Response To The Good Sri Lankan Living In Canada And The Real Essence Towards A Lasting Peace.

Were the Tamils not given countless opportunities towards progress, investment, research and development and a head start towards establishing themselves as part of the Sri Lankan Mosaic before and after independence which they rejected and began their rebellion through LTTE attrocities? Does not minding matters without interference by the Sri Lankan Government suggest secession and what does this 'Good Sri Lankan ' know about the best solution for peace in Sri Lanka while languishing in the comfort and security of Canada? him or her self probably being one of the hypocrites who funded the LTTE or pandered to them,whose fund raising campaigns in Canada were the best organised and contributed to the devastation of a Sovereign Nation?

There is no question about Sri Lanka being one or two countries and whether they like it or not the Tamils are a 'visible' minority in Sri Lanka who are given all the freedoms of the individual under its Democratic Constitution and as far as living side by side, it is the Tamil Community which refuses to integrate with majority Sinhala Mainstream Sri Lankan Society with their clannish arrogance and preferences towards being a 'distinct society' much like the Qubecoise in Canada and it is they who need to learn the skills of integration probably through merging and acceptance of the Federal Administration or Central Government whatever the case may be.

The Sinhala Nation, Culture and infrastructure has continued for thousands of years and been disrupted even in ancient times by invading Cholas and Dravidian who constitute the modern day Tamils with the same mentality.The Unitary State of Predominantly Sinhalese Sri Lanka can never be ursurped by a minority!History has proved it.

Fire power was selected as an option by the LTTE not the Sinhalese.The Government of Sri Lanka has every right to defend its Sovereign Territorial Integrity from internal or external armed insurrection.

The arms dealers were deliberately made rich as they in turn made the insurgents rich and a decision which continues in gay abandon to this day.

No other country had preyed on Sri Lanka, the predators are mostly within. Tamil Nadu during the Gandhian Era did attempt this unsuccesfully.

The devil in all forms is evil and the preacher of this sermon should know its reality better so if he or she represents the Clergy.

Sinhalese and Tamils are not comparable to a good married couple they are culturally different by choice, sometimes hostile to each other and disagree in many areas and do not seem to know the importance of tolerance.Incompatibility between them is rife!

The problem has indeed been compounded by the likes of the author of this composition living in Canada.A crusade against LTTE fundraising in Canada and the propaganda towards eelam could very well have been commenced by him addressing concerns in the best interests of an undivided Sri Lanka which has been cleverly circumvented.

That the USA and Israel depend on arms sales for their subsistence and to buy bread for 99 cents is a fallacy,an insult and an affront to their Administrations and Policy.Not even South Africa falls into this category. The Israeli based Moshad did show a two faced policy during the days that the Moshad trained military personnel as well as LTTE rebels secretly and synonymously but not through governmental approval. The Moshad operated in a private mercenary capacity according to reliable sources as they would othrwise have been Officially subjected to severe punishment for their indiscretions.

In order to make a viable and lasting peace in the best interests of the Sinhalese and Tamils the LTTE must denounce their call for eelam. lay down their arms, abort fund raising desist from their baseless interim administrations and show a genuine willingness to integrate into mainstream society with no ulterior motives at which juncture the call will indeed be interpretable as genuine.The Tamils must show faith by voicing unequivocally that the LTTE do not represent them.Presently it is not but the majority seems to conced the fact!

If the writer of this article is genuinely concerned for peace within Sri Lanka he should begin by campaigning within his Tamil Community in denouncing the LTTE attrocities of the past, relent for their crimes against humanity and demand their disbanding.

The analogies drawn between Sri Lankans who call themselves Arabs, Eurasians etc. and Sri Lankans who are proud of their heritage are relative to their states of existence and the environments they live in respectively as some seek different identities to be free of incarceration and ridicule and others stand proud with their Sri Lankan heritage regardless and may this latter category be greatly blessed!.

Honesty indeed is the best policy but seems to be bereft of some through sheer lack of personal integrity and hypocrisy.

Sermons are best delivered by the Clergy.

A Very Perceptive Sri Lankan


Wakeup Call to all Good Thinking Sinhalese People
By A good Srilankan living in Canada.
(LankaWeb - 01/09/02)



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