Sri Lanka High Commission in London Celebrates the 54th Independence day

Sri Lankan 54th Independence Day in London, England was marred by protests from Sri Lankan expiates outside the High Commission. The High Commissioner was quite visibly seen shaken by the ferocity of the protest.

At the beginning of the ceremony a large group of Sri Lankan expatriates had gathered outside the High Commission from about 9:30 AM. Around 10:15AM the guests who had arrived at the High Commission congregated on top of the balcony to light the oil lamp and sing the National Anthem. Soon after the National anthem was sung, one protester loudly asked the High Commissioner, Mangala Moonasinghe, if he had come to consume the "Mala Batha". And the protesters who had gathered outside also joined in the chanting at this point. The High Commission was seen very shaken by what the protesters had to say to him, and duly he was quickly taken in doors before further embarrassment.

Chanting included, the government not to do any unethical deals with the Sri Lankan Tele Ban, the LTTE. Also, the protesters demanded the government not to betray the masses and those who have laid their precious lives for their Motherland. Some of the present raised concerns of history repeating itself and the government will have to accept consequences for their irresponsible actions.

Whilst the celebrations went on inside, the protesters continued chanting out side the building. From time to time, the High Commission employees kept on complaining to the police officers who were present to disperse the protesters, as it was highly embarrassing to the government of Sri Lanka. However, the British police officers stayed neutral and the protest carried on. It was quite interesting to note that a couple of guests who were on their way to join the celebration at the High Commission, in fact stopped short of entering the premises and joined the protesters. This certainly raised the spirits of the protesters.


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