In 1990 the terrorist LTTE was not as powerful as of today. They were scantly armed, and the Sri Lankan army was continuously on their trail. Yet, despite these impediments, in defiance of these obstacles, they were brutish, cruel, and bold to chase out and cleanse the five Northern Districts from Sinhalese and Muslims who were living and toiling in these areas for centuries. Neither the government nor the NGO hirelings, nor the foreign vested interests stopped the brutality, and as a result these Sinhalese and Muslims who have become refugees in their own motherland, who became paupers overnight are languishing in makeshift camps depending on handouts and unending promises, just hollow promises.

The memorandum of usurpation of Sri Lanka's sovereignty, blindly signed by Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe has given the terrorist LTTE indisputable control over the territory of Eastern Province (the 3 Districts of Trincomalee, Batticaloa and Ampara) which was never and not even now a Tamil majority area. Historians point out that the treaties of 1617, 1638, 1766, and 1815 signed between the Sinhala Kings of Sri Lanka, and the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British, disprove any Tamil claims to the Eastern province and establish with certainty that this area had been an integral part of the Sinhala Kingdom.

The terrorist LTTE and its mentors TULF (now the proxy Alliance) falsely claim that they were given a clear mandate in the 1977 general election to establish a Tamil homeland. The official results indicate that 37, 954 more voters opposed the TULF in the East than those that supported them in the North. In the entire Eastern province only 27% voted for TULF while 73% opposed them. They did not get a clear mandate in any of the three districts. Only 27%, 32.5%, and 22% respectively in each district in the East voted for the TULF. Only 32.5% in the Batticaloa District supported them although the Tamil population in that district was 71%.

Even population-wise Tamils constitute a minority in the Eastern Province having only 41% of the population and the other 59% is composed of Muslims and Sinhalese. Muslims constitute 33% and the balance 26% Sinhalese. We cannot claim that all Tamils supports the murderous LTTE as only 45% of the Tamils in the Batticaloa district supported TULF in 1977.

On land-wise higher percentage of land in the three districts belongs to the Sinhalese who own 53.8% of land of which 78.4% in the Ampara district and 61.9% in the Trincomalee district.

Armed with the obnoxious MOU the LTTE is reported to be terrorising the Sinhala and Muslim population in the three districts with extortion, land grabbing and ransom demands. Forced conscription of one person from each Tamil family and many other acts foretell that they are scheming for a major blood bath and destruction that would certainly and drastically affect the Sinhala and Muslim communities in the Province. In the name of peace, a brutal, inhuman, murderous clique, cannot be allowed to discriminate and endanger the lives of other communities. The government without proceeding blindly on the elusive peace talks should immediately amend the shameful MOU to guarantee the rights and safety of the Sinhalese and Muslims in the Eastern Province.


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