New Central Bank Governor to outlast UNP regime

July 9th, 2016

ECONOMYNEXT -Courtesy The Island

Sri Lanka’s new Central Bank Governor Indrajit Coomaraswamy made clear at his first press conference Tuesday that he will not be a pushover nor an interim appointee for one year as suggested by a government minister.

The 66-year-old economist, who was given the job by President Maithripala Sirisena, said his appointment under the Monetary Law Act guaranteed him a tenure of six years and he hoped to complete it.

When pointed out that his term would extend beyond the life of the current government, Coomaraswamy said he believed it would ensure continuity of the bank’s work despite any change of government.


His term ends in July 2022, two years after the next parliamentary election is due by August 2020.

The then acting finance minister Lakshman Yapa Abeywardene told reporters last week before Coomaraswamy’s appointment that the next governor would be appointed only for one year.

It was speculated that the United National Party was keen to bring back controversial Arjuna Mahendran who was replaced after he faced allegations of insider trading that favoured his son-in-law’s primary dealership.

Coomaraswamy, a respected personality with impeccable credentials for the job, also made it clear that he was extremely happy and honoured to be asked contrary to earlier speculation that he had initially turned down the job.

“When I was asked, it was a surprise. It was sudden,” he said. “Now that I have taken it, I am going to give it my absolute best shot.”

President Sirisena and Prime Minister Wickremesinghe were at loggerheads over the replacement of Mahendran who faces an investigation by the parliamentary Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE).

The virtual termination of Mahendran came as a tweet from the President who also appointed Coomaraswamy via the micro blogging

Socially and politically, Coomaraswamy is in the Prime Minister’s camp, but his appointment by Sirisena and his remarks suggest he intends to depoliticise the bank and make it more technocratic.

He was asked about his links to Sri Lankan-born US fund-manager Raj Rajaratnam who is currently jailed in the United States over an insider trading scam.

Coomaraswamy said he had provided professional services in conducting macro-economic research for Rajaratnam for just under a year before his arrest in the US.

The governor said he admired Rajaratnam’s charitable work both in Sri Lanka and elsewhere.

Coomaraswamy, who had started his career as a researcher at the Central Bank 42 years ago, was a director of economic affairs at the Commonwealth Secretariat in London.

Multilateral Responses to Terrorism: The United Nations

July 9th, 2016

The United Nations Posted: October, 2004

With universal membership and a commitment to global security, the United Nations is uniquely poised to play a critical role in the international struggle against terrorism. Unlike its member nations, which often face domestic political, economic and bureaucratic constraints, the UN, as an independent international organization, is more free to pursue an anti-terrorist agenda. On the other hand, the UN itself is beset by extreme internal politicization, factionalism and bureaucratization which do hinder its counterterrorist functions.

This analysis examines both the constructive actions the UN has taken against terrorism and the obstacles it faces in tackling the threat in amore significant way. It concludes with several policy recommendations for strengthening the UN’s role in the anti-terrorist struggle.

UN Responses to Terrorism

UN Security Council

As the principal international organ dealing with international peace and security, the UN Security Council has passed several significant resolutions on the counterterrorist front. More recent resolutions have instituted sanctions against the Taliban and Al Qaeda, affirmed the right of self-defense, found terrorism to be a threat to international peace and security, stressed the accountability of the supporter as well as the perpetrator of terrorist acts and required member states to limit the ability of terrorists and terrorist organizations to operate internationally by freezing assets of terrorist-affiliated persons and organization and denying them safe haven.

Resolution 1267 (1999), created a sanctions committee that maintains a list of individuals and entities belonging or related to the Taliban, Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda. The resolution obliges all states to freeze the assets, prevent the entry into or the transit through their territories, and prevent the director indirect supply, sale and transfer of arms and military equipment with regard to the individuals and entities on the list. As of July 2004, the list included 144 individuals and entities associated with associated with the Taliban and 285 with Al Qaeda.

In the wake of September 11th, Resolution 1368 (9/12/01) recognized “the inherent right of individual or collective self-defense in accordance with the Charter” and expressed “its readiness to take all necessary steps to respond to the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, and to combat all forms of terrorism, in accordance with its responsibilities under the Charter of the United Nations.”

Resolution 1373 (9/28/01) declares that “acts, methods, and practices of terrorism are contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations and that knowingly financing, planning and inciting terrorist acts are also contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.” The resolution calls on member states to “prevent and suppress the financing of terrorist acts” and “refrain from providing any form of support, active or passive, to entities or persons involved in terrorist acts.” Member states are obliged to criminalize terrorist activity and financing, freeze terrorist-related funds and assets, deny safe haven to those who “finance, plan, support, or commit terrorist acts, or provide safe havens,” prevent the movement of terrorists or terrorist groups, cooperate with other governments and the international community on the anti-terrorism front, and become parties to all terrorism-related conventions and protocols.

It is important to note that the terrorism financing prohibitions of the UN refer only to the Taliban, Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda-affiliated organizations designated under Resolution 1267. The UN does not maintain a general list of terrorist organizations. It is therefore legal, according to the UN, to finance and provide safe haven to, for example, Hamas terrorists.

Counter-Terrorism Committee (CTC)

Established by Security Council Resolution 1373, the CTC is made up of all 15 members of the Security Council and is charged with monitoring states’ implementation of Resolution 1373 and bringing member states to an acceptable level of compliance with terrorism-related conventions and protocols. The Committee is required to help states remedy any deficiencies they may have regarding legislation, funds or personnel.

States must send reports to the CTC stating the specific steps they are taking to fight terrorism. The reports are supposed to include progress in seven areas: legislation, financial asset controls, customs, immigration, extradition, law enforcement and arms traffic. Specific questions include:

  • What steps have been taken to establish t ensure that the punishment reflects the seriousness of such terrorist acts?
  • What laws in your country prohibit (i) recruitment by terrorist groups and (ii) the supply of weapons to terrorists?
  • What legislation exists to deny safe haven to terrorists?
  • What legislation exists for freezing the assets of terrorists?

As of June 30, 2004, 71 UN member states had not met the deadline set for submission of their reports to the CTC .In July 2004, the Security Council issued a Presidential Statement inviting the CTC to accelerate its work on assessing the assistance needs of member states. It called on the Committee to identify and address states’ problems in implementing resolution 1373 and to facilitate the provision of technical assistance to states with difficulties.

The CTC provides assistance to member nations; it is not an enforcer of UN policy and it does not institute sanctions against countries that violate anti-terrorism norms. There is currently discussion within the UN and the international community as to whether the CTC should adopt more of an enforcer role such as “naming and shaming” countries that violate international standards or lag behind in implementing anti-terrorism legislation.

International Conventions on Terrorism

Intended to strengthen the international legal basis for the fight against terrorism, there are currently 12 international conventions that criminalize some of the most significant acts of terror: offenses against aircraft and airports, attacks on internationally protected persons, hostage-taking, misuse of nuclear material, attacks on ships and offshore platforms, misuse of plastic explosives, bombings and financing of terrorist acts. Negotiated from 1963 to 1999, the conventions define a particular type of terrorist violence as an offense under the convention; require signatories to penalize that activity in their domestic law and create an obligation on them to prosecute or extradite violators of the convention. The CTC is charged with encouraging states to become parties to the conventions and to implement their provisions in national legislation.

The most recent convention, the International Convention on the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism (1999) makes it a criminal offense in signatory countries to provide financial assistance to terrorist organizations. Each signatory is required to identify, detect, and seize or freeze funds used or allocated for terrorist purposes, prosecute or extradite individuals suspected of involvement in the financing of terrorism, cooperate with other states in the investigation and/or prosecution of such suspects and ensure that their domestic laws require financial institutions to implement measures that identify, impede, and prevent the flow of terrorist funds.

The convention marks the first time that fundraising for terrorist activities is considered a crime by international law. As of March 2004, 132 countries had signed the convention and 112 had completed the ratification, acceptance, approval or accession process.

UN Office on Drugs and Crime/Terrorism Prevention Branch

The Terrorism Prevention Branch (TPB), an arm of the Vienna based UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), works with the CTC top provide legislative, legal and technical assistance to UN member states in the counterterrorism arena. Created in 1999, the TPB researches terrorism trends and assists countries in upgrading their capacities to investigate and prevent terrorist acts. In October 2002, the TPB launched The Global Programme Against Terrorism as the framework for UNODC’s operational activities. The Programme:

  • reviews domestic legislation and provides advice on drafting enabling laws;
  • facilitates and provides training to national administrations with regard to new legislation;
  • provides in-depth assistance on the implementation of the new legislation against terrorism;
  • maintains a roster of experts to supplement specific expertise where required;
  • maintains model laws and examples of relevant legislation;
  • provides guidance for legislating and implementing the international instruments pertaining to terrorism.

Obstacles Facing UN Counterterrorist Efforts

The UN faces numerous challenges in translating its resolutions, conventions and programs into effective actions.

Lack of a Clear Vision

Within the UN and the international community debate is currently waging as to what role the UN should play in the international fight against terrorism According to veteran UN political analyst Edward Luck, the UN system is facing three broad strategic options:

  • embrace unconditionally the struggle against terrorism and make it a core priority for the institution;
  • continue to muddle through as a marginal but useful player in the global counterterrorism effort, while attempting to stay out of the crossfire;
  • distance the institution from the war on terrorism as distracting from the organization’s traditional priorities and competencies.

Whereas, Luck argues, in the post September 11th climate, the UN sought to increase its role in the antiterrorist struggle, the August 2003 car bomb attack against UN Headquarters in Baghdad weakened UN resolve on the counterterrorist front. Twenty two people, including the Secretary General’s Special Representative for Iraq, Sergio Vieira de Mello, were killed in the attack.

The Secretary General’s Policy Working Group on the UN and Terrorism argued that the “UN must project a clear and principled message that terrorism, whatever the cause in whose name it is undertaken, is unacceptable and deserves universal condemnation.” The group identified three areas in which the UN could make a distinct contribution:

  • Dissuasion: helping persuade states, groups, and individuals not to assist terrorists;
  • Denial: assisting member states in their efforts to deny terrorists the money, space, and means to threaten peace and security;
  • Cooperation: using the UN’s convening power to facilitate counterterrorist cooperation at the global and regional levels.

One of the United States’ core reservations about the UN’s role in the antiterrorist struggle is the international body’s unwillingness to use military force to prevent, punish and deter terrorism. While the U.S. recognizes the merit of establishing international legal and legislative norms against terrorism, it also acknowledges the value of military action as another significant tool on the counterterrorist front.

Lack of a Definition of Terrorism

One of the main obstacles in forging a united front against terrorism is that there is no internationally accepted definition of terrorism. The decades old refrain “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” still reverberates throughout the institution. As a result, there is also no internationally recognized screening mechanism for identifying terrorist groups.

There are two camps within the UN: those who think that the UN should deal with the causes of terrorism and those who want to focus on outlawing specific acts of terrorism.

In October 1999, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 1269 which “Unequivocally condemns all acts, methods and practices of terrorism as criminal and unjustifiable, regardless of their motivation, in all their forms and manifestations, wherever and by whomever committed.” While the resolution condemned terrorist acts, it failed to define what constitutes such an act.

Political Divisions

The UN is beset by political divisions and factionalism that greatly aggravate its efforts to achieve an effective antiterrorist leadership role. In particular, the hostility of the Arab/Muslim bloc toward the United States and Israel continues to impede an effective global strategy against terrorism.

For decades, the various UN bodies and agencies have refused to recognize Palestinian violence against Israel as constituting terrorism. While the U.S., the European Union and others favor a definition of terrorism that includes all violence against civilians, the 56 member Islamic Conference Organization insists on exempting “national liberation movements” and “resistance to foreign occupation” from the definition.

Whether through its harsh condemnation of Israeli responses to Palestinian terrorism or its forging of moral equivalencies between Palestinian suicide bombers and Israeli army countermeasures, the UN remains hostage to global politics. The recent International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling that condemned Israel’s antiterrorist barrier and effectively denied the sovereign State of Israel the right to protect its citizens from Palestinian terrorism is but one example among many that taint the UN’s efforts in this regard.

The political divisions and ideological alignments contribute to the UN’s application of double standards. As Sergey Rogov of the Russian Academy of Sciences noted in a Columbia University forum on the UN’s Response to Terrorism, “… There are also double standards for freedom fighters, who were pushing for self-determination, which was allowed for Bosniaks and Palestinians, but not for Kosovars, Chechens, Tamils, or Kurds.”

Resource Allocation

The issue of terrorism is tackled within many UN bodies, agencies and offices including the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention, the International Civil Aviation Organization, the International Maritime Organization, the UN Department for Disarmament Affairs, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and the Universal Postal Union.

On the one hand, it is constructive for the specialized UN agencies to address the terrorist threat. On the other hand, there is no single address within the UN system for anti-terrorist action. There is neither a separate counterterrorist agency within the UN nor is there a staff member at UN headquarters in New York who has been assigned to work fulltime on terrorism.


In recent years, the United Nations has strengthened its antiterrorist agenda. Its criminalizing of terrorist financing and its outreach work to member states in providing the resources needed for them to adopt and enforce antiterrorist legislation are the most significant recent UN initiatives. The world body’s list of Al Qaeda affiliated organizations that require asset freezing is a positive model for member states.

Nevertheless, the UN’s many weaknesses on the counterterrorist front impede its ability to become a more effective antiterrorist force in the international community. In general, the world body’s consistent failure to overcome anti-American and anti-Israel sentiment within its walls contributes to a legitimization of Palestinian terrorism against Israeli civilians. More specifically, the lack of an agreed upon universal definition of terrorism, and the UN’s restriction of its terrorist list to Al Qaeda affiliated organizations, serve to ignore and condone other terrorist groups and terrorist activities.

Some observers contend that the UN will never be able to overcome its political divisions and should therefore focus on antiterrorist activities that can rise above politics.

In The UN Role in Fighting Terrorism, Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies suggests the UN should concentrate on the creation of common security standards for air, road, rail, and maritime traffic, airport security, port security, security for container ports and shipments, energy and hazardous material shipments. He sees a role for the UN in recommending global standards for the protection of key commuter facilities, critical infrastructure facilities, public facilities and government buildings.

Whichever course the UN chooses, it will certainly have to allocate additional resources for its counterterrorist agenda.

ඇත්ත කී නිසා මා දඩස්‌ගා මාරු කළා – දඩල්ලගේ කියයි

July 9th, 2016

චමින්ද සිල්වා උපුටා ගැන්ම දිවයින

“මගේ ස්‌ථාන මාරුව ගැන මට කලකිරීමක්‌ නැහැ. මාව මාරු කළේ ඇත්ත කියූ නිසා” යෑයි රාජ්‍ය පරිපාලන හා කළමනාකරණ අමාත්‍යාංශ ලේකම් ජිනසිරි දඩල්ලගේ මහතා ‘දිවයින’ ට ඊයේ (06 වැනිදා) පැවසීය.රාජ්‍ය පරිපාලන හා කළමනාකරණ අමාත්‍යාංශයේ ලේකම්වරයා ලෙස කටයුතු කළ ජිනසිරි දඩල්ලගේ මහතා පෙරේදා (05 වැනිදා) සිට බලපැවැත්වෙන පරිදි තැපැල් අමාත්‍යාංශ ලේකම් ධුරයට පත් කර යෑවීමට ජනාධිපති ලේකම් පී. බී. අබේකෝන් මහතා විසින් පියවර ගෙන ඇත. දඩල්ලගේ මහතාගේ ස්‌ථාන මාරුව සම්බන්ධයෙන් ‘දිවයින’ කළ විමසීමේදී ඒ මහතා වැඩිදුරටත් මෙසේද කීය.

“මං රාජ්‍ය පරිපාලන අමාත්‍යාංශයේ ලේකම්වරයා ලෙස වැඩ බාරගැනීමෙන් පසු හිතට එකඟව වැඩ කළා. මට කරන්න බැරි දෙයක්‌ කවුරු හරි කිව්වොත් මම ඒක කරන්න බැරි බව කෙළින්ම කියනවා. එක එක්‌කෙනාට නැවෙන්න යන්නෙ නැහැ.

මම හිතන්නේ මගේ ස්‌ථාන මාරුවට හේතුව කෙළින් කතා කර කෙළින් වැඩ කිරීමයි. මට ඒ නිසා කනගාටුවක්‌ නැහැ. මගේ ස්‌ථාන මාරුව සම්බන්ධයෙන් අභියාචනයක්‌ ඊයේ යෑව්වා. ඒ අභියාචනයට සාධාරණයක්‌ ඉටු වුණොත් ඉන්නවා. නැත්නම් මම විශ්‍රාම යනවා. මාව මාරු කළේ වැරැද්දකට නොවෙයි රාජ්‍ය නිලධාරීන් මුහුණපා සිටින ඇත්ත කියන්න ගිය නිසයි කියලා මම හිතනවා.

මම පසුගියදා ජුනි 26 දා “දිවයින ඉරිදා සංග්‍රහය’ට සම්මුඛ සාකච්ඡාවක්‌ දුන්නා. එමගින් රජයේ නිලධාරීන් මුහුණ දෙන ගැටලු ගැන විග්‍රහයක්‌ කළා. එහිදී “සියලු රාජ්‍ය නිලධාරීන්ගේ ගැටලු ගැන මට වගකීමක්‌ තියෙනවා” “කයිවාරු දොඩවන යහපාලනයේ ඇති වැඩේ මොකක්‌ද?” සිල් රෙදි අල්ලස්‌ නම් ජන සවිය, සමෘද්ධි, දිවි නැඟුම ඒවත් අල්ලස්‌නෙ කියලා පැවසුවා.

මේ කියපු දේවල් හිතට එකඟවයි මම කිව්වේ. දේශපාලනඥයෝ රාජ්‍ය නිලධාරීන්ට උපදෙස්‌ දීලා පස්‌සේ රාජ්‍ය නිලධාරීන් නීතිය හමුවට ගෙනියනවා. ඒක කරනවා නම් මටත් ඒක වෙන්න ඕන කියලා මම පුවත්පතට කියලා තිබුණා. මේ කාරණා මගේ ස්‌ථාන මාරුවට බලපාන්න ඇති කියා මා හිතනවා.

රාජ්‍ය පරිපාලන හා කළමනාකරණ අමාත්‍යාංශ ලේකම් ජිනසිරි දඩල්ලගේ මහතා අමාත්‍යාංශ ලේකම් ධුරයෙන් ඉවත් කිරීමෙන් පසු වැඩ බලන ලේකම් ලෙස එම අමාත්‍යාංශයේ අතිරේක ලේකම්වරිය ලෙස කටයුතු කළ එම්. අබේගුණවර්ධන මහත්මිය පත් කර ඇත.


 2016/ 07 / 07 (ජුලි හතයි !!! )

Ministry Secy gets lightning transfer for ‘speaking truth’

July 6, 2016, 9:14 pm

by Chaminda Silva

Senior administrative officer Jinasiri Dadallage yesterday said that he had been given a punishment transfer because he was openly critical of the misdeeds of the incumbent regime.

I don’t regret what I have said and I have got this transfer because I dared speak the truth,” Dadallage said.

Dadallage has been transferred from the Ministry of Public Administration and Management, where he served as Secretary the Ministry of Post, Postal Services and Muslim Religious Affairs with effect from Tuesday (05) at the behest of Secretary to the President P. B. Abeykoon.

I worked according to my conscience and guidelines laid down in the Es tablishments Code. When a politician gives me a wrong order I refuse to carry it out. I have never given in to political pressure,” he said.

Dadallage said that he had given an interview to the Sunday Divaina paper criticising the misdeeds of the incumbent regime. “I asked what was the use of having a government which did not translate its words into deeds. I also wanted to know if sil redi could be considered bribes why the Samurdhi, Divineguma and Jana Saviya did not fall into the same category. Aren’t they also bribes?

Dadallage said that he had submitted an appeal against the transfer order and would retire if he did not receive a favourable response. I got the marching orders because I spoke of the problems public officials are faced with,” he said.

The government has appointed Additional Secretary M Abeygunawardena Acting Secretary to the Ministry of Post, Postal Services and Muslim Religious Affairs.

7th of July 2016 ( JULI HATHAI !!! )

මේ සිංහලේ අවසානයද ?

July 8th, 2016

ධර්මසිරි සෙනෙවිරත්න

සිංහලේ අතීත සව්භාග්‍යය  ගැන විස්තර නොකලාට  බොහෝදෙනා ඒ ගැන දනිති වසර ලක්ෂ ගණනක සිට කිසියම් ශිෂ්ටාචාරයක් පැ වතී වත්මන් ලංකාව නමැති  රට සිංහල නම් ජාතියක් විසින් හදාවඩා වර්ධනය කර ගත පන්දුකාභයාගේ සමයයෙන් පසු නම් අපි ඊටත් වඩා දේ දනිමු  කෙසේ හොවෙවා  මෙසේ රට හදන්නට ජාතියක් ගොඩනගන්නට වසර 2600 ක් තරම් කාලයක සිට  අවශ්‍ය සියලුම දේ කලේ සිංහල බෞධ්ධයෝය .සොලී  හා බටහිර  ආක්‍රමණිකයන් විසින් කරනලද විනාශයන් හමුවේ දිවිපරදුවට තබා රට බේරා ගත්තේ සිංහල බෞධ්ධයෝය . අබෞද්ධ සින්හලයෝවත්  පරයන්ට විරුද්ධ සටන් වලට  එකතුවුයේ නැත . 1818 1848    දිවි පුද කළෝ සිංහල බෞධ්ධයෝය    පසුගිය වසර 30-40 අතරත් මේ රට ත්‍රස්තබෙදුම් වාදීන්ගෙන් බේරාගැනීමට  90% ක් ම දායක වුයේ සිංහල බෞධ්ධයෝය  . එය වලක් වන්නට සියලු උපක්‍රම යෙදුවේ  රනිල් රවී  චන්ද්‍රිකා  අබෞද්ධ  සිංහල දේශපාලකයන් ඇතුළු  උන්ගේ වන්දිභට්ට යෝය  අබෞද්ධ සිංහල කිතුනු පුජකයොත්  දෙමල හා මුස්ලිම් පුජකයොත්  ත්‍රස්තයින්ට  හැකි තරම් උඩගෙඩි දෙමින්  සිංහල බෞධයන්ගේ සටන මොටකරන්නට  වෑයම් කළහ  එස්මන්ඩ් වික්රමසින්හලා බෞධ්ධයන්ගේ මුදල්  යොදවා   බෞද්ධයන්ට පහර ගැසුවේය
           තමන්ගේ පාරම්පරික ආගම  මේ රටට නොගැලපෙන  බව අවබෝධ කරගෙන හෝ නොගෙන  swrd   භුමිපුත්රයන් ට  අව්ශ්ෂ්‍ය  ලෙස තමන්  වෙනස්වුනේ  හරියටම  වඩු ගරජුන් වෙනස් වුනාමෙන්ය .ඔහු ජන හද ගැහෙන රාවය හඳුනා ගත්තේය  රට පාලනය කිරීමට නම්  එසේ හඳුනා ගත යුතුය  ඒ අනුව වෙනස් විය යුතුය . එහෙත් දැන්  රනිල් චන්ද්‍රිකා වැනි ය   රටේඉතිහාසය ද සහමුලින් ම  විකුර්තිකර  ”සන්හින්දියාවේ ”” නාමයෙන්  මේ සිංහල බෞධ්ධරට   අබෞද්ධ රටක් බවට හැරවීමේ මුලික පිඹුරුපත් සකසමින් සිටිති .
                                                                    චන්ද්‍රිකා   බණ්ඩාරනායක  අම්මාගේ තුරුලෙන්  වෙන්වුදාසිටම සිංහල බෞධ්ධකමෙන් ඉවත් වන්නට වුවාය . සෝබෝන්  අහල පහල මොකක්දෝ ඉස්කෝලෙක දී උපාධි නොමැතිවම පරගතිකමේ මුදුනටම නග්ගාය . විජය කුමාරතුංග නම් පල්ලියේ ඒජන්ත යා සමග පාහුන ඇය දෙමල ත්‍රස්තයින්ට දියහැකි උපරිම ආධාර දුන්නාය  ශ්‍රීලනිපයේ සියලුම ප්‍රතිපත්ති වෙනස්කලාය. රටපාවාදුන්නායය්  සිංහලයන් විසින් එලව එළවා පහරදෙයය් බිය නිසා  උන්ට යම් විටෙක පහර දුන්නත්  මමාවූ රත්වත්තෙටවත්  සටන් කරන්නට ඉඩ නොදී  වලක්වුයේ යට සිංහල ජාතිය ගැනවත් බුදු සසුන ගැනවත්  ලෙන්ගතු කමක් නැතිනිසාය  . එතියා අම්මා තාත් තාවත්ඇ  යට අවශ්‍ය නැත .. පුතාට ඉගැන්වුයේ   ‘සිංහලයෙක් වීම නින්දාවක්  කියාය .. මේ චව්ර ගැහැණිය  රනිල්ගේ උදව්වට දැන් පැමිණ ඇත්තේ  ආයෙත් නොවරදින ලෙස සින්හයනුත් බුදුසසුනත් මෙරටෙන් නැතිකරන්නටය.  ඊයේ යේ පෙරේදා බේරුවලදී මේ දුෂ්ට ගැහැණිය මට්ටයන් පිරිවරාගෙන  කිව්වේ  සන්හින්දියාවට බධාවෙන ඉතිහාසයද පාසලෙන් ඉවත් කරන්නට කටයුතු කරමින් සිටින බවය .
                                       දුටුගැමුණු විජයබා  මෙන්ම ධර්මපාල තුමාගේ සහ ටිබෙට් ජාතික මහින්ද හිමියන්ගේ විස්තරද අපේ සිංහල දරුවන් ඉගෙන ගැනීම වලක්වන්නට ඇ ය පියවර ගනිමින් සිටී  ඇය ජනාධිපති කාලයේත්  මෙසේම වෑයම් කලා ය . මේ පරයෝ නොදන්නවාට   මෙයින් සතුටුවෙන්නේ බෙදුම් වාදීන් මිස 75%  වන සිංහලයින් නොවන බවය් එජාපයට චන්දයදෙන අයගෙන් සියයට 5-10 ක්  හැර අනෙක් සින්හලයෝවත්  මෙයින් සතුටට පත් නොවෙනු ඇත සමහර මාක්ස් වාදීන්  නම් එයට සතුටුවනු ඇත්තේ උනුත්   විදේශිකයන්ගේ අතකොලු නිසාය . ථෙරවාදී බුදු දහමත් සිංහල ජාතියත්  මෙරටින් අතුගා දැමීම චන්ද්රිකානම්  ද්‍රෝහී ගැහැනියගේ  අවශ්‍ය තාවය්  . රනිල් කරන්නේ ඇත පුච්චා ගැනීම චන්ද්‍රිකාට භාරදී  මය . අර්ජුන් මහේන්ද්‍ර හොරකමට යොදවාගත්තාක් මෙනි .  ලැජ්ජාවක් බයක්   හිරිඔතප් නැති ගහනියෙකුට කල නොහැකි දෙයක් නැත . ය  යන්නේ  මේ වැඩේ කරලාම ඉවරවෙලාය .එක අහක් පොට්ට වෙන්න  බෝම්බ ගැහුවත් මේ ගැහැණිය තනි ඇහෙනුත්  සිංහලයන් දෙස වපරකර බලන්නට යට හැකියාව යත . අම්ම තාත්තා පාවාදුන් මෙයාට  පාවාදිය නොහැකි දෙයක් නැත .  .
චන්ද්‍රිකා ජනපතිකලෙත් බටහිරයන්ය . එදා කරගත් නොහැකිව ඉතිරිවුදේ කරගැනීමට ඉන්දියාවටත් බටහිරයන්ටත්  මේ අවස්ථාවේ   ය නැවතත් අවශ්‍ය වී ඇත . සිරිසේනටත් රනිල් ටත්  මෙය තනිවම කරගත නොහැක  සිරිසේනට නම් දර්ශනයක් නැත   ඇත්තේ ක්‍රෝධය පමණි  ඔවුන්ට ලැජ්ජාවකින් තොරව  අමුහෙලුවෙන් පාරට බස යන්නට තරම්   දහිරියක් නැති නිසා එවැනි දහිරියවන්ත චන්ද්‍රිකා දැන්   වේදිකාවේ  අමු නිරුවතින් රඟපාමින් සිටී … නැත නැත   බටහිර නුලෙන් රූකඩය නටවෙමින් සිටින්නීය .. 
                                                    මේ ගැහැණියට එලව එළවා පහර දිය යුතුය  එකාබධ්ධ විපක්ෂය   මේවා ගැන වැඩි කතාබහක් නැත්තේ මහින්දට මුස්ලිම්  චන්ද අවශ්‍ය නිසාය  බොදුසේනාවේ නම නොකියා මහින්ද කියන්නේ යම් පිරිසක් තමන්ගෙන් මුස්ලිම් වරු ඉවත් කල බවය . මහින්ද  ගේ පුරෝහිතයෝ බලන්නේ මහින්ද කෙසේ හෝ දිනවා තමන්ද දිනන්නට මිසක් සිංහල ජාතිය රකින්නටවත් සසුන රකින්නට වත් නොවේ  මහින්ද මේ මර උගුලෙන් ගල විය යුතුය .                                                සිංහල බෞධ්ධරටක මිස වෙනත් කිසිම රටක  අනෙක් වාර්ගිකයන්ට  සංහිඳියාවක්  නොමැතිබව එකහෙලා කිව හැකි නායකයෙක් අපට අවශ්ශ්‍යය   

කොටින් ගේ පාළන ප්‍රදේශයට ගියෙමි

July 8th, 2016

වෛද් රුවන් එම් ජයතුංග

2002 වසරේදී කොටි සංවිධානය සහ ශ්‍රී ලංකා රජය අතර සමාදාන ගිවිසුම අත්සන් කරන කාලයේදී මම වෛද්‍යවරු කණ්ඩායමක් සමග කොටි පාලන ප්‍රදේශ වූ වෙල්ලාලකුලම් සහ මුලන්ඟාවිල් වෙත ගියෙමු. මෙම ප්‍රදේශ වලදී අප සිවිල් ජනතාව සඳහා වෛද්‍ය සායන පැවැත්වූයෙමු. මෙම ප්‍රදේශ සියල්ලම එල්.ටී.ටී.ඊ අණසක යටතේ තිබුනි. එසේම අපව නිරීක්‍ෂණය කිරීම සඳහා සිවිල් ඇඳුමෙන් යුත් එල්.ටී.ටී.ඊ කාඩරයන් කිහිප දෙනෙකු සායනේ තැනි තැන රැඳී සිටියහ​.

යුද්දය නිසා ද්‍රවිඩ සිවිල් ජනතාව ඉමහත් දුක්ඛිත තත්වයට පත්ව තිබුනේය​. ළමුන් අතර මන්දපෝෂණය බහුල විය​. එසේම සිවිල් ජනතාව යුද ආතතිය නිසා ක්ලමථයටද පත්ව සිටියහ​.


මෙම ගමනේදී කතෝලික පූජකයෙකු වූ අත්පුතරාජ් පියතුමා අපව අන්බහම් ළමා නිවාසයට ගෙන ගියේය​. එම ළමා නිවාසයේ  යුද්දයේ අහිංසක  වින්දිතයන් වූ ළමුන් බොහෝ දෙනෙකු වූහ​. වයස අවුරුදු නවයක් පමණ වූ එක් දැරියකගේ දකුණු අත කපා තිබුනේ වෙඩි පහරක් ලැබීම නිසාය​. මේ දැරියගේ නම  කසන්ජා ය.  ඇය හමුදාවත් එල් ටී ටී ඊයත් අතර ඇතිවූ වෙඩි හුවමාරුවකදී (යුද්දයේ)  කොලැටරල් හෙවත් සමපාර්ශිවික  වින්දිතවරියකි. තවත් ළමයෙකු හෙලිකොප්ටර් හඞට බිය වෙයි. එසේම ඔහුට මුත්‍රා පහවෙයි. මෙහි සිටි ළමුන් ගනනාවක් ළමා පශ්චාත් ව්‍යසන ක්ලමථ අක්‍රමතාවයේ ලක්‍ෂණ පෙන්වූහ​.

මුලන්ගාවිල් හි සායනයකදී හිටපු කොටි ප්‍රහාරක සාමාජිකයෙක් මගෙන් බෙහෙත් ගැනීමට ආවේය​. අලිමංකඩ සටනේදී ඔහු තුවාල ලබා තිබේ. ඔහු ඇවිදින්නේ කිහිලිකරුවක ආධාරයෙනි. ඔහුගේ බඩට වැදී තිබූ වෙඩි පහරවල් ද හෙතෙම කමිසය ඔසවා මට පෙන්වීය​.

අපගේ වෛද්‍යවරු අතර සිටි දෙමල දත් වෛද්‍යවරු වූ වෛද්‍ය වොශින්ටන් සහ වෛද්‍ය ෆර්ඩිනන්ඩ් එල්. ටී.ටී.ඊ නිල ඇඳුම් ඇඳ සිටි කාඩරවරුන් සමග කථා කලෝය​. ඔවුන් තවමත් ළමා වයසේ සිටි නමුදු ආයුධ සටන් දන්නා සෙබළු වූහ​. ඔවුන් උත්තර දුන්නේ එතරම් ගරුසරුවකින් නොවේ.

සායනයෙන් පසු දිවා ආහාරය සඳහා අසල තිබූ පාසලක් වෙත අපව රැගෙන යන ලදි. ශෙල් සහ ආර්ටිලරි ප්‍රහාර නිසා අවට නිවාස ගරා වැටී තිබේ. නමුත් පාසල කිසියම් හේතුවක් නිසා සුරක්‍ෂිතව ඉතිරිව ඇත.

දිවා අහාරය  ඉස්සන් කකුලුවන් පොකිරිස්සන් සහිතව ඉතා ප්‍රණීත ලෙස  සකස් කොට තිබුනි. අපට සංග්‍රහ කිරීම පිණිස රූමත් ද්‍රවිඩ තරුණියන් කිහිප දෙනෙකුද වූහ​. නමුත් පසුව හෙලි වූයේ ඔවුන් ද එල්. ටී.ටී.ඊ සාමාජිකාවන් බවය​.

පුරා දින දෙකක් තුල පැවත්වූ වෛද්‍ය සායන නිමවා අප කොලඹ එන්නට සූදානම් වූයෙමු. සමහරු එකල කොටින් විසින් පෙරා විකුනන ලද අරක්කු විශේෂයක් මිලට ගත්හ​. අප මේවා බාලසිංහම් ස්පෙෂල් ලෙස නම් කලෙමු. බාලසිංහම් ස්පෙෂල් සුදු පැහැයෙන් යුතු වූ අතර තල් වලින් පෙරන්නක් බව දැනගන්නට ලැබුනි.

ඒ කාලයේ කොටින් ඒ 9 මාර්ගයේ ගිය වාහන වලින් බදු අය කරගත්තද අපගේ වාහනයෙන් බදු නොගත්තේ අප වෛද්‍ය සායනයක් කිරීමට දකුනින් ආ වෛද්‍යවරු  වූ නිසාය​.

වෛද් රුවන් එම් ජයතුංග

අටපට්ටම – කුඩුපට්ටම්

July 8th, 2016

ධර්මන් වික්‍රමරත්න

යූ.එන්.පී ආණ්ඩුවක් ආවොත් බිස්නස්වලට හොදයි කියූ ව්‍යාපාරිකයෝ වැට් බද්දට එරෙහිව කඩවසා හර්තාල්ය. සරසවි සිසුන් මර්ධනයට එරෙහිව මහපාරේය. දොස්තරවරුන් සයිටම් එකට එරෙහිව වර්ජනයේය. ඉංජිනේරුවන් සහ පරිගණක වෘත්තිකයන් එක්ටා ගිවිසුම හරහා රට ඉන්දිය කොලනියක් කිරීමට එරෙහිව උද්ඝෝෂණයන්ය. රබර්, තේ සහ වී ගොවියෝද සටන් බිමේය. මේ සියළු අරගල ජර්මනියේ හැමලින් නුවර විසූ බටනලා වාදකයා මෙන් බොරු පොරොන්දු දී වසඟයට ගන්නා පාලකයින් දුන් පොරොන්දු වාෂ්පකර දමති. රට පුරාම ඇත්තේ ‘යහපාලන’ කොමඩිය. ‘යහපාලන’ හවුල් ආණ්ඩුවේම ශ්‍රිලනිප ඇමති එස්.බී දිසානායක පවසන පරිදි මේ අටපට්ටම් ආණ්ඩුවකි. වැඩ කරන්න අසීරුය. අටපට්ටම දැන් කුඩුපට්ටම් වෙමින් පවතී.dharman08071602

ආණ්ඩු විරෝධී සටනේ ගමේ අක්මුල් පෙළ ගස්සවන්නට මහින්ද රාජපක්ෂගේ නායකත්වයෙන් ඒකාබද්ධ විපක්ෂයේ ආශිර්වාදයෙන් සහ බැසිල් රාජපක්ෂගේ මෙහෙයවීමෙන් බදුල්ල දිස්ත්‍රික්කයේ ඉකුත් සතියේ තෙදිනක් පුරා පැවති ආණ්ඩු විරෝධී සහ රට දිනවන නව ජාතික ව්‍යාපාරයේ ජන රැල්ල රටපුරා යෝධ ගැම්මක් ඇතිකල බව නොරහසකි. ඒ සඳහා ඒකාබද්ධ විපක්ෂයේ විවිධ සුළු පක්ෂ අතර එකඟතාවයක් නැති බවට ආණ්ඩුවේ මාධ්‍යයන් ගෙනගිය ප්‍රචාරයන්ද පුස්සක් බවට පත්විය. බැසිල්ගේ දේශපාලන ආගමනය ආණ්ඩුවේ ඇමති වරදානගත් ශ්‍රිලනිප ඇමතිවරුන් සහ ඔවුන්ගෙන් යැපෙන්නන් හැර සෙසු ශ්‍රිලනිප පාක්ෂිකයින් මුළුමනින්ම වාගේ උද්යෝගයෙන් යුතුව පිළිගත් අතර එය ‘යහපාලන’ ආණ්ඩුවට දැන් පාරාවලල්ලක් බවට පත්වෙමින් පවතී. ‘යහපාලන’ ආණ්ඩුව බැසිල් රාජපක්ෂට භයබව ඔහුට එරෙහිව ගෙන යන ආණ්ඩුවේ මාධ්‍ය ප්‍රචාරයෙන් පැහැදිලි විය. ගැරහුම් විවේචන හමුවේ නොසැලිය යුතුය. මක් නිසාද යත් තැලෙන යකඩේ මුවහත් වන අතර තලන එකා හෙම්බත් වන බැවිනි.


වෙනදා පයින් පොලේ ගිය එජාප නායකයා වන අගමැති වික්‍රමසිංහ බදුල්ලේ ශ්‍රිලනිප ජනබලය ඇරඹූ දිනට පසුදින බදුලු නගරයේ ගමන්කළේ රෝද තුනේ රථයකිනි. ජනාධිපති මෛත්‍රීපාල සිරිසේනද විහිළුවක ස්වරූපයෙන් දකුණේ මහ ඇමති ශාන් විජේලාල්, ඇමති ලක්ෂ්මන් යාපා අබේවර්ධන ඇතුළු කිහිපදෙනෙක් සිරකුටියක දමා දොර වැසුවේද සීරුමාරුවෙනි. මිට්ටා කට්ටයා කියන සාම්ප්‍රදායික උපමාව සිහිගන්වමින් මාතර එජාප මන්ත්‍රී බුද්ධික පතිරණ පමණක් එළියට පැන ඉන් ජාමේ බේරාගැනීමට සමත් විය. මාතරට පැමිණි ජනාධිපති සිරිසේන හෙලිකොප්ටර් අංගනයටම ගොස් පිළිගත්තේද එජාප මන්ත්‍රී බුද්ධික විසිනි.

වර්තමාන ශ්‍රිලනිප නෛතික නායකත්වය පළමුව ව්‍යවස්ථා විරෝධීවද, දෙවනුව ශ්‍රිලනිප අගමැති අපේක්ෂකයා සදාචාර්ය විරෝධීවද පරාජය කරමින් එජාප අගමැතිවරයෙක් පත්කර ගත්තේය. පාර්ලිමේන්තු මැතිවරණයෙන් පසු විපක්ෂ නායකවරයා ලෙස පත්කළේ විපක්ෂයේ බහුතර මන්ත්‍රීවරුන්ගේ නියෝජිතයා නොව ජනාධිපතිවරණයේදී ආණ්ඩුව වෙනුවෙන් දරදිය ඇදි තැනැත්තාය. ජවිපෙ නියෝජනය කරන විපක්ෂයේ ප්‍රධාන සංවිධායකවූ අනුර කුමාර දිසානායකද එම සියළු දේශපාලන උපාය උපක්‍රම වෙනුවෙන් පෙනීසිටි අයෙකි. දැන් ආණ්ඩුව ප්‍රධාන විපක්ෂය කියා බේදයක් නැත. ඔවුන් එක වල්ලේ පොල්ය. සැබෑ විපක්ෂය වන්නේ ඒකාබද්ධ විපක්ෂය නියෝජනය කරන මන්ත්‍රීවරුන් පිරිසය. මෙම ප්‍රජාතන්ත්‍ර විරෝධී හවුලට එරෙහිව යළි 56ක් බිහිකල යුතු බව ඉකුත් සතියේ ශ්‍රිලනිප මහජන පාර්ශවය වටා එක්වූ දස දහස් ගණන් ජනයා එක හඬින් සපථ කළහ. එජාපය සමඟ ඩීල් නොදමා ශ්‍රිලනිප සහ එහි පාක්ෂිකයා ශක්තිමත් කොට රැකගැනීමටද එය එක තැනකට නාභිගත කොට ඉදිරි මහ මැතිවරණයන්ට මුහුණදීමටද නව බලවේගය දැන් පියවරින් පියවර ශක්තිමත් වෙමින් පවතී. මැතිවරණයකට මුහුණ දීමට ශක්තිමත් යාන්ත්‍රණයක් අවශ්‍යය. බදුලු දිස්ත්‍රික්කය පුරා දැන් එය ගොඩනැගී අවසන්ය. ඉදිරියට ඇත්තේ එය රට පුරාම ව්‍යාප්ත කිරීමය.


යහපාලන ආණ්ඩුවට එක්වී සිටින ඇමති වරදාන ගත් ශ්‍රිලනිප මන්ත්‍රීවරුන් ප්‍රකාශ කරන්නේ තමන් එජාප ආණ්ඩුව සමඟ එක්වී ඇත්තේ ශ්‍රිලනිප මධ්‍යම කාරක සභාවේ තීරණයක් මත කියාය. එහෙත් 2015 අගෝස්තු 24වැනිදා හිටපු ශ්‍රිලනිප මධ්‍යම කාරක සභිකයින් ඉවත්කර පක්ෂ නායකයා විසින් පත්කරන ලද්දේ ෆයිසල් මුස්තාපා, අතාවුද සෙනෙවිරත්න, ජීවන් කුමාරතුංග, යු.කේ ආරියතිලක, කේෂරලාල් ගුණසේකර, රුවන් රණතුංග සහ කීර්ති උඩවත්ත ඇතුළු 13 දෙනෙකි. ඒ අනුව ශ්‍රිලනිප මධ්‍යම කාරක සභාවේ තීරණ බඩුත් හාමුදුරුවන්ගේය. නඩුත් හාමුදුරුවන්ගේය වැනි වැඩකි. නෛතික ශ්‍රිලනිප තුළද දැන් විවිධ කණ්ඩායම්ය. හිටපු ජනාධිපතිනි චන්ද්‍රිකා කුමාරතුංග අහුංගල්ල හෝටලයේ පෙරේදා පැවැත්වූ රහස් සාකච්ඡාවට එස්.බී ඇතුළු කිහිපදෙනෙක්ම හැලීගොස් ඇත.

රටේ යහපත සඳහා වූ දර්ශනයක් මත සංවිධානයක් අවශ්‍යය. එම දර්ශනය වෙනුවෙන් අයෝමය කැපකිරීමක් සිදුකිරීමට සූදානම් පිරිසක් රටේ තවමත් සිටින බව නොරහසකි. රටේ ඉදිරියේදී මතුවන අභියෝගවලට මුහුණදිය හැක්කේ එවැනි බලවේගයක් දර්ශනයක් මත එක්වී හදන නව දේශපාලන ජාතික ව්‍යාපාරයක් මගින් පමණි. ප්‍රථමයෙන් එන්නේ එජාප ආණ්ඩුවේ ජනාධිපති ජේ.ආර්. ගේ තාලයේ 1982 ලාම්පු කළගෙඩි සෙල්ලමක් මෙන් ආණ්ඩුක්‍රම ව්‍යවස්ථා සංශෝධනයකට ජනමත විචාරණයක් බව පැහැදිලිය. එයට එක්සත්ව, එක්සිත්ව මුහුණදීම වර්තමානයේ ඇති ප්‍රබලතම අභියෝගය වේ. බදුලු දිස්ත්‍රික්කයෙන් පැන නැගි රට පුරා හමා යන බලවේගයට එම අභියෝගය ජයගත හැකිය. ජයගත යුතුය. ඒකාබද්ධ විපක්ෂයද තමන්ටම කියා මෙසේ නව ජාතික දේශපාලන බලවේගයක් නිර්මාණය කරගනිමින් රටට නායකත්වය නොදෙන්නේනම් ඔවුනටද ඇත්තේ විකල්ප දෙකකි. එකක් එජාපයට එක්වීමය. අනෙක ඩාර්ලි පාරේ ශ්‍රිලනිප නෛතික පාර්ශවයට එක්වී ඇමතිකමක්  ගෙන ලබන මැතිවරණයෙන් විශ්‍රාමයෑමය.


ගොඩනැගෙන සහ ගොඩනැගෙමින් පවත්නා නව ජාතික බලවේගය පිළිබඳව ඇතැම් ‘පඩිවරුන්’ කෙස් පැලෙන තර්ක ඉදිරිපත් කරති. ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ වාමාංශික ව්‍යාපාරය තුළද විජේ ඩයස්ගේ කම්කරු මාවතේ සිට ටී. අන්ද්‍රානිගේ ස්පාට්සිස්ට් ලිග් ට්රොස්කිවාදී කණ්ඩායම දක්වා මෙවැනි කණ්ඩායම් සහ කල්ලි රැසකි. ඒවා බොහෝමයක් වර්තමානයේ හුදු නාමපුවරු පමණි. මෙම යථාර්ථය තේරුම්ගත යුතුය. එජාප නායක රනිල් වික්‍රමසිංහ ජයග්‍රහණය වෙනුවෙන් රාවුෆ් හකීම්ලාද, පලනි දිගම්බරම්ලාද, රිෂාඩ් බදුරුදීන්ලාද, පාඨලී චම්පිකලාද, රාජිත සේනාරත්නලාද, අර්ජුන සහ නාවින්නලා වැන්නෝද අවශ්‍ය වේලාවට ලඟට ගත්තේය. දේශපාලනය යනු දාම් ක්‍රීඩාවකි. එහිදී ටික් බෝල ගසා පලක් නැත. දේශපාලනයේදී පටු වේදිකා සැදීමට නොහැක. එහි සියළු දෙනාමගේම ප්‍රධාන අරමුණ එක වූවද එකම මතයක සිටිය යුතු බවට තීරණය කල නොහැක. කුමන්ත්‍රණවලට පමණක් නොව පොකුරු දේශපාලන බෝම්බවලටද මුහුණදිය යුුතුය. මහින්ද රාජපක්ෂ ආණ්ඩුවේ ආරම්භක යුගයේදී සෑම පක්ෂයකම මන්ත්‍රීවරුන්ගේ සියළුම නොගැලපීම් ගලපාගෙන ආණ්ඩුව පවත්වාගෙන ආවේය. ඉකුත් ජනාධිපතිවරණයේදී වැරදුන තැන රටට රහසක් නොවේ. එය නිවැරදිව අවබෝධ කරගෙන නව ජාතික බලවේගයක් ලෙස මුහුණදුන් විට ගොඩය.


‘යහපාලන’ ආණ්ඩුවට ඔවුන් පිටතට පෙන්වන තරමේ ශක්තියක් නැත. එසේ තිබුණේනම් මෙලහකට එක්ටා ගිවිසුම අත්සන් කරලාය. පෙඩරල් ව්‍යවස්ථාවද සම්මත කරලාය. සංඝ පනත ගෙනවිත් හිමිවරුන්ට නීති පනවලාය. යෝජිත මර්ධන පනත් සියල්ල කඩිමුඩිසේ සම්මත කරගෙනය. මාලඹේ වෙද සිසු කඩය හෙවත් සයිටම් එකට නීත්‍යානුකූල අවසර දීලාය. අර්ජුන මහේන්ද්‍රන් මහ බැංකු අධිපති පුටුවේ තවමත් වැඩය. ආණ්ඩුව හැම පැත්තෙන්ම හිරවී ඇත්තේ ශ්‍රිලනිප මහජන පාර්ශවය ප්‍රමුඛ ඒකාබද්ධ විපක්ෂයේ මන්ත්‍රීවරුන් ප්‍රමුඛ සකලවිධ බලවේගයන් යෝධ පවුරක් සේ නැගී සිටින නිසාය. තම පණ දෙවැනි කොට රට වෙනුවෙන් පෙළ ගැසෙන ලක්ෂ සංඛ්‍යාතික පිරිසක් සිටින නිසාය. මේ සඳහා ගොඩනැගෙන නව ජාතික බලවේගය එකම යදමින් බැදී තව තවත් ශක්තිමත්වීම වැදගත්ය. සියල්ලටම වඩා දෙමළ බෙදුම්වාදීන්ගෙන් සහ කුමන්ත්‍රණකරුවන් ගෙන් මහින්ද රාජපක්ෂ රැකගැනීමද වැදගත්ය.

ආණ්ඩුවක් ලබාගැනීමට වඩා ආණ්ඩුවක් නිසිලෙස ක්‍රමවත්ව කාර්යක්ෂමව පවත්වා ගැනීම අසීරුය. සංවර්ධනය සහ ආර්ථික සැලසුම් පිළිබඳව මහින්ද රාජපක්ෂ ආණ්ඩුවේ ඇති හැකියාව සහ ‘යහපාලන’ ආණ්ඩුවේ නොහැකියාවේ වෙනස දැන් අවබෝධවී ඇත. නව බලවේගය සිදුකරනුයේ මහින්ද රාජපක්ෂ සාධකය ජයග්‍රහණය කරමින් රට දිනවීම සඳහා මාවත සකස් කිරීමය. ආර්ථිකය ශක්තිමත් කරමින් සහ ග්‍රාමීය ප්‍රදේශවල යටිතල පහසුකම් දියුණු කිරීමෙන් සංවර්ධනයේ අරුණළු ගෙන යා හැක්කේද පුළුල් දැක්මත් සහිත නව ජාතික ව්‍යාපාරයකට පමණක් බව පැහැදිලිය. රටේ ජනතාව අදටද භුක්ති විදින්නේ රාජපක්ෂ ආණ්ඩුව මගින් සිදුකල සංවර්ධන වැඩසටහන්හි ප්‍රතිඵලය. ‘යහපාලන’ ආණ්ඩුව වර්තමානයේ විවෘත කරන්නේද එදා මුළුමනින්ම වාගේ සදා නිමකල සංවර්ධන කටයුතුය. කැලණියේ රංවල පාලමටද දැන් රංවල දෙවියන්ගේම පිහිටය.


‘යහපාලන’ ආණ්ඩුවට එරෙහිව මතුවන මෙම විරෝධතාවය සමනය කිරීමට හදනුයේ ගලගොඩඅත්තේ ඥාණසාර හිමි සහ ආණ්ඩුවේ උපදේශකයෙකුවන අසාද් සාලි අතර ආණ්ඩුවේ මාධ්‍ය මගින් තව රඟපෑමක් එළි දැක්වීමෙනි. එදා ශ්‍රි ලංකා නිදහස් පක්ෂයේ පංච මහා බලවේගය වූයේ සඟ, වෙද, ගුරු, ගොවි, කම්කරුය. එහෙත් ඇල්ලේ ගුණාවංශ හිමියන් පවසන පරිදි අදවන විට ශ්‍රිලනිප නෛතික පාර්ශවයේ පංච මහා බලවේගය වී ඇත්තේ ඉන්දියාව, බ්‍රිතාන්‍යය, ඇමරිකාව, රොස්මීඩ් පෙදෙස සහ ඩෝඩ් පෙදෙසය.

ආචාර්ය ඉන්ද්‍රජිත් කුමාරස්වාමි මහ බැංකු අධිපති ලෙස පත් කෙරිණි. ඔහුගේ අධ්‍යාපන සහ වෘත්තීය සුදුසුකම් පිළිබඳව ප්‍රශ්නක් නැති වුවද කුමාරස්වාමිගේ අතීත ක්‍රියාකලාපය සහ රට හමුවේ ඇති අවදානම අනුව සැබෑ සිවිල් ක්‍රියාකාරින් නව මහ බැංකු අධිපතිගේ ක්‍රියා කලාපයන් ගැන සුපරික්ෂාවෙන් සිටිය යුතුය. ආචාර්ය රාධිකා කුමාරස්වාමිගේ සහෝදරයා වන ඔහු විනිමය වංචාවක් සම්බන්ධයෙන් ඇමරිකාවේදී වසර 11ක් සිර දඬුවම් නියමවූ රාජ් රාජරත්නම්ගේ සමාගමක් වන ‘ගැලයන්’ සමාගමේ හිටපු උපදේශකවරයෙකි. සියල්ලටත් වඩා ඉන්දීය එක්ටා ගිවිසුම වෙනුවෙන් කොන්දේසි විරහිතව පෙනී සිටින්නෙකි.

ගිලටීනයට හසුවූ අලුත්ම රාජ්‍ය සේවකයා රාජ්‍ය පරිපාලන හා කළමනාකරණ අමාත්‍යාංශයේ ලේකම් ජිනසිරි දඬල්ලගේය. කෙලින් කථා කිරීම නිසා ඔහු තැපැල් සහ මුස්ලීම් අමාත්‍යාංශයේ ලේකම් ලෙස මාරුකර යවා ඇත. මේවා පිටුපස සිටින්නේ රාජ්‍ය සේවයේ කොන්ද බිදින එන්.ජී.ඕ සංවිධානයන්ය. ලේකම් දඬල්ලගේ කියන්නේ තමා ඉදිරිපත්කර ඇති අභියාචනය රජය විසින් පිළි නොගතහොත් රාජ්‍ය සේවයෙන් විශ්‍රාම යන බවකි. රාජ්‍ය යන්ත්‍රණයට අවශ්‍ය මෙවැනි කශේරුකාවක් ඇති මිනිසුන් බව රාජ්‍ය නිලධාරින්ගේ මතය වී තිබේ. ජීවිතය යනු විවිධාකාර වූ පරිච්ඡේදයනගෙන් සමන්විත වූ පොතක් වැනිය. එම පොතෙහි එක් අදුරු පරිඡේදයක් යනු මුලු පොතෙහිම අවසානය නොවන බව ඔහු සිහිතබාගත යුතුය.


යහපාලන ආණ්ඩුවේ නියෝජ්‍ය ඇමති කළුතර තෙවරප්පෙරුම ගැනනම් කියලා වැඩක් නැත. ඔහු කරන වැඩවලට කැලණියේ ආචාර්යාත් කැළේය. සියදිවි නසාගන්නට ගොස් අන්තිමට කළුතර මීගහතැන්න පාසැලේ විදුහල්පතිවරයාද බිය වද්දමින් බලහත්කාරයෙන් ඇතුල්කල දරුවන්ගේ දෙමාපියන්ද අමාරුවේ දමා හත්පොලේ ගා ගත්තේය. දරුවෙක් පාසැලකට දාගන්නට තරම් ‘යහපාලන’ ආණ්ඩුවේ නියෝජ්‍ය ඇමතිකමක් දරණ පුද්ගලයෙකුට විදුලි පංකාවක එල්ලී සියදිවි නසා ගැනීමට තැත්කිරීමට සිදුවූයේනම් එරට වැසියන් ගැන කවර කථාද? ඒ වැඩේදී නම් නීතිය ෆුල් මාර්වලස්ය. අං තිබුණ පළියට හැමතැනටම අනින්න ගියහොත් අවසානයේ සිදුවන්නේ කොට්ටෝරුවා කෙසෙල් ගසට ඇන්නා වාගේ වැඩකි.

‘යහපාලන’ ආණ්ඩුවෙන් අලුත් දේශපාලන සංස්කෘතියක් බලාපොරොත්තුවූ සැමට දැන් හත් දින්නත් තරුය. රාජ්‍ය නාට්‍ය උළෙලට කඩා වැදෙන ඔවුහු රාජ්‍ය මෙතරම් පීචංද මචං කියා ලියූ බෝඩ් ලෑල්ලක් ඔසවාගෙන වේදිකාවේ සීරුවෙන් සිටිති. කඳුළු සලති. මෙයට හේතුව කලින් සංස්කෘතික අමාත්‍යාංශය යටතේ තිබුණු කලා මණ්ඩලය යහපාලන ආණ්ඩුව යටතේ අධ්‍යාපන අමාත්‍යාංශයට අනුබද්ධ වීමෙන් ප්‍රතිපාදන කැපීයාමය. ආණ්ඩුවේ එම මුග්ධත්වයට එරෙහිව හඬ නඟන පිරිස් මේ කරන්නේද රඟපෑමකි. උදේට විරෝධය දක්වන ඔවුහු සැන්දෑ යාමයේ රජගෙදර උපදේශකයන්ය. එදා රාජ්‍ය නාට්‍ය උළෙල උසස් තැනක වැඩි සැලකිල්ලකින් පැවැත්වූ අතර දැන් අහසින් පොළවට වැටී නන්නත්තාරය.

ආණ්ඩුක්‍රම ව්‍යවස්ථා ප්‍රතිසංස්කරණ පිළිබදව මහජන අදහස් විමසීමේ කමිටු වාර්තාවේ එක් ප්‍රමුඛ යෝජනාවක් වන්නේ ලංකාව අන්‍යාගමික රාජ්‍යයක් විය යුතු බවය. නව ව්‍යවස්ථාවක් අවශ්‍ය වන්නේ තිබෙන ප්‍රශ්න විසදීමට මිස නව ප්‍රශ්න ඇති කිරීමට නොවේ. සංහිදියාව ඇතිකිරීමට යැයි ගෙනෙන මෙම යෝජනා ඇවිලෙන ගින්නට පිදුරු දැමීමකි. ජාතිකත්වය හා ආගමිකත්වය යනු කිසියම් මානව සමාජයකට ඇති හැඟිම්ය. පොදු සිතුවිලිය. ජාතිකත්වය මහ පොළොවද සමඟ බැදුන මානවයාගේ සමූහික ස්වරූපයකි. තමා බැඳුනු මහ පොළොව හෝ පරිසර පද්ධතිය තුළ සිය අනන්‍යතාවය මිනිසා අපේක්ෂා කරයි. තමන්ගේම වූ මහ පොළොවක් – නිෂ්පාදන රටාවක්  හිමිකර ගන්නට ජාතික අනන්‍යතාවය හට ගනි. ආගමිකත්වය සමාජීය ස්වරූපයක්ද උසුලයි. එමෙන්ම මිනිසාගේ ලෝක දැක්මද තීන්දු කරයි. එය දේශපාලනයටද බලපායි. ජාතිකත්වය මෙන්ම ආගමිකත්වය මානව ජීවයේ නොමැරිය හැකි සමාජ සාධකයන්ය. ව්‍යවස්ථා මරඋගුල ඉදිරියේදී ජාතියේ අවමඟුල වනු ඇත.

රට වටා සරසවිවල සිසු උද්ඝෝෂණයන්ට විසදුම් නැත. විවිධ සරසවිවල සිසුනට එකම සැලකිමය. ඒ මර්ධනයෙනි. පොලිස් ප්‍රහාරය. සිරගත කිරීම්ය. නඩු පැවරීම්ය. බදගිරිය, මීතොටමුල්ල, අම්පාර ඇතුළු උද්ඝෝෂණයන් රැසකට පහරදීම්ය. තැනෙක නීතියේ සාධාරණත්වය ඉල්ලා මැර ප්‍රහාරයන්ට එරෙහිව කොලොන්නාව සහ හෝමාගම ප්‍රාලේ කොට්ඨාශවලට අයත් ග්‍රාමසේවක වරුන්ද ඉකුත්දා කොලොන්නාවේදී උද්ඝෝෂණයක යෙදුනේය.

ගෙදර යන ගමන් ගන්න යනවානම් එලවළු ගිනි ගණන්ය. කාලා හමාරය. කොමිසන් දමා ඇති නිසා සිවිල් සමාජයේ ප්‍රශ්න වාෂ්පවී ගොසිනි. බොහෝ පොරොන්දු චේතිය රජුගේ පොරොන්දු වගේය. රාජ්‍ය නිලධාරින්ට වාහන බලපත්‍ර දෙනවා කීවද, වැට් බද්ද වෙනස් කරනවා බව කීවද මේ කිසිවෙකට චක්‍රලේඛන නිකුත් කිරීමක් නැත. ඉදිරියට තව තව බදු ගසනු ඇත. බස් ගාස්තුවද හෙට අනිද්දා වැඩිවූවද පුදුම නොමැත. දේශීය ව්‍යාපාරයන් බිඳවට්ටන වැට් බදු සංශෝධනයන් හකුලා ගන්නා ලෙස ඉල්ලමින් රටපුරා ව්‍යාපාරිකයෝ ලබන සිකුරාදා ජුලි 15 හර්තාලයක්ද කැඳවා ඇත.

සාධාරණ සමාජයක් උදෙසා යන ගමනේදී පුංචි ඡන්දය කල් දැම්මේ ගානට මිම්මටය. මැතිවරණ කොමසාරිස් මහින්ද දේශප්‍රියද නෝ කථාය. මෝ සිනාය. ගමේ පුංචි ආණ්ඩුවේ බලය දැන් ඇත්තේ ඡන්දදායකයින්ට නොව ආණ්ඩුවේ නිලධාරින්වූ පළාත් පාලන කොමසාරිස්වරුන්ටය. මේ සියළු කරුණු කාරණා මැද ඒකාබද්ධ විපක්ෂය ජනසටන පාදයාත්‍රාවට ගෙන ඒමට සැරසෙනවාය. එළිවෙන ජාමෙට හොඳ හොඳ සෙල්ලම්ය.(The writer  is a senior journalist who could be reached at OR 011-5234384)

ධර්මන් වික්‍රමරත්න


“I will be with you, whatever”.

July 8th, 2016

By Rudra Gamini de Zoysa.

“I will be with you, whatever”. This is not a line from one of Frank Sinatra’s love songs. This is Blair’s pledge to his master George W Bush.

The Chilcot Report is finally out and I do not want to vomit the facts stated in that 2.6-million-word commentary. The inquiry (into Britain’s role leading to the invasion of Iraq) commenced in 2009 and ended in 2011. The release of the report was blocked by the British Government who maintained that it would be “inappropriate” to publish the report in the months leading up to the election in 2015. In October 2015 Chilcot wrote a letter to David Cameron (who would have taken this in to account when he resigned) indicating that the text of his report will be published in June/July of 2016. The war lasted for 2 years but the report took 7 years to see the light of day.

Anyone can access Chilcot’s report but the primary facts clearly reflect Blair’s deception and arrogance and the ruthlessness of the British. The facts clearly show that from the day the British decided to invade Iraq in 2003 right up to this very day the entire episode was a major “fuxk-up”. A prime minister haughtily lied to his cabinet, flouted the resolutions of the UN, deceived the public and the world at large, sucked up to the USA to maintain a “special relationship”, assumed responsibility for the death of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi men, women and children, caused the displacement of over 1 million Iraqis, further aggravated the instability of the region and caused the birth of the Islamic State of Iraq (ISIS). To wash away the blood on his hands and seek quick salvation Blair converted to Catholicism soon after he stepped down from his high office. Now what will Ban Ki- Moon do? What will the Human Right’s man, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, do? Should countries like Sri Lanka take Britain and the US seriously? An old song comes to mind – Red, white and blue, reddhe hitung “gu” – look, look at the red, white and blue flag it has excreta on the cloth.

The questions to ask are whether this type of report be ever written in Colonial times? Would any person in Britain be held responsible for the atrocities committed by the British in Sri Lanka? Should Sri Lanka seek compensation from Britain for the atrocities committed? Will there be an inquiry in the US similar to the Chilcot Inquiry to examine America’s role in the invasion of Iraq in 2003?

The year 2016 is clearly a bad year for Britain – an astrologer will say that Rahu kalaya has started. Britain voted to get out of the European Community (and was told that “cherry picking” is not allowed), lost to Iceland in soccer (but won against Sri Lanka in cricket), Cameron (who now goes about in an Indian car) resigned, the sterling pound is falling, Boris Johnson resigned from Brexit,  the FTIndex is pushed down by ugly bears, the leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn will not go and cannot be removed, the country has no leadership nor a prime minister, Scotland intends to have another go at detaching itself from “Great Britain” (and probably will succeed this time) and the two Irelands may unite. Zimbabwe sounds a relatively better country to live in.

Have we ever asked the question why (apart from money) the headquarters of the UN, the ICC, Human Rights Commission, FAO, IBRD, IMF, IAEA, ITU and other agencies are placed in the US or in Europe? It is high time that Sri Lanka told Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein and his lackeys to leave us alone and go play their game elsewhere. Surely they can’t be serious. Britain and the US are morally and financially bankrupt and we must now seriously look to our regional neighbour and long-time friend China.

Rudra Gamini de Zoysa.



Tony Blair Lied to his Countrymen!

July 8th, 2016

Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya Melbourne- Australia

 Now that the Chilcot’s Report is out, all Britt’s who were fooled to believe Tony Blair must now feel ashamed for their low IQ. Tony Blair & G.Bush and Australia’s John Howard who made the World a living nightmare since that day are the real WAR CRIMINALS.

They started a never ending killing of innocent human beings all over the Globe by creating various TERROR groups MUSHROOMED due to the born hatred towards the non-Muslim nations whose initial wanton killings and destruction of their rich cultural heritage in the middle eastern countries. They must bear the responsibility for their incompetent leadership and autocratic attitude living on falsehood!

 Today there’s not a day without unnecessary bloodshed somewhere in the Globe related to this reason.

Sri Lanka is the only country that had a real brutal murderous gang of Terrorist whom the FBI claimed as LTTE terrorizing all over the Island. Any legitimate Government has the responsibility to protect the citizens and there are no set rules to annihilate an insurgent movement under the International rules in a conventional war, but insurgents & terrorists do not fall under any protection within these rules, that’s what Rajapaksa’s defence forces did to be victorious! Instead of playing ignorant of this fact UNHCR is wasting time pursuing a decent non-violent country Sri Lanka in this never ending CIRCUS!

 Besides a WAR is between two legitimate parties or with allied parties, whereas insurgents, terrorists and freedom fighters are undeclared, you never know who you are fighting with, one next to you who seems to be innocent may attack you unprovoked, that’s these groups style, once they are defeated they cannot seek cover from the conventional war rules, a legitimate government is not answerable to their grievances how grave they could be! For instance American forces kill innocent Pakistanis & Afghans using DRONES in the process of fighting the Talibans or any other terrorists in whatever label they are known, have they ever been found fault with UNHCR Mob!

 United Nations Secretary General and the International community that hound behind the former President Mr.Mahinda Rajapaksa must wake up from slumber now having seen this Chilcot report, they should feel ashamed for trying to frame a leader having seen a terror movie produced in Tamil Nadu for alleged extra judiciary killings who was merely protecting his citizens from a bunch of insurgents while the World renowned culprits Tony Blair, George Bush likes are walking scotfree!

 Well if Secretary General needs any satisfaction, there Chilcot has laid down in his report who are the real WAR CRIMINALS for having started a War with a regime for no apparent reasons. They originated brutal killings from Iraq and spreading all over the Globe never seeing an end to date! It’s time UN Secretary General drop these inept allegations against Sri Lanka they hear every time when the session are open while ignoring much serious War Crimes & Criminals not been discussed!

 It is indeed a dangerous precedence that the Sri Lankan Foreign Minister has created during the recent UN SESSION by agreeing to investigate the alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka by an International Judiciary during the conflict phase. I believe other sensible member states may oppose for this suggestion!

 Chilcot’s report clearly states this illegal war on Iraq by hoodwinking majority of Britt’s by Tony Blair was merely to change the Saddam Hussein regime.

 It’s these cheats, dishonored and failed leaders that Sri Lanka worships and seek advice to restore Peace, Harmony and to rewrite her constitution! So, if I say “God Bless Her” one must not get upset! The country is now governed by this MOB.

Australia’s misguided involvement in Iraq war and it’s ramification since then explained by then Military advisor Andrew Willkie who resigned during the time dismissing Australia’s involvement is shear nonsense.

Listen to the Vedio.

 Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya

 Melbourne- Australia


A Note on making important Management Decisions, with examples, and a suggestion for a similar procedure in the Central Bank of Sri Lanka

July 8th, 2016

by Engineer D. L. O. Mendis

During high pressure activity in the early post World War 2 era in the field of space research, there was discussion on high level management decision making, in a book titled “Engineering and the Mind’s eye” by Eugene S Ferguson. Taking the example of some failures in important engineering projects, Ferguson wrote: “Some better assurance of a workable design might be gained by taking seriously a prescription for the design of pioneering engineering projects made in the mid 19i60’s  by a prominent British structural engineer,  Sir Alfred Pugsley. He  saw the need in such projects to give the Chief Engineer a ‘sparring partner’, a senior engineer who was privy to  essentially  all the information available to the chief engineer and whose status was such that the chief could not ignore his comments and recommendations. This sparring partner would be given ample time to follow the design work and to study and think about the implications of details as well as “big” decisions made by the chief engineer. This suggestion was strongly supported by Nobel Laureate Professor Feynman after the Challenger Space rocket disaster.

In Sri Lanka, quite independent of this experience, a similar event had taken place in the Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau, (CECB) not too long ago. There an engineer Nihal Rupasinghe had introduced a ‘Ring Management’  system of senior engineers who functioned in a similar manner to the ‘sparring partner’ proposed by Professor Ferguson as described above, and strongly supported by Feynman.  Eng. Rupasinghe’s contributions to the CECB was recognized in due course at the highest level and he was appointed Secretary to President Maithripala Sirisena after ‘Yahapalanaya’.

At the present time, at the highest level in the Central Bank there is a situation where a number of senior Vice Chairpersons have appeared on the media from time to time offering their opinions on the dire straits the national economy is in.  A highly qualified economist has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Central Bank. The thought occurred to this writer that a similar system to the “Sparring Partner” or better still the “Ring Management” system may be appropriate to help the new Chairman of the Central Bank in the situation he finds himself in, and help the country to pull out of the looming abyss.

D L O Mendis

Thursday, July 07, 2016

16/1, George E de Silva Mawatha


Trump Praises Sadam and terms him A Terrorist Killer…

July 8th, 2016


Trump Praises Sadam and terms him

A Terrorist Killer…

Says “he was a bad guy but you know what .He did well

He killed terrorists He did that so good ”

Do we have an analogue in Sri Lanka??

Only difference in American way of handling him was that they did not read read the rights

Wonder he was referring to terrorists rights or Sadam’s rights ??

If Sadam and Gaddafi are living today there would not have been a ISIS

Conclusion   ,.. Americans knew about ISIS and they planned to destabilize Middle East hence they killed both Sadam and Gaddafi ??

Now big powers may want destabilize the Asian development ??

Make your own judgement


Name one word in Buddhist religious texts that spreads violence! Response to Bruno Marshall Shirley

July 8th, 2016

Shenali D Waduge

Bruno Marshall Shirley writing for the International Policy Digest on ‘Buddhist-Muslim violence in South and South-East Asia: The Local becomes regional, or a clash of civilizations’ and released by the UN has made some glaringly inaccurate statements which need to be corrected. Before Islam, Buddhism was the religion of almost the whole of Asia – From Bactria, Parthia, Afghanistan, Gandhar, Chinese Turkestan, Tibet, and Inner Mongolia, Malaysia. Islam destroyed and eliminated Buddhism from almost all these countries. Today, there are only 5 majority Buddhist nations desperately fighting to preserve their national history and heritage while inundated incursions by well-funded campaigns are taking place to usurp and expunge that history. The clash of civilizations is between Christianity & Islam and no other.

Shirley refers to the release of a UN report on the usual ‘serious’ human rights violations “against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar at the hands of the Buddhist majority’ – Shirley conveniently omits to say that there is no record of Rohingyas in any colonial British occupied Myanmar census at any point of time. Rohingyas is not even an ethnic name, Dr. Francis Buchanan, a Scottish geographer working for the British East India Company described in 1801 that ‘Rooingas’/ ‘Rossawns’ as Kala or Foreigners/Aliens who were NOT real natives of Arakan and who were not Arakanese. The kingdom of Arakan bordered present day Bangladesh and Burma. Arakan was always under the administration of British-Burma, although Burma too was under the umbrella of the British Indian Empire until 1937. Attempts had been made to Islamize Arakan (obviously another British divide and rule strategy) using Bengali Muslim settlers (who DID NOT call themselves Rohingyas!) The name Rohingya was invented as a political ploy by Bengali Muslim leader Abdul Gafar. The British colonized Rakhine State in 1826, at the end of the First Anglo-Burmese War. In 1869 the British brought large numbers of Bengali Muslims from Chittagong into the Rakhine region as agricultural workers. Censuses taken under the British colonial system, show no records of a people called “Rohingya”. Rakhine communities and Bengali communities live on either side of the border but the Bengali groups living in Myanmar are being called ‘Rohingya’, and not the Bengali groups in Bangladesh. This is one reason why the Rakhine people will not accept the term Rohingya. Rohingya propaganda is nothing but a political slogan.

Another question that Shirley may like to answer if she can is why are Rohingyas carrying out an armed struggle, where do these arms come from, who is training them? Why are these Islamic incursions in other areas of Myanmar when the Rohingyas are supposed to be claiming only an ‘area’? In 2002 Asia Times reported that Rohingyas were being trained by Jamaat-e-Islami in Bangladesh and Pakistan, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar’s Hizb-e-Islami in Afghanistan, Hizb-ul-Mujahideen (HM) in Jammu and Kashmir, and Angkatan Belia Islam sa-Malaysia (ABIM) – the Islamic Youth Organization of Malaysia. Afghan instructors have been seen in some of the RSO camps along the Bangladesh-Burma border, while nearly 100 RSO rebels were reported to have undergone training in the Afghan province of Khost with Hizb-e-Islami Mujahideen.  According to intelligence sources, Rohingya recruits were paid 30,000 Bangladeshi taka (US$525) on joining and then 10,000 taka per month. The families of recruits killed in action were offered 100,000 taka.

Next Shirley makes reference to ‘deadly’ Aluthgama and Dharga Town riots. Shirley is portraying only one side and anyone reading the version that was blacked out of media would realize that actions result in reactions.

Shirley makes reference to the Clash of Civilizations making a poor attempt to place a Dharmic compassionate religion against Abrahamic religions that have historically waged religious wars and used the sword to extend their empires. We challenge Shirley to produce one word in all the Buddhist texts that promotes violence or instils violence. It is the Christians and Islam that have been at each other’s throats through history and it is the Buddhists that have become prey. Let us help Shirley come out of his amnesia and remind him about the brutal manner Islam and Christianity have preyed upon Buddhists.

The verses of hate in Quran (there are 164 jihad verses) – it is not the context in which they are used, the fact that hate words are inside religious texts is what needs to be highlighted. Similarly the Bible has been quoted throughout history to attack and kill non-believers as seen from the Christian/Catholic colonial policies ordered by the Church. The Crusades, the horrific Inquisitions that continue still in the form of the UNHRC, the calls to Islamize nations are all testimony to this. The world’s oldest Buddhist university of Nalanda was turned to cinders by Islamic warriors and even Buddhist monks were slain.

In comparison there is not a single word in Buddhist texts that say to kill in the name of Buddhism. It is only the Buddhist teachings that promotes equality to all sentient beings including animals.

Have the Buddhists destroyed a single non-Buddhist religious site as Muslims & Christians have done in the name of their religion?

Buddhists disappeared from India under the sword of Islam – 50million Buddhists and Hindus were massacred by Islamists.

Are the Buddhists not justified to fear that their great pagodas like Great Shwe Dagon Pagoda will end up like Boro Buddha or the fate that fell the Bamiyan Buddhas which had been repeatedly attacked through centuries? It just takes a few maniacs with guns or suicide kits to walk into a sacred place of worship and completely wipe out thousands of years of history and what good is an apology thereafter? The job has been done and mission is complete! For what reason or on whose instructions we do not know but there is a clear pattern of late to rampage in museums and places where historical artefacts are kept to destroy them thus removing all traces of history that bind people to their past. We feel these attacks are well planned, well-orchestrated and with a planned motive and are not on the spur of the moment attacks. 

In Bangladesh: the one-sided media have never spoken for the Chakmas living in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh who were forced to flee from Islamic persecution in the early1990s. Muslims destroyed the Navajyoti Buddhist vihara at Lalyaghona village and there was not a single global voice on behalf of the Buddhists. Not even the UNHRC has taken up the issue of returning Buddhist lands confiscated through incursions backed and funded by the West.

In Thailand again Western-controlled Islamists are demanding a separate state in South Thailand and all that the media will cover is the brutalities that these jihadists groups have succeeded to do.

Indonesia was once Buddhist too and was known as Thiri-wizaya nation in the 7th century AD. Today Muslims are fighting for a separate state.

Malaysia was introduced to Buddhism from Sri Lanka in 309BC – the Buddhist heritage in Malaysia lays evidence to the history. In 15th century the sword of Islam brutally changed the status quo. If Shirley did some historical reading he would be shocked to learn that Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Kashmir were all once Buddhist nations. We are today down to just 5 majority Buddhist nations trying desperately to maintain our historical roots against the odds of course.

Numerous Buddhist sites have been attacked in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Maldives and in Sri Lanka while incursions and proliferation of mosques and land encroachment of Buddhist sacred sites are taking place. There is even a mosque 60metres from Buddhagaya, why would Muslims want to build a mosque so close to where Buddhists meditate and prey if not to create dissent with time?

The pattern of both Christian and Islamic invaders were simple – they conquered lands, killed any who were not following their faith or forced them to convert, raped women and girls, destroyed all evidence of temples and other historical monuments because iconoclasm was what they believed in and on top of the destroyed temples built churches or mosques.


While the UNHRC is a continuation of the Christian imperialism the Wahhabi controlled network is doing the same though what needs to be explicitly understood is that Wahhabi Islam is very much controlled by the West and that is why non-Wahhabi Muslims are also at the receiving end and are equally attacked as the non-Muslims.

In Sri Lanka, in case Shirley is not aware land rights were given to Muslims only after 1815 before which all Muslims were treated as aliens. It is the Buddhist identity of the country which has been targeted to be destroyed which Buddhists are struggling to preserve.

The West has tapped the minorities and through them are making inroad to fulfil their incomplete task of removing the historical identity of Sri Lanka.

The task of both Islam and Christianity remains nothing but to expunge the history of non-Islamic/non-Christian nations and expand their empires. The Islamic takeover of Maldives resulted in the expunging of the Buddhist history of Maldives while the same has been done following the evangelizing of South Korea.

Currently using the power of money and the indoctrination of non-Islamic Wahhabi brainwashing all historical sacred citadels are becoming targets of mosque building with the explicit intent of surrounding sacred sites, incursions and thereafter demanding that their faith be given prominence playing the minority discrimination card.

Even the US state department has identified 4 Al Qaeda linked Jihad groups in Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka Jamthi Islam, Thauhid Jamath, Thableeq Jamath, Jamathi Muslim) and the US should know because Hillary Clinton said that the US created Al Qaeda. Moreover, it was only a few months back that a Muslim from Sri Lankan joined the ISIS and died in Syria. Vicky Nanjappa writing in February this year asked the question “Is the ISIS threat catching up to Sri Lanka?” So we are well aware that the pivot to Asia plan entails the usage of Islamic groups to give a raison d’etre for the US to bring ‘counter-terrorist’ envoys and Western experts to make a permanent presence in countries where these ‘jihadists’ claim to be ‘planted’ (by them of course).

In Sri Lanka’s case where the presence of both Christian and Islam external influences are equally strong it is a case of Sri Lanka one day turning into a South Korea or Maldives.

Islamic extremism is nothing but political Islam using Wahahbi fundamentalists who are not real Muslims. The Wahhabi faith it appears is a British colonial creation and Prof. Chousdavsky has clearly outlined who provides the men and who trains the Islamic groups causing terror all over the world. Unfortunately the real Muslims are still to wake up and realize the truth and as a result they are getting bombed by Western Christian nations. If at all the Clash of Civilizations is being re-enacted it is happening right now in the Middle East and parts of Africa and these maniacs are being transported now to rest of Asia to do the same bidding by the same masters in the West.

Denigration of Buddhists is nothing new and Shirley joins the bandwagon but she should read the public sentiments now emerging following the Brexit polls on why even the British are against immigration and the loss of their ‘British’ identity.

Shirley conveniently withholds that in UK more than half of the mosques were attacked, pigs heads were thrown, petrol bombs were thrown, Muslims were jeered in public transport and these incidents were not sporadic or countable numbers that Shirley picks and bloats taking one example from Sri Lanka. However, people are worried not because people do not like Muslims but because many are now realizing that the Wahhabi Islamic-West incursions are going to be the undoing of our country as well. It is this nexus that is funding the establishment of mosques and the wearing of weird tribal attire for both men and women and practices that are all not Islam. These changes are with purposeful intent – to create public sentiments against them and give enough reason to start a new wave of trouble. It is this realization that the true owners of Sri Lanka are aware of and want to stop before we land up in another foreign imported trouble to last another 30 years.

Shirley cannot quote a handful of incidents to showcase Buddhists in the same league as faiths that have quoted from their religious texts and used the sword to kill. Some examples that Shirley has purposely omitted to mention.

Bruno Shirley this list is NOWHERE NEAR the scale of attacks on Muslims in Christian West countries that preaches liberalism, freedoms, rights etc. Muslims are living in fear in these countries!


At the other end of the spectrum there are these slogans….


Before Shirley makes any more innuendos and foolishly tries to bring theories of clash of civilization he must read Prof. Michael Choussodovsky who connects all the Islamic groups to the West supplied by their Muslim satellite states

Before Bruno Shirley takes pen to write anything more against Buddhists attacking Muslims she must listen to Chris Hedges who says “Saudi Wahhabism a Tool of U.S. Foreign Policy” and thereafter understand why Sri Lanka needs to be worried

In conclusion what needs to be said is anyone can write one’s views but in doing so he/she must realize that the readers deserve to be given a fair and balanced view and not a one-sided notion to create a totally false opinion about people. We hope that Bruno Shirley will realize her mistake and in future writings desist from denigrating without facts. She may like to take the advice of Buddha


Shenali D Waduge

‘Two of my Closest Family Members were Involved in the Murderous Tamil Riots of 1983’ Sobbed an Inconsolable Lakshman Wickramasinghe – Bishop of Kurunegala — The RW Files (Part 2)

July 7th, 2016

By Gandara John

The Tamil and Sinhalese Feudalists, taking their cue from Esmond Wickramasinghe’s ‘Sinhala only’ slogan as their ultimate platform, manipulated the 1956 and 1958 racial riots, the assassination of SWRD in 1959, the staging of the botched up military Coup that attempted to topple the anti colonial government of Sirima Bandaranaike in 1962, the Declaration of War against  the State of Sri Lanka in 1976 at Vaddukoddai (this declaration of war  came close on the heels of the break up of the left oriented UF (United Front) Government, a break up that was precipitated by the ‘WWCFO’ foisted JVP insurrection, – White Western Country Funded Organisations also known as NGOs – that  erupted just eleven months into the UF government; the break up of the UF was a sine qua non for JRJ to make his entry in 1977).

And finally, Esmond Wickramasinghe’s diabolic slogan resulted in the Northern and Southern Feudalists, together orchestrating the racial riots of 1983 which proved to be the precursor to India invading Sri Lanka in 1987 and to India forcing Sri Lanka at gun point to write into the Constitution the 13th amendment, yet to be ratified by the people at a referendum.

In the face of massive opposition JRJ was able to pass this amendment only through the Parliamentary stage, and that too after resorting to criminal and unconstitutional behaviour; he ‘gheraoed’ his parliamentarians before the vote and coerced undated letters of resignation from them.

The distraction created by EW’s racial slogan remains today the beachhead on which the White Western Countries have thrived, exploited and expanded their offensive to dismantle the sovereign State of Sri Lanka and to facilitate the process of re – colonisation of the island by the White Western Countries – assisted by the regional Feudal wallahs –  now firmly under the control of the Multi National Corporations.

The White Western Community could not but be pleased with EW’s work; their Lucifer had served them well.

In gratitude and to forge a wilier nexus for the future, the White Western Community offered a carrot to EW; they held out a promise to appoint Lakshman Wickramasinghe, the brother of their point man in Sri Lanka, as a Bishop of their church in the Island.

EW was successful in persuading his laid – back brother, then domiciled in England as his nephew recalls, to ditch his fiancé and return to Sri Lanka to fit into the plan of the Neo Feudalists.

When the point man of the White West reached the autumn of his life, the time had come for him to pass the baton on to his son. RW, in many respects, was his father’s son. There was generally no dispute that both were diabolical and devious to the core. RW knew on which side his bread was buttered. The global White ‘Big Boys’ were his choice and they buttered him on his preferred side.

JRJ the arch neo -feudalist took RW, his de facto Foreign Minister’s son, under his wings.

Cutting his political teeth as a fledgling Minister in the JRJ cabal, RW attracted the Big Boy of the underworld, Gonawela Sunil; Sunil was his constant companion at that time. The ‘pretty – faced’ contract killer was a convicted rapist given a Presidential pardon by JRJ who thereafter appointed him an ‘All Island Justice of Peace’.

Snide remarks were making the rounds in the corridors of the Ministry at that time; a printable favourite was that Gonawela Sunil was the Minister of Education and RW his devoted deputy.

Monies for transfers and school admissions, which were collected from hapless teachers and parents, were picked up by Gonawela Sunil.

When in 1983 JRJ, the arch Neo Feudalist in the South, unleashed the horrendous dogs of racial hatred and violence in Colombo, Gonawela Sunil had, by that time, already been given a Presidential pardon; there were convincing reports that Gonawela Sunil had been given unhindered access into the Welikada prison to lead rioting prisoners in the massacre of 53 Tamil prisoners whose lives were in the custodial care of the Government; the murdered prisoners included Kutimany.

The massacre was reportedly macabre; prisoners, whilst yet alive, had their tongues cut out, eyes gouged, heads decapitated and their blood feasted on.

When JRJ finally decided to call out the security forces, four days later, to rein in the terror and the bloodletting, Gonawela Sunil’s home area in Kelaniya was a no go Zone; no, not for the killer or RW but for the security forces.

RW was a Member of Parliament nursing the Kelaniya electorate at that time.

In an interview with the Daily News on 12 Aug 83 and adduced to in RW had reportedly by innuendo justified the violence unleashed on the Tamils; he had alluded that it was ‘legitimate’ Sinhalese anger, long pent up, that had been the cause for the violence and that the violence had successfully redressed the Sinhalese grievances stemming from unwarranted rewards, not given his cousin Upali Wijewardena and other Sinhalese businessmen, but doled out to Tamil businessmen.

That article went on to say that Lakshman Wickramasinghe, EW’s brother and RW’s uncle, died prematurely in October 1983, a broken man.

Sobbing uncontrollably, while visiting refugees in the aftermath of the riots, Lakshman Wickramasinghe had confided that his family had been involved in the violence unleashed on the Tamil community, particularly two members of his family.

It is no surprise that the White Western Community has not raised even a whimper or encouraged Sri Lanka to probe the 1983 riots and the prison massacre.

Yankee Dick, coordinating with the Feudalists in the North, allowed free rein to the lumpen elements on both sides of the divide to do the dirty work of the Sinhalese and Tamil Feudalists; he collaborated with the Feudalists in the White Western Countries and the region to run the most successful recruiting campaign ever for the LTTE, a desultory organisation at that time.

Cogent reports point an accusing finger at JRJ, for collaborating with the White Western countries and India, in implementing the Neo Feudal plan of using the 1983 ethnic riots to create in those foreign countries, hordes of agent provocateurs – foreign extremists of Tamil origin – .

These extremists, as citizens of the White Western Countries, would operate in fear and on the dictates and guidance of those foreign governments. These agent provocateurs remain effective tools of foreign policy of the Global Feudalists.

In the strange semantics of the White Western World these Western extremists, (of Tamil origin), are described as the ‘Diaspora’,

RW may have been an odd or queer ball but he certainly was not a spare wheel, as he now likes to describe himself, in his pathetic attempt to distance himself from the JRJ Government. Perhaps he was a spare wheel broken loose, careering on a deadly trail wreaking mayhem and terror in its wake.

Implications of Chilcot Report

July 7th, 2016

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM  Spokesperson, United Sri Lanka Association

Rt Hon John Key MP,
Prime  Minister of New Zealand,

Dear Mr Key,

The Chilcot report has been a severe and sad indictment of the execution of UK & US foreign policy. Iraq is not the only victim  of it in recent times, these include Sri Lanka too.

In April 2009 , when Sri Lanka was on the verge of eradicating three decades of Tamil Tiger terrorism, the UK Foreign Secretary David Milibank along with his French counterpart visited Sri Lanka with the specific objective of pressuring the then Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse , to abort the military offensive that was achieving this. Had he relented , Sri Lanka ,like Iraq would still be reeling in chaos. Instead, he reminded David Milibank that Sri Lanka was no longer a “ British Colony”.

The joint UK/US pay back for this insolence has come in the form orchestrating the Tiger Diaspora allegation that this eradication of Tiger Terror has come at the cost of an unacceptably high civilian casualty numbers of over 40,000. Just like the WMD’s that were never found in Iraq, seven years after the event , not one of the bodies of these 40,000 alleged casualties nor a single name has been found or revealed.

They also drew strength for this allegation from the Darusman commission, the  UNSG’s panel of advisors who claimed that these numbers were a “credible allegation” based on evidence  they failed to reveal their sources of, for now and for twenty years from now. This would make the Chilcot maligned UN report claiming the presence of WMD’s  in Iraq,  whose sources were at least known, appear respectable.

Based on these allegation Sri Lanka , just like Iraq, are continuing to be made to suffer even now, with demands through UNHCR for further inquiries into these allegations  despite two Presidential commissions, The LLRC & Paranagama commission on missing persons , with oversight from three international legal luminaries, declaring clearly that these allegations have no factual or reasonable basis.

With the release of the Chilcot report  with parallels to Sri Lanka as shown, the international community has an obligation to stand up to this bullying of a small nation attempting to recover from the effects of these three decades of Tiger Terror,  by calling this “ monkey “ of Sri Lanka’s back.

New Zealand, with it’s powers and responsibilities by being in the UN security council, could and should give the lead.


Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM


United Sri Lanka Association

Mahendran ignored Public Debt Dept warnings, went ahead with bond sales, officials tell COPE

July 7th, 2016

By Saman Indrajith Courtesy The Island

A group of Central Bank (CB) officials yesterday informed the Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE) that Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran had claimed he acted on the instructions of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe as regards the controversial bond issue, according to a senior COPE.

The COPE met at 2.30 pm at the Parliamentary Complex and over 20 top CB officials including the incumbent Governor Dr. Indrajit Coomaraswamy were present.

The UNP members of the COPE had sought to exonerate Mahendran and to shift the blame to the officials, the COPE member told The Island. The top CB officials, too, should be held responsible for the massive loss caused by the bond deal because they had cooperated with Mahendran, the UNP MPs maintained.


However, the CB officials had responded that Mahendran had proceeded with the controversial bond sales in spite of severe warnings from the Public Debt Department of the Central Bank, COPE member said.

The UNP MPs’ attempt to absolve Mahendran of the responsibility for the controversial bond auction on the grounds that it had been consequent to a policy decision by the government was countered by the Opposition MPs with the help of presentations made by the CB officials, according to another COPE member.

The officials insisted that there had been no such policy decision because the Monetary Board had not given approval for Mahendran’s action as regards the bond deal at issue. He had informed the Monetary Board of his move only after he had conducted the auction, the officials said.

Incumbent CB Governor Coomaraswamy remained silent during the meeting that lasted for three hours and answered a question raised by UNP MP Ranjan Ramanayake, who asked whether the latter would accuse his predecessor of having caused the loss making bond deal. The Governor responded that he would work with the CB officials and do the right thing to maintain the dignity of his office and he was yet to decide what had gone wrong and how it had happened, sources said.

COPE Chairman Sunil Handunnetti permitted the committee members to question the CB officials.

Of the 26 member COPE, 24 including Handunnetti attended yesterday’s meeting. Those present were Rauff Hakeem (SLMC), Anura Priiyadarshana Yapa (UPFA), Dayasiri Jayasekera (UPFA), Ravindra Samaraweera (UNP), Wasantha Aluvihare (UNP), Lasantha Alagiyawanna (UPFA), Dr Harsha de Silva (UNP), Ajith P. Perera (UNP), Ranjan Ramanayake (UNP), Ashok Abeysinghe (UNP), Anura Kumara Dissanayake (JVP), Lakshman Seneviratne (UPFA), Chandrasiri Gajadeera (UPFA), Bimal Ratnayake (JVP), Weerakumara Dissanayake (UPFA), Mavai Senathiraja (TNA), M.A. Sumanthiran (TNA), Hector Appuhamy (UNP), Dr Nalinda Jayatissa (JVP), Harshana Rajakaruna (UNP), S Sritharan (TNA), Abdulla Maharoof (ACMC), and Gnamutthu Srinesan (TNA). UNP MP Velu Kumar resigned at the previous meeting while MP Mahindananda Aluthgamage (UPFA) was absent.

The COPE is scheduled to meet again on August 16 and its members are expected to study the Auditor General’s report on the questionable bond eal and present their opinions on that day, according to sources.

Chilcot report: Wartime Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and foreign minister Rohitha Bogollagama call for action

July 7th, 2016

By Shamindra Ferdinando Courtesy The Island

Wartime Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and foreign minister Rohitha Bogollagama yesterday said that the UN, particularly the Geneva-based United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) couldn’t turn a blind eye to Iraq Inquiry report.

They pointed out that a major Western power had never been implicated in such horrendous violations since the setting up of UNHRC.

Former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa yesterday told The Island that the Chilcot report on UK culpability in Iraq war couldn’t have come at a worse time for those who had been unfairly pushing for a war crimes court here.

article_imagePointing out that the UK currently functioned as a member of the UNHRC, the war veteran compared the Geneva Resolution adopted on the basis of unsubstantiated allegations and the confirmation that the then Blair government manipulated intelligence reports to justify Iraq invasion.

The former Defence Secretary was among four persons named as war criminals in a leaked US diplomatic cable sent from Colombo in January 2010. The then US Ambassador Patricia Butenis named wartime President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Army Chief Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka and Basil Rajapaksa as war criminals.

Alleging that the UK had spearheaded high profile campaign against Sri Lanka at Geneva demanding accountability on the part of Sri Lanka, the former Defence Secretary said that the British reaction as well as that of the UNHRC and various other INGOs would prove their genuineness.

Former Defence Secretary Rajapaksa said that Chilcot had declared that at the time of the 2003 invasion Saddam Hussein “posed no imminent threat” to Western interests. Responding to another query, one-time outspoken official pointed out that the British found fault with the previous government for countering a massive conventional military challenge.

Norwegian-led Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) accused the LTTE of launching a large scale coordinated offensive during the second week of August 2006, former Defence Secretary Rajapaksa recalled.

The former Defence Secretary said that Chilcot Inquiry confirmed that a 50-page intelligence dossier that had been presented to British parliament in Sept. 2002 was meant to deceive the House regarding alleged WMD programme.

Rajapaksa said that so-called credible allegations on the basis of which the UNSG Ban Ki-moon’s Panel of Experts (PoE) had recommended action finally leading to a hybrid war crimes court should be thoroughly investigated. The former Defence Secretary alleged that those who had been propagating lies to justify war crimes inquiry worked in unison with Western powers.

Referring to an attempt made by Scotland Yard’s war crimes investigating unit to question former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni in connection with 2008-2009 Gaza war crimes, former Defence Secretary Rajapaksa said that the world awaited the British reaction to Iraq Inquiry findings. Would the British police seek statements from those who had been named in the Iraq Inquiry report.

Wartime Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama said that the Iraq Inquiry had revealed that the then Premier Tony Blair resorted to military action under American pressure. Blair ended up causing irreversible damage with Western powers facing the threat of ISIS on a global scale, Bogollagama said, adding that the US and the British also exploited certain UN resolutions on Iraq to achieve their overall objectives in Iraq.

Those who had caused massive destabilization in West Asia should accept responsibility for the global uncertainty today.

Having plunged the world into unprecedented security crisis, Western powers wanted to humiliate Sri Lanka for waging a successful war against terrorism, he said.

Bogollagama said that the Iraq Inquiry revealed the manipulation of the British parliament.

The former Minister alleged that the UK repeatedly harassed Sri Lanka at various forums, including Geneva on the basis of unproven allegations and once called for regime change during human rights sessions during the previous administration. Now that the then Labour leadership had been found guilty of invading Iraq on false pretext, the UK would have to reveal how it intended to deal with the situation.

Chilcot report not relevant-FM spokesperson

‘UK continuing to learn lessons….”

Asked whether the Foreign Ministry would examine Chilcot report, FM spokesperson Mahishini Colonne said: “We will look at the Chilcot Report, as all reports of this nature have lessons for other countries. Responding to another query as regards the possibility of Sri Lanka benefiting from the Iraq Inquiry report in the run-up to the war crimes inquiry against Sri Lanka in accordance with Geneva resolution 30/1, the spokesperson said: ” We do not see any connection or relevance in the Chilcot Report, however, to our own internal affairs.”

British High Commission responded to several questions pertaining to Iraq Inquiry report.

Asked whether the UK as a member of the UNHRC, would brief the Geneva body regarding the report, a UK government spokesperson said; “This is an independent report and has now been made public.”

Responding to whether the UK would set up special mechanisms to address accountability issues, the spokesperson said: “The UK Government has continued to learn lessons from a range of complex operations but we look forward to studying the specific findings Chilcot identifies and learning from them”   Meanwhile, a London Metropolitan Police Service Spokesperson said: “The Chilcot Inquiry has not referred any matters to police for criminal investigation at any stage in their work” The spokesperson was responding to a query whether Scotland Yard’s war crimes unit has the authority to probe those named in the report.

Russian Sukhoi 30 Showing Off……Amazing..

July 7th, 2016

Sukhoi 30 in action. It can hover and take off vertically. It is a marvel of technology.

දඹාන ගමන

July 7th, 2016

වෛද් රුවන් එම් ජයතුංග 

1996 කාලයේ මම මහියංගන දඹාන ආදිවාසී ජනතාව බැලීමට ප්ලෑන් ආයතනය හෙවත් ජාත්‍යන්තර සැලසුම් ආයතනයේ  ජයරත්න මහතා සමග ගියෙමි. එවකට මම මිනිපේ ප්‍රාදේශීය සෞඛ්‍යය සේවා අධ්‍යක්‍ෂකවරයා වූයෙමි. මේ කාලයේ වැදි නායක තිසාහාමිද ජීවතුන් අතර විය​. අප බුලත් දුම්කොළ සහ පුවක් මගදී මිලට ගත්තේ තිසාහාමිට දීමටය​. මේ ගමනේදී දඹානේ ගුනවර්ධන මුණ ගැසීමට මට අවශ්‍යතාවයක්ද තිබුනේය​. දඹානේ ගුනවර්ධන ප්‍රථම ආදිවාසී උපාධිධාරියා විය​. එසේම ඔහුගේ දඩබිමෙන් දඩබිමට කෘතියද මම කියවා තිබුණි. නමුත් අවාසනාවකට මෙන් අප ගිය දින දඹානේ ගුනවර්ධන සිටියේ නැත​.

අපට වැදි නායක තිසාහාමි හමු විය​. ඔහු දුර්වළව සිටියේය. ​තිසාහාමි අසල සිටි වර්තමාන ආදිවාසී නායක උරුවරිගේ වන්නියලැ ඇත්තෝ තිසාහාමි වැදි භාෂාවෙන් කියන දෙය ඉතා හොඳ වියත් සිංහලට පෙරලා කීවේය​.


මම උරුවරිගේ වන්නියලැ ඇත්තෝ සමග කතා කලෙමි. ඉතා චතුර ලෙස සිංහල කතා කල ඔහු මගේ ප්‍රශ්න වලට පිලිතුරු දුන්නේය​. මම ආර් එල් ස්පිට්ල් මහතාගේ මැකී ගිය දඩමං පොතේ එන වැද්දන් වූ පොරමලා, ගාමා , කයිරා ,  ගෝඹා,  පොරමලා සකා , යනාදීන් ගැන ඇසුවෙමි. උරුවරිගේ වන්නියලැ ඇත්තෝ මේ වැද්දන් දන්නවාක් මෙන් කරුණු කීවද ඔහු පවසන්නේ සත්‍යක් නොවන බවත් ඔහු ආර් එල් ස්පිට්ල් මහතාගේ මැකී ගිය දඩමං පොත කියවා නැති බවත් මට වැටහුණි.

අප දඹානෙන් පිටත ඒමට හදන විට වැදි කොල්ලන් රැලක් අප වට කරගෙන දුනු හී , මීපැණි හා වේලපු දඩමස් විකිනීමට උත්සහ කලහ​. අප මීපැණි හා වේලපු දඩමස් මිලට ගත් නමුත් මීපැණි යනු සීනි උණුකර වතුර දමා සැදූ පැණියක් ද වේලපු දඩමස් යනු මහියංගන හන්දියේ හරක් මස් කඩයෙන් මිලට ගත් හරක් මස් තීරු කපා වේලා ගත් ඒවාත් බවත් කියා පසුව ප්‍රත්‍යක්‍ෂ විය​. මේ වැදි ගැටව් සරම් කැහැපොට ගසාගෙන සිටියද සමහරුන් ගේ සරම් යටින් රනිං ශෝට් පවා පෙනුනේය​.

ඔවුන් සිංහල වචන මැදට පොජ්ජ , මංගච්චනවා , පාහිනවා වැනි වැදි භාෂාවේ යොදා අප සමග කතා කලහ​. නමුත් මේ අය කරන්නේ රඟපෑමක් බව මට තේරුණි. මම ඔවුන් ගෙන් කළුදැවා කියන වැදි භාෂාවේ වචනයේ තේරුම ඇසුවෙමි. ඔවුන් එක් අයෙකුවත් එය දැන සිටියේ නැත​. පසුව මමත් ජයරත්නත් සිනාසෙමින් දඹානෙන් පිටත් වී  ආවෙමු.

වෛද්‍ය රුවන් එම් ජයතුංග 

මැලේවරුන්ගේ වතගොත ප්‍රථමවරට ගෙනාආ ‘මැලේවරුන්ගේ අභිමානය’

July 7th, 2016

ධර්මන් වික්‍රමරත්න

ග්‍රන්ථය : මැලේවරුන්ගේ අභිමානය

කෘර්තෘ : එඩ්වඩ් චන්ද්‍රසිරි

සිංහල රජ දවස දක්වා ඉතිහාසය දික්වන ශ්‍රී ලංකීය මැලේවරුන් 75,000කගේ අභිමානය ගෙන එන ග්‍රන්ථයක් ඉකුත්දා නිකුත් කෙරිණි. නාට්‍යවේදී එච්වඩ් චන්ද්‍රසිරි විසින් ප්‍රශස්ත මට්ටමින් රචනා කරන ලද මැලේවරුන්ගේ අභිමානය පිළිබඳ කෘතිය ඒ පිළිබඳව සිංහල භාෂාවෙන් රචනාවූ ප්‍රථම ග්‍රන්ථයද වේ.

මැලේ හෙවත් ජා ජාතිකයන් ඔවුන්ගේ භාෂාව සහ සංස්කෘතිය ලාංකීය ජන ජීවිතය වෙත කාන්දුවූ ආකාරය පිළිබඳව පැහැදිලි විස්තරයක්ද පෙර රජ දවස පටන් වත්මන දක්වා දිවෙන ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ මැලේවරුන්ගේ පුරාවෘත්තියද එඩ්වඩ් චන්ද්‍රසිරි මෙම ග්‍රන්ථයෙන් ඉදිරිපත්කර තිබේ. රබාන වැනි තූර්ය වාදන භාණ්ඩද, ඔරුව, පාරුව වැනි යත්‍රා නාමද රඹුටන්, දූරියන් වැනි පළතුරුද බාබත්, මනිපිට්ටු, වටලප්පන්, නාසිගෝරෙං, මැලේ පිකල් වැනි ආහාරද හම්බන්තොට, ජාවත්ත, ජාඇල වැනි ප්‍රදේශ නාමවලද පාරම්පරික උරුමක්කාරයෝ මැලේවරුන්ය. නිදසුනක් ලෙස නාසිගෝරෙං යන්නෙහි නාසි වචනයේ මැලේ අර්ථය බත්ය. ගෝරෙං යනු බදින ලද අර්ථයයි. ඒ අනුව නාසිගෝරෙං යන්නෙහි අර්ථය ‘ෆ්‍රයිඩ් රයිස්ය’. නාසිගුරාං ලෙස ජනවහරයේ පවතින්නේ එයට හදුන්වන සාවද්‍ය යෙදුමකි. මෙවැනි නිදසුන් රැසක් මෙහි දැක්වේ.


වසර 30ක ලේඛන දිවියේ සිනහ කථා සංග්‍රහ සහ චරිත කථා කිහිපයක් පමණක් ලියා ඇති එඩ්වඩ් චන්ද්‍රසිරිට ශ්‍රී ලංකාවට සංක්‍රමණය වූ මැලේවරුන්ගේ ඉතිහාසය සිංහල ග්‍රන්ථයකට ගොනු කිරීමේ යෝජනාව බලපෑමට එක් හේතුවක් වූයේ 2006 පැවති ‘’රස සායං’’ නැමති මැලේ සංස්කෘතික උළෙලට සහභාගිවීම හේතුවෙනි. පෙර රජ දවස යුධ පිණිස පැමිණි මැලේ රජවරුන් ගෙන් ඇරඹි ශ්‍රී ලංකික මැලේවරුන්ට දීර්ඝ ඉතිහාසයක් ඇති අතර උසස් සංස්කෘතියකටද හිමිකම් කියනු ලබයි. මැලේ යනු මුස්ලීම් ජාතිකයින් නොවන බවද මුස්ලිම්වරුන් ලෙස හදුන්වන්නේ යෝනකවරුන් බවද මෙම ග්‍රන්ථය කියාපායි. කාලිංග මාඝ මැලේ කුමාරයෙක් වන අතර චන්ද්‍රානුනම් කුමාරයෙක්ද මැලේ රටින් මෙහි පැමිණ වසර 40ක් යාපනය පාලනය කර පරාජයට පත්විය. චන්ද්‍රභානුට ජීවිතය අහිමි විය. ඇතැම් රජවරුන් මැලේ කුමාරිකාවන්ද විවාහ කර ගත්හ. නිශ්ශංක මල්ල රජුද එසේ මෙරටට පැමිණි කුමාරයෙක් බව ග්‍රන්ථයේ සඳහන්ය.


වර්තමානයේ ශ්‍රි ලංකාවේ මුතුන් මිත්තන් සේ සැලකෙන මැලේවරුන් මෙහි පැමිණියේ ලන්දේසි යුගයේ වන අතර ඔවුන් තහවුරු වූයේ බ්‍රිතාන්‍ය යුගයේදීය. එම තොරතුරු මෙන්ම මැලේවරුන්ගේ භාෂාව සහ සාහිත්‍ය, ඔවුනට අනන්‍යවූ නිපුණතා, මැලේ ජන සමාජයේ ආගමික ප්‍රබෝධය, මැලේ සමාජ සංවිධාන, විවිධ ක්ෂේත්‍රයන්හි ඉස්මතුවන මැලේවරුන් වැනිදෑ මෙම ග්‍රන්ථයට ඇතුලත්ය.

නාට්‍ය ක්ෂේත්‍රයට ලැදි එම ක්ෂේත්‍රයේ සීමාමායිම් අතර නිරතුරුව හැසිරෙන එඩ්වඩ් චන්ද්‍රසිරි විසින් ඉතිහාසමය කාරණා කෙරෙහි මැදිහත්වන බොහෝ උදවිය ජාතින් අතර පැවතිය යුතු සහ වර්ධනය විය යුතු සංහිඳයාව අරබයා දක්වන අඩු සැලකිල්ලට නිසි පිළිතුරක් මෙමගින් ලබාදී තිබේ. ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ වාසය කරන කවර ජාතියක් වුවද සුළු ජාතියක් වශයෙන් නොව අන්‍ය ජාතින් ලෙස හැදින්වීම වඩාත් නිවැරදි බව කතුවරයා අවධාරණය කර තිබේ. මැලේවරුන් පිළිබඳව වසර කිහිපයක් කරන ලද පර්යේෂණයන් ඇසුරු කරමින් ලාංකීය මැලේවරුන්ගේ අභිමානයට හේතුකාරක වූ තොරතුරු මෙහි විස්තරාත්මකව දක්වා ඇත.

දේශපාලනය, කලාව, ක්‍රීඩා, ආරක්ෂක අංශ ඇතුළු විවිධ අංශවලට ශ්‍රී ලංකාව තුළ මැලේවරුන්ගේ සෘජු දායකත්වයක් තිබී ඇති අතර ලංකාවේ පළමු රණවිරුවා ලෙස සැළකෙන සඛාන්ද, ටී.බී ජයා වැනි දේශපාලඥයින්ද, ෆරීනා ලායි, හරුන් ලන්ත්‍රා, ජී.එස්.බී රාණි, ටෝනි හසන්, වර්තමානයේ ගායිකා උමාරියා සිංහවංශා වැනි අය ඒ අතරින් කිහිප දෙනෙකි. බොම්බායේ සිට 1936දී පමණ සරලා බායි ස්ත්‍රියක ලෙස වෙස් ගැනීමෙන් පසු ජනකාන්ත නිලි රුක්මනී දේවියට බෙහෙවින් සමාන බව ග්‍රන්ථයේ සඳහන්ය. ප්‍රසිද්ධ ස්ථානයන්හි සරලා බායි ඇදි සිටියේ සුදු කෝට් එකක්, සුදු කමිසයක් සහ සුදු සරමක් යන පිරිමි ඇදුම් කට්ටලයකින් බව මෙහි සඳහන් කරන්නේ එම ශිල්පියාට කරන ලගු කිරීමක් සේ නොවේ. ටී.බී ජයාගෙන් ඇරඹුණු මැලේ දේශපාලන පරම්පරාවේ මෑත අතීතයේ කථාබහට ලක්වූ චරිතය වූයේ ජනතා විමුක්ති පෙරමුණෙන් 2000දී ගම්පහ දිස්ත්‍රික් පාර්ලිමේන්තු මන්ත්‍රීවරයෙකුවූ අන්ජාන් උම්මාය.

අසූවේ ජුලි වැඩවර්ජකයෙකුවූ කතුවර එඩ්වඩ් චන්ද්‍රසිරි වාම ක්‍රියාකාරිකයෙකුවූ එම්රාන් ඩීන් හමුවීමෙන් පසු ඔහු හා නිරන්තරයෙන් කල කථා බහෙන් මෙවැනි ග්‍රන්ථයක් සම්පාදනයේ වැදගත්කම අවබෝධකරගෙන තිබේ. පැහැදිලිවම මෙය දුෂ්කර ව්‍යායාමක් බව කිව යුතුය. මැලේවරුන් මෙහි පැමිණීම, ඔවුන්ගේ භාෂාව සහ සාහිත්‍ය, මැලේවරුන්ගේ සමාජ සංවිධාන ඇතුළු කරුණු ගණනාවක් සාර්ථකව මෙහි දක්වා ඇත. ශ්‍රි ලංකා මැලේවරුන්ගේ ඉතිහාසය ඇරඹෙන්නේ ක්‍රි.ව 6වැනි සියවසේ සිට බව වූවද ග්‍රන්ථය කියවීමෙන් එහි ඓතිහාසික වෘතාන්ත අධ්‍යයනයෙන් සැබෑ තතු මැනවින් අවබෝධ වේ. ඉපැරණි යුගයක සිට අභිමානවත් පෞඬ ඉතිහාසයකට නෑකම් කියන මැලේවරුන් ඔවුනටම අවේණික ජාතිකත්වයක් සහ උසස් සංස්කෘතික රටාවක් උරුමකරගත් මානව වර්ගයක් බව ග්‍රන්ථය අවධාරණය කරයි.

පිටු 410ක් පුරා දිවෙන එඩ්වඩ් චන්ද්‍රසිරි විසින් රචිත මැලේවරුන්ගේ අභිමානය නම් කෘතිය ශ්‍රි ලංකීය මැලේ ප්‍රජා සංවිධානයේ ප්‍රකාශනයක් වන අතර ඒ පිළිබඳ විස්තර 071-4129943 අංකයට ඇමතීමෙන් විමසිය හැකිය. ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ අන්‍ය ජාතීන් පිළිබඳව හෝ මැලේ ජාතිකයන් පිළිබඳව ගවේෂණය කරන විද්‍යාර්ථියකුට හෝ ඒ පිළිබදව උනන්දුවක් දක්වන ඕනෑම අයෙකුට මැලේවරුන්ගේ අභිමානය පිළිබඳ ග්‍රන්ථය මහඟු අත්පොතකි.

ධර්මන් වික්‍රමරත්න

Sinhala democrats and the Tamil fascists

July 7th, 2016

H. L. D. Mahindapala

Velupillai Prabhakaran’s brutal violence, firing indiscriminately in all directions, went beyond the mandate of the Vadukoddai Resolution which was aimed exclusively at the Sinhalese. Prabhakaran was the first born child of the Vadukoddai Resolution which urged the Tamil youth to take up arms against the Sinhalese. But his ruthless killing of Tamils reveals how the bullets fired by the Vadukoddai Resolution ricocheted and killed the best part of the Tamil leadership and thousands of Tamil civilians. Above all, the killing of Tamils by Prabhakaran questions the claim of Tamils that he was created by the Sinhalese. If, as claimed, Prabhakaran was reacting vindictively to Sinhala violence to get even with them why did he kill more Tamils than all the others put together? They were his sole source of strength. So why did he bite the hand that fed him? Besides, his mission was supposed to be to protect the Tamils, not  to kill them. So was he reacting, with all his fury, to Sinhala mob violence, or to the culture of Vellahla violence which oppressed the Tamil low castes for centuries? Or both? Why did he also massacre the Muslims who had done  nothing  to him or to the Tamils?

Clearly, the explanation must  be somewhere else because Prabhakaran’s mindless violence blurred the communal divide. To locate the source  of his violence it  is necessary to go deep into the violent Tamil culture.His mass killings of Tamils prove that  he came out  of the violent Tamil culture that had targeted the Tamils throughout their history more  than any other external force. His scatter-gun approach, eliminating everyone whom he perceived to be his enemies, from Alfred Duraiyappah, to Neelan Tiruchelvam, and from Muslims to Rajiv Gandhi, had no relationship  to the Sinhala politics.

  1. K. Sivajilingam, characterised the violent Tamil culture succinctly when he said : “That was LTTE’s nature. They killed so many people who helped them. I don’t approve of it.” (Ceylon Today – 26.6. 2016) In saying that he was acknowledging, subliminally, that it was also the nature of Tamil culture because Prabhakaran came out of the violent Tamil culture. In the history of Jaffna, Prabhakaran stands out as the ultimate manifestation of traditional fascist violence that ruled Jaffna politics from the time of Sankilli — the mass murderer who killed 600 innocent Tamil Catholics on the Christmas eve of 1544 simply because they refused to owe allegiance to him.

In between Sankilli and Prabhakaran Jaffna was ruled by the casteist Vellahlas with an iron fist. Apart  from the Vellahlas imposing  their casteist regime with brutal violence on the hapless low-castes, sanctioned by Saivite Hinduism, it must not  be forgotten that Jaffna was the only community that imported slaves from abroad and exploited them as slaves denying them the basic human rights. Slave traders and slave owners have a vicious history of showing no mercy to their fellow-man. In  Jaffna slavery turned into one of the  most evil forces that reduced the  imported Malabaris from S. India to subhuman beasts of  burden. The Vellahlas had the power of life and death over them. According to the Tesawalamai Code the slaves of Jaffnapatnam were divided into four castes – Koviyars Chandars, Palls and Nallavars. (p. 76, The Laws and Customs of the Tamils of  Jaffna, Dr. H. W, Tambiah). They were the  lowest in the caste hierarchy of the Saivite  Hindus and were  doomed for life.

Fascist casteism combined with evil slavery turned Jaffna into a  hell-hole of brutal oppression. When  the Dutch codified the  laws and customs of Jaffna in 1706 and presented the Tesawalamai to the 12 Vellahla Modeliyars for  their  comments the only revision they suggested was the tightening of rules against the disobedient slaves. Of course, Tesawalamai, the sacred text of the Vellahlas, legalised casteist supremacy and the violence that went to enforce it. It provided the legal framework for  the Vellahlas to reign supreme, including oppressing  and suppressing the Tamils with violence, if necessary. Beneath the calm veneer of  the Jaffna landscape lurked the subhuman cruelty inflicted  on slaves and low-castes who were treated worse than cattle by the Vellahla supremacists.

The Sinhala visitors to Jaffna, who enjoyed  the generous hospitality of the Vellahla elite, (the guided Sinhalese  had no access  to the long-suffering low-castes) returned  with glowing reports of their brief stay. For instance, Jaffna cuisine had that extra flavour and kick which the Sinhala cuisine could  not match. But they never knew  what was seething beneath the surface. Except for the knowledgeable few and the Left-wing politicians the average Sri Lankan was not fully aware of the plight of the oppressed Tamils. Their hidden anger drew public attention only after the Maviddipuram Temple entry incident exploded, exposing  the oppressive tyranny of casteism.

Jaffnaites were very clever at camouflaging their inherent social evils and presenting themselves in their white vertis as pure Gandhians or saintly Vivekanandas. The unsuspecting Sinhalese, in fact, accepted their religious rituals and became a part  of  the Vail festivals, Thai pongals and Hindu Kovils, especially Kataragama. They never suspected that the Vellahlas were marketing their subhuman supremacy, dressed in a variety of subtle grabs, with great success to the world at large. Vellahla violence dominated Jaffna until the late 1970s. After the Vadukoddai Resolution (1976) Vellahla violence slipped into the  hands of Prabhakaran. Looking back it  is clear that the pre-Vadukoddai and post-Vadukoddai politics were determined and dominated by the aggressive and confrontational Vellahla agenda.

It is, therefore, necessary to understand the nature of Tamil violence. Understanding the nature of Tamil violence is a key to grasp the realities that bedevilled Sri Lankan politics. Mired in the myths of their own creation the Tamil ideologues refuse to face the underlying violence that warped  the Jaffna culture. The pro-Tamil ideologues have been engaged in labours of either covering up or giving  respectability to Tamil violence. The Tamil separatists labelled the Vadukoddai War as a “liberation struggle”, meaning “liberation” from Sinhala domination. In the eyes of the Tamil separatists, this description was seen as having the most legitimacy. Some others said that  it was an Eelamist War, which derived its origin from the Vadukoddai Resolution – the political manifesto-cum-declaration of war. Some said it was a terrorist war. This description gained global currency after India and America banned the LTTE as terrorists. Some  referred  to it as a “civil war” where  the divided citizenry fought each other. Some saw it as a majority vs. minority. But not all the minorities – the Muslims and Indian estate Tamils —  joined in the war. Some  saw it as a North-South war. There is some substance to this as it focuses on the geographical centres from which the conflict originated. It is the least emotionally charged description which covers in broad terms a range of issues  without mentioning controversial specifics.

Amidst this variety of  descriptions one fundamental aspect was ignored : that it was a war between a democracy and a dictatorship. In the last battle at Nandikadal the GOSL  forces pulverised the  Tamil fascist regime and ended the war which was, under any criteria, a triumph for democracy. The Tamils were once again free to hold their heads high and walk the earth with a dignity that was denied to them by the Tamil fascist  regime. The Tamils were once again free to hold  elections without their political preferences being dictated by a gun-toting fascist regime. The GOSL liberated the North and the East from the tyranny of a  one-man regime and restored power  to elected representatives of the Tamil people. But the partisan vocabulary seldom framed the political discourse in these terms. The ideologues hardly, if at all, conceptualised or contextualised the Vadukoddai War as a clash of two diametrically opposed political systems.

Even after the war ended the focus was on the clash of two communities and not on the two political systems. The common vocabulary accepted in toto the violence unleashed by the Vadukoddai Resolution as a clash of two communities. Mark you, the 33-year-old war was fought at a time when global crises were measured by the way each combatant upheld the three pillars of contemporary civilisation : 1. human rights; 2. rule of law and 3. democracy. Political morality was debated within this triangular framework. International intervention was also determined (at least ostensibly) on these criteria. Any argument that falls outside these parameters was dismissed as an irrelevancy. Though these three aspects are contested from diverse standpoints, they remain as the central and the cherished reference points of the political moralists. The strength of these triple gems as a binding universal force was derived from the UN Charter. The full weight of international law was invoked and applied rigorously to achieve these three goals.

But, oddly enough, the political analysts seldom, if ever, dealt with the longest running war in Asia as a clash between a fascist dictatorship and a liberal democracy. The overwhelming emphasis was on the communal aspect where the majority was accused of oppressing the minority. This not only distorted the perspectives but also perverted the discourse that followed,  leading  to the justification of fascist violence of the ruthless Tamil “Pol Pot”. (New  York Times).

Political analysts have taken extreme care not  to categorise the wars fought by the Western democracies as communal, or religious wars. President Obama, for  instance, has taken great pains to deny that the Christian West is fighting Islam. He defines his wars as a defensive mechanism for Western values, meaning democracy. human rights and rule  of law. The overthrow of Saddam was hailed as a victory for democracy. The dominant theme to justify Western military interventions, from the Cold War to the hot war against ISIS, was the protection of the fundamental rights of man for which the defeat of fascist dictatorship was a sine qua non. The flattening of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Dresden, with weapons of mass destruction, were justified on the grounds of saving democracy. The defeat of Nazism in Germany, fascism in Japan and Communism / Stalinism were celebrated as victories for democracy, human rights and rule of law. The intellectually  fashionable cries  of Left vs. Right have now receded into the background with democracy, human  rights and rule of law taking precedence over any other competing ideologies. American-led regime changes – including the “January 8” regime change of Sri Lanka – were ideologically packaged  and marketed as derivatives of these three factors. But in Sri Lanka the Vadukoddai War was propagated as a communal clash between the Sinhalese and the Tamils, or as the majority vs. minority war, ignoring the two glaring political systems that were battling for victory.

According to the prevailing political philosophy and international  law, particularly R2P, no democratic and responsible state could / should stand by and watch a fascist regime violating fundamental human rights.Which state would tolerate a tyrant forcibly recruiting children to protect his survival? So why wasn’t the Sri Lankan crisis evaluated and debated and determined on this plane? Human rights came to the fore emphatically only after the Prabhakaran was defeated. The issue of human rights at the height of the war, particularly when Prabhakaran was killing his own people indiscriminately, was almost negligible. It was a time when Prabhakaran was projected as the invincible force that must be appeased. The NGOs argued that human rights  could be served  only by appeasing Prabhakaran, not by eliminating him. Throughout the war, human rights accusations were levelled primarily against the GOSL to tie  its hands  behind its back and weaken its military capabilities. It was not directed against Prabhakaran with the same emphasis as it would blacken  Prabhakaran’s image and weaken his political clout.

At this point it must be conceded that the GOSL certainly was not a five-star democracy. But to its credit it cannot be denied that it fought the longest running war in Asia within a democratic framework, however defective it may have been. It even supplied food, medicine, social services and non-military essentials, to a rebel-held territory which, according to David Feng of UN, was a unique feature not found  in other wars.As opposed to this, the Tamils fought the Vadukoddai War under the most ruthless dictatorship. Of course, the foundational  justification were laid down in the Vadukoddai Resolution. In it the Tamil leadership declared its intention to step out  of non-violent parliamentary politics and go for a military solution.Their main argument was that the mainstream parliamentary politics had failed to deliver their “aspirations” for a separate state based, of course, on a contentious history  and, therefore, the only option was for the Tamil youth to take up arms and never cease until they had achieved their state of Eelam. The decision to step out of mainstream parliamentary politics opened the doors for the rise of the one-man regime of Prabhakaran.

One of the curious ironies of history is that the culture in which it grows hand-picks an agent to prosecute the defined agendas of the time. The ageing Fathers of the Vadukoddai Resolution washed their hands off any fighting and passed  the buck to the Tamil youth. And  in keeping  with its fascist violent culture Vadukoddai Resolution produced Prabhakaran, the  first born child  of the Vadukoddai Resolution. The Vadukoddai Resolution found its appropriate man to execute its goals in Prabhakaran. He  was hailed as the means to their end.

There was no democratic culture in Jaffna to produce democratic leaders to wage their wars under a democratic framework. All dissent was either suppressed or eliminated. Violent Jaffna culture was quite happy to go along  with the first born children of the Vadukoddai Resolution. They were christened, rather affectionately, as “the boys”. It was too late when “the boys” turned their guns first on the fathers of Vadukoddai Resolution. The Tamils had to pay a heavy price for abandoning  the non-violent mainstream politics and embracing the military solution. In embracing violence they had reached a point of no return. It was the biggest gamble of their political  history. And they lost.

In the following brief entry in his diary, Ben Bavinck captures the critical turn of events of the time. He says : “Apart from meeting a number of other friends, I must mention here only Neelan Thiruchelvam, the TULF MP and a very influential lawyer, who was actively involved in drawing up the devolution proposals of the Chandrika government. He is a very busy man, but I managed to get 15 minutes with him. In our conversation he criticised the UNP and particularly its leader Ranil Wickremasinghe for bringing about the failure of the devolution proposals, which according to him had been among the best in the world. I asked him for an opinion about the statement of MP Sivasithamparam, indicating his willingness to abdicate in favour of the LTTE. He agreed with me that this would not be possible, because as he said, “they strive after ideals which are totally different from ours.” I also met Radhika Coomarasamy at the same place and she added her own comment by saying that if she had to choose between a Sinhala democrat and a Tamil fascist she would choose the democrat. (p. 261, Of Tamils and Tigers: a journey through Sri Lanka’s war years,  Ben Bavinck)

The choice was clear. A minority of dissenting Tamils,  recoiling from the horrors of the Vadukoddai Resolution, knew that the LTTE had no regard for  the ideals of peace-loving Tamils. Nor was the Vadukoddai Resolution passed by the Tamil leadership for peace. Nevertheless, shock waves ran  through the political landscape  when M. Sivasithamparam, the Tamil leader, announced  his readiness “to abdicate in favour of the LTTE” which meant leaving the war-weary Tamils in the hands of intransigent  war-monger. Sivasithamparam like Sivajilingam was ever willing to sacrifice the Tamil people in  the hope of achieving their  impossible  dream – Eelam. The Tamil political class misled and  sacrificed their helpless people on the altar of oppressive gods. First they ruled, on the Saivite Hindu ideology that  promised their heaven on earth through oppressive casteism. Then it was handed over to Prabhakaran, the Suriya Devan, who promised to deliver the Tamil people through his one-man regime. Both were delusional pipe dreams. Radhika Coomaraswamy comes out more bluntly and declares that she prefers “a Sinhala democrat” to “a Tamil fascist”. But she and  her blue-stockings, not to mention their male counter parts,  never had the guts to fight for the just war of the Sinhala democrats.

Though she acknowledged the democratic nature of the Sinhalese she was openly in  the business of manufacturing justifications for the violence of the Tamil fascists. Neither Neelan nor Radhika had the intellectual integrity to live up to the objectives of  the ICES to probe  all sides of  the inter-ethnic relations. They delved  essentially into the Sinhala-Buddhist society to demonise them. They never explored the bleak history of Jaffna the way they scrutinised the southern society. In the name of objective research, they went into every nook and corner of Sinhala-Buddhist society, from Kalutara Bodhiya to Vihara Maha Devi Park, but they never ever peeped into the violent Saivite Hindu culture which was steeped, physically and ideologically, in ruthless violence. The violent Saivite Hindu culture that dominated Jaffna was defined unequivocally by its leading religious ideologue Arumuka Navalar who declared : “It is the duty of every Saivite to kill those who steal Sivan’s property or revile him. If one is not strong enough to kill the blasphemer, one must hire another to do it. If one has nothing to hire with, one must leave the country where the sinner lives. By remaining in the country one become participant in the sin.” – p. 80, The Bible Trembled, R. F. Young and Bishop S. Jebanesan.

Neither Radhika nor  her guru, Neelan, were keen on exposing the seamy side of Jaffna history for public scrutiny. If the systemic Velllahla persecutions, denial  of human rights, slave trade, caste oppressions and killings  of Tamils by Tamils found in historical records were revealed then it would have diminished the political mileage they gained from accusing the Sinhalese of discrimination etc. Hiding the criminal culture of Tamils was another way of justifying the Vadukoddai violence launched against the Sinhalese by the Tamil leadership. .

As stated by Prof. Rajan Hoole, the NGOs were pussyfooting around the fundamental  issues of war and  peace, of democracy and dictatorship, of human rights and the crimes  against  humanity committed  by Prabhakaran. The pro-Tamil intellectual community was as guilty as Sivasithamparam and Sivajilingam in the Tamil political  class in “abdicating power in favour of the LTTE.” Which, of course, led  the Tamil community all the way to Nandikadal.

Radhika had no excuse to either evade the moral choices, or dodge the horrors coming out of the womb of Jaffna. She knew her  history. She knew the cunning passages of politics and the contrived corridors of power.

After such knowledge, what forgiveness? Think now
History has many cunning passages, contrived corridors
And issues, deceives with whispering ambitions,

Given us by vanities………………….Think

Neither fear nor courage saves us. Unnatural vices

Are fathered by our heroism. ……..

These tears are shaken from the wrath-bearing tree.—


Gerontion, T. S. Eliot.


GL alleges Geneva intervention aims to promote separatism

July 7th, 2016

By Shamindra Ferdinando Courtesy The Island

Former External Affairs Minister Prof. G. L. Peiris on Sunday alleged that the ongoing high profile Geneva exercise spearheaded by Western powers was clearly meant to divide the country on ethnic lines.

Their real objective was to bring in constitutional changes to achieve what Prof. Peiris called despicable objective.

The former Law Professor was addressing a group of professionals at Nugegoda on Sunday evening. Former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa was also present. Arranged by Viyathmaga, an organisation seeking to educate the public regarding contentious issues, the forum discussed ways and means countering the Geneva challenge.

Prof. Peiris said a statement made by Jaffna District MP M.A. Sumanthiran on behalf of the four party Tamil National Alliance (TNA) at a Congressional hearing in Washington on June 14 and United Nations Human Rights Commissioner Prince Al-Hussein’s 38-point report on Sri Lanka had exposed their strategy.

The top Joint Opposition spokesperson read the relevant section from MP Sumanthiran’s statement released by the TNA to justify accusations directed at the Geneva process. Prof. Peiris quoted Sumanthiran as having said: If you ask me about international involvement in the accountability process, as far as I know the Government has not said ‘no’ to international involvement. All the multiple voices that you talk about say ‘international involvement – yes, but not judges’. Now I take great exception to that, because as I said at the beginning, the text of the 2015 Resolution is a negotiated text. We asked for (an) international inquiry, and we settled for a hybrid model. So that was negotiated with the Government of Sri Lanka. And having compromised and settled to a model which in the Resolution doesn’t merely say hybrid but explains in detail judges, prosecutors, defence attorneys and investigators, it obviously means judge qua judges, prosecutors qua prosecutors, so on and so forth. So it does not mean (for) judges to be advisors or judges to be involved in some other capacity. And that was well understood. I was personally involved in the negotiations, with the United States of America also participating in that particular process. There were some doubts created, as to whether the Constitution of Sri Lanka would allow for foreign nationals to function as judges and we went into that question, clarified it, and said yes they can and that is how that phraseology was agreed upon. And so, to us having negotiated and compromised and agreed that there would be a hybrid tribunal to try these mass atrocities, it is not open for the Government now to shift its stance and say ‘well, international involvement yes, but it’s in a different form, now…’. That is not acceptable to us at all.”

Comparing the ongoing process of constitutional reforms and previous constitutional making efforts, The Rhodes Scholar pointed out that the primary differernce was nothing but an extremely high level foreign intervention.

Prof. Peiris said that statements issued by Sumanthiran and Al-Hussein should be compared carefully. According to the former External Affairs Minister who had been involved in Geneva deliberations during the previous administration, Prince Al-Hussein’s statement dealt with three major issues, namely transitional justice, accountability and post-war national reconciliation here.

The Geneva process targeted the war winning military, sought to weaken their morale, promoted new opinion on devolution and agressively pushed for new cultural values.

The former Visiting Fellow of both Cambridge and London universities alleged that the entire Geneva process had been directed at the previous political leadership and the military. The Geneva project wanted Sri Lanka to introduce new laws to try those who had been accused of atrocities, special courts with foreign judges and administrative measures meant to sideline or remove officers and men who couldn’t be dealt through controversial legal process, Prof. Peiris pointed out.

Emphasizing that foreign judges couldn’t participate in the proposed judicial process under any circumstances, Prof. Peiris said that special process always undermined genuine justice system. Prof. Peiris recollected the way the then JRJ government had deprived Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike of her civic rights.

Having accepted foreign judges and other international experts, on the basis of that there was reasonable grounds to believe the Sri Lankan military committed mass scale atrocities during eelam war IV, both President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Wickremesinghe however in Colombo rejected foreign judges, Prof. Peiris said. Now, MP Sumanthiran had very clearly condradicted them, the former Colombo Ditrict MP said.

Referring to recent media reports pertaining to a dozen countries demanding that Sri Lanka fully implemented the Geneva resolution, Prof. Peiris said that there was no requirement as the Yahapalana government not only endorsed the resolution, it co-sponsored it.

Recollecting Sri Lanka’s stand in Geneva during the Rajapaksa administration, Prof. Peiris said that the government strongly resisted Western interventions through the Geneva-based body. Prof. Peiris stressed that the Rajapaksa government courageoulsy stood for Sri Lanka’s rights, though the Yahapalana rulers seemed to be hell-bent on appeasing those wanting to undermine post-war stability here.

The internationally recognised law academic said that it wasn’t fair only to blame Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera. President Maithripala Sirisena couldn’t absolve himself of the responsibility of causing unprecedented crisis by inviting foreign intervention.

Prof. Peiris expressed shock and dismay over some of the recommendations made by Prince Al-Hussein in the guise of implementing his human rights mandate. The section 9 of 38-point propoposal called for the strengthening of civilian oversight over the military in the form of multiple oversight and accountability mechanisms over defence policy, discipline and promotion, budgeting and procurement, Prof. Peiris pointed out. The Geneva resolution had even intervened in the duties and responibilities of parliament, the former law professor said. Prof. Peiris expressed serious concern over the Geneva push for the establishment of transitional justice mechanisms, including the criminalisation of international crimes in national law or allowing for the involvement of international judicial personnel in the proposed new Constitution.

Prof. Peiris said that Al-Hussein had unfairingly accused the military of holding onto land belonging to northern civilians. The section 13 dealt with the issue of the role of the military in the Northern and Eastern Provinces without taking into consideration the overall picture, Prof. Peiris said.

The former External Affairs Minister pointed out the absurdity in Al-Hussein’s objections explained in section 15 in respect of the arrest of former members of the LTTE under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) from 2015 till so far this year. The Geneva concerns should be examined against the backdrop of recent bombings in France and hostage crisis in Dhaka, the former minister said. The Western powers obviously didn’t care to appreciate the efforts made by security authorities to avert possible fresh attacks, Prof. Peiris said.

Prof Peiris asserted that the following sections directly interfered with domestic affairs, namely (section 16) called for further sharp decrease of northern military presence (section 18) rapid prosecution of selected cases (section 19) swift legal action against those in the military allegedly responsible for sexual violence (section 22) speed up judicial reforms with the focus on comprehensive transitional justice agenda, incorporating the full range of judicial and non-judicial measures (section 28) establishment of Office of Missing Persons with wide powers (section 32) inclusion of foreign judges (section 33) fresh probe on alleged use of cluster ammunition and (section 34) denial of opportunity to serve under UN command unless officers and men passed stringent vetting process.

Lanka and her ancestry

July 6th, 2016

Professor Nishan Wijesinha (Professor of Paramedics & LAW; and Divinity and Holistic Science)

Long time ago, India consisted of many countries. Vanga was one of the countries in India at that time. The king of Vanga (present-day Bengal) married a princess named Mayavati of the Kalinga country (present-day Odisha). The couple had a daughter named Suppadevi. She was thought to be in the Hindu culture an extremely beautiful goddess. As an adult at sixteen those-days, Princess Suppadevi left Vanga to seek an independent life. She joined a caravan headed for Magadha; but it was attacked by Sinha a beastly jungle outlaw as of Robin-hood of the Sherwood Forest. Sinha was attracted to her, and she also caressed him.

All effort to find the Princess failed. Years later, the princess had twins, a son and a daughter. The son was named “Sinhabahu” and the daughter was named “Sinhasivali”.

The King of Vanga announced a reward for anyone who could kill Sinha; through a general of the Vanga Kingdom. Sinhabahu killed his own father to claim the reward. By the time Sinhabahu returned to the capital, the King of Vanga had died. Sinhabhau was made the new king, but he later handed over the kingship to his mother’s new husband, the general.

Sinhabhau founded a city called Sinhapura and married his sister Sinhasivali, They had 32 sons in form of 16 pairs of twins. Vijaya was their eldest son, followed by his twin Sumitta.

Vijaya was made the prince-regent by his father, but he and his band of followers became notorious for their violent deeds of looting and rape. After repeated attempts to stop Vijaya’s acts failed; the prominent citizens demanded that Vijaya be put to death. Then King Sinhabahu decided to expel Vijaya and his 700 followers from the kingdom. The men’s heads were half-shaved and they were put on a ship that was sent forth on the sea.

Vijaya and followers was harbored at Thammanna coast in Lanka; and was held as prisoners in the first ever recorded banishment prison then located in Lanka; by King Maha Kalasena’s most beautiful queen and general of the forces Kuweni.

Thammanna kingdom is considered as the first kingdom of Lanka and the prehistory of Sri Lanka begins at this point too.

Kuweni was supporsed to be beautiful and full of grace and being just sixteen; fell to the handsome looks of Vijaya.

Vijaya was then able to defeat King Maha Kalasena and to get the crown and rule the country of the Theravada Sinhalese with the help of Kuweni who became the wife of Vijaya.

Vijaya and Kuveni had two children, Jeewahaththa and Disala.

During this time Vijaya’s Ministers build cities by their names and also propagated Hinduism.

Minister Anuradha built Anuradhagama which later became Anuradhapura.

Ministers Uruwela, Vijitha and Upatissa built villages and named them after their names. (Upatissa Gama later became Panduwas Nuwara).

Vijaya’s Ministers wanted Vijaya to become a Hindu King.

Vijaya’s ministers, therefore, sent emissaries with precious gifts to the city of Madhura; which is Madurai State of South India as of today, which was then ruled by a Pandu king.

Madhura is identified with current Madurai State in South India.

Vijaya betrays Kuweni; and eventually kills her; and the Pandu king’s daughter becomes his queen; as Vijaya gets coroneted as a Hindu King; and reigns for 38 years.

[With this coronation, Eastern and the Northern Maritime Provinces of Sri Lanka becomes one Hindu Dominion.]

In the Meantime, on advice of Kuweni’s maternal uncle, the two children are secretly sent to Malaya Rata; which is later identified as the Kandyan Kingdom; where the two marries each other and brings the birth of a puritan Sinhala Race through their offspring, and followers.

Meanwile Vijaya had no other children after Kuveni’s death.

And when he grew old, he became concerned that he would die heirless. So, he decided to bring his twin brother Sumitta from India, to govern his kingdom. He sent a letter to Sumitta.

But by the time he could get a reply, he died. His ministers from Upatissagama then governed the kingdom for a year, while awaiting a reply.

Meanwhile, in Sinhapura, Sumitta had become the king, and had three sons. His queen was a daughter of the king of Madda that is of Madra. So, he requested one of his sons to depart for Lanka.

His youngest son, Panduvasdeva, volunteered to go.

Panduvasdeva and 32 sons of Sumitta’s Ministers reached Lanka, where Panduvasdeva became the new ruler.

King Panduwasdeva ruled the country keeping Upathissagama as the capital. He also needed an Indian high cast princess for his coronation. The princess “Badrakachchana” who came as his wife was a close relative of Gautama Buddha, as her grandfather was King Suddhodana (father of Gautama Buddha).

From henceforth was the merger back with the Theravada Sinhalese.

At the same time, Chauvinist Sinhalese authors even of the Mahavamsa have used the mythology to oppose Tamil secessionism; to safeguard patriotism; which has eventually diluted the historical truth; of Lanka and her ancestry.


පොලිස් නිල රථ යේත්  දෙවියෝ  වැඩ සිටී

July 6th, 2016

ධර්මසිරි සෙනෙවිරත්න

ඇමරිකාවේ  පොලිස් නිල රථ වලද    POLICE  යන වචනයට පහලින්    IN  GOD  WE  TRUST  යනුවෙන් ලියා තිබෙනු ඔබ දැක තිබේද  . ඇමරිකාවේ සාමය රකින  නීතිය ක්‍රියාත්මක කරන පොලිසිය  වැඩ කරන්නේ රටේ ව්‍යවස්ථාපිත නීතිවලට අනුකුලවද එහෙම නැත්නම් කිසියම්  නොපෙනෙන දෙවියකුගේ නීතිරීතිවලට අනුවදය් පැනයක් මතුවේ . රට ව්සියා විශ්වාසය තැබිය යුත්තේ  කා වෙතද . මැවුම්කාර දෙවියන්වහන්සේ  ඔවුන්ගේ දෙවියන්ය . දෙවියන් විසින් මවු සියල්ලෝම දෙවියන්ගේ දරුවෝය .එහෙත් මේ දරුවන් අතර බෙහෙවින් අසමානකම් ඇත .එකෙක් මවු කුසේ සිටම අබ්බගාතයෙකි එකෙක්  මෙලොව එලිය දකින්නෙම  ප්‍රකොටිපතියෙකු ලෙසය . මේ දෙන්නාම  බිහිකළ පියා ගේ අදහස්  ගැන සමහරුන්ට විශ්වාසයක් නැත අ බ්බගාතයා බිහිකළේ .  හිතක් පපුවක් නැතුවද . එසේනම් එවැන්නෙක් ගැන  විශ්වාසය තැබිය හැකිද මැවීමක් නැතිව වෙනත් ක්‍රමයකට  බිහිවන්නේ නම් ප්‍රශ්නය බරපතල නැත .ඒවාට විවිධ හේතු ඇත ලෝකයට පාඩමක් උගන්වන්න කියා අබ්බගාතයන් බිහි කරන පියෙක්  සිටිය හැකිද පාඩම් ඉගැන්වීමට හොඳම දෙය හොඳ මොලයක් ඇති ය බිහිකිරීමය් .මේවා විස්තර කිරීම අවශ්‍ය නැත .  මෙවැනි  අ  යුක්ති සහගත  ක්‍රියාවක් කරන කෙනෙක්  ගැන පොලිසියත්  ජනතාවට මතක් කරන්නේ නම් ..  ලංකාවේ කලක් රජ කල    ජේ ආර් ජයවර්ධන  කිව්වාක් මෙන් ඇමරිකන් ජනතාවද  ”””’තමන්ගේ ආරක්ෂාව තමන් විසින්ම  බලාගතයුතුය  ”’.
                                     මුදල් නොට්ටුවේද   එයම සටහා න් කර ඇත .මුදල් නොට්ටුවත් පොලිසියත් දෙකම එදිනෙදා ජීවිතයට  එකසේ වැදගත් දෙකකි  .හැමවිටම god මතක් කකිරීමට රජය කටයුතු කර ඇත  . එහෙත් රට අනාගමික    ලු . god  හැමටම ඉහළිනි .එංගලන්තයේ රැජින එහි ආගමික නායකයාය . රැජින එනවිට බිශෝප්ලාත් නැගිටිති .  සිංහලේ රට හැදුවේ බෞද්ධයන් වුවත්   ඔවුන්ගේ රට ” මේ සිංහල අපගේ රටය් ” යනුවෙන් කීමත්  ලැජ්ජාවට කරුණක්  බව  ”’ප්‍රගතිශීලී ”’ ගායිකාවෝ පවසති . දාගැබ් වෙහෙර විහාර ගඩොල් මෝඩයන්ගේ වැඩ බව මාක්ස් වාදීහු පවසති සිංහල බෞද්ධ  ”සම–  හරක් ”’ තමන්ගේම දර්ශනය   නදත්තුකිරීමේ කාර්යය    අන්‍යාගමිකයන්ට පවරාදී  බලා සිටිති උන්  දැන් වසර දෙතුන්දාහක් තිස්සේ   පැ වතී බෞද්ධ ජීවන ක්‍රමය  විනාශ කර   ව්‍යවස්තාව මගින්ම රට අනාගමික  කිරීමට  වැඩකරගෙන යති  ..
                      තව ටිකකලෙකින් ..”’IN GOD  WE  TRUST පුවරු     ”නමෝ බුද්ධාය ”’    – තෙරුවන් සරනය් ”’ පුවරු වලට ඉහලින් දිස් වෙනු ඇත .  .මල වුන් අතර සිටින    දෙවියන් වහන්සේ  නැගිට අවුත්   අවුකන  පිළිම වහන්සේ  වලට දමනු ඇත .
 එවිට                   ”’ඇසේ  මතුවන කඳුළු බිඳු  ගෙන ”” කාගේ සිරිපා දොවන්නද    බොදුනුවනි .

Twilight Zones on Planet Earth

July 6th, 2016

By Jeff J. Brown, for the Moscow-Beijing Express

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Rod Serling was the creator, producer and main screenwriter for his celebrated 1940s-1960s radio and TV shows, including the Twilight Zone. A committed leftist, he suffered regular censorship and was a fierce activist against racism, McCarthyism, the Vietnam War, nuclear weapons and censorship. He was an eloquent and creative voice against American empire. (Image by

It has been instructive to travel this summer and get out of China for a while. What is apparent to me, as I read national newspapers and international magazines along the way, is that humanity is living in two parallel worlds, and for the most part, they are mutually exclusive. Rod Serling, the producer of the 1950-60s science fiction television show, Twilight Zone, could not write a more dimension bending script.

On the one hand, the majority of the world’s people are living in Empire World. Their perceptions are molded and manipulated by the West’s owners, those elites (and their army of enablers), who make up the top one-tenth of one percent of the economic and political pyramid. In Empire World, Planet Earth is portrayed as a very scary place, full of monsters, demons and their evil leaders, who are all hell bent on threatening the “established order”.

This Western status quo is depicted as a shining beacon on the hill, towering over the rest of the world’s people, nobly imposing its superior history, civilization, culture, goodness, capitalism, justice, rule of law and civil society on the human race. The subtle message is that non-Westerners who are not empire’s obedient servants are thus ahistorical, uncivilized, uncultured, unjust and lawless savages. This propaganda is so ruthlessly pervasive and effective, that most of Planet Earth’s non-Westerners suffer from terrible inferiority complexes and accept their status as second class citizens, in the face of Eurangloland’s relentless juggernaut.

This 85% of humanity, mostly dark skinned and surviving from day to day, are brainwashed into fatalism. It’s their fault that they only own a tiny fraction of their country’s wealth and have little to no control, nor the means to do something about it. They keep telling themselves, “If only…”, “Once I…”, “Except for the fact that…” The vast majority of them don’t even recognize that they and their inherited natural resources are being exploited by Western imperialism and its client state elites, with its noxious cocktail of racism, capitalism, colonialism, false flags, war and fascism (see Even though they are victims, talking about these components of imperialism is often met with disbelief or denial. The notion that the West is an empire and that colonialism and fascism are alive and thriving in their countries just does not register. Fascism was vanquished in 1945 and colonialism was finished in the 50s-60s, with all the people’s countries gaining their “independence”, right?

Yet, it is perfectly normal that Eurangloland has over 1,000 military installations around the world, that it can freely invade or bomb any country it wants, secretly or in the open, in the Americas, Africa, Asia and even Europe. It is okeydokey that Israel and NATO commit horrific war crimes and genocide, nonstop with total impunity, while Western NGOs, banks, corporations and institutions plunder this 85% and their rightful wealth. The mentality of most of the world’s non-Western peoples is like that of a rape victim,

It’s my fault, I deserve it. And I realize that I should, but it is not worth trying to seek justice, since the system is rigged, even though by not fighting back, this psychopath will continue to rape others.

Then there are those countries living in the reality of another Twilight Zone. They see the world differently, at least among their leaders and most of their citizens. I call this group the “Anti-West”. It includes Russia and its Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), China and its Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), North Korea, Iran, Syria, Eritrea and the Bolivarian Alliance (ALBA) in the Americas. The fact that many of these countries are officially communist or socialist is telling, as these political systems are the only two that have historically opposed Western imperialism and its aforementioned cocktail of destruction and mayhem.

However, as we have seen recently in Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina, among their political parties and elites, there is a significant percentage of their national populations who drink from the poisoned chalice of Western empire and swallow all that “beacon on the hill” propaganda, as irrefutable gospel. They call themselves “freedom loving”, “capitalists” and “libertarian”. For maybe a few extra crumbs of the colonial pie, they are more than willing to turn their country into a socioeconomic hell hole and Western client state. Most are not even thinking on that level, they just want to emulate super-consuming Westerners and live a more materialistic existence. Ironically, the West is rich only because of its massive theft of these people’s wealth, via its colonial empire. These subversive victims create their own, perverted Twilight Zone alongside the Eurangloland version. They are often called the “fifth column”, being self-serving termites, who are happy to bring down their nation’s tree of commonwealth, for a belly full of wood (see

The Anti-West has its own propaganda, media, political parties and systems, all flailing away at the overwhelming dominance of colonialism. While the West sees in them as threatening monsters, demons of evil, the Anti-West lives in its own, opposing Twilight Zone reality, cooperating and aligning together, while building metaphorical and real bridges of commerce, infrastructure, connectivity and transportation.

The Anti-West is succeeding in all these categories, except in the propaganda and media departments. Yes, it has RT, Telesur, Press TV and China Daily, but the truth is that they are like blood starved fleas on the rump of a raging bull elephant. The West’s soft power and cultural suzerainty totally rule across the planet. Millions of Chinese, Russians, Iranians and ALBA citizens (fanatically) follow Western sports teams, musical artists, Hollywood, television, press, media and fashion. In the background, they underestimate the linguistic hegemony of English, which is the global language of empire. They often don’t make the connection between their countries’ struggles for financial and political independence, freedom from exploitation and aggression, with the Western soft power that they crave. It is as deadly as stealth bombers. Why? Because that’s how the human brain works and the resulting feelings of victimhood, inferiority and powerlessness, which take root.

Western governments, spy agencies, corporations and media work in well-coordinated lockstep to blanket humanity in a fog of withering and highly effective propaganda. It brainwashes the vast majority of world citizens into consumer nihilism, self-satisfying numbness, apathy and helplessness. Neil Postman wrote angrily about this, in his classic takedown of Western soft power, “Amusing Ourselves to Death” (see

China and Russia have already officially joined hands to create a cooperative media effort. Last month, they held their huge Far Eastern Media Summit in Vladivostok, inking numerous agreements (see and It was actually the third summit, the first one taking place in 2014. But this is not enough. Remember those blood starved fleas on the rump of Western empire’s raging bull elephant. Russia and China may tower against the West in the spheres of economy, military, science and technology. But in terms of propaganda and media, they are on the same, humble level as Iran and Venezuela.

Thus, in order to stand up to the West’s global propaganda behemoth, they need to expand their media summit and deal-signing concept, to include all of their allies in the Anti-West. I can die trying to findPress TV, Telesur and RT on cable or satellite in China and I suspect the same problem exists in all these countries. But, I can damn sure get my brain lobotomized by an endless stream of Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and BBC, in even the remotest corners of Latin America, Africa and Asia.

This has got to change. China’s and Russia’s Presidents Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin can sign all the commercial, military, educational and S&T deals they want, together and with their Anti-West brethren, but around the world, these success stories are heavily censored and distorted behind the Great Western Firewall (see SCO, CSTO, ALBA and all other Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) countries with state-owned media concerns need to meet regularly and sign tons of cooperative media, cross-cultural and sports agreements. Then most importantly, they must put them into effect and promote the hell out of them, day after day, year after year. Otherwise, the NBA, Lady Gaga, Batman, Game of Thrones, Time magazine, BBC and Versace will continue to win where it really matters, in the minds of the world’s people: perception and the notions of superiority and inferiority that it engenders.

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July 6th, 2016

Dr Sarath Obeysekera 

This is a very bold statement made by the ex minister .He also mentioned that all MP’s should at least  pass  GCE  O level

We also saw how another deputy minister behaving like a lunatic trying to prove that that KDK fan was strong enough to hold his heavy weight during his purported mission of committing suicide .

Yesterday we saw the President locking up some ministers in Matara during the opening ceremony of Excise office.

Can president open ward in the Angoda Mental Hospital and place some of the Ministers and MP’s for a short while so that doctors can do a “Fitness Test “ like the annual emission test of  motor vehicles to ascertain the mental status of the law makers ?

I also suggest that all the MP’s are taught to learn acrobatics as  they keep somersaulting from one party to another  and this training may also help them jump from hotel rooms to the ground without hurting their ankles  !


Prof Yunus reacts to terror attacks, Dhaka social business day postponed

July 6th, 2016

 By NJ Thakuria

Guwahati: The lone Bangladeshi Nobel laureate  Professor Muhammad Yunus expressed shock at the barbarity of the terrorists, who killed

20 hostages and two Bangladeshi police officers in cold blood at Dhaka’s Holey Artisan Bakery on 1 July evening and pleaded for a new world of equality and dignity.

Meanwhile, following the barbaric terror attacks the scheduled 7th social business day to be held in the Bangladesh capital city on 28-29 July has been postponed. Yunus Centre, which functions as Prof Yunus’s secretariat in Dhaka, said in a statement that all activities related to the social business day were cancelled.

“I express my heartfelt condolences to those, far and near, who have lost their loved ones and wish their souls to rest in peace,” said Prof Yunus, the economist turned  asocial thinker, who was honoured with Nobel peace award in 2006 along with his creation Grameen Bank of Bangladesh.

The nurturer of micro-finance and the architect of social business initiatives around the globe uttered dismay that ‘such attacks taking place in Bangladesh’ as Prof Yunus ‘always believed Bangladesh to be a tolerant liberal country’.

“We must do soul searching on how this breeding of violence began in our country. We want to create a society peacefully shared by everyone, with everyone having their space, having the right for all to express their views freely, without fear or social or official constraints,” asserted Prof Yunus.

Arguing that violence, military or terrorist, can no longer be contained in one country or region, Prof Yunus appealed to all nations to work to bring lasting peace in the Middle East.

“We are seeing this everyday and must wake up to the fact that violence in one place breeds violence even in remotest places of the world,” stated the global social leader adding, “I plead to the powerful nations please overcome differences among yourselves to bring peace in the Middle East so we have better chances of peace in our cities and communities around the world.”

TNA’s revelation in Washington as regards foreign judges stuns govt

July 6th, 2016

by Shamindra Ferdinando Courtesy The Island

The four-party Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Friday (July 1) welcomed a hard-hitting statement, issued by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein, in respect of war time and post-war accountability issues in Sri Lanka. The Human Rights HC reiterated the call for international participation in the proposed war crimes probe, on the basis of Resolution 30/1, adopted on Oct 1, 2015.

The TNA comprises the Illankai Thamil Arasu Kadchi (ITAK) and three former terrorist groups namely TELO, PLOTE and EPRLF formed by the government of India in the ‘80s. The TULF, too, had been part of the grouping at the onset of the LTTE-TNA relationship, though it subsequently quit. TULF, leader V. Anandasangaree, told the writer, some time back, that he quit the alliance as he didn’t want to contribute to the LTTE’s despicable strategy.


In a statement issued on the afternoon of July 1, TNA declared: “We reiterate that justice for crimes committed, in the past, by both sides, is a necessary precondition to meaningful reconciliation. In this regard, we reiterate the importance of the full implementation of operative paragraphs 6 and 7 to ensure trust and credibility.”

The TNA didn’t include the two operative paragraphs in its statement.

Let me reproduce operative paragraphs in Resolution 30/1, titled ‘Promoting reconciliation, accountability and human rights in Sri Lanka’, unanimously adopted by the 47-member Geneva-based United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). Sri Lanka co-sponsored the resolution.

Operative paragraph 6: “Welcomes the proposal by the Government of Sri Lanka to establish a Commission for Truth, Justice, Reconciliation, and Non-Recurrence; an Office of Missing Persons; and an Office for Reparations; and stresses the need for these mechanisms to be independent, impartial, and transparent, as well as, led by individuals known for professionalism, integrity and impartiality.”

Operative paragraph 7: “Welcomes also the commitment by the Government of Sri Lanka to ensure that each transitional justice mechanism has the freedom to obtain assistance, including financial, material and technical assistance, from international partners, including the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.”

It would be pertinent to keep in mind the TNA’s actions are fully supported by the UK headquartered Global Tamil Forum (GTF) who spearheaded the overseas campaign, leading to Sri Lanka’s humiliation in Geneva.

The TNA also asserted that Resolution 30/1 represented the solemn commitment of Sri Lanka to its own citizens, and to the Tamil people, who, the grouping represented, and must be implemented.

The TNA has conveniently forgotten the circumstances under which the grouping regained the right to represent the Tamil-speaking people.

Until the Sri Lankan military, eradicated the LTTE leadership, on the banks of the Nanthikadal lagoon, in May, 2009, the group remained the sole representative of Tamil- speaking people.

In the run-up to eelam war IV, in August, 2006, the LTTE received the TNA’s recognition. The TNA worked closely with the LTTE during this period with some of its members of parliament attending passing out parades of child soldiers.

Having won the April 2, 2004, parliamentary polls, with the help of the LTTE, the TNA represented and promoted the interests of the group, in parliament. The European Union Elections Observation Mission alleged the LTTE-TNA relationship and explained how R. Sampanthan’s outfit benefited through terrorism. There had never been a previous instance of a recognized political party being accused of receiving the support of a terrorist group, in the country.

The EU report, released on June 17, 2004, described the LTTE as the primary source of violence, at the April 2 general election. The EU monitoring mission’s head, John Cushnahan, didn’t mince his words when he declared that the LTTE’s primary aim was to garner a huge majority for its proxy, the TNA, to project the group as the sole representative of Tamil speaking people. In fact, the EU endorsed what TULF chief V. Anandasangaree had been saying throughout the campaign. Unfortunately, the then government, the international community, and even the Nordic truce monitoring mission, didn’t take any notice. Anandasangaree was ignored. The UNP refused, at least, to condemn the LTTE for making an attempt on the life of T. Maheswaran, Jaffna District candidate. Anandasangaree urged the government and the Opposition not to accept the TNA. The LTTE proxy had no right to be in parliament (TULF leader applauds EU for unmasking LTTE proxy––The Island of June 23, 2004).

The EU said: “Firstly, the LTTE intended that no other rival Tamil party (or Tamil candidate from the mainstream political alliances), to the TNA, would be able to claim to represent Tamil interests. A chilling message, to this effect, was sent early in the campaign when a UNP candidate and an EPDP activist were murdered. Incidents, such as this, seriously restricted the right of the parties other than the TNA to campaign freely in the Northern and Eastern Districts. During the 2004 elections, the major incidences of violence were perpetrated by the LTTE, whereas at the earlier elections, the primary source of the violence (although not all), were the two largest political parties.”

A statement issued by the TNA, in the run-up to the April 2 general election, highlighted its alliance with the LTTE. Unfortunately, the UPFA failed to exploit the environment to its political advantage. It simply ignored the rapidly developing situation. The TNA declared: “Accepting the LTTE’s leadership as the national leadership of ‘Tamil Eelam’ Tamils, and the Liberation Tigers, as the sole and authentic representative of the Tamil people, let us devote our full cooperation for the ideals of the Liberation Tigers’ struggle with honesty and steadfastness. Let us endeavour determinedly, collectively as one group, one nation, one country, transcending race and religious differences, under the leadership of the LTTE, for a life of liberty, honour and justice for the Tamil people.”

TULF veteran Anandasangaree suggested that those who monitored the poll should have called the Elections Commissioner to annul the results. Anandasangaree said that all monitoring groups should have joined hands in exposing the LTTE/TNA alliance (Monitors should have called for fresh poll in North and East-TULF––The Island of June 24, 2004).

The TNA remained mum on the EU report. Senior TNA members refused to discuss the issue, though The Island sought their opinion on several occasions. However, they privately acknowledged that the report would never be taken up with the EU, though it caused severe embarrassment to the party. The TNA admitted that it wasn’t in a position to challenge the EU, hence its decision to remain mum (TNA mum on EU polls terror report––The Island of July 4, 2004).

Colombo – based Western diplomatic missions never raised the issue with the TNA.

During the second week of November, 2005, the TNA instructed Tamil speaking people to boycott the Nov. 17, 2005 presidential polls to facilitate the then Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa’s victory. The TNA issued instructions, in this regard, at the behest of the LTTE. No less a person than UNP Chairman Malik Samarawickrema told the writer of the TNA and the LTTE depriving UNP candidate Ranil Wickremesinghe of certain victory. Had that happened, the conflict wouldn’t have ended in annihilation of the LTTE’s conventional military capability.

The TNA remained firmly with the LTTE until the very end. At the behest of the LTTE, the TNA campaigned both here and abroad to force an end to the ground offensive. The TNA refrained from, at least, publicly urging the LTTE to give up human shields and halt forcible recruitment of children. The TNA leadership refrained from intervening, on behalf of those who had been wounded, fighting for the LTTE. The LTTE prevented wounded cadres from taking advantage of the ICRC run operation to evacuate them from Puthumathalan.

The TNA remained silent as the LTTE forced the entire population, living west of the Jaffna-Kandy A9 road, to accompany the retreating fighting units across the main overland supply route. The TNA had been part of the overall LTTE strategy. The TNA leadership suddenly remembered the suffering of those trapped in the Vanni after troops cleared the last pockets of resistance.

For some strange reason, the previous government never raised the issue of the TNA’s accountability and its relationship with the LTTE, when the Geneva-based United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) intervened in Sri Lanka. The writer, on several occasions, sought an explanation from the previous administration in respect of TNA’s accountability. The Rajapaksa administration never inquired into the matter in spite of the TNA going all out against the war-winning government on the basis of unsubstantiated war crimes allegations. The Rajapaksa administration had nearly seven years to conduct a comprehensive inquiry into the LTTE-TNA alliance and also efficiently counter unsubstantiated accusations. Unfortunately, the then government failed, pathetically.

The TNA subsequently established a solid partnership with the UK headquartered Global Tamil Forum (GTF) to pursue an efficient campaign. Their project culminated in January, 2015, with Western powers facilitating the ouster of the then President Mahinda Rajapaksa to pave the way for the Geneva Resolution meant to initiate war crimes probe.

Those loyal to former President Rajapaksa still remained thoroughly disorganized. They lacked a clear vision to counter accusations, as well as comprehend the on-going project to haul Sri Lanka before a hybrid court. The Island, in its June 28, issue reported TNA Jaffna District MP, M.A. Sumanthiran, declaring that the government of Sri Lanka, the US and the TNA reaching an agreement on foreign judges on a war crimes court. The story headlined ‘Constitution no bar to foreign judges in war crimes court-TNA’ was based on a statement issued by the TNA, on June 16. Although that statement had been on public domain, the Joint Opposition didn’t respond until The Island highlighted the issue.

Had the TNA remained silent, on the agreement, the country wouldn’t have heard about it. In fact, the TNA statement was meant to pressure the government, and to remind the Yahapalana leadership that it wouldn’t give up, or dilute arrangement, over foreign judges.

MP Sumanthiran declared that they had reached a tripartite consensus in respect of foreign judges, defence attorneys, investigators, etc., in a Sri Lankan judicial mechanism before the UNHRC unanimously adopted Resolution 30/1.

Attorney-at-law Sumanthiran told a recent American ‘Congressional Caucus for Ethnic and Religious Freedom in Sri Lanka’, in Washington, that the government of Sri Lanka, the TNA and the US had been involved in the negotiations leading to the agreement.

The declaration was made in the presence of Sri Lanka’s Ambassador in Washington, Prasad Kariyawasam.

MP Sumanthiran stressed that the resolution was moved in Geneva following an understanding that the participation of foreigners wouldn’t be contrary to Sri Lanka’s Constitution. Declaring that he had been personally involved in the negotiations, with the United States of America also participating in that particular process, Sumanthiran said: “There were some doubts created, as to whether the Constitution of Sri Lanka would allow for foreign nationals to function as judges and we went into that question, clarified it, and said yes they can”.

Sumanthiran told the Congressional Caucus that the resolution adopted in Geneva, had been negotiated and they settled for a hybrid model though they originally asked for an international inquiry.

The TNA didn’t find fault with The Island coverage of the issue. The government, too, didn’t dispute the reportage.

MP Sumanthiran’s revelation caused turmoil with attorney-at-law, Chrishmal Warnasuriya, strongly countering Prince Al-Hussein assertion that Sri Lanka’s judiciary lacked credibility to undertake war crimes inquiry. Warnasuriya, who had played a high profile role in the Opposition campaign to ouster the Rajapaksas, didn’t mince words when he rejected foreign judges, in a domestic judicial probe, under any circumstances.

National Freedom Front (NFF) leader Wimal Weerawansa wrote to President Maithripala Sirisena seeking a clarification regarding the TNA heavyweight’s declaration in Washington.

Dr Wasantha Bandara, on behalf of the Federation of National Organizations (FNO), too, sought a clarification from the government regarding MP Sumanthiran’s declaration. The Foreign Ministry has remained mum in spite of the TNA MP making unprecedented claim in the presence of Ambassador Kariyawasam.

Obviously, the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe government appeared to have misjudged the post-presidential poll situation in Geneva. UPFA General Secretary, Mahinda Amaraweera, a few months ago, declared that President Sirisena and the government had resolved the Geneva issue and, therefore, those who had been warning of an impending war crimes probe now need not be worried. President Sirisena and Prime Minister Wickremesinghe, too, declared that foreign judges wouldn’t be included. Instead of confirming their public stand, Al-Hussein and Sumanthiran had clearly stated that the participation of foreign judges remained a key to a credible judicial process.

In the run-up to the presidential and parliamentary polls, in January and August, 2015, respectively, the country was told that the threat of war crimes probe would end with the ouster of the then President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Yahapalana leaders proudly declared that as the faith in the judiciary had been restored, therefore the issue of foreign judges was irrelevant.

They have been proved wrong. Whatever the post-presidential election polls understanding between the UNP-led coalition and the TNA that helped bring Maithripala Sirisena into power, the LTTE ally remains committed to internationally discredit Sri Lanka and the Rajapaksas. The TNA underscored its readiness to do whatever necessary to oust the Rajapaksas when it backed war-winning Army Chief Gen (retd.) Sarath Fonseka’s presidential candidature at the January 2010 presidential polls. The TNA objectives at that election should be examined against the backdrop of engineering Ranil Wickremesinghe’s defeat at Nov, 2005 presidential.

None of those politicians, who had been fighting separatist sentiments, have so far bothered to study the TNA. The Sirisena-Wickremesinghe government shouldn’t forget that the TNA demands for international participation, in proposed war crimes probe, while being the recognised Opposition in parliament. The TNA has also forgotten that it wouldn’t be in this position today if not for the battlefield defeat of the LTTE and UNP machinations in parliament. In addition to the TNA, many have, for reasons best known to them, forgotten the difficult war fought for nearly 30 years.

One time Justice Ministry Secretary Dr Nihal Jayawickrama recently declared that the country lacked the experience and expertise to undertake such a task on its own, while castigating the judiciary, the military and law enforcement agencies. The outspoken former official, who played a controversial role in Mrs Bandaranaike’s United Front government, strongly justified calls for foreign judges to lead the inquiry. Dr Jayewickreme even lost his civic rights as a result of his role in that government after it was defeated soundly by the UNP in the July ’77 general election.

“Without accountability, there can be no reconciliation in any society. The hybrid court, which the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights recommended for Sri Lanka, is a unique element in the human rights based approach to transitional justice in a post-conflict situation. Comprising international judges, prosecutors, lawyers and investigators, a hybrid court is designed to deal with those who bear the greatest responsibility for series of crimes, arising from, or during the conflict, such as war crimes or crimes against humanity, including sexual crimes and crimes against children. President Maithripala Sirisena has repeatedly asserted that under no circumstances will he agree to the participation of foreigners in the accountability process in Sri Lanka. The President has claimed that Sri Lanka has an independent judiciary which is quite capable of addressing the issues of accountability without any foreign assistance. It is perhaps time for the President’s advisers to brief him on the real position.”

Jayawickrama faulted successive governments for categorizing the conflict as a situation caused by terrorism. Alleging that successive governments had failed to restore good governance, Dr Jayawickrama declared: “On the other hand, there is the issue of justice, reparation and reconciliation, which has been brought to the fore through the actions of a succession of Presidents who set out to resolve a political and human rights problem, conveniently dubbed “the terrorist problem’, through the application of military power.”

To be continued on July 13

Governed by the mentally unstable

July 6th, 2016

Citizen S  Courtesy The Island

The Island Editor has been lenient in his Saturday’s editorial when he called another Thevarapperuma antic, infantile. He is the ‘Mervyn Silva’ of the present government; or, Andare in the old kings’ governments. No! That’s an insult on the great comedian of yore! Andare was not mentally unstable like these basket cases, who have weaselled themselves into the august house. He was a very clever satirist.

Anyone who commits suicide or shows suicidal tendencies are suffering from a mental disorder, which needs psychiatric treatment. Not only in this instance, but in so many other instances, Thavarapperuma has shown his mental disorder symptoms. This is seen in his unbridled and instantaneous aggression, physical violence, and cheap theatrics to get attention, and now a suicide bid. Can somebody please help this man? We’ve got some psychiatrists in Sri Lanka, and this is their chance to save the country, if not the patient.


Thavarapperuma is supposed to have joined a people’s protest to force the government. But he IS the government! What is he doing, protesting against it? As a person who is in the government, he has ways and means of solving problems without joining protests. Maybe he doesn’t have the capability of doing so? Or maybe this is a cunning way of hoodwinking the people that he is on their side. Whatever the reason, he needs help and medical intervention. Also, it is getting extremely clear and vitally important for political parties to contain and control this kind of people, for their own good. (I think Mervyn Silva cost Rajapaksa the presidency, single handed). They should diligently screen, all individuals before letting them contest from their parties, and make sure the representatives they put forward are at least mentally stable, if not educated. It’s time to get rid of the preferential election system that allows loose cannon like Thevarapperuma on people of this country. NOW!

Citizen S

Chilcot will not save the damned

July 6th, 2016

By Dr Kamal Wickremasinghe

Politics and the English Language, the most famous shorter work of George Orwell, is notable for providing a list of writing tips to aspiring writers as well as for its savagely disdainful view of politicians’ use of language. Orwell writes: “In our time, political speech and writing are largely the defence of the indefensible. Things like the continuance of British rule in India … and the dropping of the atom bombs on Japan, can indeed be defended, but only by arguments which are too brutal for most people to face. Political language has to consist largely of euphemism, question-begging and sheer cloudy vagueness. Political language … is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

The reader is likely to be afforded a chance to experience the truth of Orwell’s conclusion today, around 10 AM London time. The occasion marks the release, at last, of the final report of the Chilcot Inquiry into Britain’s role in the 2003 illegal invasion of Iraq; Chilcot’s report is said to be four times as long as War and Peace, containing 2.6 million words. But, as per Orwell’s predictions, the inquiry report is expected to do nothing more than reviving the ugly memory of the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s deception of the people of Britain, and the world at large, prior to the illegal invasion of Iraq, in March, 2003.


The report is unlikely to conclude that Blair’s government lied to the world about the presence of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Iraq as justification for launching an illegal war. Chilcot will not hold Tony Blair or anyone else to account. Reports on early drafts suggest that Chilcot will only impugn government ministers, legal advisers, civil servants, army commanders and intelligence officials about their misdeeds. So, in 24 to 48 hours, the British establishment, and Hugo Swire, can go back to pursuing Sri Lanka!

Indeed, the story of the Chilcot Inquiry itself is as putrid as Blair’s original lies and deception it purported to investigate. Blair’s successor, Gordon Brown, set up the inquiry, back in 2009, with commission to examine the British government processes leading up to the invasion of Iraq and in its aftermath. The broad terms of reference embraced the dynamics of Britain’s involvement in the Iraq invasion, the military action and its aftermath, covering the period between 2001 and 2009; The expressed objective was to establish the mechanics of the decision-making process that led to the disaster, and to identify necessary changes in the British constitutional arrangement to prevent a recurrence.

The report, to be released today, after an inordinate delay of seven years – more than 10 years since the invasion of Iraq – makes it an irrelevance due to a couple of reasons. Firstly, the inquiry did not seek to hold Tony Blair responsible for the murder and torture of Iraqis by British soldiers in Basra and elsewhere in Iraq, as the concept of war crimes at the heart of international law requires; John Chilcot’s announcement at the opening of the inquiry that his intention was not to ‘apportion blame’ but to ‘get to the heart of what happened’ was an attempt to manage public expectations of true justice. Its commission did not include exploratory forays into the war crimes committed by Blair or the illegality of his disgraceful actions. Secondly, the impediments placed by the British government, by way of limiting the publication of crucial information available to the inquiry, made even its modest aims unachievable.

The failure of the Chilcot inquiry was due largely to undermining by Tony Blair through the offices of David Cameron who assumed prime minister ship in 2010, a year after it was set up; Under Blair’s instructions, Cameron first tried to prevent the inquiry proceeding altogether and later did everything possible to stifle its effective operation. Later events provided solid evidence that Blair had persuaded Cameron to hamstring the inquiry, primarily by restricting access to crucial information and by preventing the publication of other important documents. A sequence of purpose-designed legal and other procedural barriers imposed by David Cameron by withholding written electronic evidence reduced the inquiry report to a worthless pile of paper.

Chilcot Inquiry lacked competence and operated in a vacuum

Even before the information ‘road blocks’ were put in place, the Chilcot Inquiry’s capacity to properly inquire in to the subject matter at hand had been curtailed by constituting a panel that lacked the relevant professional backgrounds: the members ‘chosen’ did not include any military experts, lawyers with proven inquisitorial skills or elected representatives. Sir John Chilcot was a former diplomat and his team comprised Roderic Lyne, another former diplomat, two history professors — Lawrence Freedman of King’s College London and Martin Gilbert, an Oxford don with acknowledged Mossad contacts. The other member was Usha Kumari Prashar (Baroness), a member of the House of Lords.

It was clear from the outset that the Chilcot Inquiry included no members with the legal background or capability needed to address the substantive legal issues that arose from Blair’s actions. During a parliamentary debate over the establishment of the inquiry, MPs from all the major parties noted that the membership of the inquiry panel did not provide the requisite expertise or impartiality to enable a rigorous examination of Blair’s dishonesty; The former British Ambassador Oliver Miles wrote an article in The Independent on Sunday (21 November 2009) questioning the appointment of two historians, at the insistence of Tony Blair and his puppet-master Peter Mandelson, purely on the basis of their ardent support for Israel. The appointment of Gilbert (Churchill’s biographer) in particular, was criticised due to his recorded previous comparisons of Bush and Blair to Roosevelt and Churchill. Martin Gilbert died in February, 2015, during the inquiry process.

This collective lack of competence in the panel was compounded by the cunning devices and processes put in place by David Cameron to systematically deny public exposure of information that was crucial for an ‘open’ inquiry as required: six months in to the inquiry, by October 2009, the British Government published a Protocol, in agreement with the Chilcot Inquiry, that “sensitive” information will not be made available to the public; In 2012, Cameron got his Attorney General to embargo the release of more than 200 minutes of records of Cabinet meetings held in the days leading up to the invasion. The information was crucial if the inquiry was ever to “get to the heart of what happened” as promised by Chilcot.

The veto also covered the release of more than 130 records of “conversations” between Bush and Blair and 25 notes from Blair to Bush. Cameron also got the Foreign Office to block the disclosure of extracts of a conversation between Bush and Blair moments before the invasion. Such concealment of evidence was justified by Cameron on the basis of a “significant danger” to British-American relations. A leaked diplomatic cable revealed, however, that the British Ministry of Defence had promised the US to “put measures in place to protect your interests” during the inquiry. Cameron’s limiting of public exposure of crucial information via the Chilcot Inquiry, constituted a ‘moral crime’ that matched Blair’s heinous war crimes record.

Legal procedures connected to some of the bans on information hopelessly delayed the progress of the inquiry to as late as 2015, just as Cameron and Blair had intended. The release of the report was deferred again on account of the May 2015 general election. In August 2015,the report was further delayed into 2016 due to the legal requirement of “Maxwellisation” – a process through which all people criticised in the report are granted a fair opportunity to comment prior to finalisation and publication. Finally, in October 2015 Chilcot proposed a release date of July 2016.

The nub of Blair’s crimes

It is a sign of the shameful US-British manipulation of global power politics that George W. Bush and Tony Blair have not been held accountable for the war crimes committed in the murder of 750 000 Iraqis in a patently illegal “shock and awe” bombing campaign perpetrated by them. The UN Security Council has not been allowed to pursue the case vigorously enough. Prosecutors at the ‘kangaroo court’ of the International Criminal Court (ICC), known only for its pursuit of alleged war crimes by Black African nations, have already ruled out putting Tony Blair on trial for war crimes. Despite the sacrifice of lives of 179 British soldiers, the British government could never be expected to allow the truth about Blair’s dishonesty to surface.

The Chilcot Inquiry only ever anticipated investigating Blair’s “lesser crimes” of manipulation of the democratic process to commit Britain to a war by lying about non-existing intelligence on WMD that never existed in Iraq. Added to these abuses would be Blair’s brushing-off of legal advice that the invasion would be illegal. At the root of Blair’s enthusiasm for committing of Britain to the invasion however, was the unqualified commitment he had given to George W. Bushin 2002, unbeknown to the House of Commons and the British Cabinet.

Tony Blair has always sworn, before the Chilcot Inquiry and elsewhere, that he never committed Britain to war at Bush’s Crawford ranch in March 2002. He also told voters until shortly before the invasion that he was not proposing military action; Blair’s version of events was that he agreed with Bush on the need to confront Saddam Hussein without getting into ‘specifics’.

Unhindered publication of the records of conversations between Blair and Bush would have been the only measure that would have helped the British public and the world conclusively determine whether Blair committed the UK to back US invasion in 2002; This is the reason why the US government colluded with Blair to claim ownership of all critical pre and post-war communications between Bush and Blair, refusing to sanction any declassification. On the British side, Blair and David Cameron joined hands and hid behind a 20 years rule of disclosure.

At the near completion of the Chilcot Inquiry, on 15 October 2015, however, the truth surfaced unexpectedly, through a leaked Secret Memo from the then Secretary of State Colin Powell to George W. Bush. The leak almost certainly came from Powell himself, who was deeply unhappy about being forced to lie before the UNSC in his 5 February, 2003 presentation of the American case for war against Iraq, against the background of Pablo Picasso’s anti-war mural tapestry “Guernica” covered up with a blue shroud.

Written a week before Bush’s secretive “summit” with Blair at his Crawford ranch in Texas on 28March 2002, almost exactly a year before the actual atrocity — with Blair’s wife, daughter and mother-in-law in tow – proved in explicit terms that Blair had committed Britain to the invasion. Revealingly, Powell also notes in the Memo that apart from Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon, Blair’s Cabinet and 90 per cent of the British public are unconvinced that military action is warranted now. Sir Christopher Meyer, who accompanied Blair to the Crawford ranch as Britain’s Ambassador to the US, but was excluded from the private meetings, informed the inquiry that he was ‘not entirely clear to this day, of what was agreed at the secretive meeting’. Five months after the Crawford “summit”, Blair produced the notorious ‘45 minutes from doom’ bogus dossier on Saddam Hussein’s supposed WMD. The disclosure was crucial enough to have forced John Chilcot to reopen his inquiry but nothing of the sort happened.

As to Blair keeping his Cabinet in the dark, Lord Butler, the former Cabinet Secretary who chaired the 2004 Review on Intelligence on WMD in Iraq has accused Blair of deliberately preventing his ministerial colleagues from seeing important data in the run up to the invasion of Iraq. Butler said that none of “a lot of very good official papers” and the attorney general’s advice were circulated to the cabinet. Butler told the House of Lords on 22 February, 2007, that Tony Blair was being ‘disingenuous’ because intelligence reports presented to him, on 23 August, 2002, had unequivocally conveyed that “we know little about Iraq’s chemical and biological weapons work since late 1998”. Butler reminded that Blair lied to parliament a month later claiming that the picture painted by the intelligence services was ‘extensive, detailed and authoritative’.

Despite such official advice, Blair wrote in the Foreword to the Dossier presented to the parliament, “I believe the assessed intelligence has established beyond doubt that Saddam has continued to produce chemical and biological weapons, that he continues in his efforts to develop nuclear weapons and that he has been able to extend the range of his ballistic missile programme.”

Much of the most damning evidence in the public domain about Blair’s deceptive behaviour has been corroborated by the most senior civil servants who advised Blair at the relevant time: the former Head of the civil service, Sir Gus O’Donnell, told the inquiry, in 2010, that Blair was “reluctant” to hold Cabinet discussions about. Blair did not believe his Cabinet was “a safe space” in which to debate the issues involved in going to war. He added that the records of informal meetings held under Blair were not “as complete as” he would have liked.

Sir William Ehrman, director general for defence and intelligence between 2002 and 2004, told the inquiry that the government received intelligence days, before invading Iraq, that Saddam Hussein did not have chemical weapons.

The UK’s ambassador to the UN at the time, Sir Jeremy Greenstock said advice had been provided that the invasion was of “questionable legitimacy” as it was not backed by the majority of UN members or possibly even the British public. In separate evidence, former Cabinet Secretary Lord Wilson said that he alerted Blair to the legal issues involved with the intention of halting military action.

History will be the judge

Public inquiries in democracies aim to serve many purposes: they aim to establish facts and make recommendations to prevent incidents from recurring. One of their key roles is to hold those in authority to account.

The British history with public enquiries however, has been “mixed”, to put it mildly. Such inquiries appear to have a habit of turning in to devices designed and conducted by the British political class to keep the lid on its disastrous and dishonest activities.

A case in point is the 1916 Dardanelles Commission of inquiry in to the role of Winston Churchill as First Sea Lord in instigating the disastrous plan and the incompetent military decisions he made as a battalion commander (while remaining a Member of Parliament) during the Dardanelles Campaign of the First War. The appointment of Churchill’s close friend the Earl of Cromer chairman and events such as the commission holding its meetings in secret and the mysterious drowning death of Field Marshal Kitchener, who had been secretary of state for war a month before the establishment of the commission failed to instil confidence in the minds of the public. As expected, Churchill went scot-free in 1919 with the commission concluding that the campaign had been poorly planned and executed and problems were exacerbated by personality clashes at high levels. The “personality clashes” was a cryptic reference to Churchill’s obstinate war decision making, without ever having had any military experience, against the advice of Ian Hamilton, the general in command.

Similarly, the Chilcot Inquiry has faced widespread public criticism from its outset in 2009: many hearings took place in secret and there were protracted disputes with the government over the publication of Cabinet Office minutes and memos between Tony Blair and George W. Bush.

Chilcot is reported to have criticised Blair for the decision to join the US-led coalition and lying to parliament, stopping well short of accusing him of anything. Chilcot is thought to have criticised British military generals heavily for accepting the role in running Basra in the south of Iraq that led to besieged UK forces scrambling in 2007, marking possibly the greatest ever humiliation of their military might.

It will be too much to expect the Chilcot Inquiry to find the correct words to describe Tony Blair’s bigger atrocities on Iraqi people. The report is expected to have sought refuge in euphemisms; Chilcot is also likely to sprinkle his report with “terminological inexactitudes” – the phrase Churchill devised to describe lies.

As much as Blair’s lies may have debauched the standards of public life in Britain, they fail in to insignificance when compared with his war crimes in Iraq. It must never be forgotten that Blair’s (and Bush’s) deception caused the loss of life of 750,000 Iraqi women, children and men. The result of deposing Saddam Hussein on false pretences and setting up a Shia majority government is clearly behind the sectarian fury that led to the creation of IS, with disastrous impact on the world. Blair will be damned by history irrespective of what Chilcot says in his report.

From a Sri Lankan point of view, until Britain cleans its own backyard of the blood of war crimes in Iraq and elsewhere, countries like Sri Lanka are entitled to discard their uninvited lessons on morality as hypocritical garbage.

UNHRC – Modern Incarnation of Christian Inquisition: Sri Lanka case

July 5th, 2016

Shenali D Waduge

We are trying our best to understand the mentality behind the manner that the UN & its bodies function. The stark bias is nothing no one can today ignore. The callous manner that the UN blatantly ignores crimes committed by a handful of very powerful nations while allowing these very nations to use UN forums to bring others to book is baffling. We can only find explanation for this behaviour in comparing historical patterns of thinking and actions to the current behaviour and conclude that the mentality of the inquisition where the operational rule of law was ‘we can commit what we like, you can too so long as you tow the line but if you don’t you will suffer consequences’ appears to be the DNA that has been pervading the rule of law preached by the UN, UNHRC and other bodies leading to the perversion of justice. This is the only explanation we can conclude for the manner that UN and in particular the UNHRC is pushing for war crimes tribunals and foreign judges when clearly no war crimes have been committed by Sri Lankan forces. All legal opinions have been thrown out and fairy-tale reports suffice to bring a nation and its forces to be crucified so that constitutional and other internal changes within Sri Lanka’s sovereign structure can be made to facilitate the incursions that would turn Sri Lanka into a client state. Behind the racism & bias there is a bigger plan.

For over 700 years the Inquisition continued starting in 1231 A.D and the last execution ending in only 1826. The Vatican’s Congregation of the Inquisition was formally abolished in 1908 but became renamed as the Holy Office which became the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith in 1960s and was headed by Cardinal Josef Ratzinger before he became Pope Benedict XVI.

We believe the UN/UNHRC are mere extensions of the colonial goal to subjugate, plunder and continue to ‘civilize’ non-Christian world and this is the reason behind the UN’s abject racism upon all non-whites except those non-whites who wish to pretend and act like they are white!

You will find no non-white within the UN hierarchy who can act according to his own conscience rooted to his roots!

  • If the Christian Inquisition was the Vatican’s response to anyone who did not believe Christian dogma, the UNHRC’s gavel comes down on any nation that does not conform to its dictates.
  • If the rule of law and human rights during the Inquisition was one sided applying to all those on the side of the Inquisitors, all those not aligned to UNHRC and those that steer UNHRC will become targeted through rules and laws that they create.
  • If Inquisitors went out into regions, questioned people intensively, conducted tribunals and meted out punishments, how different is it to the UNHRC sending its rapporteurs and special envoys only to targeted nations to doctor the case against them?
  • If the Inquisitors were excellent record-keepers but their execution records are all ‘lost’ is it any surprise that the West’s crimes almost always get swept under the carpet using some legal jargon created exclusively to absolve them!
  • If torture was an integral part of the inquisitorial process and used by the secular courts of the time with the Church even having guidelines for torture how is it different from the waterboarding & other torture methods legally permissible by US authorities.
  • If the Inquisition was persecution institutionalized for targeted groups what difference is it when UN & Its bodies are presently going after only selected people and nations?

The countries that point fingers demanding others to uphold religious freedom were responsible for burning thousands of people at the stake.

The state of mind behind the Inquisition is no different to the European policies and conduct from plundering nations, confiscating their territory, extermination of entire races, the religious crusades that killed thousands, the transatlantic slave trade and enslavement of the black, brown and yellow people. The scale of these crimes very few people know. History has hidden them because the perpetrators do not wish the world to know these crimes. These very nations have the audacity to demand apology and acknowledgement and reconciliation when none of their sins have been atoned for. This is the logic that we today question. How can nations with soiled hands talk with high moral ground? How can nations with blood on their hands with no apology or compensation for their crimes preach to others when they have committed and continue to commit worse crimes?

In 2012 at the UNHRC it did not matter that the Sri Lankan troops defeated a terrorist movement and freed a nation from terrorism, the Christian countries voted en masse against Sri Lanka (24 countries voting for the resolution, 15 against and 8 countries abstaining) The voting patterns was not hard to fathom. India sided with the majority of Christian countries at that vote thus signaling the presence of sepoy mentality pervading the Indian establishment. The behavior of India, Japan, South Korea is a glowing example of how leaders of even great nations can suffer colonial mindset inspite of their greatness.

The other countries that voted for the resolution were countries that are easily manipulated with blackmail and threats to withdraw foreign aid and technical assistance. Such is the diplomacy that prevails inside the UN! The successive resolutions that followed took a similar pattern. The bias of the UN is such that to date no Muslim, no Buddhist, no Hindu, no Jain has even been considered for the position of the UN Secretary General. Asians selected are either Christian or people with sepoy mentality ever ready to serve the white masters for their own personal ‘self-benefit’ and ‘self-advancement’ a quality imbibed through colonial education system upon all former colonies.

This is the jungle law that prevails and they introduce kangaroo courts to bring to book all those who do not conform to their will.

These laws are all written by former colonial occupiers and the law is simple to understand. All laws will apply only to those that are non-European or those that do not conform to the will of the Anglo-American rules. That was how Hitler, Milosovic and others became punished. All those however unfavourable who are willing to tow the line are also accepted – that is how Saudi the worse oppressor of rights and freedoms is one of the key allies of the West and can even influence the UN and have its name removed. Such luxuries are not afforded to other nations unless they have money to throw into the UN kitty. So money rules the UN.

Sri Lanka became crucified for ignoring calls to stop the war against LTTE. Sri Lanka’s former leaders didn’t follow orders and therefore they must be punished is the norm on which the rule of UNHRC is being applied.

There is no other explanation that can be given to understand why the UNHRC is going out of its way to push for war crimes trials against Sri Lanka that conducted a military operation to free its citizens from the menace of terrorism and in doing so saved close to 300,000 as against the ghost figures claimed to be dead. The international arguments for war crimes even referring to case laws all hold that Sri Lanka has not committed war crimes and yet the UNHRC is persisting simply because Sri Lanka defied the West’s orders and as punishment Sri Lanka has to pay for its ‘sins’. This vengeance and venom for going against the Western ‘rule of law’ is the only explanation for the West using UNHRC to demand war crimes trials.

There was no moral authority during the Inquisition and there is no moral authority in the manner the UN functions behaving as a hobby horse to advance the interests of only the West. All international laws are designed to suit the West, Western cultures, Western thinking and norms. At all-times Western superiority over non-white is the underlying status quo. There is no such thing as credible institutions. Everyone of them is biased and scales are tipped in favor of them. If the non-white nations are unable to realize this and unite to oppose this modern means of slavery our nations will be forever doomed with no real development in sight. The bogey of transparency and human rights are only applicable to non-whites. This is clearly seen by the declaration of US Chief Justice Roger B. Taney in the famous 1857 Dred Scott v. Sanford decision about the Founding Fathers’ mindset in drafting the Constitution:

“Blacks had no rights which the white man was bound to respect; and that the negro might justly and lawfully be reduced to slavery for his benefit. He was bought and sold and treated as an ordinary article of merchandise and traffic, whenever profit could be made by it.”

  • The 3 Holy Crusades are said to account for 1.7million deaths
  • The Holy Inquisitions is said to have led to 75million deaths.
  • Howard Zinn says European Colonialism killed 100 million people. The colonial invaders are responsible for the deaths of MILLIONS across Asia, Africa, China, the Americas and Australiasia. It is estimated that during the initial Spanish conquest of the Americas up to 8million indigenous people died, marking the first large-scale act of genocide of the modern era (Forsyth)
  • The Congo Free State in Central Africa that was privately controlled by Leopold II of Belgium. Under his regime there were 2 to 15 million deaths among the Congolese people. (Peter Forbath)
  • Ward Churchill, a professor of ethnic studies says North American Indian population was reduced from estimated 12 million in 1500 to barely 237,000 in 1900 ….did ‘Americans’ kill 100million Red Indian natives who owned the land?
  • Between 1824 and 1908 White settlers and Native Mounted Police in Queensland, according to Raymond Evans, killed more than 10,000 Aborigines, who were regarded as vermin and sometimes even hunted for sport
  • In Brazil alone, the indigenous population declined from a pre-Columbian high of an estimated 3 million to some 300,000 (1997). (Gail Fineberg)
  • World War 1 – The total number of deaths includes about 11 million military personnel and about 7 million civilians
  • World War 2 – Civilians killed totalled 50 to 55 million, including 19 to 28 million from war-related disease and famine.
  • Remember Zimmerman’s logic? Blacks commit burglary, Trayvon was black, therefore Trayvon was a criminal – end of case.
  • Lynching of blacks took place in America even upto 1950s. They were social events where families enjoyed picnics watching African slaves being extrajudicially hung and photos became postcards. Blacks were hung for offences as small as ‘disputing a white man’
  • There is an uncanny tendency to always accuse a non-white as committing acts of terror while shootings and crimes committed by whites often get brush aside as being the result of some mental state of depression etc. All shooters and mass killers in America have been white except for the Korean student who killed 33 people in 2007.  All presidential assassins in US have been white.
  • Remember the interview with former Secretary of State Madeline Albright who did not bat an eyelid when she said bombing Iraq for false WMDs was ‘worth it’ inspite of 500,000 Iraqi children dying
  • US drone strikes – 41 men targeted but 1,147 people killed – 90% of the time US drones kill innocent people
  • James Lucas writing for GlobalResearch says US has killed more than 20 million people in 37 “Victim Nations” since World War II

The latest about Tony Blair getting a clean chit is a icing on the cake to showcase that no amount of crimes committed by the West will ever get to any court and punished as war crimes so long as they the West calls the shot.

Civilian deaths are mourned when others are accused but when the same or worse crimes are being committed by the West ignoring all laws in place it is conveniently brushe under the carpet and the UNSG and the UNHRC head think they are fooling the world releasing ‘strong statements’ against these nations to show they have said something. For all other nations as in the case of Sri Lanka the insistence on war crimes tribunals and foreign judges and ridiculing our internal systems is the standard operating procedure.

In short it appears that the West have not shed their inquisitorial mindset. The West historically suffers the ailment of blaming only others, demanding apology from others and criminalizing others purely on accusations they think are valid and a court must uphold as truth and nothing but the truth. There is no room for the benefit of doubt or the right to question them. They can accuse and their accusations have to be accepted without question. All fundamentals of court procedures are violated and thrown out the window. Just because they hate the other party, they must be punished using the law that they control. And they have no shame or feel no shame.

This is the fate that has befallen Sri Lanka.

Yet, there are people still who will call a spade a spade and people who can see the racism of the West and the bias of the UN and we will continue to highlight these bias.

Shenali D Waduge

Zeid chants separatist mantra

July 5th, 2016

By Shivanthi Ranasinghe Courtesy  CeylonToday

Brexit had consumed local media, especially after Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. In Sri Lanka too, politicians, professionals and other pundits are as intensively divided into ‘doom’ and ‘boom’ camps as the British.

Five days later, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein renewed its call for a war crime probe in Sri Lanka with international participation. Yet, this did not excite the Sri Lankans as Brexit did.

Interestingly, just days before Zeid’s special report, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian, M. A. Sumanthiran disclosed that the government, the United States and TNA had come to a tripartite agreement, allowing foreign judges. According to Sumanthiran, it was a huge concession on TNA’s part to agree to a hybrid court, for they originally sought an international court. He also insisted that the Sri Lankan Constitution would not get in the way of foreign judges participating.

Sumanthiran’s statements
Federation of National Organizations (FNO) was one of the very few to visibly react to Sumanthiran’s and Zeid’s statements. Compared to Sri Lankans’ reaction over Brexit, this was a mere hiccup. It is almost as if to Sri Lankans, Sri Lanka is some far off island half across the world, whereas what happens in Britain is personal.

It was FNO which immediately sought an explanation from the government on Sumanthiran’s statement. The government, however, appears divided over the issue. Both President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe had earlier ruled that it would be foreign expertise, and not foreign judges, that would participate. Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera, however, appears to be more in line with TNA.

The government is yet to accept, reject or clarify Sumanthiran’s claim. Assurance that the Constitution will bar foreign judges came instead from the civil rights activist Attorney-at-Law Chrishmal Warnasuriya.

He made the observations at the inauguration of the People’s Intellectual Assembly. Civil rights activists who were involved in forming the present government gathered to pressurize it to get on track the derailed promises of good governance. While each highlighted different issues, Warnasuriya addressed this particular point that threatens the integrity of the country’s sovereignty.


Zeid’s special report, titled “Promoting Reconciliation, Accountability and Human Rights in Sri Lanka”, shockingly lacked a comprehensive understanding of the subject and was shabby in detail. Despite many experts and special rapporteurs in recent times visiting Sri Lanka to make their observations, the quality expected from an esteemed institution as the UN was markedly absent in the report.

As FNO observes, Zeid appears to be influenced by the separatists and not by Sri Lankans. He had not only failed to accurately address the challenges faced by the minorities, he had also completely ignored the majority. At the very least, he had not even questioned why the people in the North continue to be led by politicians from Colombo and not from their own province.

A glaring hypocrisy is his promise of a visit from the Special Rapporteur on freedom of opinion and expression in early 2017. Yet, “he is concerned by continued aggressive campaigns in social media and other forms (such as the ‘Sinhale’ bumper sticker campaign) that stoke nationalism against ethnic, religious and other minorities”. When Charles Hebdo was murdered for his insulting caricatures, his freedom of expression was defended by all civilized societies, despite the hurt he caused to millions of people.

Stoking racialism
Whether ‘Sinhale’, stokes any racialism is much debated. What is quite disturbing is when so-called experts on Sri Lankan matters do not take all sides into consideration. His partiality is highlighted when ‘Sinhale’ catches his attention fully, the increased unfurling of the proscribed LTTE’s flag completely misses his eye.

He notes the formation of the National Unity Government, where even the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) “has consolidated its position, creating a political environment conducive to reforms,” ignoring completely those who cast their vote for the alliance in which SLFP is a partner categorically voted against the formation of a unity government. Thus, those voters’ fundamental rights are being blatantly violated has escaped Zeid.

He points out, “The fate of remaining security detainees held under the PTA remains a major concern for the Tamil community”. He however fails to note the concern of those, who did not vote for the incumbent government, over the arrests of the government’s political opponents. The opponents are detained without proof, to aid investigations; whereas government allies, who are also supposedly under investigations with proof stacked against them, moves unhindered.

Military presence
The presence of military in the North and East, he claims in his report, is heavy. He recommends the “Government in asserting full civilian control over the military and intelligence establishment and dismantling the units and structures allegedly responsible for violations”.

“Heavy military presence” is a mantra drummed by separatists. When Zeid also picks up the chant without substantiating, he stands exposed as a sympathizer of separatists. He must explain the assessment criteria that led him to conclude that the military presence is indeed high.

The Sri Lankan military played a significant role to bring normalcy to the North and the East. No longer are eight –year-olds forced to become cannon fodder. Teen girls are allowed to blossom without being turned into potential bombs. Children enjoy uninterrupted schooling and adults no longer pay exorbitant taxes for their daily survival. The Sri Lankan military, comprised entirely of Sri Lankan citizens, has the right to be present in concentrations deemed necessary in any part of Sri Lanka, because they are the national security force and not an occupying army.

Indian Peace Keeping Force
This was not the case with the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) that occupied the North and East in the late ’80s. Interestingly, the very forces that object to Sri Lankan military in these areas, welcomed the IPKF occupation, even when they were severely harassing the civilians and violating all norms of human rights.

However, the role of the IPKF is not the only annals to be obscured from world history. Dr. Peter Kuznick, Professor of History and Director of the Nuclear Studies Institute at American University, co-author of the bestselling book and HBO series, ‘The Untold History of the United States’ in an interview with Abby Martin, explains the real reasons for the use of atomic bombs, the Japan’s role in World War II, Japan’s relationship with US in present day and the danger of that relationship leading to a new war. (The full documentary, and
After 72 years of dropping the atomic bombs in Japan, Obama was the first US President to visit the memorial site in Hiroshima. Throughout his visit, the one message as reiterated by US Secretary of Interior, Sally Jewell, “it was tragic in some ways, but at least it ended the war,” and therefore saved lives – half a million American lives to be exact. What happened to all the Japanese lives, points Kuznick, was conveniently ignored.

Thousands perished

In the immediate aftermath, 80,000 civilians were incinerated in each of the two cities. In the weeks and months after, thousands more perished due to radioactive silt. In the years to come, tens of thousands were to die because of radioactive poisoning.
Obscured from history, says Kuznick, is that “The US has been fire bombing the Japanese cities for months already…we were wiping out entire cities. The Japanese were desperate to surrender.
The question was not whether or not Japanese leaders would surrender, but who they would surrender to – Americans or Soviets.
“We dropped the bomb anyway. Why? To send a message to the Soviet leaders that if they don’t go along with US plans for Europe and the Pacific, this is the fate that awaits them. The Soviet leaders interpreted the message just as intended and it led to this uncontrolled arms race – a race for mutual annihilation. To kill hundreds of thousands of lives is a war crime by every definition, but to threaten the entire mankind and also life on planet to extinction goes far beyond that!
Cold War
“This notion of American goodness during the entire cold war is a myth. The entire Soviet role in winning the war in Europe and their contributions to victory in the Pacific has been wiped out. For most of the war, the US and the British faced 10 German divisions, whereas Soviets faced 200 German divisions. When US lost about 300,000-400,000 in combat, Soviets lost 27 million [civilians and military according to Wikipedia].

“Imagine, if Nazi Germany had developed the bomb first and used it. The world would look upon the atomic bomb, nuclear weapons with appropriate horror. We’d say that this is the kind of weapon that a fascist country would use.
“But US is the only country to have used one and every president since Truman to have repeatedly threatened to use nuclear weapons. Obama in his famous speech in Prague where he calls for nuclear abolition effectively says US won’t be the first country to get rid of nuclear weapons – US would be the last.”

No innocent ducklings
Japanese by no means were innocent ducklings sitting in a row. Their role in WWII is as horrifying as the Nazi’s. From 1800s, as the Japanese feudal order transformed into industrialism, they needed to expand and conquer. By the 1930s the Japanese Empire had conquered large parts of China and most of East Asia.

“Rule under the Emperor,” notes the documentary, “was a horror of historic proportions. A policy of so-called comfort women bound over 200,000 sex slaves for Japanese soldiers. Torture, human experiments, mass rape and executions cast a shadow on its present nation.”

“The war crimes should have been more severe,” says Kuznick. “We never raised the charge against Japan for their bombing of Chinese cities, because we were afraid that they’d raise the charge against the US for our own bombing of Japanese cities as well as the atomic bombings.
“The bedrock of the Japanese Peace Constitution from 1946 was Article 9, where they renounce the right of war as a sovereign nation and to have offensive military forces. The Japanese loved it. During the Korean War, the US tried to get Japan to revoke Article 9, so that they can help US in the Korean War. They refused.

Pressurizing Japan
“US had been since pressurizing Japan to do away with Article 9, so they can form the backbone of what the US is doing in Asia. The Japanese have been resisting until now.

“The island of Okinawa was entry point to the US invasion in 1945. After decimating 90 per cent of the island, the US took it over and had been occupying it ever since, setting up bases wherever they want. Okinawa houses 74 per cent of US military bases in Japan. Approximately half of the 50,000 troops over in Japan are stationed in Okinawa. It has since served as the launch point for US invasions of Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.”
The documentary highlights, “the armed presence of 32 military bases had violated Okinawan culture and environment from spilling 13,000 tones of poisoned gas to the legacy of sexual abuse, corruption and impunity. Between 1972 and 2015 police states, say US Forces committed 26 murders and 129 rapes.
Accountability is virtually non-existent with US immunity. In over 100 cases, rapists were fined, demoted or confined to barracks and letters of reprimand was the only punishment for the balance perpetrators.

Raping and killing
“In 2010, 100,000 people fought against the construction of a new base. Tensions reached a boiling point earlier this year when a marine admitted to raping and killing a 20-year old. In response, over 65,000 Japanese rallied with signboards, ‘Our fury has gone over the limit!’

The current Japanese leaders, argues Kuznick, are becoming increasingly amendable to American pressure to scrapping Article 9 and becoming an ally in American’s expansionist plans for the Pacific. It is this new war path that the Japanese are opposing concludes the documentary.
The question for the UN is what are their special rappoteurs recommending to addressthissituation.

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