Please let's not advertize terroism to the world!!!

By Ravi

Our country is already in very bad shape (for the past 2 decades) because of our own (Sinhalese/Tamil/Muslim) babaric actions. We get food from all over the developed nations and look at what we do? We eat that free food and then multiply, and kill each other!

Please! Let us at least not advertize our barbaric actions to the civilized world. We still have to walk on the streets and face civilized people of the western world. When we have advertized ourselves as a terrorist riden nation, believe me all we get is more and more negativity from whom ever read about our turmoils.

Let's try to advertize positive things about our nation and country. Believe me humans always remember the bad much severely than they would remember the good. Let's not even mention the word 'terrorism' related to our country. As a news career thats what at least you could do to help our country and nation to live in the civilized world with dignity and pride.

We have already shown our babaricness to the civilized world for years. At least what we can do now is to start building a different view about our nation whenever we can. Let's not do what all other Sri Lankan web sites do, bringing a bad reputation to our already broken down country. Let's be smart and try to win this by using our intelligence.

You have one complete section dedicated to terrorism related issues. Let's take it out, advertize some thing good about our country? Shall we?

Let's build a code (algorithm using c/c++) to take out any terrorism related views or opinions any one would want to advertize on our site. Let's tell them to find elsewhere to do that barbaric stuff.

I have been in western world long enough to see through how much damage we do to our nation from simple stuff that we never think twice about before publishing. I am sure we can find many other positive things to talk about our country rather than talking stuff that continuously damage the future of our country, and nation.

If you actually could carefully think about this we are actually helping the terrorists whenever we talk about them or write about them. That is exactly what terrorists need, PUBLICITY. Why do you provide it to them free of charge ?? At our country's cost?







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