Ranil's Proposed Cabinet

A.A.M.NIZAM Matara.

It is a page in Sri Lank's history now that the Opposition Leader Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe discreetly crawled into President's house in the wee hours of the night driven by his ex-cop confidante/secretary and begged her to allow him to form a government headed by him. We can expect that the proposed cabinet may consist the following individuals and based on their personal interests, and Mr. Wickremasinghe's commitment to them and the LTTE hierarchy their portfolios would probably be something similar to the following.

Dr. Jayalath Jayawardene Minister of Defense, Public Administration and Local Government.

Mr. T.Maheswaran Minister of Ports, Telecommunications and Rehabilitation

Mr. Chandrasekaran Minister of Plantations and Urban Development.

Mr. Rauf Hakeem Minister of Trade, Transport, Highways, and some more additions later.

The first three appointments will unreservedly and completely satisfy the LTTE hierarchy and the proposals of these Ministries will consist to remove the unwanted military bases in the North and East. Deploy the armed forces on civil construction work under Ministries of Ports, Urban Development, and Highways. Raise funds by selling all military equipment that would become redundant. Demarcate territorial boundaries of the "Tamil Homeland", and to officially assign the mini-state to the heroes who fought for it, by inflicting deserving damages to the cursed State headed by Chandrika.

The fourth appointment does'nt need any elaboration as the designated nominee is an unpredictable, unreliable, unprincipled, and an insatiable vagrant.

The nation should be grateful to the President for her refusal to concede to his plea and instead to repose her complete trust in the masses to decide on the destiny of this nation.


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