Prof. Hudson McLean

When Pontius Pilatus wished to exonerate Jesus Christ, the Jews cried in unison and demanded that Christ should be punished. Pontius Pilatus, as a good democrat, washed his hands, and acceded to the demands of the majority.

A similar spectacle is bubbling in an Island in the Sun. It is a clear example of Democracy vs. Prime Minister. A clear majority is expressing their overwhelming opposition to Deproscription of the Tamil Tiger Terrorists (TTT). And the Prime Minister is planning to walk all over Democracy.

TTT as an internationally recognised terrorist organisation, Proscribed by USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, after desperate pleas by successive Sri Lankan governments, but acted only after the September 11th 2001, is now on the verge of being de-proscribed by a government, only to satisfy a private and possibly a selfish personal manifesto.

First of all, the TTT are not a democratically elected organisation nominated to represent any of the Tamil population either in Sri Lanka or elsewhere. They are funded by illegal activity such as smuggling of narcotics, human cargo, weaponry, prostitution, collecting funds off the Diaspora by threats of violence, supporting other internationally acclaimed terrorists such as Maoist rebels, Al Qaeda, Basques ETA, etc.

If ever they gain a foothold to legitimacy within the Island of Sri Lanka, the TTT, as they have clearly demonstrated during the past twenty years, will engage in a systematic annihilation of the Sinhala population. Parallel to such atrocities, it is very likely that the TTT will make themselves available as a wholesale exporter of terrorism.

Now RanilW has a clear indication of what the majority of the Sri Lankan population demands. The Buddhist clergy, the majority of the Sri Lankan electorate, the Indian government, even the majority of the Tamil population are not in favour of De proscription prior to acceptance of certain conditions. They are NOT against Peace. They are NOT against Deprosciption. They ONLY demand that Deproscription should take place ONLY after a satisfactory round of negotiations with an agreement on basic principles.

As qualified lawyers RanilW, Tyronne Fernando, John Ameratunge should be fully aware that, LTTE and their leaders are internationally recognised criminals. They are self confessed murderers of President Premadasa, Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, politicians and thousands of innocent men, women, children and infants. Grabbing an infant by its legs and slamming its head against the wall. Hence the Proscription of LTTE by the leading democratic nations on this planet. No legal panel in the world will accede to a demand by a recognised and a self confessed criminal that he will only attend the hearing if the judge agrees to exonerate the convict before the hearing.

And the Prime Minister is in fact planning to grant them unconditional pardon for all the sins committed by the TTT and hand them a chunk of Sri Lankan real estate and the potential right to slaughter the rest of the Sri Lankan population, at their pleasure. This is High Treason. Treachery.

And the Norwegians. What is their interest in this internal dispute? There is no speculation on this matter. The Norwegian interest is purely commercial. Sri Lanka sits right in the middle of one of the largest fishing grounds in the world. The tuna belt circles up to the Bay of Bengal. Then there are rumours on oil, gas, minerals around the North and the North East coasts off Sri Lanka. There is a ready made natural harbour in Trincomalee, one of the finest in the world. An airport ready for the take off near Jaffna.

Hence the TTT demand for the 60% of the coast line from Mannar to Hambantota. The entire Indian Ocean is theirs for the taking. A first class sea route from the Golden Triangle to Australia, Africa and through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean. Ideal for the Heroin, Cannabis, illegal weapons and human cargo traffic. And Sajith Premadasa might be allowed some “temporary” light relief within a TTT administration as a Governor of the Southern Province, until he meets with the same fate which his father met.

The start of the Federation of Tamil States. Into India next with destabilisation of the North Indian region whilst planning the Unilateral Declaration of Independence of Tamil Nadu.

Norwegians, by nature are a selfish blood thirsty lot. Only the membership within NATO is keeping them under some civilised control. They enjoy no great respect or love from their Nordic colleagues either. Their selfishness is amply displayed by the fact that Norway wishes to stay out of European Union simply to avoid sharing their natural resources with their European kith and kin.

Norway has demonstrated their cruel selfishness by their aggressive harvesting of protected species, such as whales and mercilessly harvesting prawns, mainly for the lucrative Japanese markets. They have no regard or respect for Mother Nature or for her depleting natural resources.

The involvement of LTTE / Norway suited both parties right to the ground. It is a marriage of convenience between two pariahs. Norway has failed in every single mediation process on Peace and no other country may invite a third class outsider hanging onto NATO tail and Nordic membership only due to its geographic location. With a closer relationship between USA and Russia, and the ability of US fighter jets to commute distances far and wide, the importance of Norway is questionable.

And for the LTTE, is their any single civilised democratic country volunteering to sit side by side with a bunch of blood thirsty drug runners? Let alone fight alongside Proscribed terrorists, for an illegal cause?

Norway’s involvement to destroy the Sovereign Integrity of Sri Lanka is like a pack of Australian Dingo hunting (well there is Colonel Adele “the Dingo” Balasingham in the pack), or may be compared to vultures circling the booty.

And now from within the Sri Lankan establishment enters the Trojan Horse, the likes of the current government, aiding and abetting the Dingos and the TTT vultures, by discarding the safety net with impunity, off the helpless victims.

RanilW has three days to decide and tell the TTT in no uncertain terms, prior to start of business, without resorting to subservient apologies, YES to Deproscription, BUT only after the TTT publicly acknowledges that-;

1: LTTE / TTT will lay down all arms forthwith and renounce violence.
2: LTTE / TTT accept the legislation of the Sovereign State of Sri Lanka.

Or let RanilW do a Pontius Pilatus and wash his hands off the De-proscription.

Let me add one very crucial point. As Tyronne Fernando pointed out that, it is the expatriates who are taking a hard line. He is very correct. If not for the TTT expatriates, Sri Lanka would have been a peaceful Island. If the TTT are rational, reasonable and realistic, those poorer Tamils who live in Sri Lanka will enjoy a better life. The rich business classes like Maharaja, Sellamuttu, and the rest will harvest gold. Uncle Mac represents a silent majority who are essentially living in Sri Lanka and are unable to express their opinions vocally, due to fear of harassment, and even physical harm. This is one reason sometimes Uncle Mac might take a diagonally opposite line, simply to represent another silent opinion.

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