Surely These Are Not Patriotic Sons of Lanka But Betrayers of Democracy

By Nandimithra for LankaWeb

The Proverbial Sword of Damocles must descend swiftly upon the UNP and their ilk presently attempting to drag down the People's Alliance.

Are these the Patriotic Sons and Daughters of Lanka they masquerade as being?

Hardly! as they have taken the veil of betrayers and a selfishly motivated power hungry group of opportunists blinded by their greed for power while the LTTE lurks in the shadows waiting to pounce on the first available opportunity to cause anarchy and throw the country deeper into crisis.

The harbinger of this unlikely but anticipated crisis which the Democratic World hopes will never happen, has been the tiny minded resolve of the faction of the SLMC led by Mr.Rauf Hakeem who has carried on a totally unjustifiable campaign with no class nor integrity, to the utter delight of the UNP but possibly to their ultimate chagrin as they are bound to realise sooner or later!

Hakeem has been described by his own community as 'a political minion' attempting to pale the immense contributions made by previous Great Muslim Leaders and has brought disgrace and disrepute to the Muslim Community by his unrealistic and unwarranted demands together with his personal pomposity!, in trying to hold a Democratically Elected Government to ransom together with the unscrupulous wiles of the UNP whose presentation of the No Confidence Motion seems to be nothing but a speculative gamble taken at a time when their own stability is questionable and a last ditch attempt to grab power, which should realistically and statistically fall short of its target and flat on its face!.

The Graciousness of Mrs. Ferial Ashroff of the NUA to pledge her support for Her Excellency the Hon.Mrs Chandrika Kumaratunga and the PA with all her resolve, once emboldened and upheld by her late honourable and respected husband, together with those whose eventual support and consciousness of the need for National Unity is acknowledged as noble and stoic in the face of all the challenges the PA faces at this moment. In all probability the integrity, sensibility and better sense of judgement should prevail in support of National Unity with the Peoples Alliance at the helm in the cases of the JVP and Sihala Urumaya as well, whose better senses of judgement should prevail.

The irony of it all is the advantage this entire scenario could create for the LTTE at a time when the Government Forces are once again making great inroads into LTTE defences, as many analysts have recently predicted the possibility of the LTTE regrouping and re-arming their weapons arsenals. The recent missile attack on an Air Force Carrier has put the issue beyond doubt.

So do the UNP and its cohorts aiming to bring down the Government have an alternative solution to the LTTE problem and other major issues created as a direct result of their destructive motivations and actions or are they in collaboration with them advertently or inadvertently?

Should they not focus their priorities towards strengthening, stabilising and supporting the formation of a National Government rather than attempting to destabilise the future and well being of Sri Lanka if they have any sense of patriotism and righteousness left in them?

Certainly! Food For Thought.


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