SLMC 's high rhetoric by Rauf Hakeem backed by the UNP in bad taste!

Nandimithra JSBI for LankaWeb

Rauf Hakeem of the SLMC seems to be overstepping his bounds with the irresponsible and high handed rhetoric being thrown by him at the PA Government.Together with the UNP he seems to be confident of his ability to ensure the Government crashing to defeat in Parliament, a Government which has ensured the rights of the Muslim Community, protected them from the LTTE and recently approved Administrative Councils in the Eastern Province which he may eventually deny the Muslim Community and possibly incur their wrath in doing so!.

His rhetoric includes statements such as "The Government having no moral authority to rule", intentions to oust Minister Mahipala Herath from office and holding him responsible for the recent Communal Unrest in Mawanella and calling him a racist when in reality there were two Communities involved with equal responsibility and instigatores on both sides which a Poilce investigation has revealed. He is also in support on behalf of the SLMC, of a rejection of the Supreme Court Order against the Speaker Anura Bandaranaike, who himself seems to have difficulty in interpreting the clear cut Law of the Law of the Land and may be cited for Contempt of Court.

The SLMC he continues, could be persuaded by the opposition UNP to support their Vote of No Confidence and all other counter productive moves initiated by them, all the while forgetting his own personal crisis within his Party and the shaky ground he appears to be standing on as far as his leadership is concerned.His challenger,the widow of the former leader has shown restraint and empathy, supportive of the PA and pledged support to the President on the contrary.

He has been critical of the elections which he says was seriously flawed, also the Police and the Public Services which according to him would nullify the existence of the PA with no mandate to rule, should they be investigated independently.A voice in the wilderness of selfish motivation that does nothing towards the progress of Sri Lanka and probably needs to be muffled!!Is this a cheap resort to political blackmail on the part of Mr. Rauf Hakeem backed by the UNP?

It would be an interesting and likely outcome in the event of a hurriedly called General Election, the people's mandate towards favouring the PA and the recession further of the SLMC and UNP into isolation as 'Political Paraiahs' floundering in a quagmire of indecision ! which they seem to be begging for in their misguided initiatives which the people of Sri Lanka seem to have grown fed up of in recent times!


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