Those Singhalese who support this sell out Peace process should Think and compromise the following facts.....

Today you are thinking that you can achieve peace by giving away all demands of the Terrorists. True today you can not see Bomb blasts in Colombo and elsewhere and no barriers in Colombo. But did you think there are no Barriers for those Terrorists either. They can move around and stock pile cash of weapons and ammunitions in and around the Colombo easily and get information about vital installations and plan there next mass killing. May be you are not aware of Tigers have strengthen their forces by 10,000 carders (their strength before signing the MOU was mere 3000) and they have successfully unloaded more than five shipments of weapons during the cease fire. And they are conducting war games in Northern and eastern sea and ground. Government is simply instructed Army and the Air force to keep quite.

May be you are not senseless but victims of the pro government medias campaign to understand the real situation on the ground. But remember even President Premadasa gave all concessions to the terrorists, but that Honeymoon ended up with scarifying more than 700 patriotic Police personnel to the terrorists.

Also do you know there are hundreds of thousands of Singhalese who have been made vulnerable at the hands of Terrorists in North and east. Do you like to scarify them for your own existence. Do you know if the demands of the terrorists are granted your country will loose 40 percent of the land and 60 percent of the sea. Don't forget 60 percents of the Tamils living in Sri Lanka are staying in Singhalese dominated Colombo and suburb areas.

Out come of this sell out will be your beloved country being separated in to three parts one for the Terrorists another for Muslim extremists and other for all ( Singhalese Muslims and Tamils). This will only lead to a long term and real ethnic problem in a divided Sri Lanka

A Sri Lankan son living in UAE





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