Nazi Swastika backfires on UNP

In the very first attempt in a section of the rumour mill print media OF unp, put up posters all over the city showing the Swastika. It was a warning of the dangers of Nazi type fascism. Many of these swastika posters were pasted directly below the face of the President on PA posters. It was a build up to Ranil Wickremasinghe's calling the President "Hitler Mathini" (Madam Hitler) on Thursday. But this swastika weapon boomeranged very badly on those who organized it. What they had put up was not the Nazi swastika, worn on the armband of Hitler and the Nazis, and the symbol of the Nazi Party. It was the traditional Asian Swastika, which is symbol of blessing in the Buddhist and Hindu traditions, and also believed by Buddhists to be one of the many auspicious markings found on the sole of the Buddha.

The swastika is a reverse-oriented Sanskrit-based [don't ask me precisereligion or culture!] symbol of "God". No relation to Christian, unless you swallow Hindu-based views and opt for a few years of study in India. [The chances of his getting in some study in Egypt is barely more plausible.] Definitely no relation to Judaic.

In Buddhism, a swastika represents resignation. In Jainism, it delineates their seventh saint, and the four arms are also used to remind the worshiper of the four possible places of rebirth; the animal or plant world, in Hell, on Earth, or in the spirit world. To Hindus, the swastika with the arms bent to the left is called the sathio or sauvastika, which symbolizes night, magic, purity, and the destructive goddess Kali. In both Hinduism and Jainism, the swastika or sathio is used to mark the opening pages or their account books, thresholds, doors, and offerings.

The swastika was a symbol for the Aryan people, a name which, in Sanskrit means "noble". The Aryans were a group of people who settled in Iran and Northern India. They believed themselves to be a pure race, superior to the other surrounding cultures. When the Germans looked for a symbol, they looked for a symbol which represented the purity which they believed they contained. The Nazis regarded themselves as "Aryans" and tried to steal the accomplishments of these pre-historic people.

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