A complete war is the right answer
A.A.M.NIZAM, Matara

The latest devastation caused by the inhuman barbaric terrorist enemy at Katunayake warrant the unequivocal condemnation by the international community, including the UN General Assembly, and the so-called parochial human rights organisations. The Government of Sri Lanka had unacceptably been too lenient to the brutal crimes of the terrorist aggressors, whose sole objective is to dissect this nation and help depose the President whose power they term as a curse on Tamils. The countries who expressed grave concern over recent air-raids, conducted following intelligence reports of terrorists enemy amassing arms and planning for fresh attacks should partly bear responsibility for this devastation. The savage terrorist operations had so far been successful not only due to their competence or skill but mainly because of the varied form of backing it received from certain spineless sections of the society it has vowed to destroy.

Sri Lanka is the only country which send food and other essentials uninterruptedly to the people under the control of the enemy, although these provisions do not completely reach the besieged population but are snatched away by the enemy for the use of its forces. Many unscrupulous NGO's in the name of humanitarian services are carrying out activities detrimental to the State but strengthening the might and the potential of the enemy. Many members of Parliament, although they are under oath of safeguarding the unitary State, utilize the Parliamentary immunity to unreservedly promote the enemy interests, defend them, and collaborate with them to achieve their parochial political objectives. Despite the cruel treatment suffered in the hands of tyrant JR, the late Mr. Vijaya Kumaratunge traveled to the enemy bastions to persuade the enemy for an amicable solution. This is the type of laudable Statesmanship that can be expected from patriotic politicians.

He was not concerned about who will reap the credit of his hard labour but his only concern was the welfare of the country at large, and peace and harmony. Similarly in many foreign countries we have seen politicians of different hue and colour shedding their petty differences when the country faces crisis situations. Unfortunately lack of such noble politicians in Sri Lanka presently had given a tremendous impetus to the enemy to pursue its destructive cause. The main opposition party with Parliamentarians committed to the enemy's cause and renown as enemy's spies, had stood guardian and proponent of the enemy. Recent events in the political arena and the war theatre clearly indicate that the enemy and the main opposition activities are linked for each other's advantage. The enemy forces that attacked the Katunayake base could not have penetrated to the area without the help of powerful elements in the area, such as the enemy spies who enjoy parliamentary immunity and have adequate knowledge of the terrain. The treacherous UNP leader addressing a news conference in Colombo on 23rd Monday informed that he will form a government in August.

In this context the attack on the Katunayake airbase may be the beginning of a process of anarchy leading to the formation of the proposed government, as there is no other way to achieve his goal constitutionally. A complete probe should be undertaken to ascertain about possible links to the two issues. These events emphasize that the government should even by suspending the constitution if it becomes necessary, and appointing a war council, should declare a complete war on the ruthless enemy and pursue it until the enemy power is completely destroyed and the whole country is liberated.



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