Hakeem - A threat to National Unity

A.A.M.NIZAM Matara.

Rauf Hakeem who was kicked out from the Government last week has suddenly awakened from his deep slumber and has started to talk about national unity and Muslim rights. He has no right to talk on both issues, especially about Muslim rights as he never was and would be a leader of the Muslim community.

There was no contribution from him, even to the extent of an atom, for national unity or for the Muslim community, during his tenure of office during which he behaved as a neurotic person obsessed with undue power.

All he did was to demand unrealistic, unwarranted, unethical and stupid parochial demands causing national disharmony and dilemma to the Muslim community.

His demands and threats centred on securing Ministerial honours to appease his political dummies.

Diplomatic appointments to gratify his in-laws. Chairmanships in Corporations and Government Departments for his political hooligans and cronies, immunity for miscreants and embezzlers loyal to him politically, and ethnic units which the Muslim community never aspired for and which could endanger the cordial amity and unity prevailed between the Sinhalese and Muslims for several centuries.

Getting a few hundred Muslim votes from certain areas, and having some supporters sufficient only to fill a few mini-buses, is not an open endorsement for Mr. Hakeem to speak on behalf of the Muslim community.

The Muslim community is spread out all over the country and this so-called self-proclaimed Muslim leader had never visited many of these Muslim villages and may even unaware of their whereabouts.

The Muslim community as a whole will never support Mr. Hakeem's lunatic vision of ethnic administration units as they unreservedly opposed the elusive separatist goal of the Tamil terrorists, and have paid the price of several thousand massacred by the terrorists.

His demand for ethnic administration units was a real threat to national unity. How can he refute that he was not a threat to national unity?

Another matter he claims was that he did not violate collective responsibility.

Apart from his many self- contradictory proclamations it is well known now that he had lengthy discussions with the UNP leader at the residences of MPs Mahinda Samarasinghe and Maharuf, weeks before he was kicked out.

Now the UNP, greedy of coming to power by hook or crook, has signed an MOU with Mr. Hakeem agreeing to all his parochial, anti-national demands that were rejected by the government.

We can now even expect Mr. Hakeem overnight becoming a vociferous comrade of the displaced Muslims of the North, whose pathetic existence was unknown to him all this time.

Myopic policies of selfish politicians should not be allowed to dent the harmony prevalent with the Sinhalese community and Muslims in all parts of the country should unequivocally demand Mr. Hakeem to leave the Muslims alone and find some other scapegoats.


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