What is Sri Lankan Foreign Minister's Policy on Child Soldiers?

By Buddhadasa Hevavitarana

Since the new foreign policy statement issued by the Ranil Wickremesinghe government through its new Foreign Minister Tyronne Fernando in the Colombo weekly called Sunday Leader regarding international terrorism, varied problems would arise.

As he has clearly indicated that the new government would deviate from the policies of former Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar ,what worries me, apart his veiled attempt to get the LTTE de-proscribed internationally, is also what attitude he would have towards the child soldiers issue championed by Kadirgamar. Kadirgamar played a leading role in getting the United Nations sanctions against child soldiers.

If Tyronne the Moron, as somebody aptly named him, is at least reading the Sri Lanka and Indian newspapers he could learn that his political allies, the uncivilized brutes called the Tamil Tigers, are even raiding Sri Lankan schools right at the moment, to kidnap children for the forced enlistment of them to the LTTE.

( I wonder whether Balagalle is proposing to absorb them in to army going against all international treaties and conventions Sri Lanka has signed against employing children in the armed forces-I hear a substantial portion of their forces are child soldiers. What a fool Balagalle is, just to appease his new masters of the UNF he is proposing to absorb an army of Child soldiers in to the SLA at a Unesco seminar, an organization who are publicly fighting the menace. He must retire soon. It is good for the country. Somebody else could give those helicopter rides to Moragoda)

Since Tyronne Fernando, the great Oxford scholar of Ranil Wickremesinghe, believes that working against terrorists is a matter not for him, is he going to be neutral or working against the world's greatest bodies like, the United Nations, the Amnesty International and the Unesco, to mention a few who have made strong statements against the LTTE, regarding child soldiers?

In doing so is he representing a bunch of Fascist terrorists, who are still in power in the Wanni, thanks partly to the weapons, money and vehicles given by his former leader R.Premadasa and Paskaralingam who has been brought back from London to stab us once again from the back by Ranil Wickremesinghe? Or is he representing the poor Sri Lankans who are in a constant struggle to get rid of the terrorists? Even the poor Tamil mothers who are running away from the LTTE child recruiters to save their children, abandoning their property belong to the second category, this Minister who is cris-crossing the world with poor tax payer money should understand. May the curses of those mothers fall upon you,Tyronne the Moron, and Ranil Wickremesinghe! May all of you finally rot in the bottom of the hell!


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