A.A.M.NIZAM from Matara.

For almost two decades people of this country have suffered and continue to suffer intolerable hardships purely for the sake of affection they cherish for the country, which they crave to save at any cost. Ending this dreadful war and establishing peace is not only the responsibility of the government in power but also is the fundamental responsibility of the main opposition party UNP, which indeed is accountable for unleashing this calamity on this peaceful nation.

Historical facts reveal that in many nations the opposition shed their political differences and helped the government in power when those nations faced with calamities, disasters and aggressions.

On the contrary it is catastrophic to see that our main opposition party once nourished and molded by the great patriots this country ever produced, is aggressively aiding and abetting the terrorists in all their attempts to dissect and destroy this nation.

From the leader to the most junior Parliamentarian of this Party unreservedly, readily and wholeheartedly defend the terrorists and voice their slogans and at the same time blatantly disregard calls of the highest religious authority of the majority community. (For instance, Ven. Rambukwelle Sri Vipassi Mahanayake Thera of the Malwatte Maha Vihara Chapter's call to abandon the impeachment motion against the Chief Justice was disrespectfully ignored by the UNP).

Leader of the opposition has never gone on record criticizing or finding fault with the megalamaniac terrorist leader. Instead he had glorified him as a leader of determination and tenacity (LTTE newspaper Eelamurasu dated 11-17 May 2000).

In July last year he purportedly held lengthy discussions with the man in charge of arms procurement for terrorists (Gnanakoon) and brushed off demands to divulge contents of his discussions but admitted that he was one of his intimate personal friends. How can you consider a man who is determined to destroy your country as a friend?

All peace loving Sri Lankans, those living in Sri Lanka and resident abroad energetically backed the government in its efforts to persuade the British government to ban the terrorist outfit. In defiance to supporting this national cause the spokesman of the party Mr. Karunasena Kodituwakku labeled it as an internal matter for Britain, Nuwara Eliya MP Mr. Chandrasekaran publicly agitated against the ban, and Jaffna MP Mr. Maheswaran went several steps further and signed the LTTE petition against the ban.

The Global Spy Magazine in its current issue has alleged a close confidante of the UNP leader and the UNP Parliamentarian Dr. Jayalath Jayawardene as an LTTE spy. This MP addressed an LTTE Conference in Toronto in 1999 and this address is now printed and sold by the front organizations of the LTTE. He is reported to have confirmed that the script of this speech was seen and approved by the UNP leader.

The Hindustan Times reported (5th Jan. 2000) that Dr. Jayawardene had been in touch with LTTE leader in Paris, Thilagar and was the conduit for a weekly exchange of messages between Thilagar and the UNP leader. Dr. Jayawardene is also reported to be making frequent visits to uncleared areas in the Vanni and he was praised by the terrorist website Ealam Nation on May 8th.

It was well known that Norway's Erick Solheim ultimately ended up as a LTTE representative. Consequent to this Norway has replaced him with their Foreign Minister, which is not welcomed by the LTTE. Another UNP Parliamentarian has now joined the bandwagon to defend the terrorist cause and parrot their slogans. The UNP Batticaloa MP Mr. Alisagir Moulana has repeated LTTE statements that government's attempt to sideline Mr.Erik Solehim from his role would have serious impact on the peace moves which are getting delayed due to the ban imposed on the LTTE (Tamilnet - June 14, 2001).

Jaffna MP Mr. Maheswaran seems to be acting as the deputy to the megalamaniac terrorist leader. He is reported to have held discussions with British High Commissioner Linda Duffield on June 13 and urged the British Government to allocate development funds to the North to NGO's instead of the Government.

How many more in the UNP are discreetly supporting the terrorist cause?

All these Parliamentarians have pledged, under oaths, to uphold the Constitution of Sri Lanka. Did their oaths excluded provision 157A 1 which clearly states that "No person shall directly or indirectly, in or outside Sri Lanka, support, espouse, promote, finance, encourage or advocate the establishment of a separate State within the territory of Sri Lanka".


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