Mr Good Thinking Sri Lankan In Canada Has His Lines Crossed!

Mr.Good Thinking Sri Lankan Living In Canada you seem to have your lines crossed! Your sermon would probably be better off in your tiny evangelical cell as its hypocritical intonations do not permeate well within Sri Lanka nor Globally.There should be no suppositions about the education level of Sri Lankans and you should be more than aware that the process of moving forward which you have refered to was obstructed beyond measure by the infamous terrorist group the LTTE you are inadvertently (it it hoped though hard to believe) trying to champion, having carried it for decades as you and your buddies in Canada continually funded their cause as the world at large well knows including the Canadian Government!

."Make a move eh?" like the Canadians say! and pity! You sound so apathetically bogus and insincere and about the three meals a day relative to investing in Sri Lanka. Where was this sincerity when the Development of Industries and the Nation's Economy were torn apart, ravaged and wastefully destroyed by the attrocities of your LTTE henchmen in the name of Eelam? Or are you trying to consolidate some ill gotten earnings abroad by transfering them to Sri Lanka when you talk about investing in Sri Lanka?

You sound more materialistic and self centred rather than being a genuinely concerned Sri Lankan expatriate with your references to 6 Bedroomed Houses, Mercedes Benz Cars etc.but you in all your gnat brained wisdom have not been able to co-ordinate the context of what you are trying to express as it is garbled! but then the mudalalis of Jaffna and the Supervising Overseers of the PWD of yore ( on a consensus, mainly Tamils) were able to live in palatial houses drive flashy cars and provide huge dowries for their daughters in marriage too notwithstanding whom they robbed and robbed they did! blatantly thus depriving the poor of 3 meals a day if one was to surmise the stark reality of truth and not said wantonly either.That was an aspect of concern which lends credence to to the 'Lead To Nothing" concept you have envisioned and a fragmental part of the theivery and corruption representing much to be desired .Unfortunately this example was also true of certain Sinhalese and other ethnicities involved in politics as well as businesses but was it copied ? INDEED THE DIRECTION YOU ARE TRYING TO PROJECT TOWARDS WILL LEAD TO NOTHING IN THE MANNER YOU HAVE CHOSEN to quote your own words!.

Which human beings are lacking in feelings and comparable to animals of the forest? Surely the LTTE who have named themselves after forest dwelling animals ( non -indigenous to Sri Lanka ) and have proved the expression through the trail of destruction they left behind in a Sovereign and Democratic State.

There is a lot of good in all humanity if one looks closely enough but there lurks evil within them too. It is only an existential distinction created in a prejudiced mind which prompts its ethnicity , in this case a Tamil observing the good in the other (Sinhalese) in total pretence as seems to be the case in your's specifically.

So Mr Good Sri Lankan Tamil why did you and your pals not respond in this identical manner when the President of Sri Lanka tried officially to initiate peace with your supportives the LTTE and why is it that you carry the merits of Ranil Wickremasinghe so highly in the identical situation now? Your wake up call should be to your own Community towards contradicting the LTTE's claims that they represent all Tamils in Sri Lanka and that : they have not denounced their ambitions towards Eelam or called off their fundraising and propaganda and most importantly the laying down of arms and having their weaponry de-commissioned ! or is your vision so myopic and your brain so fogged up that you cannot comprehend the danger even your own community faces leaving aside the Sinhala Nation whose nemesis seems to be slowly and surely becoming more apparent if Ranil Wickremasinghe is not stopped in his tracks?

The Distinguished Writer, Professor Hudson McLean in his latest submission to LankaWeb has outlined in greater detail the pointers towards how ridiculous your thoughts are and you should give it a good read and assert for yourself the shallowness of your sentiments which merely sound respectable in theory where their practicality was totally annihilated by your cronies the LTTE long ago!

Gemunu Kumara

'Saman Uyana'

Vijithapura, The Scene of a Historic Battle Between Elara and DutuGemunu.

(Also A Sri Lankan Canadian)





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