Scrutinity of 100 million Norwegian Kroners fraud at WIF, Sri Lanka.

Noor Nizam.

The Worldview International Foundation, which is established in Sri Lanka from 1978 as an International NGO, headed by one Mr.Arne Fjortoft, a Norwegian and which has received up to 100 million Norwegian Kroners since 1978, has come under the intense scrutinity and highlevel probe of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Norwegian Government and the Norwegian Agency for Internationl Development - NORAD,during the month of August,2002. It is the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and NORAD that have funded/made available grants to the Worldview International Foundation to the sum of 100 million Norwegian Kroners.

This has been due to an Investigative Journalism Report published by a team of 4 Norwegian Journalists working with the Norwegian Newspaper "NATIONEN" (The Nation) in Norway on there 23rd., of August publication.

Why is that NO Sri Lankan dailies or even your website newspaper does not give publicity to this incident?

The involvement of the activities of the Worldview International Foundation, since 1978 in Sri Lanka and those Norwegians involved with or associated with WIF have many deep rootings to the ethnic and political engagements and events that have been on-going in Sri Lanka since 1969, and have played a very influencing role in the political life of many a politicians and National Political Parties in Sri Lanka, including subjecting to failure of the Peace Initiative that Her.Excellency President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge pioneered in 1994, pushing it further to reality in 1999, which was again made to be aborted, though the Norweegian themselves were involved.

The BIG question before the special Auditors scrutinizing WIF - is the question, Where has all these funds GONE ?

At a time when Sri Lanka is able to tame terrorisim and strengthen Democracy, Fundamental Rights, Human Rights and Human Values within the Rule of Law, the Nation should know more of the activities of NGO's like Worldview International Foundation which has played a very influential role in the politics of Sri Lanka, unseen.

Maybe you will be able to tell the truth.





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