that leaders chose to use the chaos in Sri Lanka for their own political advantage. Whether the same lack of will prevails to crush the rising extremism gathering momentum is also being question given that external forces are now influencing the other minority in Sri Lanka. The fact that it has reached levels where the public are noticing the change shows that the politicians have been asleep or are taking a lacklustre approach signalling the possibilities of inviting another looming catastrophe unless addressed.

While politicians including those in government and opposition must share guilt for lack of will in solving crisis situations before they boil over, locals of all ethnic groups too have enjoyed collateral benefits of the war and constantly work towards creating such through the foreign apparatus ever ready to fund such.

What choices are left for the Government?

President Premadasa achieved what in today-â„¢s context appears to look the impossible. Not only did he send the IPKF packing back to India he also declared a British High Commissioner persona non-grata for interfering in local elections and was also able to declare null and void the first election held following the signing of the Indo-Lanka Accord and the Provincial Council system when the chief minister of the merged N-E provincial council declared a unilateral declaration of independence in 1990.

Thinking that with the demise of the LTTE all troubles were over and the rest could be handled on using political cunning on the logic of taking issues on a come what may basis has shown the Government has made a mistake.

Officials have never questioned some of the key statements that external forces have floated and without question our politicians have come to accept. Why are we not asking proof of animosities between Sinhalese-Tamils to justify -Ëœethnic-â„¢ problem, why have we not questioned the legal jurisprudence of Geneva laws in relation to LTTE which was a designated terrorist movement since 2001?, why have we not questioned the validity and proof of a -ËœTamil homeland-â„¢, why have we not questioned on what premise that more than half of the Tamils can live amongst Sinhalese while Sinhalese are forbidden from the North and calling for a Tamil Only homeland in the North, why have our Governments not insisted that all communities must live anywhere in Sri Lanka as it is their constitutional right, why has the Government silently accepted -ËœSinhala colonization-â„¢ slogans-¦.and there are many more issues that the Government with a will needs to now correct without keeping silent and using them for political advantage only.

Denazifying the LTTE as the Allies had done to the Germans should have adequately stopped the present calls by the TNA and Chief Ministerial candidate to use LTTE insignia, LTTE slogans and now even the calls to take up arms as well as the obnoxious calls for the military to withdraw the army from the north. 6th amendment to the Constitution is also sufficient to ensure separatism is legally taken care of. There is also the provision available to completely repeal the 13th amendment signed virtually under duress and a system that the people of the nation did not ask for and are not benefitting from. There was also the need to have dealt with the issue of illegal immigrants given that the census data does not make sense with ground realities but in arranging temporary ID cards the Government is virtually giving a walk over to the TNA. In so delaying decisions the entire country and possibly even the Government are in tenterhooks on how to handle the present scenario given that conditions for action will not be the same as when President Premadasa was able to annul the north election.

Political cunning serves only politicians. We now need leadership of a different kind based on the interest of the people and the nation.

Let us not repeat the same mistakes




Three antithetical ways of encountering the World

September 18th, 2013

R Chandrasoma

As members of the uniquely intelligent and enactive species on Planet Earth we humans are faced with the problem of survival at two orders or levels. In the short term, how to feed, clothe and house a dense and expanding population of greedy beings dwelling upon a fragile planet with finite resources.

The long-term problem of survival is to fashion a sustainable strategy for human existence that eschews immediate allurements for the sake of sustained viability in a precariously balanced ecosystem with a plethora of things both living and non-living that have significamce and claims of their own.

The ancient aphorism ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God’ encapsulates a wisdom that goes beyond mere religiosity and subservience. It reflects deeply the fact that in ‘dealing with the world’ there are issues that go beyond mundane satisfactions and rough and ready adjustments to counter environmental challenges.

Human well-being is a matter of balance and compromise in what we ought to recognize as an isolated planetary world full of subtle and unforeseen challenges. What we attempt here is to outline three broad (and antithetical) -Ëœphilosophies-â„¢ that underpin our existential struggles as denizens of Planet Earth -” our -Ëœencounter-â„¢ with the world we are fated to live in.

The first is the religious outlook which encompasses the foundational view that there is a life to come in which -Ëœdivinity-â„¢ is ensconced and our life in this sublunar world is a mere prelude or preparation. It necessarily follows -” if our secular world is a mere staging-post -” that our acts as human beings ought to be inspired by -Ëœotherworldly concerns-â„¢ and not by the secular challenges facing a living species.

Indeed, throughout history we have had peoples and nations that steered affairs in this world as if the opportunities available in a putative life to come ought to determine the true measure of rightful action in this vale of sorrow that is our fleeting abode. That this -Ëœmeasure-â„¢ is still widely held to be valid is made evident when we reflect on the many problems facing our species today due to a disastrous clash of ideologies rooted in other-worldly concerns.

More pertinently, much of the misery of the poor in countries such as India arise from a misplaced godliness that sees the call of heaven (?) more important than the dictates of innate goodness that secular learning and collegiality instill in most sane and balanced people. As Dr Steven Pinker puts it -” -Ëœthe doctrine of a life-to-come is not such an uplifting idea after all because it necessarily devalues life on earth.

I would argue that nothing gives life more purpose than the realization that every moment of consciousness existence is a precious and fragile gift-â„¢. Let us turn, now, to a second way of encountering the world -” a way that is greatly respected in modern -Ëœpraxis-â„¢ even if its evils are evident on serious reflection.

It is the view that the -Ëœconquest of Nature-â„¢ is man-â„¢s unique prerogative and that all resources -” material as well as intellectual – must be employed to maximize the creature-comforts rightly due to an apex species that commands a planetary homeland with inexhaustible resources.

The Marxist theoreticians -” now a vanished species -” were notorious for espousing this view, but classical capitalism in the West and elsewhere came close to this position in that -Ëœevironmental damage-â„¢ was dismissed as a form of scare-mongering by latter-“day Luddites.

The disastrous results of this folly are seen in the widespread loss of native species and habitats, the pollution of air and waters, the plundering of oceanic fish-stocks and the endangerment of the Planet as a whole as a suitable habitat for the kind of rich and beautiful life it was once renowned for. Let us recognize that Planet Earth (its Biosphere, to be more specific) – if not actually dying, is seriously threatened by the runaway expansion of a single dominant species.

This is, surely, a brute fact that can hardly be challenged. Given this dire circumstance, how should we respond if we set aside God-â„¢s diktats and the compulsions of man-â„¢s insatiate greed? The famous philosopher William James had this to say – -ËœTruly, all we know of good and duty proceeds from nature-â„¢.

In the current context, this means that God (or Gods) cannot help us -” nor can our tunnel-vision based on innate selfishness and stupidity be allowed to rule collective human action. These reflections brings us to a consideration of the Third Way -” that which sees the real solution to our troubles in the wisdom of Secular Humanism.

This -Ëœhumanist life stance-â„¢ emphasizes the unique responsibility facing humanity as a whole in -Ëœdealing with the world-â„¢ and the far-reaching consequences of collective human actions. Put more poetically, we must be aware of our own fragility as a collective of living, interlocked beings precariously perched on a rocky cosmic object. We must be aware that some of the things done locally -” ostensibly for the collective good – are harmful and destabilizing when implemented globally.

This means that we cannot expect the Gods above (if such things do exist) or our own unresoned hopes to be the leitmotiv of action in dealing with the great challenges of life. Today -” and in the centuries past -” humans have shown monstrous -Ëœspecies selfishness-â„¢ when competing for goodies and positions down here on Earth or in the Heavens above.

The time has come for mankind to achieve a livable modus vivens through his own foresight and intelligence – so as to maximize the collective good given the constraints and challenges facing a weak and mortal species living briefly and tenuously on a planet that is a true -Ëœisolate-â„¢ in the Universe.

It is our collegiality and shared intelligence that will provide the true answer to this monumental challenge. Alas, the old and time-worn survival-paradigms based on a destiny sanctioned by the Divine and the Unseen still rule the world and the future for our species looks bleak.

 ¶´ ·… · ¶­ ·Å   ·Æ’ ¶· ·  ¶¸ · ¶­ ·’ ·â‚¬ ¶» ¶« ¶º 2013

September 18th, 2013

The Media Team Ministry of Power & Energy

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 ¶… ¶¸ · ¶­ ·Å - ¶º ·â‚¬ ¶» ·’ ¶º  ¶´ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å  ·â‚¬ ·  ¶¯ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å  ¶± ·Å¡,  ¶¢ ¶± ¶­ · ·â‚¬ ¶§  ·Æ’ · ¶¶ ·‘  ¶½ ·â„¢ ·Æ’  ·Æ’ ·Å¡ ·â‚¬ ¶º  ¶Å¡ ·…  ·”ž · ¶Å¡ ·’  ¶¢ ¶± ¶­ ·  ¶± ·’ ¶º · ¶¢ ·’ ¶­ ¶º ·’ ¶± ·Å   ¶­ · ¶» ·‚   ¶´ ¶­ ·Å  ¶Å¡ ¶»  ¶Å ¶± ·Å  ¶± ·  ¶… ¶­ ¶» ¶­ ·” ¶»,  ¶» ¶§ ·Å¡  ·Æ’ · ¶¶ ·‘  ¶¢ ¶± ¶¸ ¶­ ¶º  ¶”¡ ¶­ ·Å  ¶­ ·Å¡  ¶… ¶­ ·’ ¶Å ¶» ·”  ¶¢ ¶± · ¶° ·’ ¶´ ¶­ ·’  ¶¸ ·”ž ·’ ¶± ·Å  ¶¯  ¶» · ¶¢ ¶´ ¶Å¡ ·Å  ·”š  ¶¸ · ¶­ ·’ ¶­ ·” ¶¸ · ¶§  ¶¶ ·â‚¬ ¶§  ·â‚¬ ¶±  ¶´ ¶« ·’ ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶© ¶º  ¶¢ · ¶­ ·Å - ¶º ¶± ·Å  ¶­ ¶» ¶º ¶§  ¶½ ¶¶ · ¶¯ ·” ¶¸ ·Å¡  ·â‚¬ ¶Å ¶Å¡ ·” ¶¸ ¶¯  ¶”° ¶¯ ·’ ¶» ·’  ¶´ ·… · ¶­ ·Å  ·Æ’ ¶· ·  ¶¸ · ¶­ ·’ ·â‚¬ ¶» ¶« ¶º ·Å¡ ¶¯ ·”  ¶¢ ¶± ¶­ · ·â‚¬ ¶§ ‚  ¶´ ·â‚¬ ¶­ ·’ ¶±  ¶¶ ·â‚¬ ¶º ·’.

 ¶… ¶¸ · ¶­ ·Å - ¶º  ¶± ·” ¶­ ·’ ¶¥  ¶´ ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶­ ·Å - ¶» ·  ·â‚¬ ¶± ·Å  ¶± ·’ ¶”  ¶» ¶  ·Å  ¶  ·’  ¶¸ · ¶­ ·’ ¶± ·’ ¶º  ¶¸ ·Å¡  ¶¶ ·â‚¬  ¶Å¡ ·’ ¶º ·  ·Æ’ ·’ ¶§ ·’ ¶º ·Å¡ 17  ¶¯ ·’ ¶±  ¶´ ·â„¢ ¶» ·â‚¬ ¶» ·” ·â‚¬ ·Å¡  ¶Å¡ ·” ¶» ·” ¶« ·‘ ¶Å ¶½  ¶± ¶Å ¶»  ¶¸ ¶° ·Å - ¶º ¶º ·Å¡  ¶´ · ·â‚¬ ¶­ ·’ ‚  ¶‘ ¶Å¡ ·Å  ·Æ’ ¶­ ·Å   ¶¢ ¶± ¶­ ·  ¶± ·’ ¶¯ ·”ž ·Æ’ ·Å   ·Æ’ ¶± ·Å  ¶° · ¶±  ¶¸ · ¶­ ·’ ·â‚¬ ¶» ¶«  ¶´ ·Å - ¶» ¶  · ¶» ¶Å¡  ¶» · ·… ·’ ¶º ¶Å¡ ¶§  ·Æ’ ·”ž ¶· · ¶Å ·”  ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶¸ ·’ ¶± ·’.

 ¶‘ ¶Å¡ ·Å  ·Æ’ ¶­ ·Å   ¶¢ ¶± ¶­ ·  ¶± ·’ ¶¯ ·”ž ·Æ’ ·Å   ·Æ’ ¶± ·Å  ¶° · ¶± ¶º ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å   ·â‚¬ ¶º ¶”  ¶´ ·… · ¶­ ·Å   ·Æ’ ¶· · ·â‚¬ ¶§  ¶”° ¶¯ ·’ ¶» ·’ ¶´ ¶­ ·Å  ·â‚¬  ·Æ’ ·’ ¶§ ·’ ¶±  ¶… ·Æ’ ¶”š ¶Å‚ ‚  ¶± ·â‚¬ ¶» ¶­ ·Å  ¶±  ¶¸ ·”ž ¶­ ·  ·â‚¬ ·’ ·Æ’ ·’ ¶± ·Å   ·Æ’ ¶”š ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶° · ¶± ¶º  ¶Å¡ ¶»  ¶­ ·’ ¶¶ ·”  ¶¸ ·â„¢ ¶¸  ¶» · ·… ·’ ¶º ·Å¡ ¶¯ ·”  ·â‚¬ · ¶© ·’ ¶¯ ·” ¶» ¶§ ¶­ ·Å   ¶… ¶¯ ·”ž ·Æ’ ·Å   ¶¯ · ¶Å¡ ·Å  ·â‚¬ ·”  ¶… ¶¸ · ¶­ ·Å - ¶º  ¶± ·” ¶­ ·’ ¶¥  ¶´ ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶­ ·Å - ¶» ·  ·â‚¬ ¶± ·Å  ¶± ·’ ¶”  ¶» ¶  ·Å  ¶  ·’  ¶¸ · ¶­ ·’ ¶± ·’ ¶º……………..

” ¶… ¶´ ¶§  ·â‚¬ · ¶¯ ¶Å ¶­ ·Å   ·â‚¬ ¶± ·Å  ¶± ·Å¡  ¶¢ ¶± ¶­ · ·â‚¬ · ¶¯ ·”,  ¶¯ ·Å¡ · ¶´ · ¶½ ¶±  ¶  ¶» ·’ ¶­.  ¶’  ¶  ¶» ·’ ¶­  ¶¸ ·Å ¶± ¶­ ¶» ¶¸ ·Å   ¶¯ ·” ¶» ¶§  ¶¢ ¶± ¶­ · ·â‚¬ · ¶¯ ·” ¶¯?  ¶’  ¶  ¶» ·’ ¶­  ¶¸ ·Å ¶± ¶­ ¶» ¶¸ ·Å   ¶¯ ·” ¶» ¶§  ¶¸ ·”ž ·’ ¶± ·Å  ¶¯  ¶  ·’ ¶± ·Å  ¶­ ¶±  ¶´ ·Å - ¶» ¶­ ·’ ¶´ ¶­ ·Å  ¶­ ·’  ¶§ ·’ ¶Å¡  ¶”° ¶¯ ·’ ¶» ·’ ¶º ¶§  ·”ž · ¶¶ ·‘ ·â‚¬ ¶§ ¶¸  ¶Å ·â„¢ ¶±  ¶º ¶± ·â‚¬ · ¶¯?  ¶’  ¶  ¶» ·’ ¶­ ¶º  ¶¸ ·Å ¶±  ¶­ ¶» ¶¸ ·Å   ¶¯ ·” ¶» ¶§  ¶¸ ·’ ¶± ·’ ·Æ’ ·Å  ·Æ’ ·”  ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶± ·” ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å   ¶´ ·Å ·… ·â‚¬ ·Å¡  ¶´ ¶º  ¶Å ·”ž ¶½,  ¶Å¡ · ¶´ ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶½ ·,  ¶¸ ·’ ¶± ·’ ·Æ’ ·Å  ·Æ’ ·” ¶± ·Å  ¶Å ·â„¢  ¶´ ·Å - ¶» · ·Å  ¶±  ¶­ ¶¸ ¶± ·Å  ¶Å ·â„¢  ¶´ ·Å - ¶» · ·Å  ¶±  ¶Å¡ ¶» ¶Å ·â„¢ ¶±  ¶’  ·Æ’ ¶³ ·”ž ·  ¶”¹ ¶­ ·Å  ¶­ ¶»  ·”ž ·Å ¶º ¶± ·Å  ¶±  ¶Å¡ · ¶´ ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶± ·â‚¬ · ¶¯?  ·Æ’ · ¶¶ ·‘ ·â‚¬ ¶§ ¶¸  ¶´ ·Å ·… ·â‚¬ ·â„¢  ¶´ ¶º  ¶Å ·”ž ¶½  ¶¸ ·’ ¶± ·’ ·Æ’ ·Å  ·Æ’ ·”  ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶± ·” ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å   ¶Å¡ · ¶´  ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶±  ¶  ¶» ·’ ¶­ ¶º ¶Å¡ ·Å  ¶¯?  ¶± · ¶­ ·Å  ¶± ¶¸ ·Å   ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶±  ¶¯ ·Å¡ ·â‚¬ ¶½ ·Å   ·â‚¬ ¶½ ·’ ¶± ·Å   ¶”° ¶¯ ·’ ¶¸ ·’ ¶  ·Å  ¶   ¶  ¶» ·’ ¶­ ¶º ¶Å¡ ·Å  ¶¯‚   ¶Å¡ ·’ ¶º ¶±  ¶‘ ¶Å¡ ¶º ·’  ¶¯ ·Å¡ · ¶´ · ¶½ ¶± ¶º ·Å¡ ¶¯ ·”  ¶… ¶´ ¶§  ¶¶ ¶½ ¶± ·Å  ¶±  ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å  ¶± ·Å¡.

 ¶¸ ·”ž ·’ ¶± ·Å  ¶¯  ¶» · ¶¢ ¶´ ¶Å¡ ·Å  ·”š  ¶¢ ¶± · ¶° ·’ ¶´ ¶­ ·’ ¶­ ·” ¶¸ ·  ¶… ¶­ ·’ ·â‚¬ ·’ · ·’ ·”š ·Å  ¶§,  ¶¸ ·Å¡  ¶½ · ¶Å¡ ¶º ·Å¡  ¶´ ·”ž ·…  ·â‚¬ ·”  ¶”° ¶­ · ¶¸  ¶¯ ·” ¶» ·Å  ¶½ ¶· ¶Å ¶« ¶º ·Å¡  ¶­ ·” ¶± ·Å  ¶Å¡ ¶½ ·Å   ¶¯ ¶Å¡ ·’ ¶±  ¶¸ ·”ž ·  ¶° ·”º ¶» ·Å  ¶º ·â‚¬ ¶± ·Å  ¶­  ¶± · ¶º ¶Å¡ ¶º ·â„¢ ¶Å¡ ·Å .  ¶’  ¶± · ¶º ¶Å¡ ¶­ ·Å  ·â‚¬ ¶º  ¶± ·’ ·Æ’ ·  ¶­ ¶¸ ¶º ·’  ¶… ¶¯  ¶» ¶§  ¶¸ ·â„¢ ¶­ · ¶±  ¶­ ·’ ¶º ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å  ¶± ·Å¡.  ¶’  ¶± · ¶º ¶Å¡ ¶º ·  ¶± ·’ ·Æ’ ·  ¶­ ¶¸ ¶º ·’  ¶½ · ¶Å¡ ¶º ¶¸  ¶¢ ¶º ¶Å ·Å - ¶» ·”ž ¶« ¶º  ¶Å¡ ·…  ¶± ·Å ·”ž · ¶Å¡ ·’  ¶¶ ·â‚¬  ¶Å¡ ·’ ¶º ·”  ¶º ·” ¶¯ ·Å  ¶° ¶º  ¶¢ ¶º ¶Å ·Å - ¶» ·”ž ¶« ¶º  ¶Å¡ ¶» ¶± ·Å  ¶±  ¶… ¶´ ¶§  ¶´ ·” ·… ·” ·â‚¬ ¶± ·Å  ¶Å¡ ¶¸  ¶½ · ¶¶ ·” ¶± ·Å¡.  ¶’  ¶± · ¶º ¶Å¡ ¶­ ·Å  ·â‚¬ ¶º  ¶± ·’ ·Æ’ ·  ¶­ ¶¸ ¶º ·’,  ¶… ¶´ ¶§  ¶… ¶´ ·Å¡  ¶Å ¶¸ ·Å  ¶¶ ·’ ¶¸ ·Å   ¶¯ · ¶Å¡  ¶Å ¶« ¶± · ·â‚¬ ¶Å¡ ¶§  ¶´ ·Æ’ ·Å  ·Æ’ ·Å¡  ¶¸ ·”ž ·  ·Æ’ ¶”š ·â‚¬ ¶» ·Å  ¶° ¶± ¶º ¶Å¡ ¶§  ¶Å ·Å¡ ¶± ·Å  ¶±  ¶´ ·” ·… ·” ·â‚¬ ¶± ·Å  ¶Å¡ ¶¸  ¶½ · ¶¶ ·’ ¶½  ¶­ ·’ ¶º ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å  ¶± ·Å¡.  ¶” ¶¶ ¶Å ·Å¡  ¶¸ ¶­ ·â‚¬ · ¶¯ ¶º  ¶¢ ¶º ¶Å ·Å - ¶» ·”ž ¶« ¶º  ¶Å¡ ¶» ¶± ·â‚¬ ·  ¶Å¡ ·’ ¶º ¶± ·Å  ¶± ·Å¡  ¶” ¶¶  ¶» ¶§  ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶± ·” ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å   ¶” ¶¶ ¶Å ·Å¡  ·â‚¬ ¶Å ¶Å¡ ·” ¶¸  ¶”° ·”š ·Å  ¶§  ¶Å¡ ·… ·  ¶Å¡ ·’ ¶º ¶±  ¶‘ ¶Å¡ ¶º ·’.

 ¶» ¶§  ¶… ¶» ·Å  ¶¶ ·” ¶° ¶º ¶Å¡ ¶§  ¶½ ¶Å¡ ·Å  ¶Å¡ ·’ ¶» ·” ¶¸ ¶§  ·Æ’ ·” ¶¯ · ¶± ¶¸ ·Å   ·â‚¬ ¶±  ¶´ ·’ ¶» ·’ ·Æ’ ¶§ ¶­ ·Å ,  ¶¢ · ¶­ ·Å - ¶º ¶± ·Å  ¶­ ¶» ¶º ¶§ ¶­ ·Å ,  ¶… ¶´ ·’  ¶´ ¶« ·’ ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶© ¶º ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶½ ¶¶ · ¶¯ ·’ ¶º ¶º ·” ¶­ ·” ·â‚¬  ¶­ ·’ ¶¶ ·â„¢ ¶± ·â‚¬ ·.  ¶’  ¶­ ¶¸ ¶º ·’  ¶¸ ·Å¡  ¶» ¶§ ·Å¡  ·Æ’ · ¶¶ ·‘  ¶¢ ¶± ¶¸ ¶­ ¶º  ¶´ ·â‚¬ ¶­ ·’ ¶± ·Å  ¶± ·Å¡  ¶¸ ·”ž ·’ ¶± ·Å  ¶¯  ¶» · ¶¢ ¶´ ¶Å¡ ·Å  ·”š  ¶¢ ¶± · ¶° ·’ ¶´ ¶­ ·’ ¶­ ·” ¶¸ ¶­ ·Å   ·Æ’ ¶¸ ¶Å  ¶Å¡ ·’ ¶º ¶½ ·.  ¶¸ ·Å¡  ¶» ¶§ ·Å¡  ¶¢ ¶± ¶­ · ·â‚¬ ¶Å ·Å¡  ·Æ’ ·”ž ¶º · ¶Å ¶º  ¶¸ ·”ž ·’ ¶± ·Å  ¶¯  ¶» · ¶¢ ¶´ ¶Å¡ ·Å  ·”š  ¶¢ ¶± · ¶° ·’ ¶´ ¶­ ·’ ¶­ ·” ¶¸ · ¶§ ¶º ·’  ¶º ¶±  ¶´ ¶« ·’ ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶© ¶º  ¶¢ · ¶­ ·Å - ¶º ¶± ·Å  ¶­ ¶» ¶º ¶§  ¶½ ¶¶ · ¶¯ ·” ¶¸ ·Å¡  ·â‚¬ ¶Å ¶Å¡ ·” ¶¸  ¶» ¶§ ·Å¡  ¶´ ·” ¶» ·â‚¬ · ·Æ’ ·’ ¶º ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶½ ·â„¢ ·Æ’  ¶” ¶¶  ·Æ’ ¶­ ·” ¶º ·’.

‚ 2001  ¶¯ ·”  ¶» ¶± ·’ ¶½ ·Å   ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶Å¡ ¶¸ ·Æ’ ·’ ¶”š ·”ž  ¶¸ ·”ž ¶­ · ¶Å ·Å¡  ¶´ · ¶½ ¶±  ¶Å¡ · ¶½ ¶º ·Å¡  ¶¸ ·Å ¶± ·â‚¬ ¶¯  ¶Å¡ ·… ·Å¡?  ¶¸ ·” ¶½ ·”  ¶» ¶§ ¶¸  ¶­ ¶¸ ¶± ·Å  ¶Å ·Å¡  ·”ž ·’ ¶­ ·â‚¬ ¶­ ·” ¶± ·Å  ¶§ ¶º ·’.  ¶¢ · ¶­ ·Å - ¶º ¶± ·Å  ¶­ ¶» ¶º ¶§ ¶º ·’  ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶Å¡ ·” ¶« ¶± ·Å  ¶±  ¶­ ·” ¶» ¶« ¶º  ¶Å¡ ·… ·.  ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶¯ ·” ¶½ ·’ ¶¶ ¶½  ¶¸ ¶« ·Å  ¶© ¶½ ¶º  ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶Å¡ ·” ¶« ¶±  ¶´ ¶± ¶­  ¶Å ·â„¢ ¶± ¶½ ·Å  ¶½ ·  ¶´ · ¶» ·Å  ¶½ ·’ ¶¸ ·Å¡ ¶± ·Å  ¶­ ·” ·â‚¬ ·Å¡ ¶¯ ·”  ·Æ’ ¶¸ ·Å  ¶¸ ¶­  ¶Å¡ ·… ·.  ¶… ¶´ ·’  ¶… ¶´ ·Å¡  ¶”  ¶« ·Å  ¶© ·” ·â‚¬  ¶Å ¶­ ·Å  ¶­ ·Å¡  ·”ž ·Å ¶¯  ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶½ · ·â‚¬ ¶§.  ¶‘ ·”ž ·â„¢ ¶¸  ¶± ·Å ¶Å ¶­ ·Å  ¶­ · ¶± ¶¸ ·Å ,  ¶‘ ¶Å¡ ·Å  ·Æ’ ¶­ ·Å   ¶¢ · ¶­ ·’ ¶Å¡  ¶´ ¶Å¡ ·Å  ·”š ¶º  ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶¯ ·” ¶½ ·’ ¶¶ ¶½  ¶¸ ¶« ·Å  ¶© ¶½ ¶º  ¶´ ·” ¶¯ ·Å  ¶Å ¶½ ·’ ¶Å¡  ¶… ¶”š · ¶º ¶§  ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶Å¡ ·’ ¶« ·” ¶¸  ·Æ’- ¶¯ ·”ž ·  ·Æ’ ¶¸ ·Å  ¶¸ ¶­  ¶Å¡ ¶» ¶´ ·”  ¶´ ¶± ¶­  ¶Å¡ ·Å - ¶» ·’ ¶º · ¶­ ·Å  ¶¸ ¶Å¡  ¶Å¡ ¶» ¶± ·â‚¬ ·.  ¶‘ ¶¸  ¶´ ¶± ¶­  ¶Å¡ ·Å - ¶» ·’ ¶º · ¶­ ·Å  ¶¸ ¶Å¡  ¶Å¡ ¶» ¶± ·Å  ¶±  ¶Å¡ ¶½ ·’ ¶± ·Å   ¶… ¶´ ·’  ¶”  ¶« ·Å  ¶© ·” ·â‚¬  ¶Å ¶­ ·Å  ¶­ ·.”‚   ¶º · ¶º ·’ ¶¯  ¶… ¶¸ · ¶­ ·Å - ¶º ·â‚¬ ¶» ·’ ¶º  ¶¸ ·â„¢ ·”ž ·’ ¶¯ ·”  ¶Å¡ ·’ ¶º ·  ·Æ’ ·’ ¶§ ·’ ¶º · ¶º.

 ¶¸ ·â„¢ ¶¸  ¶… ·â‚¬ ·Æ’ ·Å  ¶® · ·â‚¬  ·Æ’ ¶³ ·”ž ·  ·Æ’ ¶¶ ¶» ¶Å ¶¸ ·” ·â‚¬  ¶´ ·… · ¶­ ·Å  ·Æ’ ¶· · ·â‚¬ ·Å¡  ·Æ’ ¶· · ¶´ ¶­ ·’  ¶Å¡ ¶”š ¶  ¶±  ¶¢ ¶º ¶» ¶­ ·Å  ¶±,  ¶”¡ ·”ž · ·… ·’ ¶º ¶Å ·Å ¶©  ¶´ ·Å - ¶» · ¶¯ ·Å¡ · ·” ¶º  ·Æ’ ¶· · ·â‚¬ ·Å¡ ·Æ’ ¶· · ¶´ ¶­ ·’  ·Æ’ ¶» ¶­ ·Å   ·Æ’ ¶± ·Å  ¶¯ ¶± · ¶º ¶Å¡  ¶º ¶±  ¶¸ ·”ž ¶­ ·Å  ·â‚¬ ¶» ·”  ¶”¡ ¶­ ·” ·… ·”  ·â‚¬ ·’ · · ¶½  ¶´ ·’ ¶» ·’ ·Æ’ ¶Å¡ ·Å   ·Æ’ ·”ž ¶· · ¶Å ·”  ·â‚¬ ·” ·”ž.

Why doesn-â„¢t the Government ban the TNA at least now? if it wants an undivided Sri Lanka

September 17th, 2013

Dr Sudath Gunasekara President Senior Citizens Movement Mahanuwara 7.9.2013

I am emboldened to hear that the President had said “I will not allow the separation of the country.”
“What Prabakaran (the late LTTE leader) could not do none of today’s ones will ever be able to do,” Rajapaksa told a political gathering in the central district of Kandy
-â„¢. This clarion call indeed I think
will be warmly welcome by the whole nation. But the people want action rather than political rhetoric. I have no doubt the President will do it, not for mere political survival like many other politicians have done in the recent past, but for the emancipation of the nation. I still have full confidence in him as the most patriotic and down to earth natural leader the post independent Sri Lanka has produced.

Everybody knows that the TNA is an extremely communal minded Tamil political party that stands for a separate State for Tamils in Sri Lanka. It is the veritable successor to the Ponnambalan-Chelvanayagam racist legacy that totally rejects historical realities of this Island nation and that tries to build up a new theory of a traditional Tamil Homeland in the north and the east based on pseudo history invented by racist Tamils who claim that it had been so from the dawn of history.TNA had been the political shadow of LTTE whom they called their -ËœBoys-â„¢ and today they are the veritable torch bearers for the EELAM of Prabhakaran. This fact has been clearly established with the TNA entering the NPC election fray.

I would like to open this discussion with some speeches made by TNA MPP at their meetings

First I quote below what Suresh Premachandran TNA MP is said to have stated at the maiden election rally of the TNA in the campaign for the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) poll, held at the Mannar public esplanade.

‘IF WE HAVE ARMS, IT’S FEDERALISM AND BEYOND’ – ‘If we don’t have weapons we will get nothing': Suresh Premachandran, MP of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) said the Tamil people can begin talks on a federal solution only if ‘we have weapons.’

“We can talk going even beyond that. If we don’t have weapons we will get nothing,” he added. He said this at the maiden election rally of the TNA in the campaign for the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) poll, held at the Mannar public esplanade with the participation of all TNA candidates contesting for the NPC, including NPC Chief Ministerial candidate C.V. Vigneswaran. Parliamentarians Mavai Senthirajah was also present.

TNA MP P. Ariyanendran addressing the gathering said the ‘struggle’ to find a solution for the Tamil people’s problems was continued by Selva after which a full blown armed conflict ensued. “The armed conflict was continued by leader Prabhakaran. But today, we live on without anything,” he said. “It is your duty to vote for the TNA and ensure its victory to fight for Tamils’ rights as well as to get what we want. Vote for us and we will be able to get what we require,” he said.

A closer scrutiny of what Suresh Premachandran and P. Ariyanendran have said clearly shows that they still hold on to the ideology of the Eelam. The communal Tamil politicians have not changed a wee bit from their racist anti Sinhala and anti Sri Lankan attitude ever since the idea of a separate State for Tamils in Si Lanka was mooted by people like Chelvanayagam way back in 1947. These open utterances of TNA politicians also clearly prove that they are planning to again go back to an arm struggle and never change their strategy in future either. They also show that these Tamil politicians never want the ordinary Tamils in this country to live with the majority Sinhala together. They want a separate Tamil Kingdome in the Sri Lanka covering 1/3 of the total land area and 2/3 of the coastal belt from Chilaw in the west to Kataragama in the south east as the labour room of their future world Elam Empire.

Next I would like to draw your attention to what Vignesvaran, the Chief Ministerial candidate had said at another occasion.

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Chief Ministerial candidate for the Northern Province, C.V. Wigneswaran says the 13th Amendment to the constitution has its shortcomings but yet it cannot be changed without consulting India.

Wigneswaran said that the 13th Amendment came about as a solution to address issues faced by Tamils.

-This is an international agreement. This came about following an agreement between India and Sri Lanka. But if it is going to be changed then India must be consulted,- he said.

He said that the Tamils had put forward several proposals for the Indo-Lanka accord but everything was not accepted and so the 13th Amendment, in his view, has some shortcomings.

He also said that Tamils in Sri Lanka do have issues and it is -shocking- if the Sinhalese majority is not aware of that.

Wigneswaran is also confident that the Tamils in the North will vote for the TNA at the election and not fall prey to the false assurences given by the government. (Colombo Gazette)

This summarizes the extremist Tamil racist mind of Vignesvara than any other statement made by him at any other occasion. How can he says that-â„¢ the Tamils had put forward several proposals for the Indo-Lanka accord but everything was not accepted by the 13th Amendment has some shortcomings in his view-â„¢, if he was not a party to the drafting of such proposals while he was in service as a judicial officer of the Government?

Any fool who has a wee bit of brain can understand the never dying communal mind of these Tamil politicians from the above statements. If they talk like this without any power one can imagine how they will talk and behave when they have some power.

Finally, now the election manifesto of the TNA is made and is publicly known no one could have the slightest doubt regarding the true colours of the TNA outfit. It is EELAM and nothing but the EELLAM they are asking for. When Prabhakaran was alive they acted as the proxy of the LTTE. Now it is evident that the TNA has openly taken over the mission of Prabhakaran. This shows, though Prabha is no more, the LTTE ideology is still fully alive in the hands of these crazy communal Tamil politicians comprising only a bunch of self seeking outfit who has no regard to the wellbeing of the common Tamil people. As such today TNA is the biggest threat to the Sri Lankan State. Therefore allowing them to consolidate politically by winning the NPC elections will be putting the nation from the frying pan to the burning red hot hearth. Should the Government remain blind to this national tragedy for short term political mileage?

The present Government has to its credit the winning of the war against the LTTE as the greatest achievement that any post independence government could claim. But unfortunately it has miserably failed to consolidate that victory and pass its full benefits to posterity. Had the Government banned all communal political parties, abolish the Provincial Councils along with the Provinces, created by the British Colonial rulers as a strategic device of divide and rule, and gone back to the traditional Tunrata Divisions, adopted a new Constitution based on the traditions and customs of the land and abolished the Indo-Lanka Pact of 1987, if not all, at least most of the present day political confusions could have been avoided.

Instead of abolishing the disastrous PCC, today the Government has taken steps to hold elections to the North Provincial council and thereby provided a new spring board for the racist Tamils to resurrect the EELAM ideology and launch the next phase of the independent Tamil movement. ‚ I can vouch that the NPC election will also backfire on the Government (already it had done so) like the invitation extended to Pillay without realizing her Tamil ethnic affiliations and miserable South African apartheid socio-political background. The Government-â„¢s expectations of winning the NPC election I think are only a day dream. One must understand that Tamils and Muslims, unlike Sinhalese, will never change their racial and communal biases and they will ever remain as Tamils and Muslims. Therefore they will always vote with their communities. Even if you drop manna from all six heavens in addition to all infrastructural facilities and other benefits provided by the Government in the post war period, they will still vote with the racial Tamil politicians who beat the communal drum unless and until the political party system in this country is organized on national policies sans ethnic bias.

So in the light of this backdrop banning TNA to begin with is the best way to make what the President had said at the Kandy (Kundasale) meeting a reality. Late is better than never. Also if you don-â„¢t do it NOW it will never be done by anybody. I doubt anyone will be born in the foreseeable future to carry out such a bold decision. Also please remember you have already missed that golden opportunity in 2009. But there is no use in crying over split milk.

Bravo Mr President, go ahead with your historic decision to save this country and the Nation! I reiterate such decision will be the first logical step saving this country from imminent disaster and in restoring the pristine Sri Lanka that was there in the pre 13th century in this resplendent Island prior to the barbaric South Indian Magha devastations.

Vigneswaran former Supreme Court Judge seems to have lost his head, OR is he being made a cat-â„¢s paw ?

September 17th, 2013

By Charles.S.Perera

The TNA Chief Ministerial Candidate Vigneswaran does not only hero worship the Terrorist Prabhakaran,‚ ‚  but he is also preparing to follow Prabhakaran-â„¢s path of terrorism.

He is reported to have said, – ‚ Opportunities might arise to resort to arms again in case rights are not offered to the Tamils. Due to ranting, ravings, tormenting, nagging and harassment by the ruling elites, we might be forced to take up to arms-

These words can come only from a cheap third rate terrorists, but not from a former Supreme Court Judge.‚  We begin to shudder when we thinks what we had as respected Judicial luminaries in Sri Lanka.‚  One‚  was a deceitful manipulator of finances filling and emptying‚  bank accounts and keeping them empty to avoid Tax payments, the other a racist hero worshipping a cheap ruthless terrorist psychopath.

Is that what the TNA is capable of giving to the Tamil people of the North as a Chief Minister ?

Vigneshwaeran is already a stooge of the International Community. He had said that, -‚  the ‚ Sri Lanka Army which is not needed to our people, should not be present here anymore to subdue us-¦-¦.We would also inform the international community that this government has failed to implement the 13th amendment to the Sri Lanka-â„¢s constitution-¦-¦Our rights would be attained with the active involvement and contribution of the international community. -

While again when‚  Vigneshwaran says, -‚  we will get the mandate of the people and pack up the Army away, if in case the government fails to cooperate with us, we will go up to the United Nations.--¦.. Sampanthan had said, – We will not allow Sri Lanka government to impose any political solutions on us, that are not acceptable by the Tamil people.-

All this ranting of Vigneshwaran appears to have been pre-arranged.‚  To what extent the Tamil diaspora has contributed to Vigneshawaran-â„¢s fiery elocution ?

Viswanathan Rudrakumaran the self appointed Prime Minister of a yet to be created Eelam barks from his comfortable‚  kennel somewhere in Canada:

-We cannot sustain hopes of winning over our rights from the existing State agencies through the mechanism of the PC or through other forms of struggle, even with the support of the International Community. The Eelam Tamil Nation could win over its rights only by liberating itself from the bondage of the Sri Lankan State. We believe that the TNA leadership is taking cognizance of this reality,-

Rudrakumaran ‚ had further said‚  that, – the TGTE is committed to struggle for the creation of a free and sovereign State of Tamil Eelam through political and diplomatic means, and that he is of the firm conviction that the 13th Amendment as well as the idea of Provincial Councils had expired long ago.-

In the midst of all this tirade our Sinhala politicians have yet to awaken for the looming danger.‚  They have failed to do what is essential and will be taken‚  by surprise,‚  perhaps for an unexpected uprising of the Tamils helped by the Tamil Diaspora, the Indian RAW, and the American CIA.

The TNA with the assistant and secret support of the International Community seems to be preparing for a demand for a Eelam State through Self determination.‚ ‚  But Self determination‚  for the Tamils in the North is definitely ‚ outside‚  the concept of the theory of Self determination.‚  In International law, it is stated that nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and fair equality of opportunity have the right to freely choose their sovereignty and international political status with no external compulsions or interference.‚ ‚ 

But the North‚  of Sri Lanka does not fall within this definition.‚  Firstly the Tamils in the North are a community and not a nation separated from the rest of the country. Its people are not confined to a geographically separate area, but spread across the whole of the island.‚ 

Therefore, a Tamil Eelam State cannot be set up separated from the rest of the Tamil people settled down in different places in Sri Lanka, unless all those Tamils settled down in different places in the South declare their willingness to leave the South to settle down within the confines of the North if it is declared a Tamil Eelam State.

In the mean time the Global Tamil Federation is also showing its presence in the fray of‚  the Northern PC Election. GTF has issued a statement, that it has, –¦-¦ developed a strong collaborative working relationship with the TNA. We have promoted TNA among the international community. Equally, our active engagement with the TNA adds credibility to the political positions we adopt and promote world-wide.-

There would be lot of activity to promote the Tamil Eelam State in the North.‚  The GTF had further stated :

‚  -GTF calls upon the Tamil diaspora to help the TNA achieve the best possible victory by impressing upon their relatives and friends in Sri Lanka about the significance of this election. Tamils and others who live outside the North but registered to vote in the North must take the trouble to travel to ensure their votes too are counted in favour of the TNA.

‚ Most importantly, we call upon the Tamils and other communities in the North to take an active part in the election, with the expectation the outcome will prove that a proud community with long history, however mistreated and brutalised, will not give up on the mission to achieve its legitimate political rights and will continue to work towards achieving justice, peace and equality for all.-

‚ -Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.-

‚ In this confounded‚  atmosphere of‚  still unknown underground activity, Minister and Senior Vice President of the SLFP, Nimal Siripala de Silva, bleats the usual words of appeasement , “The manifesto of the TNA is not a new concept, but if they seek to go beyond that and try to divide the country, we have the necessary medicine for that as well. Hence, there is no need to panic over it.”

Nimal Siripala de Silva says, – : “We will take the necessary measures at the right time to safeguard the sovereignty of the country, and against any attempts at division. In the circumstances, we have no need to get unduly worried or agitated. On the 21st, we can see the answer the people will give Wigneswaran and the TNA. -

But it is despite the Constitution of Sri Lanka that Nimal Siripala de Silva speaks of, ‚ that there was‚  terrorism, and then TNA ‚ defying the Constitution, openly acting‚  in breach of it.‚  Even now what Vigneshawaran had brazenly spoken out‚  is enough to have him‚  arrested and Charged under the Anti Terrorist Legislation.

But the Government since it eliminated terrorism seems to think they remain invincible.‚  Nimal Siripala de Silva is the Chairman of the PSC appointed to propose removal of certain provisions of the 13A, but what has happened to those proposals against the 13A has become a top secret no body dare speak about.

In the mean time the government had been speaking‚  about reducing‚  the presence of the Army in the North .‚  But‚  is that a wise move when, the Commander of the Sri Lankan army in the Jaffna peninsula, Maj Gen Mahinda Hathurusinghe, said, with the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) glorifying the slain Tamil Tiger leader Velupillai Prabhakaran in its campaign for the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) elections, there was a possibility of reactivating about 4,000 former Tiger combatants, who are still at large.

He had pointed out to the speech made by Vigneshwaran which could give courage to those terrorists sympathisers lying low to rise in support of TNA.‚ 

Vignaeshwaran had said, -When Prabhakaran was alive, the President came forward on his own to grant 13 Amendment plus (an improved devolution package). Now that Prabhakaran is no more, the President has begun to speak of 13 Amendment minus and even to the extent of saying there is no such thing as the 13th‚  Amendment. This is because President Rajapaksa accepted Prabhakaran as a hero. He came forward to yield concessions to the Tamils. But he is not prepared for it now. Prabhakaran is not a terrorist. He was a hero and a warrior who fought for the liberation of the Tamils.-

Quite unconcerned ‚ Sri Lanka is still trying to pacify India, like the man being beaten continuing to plead‚  sitting on his knees for clemency.

The Government of Sri Lanka did not remove the 13A when the time was right to do so, ‚ before declaring the PC elections for the North.‚  As a result today the government is forced to put up not only with an unwanted 13A, but may also with a PC in the North controlled by the TNA, preparing with forces we still do not know‚  to demand a separate Eelam State for the Tamil speaking people of the North and East.

Whatever is afoot between the Sri Lanka political hierarchy and that of India the Sri Lankan people are unaware. The President Mahinda Rajapakse answering to a question asked by the Hindustan Times: – Relations between New Delhi and Colombo are no longer as close as before, largely due to the demands of politicians in Tamil Nadu ? - , the President said: – ‚ I cannot comment on South India’s politics. But politicians understand politicians so I give New Delhi a wide margin.‚  And our relationship with India is still very good . -

In the North of Sri Lanka‚  there were no terrorists.‚  But the Indian RAW recruited from among the Tamil youth in the North,‚  a group‚  to be trained as terrorists.‚  After being trained ‚ they were released in the North around 1983, which is no secret any more.‚  Therefore there is no guarantee that the same thing may happen again, as the Tamil Diaspora is prepared to do any thing to start another bout of terrorism with the support of the International Community and Navy Pillay .

In the recent Defence Seminar 2013‚  held on 3rd September at the Galadhari Hotel the presence of a LTTE sympathiser among the selected participants had been detected.‚  It was reported that investigations are being‚  made to find out how he had gained admission.‚  This is a serious security lapse and it clearly shows with all security on place the Tamil Diaspora has means to enter any where in Sri Lanka.

In that situation,‚  the Army cannot be confined to the barracks during the PC elections in the North, but they should be there in greater numbers and vigilant.‚  The soldiers should however be cautioned to be careful not to open fire without assuring where , how and against whom they open fire.

Still more worrying is what K.T.Rajasingham of the Asian Tribune was doing‚  with the TNA Leaders:

‚ These are exclusive photographs taken by the Asian Tribune photographers at the recently held -ËœNallur Ther festival (2013) where TNA leaders -“Sampanthan, V.K.Vigneswaran, E. Saravanapavan, D.Siththarthan are seen. Also in some pictures can see K.T.Rajasingham , Chief Editor of the Asian Tribune with the TNA leaders

K.T.Rajasingham is said to be a good friend of the President. Even R.Premadasa had a good friend who was a Tamil Man.



If Displaced Sinhalese and Muslims Were Resettled in Jaffna, UPFA Would Win Northern Provincial Election Defeating TNA

September 17th, 2013

Dilrook Kannangara

Iconic The Hindu newspaper launched its Tamil edition by the same name on 16 September, 2013. Though passed without many noticing it, the launch is part of an India-wide attempt to save the Indian Union from disintegration. By penetrating Tamil Nadu readers, asserting an all-India view of things, Indian authorities and media moguls (part of the Union governance mechanism) aim to rekindle unity and allegiance to the Indian Union and defeat raging separatism. The timing couldn-â„¢t have been better as just 40 kilometres away, it is a different story. In Sri Lanka, four years after a war that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives from 1976 to 2009, war drums are beating again. Separatism is again on the cards and Tamil National Alliance (TNA) -” the political arm of the dreaded LTTE terrorist organisation -” is set to sweep the Northern Provincial Council election this weekend.
TNA has made it very clear that it is after Tamil self-rule, shared sovereignty and a separate Tamil national identity. These are the same ideals LTTE fought for and lost.
Government-â„¢s Military Victory, LTTE-â„¢s Political Victory
Every war has a political ideology battle driving it. The two sides at war had two different political ideologies. LTTE ideology was a Tamil-only state in the north and east of the island nation. Government-â„¢s political ideology was to retain the status of unity of the nation. Government troops scored a decisive military victory, completely and unconditionally defeating Tamil Tigers. However, LTTE won the political battle in the Northern Province.
Today the Northern Province is what the LTTE fought for -” it is Tamil-Only with no attempt whatsoever by the government to create Sinhala and Muslim settlements. Election or no election, LTTE has won its political battle already. The election will only formalise it and publish it for the world to see.
The costly military victory achieved by the sacrifices of 26,500 soldiers-â„¢ lives was wasted by politicians in their inability to grasp a political victory. Getting the government to maintain Northern Province demographic imbalance of Tamil-only nature is the biggest political victory of the LTTE/TNA.
Northern Provincial Council Election
First ever Northern provincial Council election in 2013 will be a watershed event in the Tamil (a South Indian ethnic group also found in smaller numbers in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and South Africa) struggle for nationhood. It started in Tamil Nadu, India at the turn of the 20th century. It grew to the powerful Dravidistan movement until it was cut down to size in 1962. Pushed into oblivion in India, it emerged in northern Sri Lanka where Tamils are the majority. Unfortunately the Northern Province has remained virtually Tamil-only. It has crippled coexistence and ethnic integration even after the defeat of the LTTE.
As the cauldron of Tamil racism, Northern Province is very likely to return LTTE proxies -” TNA -” into power with a landslide victory. Although it is not possible to accurately forecast the likely election outcome, the foregoing is an attempt based on recent election performance.
Jaffna District
2010 Presidential and Parliamentary elections saw TNA and aligned parties winning the Jaffna District with a vote percentage of 64% and 44% respectively. Going by this trend, TNA will end up getting 55% of the valid vote at the Northern Provincial Council election. UPFA recorded 25% and 32% at the 2010 Presidential and Parliamentary elections respectively. It is likely to obtain 33% of the valid vote in 2013. Assuming a total valid vote of 220,000 (it was 178,369 at the 2010 Parliamentary election), the gap of 22% between TNA and UPFA translates into 48,400 votes. Assuming Sinhala and Muslim voters-â„¢ turnout to be 75% (consistent with the voters-â„¢ turnout in Sinhala and Muslim majority districts), displaced Sinhala and Muslim voters would cast 48,654 votes (calculated below). None of it would go to TNA and most likely to UPFA. In other words UPFA would win the Jaffna District with an additional 254 votes had the government resettled displaced Sinhalese (displaced since 1971) and displaced Muslims (displaced since 1990). This calculation assumes all displaced Muslims from Jaffna are in Puttlam which is not the case. Tens of thousands live in Colombo as well. If they are added, UPFA victory margin would expand to a few thousand votes.
Unfortunately they are now registered in election registers in other districts and would not vote in the Northern Provincial Council election. A better outcome would have been achieved had the government resettled all Sinhalese and Muslims displaced from Jaffna and built new ethnic integration schemes by settling Sinhalese and Muslims from elsewhere in the north. In that event, TNA would not win the election as it cannot attract Sinhala and Muslim voters.
Vanni District
2010 Presidential and Parliamentary elections saw TNA and aligned parties winning the Vanni District with a vote percentage of 67% and 39% respectively. Going by this trend, TNA will end up getting 55% of the valid vote at the Northern Provincial Council election in Vanni. UPFA recorded 27% and 35% at the 2010 Presidential and Parliamentary elections respectively. It is likely to obtain 36% of the valid vote in 2013. Assuming a total valid vote of 125,000 (it was 105,252 at the 2010 Parliamentary election), the gap of 21% between TNA and UPFA translates into 23,750 votes. Assuming Sinhala and Muslim voters-â„¢ turnout to be 75% (consistent with the voters-â„¢ turnout in Sinhala and Muslim majority districts), displaced Sinhala and Muslim voters would cast 23,865 votes (calculated below) from Mannar electorate alone! Mulaitivu and Vavuniya also suffered displacement of Sinhalese and Muslims. If they are considered, the UPFA victory margin would be higher by a few more thousands.
None of their votes would go to TNA and most likely to UPFA. In other words UPFA would win the‚ Vanni District with an additional 115 votes had the government resettled displaced Sinhalese (displaced since 1983) and displaced Muslims (displaced since 1990). Unfortunately they are now registered in election registers in other districts and would not vote in the Northern Provincial Council election. A better outcome would have been achieved had the government resettled all Sinhalese and Muslims displaced from‚ Vanni and built new ethnic integration schemes settling Sinhalese and Muslims from elsewhere. In that event, TNA would not win the election as it cannot attract Sinhala and Muslim voters in Vanni after horrendous crimes against them by Tamils.
As the government deliberately failed to resettle Sinhalese and Muslims displaced from the Northern Province, UPFA has no chance of winning the Northern Provincial Council election. TNA will win 55% of vote in both Jaffna and Vanni districts. 55% is higher than any political party ever obtained at any parliamentary election, which gives an idea of how big the TNA victory will be.
Calculating the Number of Displaced Sinhalese and Muslims
No documented evidence exists of their number which is a discriminatory move by successive governments against these two ethnic groups. In wide contrast, the government maintained and published detailed information of displaced Tamils. In 1971, there were 20,402 ethnic Sinhalese living in Jaffna district. Assuming the national population growth of Sinhalese, their number today would be 33,903 which is 30,537 persons more than what it actually is today (only 3,366). Muslims displaced from Jaffna cannot be calculated as easily because by 1990 there was a large number of Muslims in Jaffna District than their natural population growth from 1981 would suggest. Instead the additional Muslim population growth in Puttlam gives a better estimation. Muslim population in Puttlam district was only 48,761 in 1981 which reached a staggering 146,820 in 2012 mainly due to displacement from Jaffna. Assuming average growth rate of Muslims from 1981 to 2012, it would be 87,089. However, it is 146,820 which means the remaining 59,731 are displaced Muslims.
Adding displaced Sinhalese (30,537) and displaced Muslims (59,731) gives their total for Jaffna District. Approximately 70% of the population are voters which gives 63,187. If 75% of them vote, it is 48,654 votes in Jaffna District.
Mannar District had 8,710 Sinhalese and 28,464 Muslims in 1981. If their natural growth was allowed, today their numbers would be 12,158 and 51,347 respectively. However, their actual numbers are a dismal 1,961 and 16,087. It means 10,197 Sinhalese and 35,260 Muslims from Mannar are still displaced. 70% of them are voters (31,820) and if 75% of them votes, that is 23,865 votes in Mannar alone adding to Vanni election results.
TNA Win Reverses Even the Little Gains in Ethnic Integration
‚ After the war, ethnic integration happened in the Northern Province in minuscule measure. A small number of Sinhalese and Muslims have settled in the Northern Province. However, with TNA winning Northern Province and Sinhala and Muslim councillors numbering less than 5, there is no hope for ethnic integration. In future, no Sinhalese or Muslim will be allowed to settle in the Northern Province by TNA leadership and voters.
However, Tamils continue to populate Colombo. Reciprocation is unknown to TNA and its voters who are only intent on expansion. What happened to Sinhalese in Northern Province will happen to‚ them again‚ in Colombo. Government must reassess resource allocation to the provinces to make it equitable and politically sensible.
Adopt the Indian Model of Language Use
Although Tamil is a national language of India, only Tamil Nadu functions in Tamil. Utter Pradesh, Punjab, Maharashtra, Gujarat, etc. (essentially all other states) don-â„¢t function in Tamil. However, in Sri Lanka, Tamil is used as the sole language in the Northern Province while using it in every other province as well! Sri Lanka must follow the Indian model of language use. Tamil should be compulsory for everyone in Northern Province while Sinhala must be compulsory for everyone in Western province and other provinces (except Eastern Province). A choice of the two languages should be allowed in the Eastern Province. English must be promoted as a link language and business language.
If the Indian model of language use is acceptable to 72 million Tamils, 3 million Tamils in Sri Lanka must not have a problem with it. Such a move can safeguard the majority and their cultural identity which have been totally disregarded by the‚ insane minority-only complex.

After September 21st

September 17th, 2013

S. Akurugoda

The election for the Northern Provincial Council under the 13th Amendment (13th A) is scheduled to be held on 21st of September, in couple of days time.

The nationalist elements within the Government rank were all out to -Ëœstrengthen the hands of the President if 13th A was to be amended, while anti-nationalist elements within the government who supported Prabhakaran-â„¢s Eelam dream ‚ throughout were‚  against any changes to the 13th A.‚  As far as we remember, Minister Wimal Weerawasna said there is no point holding a ministerial role under a government, if‚  13th A is not amended, while Ministers Vasudeva Nanyakkara‚  and Rajitha Senarathne announced their readiness to leave the government if the 13th A is touched. ‚ JHU went to the extent to move an Amendment to the Constitution to repeal ‚ 13th A, in vain,‚  without noticeable support from major political parties, UNP and the SLFP. ‚ ‚ 

‚ According media reports,‚  heavy arguments took place few months ago between the ministers Wimal and Rauff Hakeem (a person who shook hands with Prabhakaran after signing a memorandum of understanding while holding a ministerial position within Ranil Wickramsinghe-â„¢s‚  government )‚  when the Cabinet of ministers were discussing the issue of amending the13th A. ‚ ‚ Although the Cabinet, at that meeting said to have decided to bring one minor change to the 13th A, that decision too went under the carpet soon after one Indian Minister brought a message from their PM.‚  Just to defuse the tension between the two groups within the government, and also to mark time, President Mahinda Rajapaksa‚  appointed a Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC).‚  JHU, the only political party against the 13th A in its entirety, has already walked away from the PSC stating their dissatisfaction with the progress. ‚ Minister Wimal Weerawansa’s National Freedom Front’s stand, however, appears to be in favour ‚ the removal of Police and Land Powers from 13th A, and not the repealing of 13th A. ‚ Although MEP is also another party within the government who were not in support of 13th A, their stand against the abolition of 13th A is not very clear.

Under the circumstance, it looks like everything has gone in favour of 13th A supportive groups within the government ‚ and, in fact, they are the people now -Ëœstrengthening-â„¢ (certainly weakening) the hands of the President.‚  Probably, some may expecting to bring the so-called -ËœReconciliation-â„¢ which was expected to achieve after the war, via the -ËœMassina-â„¢ (brother in Law) relationship of Vasu and Wigneswaran , TNA-â„¢s CM candidate .‚  When a well known racist figure within UN visited the country, under the guise of fact finding, Vasu and Hakeem were in the forefront to greet her on behalf the government.‚  Now Rajitha is addressing the northern PC election rallies with the President as a part of -Ëœstrengthening-â„¢ his hands.‚ 

There is a need to have a two-third majority to change the constitution. The current two-third majority claimed by the government is dependent on those who support the 13 Amendment too. ‚ The other alternative could be to go for a referendum. As such, It is very unlikely that the government or any future government will take steps to abolish the 13th A, since Provincial Councils (PCs) are now providing the bread and butter for‚  the‚  kith and kins of their political henchmen .‚ 

TNA once elected, will take the maximum use of the provisions in the 13th A to achieve their sinister motives by hook or crook.


TNA has already announced their -ËœThimpu-â„¢ demands,‚ ‚  once again, via its manifesto.‚  TNA, led by its CM candidate, has started glorifying the slain LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran in its campaign for the NPC elections. Once elected, on 21st September, the Tamil racist elements throughout the world will continue to demand their so-called aspiration, this time with the help of the anti-Sinhala, anti-Buddhist west led by USA, UK and EU countries, India backed by Tamil racist politicians in Tamil Nadu and similar elements within UN too.‚ ‚ ‚ 

As an initial step, TNA will demand to provide what is in the Constitution under the 13th A.‚  The very same politicians who are now supporting the 13th A within the Government, UNP and‚  all the other Tamil/Muslim political parties formed on racial basis as their party names implies, will continue to support this claim of TNA.


It would be easier to write down the powers remaining in the Centre since the powers devolved (are to be devolved) to PCs under the 13th A are enormous. Powers yet to be handed over include police and Land and Judiciary.

The subjects retained under the Centre include National Policy on Security, Foreign Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications, Broadcasting, Television, Justice in so far as it relates to the judiciary and the courts structure, Finance in relation to national revenue, monetary policy and external resources; Customs, Foreign Trade, Inter Province Trade and Commerce, Ports and Aviation, National Transport, Minerals and Mines, Immigration and Emigration and Citizenship, Immigration and Emigration and Citizenship, Elections, Census and Statistics, National Archives, Archaeological Activities and Sites and Antiquities declared by or under any law made by Parliament to be of National Importance, Rivers and Waterways, Shipping and Navigation, Maritime zones including Historical Waters, Territorial Waters, Exclusive Economic zone and Continental Shelf and Internal Waters, State Lands and Foreshore except to the extent specified in Item 18 of List I of the Ninth Schedule of 13th A.

The government cannot change anything which comes under the subjects of PCs without approval from all the PCs in the country.‚  The government had to face this fact when -ËœDivi Naguma-â„¢ Bill was introduced to the parliament. It looks like the government has not learned a lesson from its past. The 37 subjects devolved to PCs are given in the List I (and also in the List III – Concurrent List) of the Ninth Schedule. These include all the subjects other than those retained by the government (the List II or the Reserved List).

Because of the shortsighted policies of our politicians, the fate of Sinhala Buddhist in their own country is at stake.‚  Today our country’s identity as a Sinhala Buddhist nation is no more.‚  Both the major political parties, UNP and the SLFP are after winning the minority votes to compete each other to grab power and to remain in power.‚  Those who speak on behalf of Sinhala Buddhist are branded as extremists.‚  Those who support communities other than Sinhala Buddhist, no matter whatever they do, are garlanded as human right activists. It is likely that pleasing political parties formed on racial basis, (as their party name implies) by way of giving into their racial demands ‚ ignoring the Sinhala community-â„¢s concerns will go on without much resistance with time to come, as a part of political game between the two major political parties.‚  The flying Buddhist flag and the stature of the D.S. Senanayake ‚ at the Independent Square premises are being questioned by misled foreigners who know nothing about the country-â„¢s history. All they may know is that Sri Lanka is the only country in the world with Tamil as it-â„¢s one of the official language and one third of the country-â„¢s land have been claimed as‚  historical habitation of the Tamils.‚ 

By accepting Northern and Eastern provinces as historical habitation of the Tamils under the Rajiv- JR pact, making Tamil as an official language under the 13th A , making provisions for amalgamation of Northern and Eastern Provinces into one administrative unit where the Tamils will have a clear majority have paved the way to this unfortunate situation.


 ¶”¹ ¶­ ·” ¶» ·Å¡  ·Æ’ ·’ ¶¯ ·” ·â‚¬ ¶±  ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Æ’  ¶Å¡ ·” ¶¸ ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶Å¡ ¶» ¶º ·’  ¶¯? (  ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶¸ ·Æ’ ·” ¶¸ ¶Å¡ ·Å  )

September 17th, 2013

 ¶° ¶¸ ·Å  ¶¸ ·’ ¶Å¡  ¶‘ ·Æ’ ·Å   ¶Å¡ ·” ¶¸ · ¶»

 ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶± ¶­ ·Å   ¶» · ¶¢ ·Å - ¶º ¶º ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶”¹ ¶¯ ·â„¢ ·Æ’ ·  ·â‚¬ ·”  ·Æ’ ¶± ·Å  ¶± ¶¯ ·Å  ¶°  ·Æ’ ¶§ ¶±  ¶´ ¶» · ¶¢ ¶º  ·â‚¬ ·” ¶¸  ¶‘ ¶Å¡  ¶± · ·â‚¬ ¶­ ·” ¶¸ ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶´ ¶¸ ¶± ¶º ·’.  ¶¯ · ¶± ·Å   ¶” ·â‚¬ ·” ¶± ·Å  ¶§  ¶± · ·â‚¬ ¶­  ¶… ·â‚¬ ·Æ’ ·Å  ¶® · ·â‚¬  ¶½ · ¶¶ ·’ ¶½ ·  ¶­ ·’ ¶º ·â„¢ ¶± ·â‚¬ ·  ¶¡ ¶± ·Å  ¶¯  ¶¶ ¶½ ¶º ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å   ¶­ ¶¸  ¶´ ·Å - ¶» ¶¢ · ¶­ ¶± ·Å  ¶­ ·Å - ¶» ·â‚¬ · ¶¯ ·’  ¶… ¶» ¶Å ¶½ ¶º  ¶´ ¶«  ¶´ ·Å ·â‚¬ ¶± ·Å  ¶±.
 ¶”¹ ¶­ ·” ¶» ·”  ¶´ ·… · ¶­ ·Å   ·Æ’ ¶· · ·â‚¬ ·Å¡  ¶… ¶½ ·” ¶­ ·Å   ¶¯ ·Å¡ · ¶´ · ¶½ ¶±  ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Æ’ ¶Å¡ ·Å   ·Æ’ ·’ ¶¯ ·” ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶¸ ·’ ¶± ·Å   ¶­ ·’ ¶”º ·â„¢ ¶± ·â‚¬ ·. 2013.09. 21  ¶± ·Å   ¶´ ·Æ’ ·”  ¶… ¶´  ¶¸ ·” ·”ž ·” ¶«  ¶¯ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å  ¶± ·Å¡  ¶¯ ·Å¡ · ·” ¶º  ¶¯ ·Å¡ · ¶´ · ¶½ ¶± ¶º ·Å¡  ¶… ¶½ ·” ¶­ ·Å   ¶´ ¶» ·Å  ·â‚¬ ¶» ·Å  ¶­ ¶± ¶º ¶Å¡ ¶§ ¶º ·’.  ¶¸ ·â„¢ ·”ž ·’ ¶¯ ·’  ¶´ ·… · ¶­ ·Å   ·Æ’ ¶· ·  ¶Å¡ ·Å - ¶» ¶¸ ¶º ·Å¡  ¶± ·’ ¶º ¶¸  ¶¸ ·” ·”ž ·” ¶« ·” ·â‚¬ ¶»  ¶… ¶´ ¶§  ¶¯ · ¶Å¡  ¶Å ¶­  ·”ž · ¶Å¡ ·’ ·â‚¬ ·” ¶± ·Å ¶­ ·Å   ¶‘ ¶º  ¶”° ¶­ ·  ·â‚¬ · ¶¯ ¶Å ¶­ ·Å .  ¶Å¡ ·Å ·”ž ·Å ¶¸  ¶± ¶¸ ·” ¶­ ·Å   ¶­ ·â‚¬ ¶¯ ·” ¶» ¶§ ¶­ ·Å   ·Æ’ ·’ ¶”š ·”ž ¶½  ¶» ¶¢ ·Å - ¶º ¶º,  ¶¶ ¶½ ¶º  ¶”º ·â„¢ ¶¯ · ·”ž · ¶» ·” ¶¸  ·Æ’ ·’ ¶¯ ·” ¶Å¡ ¶» ¶±  ¶‘ ¶Å¡ ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶± · ·”ž ·.  ¶‘ ·”ž ·â„¢ ¶­ ·Å   ¶Å¡ · ¶½ ¶º · ¶Å ·Å¡  ¶”¡ ·â‚¬ ·‘ ¶¸ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å   ¶¶ ¶½ ¶º  ¶”º ·â„¢ ¶¯ ·  ¶± ·Å ·”ž · ¶»  ·Æ’ ·’ ¶§ ·” ¶¸ ¶§  ¶± ·Å ·”ž · ¶Å¡ ·’  ¶Å¡ ·’ ·Æ’ ·’ ¶º ¶¸ ·Å   ¶… ¶½ ·” ¶­ ·Å   ¶´ ¶» ·’ ·â‚¬ ¶» ·Å  ¶­ ¶±  ¶º ·” ¶Å ¶º ¶Å¡ ¶§  ¶… ¶´  ¶Å ¶¸ ¶± ·Å   ¶Å¡ ¶» ¶¸ ·’ ¶± ·Å   ·Æ’ ·’ ¶§ ·” ¶¸  ·Æ’ ·” ¶·  ¶½ ¶Å¡ ·” ¶± ¶Å¡ ·Å .

 ¶¸ ·Å¡  ¶´ ·Å - ¶» ·â‚¬ ¶« ¶­ ·  ¶­ ·” ·…  ¶”¹ ¶­ ·” ¶» ·Å¡  ¶Å¡ ·” ¶¸ ¶Å¡ ·Å   ·Æ’ ·’ ¶¯ ·” ·â‚¬ ·Å¡ ¶¯  ¶º ¶± ·Å  ¶±  ·â‚¬ · ¶¯ ¶Å ¶­ ·Å   ·Æ’ ·’ ¶­ ·” ¶¸ ¶Å¡ ·’.  ¶”¹ ¶­ ·” ¶» ·Å¡  ¶´ ·… · ¶­ ·Å   ·Æ’ ¶· ·  ¶¶ ¶½ ¶º  ¶Å¡ ·â‚¬ ·Å  ¶» ·”  ¶¢ ¶º  ¶Å ¶­ ·Å  ¶­ ¶¯  ¶‘ ·”ž ·’  ¶´ ·Å - ¶» ¶¶ ¶½ ¶­ ·Å  ·â‚¬ ¶º  ¶Å¡ · ¶½ ¶º  ·Æ’ ¶¸ ¶Å¸  ·”ž ·” ·â‚¬ ¶¸ · ¶» ·” ·â‚¬ ¶±  ¶Å¡ · ¶» ¶« ¶º ¶Å¡ ·Å .  ¶¯ ·” ¶¶ ¶½  ¶”  ¶Å¡ · ¶» ¶º ¶§  ¶¢ · ¶­ ·’ ·â‚¬ · ¶¯ ·’  ·”ž ·
 ¶¢ · ¶­ ·’ ¶Å¡ ·â‚¬ · ¶¯ ·’  ¶´ ¶¯ ¶± ¶¸ ·’ ¶± ·Å   ¶Å¡ ·’ ·Å - ¶» ¶º ·  ¶Å¡ ¶½ ·”ž ·Å ¶­ ·Å   ¶‘ ¶º  ¶´ ·Å - ¶» ¶¶ ¶½  ¶± ·Å ·â‚¬ ¶± ·”  ¶”¡ ¶­.  ¶´ ·Å - ¶» ¶¶ ¶½  ¶”  ¶Å¡ · ¶» ¶º ¶§  ·Æ’ ¶¸ ·Æ’ ·Å  ¶®  ¶» ¶§ ·Å¡  ¶¢ · ¶­ ·’ ¶Å¡ ·â‚¬ · ¶¯ ·’  ¶´ ¶¯ ¶± ¶¸ ·Å   ¶­ ·Å¡ ¶» ·” ¶¸ ·Å   ¶Å ¶± ·’ ¶¸ ·’ ¶± ·Å   ¶´ ·Å - ¶» ¶¶ ¶½ ¶­ ·Å  ·â‚¬ ¶º ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶”¡ ¶­ ·’ ·â‚¬  ¶Å ¶¸ ¶± ·Å   ¶Å¡ ·… ·”ž ·Å ¶­ ·Å   ¶´ ·Å - ¶» ¶¶ ¶½  ¶Å ¶¸ ¶± ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶”  ¶» ¶¸ ·Å  ¶·  ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å  ¶±  ¶´ ·” ¶½ ·” ·â‚¬ ¶± ·Å .
 ¶½ ¶”š ¶Å¡ · ·â‚¬ ·Å¡  ¶¯ ·Å¡ · ¶´ · ¶½ ¶±  ¶¶ ¶½ ¶… ¶° ·’ ¶Å¡ · ¶» ·’ ¶º  ¶º ¶± ·”  ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶° · ¶º ¶Å¡  ¶¢ ¶± · ¶° ·’ ¶´ ¶­ ·’  ¶­ ¶± ¶­ ·” ¶» ¶º ·’.

 ¶¸ ·â„¢ ·”ž ·’  ·â‚¬ ·’ · ·Å¡ ·”š ¶­ ·Å  ·â‚¬ ¶º  ·â‚¬ ¶± ·Å  ¶± ·Å¡  ¶¸ ·Å¡  ¶­ ¶± ¶­ ·” ¶» ¶§  ¶¶ ¶§ ·”ž ·’ ¶»  ¶» · ¶¢ ·Å - ¶º ¶º ¶± ·Å   ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶» ·” ¶¯ ·Å  ¶° ¶­ ·Å  ·â‚¬ ¶º  ¶´ ·Å - ¶» ¶Å¡ · ·  ¶± ·Å ¶Å¡ ·’ ¶» ·’ ¶¸ ¶º ·’. 1978  ·”ž ¶³ ·” ¶± ·Å  ·â‚¬ ·  ¶¯ ·” ¶± ·Å   ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶° · ¶º ¶Å¡  ¶¢ ¶± · ¶° ·’ ¶´ ¶­ ·’  ¶¶ ¶½ ¶­ ¶½ ·â‚¬ ¶½ ¶§  ·â‚¬ ¶© · 18  ·Æ’ ¶”š · · ¶° ¶± ¶º ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å   ·”ž ¶³ ·” ¶± ·Å  ·â‚¬ ·  ¶¯ ·” ¶± ·Å   ¶¢ ¶± ¶´ ¶­ ·’  ¶¶ ¶½ ¶­ ¶½  ¶´ ·Å - ¶» ¶¶ ¶½  ¶¶ ·â‚¬  ¶­ ·Å¡ ¶» ·” ¶¸ ·Å   ¶Å ¶­  ¶º ·” ¶­ ·” ¶º ·’.  ¶¸ ·Å¡  ¶… ¶± ·” ·â‚¬  ¶”¹ ¶­ ·” ¶»  ¶¯ ¶¸ ·’ ·…  ¶¶ ·”ž ·” ¶­ ¶»  ¶´ ¶Å¡ ·Å  ·”š  ¶¯ ·’ ¶± ·  ¶Å ¶­ ·Å  ¶­  ¶¯  ¶” ·â‚¬ ·” ¶± ·Å  ¶§  ¶Å¡ ·…  ·”ž · ¶Å¡ ·’ ·â‚¬ ¶± ·”  ¶”¡ ¶­ ·Å  ¶­ ·Å¡  ·Æ’ · ¶Å¡ ¶  ·Å  ¶¡ ·  ·Æ’ ¶³ ·”ž ·  ·â‚¬ · ¶© ·’  ¶Å¡ · ¶½ ¶º ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶¸ ·’ ¶© ¶”š ¶Å ·”  ¶Å¡ ·’ ¶» ·’ ¶¸  ¶´ ¶¸ ¶± ¶º ·’.  ¶’  ¶´ · ¶­ ·Å  ¶­ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å   ¶¶ · ¶½ ·” ·â‚¬ ·Å ¶­ ·Å   ¶¸ ·Å¡  ¶´ ·… · ¶­ ·Å   ·Æ’ ¶· · ·â‚¬  · ·” ·Å - ¶»  ¶½ ¶”š ¶Å¡ · ·â‚¬ ·Å¡  ¶… ¶± ·â„¢ ¶Å¡ ·” ¶­ ·Å   ¶´ ·… · ¶­ ·Å   ·Æ’ ¶· ·  ·Æ’ ¶”š ·Æ’ ·Å  ¶Å¡ ·Ëœ ¶­ ·’ ¶º ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å   ¶¸ ·’ ¶¯ ·” ¶« ·”  ¶´ ·… · ¶­ ·Å   ·Æ’ ¶· · ·â‚¬ ¶Å¡ ·Å   ·â‚¬ ·” ¶¸  ·Æ’ · ¶Å¡  ·Æ’ ·”ž ·’ ¶­ ¶º.  ¶¸ ·â„¢ ·”ž ·’ ¶¯ ·’  ¶”¡ ¶­ · ¶¸ ·Å   ¶Å¡ ¶» ·” ¶« ·”  ¶… ¶­ ¶»,  ·â‚¬ · ¶¯ ¶Å ¶­ ·Å   ¶Å¡ ¶» ·” ¶± ¶Å¡ ·Å   ·â‚¬ ¶± ·Å  ¶± ·Å¡  ¶¢ · ¶­ ·’ ¶Å¡ ·â‚¬ · ¶¯ ¶º  ¶¸ ¶­  ¶Å ·Å ¶© ¶± · ¶Å ·â„¢ ¶±  ¶”¹ ¶­ ·” ¶» ·Å¡  ¶¯ ·Å - ¶» ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶©  ¶´ ·Å - ¶» ¶­ ·’ ¶» ·” ¶´  ·Æ’ ·”ž  ¶¯ ¶Å¡ ·” ¶± ·Å¡  ·Æ’ ·’ ¶”š ·”ž ¶½  ¶¢ · ¶­ ·’ ¶Å¡ ·â‚¬ · ¶¯ ·’  ¶´ ·Å - ¶» ¶­ ·’ ¶» ·” ¶´  ¶± · ·â‚¬ ¶­ ¶­ ·Å   ¶Å¡ ¶½ ¶‘ ·… ·’  ¶¶ · ·Æ’ ·” ¶¸ ¶º ·’.

 ¶”° ¶± ·Å  ¶¯ ·’ ¶º · ·â‚¬  ¶¸ ·Å¡  ·Æ’ ¶¸ ·Å  ¶¶ ¶± ·Å  ¶° ·â‚¬  ¶¯ · ¶© ·’  ¶… ·â‚¬ ¶° · ¶± ¶º ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å   ·Æ’ ·’ ¶§ ·’ ¶º ¶­ ·Å ,  ¶½ ¶”š ¶Å¡ · ·â‚¬ ·Å¡  ¶… ¶» ·Å  ¶¶ ·” ¶¯ ¶º ¶§  ·Æ’ ·Ëœ ¶¢ ·” ·â‚¬  ¶¸ · ¶¯ ·’ ·”ž ¶­ ·Å  ·â‚¬ ·” ¶¸ ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶± ·Å ¶Å¡ ¶» ¶± ·”  ¶”¡ ¶­.  ¶” ·â‚¬ ·” ¶± ·Å  ¶§  ¶”¡ ¶­ ·’  ¶± ·’ ¶½  ·Æ’ ·”ž  ¶± ·Å ¶½ ¶± ·’ ¶½  ¶¶ · ¶° ¶Å¡ ¶º  ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶° · ¶º ¶Å¡  ¶¢ ¶± · ¶° ·’ ¶´ ¶­ ·’  ¶° ·” ¶» ¶º ¶º ·’.  ¶”° ¶± ·Å  ¶¯ ·’ ¶º · ·â‚¬  · ·” ·Å - ¶» ¶½ ¶”š ¶Å¡ · ·â‚¬ ·Å¡  ¶¯ ·”  ¶… ¶´ ·Å¡ ¶Å¡ ·Å  ·”š ·  ¶Å¡ ¶» ¶±  ¶¢ · ¶­ ·’ ¶Å¡ ·â‚¬ · ¶¯ ·’  ¶± · ¶º ¶Å¡ ¶­ ·Å  ·â‚¬ ¶º  ¶… ¶¯ ¶­ ·Å   ¶´ ·Å - ¶» ¶¶ ¶½ ¶º ·’. 1987  ¶¯ ·”  ¶”° ¶± ·Å  ¶¯ ·’ ¶º · ·â‚¬  ¶½ ¶”š ¶Å¡ · ·â‚¬ ·Å¡  ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶° · ¶º ¶Å¡  ¶¶ ¶½ ¶º ¶§  ¶‘ ¶» ·â„¢ ·”ž ·’ ·â‚¬  ¶¶ ¶½ ¶º  ¶´ · ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶  ·Å  ¶  ·’  ¶Å¡ ·…  ·”ž · ¶§ ·’  ¶… ¶´ ¶§  ¶¸ ¶­ ¶Å¡ ¶º.  ¶‘ ·”ž ·’ ¶¯ ·’  ¶½ ¶”š ¶Å¡ · ·â‚¬ ·Å¡  ¶´ ·â‚¬ ¶­ ·’ ¶±  ¶¯ ¶» ·” ¶« ·”  ·Æ’ ·’ ¶”š ·”ž ¶½  ¶¯ ·â„¢ ¶¸ ·…  ¶¢ · ¶­ ·’ ·â‚¬ · ¶¯ ¶º ¶§  ¶”° ¶¶ ·’  ¶º ¶­ ·” ¶» ·”  ¶¯ · ¶¸ ·” ¶¸ 13  ·â‚¬ ¶±  ·Æ’ ¶”š · · ¶° ¶± ¶º ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å   ·Æ’ ·’ ¶¯ ·” ¶Å¡ ¶½ ·.  ¶‘ ¶º  ¶… ¶¯ ¶§  ¶¯  ¶‘ ·Æ’ ·Å¡ ¶¸ ¶º ·’.  ¶‘ ¶º  ¶Å¡ ·… ·Å¡  ¶”° ¶± ·Å  ¶¯ ·’ ¶º · ·â‚¬ ¶º ·’.  ¶Å¡ ·â„¢ ·Æ’ ·Å¡  ¶± ¶¸ ·” ¶­ ·Å ,  ¶”° ¶± ·Å  ¶¯ ·’ ¶º · ·â‚¬  ¶½ ¶”š ¶Å¡ · ·â‚¬  ·Æ’ ¶¸ ·Å  ¶¶ ¶± ·Å  ¶° ¶º ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å   ¶¸ · ¶¯ ·’ ·”ž ¶­ ·Å  ·â‚¬ ¶±  ·Æ’ ·Å  ·â‚¬ ¶» ·” ¶´ ¶º  ¶¯ · ¶± ·Å   ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Æ’ ·Å   ¶º.  ¶½ ¶”š ¶Å¡ · ·â‚¬ ·Å¡  ¶”¹ ¶­ ·” ¶» ·”  ¶± · ¶Å ·â„¢ ¶± ·”ž ·’ ¶»  ¶´ ·… · ¶­ ·Å  ·â‚¬ ¶½  ¶… ¶± · ¶Å ¶­ ¶º  ¶­ ·” ¶» ¶« ¶º ·â‚¬ ¶±  ¶”  ¶Å¡ · ¶» ¶º  ·â‚¬ ·Å - ¶º ·â‚¬ ·Æ’ ·Å  ¶® · ¶´ ·’ ¶­  ¶Å¡ ·Å ¶§  ¶”¡ ¶­ ·’ 13  ·â‚¬ ¶±  ·Æ’ ¶”š · · ¶° ¶± ¶º ·Å¡  ¶´ · ·”ž · ¶¯ ·’ ¶½ ·’  ¶Å¡ ¶»  ¶­ ·’ ¶¶ ·Å¡.

 ¶´ ·… · ¶­ ·Å   ·Æ’ ¶· ·  ¶Å¡ ·Å - ¶» ¶¸ ¶º  ¶¯ · ¶± ·Å   ·â‚¬ ·Æ’ ¶» 25  ¶Å¡ ¶§  ·â‚¬ ¶© ·  ¶´ · ¶» ¶« ·’ ¶º ·’.  ·Æ’ ·’ ¶¯ ·” ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶½ ·  ¶­ ·’ ¶º ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å  ¶± ·Å¡  ¶Å¡ ·” ¶¸ ¶Å¡ ·Å  ¶¯?  ¶¢ ¶± ¶­ · ·â‚¬ ¶§  ¶¢ ¶º ¶Å ·Å - ¶» ·”ž ¶±  ¶… ¶­ ·Å  ·â‚¬ ·”  ¶± · ¶­.  ¶´ ·” ¶» ·â‚¬ · ·Æ’ ·’  ·Æ’ ¶¸ · ¶¢ ¶º  ¶¶ ·’ ¶³  ¶¯ ¶¸ ·  ¶¡ ¶± ·Å  ¶¯ ¶¯ · ¶º ¶Å¡  ·Æ’ ¶¸ · ¶¢ ¶º  ¶´ ·Å - ¶» ¶  ¶« ·Å  ¶© ¶­ ·Å  ·â‚¬ ¶º ¶§  ¶´ ¶­ ·Å   ¶Å¡ ¶» ¶½ ·  ¶­ ·’ ¶º ·â„¢ ¶± ·â‚¬ ·.  ·Æ’ ·’ ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶½ ·Å   ·Æ’ ¶¸ · ¶¢ ¶º  ¶¸ ¶­  ¶¯ ·Å¡ · ¶´ · ¶½ ¶±  ¶”  ¶¯ ·’ ¶´ ¶­ ·Å - ¶º  ¶Å ·Å ¶© ¶± ¶Å ¶½ ·.  ¶´ ·… · ¶­ ·Å   ·Æ’ ¶· ·  ¶Å¡ ·Å - ¶» ¶¸ ¶º  ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶° · ¶º ¶Å¡ ¶º  ¶º ¶§ ¶­ ¶§  ¶´ ¶­ ·Å   ¶Å¡ ¶» ¶½  ¶­ ·’ ¶º ·â„¢ ¶± ·â‚¬ ·.  ¶¯ ¶Å¡ ·” ¶« ·Å¡  ¶¯ ·’  ·Æ’ ·’ ¶º ·… ·”  ¶¢ · ¶­ ·” ¶± ·Å   ¶’ ¶Å¡ ¶§  ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶» · ¶° ¶º ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶¯ ¶Å¡ ·Å  ·â‚¬ ¶½ ·  ¶± · ·”ž ·.  ·Æ’ ·‘ ¶¸  ¶¢ · ¶­ ·’ ¶Å¡  ¶¯ ·Å¡ · ¶´ · ¶½ ¶±  ¶´ ¶Å¡ ·Å  ·”š ¶º ¶Å¡ ¶¸  ¶¯ ·Å¡ · ¶´ · ¶½ ¶Å¡ ¶º ·’ ¶± ·Å   ¶­ ¶¸  ¶¶ ¶©  ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶º ¶­  ¶» · ¶Å¡  ¶Å ¶± ·Å  ¶± ·  ¶´ ·Å - ¶» ¶° · ¶±  ¶”  ¶¯ · ¶º ¶¸ ·Å   ¶¸ · ¶» ·Å  ¶Å ¶º ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶Å¡ ¶» ¶Å ·â„¢ ¶±  ¶­ ·’ ¶º ·â„¢ ¶± ·â‚¬ ·  ¶¸ ·Å¡  ¶´ ·… · ¶­ ·Å   ·Æ’ ¶· ·  ¶Å¡ ·Å - ¶» ¶¸ ¶º.  ¶¸ ·Å¡  ·â‚¬ · ¶» ¶¯ ·’  ¶¯ ·Å¡ · ¶´ · ¶½ ¶±  ¶· · ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶­ · ·â‚¬  ¶» ¶§  ¶… ¶Å · ¶° ¶º ¶§  ¶´ ¶­ ·Å   ¶Å¡ ¶» ¶½ ·  ¶­ ·’ ¶º ·â„¢ ¶± ·â‚¬ ·.  ¶… ¶¯  ·Æ’ ·’ ¶º ¶½ ·”  ¶¸ ·”ž ¶¢ ¶±  ¶± ·’ ¶º · ¶¢ ·’ ¶­ · ¶º ¶­ ¶± ·â‚¬ ¶½ ¶§  ¶´ ¶­ ·Å  ·â‚¬ ¶± ·Å  ¶± ·Å¡  ·Æ’ ·Å  ¶­ ·” ·Å - ¶»  ¶¯ ·” ·”š ¶Å¡ ¶º ¶± ·Å  , ¶¸ ·’ ¶± ·’ ¶¸ ¶» ·” ·â‚¬ ¶± ·Å ,  ¶”° ¶© ¶¸ ·Å   ¶Å¡ ·Å ¶½ ·Å  ¶½ ¶Å¡ ¶» ·” ·â‚¬ ¶± ·Å   ¶Å¡ ·” ¶© ·” ¶Å¡ · ¶» ¶º ¶± ·Å   ¶¢ · ·â‚¬ · ¶» ¶¸ ·Å  ¶Å¡ ¶» ·” ·â‚¬ ¶± ·Å   ·â‚¬ · ¶± ·’  ·Æ’ ¶¸ · ¶¢  ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶» · ¶° ·’  ¶Å¡ ¶§ ¶º ·” ¶­ ·”  ¶± ·Å ¶¶ ·’ ¶º ·â‚¬  ¶Å¡ ·…  ·”ž · ¶Å¡ ·’  ¶° ¶± ¶¶ ¶½ ¶º  ¶± ·’ ¶½  ¶¶ ¶½ ¶º  ·”ž ·’ ¶¸ ·’  ¶´ ·’ ¶» ·’ ·Æ’ ·Å .  ¶¸ ·Å ·â‚¬ ·” ¶± ·Å   ¶… ¶¯  ¶Å¡ ·’ ·Æ’ ·’ ¶¯ ·”  ¶¢ · ¶­ ·’ ¶· ·Å¡ ¶¯  ¶´ ¶¯ ¶± ¶¸ ¶Å¡ ·’ ¶± ·Å   ¶­ ·Å ¶» ·â‚¬  ¶± · ¶Å ·â„¢ ¶± ·”ž ·’ ¶» ¶¯ ·” ¶­ ·Å   ¶¯ ¶Å¡ ·” ¶« ·Å¡ ¶¯ ·” ¶­ ·Å   ¶¶ ¶½  ¶¸ ·” ·… ·”  ¶Å · ¶± ·Å  ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶½  ¶­ ·’ ¶º ·â„¢ ¶± ·â‚¬ ·.  ¶» ¶§ ·Å¡  ¶± ·” ¶­ ·’ ¶º ·Å¡  ¶”  ¶¯ ·’ ¶´ ¶­ ·Å - ¶º ¶º  ¶¸ ·â„¢ ·”ž ·â„¢ ¶º  ·â‚¬ ¶± ·Å  ¶± ·Å¡  ¶… ¶¯  ¶” ·â‚¬ ·” ¶± ·Å  ¶± ·Å¡.  ·â‚¬ ·’ · ·Å¡ ·”š ¶º ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å   ¶”¹ ¶­ ·” ¶» ·”  ¶´ ·… · ¶­ ·Å   ·Æ’ ¶· · ·â‚¬ ¶§  ¶´ ¶­ ·Å  ·â‚¬ ¶±  ¶´ · ¶½ ¶Å¡  ¶´ ¶Å¡ ·Å  ·”š ¶º  ¶‘ ¶Å¡ ·”  ·â‚¬ ·’ ·”š ¶¸ · ¶  · ¶» ¶º ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å   ¶¸ ·’ ¶¯ ·”  ¶Å¡ ¶§ ¶º ·” ¶­ ·”  ¶Å¡ ¶» · ·â‚¬ ·’  ¶º ¶± ·Å  ¶±  ·Æ’ ·’ ¶­ ·  ¶Å ¶­  ¶± ·Å ·”ž · ¶Å¡ ·’ ¶º.

 ·Æ’ ¶¸ ·”ž ¶»  ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶§  ¶”° ¶± ·Å  ¶¯ ·’ ¶º · ·â‚¬  ·Æ’ ¶¸ ¶Å¸  ·â‚¬ ·’ · ·Å¡ ·”š  ·Æ’ ¶¶ ¶³ ¶­ ·  ¶”¡ ¶­ ·’ ¶Å¡ ¶»  ¶Å · ¶± ·” ¶¸ ¶§  ¶¯  ¶´ ·” ·… ·” ·â‚¬ ¶± ·Å   ¶‘ ·Æ’ ·Å¡  ·â‚¬ ·” ·â‚¬ ·”ž ·Å ¶­ ·Å   ¶‘ ¶º  ·â‚¬ · ·… · ¶Å¡ ·Å  ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶º  ¶± ·Å ·”ž · ¶Å¡ ·’ ¶º.  ¶‘ ·â‚¬ · ¶± ·’  ¶… ·â‚¬ ·Æ’ ·Å  ¶® · ·â‚¬ ¶Å¡ ¶¯ ·’  ·â‚¬ ¶­ ·Å  ¶¸ ¶± ·Å   ¶”  ¶« ·Å  ¶© ·” ·â‚¬  ¶¯ ·â„¢ ·â‚¬ ¶±  ¶¸ ¶± ·Å  ¶­ ·’ ·Å - ¶»  ·Æ’ ¶· · ·â‚¬ ¶Å¡ ·Å   ·”ž ¶» ·”ž ·  ¶¸ ·â„¢ ¶» ¶§  ¶¸ · ¶­ ·’ ·â‚¬ ¶» ¶«  ¶Å¡ ·Å - ¶» ¶¸ ¶º  ·Æ’ ¶”š · · ¶° ¶± ¶º ¶§  ¶½ ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶Å¡ ·Å ¶§  ¶¯ ·â„¢ ¶¸ ·…  ¶¸ ·” ·Æ’ ·Å  ¶½ ·’ ¶¸ ·Å   ¶”  ¶¯ ·’  ·Æ’ ·” ·… ·”  ¶¢ ¶±  ¶Å¡ ·Å ¶§ ·Æ’ ·Å   ¶Å¡ · ¶¶ ·’ ¶± ¶§ ·Å   ¶¸ ¶« ·Å  ¶© ¶½ ¶º  ¶­ ·” ·… ¶§  ·Æ’ ¶¸ ·Å  ¶¶ ¶± ·Å  ¶°  ¶Å¡ ·’ ¶» ·” ¶¸  ¶Å¡ ·… ¶º ·” ¶­ ·”  ¶¶ ·â‚¬  ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶¯ ·Å  ·â‚¬ ¶­ ·Å   ¶¯ ·Å¡ · ¶´ · ¶½ ¶±  ¶´ ¶» ·Å  ¶º ·Å¡ ·”š ¶Å¡ ¶º ·’ ¶± ·Å   ¶´ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å  ·â‚¬ ·  ¶¯ ·”  ¶­ ·’ ¶”º ·â„¢ ¶± ·â‚¬ ·.

 ¶”¹ ¶­ ·” ¶» ·Å¡  ¶´ ·… · ¶­ ·Å   ·Æ’ ¶· · ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å   ¶¯ ·â„¢ ¶¸ ·…  ¶¢ ¶± ¶­ · ·â‚¬ ¶§  ·Æ’ · ¶° · ¶» ¶« ¶­ ·Å  ·â‚¬ ¶º ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶”° ¶§ ·” ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶º  ¶º ·” ¶­ ·” ¶º ·’.  ¶‘ ¶º  ¶” ·â‚¬ ·” ¶± ·Å   ¶¯ · ¶© ·’  ·â‚¬ ¶Å ¶Å¡ ·’ ¶¸ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å   ¶º ·” ¶­ ·” ·â‚¬  ¶”° ¶§ ·” ¶Å¡ ¶½  ¶º ·” ¶­ ·”  ·â‚¬ · ¶©  ¶Å¡ ·Å ¶§ ·Æ’ ¶Å¡ ·Å .  ¶‘ ·Æ’ ·Å¡ ¶¸  ¶”¹ ¶­ ·” ¶»  ¶¢ ¶º  ¶Å ¶± ·Å  ¶± ·  ¶´ · ¶» ·Å  · ·Å  ·â‚¬ ¶º  ¶‘ ¶¸  ¶¢ ¶º  ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶± ¶­ ·Å   ¶» · ¶¢ ·Å - ¶º ¶º ¶Å¡ ·Å   ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶± ·” ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å   ¶… ¶¯ · ·…  ¶Å¡ ¶»  ¶Å ¶­  ¶º ·” ¶­ ·”  ¶± · ·”ž ·  ¶Å¡ ·’ ¶º ¶½ ·  ¶­ ¶¸ ¶º ·’  ¶¸ ¶Å ·Å¡  ¶… ¶¯ ·”ž ·Æ’.  ¶‘ ·â‚¬ · ¶± ·’  ¶¯ ·â„¢ ¶º ¶Å¡ ·Å  1977  ¶¯ ·”  ·Æ’ ·’ ¶¯ ·”  ·â‚¬ ·” ¶« ·.

 ¶”¹ ¶´ ·” ¶§ ·  ¶Å · ¶± ·” ¶¸ ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶”  ¶» ¶¸ ·Å  ¶· ¶º

‚  ¶¸ ·”ž  ¶¸ · ¶­ ·’ ·â‚¬ ¶» ¶« ¶º ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å   ¶‘. ¶¢ · ¶´. ¶º 6/5 ¶Å¡  ¶¶ ·”ž ·” ¶­ ¶» ¶º ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶½ ¶¶ ·  ¶Å ·â„¢ ¶±  ·â‚¬ ·’ · · ¶½  ¶¢ ¶º ¶Å ·Å - ¶» ·”ž ¶± ¶º ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶… ¶­ ·Å   ¶Å¡ ¶» ¶Å ¶­ ·Å   ¶… ¶­ ¶»  · ·” ·Å - ¶» ¶½ ¶± ·’ ¶´ ¶º  ¶”  ·Æ’ ¶± 8  ¶Å¡ ¶§  ·Æ’ ·” ¶¸ · ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶¸ ·’ ¶± ·Å   ¶… ¶± ·Å  ¶­  ¶´ ¶» · ¶¢ ¶º ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶… ¶­ ·Å  ¶Å¡ ¶»  ¶Å ¶­ ·Å  ¶­ ·Å¡ ¶º.  ¶‘ ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶§  ¶´ · ¶» ·Å  ¶½ ·’ ¶¸ ·Å¡ ¶± ·Å  ¶­ ·” ·â‚¬ ·Å¡  ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶´ ¶Å¡ ·Å  ·”š ¶± · ¶º ¶Å¡  ¶° ·” ¶» ¶º  ¶¯ ·Å - ¶» ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶©  ¶‘ ¶Å¡ ·Å  ·Æ’ ¶­ ·Å   ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶¸ ·” ¶Å¡ ·Å  ¶­ ·’  ¶´ ·â„¢ ¶» ¶¸ ·” ¶« ¶§  ·”ž ·’ ¶¸ ·’  ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶º.  ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶´ ¶Å¡ ·Å  ·”š ¶± · ¶º ¶Å¡  ¶° ·” ¶» ¶º  ¶½ ¶¶ · ¶Å ¶­ ·Å   ¶… ¶¸ ·” ¶» ·Å  ¶­ ¶½ ·’ ¶”š ¶Å ¶¸ ·Å   ¶¸ ·”ž ¶­ ·  ¶´ · ¶» ·Å  ¶½ ·’ ¶¸ ·Å¡ ¶± ·Å  ¶­ ·” ·â‚¬ ·Å¡ ¶¯ ·”  ¶´ ·… ¶¸ ·” ·â‚¬ ¶±  ¶» · ·Æ’ ·Å  ·â‚¬ ·” ¶¸ ·Å¡  ·Æ’ ¶³ ·”ž ¶± ·Å   ¶Å¡ ·… ·Å¡  ¶¯ ¶¸ ·’ ·…  ¶¢ ¶± ¶­ · ·â‚¬  ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶± ¶¸  ¶» · ¶¢ ·Å - ¶º ¶º ¶Å¡ ·Å   ·Æ’ ¶³ ·”ž ·  ¶­ ¶¸ ¶± ·Å  ¶§  ¶¢ ¶± ·â‚¬ ¶» ¶¸ ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶½ ¶¶ ·  ¶¯ ·”  ¶”¡ ¶­ ·’  ¶¶ ·â‚¬ZZ  ¶º ¶± ·Å  ¶± ¶º ·’.

 ¶”¹ ¶´ ·” ¶§ ·  ¶Å · ¶± ·” ¶¸  ¶… ·â‚¬ ·Æ’ ¶± ·Å 

 · ·” ·Å - ¶»  ¶½ ¶”š ¶Å¡ · ·â‚¬ ·Å¡  ¶¢ ¶± ·â‚¬ · ¶» ·Å  ¶Å ·’ ¶Å¡  ¶Å · ¶§ ·… ·” ·â‚¬  ¶´ ·’ ·… ·’ ¶¶ ¶³  ¶”° ¶­ ·’ ·”ž · ·Æ’ ¶º 1833- 1940  ·â‚¬ ·’ ·… ·’ ¶¯ ·”  ¶´ ·Å - ¶» ¶Å¡ · · ¶±  ¶´ ·’ ¶§ ·” ·â‚¬ 34  ¶‘ ¶º  ¶‘ ·Æ’ ·Å¡  ·â‚¬ ·” ·â‚¬ ·”ž ·Å ¶­ ·Å   ¶” ·â‚¬ ·” ¶± ·Å   ¶¯  ¶± · ·â‚¬ ¶­ 80  ¶º ·” ¶Å ¶º ¶§  ¶­ ¶½ ·Å  ¶½ ·” ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å  ¶±  ¶´ ·” ·… ·” ·â‚¬ ¶± ·Å .  ¶¸ ·Å¡  ·â‚¬ ¶§ ¶´ ·’ ¶§ · ·â‚¬  ¶­ ·” ·…  ¶”¹ ¶­ ·” ¶» ·Å¡  ¶´ ·… · ¶­ ·Å   ·Æ’ ¶· · ·â‚¬  ¶§ ·” ¶‘ ¶± ·Å . ¶’  ¶¯ ·’ ¶± ·” ·â‚¬ ¶­ ·Å  13  ·â‚¬ ¶±  ¶”  ¶« ·Å  ¶© ·” ¶Å¡ ·Å - ¶» ¶¸  ·â‚¬ ·Å - ¶º ·â‚¬ ·Æ’ ·Å  ¶® · ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å   ¶”¹ ¶´ ¶» ·’ ¶¸  ¶¶ ¶½ ¶­ ¶½  ¶½ ¶¶ ·  ¶Å · ¶± ·” ¶¸ ¶§  ¶‘ ¶Å¡  ¶» · ¶º ·’ ¶± ·Å   ¶¶ ¶½ · ¶´ ·Å ¶» ·Å ¶­ ·Å  ¶­ ·”  ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å  ¶±  ·”ž ·Å ¶³  ¶± · ·”ž ·.  ¶Å  ¶§  ¶´ ·Å - ¶» ¶® ¶¸  ¶” ·â‚¬ ·” ¶± ·Å   ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶° · ¶º ¶Å¡ ¶º  ·Æ’ ¶¸ ¶Å  ¶Å ¶« ·” ¶¯ ·â„¢ ¶± ·”  ¶Å¡ ·’ ¶» ·” ¶¸ ¶§  ¶Å¡ ¶§ ·” ¶Å¡  ¶Å¡ · ¶½ ¶´ ¶» ·’ ¶  ·Å  ¶¡ ·â„¢ ¶¯ ¶º ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶½ · ¶”º ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å  ¶± ¶§  ¶´ ·” ·… ·” ·â‚¬ ¶± ·Å .  ¶¯ · ¶± ·Å   ¶¯ ·â„¢ ¶¸ ·…  ·Æ’ ¶¸ · ¶¢ ¶º  ¶­ ·” ·…  ·Æ’ ¶± ·Å  ¶± ¶¯ ·Å  ¶°  ¶´ · ¶» ·Å  · ·Å  ·â‚¬ ¶º ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶± ·Å ¶¸ · ¶­ ·’  ¶± ·’ ·Æ’ ·  ¶¶ ¶½ ¶º  ·Æ’ ¶³ ·”ž ·  ¶Å¡ ·Å¡ ·â‚¬ ¶½ ·Å   ¶Å¡ ¶» ¶± ·Å  ¶±  ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å  ¶± ·Å¡  ¶Å¡ · ¶½ ¶º ·  ·Æ’ ¶¸ ¶Å  ¶´ ¶¸ ¶± ¶º ·’.  ¶¶ ¶½ ¶± ·Å  ¶±  ¶Å¡ ·Å ·… ¶¹  ¶± ¶Å ¶»  ·Æ’ ¶· · ·â‚¬  ¶‘. ¶¢ ·. ¶´ ¶º  ¶¢ ¶º  ¶Å ¶­ ·Å  ¶­ ¶­ ·Å   ¶’ ¶Å¡  ·”ž ·Æ’ ·” ¶» ·” ·â‚¬ ¶± ·Å  ¶± ·Å¡‚   ·â‚¬ ¶­ ·Å  ¶¸ ¶± ·Å   ¶”  ¶« ·Å  ¶© ·” ·â‚¬ ¶± ·Å¡.  ¶’ ¶Å¡  ¶­ ¶¸ ¶º ·’  ¶½ ¶”š ¶Å¡ · ·â‚¬ ·Å¡  ¶¯ ·Å¡ · ¶´ · ¶½ ¶±  ·â‚¬ ¶§ ¶´ ·’ ¶§ · ·â‚¬.  ¶¸ ·Å¡  ¶º ¶±  ¶”  ¶Å¡ · ¶» ¶º  ¶¯ ·’ ·”ž ·  ¶¶ · ¶½ ·”  ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶§  ¶”¹ ¶­ ·” ¶» ·”  ¶´ ·… · ¶­ ·Å   ·Æ’ ¶· · ·â‚¬ ¶§  ¶Å¡ ¶§ ¶º ·” ¶­ ·”  ¶Å¡ ·… ·”ž · ¶Å¡ ·Å  ¶Å¡ ·Å¡  ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶° · ¶º ¶Å¡ ¶º  ·”ž ·  ·Æ’ ¶¸ ¶Å · ¶¸ ·’ ·â‚¬  ¶± ·Å ·â‚¬ ·Å¡.  ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶° · ¶º ¶Å¡ ¶º  ¶º ¶§ ¶­ ·Å¡ ¶º ·’.  ¶‘ ¶º  ¶Å · ¶§ ·… ·” ¶Å¡ · ¶» ·’  ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶º ·’.

 ¶­ ·â‚¬ ¶¸ ¶­ ·Å   ¶» ¶§  ¶­ ·” ·…  ¶´ ·Å - ¶» ¶¢ · ¶­ ¶± ·Å  ¶­ ·Å - ¶» ·â‚¬ · ¶¯ ·”  ¶¸ ·” ¶½ ¶° ¶» ·Å  ¶¸ ¶º ¶± ·Å   ¶º ¶§ ¶­ ·Å¡  ¶´ ·Å - ¶» ¶¢ · ¶­ ¶± ·Å  ¶­ ·Å - ¶» ·â‚¬ · ¶¯ ¶º  ¶”  ¶» ¶Å¡ ·Å  ·”š · ·â‚¬ ¶±  ¶´ ¶» ·’ ·Æ’ ¶» ¶º ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶± ·’ ¶» ·Å  ¶¸ · ¶± ¶º  ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶½ ·  ¶± ·‘.  ¶¸ ·” ¶½ ·’ ¶± ·Å  ¶¸  ¶» ¶§ ·Å¡  ¶¯ ¶Å¡ ·” ¶« ·Å¡  ¶¶ ·”ž ·” ¶­ ¶»  ¶´ ·Å - ¶» ¶¢ · ·â‚¬  ·Æ’ ¶­ ·” ·â‚¬  ¶± ·” ¶­ ·’ ¶º ·Å¡  ¶”  ¶¯ ·’ ¶´ ¶­ ·Å - ¶º  ¶´ ·Å - ¶» ¶¢ · ¶­ ¶± ·Å  ¶­ ·Å - ¶» ·â‚¬ · ¶¯ ¶º  ¶­ ·”ž ·â‚¬ ·” ¶» ·”  ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶½ ·  ¶­ ·’ ¶º ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å  ¶±  ¶”¢ ¶± ·.  ¶‘ ·Æ’ ·Å¡  ¶± ·Å ¶¸ · ¶­ ·’ ·â‚¬  ¶”¹ ¶­ ·” ¶» ·Å¡  ¶´ ¶¸ ¶± ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶´ ·Å - ¶» ¶¢ · ¶­ ¶± ·Å  ¶­ ·Å - ¶» ·â‚¬ · ¶¯ ¶º  ¶”° ¶½ ·Å  ¶½ ·” ¶¸ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å   ¶´ ¶½ ¶Å¡ ·Å   ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å  ¶± ·Å¡  ¶± ·‘.  ·Æ’ ·’ ¶”š ·”ž ¶½  ¶¯ ·Å¡ · ¶´ · ¶½ ¶±  ¶´ ¶Å¡ ·Å  ·”š  ¶¶ ¶½ ¶º  ·Æ’ ¶³ ·”ž ·  ¶¸ ·’ ¶± ·” ¶¸ ¶» ·  ¶Å ¶± ·Å  ¶± ·  ¶”  ¶Å¡ · ¶» ¶º  ¶¯ · ¶© ·’  ¶½ ·â„¢ ·Æ’  ·Æ’ · ¶½ ¶Å¡ ·’ ¶½ ·Å  ¶½ ¶§  ¶Å ¶­  ¶º ·” ¶­ ·” ¶º ·’.  ¶´ ·Æ’ ·” ¶Å ·’ ¶º  ¶Å¡ · ¶½  ¶´ ¶» ·’ ¶  ·Å  ¶¡ ·Å¡ ¶¯ ¶º  ¶­ ·” ·…  ·â‚¬ ¶­ ·Å  ¶¸ ¶± ·Å   ¶”  ¶« ·Å  ¶© ·” ·â‚¬ ·Å¡  ¶Å¡ ·’ ·Å - ¶» ¶º · ¶Å¡ ·… · ¶´  ¶´ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å  ¶± ·” ¶¸ ·Å   ¶Å¡ ·… ·Å¡,  ¶Å¡ ¶» ¶± ·Å  ¶± ·Å¡  ¶¯ ¶Å¡ ·” ¶« ·Å¡  ¶¢ ¶± ¶­ · ·â‚¬ ¶Å ·Å¡  ¶´ ·Å - ¶» ¶¢ · ¶­ ¶± ·Å  ¶­ ·Å - ¶» ·â‚¬ · ¶¯ ¶º  ·”ž ·  ¶¢ ·” ·â‚¬ ¶­ ·Å  ·â‚¬ ·” ¶¸ ·Å¡  ¶… ¶º ·’ ¶­ ·’ ¶º  ¶”¹ ¶¯ ·” ¶» ·  ¶Å ¶± ·Å  ¶± ·  ·Æ’ ·’ ¶¯ ·Å  ¶° ·” ¶± ·Å .

 ¶¸ ·Å¡  ·Æ’ ·’ ¶¯ ·Å  ¶° ·’ ·â‚¬ ¶½  ¶º ¶® · ¶» ·Å  ¶­ ¶º  ¶¸ ·Å ¶Å¡ ¶Å¡ ·Å  ¶¯ ?  ¶¸ ·Å¡  ¶» ¶§ ·Å¡  ¶¶ ·”ž ·” ¶­ ¶»  ¶¢ · ¶­ ·” ¶± ·Å  ¶§  ¶± ·Å ¶¸ · ¶­ ·’  ¶± ·’ ¶¯ ·”ž ·Æ’ ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶”¹ ¶­ ·” ¶» ·Å¡  ·Æ’ ·” ·… ·” ¶¢ ¶±  ·â‚¬ · ·Æ’ ·’ ¶º · ¶§  ¶½ · ¶”º ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å  ¶± ·Å¡  ¶Å¡ ·â„¢ ·Æ’ ·Å¡ ¶¯  ¶Å¡ ·’ ¶º ¶½  ¶± ·Å¡ ¶¯?  ¶¸ ·Å¡  ¶± ·’ ·Æ’ ·  ¶”¹ ¶­ ·” ¶» ·’ ¶± ·Å   ¶… ·… ·” ¶­ ·Å   ¶Å ¶¸ ¶± ¶Å¡ ¶Å¡ ¶§  ¶´ ¶« ·’ ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶© ¶º ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶¸ ¶­ ·” ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å  ¶±  ¶´ ·” ·… ·” ·â‚¬ ¶± ·Å .
 ¶”¹ ¶­ ·” ¶» ·Å¡  ¶´ ·… · ¶­ ·Å   ·Æ’ ¶· · ·â‚¬ ¶§  ¶Å¡ ·… ·”ž · ¶Å¡ ·’  ·Æ’ ·” ·â‚¬ ·’ · ·Å¡ ·”š  ¶Å¡ · ¶» ·Å  ·Å - ¶º ¶º ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶­ ¶¸ ¶º ·’.  ·â‚¬ ¶­ ·Å  ¶¸ ¶± ·Å   ¶¢ ¶± · ¶° ·’ ¶´ ¶­ ·’  ¶­ ·” ¶¸ · ¶Å ·Å¡  ¶‘ ¶½ ·Å  ¶‘ ¶½ ·Å  ¶”  ¶» ·Å  ·Æ’ ·”  ·â‚¬ · ¶» ·Å  ¶­ · ·â‚¬ ·Å¡  ¶± ·’ ¶» ·Å  ¶¯ ·Å¡ ·  ¶± ·’ ·Æ’ ·’  ¶´ ¶» ·’ ·Æ’ ·’  ¶Å¡ ·’ ·Å - ¶» ¶º · ¶­ ·Å  ¶¸ ¶Å¡  ¶Å¡ ·’ ¶» ·’ ¶¸ ¶§  ¶Å¡ ·Å - ¶» ¶¸ ·â‚¬ ¶­ ·Å   ·â‚¬ · ¶© ¶´ ·’ ·… ·’ ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶½ ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶Å¡ ·’ ·Å - ¶» ¶º · ¶­ ·Å  ¶¸ ¶Å¡  ¶Å¡ ·’ ¶» ·’ ¶¸.  ¶¸ ·Å¡  ¶­ ·” ¶½ ·’ ¶± ·Å   ¶¯ ·Å¡ · ·” ¶º ·â‚¬ ¶­ ·Å   ¶¢ · ¶­ ·Å - ¶º ¶± ·Å  ¶­ ¶» ·â‚¬ ¶­ ·Å   ·â‚¬ ·’ · · ¶½  ¶¶ ¶½ ¶´ ·‘ ¶¸ ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶» ¶¢ ¶º ¶§  ¶Å¡ ·’ ¶» ·” ¶¸ ¶§  ¶” ·â‚¬ ·” ¶± ·Å  ¶§  ·”ž · ¶Å¡ ·’ ¶º · ·â‚¬  ¶½ · ¶”º ·â„¢ ¶± ·â‚¬ ·.  ¶” ·â‚¬ ·” ¶± ·Å   ¶¸ ·” ·”ž ·” ¶«  ¶¯ ·â„¢ ¶±  ¶Å · ¶§ ·… ·”  ¶¯ ·â„¢ ¶¸ ·…  ·Æ’ ¶¸ · ¶¢ ¶º  ¶­ ·” ·…  ¶Å · ¶¹ ·” ¶» ·”  ¶¸ · ¶­ ·Ëœ ¶Å¡ ·  ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å  ¶±  ¶´ ·” ·… ·” ·â‚¬ ¶± ·Å . ¶”° ¶© ¶¸ ·Å   ¶´ ·Å - ¶» · ·Å  ¶±,  ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶¯ ·Å¡ · ¶Å ¶­  ·â‚¬ ·” ·â‚¬ ¶± ·Å  ¶Å ·Å¡  ¶´ ·Å - ¶» · ·Å  ¶± ¶º,  ¶» ¶§  ·”ž · ¶» ¶º ¶± ·Å  ¶± ¶± ·Å  ¶Å ·Å¡  ¶´ ·Å - ¶» · ·Å  ¶± ¶º,  ·Æ’ ·’ ¶»  ¶Å ¶­ ·â‚¬ ·” ·â‚¬ ¶± ·Å  ¶Å ·Å¡  ¶´ ·Å - ¶» · ·Å  ¶± ¶º  ·Æ’ ·”ž  ¶… ¶­ ·” ¶» ·” ¶¯ ·”ž ¶± ·Å  ·â‚¬ ·” ·â‚¬ ¶± ·Å  ¶Å ·Å¡  ¶´ ·Å - ¶» · ·Å  ¶±  ¶”  ¶¯ ·’ ¶º  ¶”° ¶­ ·  ¶”° ¶Å¡ ·Å  ¶¸ ¶± ·Å   ·â‚¬ ·’ ·Æ’ ¶³ ·” ¶¸ ·Å   ¶¯ ·â„¢ ¶¸ ·…  ·Æ’ ¶¸ · ¶¢ ¶º  ¶”° ¶½ ·Å  ¶½ ¶º ·’.

 ¶¯ ¶Å¡ ·” ¶«  ·Æ’ ·”ž  ¶”¹ ¶­ ·” ¶»  ¶­ ·” ¶± ·Å  ¶¯ ·”  ¶­ ·” ¶» ¶«  ¶Å ¶± ·Å  ¶± ·  ·Æ’ ·Å  ·â‚¬ ¶» ·” ¶´ ¶º  ¶… ¶± ·” ·â‚¬  ¶¶ ·Å ·”ž ·  ¶Å · ¶§ ·… ·”  ¶¶ ·Å ·”ž ·  ·â‚¬ · ¶¯  ·â‚¬ ·’ ·â‚¬ · ¶¯  ¶¸ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å  ¶¸  ¶¢ · ¶­ ·Å - ¶º ¶± ·Å  ¶­ ¶»  ¶¶ ¶½ ¶´ ·‘ ¶¸ ·Å   ¶¯  ¶”¡ ¶­ ·’  ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶º  ·”ž · ¶Å¡ ·’ ¶º.  ·â‚¬ ·’ · ·Å¡ ·”š ¶º ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å  ¶¸  ¶”° ¶± ·Å  ¶¯ ·’ ¶º · ¶± ·”  ¶”¡ ·Æ’  ¶­ ·’ ¶º ·” ¶« ·”  ¶¸ ·” ·”ž ·” ¶« ·â‚¬ ¶» ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶Å ¶± ·”  ¶”¡ ¶­.  ¶Å¡ ·” ¶¸ ¶± ·Å   ¶´ ¶» ·’ ·Æ’ ¶» ¶º ¶Å¡ ¶¯ ·’  ·â‚¬ ·” ·â‚¬ ¶¯  ¶”¹ ¶­ ·” ¶» ·Å¡  ¶´ ·… · ¶­ ·Å   ·Æ’ ¶· · ·â‚¬ ¶§  ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶± ¶­ ·Å   ¶» · ¶¢ ·Å - ¶º ¶Å¡ ¶§  ¶º · ¶¸ ·Å¡  ·â‚¬ ·Å - ¶º ·â‚¬ ·Æ’ ·Å  ¶® · ¶¸ ¶º  ¶”° ¶© ¶Å¡ ¶© ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶¸ ¶§  ¶± ¶¸ ·Å   ¶´ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å  ¶± ·Å¡  ¶± · ·”ž ·.  ·â‚¬ ¶­ ·Å  ¶¸ ¶± ·Å   ¶¯ ·Å¡ · ¶´ · ¶½ ¶±  ·â‚¬ ¶§ ¶´ ·’ ¶§ · ·â‚¬ ·Å¡ ¶¯ ·”  ¶¯ ·Å¡ · ·” ¶º ·â‚¬  ·”ž ·  ¶¢ · ¶­ ·Å - ¶º ¶± ·Å  ¶­ ¶» ·â‚¬ ¶­ ·Å   ¶‘ ¶º ¶§  ¶Å¡ ·’ ·Æ’ ·’ ¶¯ ·”  ·Æ’ ·”ž ¶º · ¶Å ¶º ¶Å¡ ·Å   ¶… ¶­ ·Å  ·â‚¬ ·Å¡  ¶º · ¶º ·’  ·Æ’ ·’ ¶­ ¶± ·Å  ¶±  ¶¶ · ·”ž ·.

 ¶Å¡ ·â„¢ ·Æ’ ·Å¡  ¶± ¶¸ ·” ¶­ ·Å ,  ¶¸ ·  ¶¯ ¶Å¡ ·’ ¶±  ¶”  ¶Å¡ · ¶» ¶º  ¶… ¶± ·” ·â‚¬  ¶”¹ ¶­ ·” ¶» ·Å¡  ·Æ’ ·’ ¶¯ ·” ·â‚¬ ¶±  ¶´ · ¶½ ¶± ¶º ·Å¡  ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Æ’ ¶§  ·Æ’ ¶¸ · ¶±  ¶… ·â‚¬ ·Æ’ ·Å  ¶® · 1994  ¶¯ ·”  ·”ž · 2000  ¶¯ ·’  ¶¸ ¶­ ·”  ·â‚¬ ·” ¶± ·.  ¶’  ¶­ ¶¸ ·  ·â‚¬ ·Å - ¶º ·â‚¬ ·Æ’ ·Å  ¶® · ·â‚¬ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å   ¶´ ¶» ·’ ¶· · ·”ž ·’ ¶» ·â‚¬  ¶¸ ·”ž ¶¢ ¶±  ¶¡ ¶± ·Å  ¶¯ ¶º ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å   ¶… ¶Å ¶¸ · ¶­ ·’  ¶­ · ¶» ·  ¶´ ¶­ ·Å  ¶Å¡ ¶»  ¶Å · ¶± ·” ¶¸ ¶Å¡ ·Å   ·Æ’ ·’ ¶¯ ·” ·â‚¬ ·” ¶¸. 1994  ¶¯ ·”  ¶  ¶± ·Å  ¶¯ ·Å - ¶» ·’ ¶Å¡ ·  ¶¸ · ¶­ ·’ ¶± ·’ ¶º  ¶… ¶Å ¶¸ · ¶­ ·’ ¶± ·’ ¶º  ¶½ ·â„¢ ·Æ’  ¶´ ¶­ ·Å  ·â‚¬ ·”  ¶… ¶­ ¶»,2001  ¶‘. ¶¢ ·. ¶´ ·â„¢  ¶» ¶± ·’ ¶½ ·Å   ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶Å¡ ·Å - ¶» ¶¸ ·Æ’ ·’ ¶”š ·”ž  ¶¸ ·”ž ¶­ ·  ¶… ¶Å ¶¸ · ¶­ ·’  ¶½ ·â„¢ ·Æ’  ¶´ ¶­ ·Å  ·â‚¬ ·” ¶¸. 1994  ¶¯ ·”  ¶¢ ¶± · ¶° ·’ ¶´ ¶­ ·’ ·â‚¬  ·Æ’ ·’ ¶§ ·’  ¶© ·”. ¶¶ ·”. ·â‚¬ ·’ ·â„¢ ¶¢ ·Å  ¶­ ·” ¶”š ¶Å  ¶¸ ·”ž ¶­ ·  ¶”¹ ·Æ’ ·Æ’ ·Å   ¶´ ·Å - ¶» ¶¢ · ¶­ ¶± ·Å  ¶­ ·Å - ¶» ·â‚¬ · ¶¯ ·’  ¶» · ¶¸ ·” ·â‚¬ ¶Å¡  ·Æ’ ·’ ¶§  ¶Å¡ ¶§ ¶º ·” ¶­ ·”  ¶Å¡ ·’ ¶» ·” ¶¸  ¶± ·’ ·Æ’ ·  ¶’  ·â‚¬ ·Å - ¶º ·â‚¬ ·Æ’ ·Å  ¶® · ¶¸ ¶º  ¶… ¶» ·Å  ¶¶ ·” ¶¯ ¶º  ¶Å · ¶§ ·” ¶¸ ¶Å¡ ¶§  ¶Å ·’ ¶º ·Å¡  ¶± · ·”ž ·.  ¶± ¶¸ ·” ¶­ ·Å  2001  ¶» ¶± ·’ ¶½ ·Å   ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶Å¡ ·Å - ¶» ¶¸ ·Æ’ ·’ ¶”š ·”ž  ¶¸ ·”ž ¶­ ·  ¶… ¶Å ¶¸ · ¶­ ·’  ¶½ ·â„¢ ·Æ’  ·â‚¬ ·’ ¶° · ¶º ¶Å¡ ¶º  ·”ž ·  ·Æ’ ¶¸ ¶Å · ¶¸ ·” ·â‚¬  ¶´ · ¶½ ¶± ¶º  ¶Å¡ ¶» ¶Å ·â„¢ ¶±  ¶Å ·’ ¶º ·.  ¶’  ¶… ¶­ ¶»  ¶¸ ¶Å  ¶¶ ¶½  ¶¯ ·Å¡ · ¶´ · ¶½ ¶± ¶º ·Å¡  ¶¸ ¶­ ·”  ·â‚¬ ·”  ¶… ¶» ·Å  ¶¶ ·” ¶¯ ¶º  ·”ž ·Å¡ ¶­ ·”  ¶Å¡ ·Å ¶§  ¶Å ·â„¢ ¶±  ¶‘ ¶¸  ¶´ · ¶» ·Å  ¶½ ·’ ¶¸ ·Å¡ ¶± ·Å  ¶­ ·” ·â‚¬  ·â‚¬ ·’ ·Æ’ ·” ¶» ·” ·â‚¬ ·  ·”ž · ¶» ·” ¶¸ ¶§  ¶  ¶± ·Å  ¶¯ ·Å - ¶» ·’ ¶Å¡ ·  ¶¸ ·”ž ¶­ ·Å  ¶¸ ·’ ¶º  ¶Å¡ ¶§ ¶º ·” ¶­ ·”  ¶Å¡ ¶½ ·.  ¶¸ ·Å¡  ¶”  ¶Å¡ · ¶» ¶º ¶§  ¶”¹ ¶­ ·” ¶» ·Å¡  ¶´ ·… · ¶­ ·Å   ·Æ’ ¶· · ·â‚¬ ¶§  ¶¯  ¶… ¶» ·Å  ¶¶ ·” ¶¯ ¶Å¡ · ¶» ·’  ¶­ ¶­ ·Å  ¶­ ·Å  ·â‚¬ ¶º ¶± ·Å  ¶§  ¶¸ ·” ·”ž ·” ¶«  ¶¯ ·â„¢ ¶± ·Å  ¶± ¶§  ·Æ’ ·’ ¶¯ ·” ·â‚¬ ·Å¡ ·â‚¬ ·’.

Current State of the World & Pathways to Peace

September 17th, 2013

By A. Abdul Aziz, Press Secretary, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama-â„¢at -” Sri Lanka.

Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama-â„¢at urges restraint over Syria and calls for equity and justice

The World Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (Jama-â„¢at) and Fifth Khalifa, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad has spoken in his recent Friday Sermon with great concern about the potential impact of military intervention in Syria.

His Holiness said that such action would cause the Syrian conflict to spread far and wide and ultimately could lead to a devastating Third World War. His Holiness said the only way to solve the crisis was to act at all times upon the Quranic teaching of remaining fair and just.

Speaking about the inherent dangers of the Syrian conflict, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad said the crisis had already caused division and dissension in the wider world. He said that whilst some major powers were siding with the Syrian Government, other major powers were siding with the rebel forces. His Holiness said this divide -had created the most dangerous state of affairs.-

‚ Speaking about the effect of such division, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad said:

-If foreign powers become directly involved in Syria it will harm not just the Arab countries but also other nations. It seems that many of the major powers do not realise that such a war would not remain limited to just Syria but could well be a precursor to Third World War.-

His Holiness said it was a source of regret that the crisis in Syria had been brought about by Muslims, who all claimed to follow the same Islamic creed (Kalima). He said violence and instability had consumed the entire Syrian nation and that no party remained safe. He spoke also of his concern that extremists and terrorist groups, from both within Syria and from abroad, had joined the Syrian Opposition rebels. He said that whilst they claimed to be helping the Syrian people, such extremists cared only for their own interests and the damage they would cause to the country would be long-lasting.

The Khalifa said than the underlying cause of the unrest in certain Muslim countries was that that today-â„¢s Muslim Governments were moving far away from Islam-â„¢s real teachings.

His Holiness said:

-The Quran has deemed Muslims as the -Ëœbest of mankind-â„¢ but what good are the Muslim leaders doing in today-â„¢s world? They neither have a sense of compassion, nor of love and they do not follow Islam-â„¢s true teachings. There is no sense of honour in them and they seek help from outsiders only so that they can continue to kill their own brethren.-

‚ Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad then outlined the key to peace in Syria based on the teachings of the Holy Quran. He said the Quran clearly stated that where two parties are in conflict it is up to their neighbours to step forward and negotiate a peace settlement based on true equity and justice. He said the Quran stated very clearly that national enmities or grievances must not lead to any form of injustice. Reconciliation and peace must always remain the paramount objectives rather than settling scores or furthering personal or national interests.

His Holiness went on to say that it ought to have been the task of the Muslim world to take responsibility for solving the Syrian crisis.

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad said:

-The organisation representing Muslim countries (OIC) should from the very beginning have taken responsibility for developing peace in Syria on the basis that they all worship the same One God, follow the same Prophet and believe in the same Holy Book. The Muslim countries should have come together and sought to develop peace in light of the perfect guidance given by the Quran.-

‚ Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad said that he had repeatedly drawn the attention of world leaders and politicians to the urgent needs of the time, which were of peace based on true justice. His Holiness said that within its limited resources the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat had spread this message far and wide. His Holiness counselled that Ahmadis should continue these efforts whilst praying to God Almighty for the world to be saved from destruction.

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad said:

-Ahmadi Muslims throughout the world must pray for peace and for the world to be saved from all forms of devastation and calamity. We must pray because our master, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) came only to establish a loving union between man and His Creator and to spread peace on the earth.-

‚ Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad said it was not the job of foreign Governments from outside the region to become directly involved in such conflicts. He added that even at this late and desperate stage the Muslim Governments should assume their duties.

His Holiness said:

-Even now the Muslim Governments should demonstrate a sense of honour. Rather than look at their own interests they should seek to prioritise the interest and well-being of the Muslim world. This can only happen when a true fear of God becomes established in the hearts of the governing officials and the citizens of the country and when they come to truly follow the blessed model of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).-

‚ Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad concluded by praying for peace in the world and for all parties to understand and assume their responsibilities.

The English Translation of the Sermon -” the video link of which is:-

The Samurai History

September 17th, 2013

By. Dr. Nishan Wijesinha (Specialist Consultant) MIS Services, St. Anthony’s Road, Colombo 3.

My great grand father Louis Corneille Wijesinha, who was a Mudaliya and the first national scholar to translate the world famous Mahavansa from Pali to English; was renowned also as an enthusiast of the Japanese Samurai Tradition; which eventually compelled me to write this article.
The foundations of the ethical code of Bushido began to take hold during the Heian period with the samurai. “The Way of the Warrior” or Bushido emphasized duty to one’s master (in this case, a shogun) with loyalty until death.
Buddhist and Zen principles contributed to the tenets of this via a belief in reincarnation.
Along with this, samurai warriors believed that it was highly honorable to commit suicide or seppuka via disembowelment with a small sword after being defeated in battle (or upon dishonor). They would fight fearlessly for their masters and would rather die honorably either through seppuka or in battle than surrender in defeat.
Further, it was actually deemed legally appropriate for a samurai to cut down any common person that failed to honor him (or her) in appropriate fashion.
In other words, honor and integrity was everything to them.
Samurai in Battle
Previous to the Mongol invasion, the samurai were expert archers that often fought from horseback. Afterwards, however, they began to utilize full body armour in battle; which usually included a horned helmet, as well as swords, poles tipped with blades, and spears.
Along with this, during the 14th century a blacksmith named Masamune utilized a two-layer structure of soft and hard steel with swords, which led to improved cutting power and durability, eventually resulting in the Japanese katana. The katana became a part of the Samurai Daisho, which means “long and short”. The katana was the long part of the equation, utilized for slashing, while the shorter part was the Wakizashi, which was more useful as a stabbing tool. Eventually, the Daisho became so synonymous with the samurai that non-samurai were literally forbidden to wear it (16th century).
Back to the Timeline: The Ashikaga Period
Emperor Go-Daigo twice attempted to take advantage of the weakened Kamakura following the Mongol invasions. His first attempt to seize control via armed forces failed. His second produced fruit in 1333. However, in 1336 the Ashikaga Shogunate under Ashikaga Takauji took control, once again establishing samurai rule.

Rise of the Daimyo
During the Ashikago Period, daimyos or regional constables began to assert a level of authority due to the weakened state of the shogun. In fact, by 1460 some daimyos began to ignore orders from their shoguns entirely. When Ashikago Yoshimasa resigned in 1464, fighting amongst possible successors and daimyo led to the Onin War. This war led to the “Warring States Period” or Sengoku.

Yoshiaki Becomes Shogun

Sengoku ended in 1568 when Oda Nobunaga defeated three other prominent daimyos and installed Yoshiaki as shogun. For nearly a decade and a half, he fought off other daimyo and even Buddhist monks until he was assassinated by Akeci Mitsuhide, one of his generals, in 1582. Another of his generals by the name of Hideyoshi ruled as kampaku (regent) later. Of importance in history is the fact that Hideyoshi decided to invade Korea in both 1592 and 1597.

Tokugawa Shogunate and the Edo Period

This was a time of relative peace and prosperity for the samurai and Japan. Though Hideyoshi had exiled the Tokugawa clan from his ruling area, he died in 1598. By 1600, Tokugawa Ieyasu had masterminded the demise of all the other western daimyo from his headquarters in Edo, which would eventually be named Tokyo. Hidetada, Ieyasu’s son, then became shogun in 1605. This marked the beginning of approximately two and a half centuries of peace for Japan. Under the Tokugawa regimes, the samurai also became more cultured.

The fall of the Samurai

In 1868, a series of events termed the Meiji Restoration came to pass. During this time, fueled by western influences for the first time, modern weapons like guns began to be utilized by the Japanese. All of this eventually led the Tokugawa Shogunate to relinquish power to the Meiji emperor, who effectively got rid of the samurai (enrolling many into the new government’s army which started in 1873). In 1877, approximately 40,000 ex-samurai fled and then revolted against the Meiji Emperor in the Satsuma Rebellion. The revolting group’s last stand against the Imperial forces in the Battle of Shiroyama ended in heartache for these samurai and their leader, Saigo Takamori. They were simply up against far superior numbers and firepower. The movie -The Last Samurai-, starring Tom Cruise, served as a fictional depiction of this final fall of the samurai class.

Japan, was simply never the same again from that day forward.

The Golden Age of Samurai Sword

The Kamakura (1192 to 1336) and Muromachi (1337 to 1573) periods were without a doubt the Golden Age of Samurai sword history. After the great Mongol invasion of Japan, which was only narrowly averted by the weather (the Kamikaze/Divine winds) the need for a strong national defense force was apparent and in response new sword smithies appeared all over the countryside.

It was during the last part of the Kamakura that Samurai sword history celebrated its fame and glory through their legendary smith; -Legendary Masamune-.

The Legendary Masamune

Masamune (also known as Goro Nyudo) was believed to have hailed from Sagami Province and is credited with creating the Soshu tradition of the prominent Samurai sword making; which involved creating a unique hamon (temper line) of martensitic crystals embedded in pearlite matrix (called Nie), thought to resemble stars in the night sky.

Samurai sword history regards Masamune’s swords as some of the most beautifully crafted Katana ever made, and his surviving swords are all priceless national treasures.

In Japanese sword folklore, his swords are often contrasted with those of later smiths known as Muramasa (approx 1500AD).

Muramasa’s swords were regarded as violent, brutish and evil, to that of the swords of Masamune which were considered to be deeply spiritual, pure and benevolent.

One story that best illustrates the differences between these Smiths is a legend that sees Muramasa as Masamune’s student (which actually was impossible, as Samurai sword history records these two smiths as being born almost 200 years apart!) challenging his ‘master’ to see who could make a finer sword.

To test the swords, each sword was held into the current of a stream. Muramasa’s sword was said to have cut a leaf in half that simply touched the blade from the current alone.

But the master Masamune’s sword did not cut a thing off from the leaves miraculously avoiding it at the last second; as if to show it possessed a benevolent power that would not harm anything that was innocent or undeserving – even a simple leaf.

These are now the two legendary schools of the Samurai Martial Arts of today with its traditional Daisho.



How long US will hide American home grown terrorism?

September 17th, 2013

By Afshain Afzal

‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  Unaware of what is going to happen on return to duty after merry weekend, it came as a total surprise. The security was at the lowest in and around Naval Headquarters, while everyone failed to apply the drills rehearsed over time and again. It is a usual practice in all the military and sensitive installation that false alarms are sounded in case of terrorist attacks or disaster, however, on Monday, 16 September 2013, no one followed the drills and displayed a complete scene of disarray and panic.
Navy Admiral Bill French was reportedly helplessly discussing deaths and injuries in dozens as a result of shooting by at least four armed shooters; three white and one black. The major task was evacuation of over two thousand persons, present at the facility at the time of terrorist attack. One of the terrorists, Aaron Alexis, who served‚  at Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 46 at Naval Air Station Fort Worth in Texas and was awarded the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal was killed by police in the shootout after his surrender, so that tell tales of terrorism remain under the carpet.
Was it really a terrorist attack or United States has again sacrificed her so called sons and daughters to resume and win gun control debate. It is pertinent to mention here that the intelligence agencies in US have by now achieved expertise in launching such attacks as on many occasion they carried out similar attacks in Pakistan, Afghanistan and other countries to prove their point. It is interesting to note that without any confirmation US President Barack Hussain Obama described the terrorist attack as “yet another mass shooting” and summoned Director FBI,‚ James Comey at White House to learn latest about the investigation.
Despite the fact that Chief Cathy Lanier of Metropolitan DC police‚ clearly spelled out that that there were two additional shooters who are still out there, the FBI and other federal agencies failed to identify the network of home grown terrorists involved in the attack and concluded that a black Navy Reservist namely Alexis acted alone in shootout and has been killed while there was no second shooter.
The recent‚ episode‚ of home grown terrorism has opened the eyes of the world. In fact, what Washington had been looking in other countries, came out to have its origin in US. It is not the‚ first case‚ in which some individuals from white race were involved in terrorism but power lobby intentionally does not allow such incidents to get prominent space in the media.
In the past a US Army Sergeant Trey Scott Atwater was caught red-handed‚ in possession‚ of highly dangerous explosives in his luggage while trying to board a flight at Midland International Airport. Lieutenant Colonel Tom Bryant at Army‚ Special Operations‚ Command at Fort Bragg while confirming his involvement and arrest disclosed that Trey Scott Atwater was an Army first class demolition expert in terrorism act in‚ Green Berets. It is pertinent to mention here that Sergeant Atwater completed three tenures of duty in Afghanistan.
‚ Many people still consider Sergeant Atwater as American hero because he along with his 7th‚ Special Forces Group‚ ruthlessly killed many Muslims in Afghanistan. Psychological Operation Group at Fort Bragg has successfully brainwashed thousands of personnel like Atwater and posted them in countries like Afghanistan to kill as many people as possible. Such personnel are sent to these countries to eliminate all those who dare to speak against enemies of Islam, Christianity and other religions. It is interesting to note that the act committed by Sergeant Atwater carried at least prison sentence up to 10 years but Federal Magistrate Judge released him on unsecured bond on the grounds that he will pose a risk to fight. Ironically Atwater even got his initial court appearance waived.
In the past, we also witnessed terrorism of James Holmes, who carried out terrorist attack and killed 12 people and injured over 70 persons. Holmes was conducting research for US Defence Department in the university and was son of US intelligence top cryptologist. It is an open secret that James Holmes was also linked with Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles but no one would bother to find any terrorist link. Similarly, Wade Michael Page, a US Army personnel carried out terrorist attacks on Sikh Gurdwars and killed six innocent worshippers only because they were wearing beard that resembled Muslims. But today he is US’ national hero. we have also the case of Major Nidal Malik Hasan, a US Army psychiatrist, who was accused of killing 13 personnel and injuring 31 others at Fort Hood, Texas in 2009.
Interestingly, although US military judge pleaded him guilty but Major Hasan was never suspected or addressed as terrorist or his‚ friends‚ and accomplices were seen with suspicion.‚ One wonders a person who killed 13 personnel has still not been declared as terrorist but those who believe in the fundamentals of divine religions are dubbed as terrorists and massacred on charges of extremism. We have also the record of David Coleman Headley and Tahawwur Hussain Rana, who are the main culprits involved in Mumbai attacks in India but they were not even once dubbed as terrorists.
When Andrew Joseph Stack of North Austin, a software ‚ in California missed the target of FBI office by few yards and crashed his single-engine fixed-wing Piper in a seven-story building‚ of Internal Revenue Service‚ (IRS) at Research Boulevard, killing at least three persons and injuring several others in 2010, he was not suspected for terrorist links and declared innocent the house of Stack was burnt to ashes, which destroyed every piece of evidence which could establish his links with other terrorists.
If a non-Muslim is involved in act of terrorism, it is always his independent act or he is insane. But if the same act is carried out by a Muslim, he is linked with self-proclaimed deadly terrorist group preferably Al Qaida or Taliban. Today alone in Afghanistan and Pakistan over 1.5 million innocent men, women and children have by killed (martyred) on mere suspicion that they possess anti west sentiments and are threat to free world. Most of them were guilty of present in the area at the time of senseless state sponsored terrorist attacks.
There was no trial of these innocent martyrs and only bombs, missiles and other explosives were their judges to decide their fate. Washington, which claims to be champion of human rights but official of Pentagon claim that War on Terror legislation have given them sweeping powers to wage war anywhere in the world without congressional authorization. Today, the war veterans from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and other countries have become blood thirsty terrorists. Washington needs to concentrate on her home-grown terrorism and must seek international help to eradicate terrorism on its soil. Claims that these attacks in the US were carried out by some insane and schizophrenic lone wolves cannot diminish the gravity of the situation.
The attack has put up a question mark on Washington’s military and security capibilities. There is no doubt that in the presence of these American terrorists, the US’ nuclear arsenal is also not safe. World community including United Nations must join their heads as if God forbid the nuclear piles stored at Naval Headquarters had gone to terrorists, what would have been the fate of this world.‚

Buddhist Education -” Bedrock for the Growth of Buddha Dhamma

September 17th, 2013

By Lim Kooi Fong

On February 16, 2002, the Buddhist News Network (BNN, now Buddhist Channel, interviewed the late Chief Venerable Dr. K. Sri DhammanandaMahaNayakaThera. This candid interview revealed rare and important details of the growth of local Buddhist education during the lifespan of Chief as a monk in Malaysia.

It can be said that the institution of Malaysian Buddhist education, spiritual bedrock to a generation of inspired youths which bloomed in the late 60s right till today, was very much the result of sheer dedication of thishonoured venerable.

The BNN interviewmanaged to bring out many inspired stories and revealed creative ways adopted by the late Chief to overcome challenges to spread the wise and compassionate teachings of the Buddha. The following are excerpts of the discussion.

‚ Chief, can you enlighten us on the state of Buddhist education when you first arrived in (then British ruled) Malaya?

Fifty years ago there was basically no foundation for which could be called as the basis for Buddhist education. When we say “Buddhist education” we must emphatically mean those teachings by the Buddha which points us to self realisation of the characteristics of life, namely dukkha (suffering), anicca (impermanence) and anatta (non-self), and initiate self discipline to cultivate and walk the Noble Eight Fold Path.

There were however, already established Buddhist temples at that time. But most of these places dedicated a bulk of their efforts to chanting, blessing ceremonies and funeral services. In fact, there were a few places where there was no young people participating in religious activities. We could only find mostly elderly people visiting temples and even then, they knew only how to burn joss-sticks and wish for “good luck.”

Also many of the so-called Buddhist temples were actually a mixture of Buddhist-Taoist tradition, and conducted their activities mainly in Chinese. Superstitious rites and rituals were rife, and English educated Malaysians found “Buddhism” then not “modern” enough to attract them.

In fact, even here at the Brickfields Temple (now called Buddhist MahaVihara), much of the activities centred on providing religious services for the Sinhalese community, who were mainly Buddhists. The vihara arranged Sinhalese classes for the children as well as full and new moon pujas. Even then, only the elders from the community attended these functions. The youths in those days seemed to have the idea that religious activities are meant only for the “old people”.

What did you really do to establish Buddhism in the “educational” sense?

To instill a sense for the need of education, the first thing we did was to establish, and to encourage others as well, to form social institutions. This came in manners like group societies, schools and tutorial centres. Without these institutions, we found that we could not really conduct Dhamma teachings or hold public discussions. You have to remember that institutions we take for granted today, like the Sunday Dhamma schools and college based Buddhist societies did not exist then. Books on basic Buddhism were also not freely available. So you see how difficult it was to inform, to teach the public what true Buddhism was all about.

When I arrived in Malaya in 1952, one of the first activities we initiated from this (Buddhist Maha) vihara was to provide public talks. During that time (Malaya under the emergency era), the British government invited me to visit the new villages and requested me to give talks to the communities there. The effect of the talks were good, so much so that it helped dispel so many misconception people had about Buddhism. After that, the temple monks decided that Malaya then needed such services (public talks) and soon this became a regular feature in our Sunday activities. The Sunday talk was later incorporated with Puja and Dhamma related rituals. This was done to attract those who had affinity with the Triple Gem, although they may not understand a word of English.

Slowly, as public acceptance became more and more widespread, our Sunday services, which were conducted in English, attracted other communities apart from the Sinhalese such as the Chinese. This was the moment when you can say that Buddhism transcended race and nationalities. Remember, Malaya was just about to obtain her independence then. So religious and temple affiliations based on certain races were still very strong. You can say that the (Buddhist Maha) vihara was a pioneer somewhat in opening Buddhism up to all Malaysians – regardless of race or creed.

Later, in the mid sixties, due to the public talks I’ve given over the years, we found that more and more young people became interested in Buddhist related activities. This was a time when you can say some form of renaissance was taking place. While in the past where the elders mainly did most of the work in organising activities, now it seems that youths was beginning to take interest in organising events which suited their needs and age groups.

This leads us to another element in the building blocks of Buddhist educational institutions, that is the people themselves. While in the past Buddhism was seen as a “religion for the old”, the sixties and seventies witnessed the mass participation of Malaysian youths. The mobilisation of the youth movements in that period can be considered as the regeneration of Buddhist energy in this country. When you have many young people doing things, then you get a lot of creative results.

And so today, you can see how much Buddhism have developed. You can attend talks almost daily, go to meditation retreats, participate in sutta studies, attend Buddhist seminars and forums.

All over the country, we have almost 300 Buddhist organisations and societies actively organising activities for their respective members and serving their communities. An interesting observation is that almost all of these organisations are run by the youths, especially those at the universities, colleges and schools. This indeed is the fruit of the spiritual awakening of the youth and the big part they play in making Buddhism alive in Malaysia.


You have elaborated on the “vertical” development of Buddhist education in Malaysia. What can you say of the “horizontal” aspect, given the country’s mosaic of a multiracial and multi-religious make up?

All religions teach about love. But ironically, each of them finds it so hard to love one another. To reach out to other religionists, we must be prepared to listen, and to share. The Buddha did not spread His teaching through forced conversions, but through individual realisation. We need to reach out in the same manner, and explain to others why we behave the way we are and what we believe in.

Buddhist education does not stop with only the teaching of our own kind, but to also encourage others to understand us better. This is to reduce fear of the other parties, and through this manner we can learn to live in harmony. The Buddhist Mahavihara has been at the forefront to participate in inter-faiths dialogues – together with our Muslims, Christians, Hindus or Sikhs brothers and sisters.


What can you say of the “Buddhist higher education”, specifically with reference to the Abhidhamma?

There are many ways to learn about Buddhism. One way is to listen to talks. Another way is to read books. And you can also learn through self-cultivation, like meditation. In some ways you can say Buddhism is different from other religions because it emphasises so much about the mind and its processes. Read the suttas, and you’ll find so much of the teachings are dedicated to the understanding and controlling of the mind. It is like a manual of deep psychology.

While many people do not appreciate learning the Abhidhamma, in fact by learning about it, one will develop a deeper understanding of this religion. So much so, one’s saddha (confidence) will never be shaken because they will have intimate knowledge of how their own personal self behave, and will appreciate how a mindful and compassionate lifestyle matters in their relations with other people as well as with other beings.


Please share your thoughts on propagating the Dhamma beyond using traditional methods.

When Victor (Wee) and the Wayfarers came to see me about their wish to commence a hymn singing group, I gave them my blessings. But when they first began singing their first hymn, the orthodox elders and some members of the Sangha made a lot of noise, saying that the group was turning the vihara into a church. But I stood my ground. I said (to the Wayfarers), let them say what they want. If you think you are right, just go ahead. A few years later, those simple Dhamma based hymns inspired a whole new generation of young, committed Buddhists. It also became impetus in re-igniting and rejuvenating the Buddhist youth movements all over Malaysia.

We need to change and adjust to conditions as we progress. During the Buddha’s time, education was low and rural farming was a way of life. Given the environment as such, using stories to convey a certain discourse was the most effective method.

And since Dhamma is timeless, why must we stick to certain ways to spread its message? Propagation methods must suit the time that it is used. If the method is outdated, then the message will not be delivered effectively.

Today, you see many such creative propagation efforts like Buddhist hymns and computer technology to disseminate Buddhism.


People say that you are a hard act to follow. They could well never be a Thera who would be accepted by all the major Buddhist traditions (Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana) both in Malaysia and Singapore in the near future. What advise would you give to the coming generations with regards to the further development of Buddhist education here and in the world?

Well, you cannot say that whatever I’ve done will be something which is difficult for others to follow. All this comes down to just one thing – communication. I cannot speak Chinese, norTibetan and my Malay is just passing. Some how if we sincerely speak the language of the Dhamma, most people will understand that.

Remember, not too long ago the knowledge of the Dhamma in this country was so bad that very, very few people know about the life of the Buddha. Today, even five year old children, from all streams and languages, know about it. Once upon a time, going to temple means to only worship and offer prayers. Today, we go there to learn about the basic teachings.

We must ever keep in mind that learning the Dhamma is not about gaining book knowledge. It is not something we put into memory and then use it for public debate. The true and real purpose of learning is to gain personal development, of enriching the mind, and cultivating the spiritual side of our being. Above all else, Buddhist education is more about moral and spiritual development. If the coming generation can appreciate this, then Buddhism will have a bright future in this country.

Biodata of Lim Kooi Fong

KooiFong has been a student of Buddhism and Dharma teacher for more than 25 years. He is the founder of the Buddhist Channel ( and Buddhist Travel ( He is a life member of UpakaraKalyana Mitta Buddhist Assocation (UKMBA) and Vice-President of PersatuanPerkembanganAjaranDhamma” (Dhamma Development Society). He currently manages a web development company in Petaling Jaya. He actively conducts Dharma talks for Buddhist societies around the Klang Valley.

Election related confusion mounting in Bangladesh

September 17th, 2013

By NJ Thakuria

Political crisis and confusion galore are mounting in Bangladesh over the next general election, which must be completed between October 25, 2013 and January 24, 2014.

Before the fiver-year term of the present Awami League led coalition government is over by December 2013, it has to pave way for handing over the political power to a new regime elected by the millions of voters in the populous country.

With the 15th amendment of Bangladesh Constitution in June 2011, the ruling Sheikh Hasina Wajed government is sitting pretty to conduct the polls to form the next Parliament. Prior to the amendment, it was necessary for the government in Dhaka to resign and form a non-party interim government to run the national election.

The Prime Minister Hasina has made it clear in many occasions that she would not go for a caretaker government and declared that the forthcoming 10th national election would be held under her Awami League led incumbent government as the Constitutional amendment had already scrapped the provision for a caretaker or interim government. For the ruling Awami League coalition, which has altogether 262 Members in the National Parliament, the Constitutional amendment was an easier exercise.

However, the Khaleda Zia led Bangladesh Nationalist Party maintains its demand that the government should bring a non-party neutral government bill in the ongoing session of Parliament beginning on September 12 to settle the issue relating to the polls.

Begum Zia argues that the present Parliament must be dissolved before the general election. Terming the Bangladesh Election Commission as a puppet of the government and worthless, the BNP chief Khaleda Zia argued that the nation can not expect a fair election under the present electoral statutory body of Bangladesh.

The debate gained a different dimension, while Nobel winning Bangladeshi economist Dr Muhammad Yunus voiced for a non-party caretaker government to conduct the polls such that the process gets credibility and be acceptable to everyone. -There-â„¢s no scope to have a free, fair and peaceful election without a non-party neutral government,- asserted Prof Yunus recently.

The statement of Prof Yunus, who was removed by the Hasina government as the Managing Director of internationally recognized Grameen Bank in March 2011, has been taken as a major political stand since he initiated for a political party six years back. Soon after the Nobel award conferred jointly on him and his creation Grameen Bank in 2006, Prof Yunus decided to form a political party named Nagarik Shakti (People-â„¢s Power), but later he abandoned the idea.

Most of the political observers based in Dhaka believe that the rivalry between him and the present Prime Minister Hasina started since then. As the point of views of Prof Yunus on the impartial election-time government matches with the opposition party, the ruling Awami League leaders have left no stone unturned to criticize and condemn the lone Nobel awadree of Bangladesh.

Understanding the crisis in Bangladesh is deepening, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon tried to mediate for a dialogue between the two leading political coalitions led by Awami League and Bangladesh Nationalist Party. The UN Secretary-General called both the important ladies Hasina Wajed and Khaleda Zia on August 23 over phone and discussed about the upcoming national elections.

Responding to the queries of Ban Ki-moon, the Prime Minister had reportedly assured of a free and credible election in Bangladesh to form the next Parliament. She also added that the election would be held as per the provisions of the Constitution. Similarly, Khaleda Zia had informed the UN Secretary-General that her party expects an independent Election Commission to conduct the general election under a caretaker government.

Otherwise, the BNP would not take part in the national polls under the Awami League led coalition government. However the opposition leader agreed to Ban Ki-moon that there was no alternative to dialogue to resolve the present political crisis in Bangladesh.

Voices of concern were also expressed by various countries and international agencies like the United States of America, United Kingdom, European Union etc on the Bangladesh political situation and every one urged the local political party leadership to go for dialogues and find out a compromised way to proceed for the general election.

Though the Awami League government claims success in curbing terrorism and corruption in the country, the voters had shown rejection to the party in the last corporation polls in five major cities of Bangladesh. If the results of elections held this year to five city corporations (of Gazipur, Rajshahi, Barisal, Sylhet and Khulna), it can be observed that the opposition parties have recorded sweeping victories.

The loss incurred by the ruling party in the polls for the corporations is the recent indication that the outcome of the forthcoming general election may not go in favour of Awami League and also Hasina Wajed. Ms Hasina now smells an international conspiracy that might try -Ëœto block Awami League’s return to power for another term-â„¢.

Addressing a party meeting recently in Dhaka, Hasina Wajed asserted that some people may not like that her government had achieved much success and many international elements would not like to see Bangladesh developing in a faster way than ever before under her leadership.

What TNA says it does not mean -” What TNA means it does not say

September 16th, 2013

Shenali D Waduge

Tamil National Alliance leaders headed by R. Sambandan, Abraham Sumanthiran and Chief Ministerial Candidate Wigneswaran have gone on the defensive all of a sudden. This itself reveals that things are not going so smoothly on the TNA camp or campaign trail.

TNA-â„¢s 2013 manifesto has not shown to be anything different to its manifestos released in 2001, 2004, 2010. If it did not defend itself in any of these previous years what is the reason for the current stand? Is it possible that there are some cracks in the TNA? Will its chief ministerial candidate soon find out that being a judge fitting into the role of a politician is not as easy as the former army commander found out not so long ago and to be careful of putting one-â„¢s foot in the mouth may be a lesson that this former justice should take from the former army commander too. When C V Wigneswaran says -Ëœpolitics came after me-â„¢ how could it be any different to what happened to the former army commander!

When C V Wigneswaran calls Prabakaran a freedom fighter he is not only nullifying the ban by 32 foreign nations including the US, UK and India, he is ridiculing the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, placing as insignificant the deaths of over 250 Tamil men of learning and also embarrassing UN Human Rights Chief Navi Pillay who confirmed that there is no point in glorifying LTTE terrorism.

When Wigneswaran calls Prabakaran a freedom fighter how different is this from what TNA confirmed in its manifestos?

‚ -Ëœunless meaningful negotiations are held with the LTTE no just solution can be found to the Tamil national question and that such negotiations should be held immediately ONLY with the LTTE-â„¢ (2001 TNA Manifesto)

-Ëœin order to safeguard the life and liberty of the Tamil race and to establish its birthright for self-determination, the Tamil Nation having being pushed to the unavoidable state of armed conflict, as the only way, the war not only broadened but advanced under the generalship of the Tiger-â„¢s leader Hon.Pirapaharan-â„¢ (2004 TNA Manifesto)

-Ëœauthentic sole representative of the Tamil people-â„¢ (2004 TNA Manifesto)

-Ëœaccepting LTTE-â„¢s leadership as the national leadership of the Tamil Eelam Tamils and the Liberation Tigers as the sole and authentic representatives of the Tamil people-â„¢ (2004 TNA Manifesto)

-Ëœlet us devote our full cooperation for the ideals of the Liberation Tigers struggle with honesty and steadfastness-â„¢-¦-Ëœlet us work side by side with the LTTE-â„¢. (2004 TNA Manifesto)

LTTE was the -Ëœsole military outfit that fought for a separate homeland for the Tamils-â„¢ (2010 TNA Manifesto)

When C V Wigneswaran says -Ëœwe intend-â„¢ -¦ to bring sunshine to the Tamil Community -” he has forgotten that his -Ëœfreedom fighters-â„¢ the LTTE had US DOLLARS 300million annual profits to bring -Ëœsunshine-â„¢ but chose to give sunshine only to the LTTE and their mahaveer families. Now the Tamil people need to question what the LTTE were doing in 30 years against what the Sri Lankan State with the Sri Lankan armed forces has created in just 4 years in the North? The development and -Ëœsunshine-â„¢ that the Tamil people enjoy freely now is phenomenal. There is not much TNA can do or really need to do but they cannot take the credit for the development. That credit goes to the Sri Lankan armed forces and the Sri Lankan state (in that order).

C V Wigneswaran and R. Sambandan and Abraham Sumanthiran says the TNA is not for a separate state. But their manifestos of 2001, 2004, 2010 and now 2013 speak of

‚·‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  Inalienable Tamil Nation

‚·‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  Self-determination

‚·‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  Tamil homeland (only for Tamil people)

‚·‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  Right to self-government -” with own rights to land, education, resources, law and order, investment with even foreign nations, law and order -¦. What does all this equate to?

The TNA is taking the Sri Lankan populace to be both dumb and stupid if they think that simply by claiming that they are not asking for a -Ëœseparate state-â„¢ by use of word the claims for the right to self-determination does not equate to mean -Ëœindependence-â„¢ and an independent -ËœTamil nation or homeland-â„¢ that has been the driving force of all Tamil politicians representing the TNA since post-independence. We would also like to know how if -Ëœas a community we like to determine our way of life ourselves-â„¢ how more than half of the Tamils who live outside the -ËœTamil homeland-â„¢ will determine their way of life and how they have thus far preserved their -Ëœindividuality-â„¢ by choice living amongst the Sinhalese rather than the Tamils? Moreover, the chief ministerial candidate himself living in Colombo who says that at 74 he had a -Ëœdecent life-â„¢ in law-lecturing, practicing and serving as a Supreme Court judge-â„¢ nothing happened to his -Ëœindividuality-â„¢ living amongst the Sinhalese and not Tamils and to say -ËœI am quite satisfied with my life-â„¢ simply negates this new notion of -Ëœindividuality-â„¢ amongst ONLY Tamils that he is now canvassing for!

Highlighting this further is the issue of caste which most Tamils attempt to sweep under the carpet however when more than half the population of the North happen to comprise low-caste Tamils why would the elite Colombo living TNA allow just 2% representation for low-caste Tamils unless the caste factor remains very much alive amongst Tamils. How best will future Tamils especially low caste Tamils in a separate Tamil nation of ONLY Tamils expect to live? This is a good question for which the answer can be found just looking across the Palk Strait at India where in a State exclusively Tamil, where Tamil language is the official state language, where Tamil culture is the exclusive culture in a population of over 65million Tamils (compared to less than 2million Tamils in Sri Lanka and less than 800,000 Tamils in the entire North) how many Tamils are on equal status amongst each other? Why don-â„¢t the Sri Lankan Tamils just count and see how the low-castes of Tamil Nadu live and ask Tamil Nadu has provided for the -Ëœindividualism-â„¢ in a Tamil only set up for Tamils.

We would also like to know how -Ëœmulti-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-lingual-â„¢ this homeland is likely to be when every Sinhalese living in the north are asked to evict themselves and those that attempt to restart their lives in the north are claimed to be -Ëœsinhala colonization-â„¢ -” if Tamils can live in the South under -Ëœmulticulturalism-â„¢ Sinhalese should be able to live in the North under -Ëœmulticulturalism-â„¢ too.

We would also like to know how federalism would fit into a state of -Ëœself-determination-â„¢ when self-determination would dislocate an area from the existing unitary state of Sri Lanka?

When the chief ministerial candidate says -Ëœpolitics came after me-â„¢ there are various possibilities to who can be promoting his candidature and it is not necessarily the TNA as the TNA itself is a puppet with strings pulled by various forces. So when the wannabe politician says -ËœI have been discussing the possibilities of the armed forces being made available to the UN Peace Keeping Force-â„¢ he seems to be naƒ¯ve to the fact that Sri Lanka already sends troops as blue helmets. Moreover, in a unitary Sri Lanka one which C V Wigneswaran does not wish to change or so he says, it is upto the State Government to decide where to position its armed forces and not one of the 9 chief ministers of Sri Lanka. Therefore, becoming a chief minister gives wigneswaran no mandate to demand that the armed forces of Sri Lanka be evicted from the unitary state of Sri Lanka.

The call for a Tamil speaking North-East in a united Sri Lanka is nothing but words thrown to fool the masses. Tamil speaking includes Tamils and Muslims but excludes Sinhalese (though there are many Sinhalese who speak Tamil and many Tamils and Muslims who speak Sinhalese). The Tamil speaking is a bait and deal with Muslims to re-merge the North to East following the demerger in 2006 with the explicit understanding that the North will be for Tamils and East will be Muslim in a scenario that we can now confirm that the players pulling the strings of the locals are parties that have interests in securing -Ëœindependent-â„¢ north and a future -Ëœindependent-â„¢ east in a strategic move that would mean those fund raising these calls would eventually control both these -Ëœindependent-â„¢ -Ëœself-determined-â„¢ provinces for international geopolitical leverage inclusive trade. How would Sambanthan describe what happened to Kosovo or Sudan.

If TNA calls for Separate State -” Tamils living outside -ËœTamil Homeland-â„¢ would be asked to leave for the new Homeland.

Sambanthan stresses -Ëœunited-â„¢ -Ëœwithin the same country-â„¢ because he does not want the rest of the Tamils (i.e. more than all the Tamils living in the North) living outside of the -ËœTamil Homeland-â„¢ to wonder what would happen to them if the TNA does openly seek a separate state in so many words. TNA knows that the moment they ask for a separate state the rest of the country would ask all Tamils living outside of the Tamil Homeland to leave the present areas they are living in and to live in the North where Sambanthan, Abraham Sumanthiran and Wigneswaran promises -Ëœsunshine-â„¢. Yet, this is something that the Tamils need to think over for they should not allow the TNA to divide people any more than LTTE or politicians have done in the past as well as in the present. The people need to tell politicians to stop divisive slogans that are meant to ONLY bring them into power and to keep them in power -” these slogans have nothing meaningful to the wellbeing of the ordinary masses.

When C V Wigneswaran says PRabakaran is a freedom fighter and given that we are well aware that the party or rather alliance he represents came to be seated in parliament because of the LTTE this itself should make Tamils shudder whether they are looking at a future where S Premachandrans-â„¢ call for Tamils to take up arms will mean the loss of freedom for the Tamils once more where without the armed forces the Tamil parents may again have to give up their children to be turned into child soldiers, where men and women may end up giving up their livelihoods to return to the jungles to be trained in armed combat and take Sri Lanka towards another 3 decades of misery, loss of life, property and complete anarchy. Is this the mandate the Tamil people proposes to give the TNA even a former justice who know says that Prabakaran was a freedom fighter and not a terrorist while the Tamil LTTE Diaspora that wants to enter Sri Lanka on the TNA bandwagon are the very same entity that helped Prabakaran and the LTTE from overseas?




September 16th, 2013

Chaminda Perera in Jaffna Courtesy The Daily News

* Massive exodus from party fold
* Local leaders ditch TNA, join govt

A majority of TNA supporters are being marginalised by the TNA leadership for being -Ëœlow caste-â„¢ and they have started leaving the party in droves, many leaders of local government bodies controlled by the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) stated yesterday.

These local government leaders said the TNA has allocated only two seats for so called -Ëœlow castes-â„¢ in the nomination list for the Northern provincial council election, although they (-Ëœlow castes-â„¢) constitute over 50 percent of the population in the peninsula.

They said the TNA-â„¢s political culture is such that it denied basic human rights, dignity and self-respect of all people in the Jaffna peninsula. Point Pedro Pradeshiya Sabha Vice Chairman Mannikkam Logasingham who joined the UPFA ranks on Saturday at a massive rally held at the Duraiappa Stadium under the patronage of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, said the TNA has allocated only two slots for so called -Ëœlow caste-â„¢ people in every Pradeshiya Sabha controlled by them though the so called -Ëœlow castes-â„¢ have topped the over 50 percent mark.

Logasingham, an economics teacher by profession, said the TNA has degenerated to such a low level as to divide the people of their own race on caste lines.

-TNA parliamentarian Suresh Premachandran wanted me to contest the election under the TNA banner and my name was initially included in the list,- he said Logasingham said but to his dismay, party officials informed him that they were able to allocate only two seats for so called -Ëœlow caste-â„¢ Tamils in the nomination and the party hierarchy decided to remove his name from the list.

He was of the view that the people of so called -Ëœlow caste-â„¢ should have at least 50 percent representation in the nomination list, if the TNA is so concerned of the caste of its supporters.

He said the UPFA is a broad alliance which is accommodating people of all communities irrespective of their social differences. Logasingham said the country-â„¢s development is assured under the leadership of President Mahinda Rajapaksa whose administration treats people of all communities equally.

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September 15th, 2013


Lady trudges looking like a tramp but holds a trump being the High Commissioner of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

Her roots beckon a South Indian origin; born to a South African family belonging to the Tamil Valhalla caste and responds to the name of Nevenatham Pillai. Should create no ripple being a South Indian Tamil if she is objective in her determination. True, the issue relates to Sri Lankan Tamils: but that does not deserve a stamp with a bias tag. Tamils are a world apart from the terrorists. Binding the two is as fatal and unrealistic as merging the two provinces!

More a concern is her South African connection in receiving a political elevation to high judicial office for defending persons incarcerated on account of terrorism activity, including her husband Gaby detained under the Terrorist Act – though it had much to do with apartheid politics. Admittedly, the cumulative effect does not appear to sound proper. For the sake of justice in the interest of transparency, could she not have delegated her functions to another in the UNHRC to exclude any trace of inherent bias? It would have sounded better for her at the time her obituary is written. Ministry of External Affairs did well in not raising an issue instead allowing her full access, which she dignifiedly acknowledged. Understandably, with an unlikely second term she takes all that lays before her in the balance term ahead.

Ask yourself, would India allow any exploration of their human rights deficiencies or over the violations by the IPKF in the North, where there are serious allegations? She will be allowed to India as a tourist to see the Taj Mahal but with no checks in the Kashmir Valley. Why does she not wag a finger at India for a change?

Her initial reaction at the present session of the UNHRC on Sri Lanka was to express her lament on the fate that await -human rights defenders, journalists and the communities I met during my visit from any reprisals or intimidation or attack-. Madam, name a name or lay claim to a complaint of any such incident before you shame a nation? That speaks volumes for responsibility, reliability and respectability on your part. We have not heard a grumble from any one but you!

By rushing to judgment are you not falling into the credibility deficit column? The imprints of where your footsteps are leading to are on display when you act prematurely. It is your expression six days (25th May 2009) after the war ended (19 May 2009) when you joined the European Community to condemn Sri Lanka that prompted you to lately indulge in semantic acrobatics and to declare of holding -Ëœan open mind-â„¢ and -Ëœwithout any pre-judgment-â„¢ in view of previous biased pronouncements. No judge need assert impartiality as it is presumed to be inherent, unless it attracts a guilty mind that needs a cleansing.

To determine whether Pillay came to Sri Lanka with a mind – open or shut, or with notions – pre or post judged, it is rather her words, conduct and acts that matter. In her opening statement of over 2750 words carrying over to more than 5 pages issued to the media, heavily censured Sri Lanka, while in passing a single sentence dismisses the atrocities of the LTTE (-LTTE was a murderous organisation that committed numerous crimes and destroyed many lives-) in a gross under-statement; remembers only of one life (Neelan Thiruchelvam, MP/TULF) lost due to the LTTE, omitting the massacre of thousands of innocent civilians.

The genuineness of a statement cannot be measured with a foot-ruler or of the names dropped. But is it fair reporting where Sri Lanka is faulted relentlessly taking a bulk of the marathon misgivings against Sri Lanka while 28 years of cruel terrorism is dismissed mildly with the aforesaid 13 words against the LTTE. Is there equal treatment or a balanced fair mind at work in the presentation?

Thousands of civilians of all ethnicities including infants and baby monks, children and women were killed periodically for over 25 years but Pillay lists only the death of a liberal minded TULF MP killed by the LTTE which she mourned by her personal attendance at his memorial service as mentioned in her lengthy statement. ‚ No doubt Neelan Thiruchelvam is a much valued life and as was Lakshman Kadirgamar and to forget the long list of politicians from Presidents to Prime Ministers in the sub continent assassinated by the LTTE is pardonable; yet can she forget while holding her present office, thousands of specifically targeted civilians killed periodically outside a battlefield by LTTE terrorists to whom her office/title is dedicated? It-â„¢s not the names but the suppression of facts that tells more.

Lady, to expose Human Rights violations – is your prerogative, which you must do impartially. Instead, you stand more exposed, which is a disgrace to the office you hold. Thankfully for Human Rights you are in a passing phase; sadly for Sri Lanka you are an arbiter during that dodgy chapter.

Either hold domestic inquiries or be prepared to face international trials. Pillayan declared categorically, the military inquiries determined were mock trials. Fair enough – she is entitled to her view with respect. In retrospect, a fatal decision to rue for Sri Lanka, that devalued the prospect of holding a proper court martial. ‚ Her premature injudicious decision in calling for international inquiry before exhausting local remedies placed her on fault lines but now she is in safer international waters. Sri Lanka too must get off its silly street and exercise its domestic mechanism, earlier the better. We cannot afford to live like islanders!

The criticism of a government moving towards an authoritarian regime is a reasonable conclusion. It would have carried weight had she said that after a tyrannical despotic rule that existed for years, people of Wanni now enjoy much greater trappings of democracy. Especially after the largest human rescue operation in the recent history: where over a hundred thousand civilians were freed from terrorists captivity and carried to safety at the loss of military life and limb. How did you forget that Pillay lady? You are vocal against one party and silent against the other? Is that your style in exercising Human Rights?

Did not the LTTE demand from the Northerners not to exercise their franchise? Did they enjoy the freedom to vote, free speech, travel, express dissent, and access free media or enjoy political plurality? Was it the TNA through the LTTE or Government through the military that brought the North closer to democracy? Look at the voting percentages, then and now? Was it not an election free and fair if the TNA won the North and defeated the Government? Not a word from the do-good lady.

Lady, be more balanced when you make a presentation, in your own interest. Remember you did not speak a word on rehabilitation or child soldiers in your statement, points that favor Sri Lanka. You are selectivity, damages the image of the UNHRC.‚  Pillay, you talk of free media but did you not complain of criticism leveled against you in the local media? Is that not the license of the free-press in a functional democracy!

Reconciliation in Sri Lanka – Some significant issues

September 15th, 2013

Shenali D. Waduge

Unless and until anyone can prove that ethnic animosities between the Sinhalese Buddhists and Tamil Hindus had prevailed throughout Sri Lanka-â„¢s history there is no compelling need to use uncritically western concepts such as -Ëœreconciliation-â„¢.

Genesis of Reconciliation

The Government and people of Sri Lanka must be warned of embracing ideas that have had origin in western settler countries to meet contingencies that were peculiar to their societies and irrelevant to older countries with rich civilizations such as India and Sri Lanka which have been built on Hindu and Buddhist religious foundations which place a heavy emphasis on -ËœAhimsa-â„¢ (Non -“violence) to all living beings. It is these ethical foundations that have prevented Buddhist and Hindu civilizations from going on the offensive, conquering other people-â„¢s lands and plundering and robbing their resources without any qualms of conscience, as vividly displayed by followers of Abrahamic religions in the west and middle east even to this day in their immoral quest for world domination.‚  ‚ ‚ 

More specifically the idea of -ËœReconciliation-â„¢ grew out of contexts such as the genocide, mass murder, liquidation and extermination of indigenous people in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, parts of Africa including South Africa, North and South America.‚  These were crimes against humanity similar in magnitude to the -Ëœholocaust-â„¢ of the Jews in the Second World War, all of which were committed by European Christians.

Hidden objective of Reconciliation in Sri Lanka

We must not lose sight of the strategies and ploys used by foreigners in Sri Lanka ‚ during the period of western colonial domination (1505 – 1948) under three Christian powers i.e. Portuguese, Dutch and British ‚ to disunite the ‚ two ethnic communities ‚ and create new communities of people with allegiance to a foreign sovereign instead of the local sovereign and to ensure disunity prevailed to divert ‚ public attention from the plunder of resources and transformation of the country into a vassal state ‚ dependent on the colonial West.

The process of -ËœReconciliation-â„¢ is subtly meant to make the majority community i.e. Sinhalese Buddhists, feel guilty and inferior with the thought that we are not measuring up to other peoples-â„¢ (in the West) expectations and standards in respect to inter -” communal relations and other areas. This is a form of psychological domination, practiced by the western countries through their heavily prejudiced state apparatus and jingoist mass media full of lies and euro – centric propaganda and meant to instil in the minds of non – Europeans a defeated mind set weak in spirit and lacking backbone to overcome challenges and achieve victories. Sri Lanka’s inestimable victory in the Cricket World Cup (1996) under the able captaincy of Arjuna Ranatunga and the comprehensive and resounding victory over terrorism achieved in May, 2009 under the guidance and leadership of President Mahinda Rajapakse provides mettle and grit to stand up and call a spade a spade and accept the challenge of de-colonising our minds. ‚  ‚  ‚ 

If -Ëœreconciliation-â„¢ is the chosen path then there cannot be a time bar to -Ëœreconciliation-â„¢ more so when major issues that the country faces today are very much part of the problems created with cunning and craftiness by the western colonial countries during their period of governance of this country. -ËœDivide and Rule-â„¢ was a central plank of colonial administration. Therefore, it is incumbent on the people now to insist that the country-â„¢s government demand that reconciliation bogeys cannot be accepted unless and until the injustices meted out by the colonial rulers upon Sri Lanka be addressed first. It is also important to bear in mind that any genuine reconciliation cannot restrict its scope. The grievances, injustices‚ and the persecution of the Sinhalese Buddhists during 450 years of colonial rule cannot be simply brushed aside from the scope of efforts at Reconciliation by concentrating solely on the claims of minorities.

Colonial Injustices await international inquiry

Let us now look at why reconciliation needs to start with the injustices and inequities committed by the colonials commencing from the unsolicited entry of the Portuguese to this country in 1505.

Fact 1: There was NO institutional Christianity nor‚ indigenous Christians in Sri Lanka when the Portuguese arrived in Sri Lanka.

Fact 2: The Portuguese came in‚ the guise of Traders, but with an ominous plan to‚ conquer Territory and to Proselytize (Commerce, Conquest and Conversion).

Fact 3: Christianity was introduced to Sri Lanka by the Portuguese and imposed by force using violence and sometimes reward unethically going so far as to destroy Buddhist temples e.g. Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara in 1578, and Hindu kovils and building Churches over destroyed sites and killing those who were defending their places of worship including Buddhist monks. If Buddhist temples along maritime coast are not older than 150 years it is because the Portuguese destroyed them ‚ with the blessings ‚ of the Roman Catholic emperor of Portugal, his Viceroy in Goa, the Pope in the Vatican ‚ and Roman Catholic Church in Sri Lanka. Moreover, there can be no worse crime than foreign invaders supported by local accomplices wiping out the historical evidence of a nation.

‚§‚  1000 pillared temples in Devundara and Trincomalee, Saman Devale Temple, Kelaniya temple were ransacked and burnt (Dr. Susantha Goonetilleke)

‚§‚  Kochikade Church in Colombo and Madhu Church in Mannar were originally Pattini Devales (Prof. Endagama). Also destroyed were Nallur Kandasamy Kovil, Kailasanathar Temple, Munneswaran Temple in 1575, Sri Vishnu Temple in Devinuwara in 1588, Tirukethieswaram Temple, Matota temple, Tiru Konesar Temple in 1622, Thirukonamalai temple in Trincomalee, among others

‚§‚  Buddhist schools ransacked and burnt and monk-scholars killed -” Sunethra Devi Pirivena in Kotte, Vidagama Pirivena in Raigama, Tottagamuwe Pirivena in Hikkaduwa. Learning of these Buddhist monasteries were recorded in Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and South Vietnam.

‚§‚  Vidagama Pirivena of Raigama originally a 400 acre complex has been turned into a Church and Church graveyard.

‚§‚  1557 AD -” Seven storied Kithsirimevanpaya built by Dambadeniya kings in Kelaniya was destroyed by Portuguese Capt Diego de Melo who drowned all defenders ‚ in the Kelani river.

‚§‚  5 storied Royal palace in Kelaniya converted to a St. Bartholomew Catholic church in 1557AD

‚§‚  3 storied Dalada Maligawa of Kotte destroyed by Portuguese in 1557AD

‚§‚  1624 -” Portuguese demolish ancient Gokanna temple into the sea and built Fort Frederick from the stones and pillars of the temple.

‚§‚  Portuguese conquistador Fellipe de Oliveria is said to have destroyed 500 Temples in Jaffna the number of Buddhist temples that were destroyed in the rest of the country is unimaginable.

‚§‚  Papal Bulls of 1452, 1455, 1456 mandated Portugal to acquire territory and convert heathens. Coastal communities underwent mass conversion (Jaffna, Mannar, Negombo, Chilaw -” fishing communities)

Fact 4:‚  Divide and rule began with the Portuguese for they found it easier to convert Tamils and made Jaffna Tamils compete with the Sinhalese. Prof. Endagama points that the existing family system along traditional framework and familial obligations was broken by Catholic conversions who were now told to worship only their Christian God. High class Sinhalese/Tamils were first converted on the assumption that the lower classes would automatically follow. It was often these converted Tamils and Sinhalese who changed their allegiance and went against their own and revolted against native monarchs in favour of the colonials. They became mercenaries (Lascoreens) and intelligence ‚ ‚ gatherers for the Portuguese and later the Dutch and British.

From 1624-1626 the Franciscans had converted 52,000 Jaffna Tamils. In 1634 over 70,000 Christians headed by 25 parishes in Jaffna (Friar Paulo da Trinidade) while Antonio Boccaro that same year reported that -Ëœnearly all natives are Christians-â„¢ with Father Fernao de Queiros also describing Jaffna as being -Ëœwholly Christian-â„¢. Eventually 42 parishes divided among the Franciscans and the Jesuits.

The Portuguese had 115,000 Hindus converted to Christianity. But, many of them reverted to Hinduism when Dutch replaced the Portuguese in 1658.

Fact 5: Western names, rituals and western cultures, attire, eating habits, music introduced to the natives of Sri Lanka and spread by the new Sinhala / Tamil converts. (Fernando, Mendis, Fonseka, Rodrigo, Perera). The Portuguese introduced strong liquor manufacture, ‚ ‚ cattle slaughter and beef eating in a country that banned the killing of all sentient beings and animals.

Fact 6: Portuguese destroyed the self-sufficiency at village levels of the indigenous natives and introduced concept of import-export

Battles against Portuguese

‚§‚  1593 Kadugannawa -” 400 Kandyans led by Konappu Bandara battled to prevent 12 year old Dona Catherina from being married to a Portuguese army officer. If marriage had taken place under Roman law the principle -Ëœcujus regio, illius religio-â„¢ would have prevailed -” he who rules the land determines the religion. If so Portuguese king would have used his legal authority to conquer Sri Lanka and declare Roman Catholicism as the official religion of Sri Lanka. The Buddhists would have had to baptise themselves or die. Konappu Bandara went on to marry Dona Catherina and became King Vimaladharmasuriya 1 ‚ He built a two storey building to deposit the tooth relic in Kandy. He died in 1604.

‚§‚  1591 -” Last Battle of Jaffna by Lankan army to defend Jaffna near a great Dagaba in Atchuveli killing scores of Sinhala soldiers. 5000 Sinhala troops including Mudaliar Atapattu were killed and Portuguese began ruling Jaffna thereafter with the Tamil Christian community of Jaffna becoming their strongest supporters.

‚§‚  1598 -” Kandy destroyed. 10th war against Portuguese. Local collaborators paid by Portuguese for allegiance

‚§‚  1615 AD -” 11th War against Portuguese. Orders from Goa to stop Sinhala merchants trading in Trinco, Batticaloa and Jaffna. Portuguese launched offensive with help of local collaborators capturing Gampola, Maturata, Badulla, Tumpane, Matale, Harispattuwa.

‚§‚  1618 -” Portuguese crush revolt of Kuruvitarala near Balangoda also with the help of local collaborators (Catholics and Moors and greedy Sinhalese). Portuguese and collaborators laughed as the local kings palaces, schools, temples, shops, horse and elephant sheds were all burnt and Buddhists temples destroyed. Over 1000s of surrendered Sinhala warriors (Prisoners of War) were beheaded while the commanders were chained and dragged to their deaths. Collaborator poet Dom Jeronimo Alagiyavanna Mukaveti wrote glorifying ‚ the feats of the Portuguese over the Sinhala patriots in his eulogising poem -ËœKustantinu Hatana-â„¢ (a war ballad about the Portuguese General Constantino de Sƒ¡ de Noronha).

‚§‚  1630 AD -” 13th War against Portuguese ‚ Constantino de Sƒ¡ de Noronha was the 6th and 8th Governor of the Portuguese controlled areas of Ceylon. ‚  He destroyed villages and agriculture up to Badulla He was finally killed in the Battle of Randeniwala in 1630, when the Kandyan Armies led by King Senerath and his sons defeated the Portuguese in Randeniwala.

‚§‚  14 major battles took place between Portuguese and the Sinhalese.

Reconciliation : Portuguese and the Catholic Church as their accomplices must first apologize for their crimes in Sri Lanka

‚§‚  Role of Catholic Church in colonization -” policy to annihilate native religions,

‚§‚  Great buildings and infrastructure of an ancient civilization destroyed by Portuguese fire power primarily because even Lisbon Portugal-â„¢s capital city could not compare to the buildings, Temples ‚ and other structures in Kotte, Sri Lanka.

‚§‚  Introducing sadism, barbaric forms of punishment and inhuman cruelty to animals to a peaceful society. South Indian rulers showed their cruelty to showcase their superiority the Portuguese and other colonials were simply enjoying watching natives suffer death.

‚§‚  Creating a new community of Catholics and Burghers -” many from raping Sinhalese women and children born out of wedlock and women brought to the level of sex slaves.

‚§‚  Portuguese principle -ËœBegin by Bible, if unsuccessful then use the Sword-â„¢ -” implemented in 1522 AD and entered interior Sri Lanka for the next wave of conversions by denigrating Buddhism.

‚§‚  Robbing, raping, committing adultery and killing natives en masse (records of Faria Sousa), killing children for fun, killing a husband and eating his flesh in front of his wife (recorded by Portuguese observers and writers ) is really no different to Syrian rebels eating the heart of a Syrian soldier in 21st century!

‚§‚  Promising protection to ruling class in exchange for allowing Catholic missionaries to propagate Christianity, building of churches and to convert people -” implemented by 1543AD

‚§‚  Memo from King of Portugal to Viceroy in India to destroy all local religions -” 1546 -Use diligent officers to discover and reduce to fragments, all forms of idols. Apply rigorous penalties on locals who dare to engrave, cast, sculpture, or paint any figure in metal, bronze, wood or clay-.

‚§‚  Creating traitors and fifth columnists ‚ -” puppet king Don Juan Dharmapala hands over Kelaniya Rajamahaviharaya and Daladage at Kotte to Portuguese against Mayadunne

‚§‚  By 1597 Portuguese began using caste tactics and religion to dissent. Trade and its administration was given to converted Catholics of high caste families creating a new rich caste/class of converted Tamils and Sinhalese who abandoned their heritage and roots for worthlesss titles and various other material rewards. Patriotic Sinhalese and Tamils coined the derogatory term -ËœRice Christians-â„¢ to refer to such people. ‚ 

‚§‚  Portuguese soldiers were to throw live prisoners including Buddhist monks, to the crocodiles and women and children had their limbs chopped off while mothers had to hold their children and be tortured to death. Mothers and children were crushed between rocks. Portuguese were drinking, eating meat, laughing and cheering the Sinhalese being tortured.

‚§‚  Changing demography of the country -” Portuguese bring South Indians to Jaffna for tobacco cultivation in 1630. This practice was continued on a more extensive scale by the Dutch.

The lessons and choices for contemporary leaders and nationals

One can barter and sacrifice history, heritage and one-â„¢s religion like Don Juan Dharmapala , one can strike peace pacts like King Senerath of Kandy did in 1617 which Portuguese broke in 1628 by taking Trinco and Batticaloa (this was the same king who on compassionate grounds resettled Muslim traders whom the Portuguese under Constantino de Sƒ¡ de Noronha were going to annihilate ‚ under orders from the Portuguese King, in the Eastern region of the Kandyan Kingdom i.e. ‚ Batticaloa), collaborators of the type of Alagiyavanna Mukavatiya who wrote even poems glorifying ‚ the Portuguese or natives can collaborate with the enemy forsaking their own countrymen -” do we see much difference in then and now?

Buddhist resurgence in 1956

From 1505 and following over 450 years of foreign colonial rule it took until 1956 to break away from the norms and usher a resurgence of Sinhala Buddhist awareness. That too was quickly branded as -Ëœethnic-â„¢ and -Ëœextremist-â„¢ by the ‚ ‚ ‚ subversive Catholic Action movement that even attempted to take over the country by a military coup in 1962, following the success of the Catholic Church in collaboration with USA, in installing Ngƒ´ „ƒ¬nh Di¡»”¡m, a Catholic as the first President of South Vietnam, a pre-dominantly Buddhist country, through fraudulent elections.

The challenges have not changed. Evangelical groups continue to use unconventional methods to convert, they have exploited country laws and operate as registered companies or NGOs, they use inducements and lure people to convert giving privileges and incentives. The best example was King Bhuvanakabahu of Kotte whose grandson Dharmapala was appointed as heir in 1543 and placed under the protection of King of Portugal. Dharmapala was christened as Don Juan and upon his death in 1597 Portuguese claimed de jure title to the Kingdom of Kotte ‚ on the basis of an invalid last will and testament left behind by Don Juan Dharmapala.‚  ‚ 

Reconciliation must start with rectification of the injustices of the Colonial rulers

If the nation of Sri Lanka is reeling from one crisis to the other it must be accepted that the roots of these intractable conflicts go back in time to the arrival of the colonial power houses in the form of Portuguese, Dutch and the British who destroyed the cultural framework, destroyed native agriculture, the traditional economy and the social structure and forcefully implanted Western systems and methods in the best interest of their economies. If Sri Lanka-â„¢s engineers were sent overseas to teach how to construct canals and storage tanks prior to colonial arrival it speaks volumes of the capability of the Sinhalese. Therefore reconciliation must start from the point of time where the civilizational prestige of a nation and the rightful status and authority of its indigenous people were usurped and it is the usurpers who need to not only apologize but compensate for their crimes both tangible and intangible.

The Dutch have recently apologized to Indonesia for its crimes during colonial rule, Britain said almost the same to India -” we look forward to British Prime Minister David Cameron making that much awaited apology to Sri Lanka prior to teaching Sri Lanka a lesson on human rights when he comes for the Commonwealth Heads of Meeting and Portugal too needs to also apologize to Sri Lanka. That is not all, for annihilating Sri Lanka-â„¢s ancient civilization, its cultural heritage, its artifacts and much of its history itself as well as the sadism and killings of indigenous people must be compensated. The demand for reparations by the victims cannot be wished away by the colonial perpetrators. A catharsis is required like in South Africa.

Quoting Mr. Philip Fernando

In a recent email exchange senior Journalist Mr. Philip Fernando made the following comment which provides food for thought for all those concerned with the ongoing developments and future of Sri Lanka, both in the short and long term.

-The majority community in Sri Lanka has to cautiously assess the rising presence among the minorities as well as their access to international resources with great care. Most‚ cohesive ethno-cultural groups , with a firm sense of common purpose, will not voluntarily accept any nationalism other than its own. ‚ Sri Lanka has so far avoided going overboard in their quest to preserve what they believe is their heritage. ‚ Lessons from‚ across‚ the Palk strait even after the‚ partition‚ of India are quite relevant.‚ 

Here are things to ponder–Gandhi pleaded with Jinnah, “you can cut me in two if you wish, but don’t cut India in two.” Yet in the end Muslim intransigence and militancy received their reward in the form of Pakistan, a separate homeland for Indian Muslims, replete with a constitution that irrevocably enshrines Muslim dominance; Indian Hindus, still suffering today from a restive Muslim minority, received their reward in a secularist (“multicultural”) India, which denies the Hindu majority any institutional expression of their ethno-cultural character. Hindu leaders may have profited from secularism, but the Hindu masses they nominally represented did not.‚ ‚ 

The lesson of Gandhi’s failure is clear: In interracial relations a group that defines itself by its tolerance will lose against a group that doggedly pursues its own self-interest. Shrewd ethnocentrism is more politically powerful than compromising tolerance. We could call that a sociological law, if it were not so obvious.‚ “India,” as Godse complained at his trial, “was vivisected and one-third of the Indian Territory became foreign land to us…. This is what Gandhi had achieved after thirty years of‚ indisputably‚ powerful activism.‚ Sri Lanka won the war but the TNA may not have learnt anything–not when you read their manifesto-

Buddhism which brought so much prestige, honour and international recognition to India since the enlightenment of the Buddha 2600 years ago lost its place and was disowned by India for over a period of 800 years. ‚ Hinduism in India is facing a similar decline thanks to the foolishness of Indian leaders for their uncritical acceptance of ideas born and bred in the western Christian traditions rather than their own. Today the national leaders of India particularly the Government of India no longer sees itself as the protector of the glorious Buddhist -” Hindu civilization. Secularism, Pluralism, Multi-culturalism and the like being foreign doctrines make sure that the Indian state abandons any form of association or allegiance to its much vaunted spiritual and religious heritage.

Sri Lanka must not fall for the trap India has fallen into

India no longer gives moral voice or defend deep seated traditions rooted in Indian culture and heritage such as -ËœAhimsa-â„¢ (non -” violence) to all living beings, speak highly of its sages like the Buddha, Mahavira and chakravarti Kings like Asoka, Buddhist‚ missionaries like Arahant Mahinda and Sangamitta, all of whom contributed to bestowing the respect and influence that India still enjoys today in the wider world.

In contrast Muslim countries will never abandon their Islamic heritage. In fact they are proud and deeply committed to its growth and spread universally.

Sri Lanka must never fall for the trap that India has fallen into whose public voice and national conscience is now being heavy manipulated by a mass media owned and controlled by foreign funded groups that are hostile to even the retention of its indigenous spiritual symbols as part of India-â„¢s identity.

Balancing the LLRC Report

Those putting pressures upon Sri Lanka dictating the demarcation of the periods to be investigated do so to omit scrutiny of their crimes and wrong doings. What needs to be reiterated is that while the Report of the LLRC under the Chairmanship of C. R. de Silva, P.C. addresses the grievances of the minorities through a variety of recommendations to correct the inequities it leaves out altogether from its Report any reference to the historical injustices suffered by the Sinhalese Buddhists under 450 years of foreign domination, despite eloquent submissions made to that effect by a number of individuals and organisations with nationalist credentials. These historical wrongs had to be rectified by any post – independence Government of Sri Lanka. The revolution of 1956 through the ballot was meant to redress the justifiable grievances of the majority community who suffered the most under colonial rule.‚ 

The Report of the Press Commission (1964) under the Chairmanship of Justice K. D. de Silva (father of C.R. de Silva) deals with some of these issues in a sensible manner and calls on the national press to be‚  fair and more balanced in its reportage and analysis of issues including editorial comment.‚  Much of the historical injustices committed by the western powers and the insidious role of the Press were referred to at length in the 1964 report. In contrast the LLRC has side stepped the issue of the grievances of the majority in the immediate post – independence period presented in the submissions by nationalist groups, associations and individuals and not even a reference to their submissions has been made. ‚ This itself shows that the LLRC Report lacks objectivity, complete representation and a balance for any concrete reconciliation to take place. The Government of Sri Lanka must seriously consider re- publishing the K. D. de Silva Press Commission Report of 1964 to provide the balance that the LLRC Report seriously lacks‚ but also take upon itself to make available in a published printed form all the submissions made to the LLRC.

‚ Shenali D. Waduge


September 15th, 2013

Malin Abeyatunge

Today-â„¢s Daily Mirror (13/9/2013)reported that Channel 4 News & Documentary maker Callum Macrae is to travel to Sri Lanka for the CHOGM. Let us be blunt. Under no circumstances that the GoSL should grant Callum Macrae and his Channel 4 team visa to visit Sri Lanka for any reasons. He and his Channel 4 team should not be allowed to step in to Sri Lanka as they are coming to do more harm than good to Sri Lanka knowing their fabricated documentaries with manufactured clips and scenes to humiliate Sri Lanka. Probably, their hidden agenda under the pretext of CHOGM would be to manufacture another documentary‚  on Sri Lanka to show it before the next UNHRC sessions in March 2014.

GoSL made a big mistake by inviting another enemy of Sri Lanka UNHRC Commissioner Navi Pillay‚  and government is still trying to digest what she had said in her departing speech addressed to the press. After she left the shores only , some senior ministers and UNPiers‚ ‚  have woken up from slumber and started criticising her but not a word while she was here. But it was too late then. Same thing will happen if GoSL become naƒ¯ve again‚  and grant Visa to Callum Macrae‚  and his team.‚  The Sri Lankans will be very angry‚  if the Government decides to grant them Visa and the patriotic organisations in Sri Lanka should rally together to protest such move. The Sri Lankan Government has the right to decide who should and who should not visit our country even on a tourist visa.

GoSL should show its metal by refusing Callum Macrae and his team Visa as they who decide who should be given the right to enter the country. This must be another ploy by the LTTE rump to tell specially Britain and India not to attend CHOGM.

If the Government decides to grant him and his team visa to please the international community with vested interest, it will be another - ILLANG KAAMAK-.



United States had given its fullest support to destroy the LTTE’s floating armouries in the deep sea between 2006 and 2008- Defence Secretary.

September 14th, 2013

Courtesy The Daily News


Defence Secretary in an‚ an interview with The Australian newspaper said that the United States had given its fullest support to destroy the LTTE’s floating armouries in the deep sea between 2006 and 2008.

“One turning point in the war came when the Sri Lankan navy was able to sink these Tiger supply ships: “Between 2006 and 2008 we destroyed 12 of these floating armouries.” What made this possible?

“The Americans were very, very helpful. Most of the locations of these ships were given to us by the Americans,” Mr. Rajapaksa said.

Expressing his views on reconciliation Defence Secretary said that “This is not an easy task, especially for the people of the North. More than 55 per cent of Tamils live outside the north and the east and have no issues of reconciliation. They mingle with other communities all the time,” he said.

The Diaspora Tamils want the poor people of Sri Lanka to take up arms to further their (the diaspora’s) ideology, while sending their own children to universities in developed countries to enter lucrative professions, Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa told Greg Sheridan in an interview with The Australian newspaper.

The Defence Secretary accused the Tamil diaspora of promoting terrorism in Sri Lanka. In his interview with ‘The Australian’ newspaper, he said that the Diaspora Tamils urge the poor Tamils in Sri Lanka to send their children for terrorist activities while the children of diaspora are safely studying in universities in developed countries with the aim of getting lucrative jobs.

“The diaspora should understand that they live in countries away from Sri Lanka. Mostly they live in developed countries and enjoy all the facilities of developed countries. But some of them want the poor people of Sri Lanka in this difficult environment to take up arms to further their (the diaspora’s) ideology. They don’t send their own children, who go to universities in developed countries, who enter lucrative professions. But they will talk of the fight for a Tamil homeland — who is doing the fighting?” Defence Secretary told Greg Sheridan of The Australian newspaper.

“The diaspora can raise money and make propaganda, but who will suffer from their efforts?” he questioned. “American satellite technology located the ships and enabled the Sri Lankans to hit them. Before that, the Americans had been somewhat ambivalent about the Sri Lankan struggle. They never remotely justified or approved of the Tigers, nor would they supply weapons to the Sri Lankan forces. Yet throughout the conflict, Sri Lanka got most of its military hardware from Israel and Pakistan, two military allies of the US that would probably have been susceptible to American entreaties not to supply arms,” the Defence Secretary further said.

‘The Tigers were ultimately defeated by a military campaign designed and run by Rajapaksa, Secretary of Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Defence. A brilliant career soldier, he had migrated to the US after retiring from the Army but came back to help his brother, Mahinda Rajapaksa, become President. From 2005 to 2009, Gota, as he is popularly known, oversaw the military campaign that finally crushed the Tigers,’ The Australian newspaper stated.

Defence Secretary Rajapaksa said “But people in the north were so long isolated from the rest of the community and brainwashed into separatist attitudes. Although we have built a lot of infrastructure in the north, reconciliation won’t take place fully overnight. It will take time and the concentrated efforts of all the major parties involved. The majority community also has to extend its hand to show that we can live as one nation.”

“You may not know much about the Tamil Tigers. They were the most supremely deadly and effective terrorist group to emerge at any time in the second half of the 20th century. They pioneered two terrorist innovations — suicide bombings, later copied by al-Qa’ida, and child soldiers and child terrorists,” the newspaper stated.

Pathmanathan, or KP joining The Australian interview said that he wants the diaspora groups to drop all ideas of separatism, to stop trying to stir up trouble, and instead come back and spend time in Sri Lanka, and above all invest and build there. (PRIU)‚ 

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Is There a Hidden Agenda in Rejecting Organic Farming ?

September 14th, 2013

Ranil Senanayake

‚ It is tragic when proponents of industrial agriculture attempt to deceive us with subversive methods to defend the -Ëœdebt trap-â„¢ that our farmers have got into. Further, use of the LTTE bogey seems to be a new trick in the arsenal of the multi national agents to keep our farmers hooked onto using agro-toxins in their fields (Difficulties in reverting to traditional Agriculture, or adopting organic farming.‚  Island September 13, 2013,)
‚ One example of this,‚  is his bogus claim that the studies quoted as -Ëœinaccessible-â„¢ with out paying about -Ëœten pounds sterling-â„¢. The paper that was presented is on the web and accessible by anyone at anytime for free. (½ ).‚  The paper also cites a host of other studies that demonstrate the efficacy of organic farming. It is this type of snide commentary that seems to be the hallmark of Mr. Bodhi Dhanapala-â„¢s writings.
Currently I am researching Myanmar farmers, who are producing the same or often higher rice crops using organic inputs. I have also begun the trials of these inputs here, as we all need to find ways by which we can move towards a cleaner agriculture. We do have our research plots in Sri Lanka and I have visited the fields of many organic farmers in Sri Lanka who have amply demonstrated the efficacy of organic farming in our context and are striving to get us out of the debt and poison trap. For an example see‚ ‚ ‚  on the Mihimandala organic farm in Mirahawatte. What has Mr. Dhanapala done in this context may I ask?
Sitting in Canada eating clean food and pontificating that we should eat toxin laden food is much worse than Marie Antoinette asking people “to eat cake if there is no bread”.‚ It-â„¢s like saying -eat poison, clean food is not important.-. If he was so interested in helping our farmers he should come here, work with us in creating the -Ëœnew agriculture-â„¢ that this country so desperately needs.‚  I will happily give space on my research farm to Mr.Dhanapala, to disprove what we are seeing on the ground or to prove that his agrotoxin agriculture is better.
So, please stop defending the agrotoxin salesmen by resorting to the LTTE bogeyman. We are fed-up with the chauvinistic lunatic fringe of our society, who resort to this cheap trick to defend their anti-national activities!‚  Come here and help change our disastrous course in food production, not defend this course from afar ! -ËœCanada dolaaven bahela, apey govian ekka wadekermu, manavi ! -Ëœ
Organic farming is a form of agriculture that relies on techniques such as crop rotation, green manure, compost and biological pest control. Organic farming uses biological derived fertilizers and pesticides but excludes or strictly limits the use of manufactured (synthetic) fertilizers, pesticides (which include herbicides, insecticides and fungicides), plant growth regulators such as hormones, livestock antibiotics, food additives, genetically modified organisms,[1] human sewage sludge, and nanomaterials
Traditional Agriculture refers to ‚ locally developed systems of agriculture that did not use manufactured (synthetic) fertilizers, pesticides (which include herbicides, insecticides and fungicides), plant growth regulators such as hormones, livestock antibiotics, food additives, genetically modified organisms. They rely to a large part on the agronomic knowledge that has been handed down from older generations.‚  Traditional agriculture may use human sewerage sludge and many other materials excluded in Organic Farming.
Certain types of Traditional Agriculture can be -Organic- by default if they do not use precluded inputs.

Sri Lankan Tamils and Tamil Eelam – I

September 14th, 2013

by Thamizhchelvan Courtesy:

on 14 Sep 2013

Present scenario: It is more than four years since the LTTE was crushed, and it is sad and unfortunate that the Sri Lankan Tamils are yet to see a lasting solution to their continuing problems. President Rajapakse has not lived up to the commitments he made during his victory speech; Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) and the Global Tamil Forum (GTF) which control the Sri Lankan Diaspora are trying to revive Tamil militancy; the UPA government is inadequate and has no idea how to go about the issue; Tamil Nadu political parties including the ruling party are not interested in anything constructive but are continuing their political dramas; the separatist outfits keep harping on a separate Tamil Eelam.

The United States is moving against Sri Lanka through the UNHRC, not in the interests of the Island Tamils but as a check against China-â„¢s growing influence in Sri Lanka and to facilitate the Church-â„¢s agenda for a secessionist Tamil state.

This scenario serves as another great opportunity for the Generic Church to play its divisive game to achieve its long time agenda of creating a Tamil Christian Nation. In the absence of the LTTE, the Generic Church has unleashed all its forces such as human rights organizations, NGOs, Tamil separatist outfits, Dravidian parties, writers and columnists to achieve its objective.

Human rights organizations focus on the -Ëœwar crimes-â„¢ and -Ëœhuman rights abuses-â„¢ allegedly perpetrated by the SL Army; the NGOs work over time in evangelical activities and convert the vulnerable war torn people in the guise of service; Dravidian parties (ruling and opposition) and separatist outfits keep the Eelam agenda alive in Tamil Nadu besides exerting pressure on the UPA government at the center; writers and columnists use the media, print as well as web, to build mass opinion in favour of a separate Tamil Eelam.

While Tamil Nadu and the SL Diaspora are attempting to give life to the Eelam cause, the Sri Lankan government and Buddhist clergy are trying to Sinhala-ise the Island. As a result, the poor hapless Tamils in the island nation are bearing the brunt of Sinhala chauvinism. After suffering for more than three decades and losing everything, they have developed hatred for war and the separate Eelam demand, and yearn for a peaceful life in their own land. They desire only a political solution without affecting the sovereignty of a united Sri Lanka. Any sensible government would ensure this and take the war-torn country on the path of progress. Rajapaksa-â„¢s government has miserably failed, but the responsibility must be shared by the Indian government and the State of Tamil Nadu.

Sri Lanka-â„¢s missed opportunity

There cannot be two opinions on Rajapaksa-â„¢s decisive action against LTTE; it deserved to be decimated. But regarding the rehabilitation of the Tamils, his government should have gone on a war footing for rehabilitation and ensured a peaceful livelihood for the Tamils. He had a great opportunity to implement the 13th amendment, which could have thwarted the attempts of the US and UNHRC to act against SL. He could have earned the respect and admiration of the Tamil community and ensured a united Sri Lanka in the real sense, after almost six decades. Had he attempted to implement the 13th amendment immediately after winning the war against LTTE, he would not have faced opposition from the Sinhala people as they saw him as a hero then. But he wasted more than three years and gave more than enough time to Sinhala chauvinists and the Buddhist clergy who are now bent upon scuttling the implementation of the 13th amendment.

On the contrary, his subsequent actions have dismayed the Tamils:

– He bifurcated the NE province to make separate entities of North and East;

– He banned singing the national anthem in Tamil;

– He dragged his feet on the rehabilitation process;

– He gave permission only to Christian organizations like Caritas to serve the internally displaced Tamils in the army controlled camps;

– He ignored India and flirted with Pakistan and China;

– Internally within the country, he earned the wrath of a section of the populace by insulting and harassing former Army Chief Sarath Fonseka who had made a major contribution to the nation during his tenure in the military;

– He impeached the first woman Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Shirani Bandaranaike, for ruling against the government, particularly the two bills (Town and Country Planning Amendment Bill and Divi Neguma Bill) proposed by minister Basil Rajapaksa, the President-â„¢s brother;

– He encouraged corruption and nepotism.

India-â„¢s missed opportunities

The Tamil civilian protests started only after the -Sinhala Only Act- was introduced by Prime Minister Solomon West Ridgeway Dias Bandaranaike in 1956. Repeated protests by Tamils and suppression by the regime slowly snowballed into civilian riots. The first major riots took place in May 1958 (-1958 Riots-).

Although there were incidents of civilian riots intermittently between the 1950s and -Ëœ60s, India never felt the need to interfere as successive SL governments exercised control over the prevailing situation. However, as the situation deteriorated and led to the formation of extremist militant groups and armed struggle in the late 1970s and early -Ëœ80s, the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi felt it appropriate to support and train the nascent Tamil militant groups – a huge blunder by the Government of India.

Indira Gandhi encouraged and trained Tamil militant organizations to gain the support of MG Ramachandran. This worsened the situation in both Sri Lanka and India, as it turned out to be a case of catching a tiger by its tail. Both MGR and Indira Gandhi passed away in the mid-1980s, but their blunder caused heavy damage to both nations in general and Sri Lankan Tamils in particular.

Rajiv Gandhi, who took up the mantle with the sole qualification of being the Prime Minister-â„¢s son, signed the Indo Sri Lankan Accord in July 1987 in an attempt to put an end to the armed conflict and control the migration of Tamil refugees into India. As mandated under the Accord and also on the request of Junius Richard Jayewardene, Rajiv Gandhi sent the Indian Peace Keeping Force to disarm all militant organizations and make them participate in the administration of the northeast. As the LTTE wanted to dominate the Interim Administrative Council, it refused to cooperate and this led to repeated skirmishes between the LTTE and the IPKF. The Tigers were actually not interested in peace and indulged in attacks on Sri Lankans and waged guerilla warfare against the IPKF.

At this juncture, it must be clarified that Rajiv Gandhi didn-â„¢t order the execution of Prabhakaran when he came to meet Maj-Gen Harkirat Singh in September 1987. At that time, the IPKF had no plans of fighting the LTTE. Reliable sources within the IPKF say that the decision to fight the LTTE was taken only after the insurgency escalated and 12 LTTE leaders captured by the SL Army took cyanide pills and died, and subsequently the Government of India announced a reward on Prabhakaran dead or alive.

It is reliably learnt that the para-commandos missed Prabhakaran by a whisker once when they raided his camp. The Government of India, acting in the national interest, ordered the Indian Army to get Prabhakaran, dead or alive. The LTTE led by Prabhakaran was liquidating leaders of other Sri Lankan Tamil political parties besides killing thousands of innocent civilians, both Tamil and Sinhala. It had eliminated hundreds of soldiers of the IPKF, and was recruiting Tamil children into the terrorist outfit to train into future LTTE terrorists.

Meanwhile, Ranasinghe Premadasa, son of Richard Ranasinghe, became the third President of Sri Lanka; in India, Rajiv Gandhi lost the elections and VP Singh became Prime Minister. The LTTE had a tacit understanding with Premadasa and continued the fight against the IPKF. In 1989, Premadasa asked India to withdraw the IPKF and VP Singh obliged under pressure from Karunanidhi, the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. By March 1990, the IPKF completely withdrew from Sri Lanka and within three months the LTTE turned against Premadasa and assassinated him in May 1993. It previously eliminated Rajiv Gandhi in May 1991. Thus, the move of sending the IPKF proved disastrous with the loss of 1255 soldiers. It was a disaster because New Delhi did not have an end objective in sight when it sent in the IPKF and therefore had no well-defined exit plan or time frame for their exit.

New Delhi should have resisted the pressure from both Colombo and Fort St. George and mandated the IPKF to crush the LTTE and should have withdrawn the IPKF from Sri Lanka only after compelling the Sri Lankan government to implement the 13th amendment. This would have checked the influence of China over Sri Lanka and brought a lasting solution to the civil war and asserted Indian supremacy in South Asia. But this did not happen.

Later, although the Jayalalithaa government in the state and the Narasimha Rao government at the center checked and controlled LTTE activities in the country to a large extent, the Indo Sri Lanka relationship could not see marked improvement as Eelam War III erupted in the island nation. Both Sri Lanka and India blundered by allowing western forces to play a role in the ethnic crisis in the name of mediation.

Only after the BJP-led government came to power did the SL Tamils issue receive some kind of attention. Ranil Wickremasinghe, second son of Esmond and Nalini Wickremasinghe and nephew of Lakshman Wickremasinghe, Bishop, Church of Sri Lanka, was Prime Minister. He cooperated well and the peace process brokered by Norway was supervised by the NDA government. In February 2002, Prabhakaran signed the cease fire agreement (CFA), as did Ranil Wickremasinghe. However, both prime ministers lost their respective elections, which caused a set back to the peace process.

The UPA government failed to rise to the occasion, and in Sri Lanka, Percy Mahinda Rajapaksa went on the offensive during the Eelam War IV and finally decimated the LTTE by May 2009, with maximum help from China and Pakistan. Even after the decimation of the LTTE, the UPA government was not proactive on the issue, and as it was mired in corruption and scams internally, it failed miserably in external affairs due to policy paralysis.

This led to Sri Lanka moving closer to China and Pakistan, and India yielding to pressure from western countries to go along with them against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC. Any sensible government would have acted pro-actively, not only in the interests of the hapless Tamils of Sri Lanka but also in the national interest. The UPA gave scant regard to both.

Dravidian parties and their dramas

Ever since civil war broke out in Sri Lanka in the early 1980s, the Dravidian parties have been playing politics and have done absolutely nothing constructive in the interests of Sri Lankan Tamils. They have used the issue only to gain political benefits here in Tamil Nadu.

Though initiated by MG Ramachandran, Karunanidhi was the main culprit in taking up the separatist agenda of Tamil Eelam set by external forces. He allowed the LTTE to gain foothold in Tamil Nadu and to roam around freely with weapons. His party was even indicted by the Jain Commission for its role in Rajiv Gandhi-â„¢s assassination. Even as the Vajpayee government was proceeding in the right direction, he and Vaiko-â„¢s MDMK and Dr Ramadoss-â„¢ PMK, ditched the NDA in 2003 for selfish reasons. Later, after joining the UPA, the DMK continued its dramas, totally ignoring the interests and aspirations of the SL Tamils.

On the other hand, the Jayalalithaa-led AIADMK shifted its stand on the ethnic issue and started supporting the agenda of -Separate Tamil Eelam-, calling the LTTE -fighters- instead of -terrorists-. After regaining power in 2011, she facilitated the passing of a resolution in the state assembly calling for amnesty for Rajiv Gandhi-â„¢s killers and for a -public referendum- on Tamil Eelam, knowing well that such resolutions passed in state assemblies have no use.

She allowed pro-Eelam parties like MDMK (Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam), PMK (Pattali Makkal Katchi), VCK (Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi), etc., to campaign in favour of revival of LTTE though it is officially banned in India. She gave a free hand to separatist outfits like Nedumaran-â„¢s Tamil Nationalist Movement (TNM), Sebastian Seeman-â„¢s Nam Thamizhar Katchi (NTK), Kolathur Mani-â„¢s Dravida Viduthalai Kazhagam (DVK), etc.

In May 2013, when NTK leader Seeman brought Kashmiri separatist leader Yasin Malik to Tamil Nadu to talk in favour of a separate Tamil Eelam, supporting the revival of an armed group like LTTE in a public meeting, Jayalalithaa remained a mute spectator and allowed him to get back to Kashmir. While soft pedaling the Church sponsored protests against the commissioning of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant, she also allowed the PMANE (People-â„¢s Movement against Nuclear Energy) leader SP Udayakumar to launch the -Tamil Students Movement- backed by the Church, for separate Tamil Eelam, from the premises of Loyola College.

The few hundred strong -Tamil Students Movement- boycotted classes and unleashed violent protests on the streets. Instead of taking stern action, the Jayalalithaa regime knowing well that the majority of the student community was not interested in the so-called Eelam cause, facilitated the TSM to carry on with their protests for several days across the state by closing down students hostels attached to colleges.

While the TSM was an attempt by the Church sponsored separatist forces to bring the student community to the streets a la 1983, the fishermen community has been perennially used to create confrontation between India and Sri Lanka. As observed by Radha Rajan, editor, Vigil Online, traditional fishermen have a very sound knowledge about the seas and know the ocean boundaries of both Sri Lanka and India. They are not crossing over to Sri Lankan waters without knowledge and out of innocence, but they are pushed from behind by vested interests from Western countries who want to create confrontations between India and Sri Lanka and keep the issue alive.

While incidents of Sri Lankan fishermen crossing into Indian waters are very rare, why are Indian fishermen sneaking into SL waters so often? The fact that Tamil fishermen used to help the LTTE by ferrying them and smuggling arms, ammunition and fuel during the conflict must not be forgotten. All political parties in Tamil Nadu indulge in sordid politics of one-upmanship on this issue.

As Jayalalithaa continued with her separatist pro-Eelam politics, despite being Chief Minister, Karunanidhi developed cold feet and feared he would lose his -Leader of Tamil Race- status. To reassert his status, he revived the dead and forgotten Tamil Eelam Supporters-â„¢ Organisation (TESO) to -Ëœshow-â„¢ that he and his party has not lost their focus on the SL Tamils issue.

In such a confused scenario, the Sri Lankan Tamils remain a hapless lot with no solution in sight.

‚ (To be continued -¦)


Channel 4 and Macrae Deserve To Be Apprehended And Indicted If They Set Foot On Sri Lankan Territory!

September 13th, 2013

In Hindsight By Sarath Kumara

September 14th 2013

The nerve of Channel 4 News and documentary maker Callum Macrae intending to travel to Sri Lanka to cover the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) as they continue to highlight war crimes committed against the country”‘s minority Tamil population!!

As though they have not caused enough harm to the reputation of Sri Lanka with unsubstantiatable, unprovable, innuendo and documentaries laced with lies and conjecture they now want to cover the CHOGM?

They should be let into the country and under existing laws apprehended, tried, indicted and dealt with although perhaps the better alternative would be to refuse them entry visas which of course would then spark off calls that Sri Lanka is resorting to undemocratic ways from all the wrong sources..

While it is mind boggling as it points to huge, bias, conflict of interest and false coercion where the disgruntled Tamil Tiger rump and the related diaspora are very apparently behind the instigations which have resulted in Macrae”‘s feature-length documentary No Fire Zone they still seem to have the audacity to sound legit and carry on playing judge, jury and executioner! which truly they should be made to face.

While it recounts the alleged 138 days of brutal violence carried out by the Sinhalese majority government against Sri Lanka”‘s minority Tamil population in 2009, in which thousands died in a documentary, it was investigated and closely examined by experts who concluded that there were fatal graphic flaws in it which did not align with reality and that it was cooked up for the singlemost purpose of inciting the world against the Sri Lankan Government.

There could also be criminalities involved in the objective of the presentations which is what the creators need to be indicted for as there were only the so called attrocities by the Government on minority Tamils whereas the Government Archives has in storage volumes of film and video clips portraying the true attrocities perpetrated by the Tamil tigers on a vast Sinhalese, Muslim and other minority massacre including even their own Tamils which deems the Channel4 documentary misleading and Callum Macrae on this grounds a criminal who needs to be brought to book.

Perhaps this is an opportune moment for the Government to take action as the bold and crafty Macrae this time tries to beard the lion in his own den as it appears, as the brave lions a force to be reckoned with in Sri Lanka which also entails her indomitable Armed Forces have taken emough from this kind of individual and his consorts who many believe could be on the payroll of the Tamil Tiger linked diaspora powerful enough to carry out such actions!

The high handedness of Channel 5 and Macrae has not stopped at one documentary but has been bold enough to continue producing more of the same unsubstantiable material to arouse the interest of an undiscerning world who may be aptly termed ‘indiscrimnate hook line amd sinker swallowers’ and where there is a gullible audience undoubtedly the persistence of the Macrae bandwagon will continue.

It follows on from two 2011 documentaries produced and directed by Macrae “- Sri Lanka”‘s Killing Fields and Sri Lanka”‘s Killing Fields: War Crimes Unpunished “- which have led to calls from many nations for an independent investigation ( the gullible front refered to ) who disregard all the expert analysis that all these documentaries have no tangible evidence or proof and are cleverly created to incriminate the Government of Sri Lanka and are not only one sided but also despicable given the motive where it has always been the Government of Sri Lanka, the injured party facing false allegations and accusations although whatever good was done during almost three decades of an internal armed insurrection was on the part of the GOSL not the criminally liable Tamil Tigers and anyone who indulges in activities granting them meritorious status who are criminals themselves.

In this respect Macrae seems to have overstepped his metes and bounds and is bold enough to utter statements against a legitimate Sovereign Nation which overcame a nation threatening terrorist insurgency which was precedent creating in the opinions of many independent observers, something which he needs to be held accountable for contradicting, especially considering the high handedness of some of the following for which he has neither a mandate nor the credentials although links to the deposed Tamil Tiger supportive Diaspora are beyond question!


“On 14 November, Sri Lanka will be hosting CHOGM, which is set to be attended by leaders representing more than one third of the planet.

Speaking at No Fire Zone”‘s London premiere last week, Macrae said: “…”I deeply regret that CHOGM is taking place in Sri Lanka and that for the next two years the chair will be President Rajapaksa. Sri Lanka will be in charge of enforcing the Commonwealth commitment to human rights, justice and the rule of law.”‚

Using mobile phone footage recorded by civilians under attack, as well as by the Sri Lankan military, No Fire Zone is a catalogue of evidence depicting war crimes.

Targeting delegates

At the premiere, attended by C4 chief executive David Abraham, head of news and current affairs Dorothy Byrne, foreign dignitaries and human rights campaigner Bianca Jagger, Macrae emphasised the importance of distributing the fi lm as widely as possible.

C4 News presenter Jon Snow, who chaired a Q&A, said: “…”It is essential that somehow everybody in this room tries to get this fi lm to every delegation that attends the Commonwealth conference.”‚

C4 is backing a free app launching on iOS that will allow people to watch the entire feature-length fi lm, plus extra content.

Speaking to Broadcast, Macrae said: “…”I have never known a film to have this effect. We have shown it in a number of places from the Australian parliament to the UN and the European parliament. It is astonishing how it affects people.”‚

The Sri Lankan government has questioned the authenticity of the claims. Following one of the 2011 films, a 600-page complaint was fi led with Ofcom “- just one of 100 made about the film.

Macrae believes the complaints were an orchestrated attempt by the Sri Lankan government to undermine the film. Not one of the complaints has been upheld.

“…”When people see it, they know it is not faked,”‚ Macrae continues. “…”I can”‘t think of a film that has been subjected to more rigorous examination. It has been checked within an inch of its life.”‚

The Sri Lankan government has yet to engage with the latest film and continues to deny all evidence. “…”This film is about truth, justice and human rights and we need to get that message to as many people as possible,”‚ Macrae added.

He also hopes that the film demonstrates the need to have international current affairs on TV. “…”I hope the impact is that it will make it easier for foreign current affairs programmes to be made. Films like these have an incredibly important role to play in real life and politics. They show that TV is an important and powerful medium that can lead public debate and discourse.”‚

One of the main objectives of the campaign is to draw attention to what is happening in Sri Lanka now. Macrae says the government is engaging in systematic repression, denial of freedoms and attempts to ethnically re-engineer the north of the country, where the majority of the Tamil population live.

With No Fire Zone, Macrae hopes to expose the failure of the international community to intervene on any level, either political or economic, and the wider repercussions that has had.

“…”That in effect gave a greenlight to the Assads of this world that you can get away with slaughtering people with impunity,”‚ he said. “…”Broadcasters need to have courage and they also have a duty to make these films. They can potentially have a vital role in learning the lessons of history.”‚ end quote.

Macrae has also been ludicrously ignorant by way of his comparison of Syria’s Assad regime to that of Sri Lanka where there is absolutely no comparison but of course with his own agenda and those backing him to the hilt leaves little to the imagination of what his direction is.

If he truly want to substantiate his claims he need to come up with more tangible proof and real evidence as opposed to the doctored videos and blatant unsubstantiatable, partisan accusations for which` to reiterate, he needs to be held accountable if he cannot and face the consequences.



Navy Pillay”‘s grim silence on Tamil war criminals

September 12th, 2013

H. L. D. Mahindapala

On May 26, 2009 when the UNHRC met for the first time to consider the post-war situation in Sri Lanka Ms. Navi Pillay was busy elsewhere. Because she could not attend she sent a recorded message to UNHRC. It was pre-recorded on May 25, 2009, which was only eight days after the total collapse of “…”the murderous organization”‚ (Navi Pillay) of Tamil Tigers on the banks of Nandi Kadal.

It is the haste with which she slammed Sri Lanka in her recorded speech that exposes her political agenda. The war ended on May 18. 2009. Before the smoke of the silenced guns could dissolve and clear the skies to assess the devastated war zone with some clarity, accuracy and objectivity she jumped to conclusions of her own and accused Sri Lanka of not conducting the war according to international norms. Mark you, she went on the offensive against Sri Lanka without having any reliable evidence, or statistics, or researched reports. It is obvious that within eight days of ending a war no one  would have had any consolidated evidence to mount a case against any party.

The best guide for her would have been a report from the UN. She had none except a statement by Gordon Weiss, UN”‘s point man  in Sri Lanka, saying that the total amount of deaths in the last months of the war was around 7,000. Weiss jacked up his own figure to 40,000 when  he went back to Australia to sensationalize his book, The Cage. Inflating the figure from 7,000 to 40,000 was a sales gimmick. Later he revised his figure and came down to 10,000 deaths when questioned at a public meeting in Melbourne.

Clearly, Ms. Pillay had nothing substantial to hang her anti-Sri Lankan agenda. She is also on record saying that the day she recorded her message “- i.e., May 25, 2009 “- the Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon was visiting Sri Lanka. This confirms that she was not in possession of any report/data from the UN to make any judgment. Everyone was digging for information and the available reports were confusing.

The confusion was inevitable because the case against Sri Lanka was based on the last five months of the war and not the entire length of 33 years “- from 1976 to 2009. So on what basis did she accuse Sri Lanka? There were, of course, guesstimates, hearsay and some media reports. The most significant piece of paper available to her was the  EU resolution which condemned Sri Lanka for not ending the war according to international norms. Her statement ran, unsurprisingly, on parallel lines with that of the EU Resolution. The coincidence of Ms. Pillay and the EU attacking Sri Lanka on the same day, in the same platform, is, indeed, noteworthy, to say the least.

Besides, the accusation of not conducting the war according  to international norms was leveled only against the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL). There were other actors like India which violated international humanitarian law in conducting their operations in Jaffna against the LTTE between 1988 — 1990. The Resolution against Sri Lanka did not mention a word about India”‘s violations of international laws and international humanitarian law. Does this mean that UNHRC considers India to be above the law and  should be exempted from all the documented war crimes and crimes against humanity  committed by the IPKF in Jaffna?

The main thrust of the UNHRC Resolution against Sri Lanka runs on two parallel paths:  (1) exonerate all the other actors/agents involved in a 33-year-old war and (2) raise issues that occurred only in the last five months. Though at first sight both tactics seem like sheer lunacy there is a method in their madness: if their finger-pointing is confined to the last five months then only the GOSL is answerable because the last stages of the war were fought only by the Sri Lankan forces on the banks of Nandikadal. It is quite apparent that this tactic of limiting issues arising from a 33-year-old war to a time-frame of five months in the last stages was designed to corner Sri Lanka and exempt all other actors/agents. So the resolution presented to UNHRC by Ms. Pillay on May 26, 2009 stands out as a selectively politicized act to target Sri Lanka only, exonerating all other violators of international norms, including the LTTE and its collaborators like Adele Balasingham, head of the women”‘s brigades, and the leaders of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA).

The role of TNA which collaborated with the quasi-state of Velupillai Prabhakaran, complete with an army, navy, air force and judiciary, takes R. Sampanthan and his lieutenants like M. Sumanthiram to a higher level of criminal liability than just being complicit in the crimes committed by “…”the murderous organization”‚. As the known records reveal  TNA MPs were obedient and active factotums who went along with the LTTE when it was committing war crimes and crimes against the Tamil people, particularly the Tamil children. They cannot hide behind the standard excuse of having  to “…”follow orders”‚ coming from the top because all crimes have an element of compulsion “- biological, psychological, political, ideological, environmental, economic etc. — which can be used to absolve responsibility. The law steps in to fix responsibility for acts of commission and omission and the responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity was defined in the Nuremberg Trials (1945-1946).  The “…”defense of superior orders”‚ used to avoid criminal liability was rejected by Nuremberg Courts. This is also known as the “…”Nuremberg defense”‚ used by the Nazi war criminals to pass the buck to their superiors who gave the orders to kill. They argued that they were following the superior orders that came from Adolf Hitler.

Rejecting this the Nuremberg Principle IV countered by determining : “The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him.” The TNA, which acted as covert and overt agents of the LTTE in exchange for the political patronage and guarantee of personal security, had “…”a moral choice”‚ available to them. Other courageous Tamils resisted the threats of “…”the murderous organization”‚ and either joined the democratic mainstream or maintained their independence by hiding  in safe havens in the south. Instead of exercising the “…”moral choice”‚ available to them the TNA in particular decided to go along, willingly and knowingly, with the quasi-state of Prabhakaran which decimated not only the entire Tamil leadership but also killed more Tamils than any other force in the longest running war in Asia, as stated by S. C. Chandrahasan and V. Anandasangaree, President of the TULF.

They do not have even a fig leaf to cover their guilty part. Adolf Eichmann in his defence in Israel claimed : “I never did anything, great or small, without obtaining in advance express instructions from Adolf Hitler or any of my superiors.” The TNA leaders too never did anything, great or  small, without obtaining in advance clearance from the Tamil avatar of Adolf Hitler in Vanni. Sampanthan and Sumanthiram knowingly and willingly accepted Prabhakaran”‘s blessings for their political survival when they could have fought for the human rights of the persecuted Tamils. Today they are posing as defenders of human rights because the GOSL has given them the right and the freedom to fight for their political beliefs.

Where were their voices when their people were facing the brutal violence of Prabhakaran? Wasn”‘t it the “…”Sinhala governments”‚ that gave the TNA leaders their dignity, liberty and the equality to exercise their democratic rights in Parliament and in the open political arena? But what rights and dignity did  they have under Prabhakaran? The more the TNA collaborated with the LTTE the more they lost their dignity, liberty, and, of course, conscience. It is these willing collaborators who went before Ms. Pillay and pretended to be the defenders of Tamil rights.

The guilt of the Tamil leadership in being partners in the crimes committed by their “…”liberator”‚, Prabhakaran, assumes a greater significance in the light of the arguments raised by Ms. Radhika Coomaraswamy, Neelan Tiruchelvam, and their co-partners in I/NGOs who collectively blamed the GOSL for “…”1983″‚. They took the high moral ground in “…”1983″‚ and accused the J. R. Jayewardene”‘s UNP government of being “…”complicit”‚ in the senseless riots that killed around 300 innocent Tamil civilians. The charge of complicity was based on the allegation that the GOSL not only failed to take preventive action but was also guilty of turning a blind eye when Colombo was burning. That is a fair argument.  If that is her conviction then shouldn”‘t Ms. Coomaraswamy and her I/NGO partners apply the same principle in judging  the role of the TNA leadership? Didn”‘t TNA go all out to prop up Prabhakaran knowing full well that he was committing war crimes and crimes against  humanity? Isn”‘t this far worse than the “…”complicity”‚ of GOSL in “…”1983″‚? Talking purely in terms of statistics, in “…”1983″‚ roughly 300 Tamils died. How many thousands of Tamils were killed by Prabhakaran, the great Thamby of the TNA?

In contrast “…”1983″‚ was like the fizz of a soda bottle: it flared and died never to repeat again. But  the subhuman violence of Prabhakaran against his own people lasted for three decades with the blessings of the TNA, NGOs and the Tamil diaspora. So what is holding back TNA, “…”Paki”‚ Saravanmuttu, Jehan (Pacha) Perera and their gang of human rights activists from organizing memorials to say never to the rise of a future Prabhakaran? In commemorating “…”1983″‚ are they saying that violence comes only from the south against the Tamils? Isn”‘t blaming the south the standard ruse for diverting attention from the perennial peninsular violence of the Jaffna Tamil leadership that treated their own people as despicable pariahs not fit for the pure Vellahla society? What  is the dignity, respect and freedom that the Sampanthans and his kind gave the low-castes in Jaffna? Isn”‘t it a fact that the Jaffna Tamil man blossomed, with whatever rights that were available, only in the democratic south? Wasn”‘t Jaffna the Stygian hell-hole where the oppressed and the persecuted minorities were denied the basic  right “- forget the universal human rights —  to live and walk in the daylight? What dignity and respect did the Jaffna man have under the leadership of the Vellahlas and Prabhakaran?

Didn”‘t Sampanthan, Sumanthiram, Wigneswaran and “…”Paki”‚ Saravanamuttu find their full potential to be human, with all its limitations, only in the south and not in the north ruled by Prabhakaran? Even in “…”1983″‚ didn”‘t the Sinhalese risk their lives to save the Tamils? Also when the tsunamai hit Mullativu wasn”‘t it the Sinhala village folk who took essentials to the displaced Tamils? Finally, where did the desperate Tamils running away from Prabhakaran go for safety? Didn”‘t they go running  into the arms of a vilified Sinhala leader, President Mahinda Rajapaksa, to save them?

What did President Mahinda Rajapaksa get in return? When the homeless, hungry, thirsty, exhausted Tamils were saved the Tamil leadership, which has never ceased to blame the Sinhalese for  their sins, blamed President Rajapaksa for saving them from the clutches  of savage Prabhakaran. Their logic is bizarre. Joining hands with the West they blame him for the way he saved the helpless Tamils. But they never point  out how 300,000 Tamil held as  hostage by “…”Thamby”‚ could have been saved except by fighting to a finish in the battlefield. They insist that President Rajapaksa should have follow the rules of engagement that no one else had followed ever before. Rules and morality are only for Sri Lanka. America, for instance, which engaged in biological and chemical warfare can get away with no pressure from outside sources. The Yankees  destroyed the fauna, flora and homo sapiens in Vietnam with Agent Orange and delivered small pox infested blankets to unsuspecting Red  Indians to wipe them out. Now they are threatening to bomb Syria for using sarin gas.

Incidentally, as pointed out by Prof. Peter Chalk of Queensland University, Prabhakaran is the only known terrorist to have engaged in chemical warfare. He has documented that the Tamil Tigers hurled a poisonous chemical on an army camp in the north, which, incidentally blew back on fell on the Tigers. The enormity of the crimes committed by the Tamil Tigers against the Tamil civilians was never going to end under Prabhakaran. The only way to save the Tamils was to end the war once and for all. Taking Prabhakaran out of the political equation was an act of mercy, both for him and the Tamil people. If the Nobel Peace Prize winning President Obama sits with his apparatchiks every Tuesday and decides which human being should be eliminated to protect and preserve the security of America why is wrong for President Rajapaksa to fight, face-to-face, the worst political criminal of the Tamils and save peace? It is against this moral mis-en-scene that Ms. Pillay, TNA, NGOs and the West say that President Rajapaksa  should have followed the laws of war that no one else had followed ever before.

Not having any valid argument for ending the war and saving 300,000 Tamils they find fault with President Rajapaksa for the way he ended the war. They throw at him a fictitious figure of 40,000 dead “- no one has yet counted the dead “- and dismiss the counted figure of 300,000 saved. As usual the Tamil narrative rides on fiction than on reality. They disguise their vindictive ethnic politics as a fight for human rights. The TNA has forfeited the right to speak for the Tamil people after their heartless collaboration  with the killer of countless Tamils. The time to stand up for Tamils was when Prabhakaran forcibly dragged Tamil children into a futile while his children were swimming  in a pool in Vanni. Why did TNA fail to stand up at least to protect the Tamil children who were forcibly dragged into a futile war? Why didn”‘t “…”Paki”‚ Saravanamuttu who ran to the Supreme Court raising complex constitutional issues to pin down GOSL refuse to take up the simple issue of the violations of the rights of Tamil children in Prabhakaran”‘s courts?

The moral of  this tale is quite plain: only the Sinhalese commit crimes. The Tamils are pure. They don”‘t commit crimes. They only provide human shields to hide the crimes of their political leaders and make them look like the greatest defenders of human rights.

What is equally reprehensible is that Ms. Pillay, who should know her law inside out and, consequently, the criminal liability of the TNA MPs also, did not raise these issues with the TNA delegation that met her. They were willing partners of Prabhakaran, working hand in glove with him, and the Chief Executive Officer appointed by UN to protect and promote human rights never raised the issue of TNA”‘s culpability as collaborators in war crimes and crimes against humanity. Of course, she was quick to raise issues of human rights with government officials. But when it came to the TNA leaders who collaborated with “…”the murderous organization”‚ she forgot her law and morals.  How come? Was it ignorance or a case of turning a blind eye?

The role of TNA now as defenders of Tamil rights is laughable. It is as credible as the Neo-Nazis claiming to be the defenders of the Jews. They are the neo-Prabhakaranists who are waiting for the return of the mummy of Prabhakaran. Their leaders (example: Suresh Premachandra)  have expressed publicly a willingness to go along with the next militant movement which they hope to create and strengthen when they win power in the coming Provincial Council election in the north. The Tamil leadership had never been shy of using Tamil people, on the one hand, and Prabhakaran, on the other, to keep themselves in power. They are now emboldened by the visit of Ms. Pillay to kick start their Vadukoddai violence.

To be fair by all sides, even at this late stage, Ms. Pillay has an opportunity in her forthcoming  report to the Council to question the criminal role of TNA collaborators who went along with Prabhakaran who was never tired of killing Tamils “- from Neelan Tiruchelvam to the helpless Tamils running away into the safety of the Sri Lankan Forces? But will she find enough courage in her conscience to face up to her own moral and legal obligations? Or will she confine her comments only to denigrate GOSL which is in keeping  with her past political agenda?

All doubts about TNA”‘s separatist/violent political agenda have been removed by the declarations in the election manifesto which takes Jaffna Tamil politics back to Vadukoddai politics of 1976. In their latest manifesto the TNA has deliberately chosen to go down the Vadukoddai path which will inescapably take them to Tamil extremism, Tamil fascism and Tamil militarism. They are the bogus Gandhians who distributed wooden pistols at their satyagraha sit-ins. Their “…”trousered Gandhi”‚, S. J. V. Chelvanayakam, proudly carried on his forehead a “…”tilaka”‚ (red pottu) drawn with the blood oozing from a cut vein of a Vadukoddian committed to violence. In keeping with this bloody tradition the TNA is reviving and recycling the Vadukoddai Resolution to signal that they are ready to pursue Vadukoddai violence which they know will lead to gross violations of human rights. Once again they are preparing to commit the worst crime in international law “- the crime of aggression which leads to war.

The decision of the Tamil leadership to drag the Tamil people back to Vadukoddai is inexcusable. At least in 1976 they did not know the outcome of their calculated decision to seek a military solution. This time they are returning to square one knowing that it is a gamble without any guarantees of success. Nor can they claim now that they were under compulsion from Prabhakaran”‘s terror. Also, the threadbare arguments of discrimination, and denial of admissions to universities, or job opportunities are no longer there for them to take up arms or call for a separate state. The reality is that they are hoisted by their own petard laid in Vadukoddai and do not know how to get out  of it except by playing the usual blame game of accusing the Sinhala-Buddhist majority. Their delusional politics has made them believe that the tide has turned in their favour and the time is ripe for them strike after the elections. They are blindly refusing to look at the plain reality of their own history: if Prabhakaran could not, with the best of military force, backed also by David Milliband and Richard Kouchner and Tamil diaspora, could not save them what are their chances without Prabhakaran?

They are buoyed by the likes of Ms. Pillay whose partisan politics is seen as encouragement to pursue Vadukoddai violence. They are banking, as usual on the international forces. If they have eyes to see and brains to analyse the way the international forces are swinging they would think twice before jumping  into another Nandikadal. Besides, the blame game  played by Ms. Pillay, TNA and I/NGOs can only go thus far and no further. There is a strong resistance gathering momentum against Western interventions “- including tools of the West like UNHRC. Ms. Pillay, no doubt, will damn Sri Lanka in her report and the NGOs will go to town with it. And how many time before have they danced in the streets arguing that this is going to be the end for Sri Lanka. In short, isn”‘t Navy Pillai, whose respect for human rights can be measured by her silent acceptance of the collaborators of Prabhakaran as defenders of human rights, a spent force? If she accepts TNA as defenders of Tamil human rights then she must also accept Prabhakaran as a substitute for Gandhi.

Ms. Pillay”‘s moves are predictable. She will slam Sri Lanka again in her next report to UNHRC.  She has done this before and she will continue to do it again. Before she arrived in Sri Lanka I predicted that she will not change because her agenda is  tied to that of the West. Besides, she is noted for her partisan politics. The Geneva- based UN Watch, an independent NGO,  which has comprehensively researched all statements made by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay between September 2008 and June 2010, reported that their findings “…”show a questionable sense of priorities”‚.

Here is the relevant quote from its report: “…”Ms. Pillay turned a blind eye to most of the world”‘s worst abusers. She made no statement on the human rights situations of 146 countries. She failed to voice any concern for victims in 34 countries rated “…”Not Free”‚ by Freedom House – meaning those with the worst records, and the most needy victims. She failed to criticize another 50 countries rated “…”partly free”‚ and 63 countries rated “…”free.”‚ Among the countries not criticized: Algeria, Angola, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belarus, Brunei, Cambodia, Cameroon, Congo (Brazzaville), CƒÆ’‚´te d”‘Ivoire, Cuba, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Gabon, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Mauritania, North Korea, Oman, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Swaziland, Syria, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.”‚

There is one item missing in this list: TNA. No  justice system, committed to  international humanitarian law, can exonerate the TNA of its criminal liability. Nor can any system exempt India for its brutal persecution and suppression of Jaffna Tamils. If these two active collaborators with the LTTE “- remember Indian intervention as a whole was to save the LTTE though it turned against them later — are allowed to escape the long arm of the law then on what legal or moral principle should any other party be held responsible?

And again, why did Ms. Pillay leap over all these abusers of human rights and pick on Sri Lanka within days of ending the wars? After spending the longest period of time in Sri Lanka more than in any of her peripatetic global meanderings why did she exonerate the TNA with her silence? Will she have the necessary objectivity and fairness to hold the scales evenly and insist that India and TNA too should be held responsible for the crimes they committed in Sri Lanka? But then we must pause and ask: Can a tigress change her stripes?

Tamil National Alliance-LTTE separatist manifestos “- 2001, 2004, 2010 and now 2013

September 12th, 2013

Shenali D Waduge

Separatism and TNA go hand in hand. Its election manifestos of 2001, 2004, 2010 and now 2013 see no major difference. There is no major difference in the fact that Tamils have kept on voting for the TNA despite its allegiance to the LTTE. What must be also reiterated is that though their numbers are hardly representative of the entire Tamil population, given the nature of the election voting system minority political parties will continue to find themselves seated in parliament dividing the country or dividing the people. In 2001 TNA obtained just 3.89% of total votes, in 2004 TNA obtained 6.84% while in 2010 TNA obtained only 2.9% – so is TNA representative of the Tamil people? Why have Governments not changed the voting system to stop political bribery and used the 6th amendment against the TNA to save the nation from peril but to also save the Tamils from being brainwashed into thinking Sri Lanka can be divided?

The Tamil political manifestos have all aimed to divide Sri Lanka. TULF”‘s 1977 manifesto titled “‘One Question:Freedom or Servitude?”‘ follows Chelvanayagam”‘s statement of 1975 “‘I wish to announce to my people and to the country that I consider the verdict at this election as a mandate that the Tamil Eelam Nation should exercise the sovereignty already vested in the Tamil people and become free”‘. The 1977 election manifesto call was “‘Vote for the Tamil United Liberation Front; for the emancipation of the Tamil Nation; for the freedom of Tamil Eelam”‘ and Tamils did vote. TULF refused to take the oath of allegiance under the 6th amendment that prohibited separation of Sri Lanka and forfeited their Parliamentary seats. Why have successive Governments not asked all parliamentarians to take this same oath?

Tamil POLITICIANS have been claiming since 1970s that they want to have FREEDOM from Sinhala domination but both Tamils and Tamil politicians are living with the Sinhalese. That does not do any good to their arguments of oppression and discrimination given that they are living amongst the Sinhalese by choice.

The TNA manifesto of 2001 comprised the political parties of TULF, ACTC, TELO and EPRLF.

It addressed the “‘Tamil national question”‘ and opposed the “‘state aided Sinhala colonization of the Tamil Homeland”‘ which they claimed was depriving them of “‘vital resources in the areas of their “‘historical habitation”‘. TNA may like to next explain what they are doing living in Colombo as well as explain if “‘state-aided colonization”‘ of Tamils are taking place outside of the Tamil homeland too as we would be keen to know why more Tamils by choice live outside of “‘Tamil homeland”‘ enjoying vital resources of these other areas?

When Tamils have every right to ask that they not be considered that they all support the LTTE, why is it that Tamils have stopped short from demanding that political parties of the TNA stop placing them in uncomfortable situations. When TNA in their manifesto writes “‘it was inevitable, that the armed struggle gained in strength and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam came to occupy a paramount position, and play a pivotal role in the struggle of the Tamil nationality to with their rights”‘ it is not the Sinhalese that compartmentalized the Tamils with the LTTE but the TNA political parties. Tamils need to ask TNA to rectify this if the assumption is wrong.

TNA in 2001 concluded that for any meaningful solution to the “‘TAMIL NATIONAL QUESTION”‘ had to be based on 4 principles highlighted at the 13th July 1985 Thimpu Talks in Bhutan:

1.       To recognize Tamils of Sri Lanka as a distinct nationality

2.       To recognize the identified Tamil Homeland and guarantee its territorial integrity

3.      To recognize the inalienable right of self-determination of the Tamil nation.

4.      To recognize the right to full citizenship and other fundamental democratic rights of all Tamils who look upon the island as their country.

In 2001 the TNA comprised of the TULF, ACTC, TELO, EPRLF. Their 2001 manifesto put their aims and objectives as

§  Immediate lifting of economic embargo in parts of northeast province

§  Withdrawal of residential and travel restrictions of Tamil nationals

§  Immediate cessation of war currently waged in northeast

§  Immediate commencement of negotiations with LTTE and third party.

In 2013, TNA calls for independent investigations to war crimes by both the Sri Lankan Government and the LTTE. Has the TNA forgotten that in its 2001 manifesto it claimed “‘We have also consistently asserted that any attempt to draw a distinction between the LTTE and the Tamil people was meaningless”‘”‚¦ “‘unless meaningful negotiations are held with the LTTE no just solution can be found to the Tamil national question and that such negotiations should be held immediately ONLY with the LTTE”‘ “- while TNA also held the view that “‘no parallel negotiations should take place with any other Tamil political formation”‘.

The TULF, ACTC, TELO, EPRLF in 2001 demanded that the GOSL “‘lift the proscription imposed on the LTTE”‘ and moreover that such “‘proscription does not constitute an impediment to the free and full participation of the LTTE at such negotiations on behalf of the Tamil nationality”‘.

Reference to “‘Tamil-speaking people of the Northeast”‘ was repeated since 2001 and should come as no surprise when referred in 2013. If we are talking about “‘Tamil speaking voters”‘ in time to come it may also include Sinhalese too for all school children are now learning Tamil as a compulsory subject.

In 2001 “- TNA comprised ACTC, EPRLF, TELO and TULF. It secured 348,164 votes which was 3.89% of the Tamil votes polled but secured 15 seats in Parliament. This again shows the hype behind TNA and that it lacks votes but because of the PR system it ends up getting seats in Parliament.

The TNA manifesto of 2004 comprised the political parties of TULF, ACTC, TELO and EPRLF.

The 2004 manifesto also spoke of establishing independent Tamil Eelam based on inalienable right to self-determination. The manifesto also spoke about “‘genocidal attacks on the Tamil people”‘ though why the Tamil people continue to live with the Sinhalese despite “‘genocidal”‘ attacks remains unanswered. TNA also says “‘in order to safeguard the life and liberty of the Tamil race and to establish its birthright for self-determination, the Tamil Nation having being pushed to the unavoidable state of armed conflict, as the only way, the war not only broadened but advanced under the generalship of the Tiger”‘s leader Hon.Pirapaharan”‘ (while Tamil alliance politicians for fear of LTTE lived with the Sinhalese in Colombo and cared not a penny for the life or liberty of Tamils in LTTE areas!)

TNA put forward 10 resolutions in its 2004 manifesto

1.       Political solution to the Tamil national problem based on Tamil Homeland and Tamils right to self-determination

2.       TNA position on Muslims because they speak Tamil mother tongue TNA wishes that any solution to Tamil national problem should address the cultural, economic and security concerns of the Muslims “- thus ISGA proposals related to Muslims. (what about the Muslims the Tamils chased or the Muslims massacred in Kattankudy)

3.      Sinhala Nation should accept the ISGA “‘excellent”‘ proposals by LTTE to rebuild the Tamil country

4.      The high security zones and army camps should be removed

5.      The armed forces “‘interdiction and oppression”‘ must be lifted and allow Tamils to move freely in their “‘homeland”‘

6.      International community should directly assist humanitarian needs and improve economic life of the Tamil nation.

7.      Political prisoners to be released

8.      International judicial inquiry on the fate of the disappeared by the armed forces and police in “‘our homeland”‘.

9.      Provisions of ceasefire agreement to be completed fulfilled

10.   THIS IS THE BEST LINE OF THE MANIFESTO! – “‘The LTTE has for the past two years put up with the violent, surly behaviour of the armed forces without impairing the conditions for peace and observing the ceasefire and acting steadfastly and firmly towards the path of peace”‘. Hence the international community should remove restrictions on LTTE because it is the “‘authentic sole representative of the Tamil people”‘ “- was there not close to 10,000 LTTE ceasefire violations? Can Tamils understand why it is the TNA that has put all Tamils into the LTTE killing basket?

That”‘s not all that the TNA said about the LTTE. TNA goes on to say that it is “‘accepting LTTE”‘s leadership as the national leadership of the Tamil Eelam Tamils and the Liberation Tigers as the sole and authentic representatives of the Tamil people”‘ “- do we really need to ask Tamils why they would not come forward to deny this claim made by the TNA?

How many Tamils agree or do not agree when TNA says “‘let us devote our full cooperation for the ideals of the Liberation Tigers struggle with honesty and steadfastness”‘“‚¦”‘let us work side by side with the LTTE”‘.

The manifestos was not written by TNA under duress. Surely, it is now time that Tamils realized TNA and LTTE are one and the same and continuing to vote for them will only make them be identified with the LTTE as well and they can”‘t blame anyone for it.

At the 2004 Parliamentary General Election the TNA secured 633,654 votes “- 6.84% and obtained 22 seats in Parliament.

TNA 2010 Parliamentary Election Manifesto

In the 2010 election manifesto the TNA spoke about the Tamil Nation in the island of “‘Ceylon”‘ claiming that Tamils ran a Tamil kingdom. While not referred to in 2001, the 2010 Manifesto called for a “‘Federal Constitution”‘ and made reference to the Banda-Chelva Pact. Yet, if Sinhala Only was the issue, we cannot understand how the grievance about Sinhala Only could suddenly end up with Bandaranaike naively agreeing to sign a federal solution pact? What has Sinhala Language use got to do with federalism? Moreover Tamil language was never used in administration in either pre-independence or even after because all legislatures were from elite English educated families (Sinhala or Tamil) so why would anyone want to grieve over Tamil language “- if so then the Sinhalese should have also been grieving because Sinhala language was given step motherly treatment since arrival of the colonials. Not many like to accept, but it appeared that Bandaranaike was taken for a jolly ride by the imported Christian Chelvanayagam and his federal package.

The 2010 TNA manifesto again refers to “‘traditional homeland”‘ “‘right to self-determination”‘ “‘ restore the lost sovereignty”‘ and “‘state-sponsored colonization”‘ to change the “‘demographic pattern of the north and the east”‘ “- what would the TNA say about the demographic pattern changing in the South with more than half of the Tamils now living amongst the Sinhalese?

TNA refers to the 1987 Indo-Lanka Accord that had merged the north and east provinces into 1 province and introduced the provincial council system. It claimed the nature of the State was to remain “‘unitary”‘ and that provisions of the 13th amendment enabled the Centre to re-take powers of the provinces. Thus, in 2010 the TNA called for the “‘abandoning of the unitary model”‘ and to bring in “‘shared sovereignty”‘ on the basis of the GOSL placing proposals for constitutional reforms in 1995 recognizing Sri Lanka as a “‘plural society”‘ within a “‘united and sovereign republic”‘ with the draft constitution in January 1996 describing the nature of the Sri Lankan State as “‘an indissoluble Union of Regions”‘. This is what happens when a penchant to dabble in English eloquence gets the better of national integrity. GL Peiris then working for President Chandrika needs to explain his role in denying the civilizational ethos of Sri Lanka to turn Sri Lanka into a settler nation imbibing secular multicultural norms by dropping Sri Lanka”‘s civilizational past and its rights. Is this Government being taken up the garden path to commit the same hara kiri for the ground realities appear so. 

GLPieris had given TNA the opportunity to use “‘an indissoluble Union of Regions”‘ as basis for argument.

In its 2010 Manifesto, the TNA refers to the LTTE it as the “‘sole military outfit that fought for a separate homeland for the Tamils”‘ as well as the 2002 Cease Fire Agreement based on a set of principles known as the “‘Oslo Communique”‘ which again referred to “‘internal self-determination in areas of historical habitation of the Tamil-speaking Peoples, based on a federal structure within a united Sri Lanka”‘.

Completing ignoring LTTE atrocities committed over 3 decades that included assassinations of over 250 Tamil people of standing and excluding scores of other Tamils including own combatants, the TNA simply refers to 1million fleeing the country, half a million displaced, 150,000 killed and an estimated 30,000 civilians killed during the last stages. TNA living in Colombo also goes to say that the 300,000 Tamil people were in “‘internal detention camps”‘ but speaks nothing about the money spent by the Government to feed these 300,000 3 meals a day, take care of health requirements, provide other facilities that not a cent of TNA money was given to take care of their own people.

In 2010, TNA refers to “‘our lands and out people exploited”‘ “- it appears the TNA does not wish the North to develop for their manifesto says that these “‘rapid moves taking place under the guise of industrial, tourist and other development are for the express purpose of colonizing the Tamil areas with others”‘ does that mean the TNA does not want to have the North develop? Are they not enjoying a comfortable drive from Colombo to the North for campaigning because of the roads built? Have the TNA also forgotten that areas of Mullaitivu and Kilinochchi did not even have electricity because LTTE and TNA denied these people light.

Thus the 2010 TNA manifesto promised that

§  Tamil people be recognized as a distinct nationality and having inhabited the island of Sri Lanka TOGETHER with the Sinhalese people

§  Contiguous preponderantly Tamil speaking northern and eastern provinces is the historical habitation of the Tamil speaking people

§  Tamil people are entitled to the right of self-determination

§  Power sharing to be established in a unit of merged northern and eastern provinces based on a federal structure in a manner acceptable to the Tamil speaking Muslim people.

§  Devolution of powers over land, law and order, socioeconomic development including health, education, resources and fiscal powers.

§  Direct foreign investment in the north and east

§  Avenues for tertiary education

§  De-militarization “- removal of armed forces, military apparatuses and high security zones from northern and eastern provinces

§  Tamil people who have been displaced in the north and east due to conflict to be resettled in original places, houses provided, livelihood restores and dignity respected

§  Compensation for the loss of lives, to those maimed and those suffered from losses due to military campaign

§  Persons detained without charges to be released and others to be given general amnesty as a show of national reconciliation

§  Tamils who fled the country to be permitted to return and a conducive environment be created for their return

§  Comprehensive program for resettlement of Tamil people, their rehabilitation and development in north and east including creation of employment for youth will be undertaken by Tamil Diaspora and International Community

§  No displaced persons and relief to be granted to IDPs to meet cost of living.

§  Need to establish a special commission to uplift the socially and economically disadvantage sections of OUR society to create livelihoods and dignity to them as equal citizens.

§  TNA to take steps to raise standard of living of fishing communities, give them access to modern technologies and atmosphere in which they can freely engage in their vocation.

§  TNA to raise salaries of government servants and private sector as well as living standards

§  TNA to give equal status to women. Women, elders and children affected by war to be given special attention to secure livelihoods

§  TNA to secure employment opportunities to unemployed graduates and others.

Surprisingly enough in 2010 manifesto the TNA does speak about a commission of inquiry to inquire into “‘grave violations of human rights”‘ but only refers to violations of the Sri Lankan Government accusing it of violating the Indo-Lanka Accord and de-merging the north-east. TNA claims it would resort to “‘peaceful, non-violent, Satyagraha campaign of civil disobedience on the Gandhian model”‘- that is really something to laugh about given S. Premachandran calling for Tamils to take up arms if problems are not solved. TNA also referred to “‘Tamil-Muslim”‘ unity and their “‘constructive working together”‘  signalling a pact with the Muslim Congress “- its leader having formerly dined with Prabakaran.

In 2010 TNA consisted of ITAK, EPRLF and TELO and obtained only 233,190 votes that was just 2.9% of the total votes. Anandasangaree who contested separately secured only 9223 votes which was just 0.11% of the total votes. However, the proportional representation system has guaranteed 14 seats for the TNA for just 2.9% votes of Tamil people!

TNA 2013 Northern Provincial Council Election Manifesto

There was absolutely nothing to be surprised about the TNA 2013 manifesto. It could not have been any different to its previous separatist manifestos nor the open allegiance it showed to the LTTE. The mandate that the TNA boasts about is just 2.9% of the total votes. The TNA continues with its soppy fictitious tales and addresses areas under the following titles:

§  Military onslaught and its aftermath “- Allegation that resettlement of displaced is yet to be completed

§  Our stand on a political solution “-

o   Tamils to be regarded as distinct People who had inhabited Sri Lanka TOGETHER with the Sinhalese people,

o   contiguous preponderantly Tamil Speaking Northern Eastern provinces to be historical habitation of the Tamil Speaking People (Oluvil Declaration by Muslims calls for Muslim autonomy in the East)

o   Tamil people entitled to right to seld-determination

o   Power sharing arrangement in a MERGED Northern and Eastern province based on Federal Structure that is acceptable to both Tamils and Muslims (a deal with TNA and Muslim Congress)

o   Devolution of power based on SHARED SOVEREIGNTY over Land, Law and Order, Socio-Economic development including health, education, resources and FISCAL powers.

§  Matters of Immediate Concern for the Tamil people “-

o   Enforce recommendations by Panel of Experts appointed by UN Secretary General

o   Resolutions of UN Human Rights Council in 2012 and 2013

§  De-militarization “- removal of armed forces, military apparatuses, high security zones/restricted zones from North and East provinces

§  Resettlement of Tamil people to their original places with houses and livelihood restored

§  Independent international investigation to the violations of international human rights/humanitarian laws by GOSL and LTTE and compensation for victims (first time TNA is calling for investigating LTTE)

§  Releasing detainees and general amnesty to political prisoners

§  Missing persons finalized and compensation to next of kin

§  Tamils fleeing the country to return and conducive atmosphere created for their return

§  Development program for North and East with employment opportunities for youth supported by GOLS, Tamil Diaspora and International Community.

§  Internally displaced persons “- TNA will help IDPs return to their homes / places of habitual residence (a mission which the armed forces has completed)

§  Muslims “- TNA claims Muslims were “‘displaced”‘ in 1990 and not “‘evicted”‘ by the LTTE. TNA promises to allow these Muslims to return to their areas and resume livelihoods. (TNA omits reference to Sinhalese also evicted and returning Sinhalese to their former areas in the North)

§  War widows “- TNA promises to create livelihood programs for over 50,000 widows again ignoring that programs are already in place.

§  Post-war land issues “- TNA demands removal of high security/restricted zones/restrictions on fishing. (TNA does not refer to incursions by Indian fishermen denying livelihood to Sri Lankan Tamils)

§  Law and Order “- TNA claims people are live in fear and insecurity and proposes police under Northern Provincial council(UN OCHA survey negates this claim). (TNA accused a military personnel of rape but it has emerged that the Tamil lady raped was by a Tamil man in the village and the victim identified the person nullifying the accusation completely Many of the other crimes taking place including domestic violence and child rape are by Tamils upon Tamils and proven through statistics).

§  Job creation “- TNA promises to tackle unemployment. (TNA-LTTE tackled this by recruiting children and youth as LTTE combatants. Since 2009 the State and armed forces have already engaged youth in employment and former cadres to pursue education or vocational training leading to jobs)

§  Development with national and international assistance “- TNA again echoes ISGA/PTOMs proposals for direct links with international community bypassing the GOSL.

§  Role of International Community “- TNA is subtly putting the idea to exert pressure on the GOSL to permit direct interface with the international community and TNA Northern Council and future Muslim Eastern Council.

Most of the other details replicate former manifestos but leave out the links to LTTE and drops calls to Tamils to regard LTTE as sole representative of the Tamils “- advice courtesy of state-privileges and education enjoyed former judge Wigneswaran.

In saying “‘sovereignty lies with the People and not with the State”‘ TNA is attempting to use the election result as a platform to argue that victory for TNA equates to mean the establishment of a Tamil Eelam Nation for which the State does not require to hold an island-wide referendum “- getting 2% votes hardly qualifies or merits such argument. When TNA next says “‘Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka is flawed”‘ it is now diluting India”‘s role and influence upon the TNA for it has not aligned to bigger fish which is why TNA is courting the Muslim Congress vis a vis the Tamil Speaking factor.

If the TNA is arguing on the basis of “‘Will”‘ of the Tamil people being “‘inalienable”‘ the fact that it has hardly 3% of total Tamil votes strengthened by the fact that the Tamils themselves have chosen to colonize themselves outside of their supposed “‘historical Tamil homeland”‘ areas speaks volumes and should tell TNA to take their eelam somewhere else! Voting for TNA and voting to create a Tamil Eelaam appears to be two totally different elements and do not compliment the other. Tamils now need to seriously wonder whether they are likely to again become guinea pigs to allow a handful of politicians to brandish some ideology so they can sit in power and this is a question that Muslims should also be asking themselves before they too fall into the same trap.

President’s Language Suggests What Many Sri Lankans Believe That the TNA Are Still Tamil Tiger Propagandists.

September 12th, 2013

Insight By Sunil Kumar

September 12th 2013

It all points to the decorum and pragmatism of President Mahinda Rajapaksa who has made a statement on an issue which he has probably witheld all along towards maintaining certain related protocols yet endorsed by many discerning Sri Lankans that the TNA are indeed aspiring Tamil Tiger activists which they openly were when Velupillai Prabhakaran was at his mendacious worst and began backpedalling to cover their hides when he was eliminated.

 Today their bodylanguage and rhetoric are not much different albeit the surreptitious manner they choose to manoeuvre being indicative of a degree of caution which still is visible and effected towards maintaining their status as a political entity to which they have no real entitlement given their track record as LTTE supportives..

 Indicative of the limit to his patience he has accused the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) of taking forward the propaganda of slain LTTE leader Vellupilla Prabakaran which he in all probabilities should have done much earlier and the next step as many expect if the TNA continues unabated and unquelled perhaps is to debar them from active political participation on the singlemost importance of their pro Eelam track record which appears to continue to this day and related rhetoric, which would be a body blow to all aspiring Eelam and Tamil Tiger propagandists which should realistically have been a long time coming.

 The President was highlighting the election manifesto of the TNA which he refered to and presented to the public in Jaffna by the TNA. The President was addresing a rally in support of the UPFA candidates contesting the Northern Provincial Council elections, not mincing his words in saying that “there is no difference in what the TNA is saying today and what Prabakaran said back then” although he did not allude to the role theTNA played then as sycophants of the internal armed insurrection of the Tamil Tigers which goes without saying.

 The President is quoted as saying “…”When you look at the election manifestos of some people today you find that they are asking for what was asked over four years ago. I will not let anyone divide this country the same way I did not allow Prabakran to do it. As a result of the war, Muslims and Sinhalese were forced out of their homes and democratic Tamil leaders were assassinated.

“…”This government is firmly against racial discrimination. We respect all religions. We must get together to rebuild this country as Sri Lankans,”‚ It was the message he conveyed in significant perspective which needs to be picked up by all those who discredit the President as an authoritarian, autocrat where the reality of the kind of leadership he has served Sri Lanka with is outstanding and has addressed the needs of all Sri Lankans in an environment that is not only daunting and challenging in post insurgent Sri Lanka but also hampered by the constant stumbling blocks presented by the likes of theTNA and their friends across the Palk Strait such as Karunanidhi, Vaiko, Jayalalitha and part of that somewhat dubious anti – Sri Lankan bandwagon who are the inspiration for how bold and non nation friendly the TNA more often than not appear to be .

 While it is very apparent, contrary to the beliefs of certain anti-Sri Lankan elemnts both within and without the country that the Northern Province has been given equal benefits similar to that given to other provinces following the end of the war he has stressed the reality that there are important iissues in the North entailing land, its distribution as well as many other issues that need to be addressed in order that all citizens in this area will be contented as they resume their lives and maintained that ” these will resolved in due course “

It seems time appropriate and in their best interests if they need to be accepted as genuine contributors to Sri Lanka’s political spectrum sans bi-partiasan leanings towards the minority Tamils some of whom still are Tamil Tiger sympathisers as opposed to the genuine freedom loving Tamils who have accepted the Government and have pitted their support towards it.

 Towards this the TNA needs to take an oath of allegiance towards suporting the Constitution and the maintenance of Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity and decry their aspirations towards the secession they continue to seek which is always an apparent feature in all of their actions and rhetoric or else may find themselves a political non-entity whose chances of serving the Sri Lankan Tamils might become null and void where they may be better off pursuing their ambits in the true homeland of the Tamils ~Tamil Nadu!

Why Shared Sovereignty Coupled with Tamil Nationalism is More Dangerous than It Sounds

September 12th, 2013

Dilrook Kannangara

UNHRC is under de facto Tamil rule and so is India that bends to every Tamil demand. Next year being an election year where the ruling coalition struggles to maintain its shrinking power, Indian rulers will fall for Tamil demands particularly leading up to the UNHRC sessions when another resolution against Sri Lanka is being prepared by India. In Sri Lanka, the ruling Rajapaksa clan fearing war crimes charges, bends backwards to satisfy any and all Tamil demands at the expense of Sinhala interests. Emboldened by these moves, TNA is fearlessly campaigning for  independence for Tamil majority Northern Province and multiethnic Eastern Province from Sri Lanka. Legal luminaries leading the TNA are fully aware what this power means and how rare an opportunity this is. Although the Lankan administration missed many opportunities the war victory provided, TNA is not likely to be as wasteful and short-sighted. The step-by-step approach of Tamil nationalists has worked perfectly so far.
Despite the massive military defeat in 2009 and the loss of their patron, TNA leadership did well to win most seats in every Tamil majority district in the country at the 2010 election held within just 11 months of LTTE defeat. Since then it has won every election, local government and provincial, in all Tamil majority areas. 2012 Eastern Provincial Council election is a case in point where the entirety of Tamil votes went to TNA and the former LTTE commander Pillayan.
The close connection between Tamil nationalist Navi Pillay, Tamil Nadu leaders, Indian leaders, Tamil Diaspora leaders and TNA leaders means Tamil right of self-determination and/or shared sovereignty will make its way into the 2014 UNHRC resolution against Sri Lanka. Stemming from it will be the referendum option “- an internationally enforced referendum in the north and the east for self rule. Such enforcement will come with threats of war crimes investigations and possibly accompanied by Indian and other troop invasion in the guise of R2P/enforcing the UNHRC resolution.
Shared Sovereignty
Shared Sovereignty is a concept gaining popularity for countries emerging from a conflict. Stephen D. Krasner, an authority in share sovereignty has this to say.
Quote. Shared-sovereignty entities are created by a voluntary agreement between recognized national political authorities and an external actor such as another state or a regional or international organization (The Case for Shared Sovereignty; Stephen D. Krasner; End quote.
Put into the Sri Lankan context, it will be a sham “…”voluntary”‚ agreement between the government of Sri Lanka and either India, UNHRC or any other international entity. The term voluntary does not carry much significance as can be seen from the 1987 Indo-Lanka Peace Accord which forced the Sri Lankan government to accept the Northern and Eastern provinces as areas of Traditional Tamil Habitation. Threats of force and threat of war crimes charges against national leaders will be considered sufficient “…”incentives”‚ for a “…”voluntary”‚ agreement as can be seen from the continuation of the Indo-Lanka Peace Accord to this date.
In most likelihood, India will be the external actor to come to another agreement with the Sri Lankan government for shared sovereignty which will be enjoyed by Tamils in Sri Lanka. As the enforcer, India will keep a tight grip over the continuation of the agreement which gives India a switch to on and off, or threaten to on and off to tame Tamils and keep them firmly under Indian domination.
An Example from West Germany
Stephen D. Krasner gives a striking example of the use of the concept in West Germany.
Quote. The security arrangements that helped to safeguard Western Europe during the Cold War provide a second example of shared sovereignty. When the NATO powers decided to allow West Germany to arm itself, they not only made sure that the resulting forces were integrated into NATO, but also secured status-of-forces agreements in the 1950s under which West Germany gave the allied powers expansive authorities. These included jurisdiction over their own troops and weapons on German soil as well as the right to patrol public areas including roads, railways, and restaurants. Allied forces could take any measures their commanders deemed needful for good order and discipline (“…”Revised NATO Status-of-Forces Agreement [SOFA] Supplementary Agreement,”‚ 3 August 1959, articles 19, 22, and 28). West German leaders voluntarily entered into these compacts, which meant among other things that the German military could not fight without the approval of Washington as well as Bonn (The Case for Shared Sovereignty; Stephen D. Krasner; End quote.  
This fits perfect with modern Indian hegemonic interests in South Asia where a Cold War has emerged between India and China. A shared sovereignty agreement with the Sri Lankan government (with Tamil proxies governing the Northern and the strategic Eastern Province) will give India a definite military advantage over China in using the Northern and Eastern Provinces of the country much like NATO troops in West Germany. Police and land powers to the provincial councils become essential for such an arrangement.
An Example from Sierra Leon
Yet another aspect of shared sovereignty is provided by Stephen D. Krasner.
Quote. A contemporary example of shared sovereignty comes from the small and troubled West African country of Sierra Leone. There, as the country struggled to recover from years of internal warfare often waged by ragtag militias of armed boys, a 2002 deal between the UN and the 78 Journal of Democracy Leonean government created a special court. This court”‘s writ calls for it to try cases involving charges of crimes against humanity and war crimes as defined by international law, as well as cases involving charges brought under Leonean laws (considered effective as of November 1996) that forbid wanton destruction and the abuse of children. Most of the court”‘s judges are UN appointees, as is its prosecutor. The special court”‘s rulings take precedence over those of national courts (Statute of the Special Court for Sierra Leone Articles 2 to 4, 12, and 15,
(The Case for Shared Sovereignty; Stephen D. Krasner; End quote.
This is another aspect Tamil nationalists are looking to exploit. While protecting real Tamil war criminals who engaged in genocide, crimes against humanity, suicide bombings, deliberate targeting of civilians and continue to engage in ethnic cleansing against ethnic Sinhalese and Muslims, Tamil leaders want to punish military and government leaders for bogus war crimes. However, such a move will certainly lead to them being charged for their share of instigating war crimes committed by Tamils. By a shared sovereignty agreement with an outside organisation, the special court”‘s (set for the purpose of punishing only Sri Lankan leaders for bogus war crimes) rulings would take precedence over those of national courts (with actions pending against Tamil war criminals). Just what Tamil nationalists want.
As international organisations don”‘t have consensus to hold war crimes investigations. It will be done though a foreign entity, most likely India or an allied Indian entity. It was India that drafted two UNHRC resolutions against Sri Lanka in 2012 and 2013 calling for war crimes investigations. These were tabled by the United States and India voted for its own resolutions.
Shared Sovereignty Offers No Win for Sri Lanka
Shared sovereignty arrangements offer absolutely no win for Sri Lanka. It will only ruin hard won peace and negate the democratic rights of the people. It will create an apartheid mechanism of selective justice and legitimise foreign interferences. Sri Lanka recovered very well from three decades of conflict. Since 1931 the nation continued its democratic way of governance with universal adult franchise through times of war and insurrection.
Push for shared sovereignty by Indian hegemonic agents in TNA is for the advancement of Indian military sphere of influence into the island during this era of Cold War with China. It must not be allowed. Tamil sovereignty must come from within Tamil Nadu, India, where over 85% of world Tamils live compared to just 5% in Sri Lanka. It is also imperative that Sri Lanka maintains its non aligned stance between India and China “- the new Cold War adversaries. Old Cold War positions are no longer relevant and the old non aligned movement is out-dated replaced by the new Cold War. Middle Path between India and China is what remaining non-aligned in the new Cold War is all about. If the forcibly imposed Indo-Lanka Peace Accord cannot be repealed, a similar pact is needed with China to regain the non-aligned position.
“…”Revised NATO Status-of-Forces Agreement [SOFA] Supplementary Agreement,”‚ 3 August 1959, articles 19, 22, and 28. The full text of the agreement is available at For a general analysis of Germany”‘s situation after World War II, see Peter J. Katzenstein, Policy and Politics in West Germany: The Growth of a Semisovereign State (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1987).
Statute of the Special Court for Sierra Leone Articles 2 to 4, 12, and 15, For other examples of the use of international judges, see William W. Burke-White, “…”A Community of Courts: Toward a System of International Criminal Law Enforcement,”‚ Michigan Journal of International Law 24 (Fall 2002): 1″-102.
The Case for Shared Sovereignty; Stephen D. Krasner;

UN Secretary General’s Spokesperson Haq Attempts To Justify The Trail Of Derision Left Behind By Naveen Pillai Who Seems To Have Overstepped Her Mandate.

September 12th, 2013

Insight By Sunil Kumar September 9th 2013

It appears that the UN is either a bunch of mixed up deadbeats with agendas often laced heavily in bias or circumspect myopia starting from the top with secretary general Ban Ki Moon, human rights ambassador Naveen Pillai and now an associate spokesperson by name of Farhan Haq who in the typical manner of his peers quoted has made comments typical of what the UN appears to stand for these days, misguided biased and blinkered, clutching at straws sometimes and in playing follow my leader to Naveen Pillai has typified why it is that powerful sources like the USA do not really pay too much attention when the UN organization calls to order.

Probably this is also a portrayal of incompetent selection of top officials in the UN Organization who end up going their merry way disregarding the protocols of some of their assignments as though the UN is the adjudicator of everything that goes on in the world regardless of realities at times to pass ridiculous judgements and draw wrong conclusions where in the past the nobility of the organization was upheld by intellectuals and persons of stature albeit today manned by run of the mill bunglers who often tend to dabble in areas way beyond their jurisdiction as well as showing transparencies about rank disregard for the credibilities surrounding sovereignity and territorial integrity of countries like Sri Lanka to serve their own agendas.

As Naveen Pillai exited Sri Lanka she left behind a trail of angered derision by the Sri Lankan authorities and may of her citizens that she had overstepped the objective of her visit, dabbled in internal matters she had no entitlement to and visibly portrayed her Tamil leanings and sympathises with the terrorists and their supportives who caused so much devastation within Sri Lanka so much so perhaps she needs to be held to accountability as she has apparently tried to foment dormant hatreds and fires that were once thought quelled permanently! The opinion of many astute observers with a degree of semblance towards the truth behind her visit.

Then along comes another UN sycophant by the name of Haq with no comprehension about what really transpired in Sri Lanka although a greater part of the world was aware of it attesting to how blinkered these apathetic UN sources sometimes are and upholds Naveen Pillai like an angel of mercy when in fact she has succesfully played the role of Devil’s Advocate as her meanderings literally supported the devils the Tamil Tigers were! or so it appears through her rhetoric!

So while the UN has stated boldly that it fully supports the work that UN Human Rights Commissioner Navanethem Pillay did while on the ground in Sri Lanka also adding that no one should face intimidation for speaking to the UN maybe the UN needs educating about why Pillai faces so much flack from many areas of criticism and requested not to create cover ups for the damage Pillai has attempted to do to Sri Lanka!

To add insult to injury Pillai seems to have come up with a brief loaded with cooked up innuendo, codswallop and at times blatant lies where the premeditated agenda she went to Sri Lanka with has surfaced with painful accuracy and regardless of what she says has no real proof that her accusations against the Government of Sri Lanka could be substantiated beyond reasonable doubt!

Stories about groups of people swarming to have an audience with her to address their grievances, intimidatory visits from government sources to threaten them and strong arm tactics by the Government none of which hold much water as the Administration does not comprise of a bunch of idiots who would compromise its credibility.

Neither was there any mandate for a miniscule minority that caused the problems in Sri Lanka in the first place to surround her with their grievances as she was not there to adjudicate but to observe where she does not seem to have observed the grievances of the majority Sinhalese and other ethnicities wit equal or far greater grievances which to all intents and purposes have now been addressed favourably.

Speaking at a UN press briefing held in New York yesterday (September 4), Associate Spokesperson for the Secretary General of the UN, Farhan Haq stated that the UN respects and fully supports the work that Navi Pillay was doing while she was in Sri Lanka which to reiterate typifies how birds of a feather flock together although the feathers here seemed to have been plucked to the point where their transparencies are beginning to show!.

Statements made by Navi Pillay following her visit to Sri Lanka has drawn mixed reactions by lawmakers in Sri Lanka although some government politicians have criticized her for violating her mandate by making political comments.

While the direction, objectives and end result of UN Human Rights Ambassador Naveen Pillai ( herself a Tamil) was almost predictable towards bias, sympathy and posturing towards the defunct Tamil Tiger terrorists and their supportives for very apparent reasons from the very outset, she has played out her role accordingly and not surprisingly although there has been a touch of Machiavellian subterfuge enacted by her in so doing.

What has revealed this almost precisely is the statement she made that the LTTE were murderous criminals while condemning them heinously yet seeking to pay respects to Velupillai Prabhakaran their slain terrorist leader which was somewhat naive on her part as it has revealed her tainted mindset and duplicity which has been slated by many Government sources including the President where realistically she should have been very politely asked to leave the country immediately.

Talk about burning the candle at both ends with the veiled sympathies for the terrorist leader shortly after condemning them as murderers and heinous villains!

It also seemed somewhat superfluous and bordering on the ludicrous that she was sent to Sri Lanka by the UN when her main mission in all probabilities should have been to Syria and other parts of the world where rights violations take place almost on a 24 hours basis and are horrendous as well as in total disrespect for humanity particularly in Syria where a greater part of the world observes almost on a daily basis the brutalities involved.

She did not have a smidgen of any of these in the accusations she has pointed towards the Government where the cries of the oppressed should have realistically incorporated those from both sides of the conflict in Sri Lanka where the Sinhalese and other etnicities suffered tremendously at the hands of the terrorists and it was the Armed Forces that saved the day which of course was not part of her observations as it would have then pre- empted the true objectives of her visit.

In many respects it has therefore been a failure, a wasted effort and a worthless pitch into the Sri Lankan coffers as such a visit entails heavy finances which could have been better spent in providing for the poor and needy as a 7 day visit by a dignitary of her status certainly runs up humungous bills and it is not as though the UN despite its responsibilities carried the entire tab which of course is secondary!

However, she has truly left behind a trail of doubt and circumspect pondering about her visit in the minds of many in a capacity to adjudicate although the reason for it was fairly obvious.

The Sri Lankan Government which under tremendous pressure over the issue of human rights acccusations, granted the UN an opportunity to see for itself first hand through Madam Pillai the state of Sri Lanka today in the aftermath of the terrorist campaign probably did not realise what her true agenda was nor did it pay attention to possible ramifications which in retrospect need to be deemed null an void if they crop up as Ambassador Pillai went to town literally enjoying her tropical paradise getaway while making hay( or so she thought!) for the LTTE supportives and wreaking havoc in the minds of some of the international community where she has certainly overstepped her metes and bounds and the real objective of her visit clinically revealed.

Understandably The Government of Sri Lanka has said that U.N. human rights chief Navi Pillay had acted beyond her mandate in saying “the country was heading in an authoritarian direction.” as the official objective of her visit was far removed from adjudicating the direction the country was headed where if it was ever needed would have been simply to observe its beneficial and progresssive nature through the policies of the present regime.

As her seven-day mission to assess Sri Lanka’s progress after the 26-year war between the government and separatist Tamils concluded she has said that ” the country was showing signs of heading in an increasingly authoritarian direction” where the authoritarian nature of her statement with little beyond conjecture, created artifacts and the lobbying of disenfrachised Tamils through their own creation some of which were partisan albeit organized by the adversaries of the nation to support it, by far exceeded what she has termed authoritarian on the part of the Government without a single reference to the incredible progress the country has shown and the mood of the people in the aftermath of the mendacities of the Tamil tigers which includes many contented Tamils with a very positive and grateful outlook to be liberated from their ravages..

The evaluation of her visit in a nutshell was perfectly done by the Government response that “The High Commissioner’s observation is a political statement on her part, which clearly transgresses her mandate and the basic norms which should be observed by a discerning international civil servant.

The judgment on the leadership of the country is better left for the people of Sri Lanka to decide than being caricatured by external entities influenced by vested interests.” This was posted by the Information Department and carried on the internet website

Perhaps what she should have done realistically in order to maintain her credibility and not demean a Sovereign Nation that conducted a precedent setting, succesful anti-terrorist campaign, as she has chosen to do, would have been to highlight the attrocities of the Tamil Tigers and the devastations their internal armed insurrection resulted in entailing murder, mayhem and inconceivable horrors amongst many Sri Lankans for which regardless of whatever is done towards recussitation can never be sufficiently compensated.

While failing almost in a pre-meditated manner to point out the progress and development the country has been subjected to by the policies of the Government The UN Ambassador Pillai has played her hand in a manner that has revealed the transparencies towards her true intent and is now joined by another comrade in arms Haq for the lack of better things to do it appears!.

Perhaps it will not be long before the head honcho Moon joins them on stage to complete a song and dance trio who should really focus their priorities on areas of the world that needs desperate restitution!


Deport Callum Macrae from UK Channel 4 for his anti-Sri Lanka campaign

September 12th, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Australia

Callum Macrae from the UK Channel 4 News, produced a documentary highlighting so called ‘war crimes’ in Sri Lanka during the war in 2009. The feature length documentary titled, ‘ No Fire Zone’ depicted Eelam war iv through a doctored film that it was violence against the Tamils.

In 2011 he directed another documentary titled, ‘ Sri Lanka’s killing fields’. Macrae produced these documentaries calling the ‘international community’ for an independent investigation on Sri Lanka. In both these documentaries Macrae had perpetrated the Govt  as violators of crime against the Tamils despite the fact that the Sri Lankan army rescued more than 300, 000 Tamils from the clutches of the LTTE terrorists. It is obvious that Macrae was heavily funded by the Tamil diaspora in producing these bogus documentaries and propaganda campaign.

On 14 Nov, Sri Lanka will be hosting the Commonwealth Heads of Govt Meeting (CHOGM). Recently, he had expressed his deep regret that the CHOGM is to be held in Sri Lanka and that President Rajapakse will head the CHOGM for the next two years. It had been reported that he is travelling to Sri Lanka to cover up this meeting. If so, his visit will be more to meet the TNA, NGO’s, LTTE rump etc and produce another bogus documentary.

For the anti-Sri Lanka campaign he had conducted with the Tamil diaspora all these years he should  be declined a visa and deported on arrival.

In Sri Lanka Muslims cannot complain because….

September 12th, 2013

Jay J

In Sri Lanka Muslims cannot complain because….
1. The Muslims are not indigenous people of Sri Lanka.
2. The Muslims came as traders/visitors and NEVER owned land in Sri Lanka until after the British. Anyone in doubt can read Robert Knox
3. The Muslims follow Islam and Islam’s holy text refers to Buddhists, Hindus as kafirs – people meant to be killed.
4. The Muslims demand equality for Islam but do Muslims give equality to other religions in Muslim nations?
5. The Muslims go to live in foreign countries which are not non-Muslim and then try to make those countries uphold all tenants of Islam and somehow wriggle through country laws in using their legal systems to uphold Islamic rights. But in Muslim nations a non-Muslim has no rights whatsoever.
6. The Muslims pretend they are tolerant but do Muslims allow any other religious culture or even event to be celebrated in Muslim nations and even in non-Muslim countries where they slowly create Muslim ghettos it is ONLY Islam that prevails.
7. The Muslims show no toleration except to always and continuously demand rights for them under Islam and so the workplaces have to give time off for Islamic prayer, Muslim holidays have to be given but none of these Muslims care to give the same to other religions.
8. Muslims have an art of combining their ethnicity with their religion because it is one and the same – in Sri Lanka the Sinhalese and the Tamils cannot do this because there are Christians and Catholics amongst both.
9. The Muslims celebrate converting of people as do Christians so how can Hindus or Buddhists not fear their people being converted. While Muslims celebrate converting people to Islam if anyone converts from Islam to another faith he is banished or even killed – this must be tolerance Muslim style
10. The Muslims have found a new way to fool politicians – promote their ethnicity which in turn means promoting Islam and even the President has fallen for it and he now says everyone is equal. The President is making a big mistake if he takes this all equal stand – we have the majority Buddhists who have always treated others inclusively but Tamils and Muslims do not have examples to show of this inclusivity.
11. Now Muslims are pretending to be victims because they are using the same game the Tamils played which gets the attention of the masses and frightens the Govt – it is time the Buddhists also stand and be counted and make their demands and then the Govt will really start to sweat… because the Govt takes the majority Buddhists as a joke and uses them and discards them for power and money.
12. Muslims and money go hand in hand – they know when to push a note or two and get their job done. The President should seriously count how many Muslims vote for him for the concessions he gives especially by humiliating the Buddhists.
13. In Sri lanka there are NO BUDDHIST politicians because they do not have the braveness that Mrs. B had and so they all meekly cow down to some stupid notion called multiculturalism.
14, The Muslims who are pretending to be victims and the President who is taking their side must first tell us what the position is of kuragala, the takaran sheds in historic Buddhist sites – these are all incursions. Have the Government addressed these….
15. The Muslim menace is nothing that is exclusive to Sri Lanka all over the world the people are feeling the same way about Muslims as we are. Muslims are killing each other and then they say the Koran says not to kill. the Muslims want halal and most of them drink, smoke and have women everywhere. The Muslims want mosques, loud speakers, to kill animals, halal labels (this was a sinister campaign but it is very much alive – so please keep alert, and don’t buy anything with these labels) madrassas, and now Arabic signs and are promoting women in ninja suits with men now in tribal wear too.. we cannot wait to see the day the justice minister wears one and other Muslim congress MPs too…
please join and jot down your lists as well – we may never end.


September 12th, 2013

Dr. Tilak Fernando

I am very grateful to Peter Wijesinghe who contacted me recently having read some of my “‘Life Abroad”‘ columns, as I consider him as an encyclopaedia of Sri Lankans and their activities in London considering his knowledge, experience and the vivid memory over six decades of life in the UK.

Peter qualifies as the longest serviceman who has worked at the Sri Lanka High Commission in London from day one of its ceremonial opening. Although he did not fall into the top notch category of Diplomats, he was well read, knowledgeable, intelligent and “‘with it”‘ with worldly affairs more than some of the diplomats who had come and gone.

He was also privileged to have had the opportunity to hobnob with all the High Commissioners and had come across the cream of the Sri Lankan society by working exclusively for the Head of the Mission at all times.

After reading my last week”‘s column “‘Kingdom of Death”‘ in which details of two suicide incidents at the Ceylon Students Centre were revealed, he corrected me with an extra ordinary story of the very first suicide case of a Sri Lankan in London going back to the late 1940s.

Just after Ceylon gaining independence there had not been many lodgings where Sri Lankan students could be accommodated in private homes. The number of Sri Lankan professionals who had settled down in the UK from affluent families had been only a handful, so were the number of Sri Lankan students who arrived in Britain to sit London examinations.

Within such family circles they always had found a friend or a relative to help each other to overcome the board and lodging problems of young students. It was in such a backdrop that two young boys and a pretty young girl managed to find accommodation at the late Dr. Alfred Gunasekera”‘s residence at Homesdale Road in West Hampstead, NW of London.

Peter Wijesinghe

One of the dashing young men was none other than Gamini Corea who later became known as Dr Gamini Corea, the financial genius, and the other handsome student had been Christy Jayawardena. The young pretty girl Damayanthi Dunuwila who was the third lodger at Dr. Gunasekera”‘s residence was a niece of the late D.S. Senanayake.

A romantic atmosphere apparently seemed to have developed covertly among the three young people where it was assumed that the young miss had been attracted to Gamini Corea while the young man Christy Jayawardena had gone crazy over the girl (unknown to her of course)!

This very fact may have led Christy Jayawardene”‘s concentration powers to go haywire that he failed in his examinations that year.

It was believed that the shame, humiliation and indignity that surrounded him in failing the examination and not being particularly able to face his self-admired love, he decided to commit suicide by jumping in front of a fast moving underground tube train at West Hampstead tube station. This incident in fact had been the very first suicide case of a Sri Lankan in the UK.

Natural death

The first natural death of a Sri Lankan in London was recorded as the late Gunasena de Soyza”‘s demise while he served as the High Commissioner in London.

He had been the Permanent Secretary attached to SDS & EA (Secretary of Defence and External Affairs) during S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike”‘s administration prior to his appointment in London and resided at 21, Addison Road, London W14 which had been used before as the “‘Students”‘ Club”‘ prior to the establishment of The Ceylon Students Centre.

Being a keen reader of newspapers he had earned a reputation of going through “‘every letter”‘ in newspapers; his enthusiasm grew more as he had to wait for a long time till the diplomatic bag arrived by sea freight those days containing the newspapers as well.

Once the High Commissioner de Soyza impatiently waited at home after giving instructions to Peter Wijesinghe to bring the papers to his residence which had been delayed for some reason, but when the delivery was done in the evening after office hours Gunasena de Soyza was seen in a rage for not obeying his instructions properly.

However, having stomached a belly full of invective from his boss, Peter had left 21, Addison Road hoping that the following morning his master would be in a better mood to explain and say what delayed him to take the papers to him in time, but he was shocked to hear that very evening High Commissioner Gunasena de Soyza had expired suddenly due to a CVA (Cerebral Vascular Accident “- bursting of a nerve in the brain).


The death of the High Commissioner had caused a problem to the High Commission staff as the funeral of a diplomat in London had to follow a certain decorum followed by a requiem mass according to Christian formalities in England. Gunasena de Soyza being a Buddhist the High Commission staff had wanted the funeral to be performed according to Sri Lankan customs and Buddhist rites without having to take the body to a church and having to go through a Christian homily.

However the High Commission staff had managed “‘diplomatically’ to improvise a special religious ceremony equivalent to a church mass at the Sri Lanka High Commission building itself on a grand scale and rented out gold plated chairs as well for the British foreign office and other participants to sit during the repose of the soul of the dead person.

Finally the body had been cremated in London and the ash handed over to Mrs. Soyza to be brought to Sri Lanka. Gunasena de Soyza”‘s death has gone on record as the first Sri Lankan diplomat to die and cremated in London.

Second such death was recorded when a Trade Commissioner named Ekanayake had dropped dead following a sudden heart attack at the Cumberland Hotel at Marble Arch in West London after participating in an official ceremony.

She was one Miss Rodrigo before her marriage to Tilak E. Gunaratne, the Civil Servant, intellectual, Commonwealth Deputy Secretary General in London who finally took over the responsibilities at the London Mission as the Sri Lanka High Commissioner in the UK. Mrs. Gunaratne was known for her eccentricities for a long time where she used to travel in her husband”‘s official Cadillac motor car with the Sri Lankan flag mounted. May be people were not aware of the fact that she suffered from a mild kind of neurosis – a form of mental disorder. That very fact may have been the cause for people to assume that she was “‘arrogant”‘ and “‘uppish”‘!


Tilak E Gunaratne was considered as a “‘blue eyed”‘ boy of Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike. Subsequently when Guy Amirthanayagam assumed duties at the High Commission as the Education Officer he was responsible for recommending Sri Lankan students for British Council Scholarships.

There was a time when the High Commissioner Tilak E. Gunaratne had to spend some months in Sri Lanka on medical grounds while in the meantime Guy Amirthanayagam had assumed duties as the Deputy High Commissioner in the absence of the High Commissioner.

As the Education officer Amirthanayagam and deputy High Commissioner he went on full steam to try and obtain a place for young Anura Bandaranaike in a British university at a time Mrs. B was desperate to find a suitable university for young Anura in the UK without much luck. Through his skills and personal contacts finally Amirthanayagam managed to get young Anura into the University College of London which made Amirthanayagam to go into the good books of Mrs. Bandaranaike.

It is said that when the High Commissioner Tilak E Gunaratne returned back to London there had been some apparent indecorous rivalry between the head of the mission and his deputy where Amirthanayagam was alleged to have been blamed for using his discretion and promoting a major portion of Tamil students for British Council scholarships ignoring blatantly many Sinhala eligible candidates!

The diplomatic covert tug of war did not help High Commissioner Tilak E Gunaratne at the end of his term. The result being he had to throw the towel in for his long and flamboyant career when he did not get a diplomatic posting to any other destination. It is said that the tremors and shock waves of such a disappointment were felt more by Mrs. Gunaratne who used to enjoy all the diplomatic privileges to the full.

Sadly, one morning around 10.30 am when the peak period of travel in London was over Mrs. Gunaratne had walked towards Warwick Avenue underground Railway station, which was only a walking distance from where they lived at the time, and jumped on to the railway track in front of an approaching tube train, holding a Harrods bag.

Within seconds iron wheels of the tube train had run over tearing her body into smithereens adding yet another suicide case by a Sri Lankan in London. 

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