A Display of Political Immaturity by First time Politicians or a Total Lack of Responsibility

By Nandimithra for LankaWeb

So! the future of the People's Alliance has been thrown into uncertainty by two individuals whose respective appointments to Office have been rejected by a self inflicted sense of righteousness, immaturity and a total lack of responsibility to their Nation supported by the UNP and the Marxists.

Tread lightly and carefully Messers. Hakeem and Bandaranaike and be careful to avoid a conflict of interest and circumvention of the Peoples Alliance by playing 'footsies' with the UNP as it could prove very detrimental to your political futures, which have hardly matured or even got off to a stable Footing!

While Mr. Hakeem insists it is not his opportunistic ambition that let to his removal from the Cabinet, he will have to prove it in time by how he votes on Motions in Parliament and with whom he will stand in a crisis.

What were those shallow utterances and words of loyalty to the People's Alliance? And will you be able to really digest them in the long run when you have to eat them? In a sense this applies to Mrs Ashraff too who it appears was a bad choice for a cabinet post.

The other appointee Mr. Anura Bandaranaike too seems to be on his merry way to isolation and possible charges of contempt of court if the Law of the Land is upheld. This is no sibling rivalry but another opportunistic move through a misguided interpretation of the Constitution and advice from his peers which in British Times would probably have held.

The Supreme Court is the highest Legal Authority in the Land which has a right to hold in Contempt of Court any individual irrespective of his or her status in the event that he or she contravenes the Law of the Land and a very simple equation which Mr. Bandaranike should foresee and re- evaluate before making hasty decisions!

The Hon. Madame President has but one choice, no more speculated allies but to go for the mandate of the people of Sri Lanka who this time around should give her the resounding victory and majority she deserves and a General Election probably is her best option, to silence for good the ambitions of her oppressors and the opportunists surrounding her where she will not have to depend on them to carry out her duties.


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