By Prof: Hudson McLean

It is the make or break time for a Leader. It is Decision Time. A true leader will Stand Up to demonstrate his Backbone and not act like a Wimp. When the country he rules is held at ransom, at the point of a barrel, discreet, nevertheless, the electorate expects Churchillian quality of Leadership.

The LTTE terrorists were thundered with the weight of two WTC towers and a uniform world opinion. Sri Lanka and her poor subjects who suffered twenty years of terror were suddenly brought into focus on the back of Osama bin Laden. This was a blessing in disguise, straight from Heaven or Nirvana.

The world opinion came down on terrorists and Sri Lanka benefited by default. This is opportunity one cannot miss, especially the Sri Lankan government.

The LTTE Tigers grand scenario on 10th April 2002 was received with suspicion, trepidation, mockery and with two pinches of salt. The world press, certainly independent of Sri Lankan government censorship or VP and the goons, made a mockery out of the long awaited reception. Not even Osama bin Laden, with his controlled video clips, made such an ass of himself like VP did.

"Watch the body language", they said. "What body? or better still Which body?"

Did VP portray any leadership quality or any signs which might induce confidence and credibility?

The long awaited balloon did not float as expected, came down to earth, without a bang!

In fact the so called "President and Prime Minister" was tongue tied and lost for words. Even at the old age, suffering from Parkinson's disease, the old master terrorist, Yasser Arafat does a better job. See the performance given by old Fidel Castro recently, another veteran.

The reason for this flip flap flop is because, VP is a "Rebel WITHOUT a Cause". He just got carried away with a pipe dream. No fundamental philosophy, but a desire to grab a slice of real estate which belongs to a Sovereign State. The Tamil Diaspora, with a historical hate for the Sinhala, saw the opportunity to take revenge.

Now the party is over! The Sept, 11th put an abrupt end to all such crude fun and bloody games.

Ranil W. You will never get another opportunity like the present since the world has a short memory and only remember the bits they like to remember. Unfortunately Sri Lanka will never be on the top of the agenda.

Ranil W. has to realise that VP will never receive an amnesty or a pardon from any government in India. It will be a kick to the Nehru Dynasty.

Extradite the Tiger or face consequences: Vazhapadi to Lankan Govt.

This is a 'just demand'. A legal one at that. This is not a Sri Lankan problem. Wash your hands off it and let the Indians take care of VP!

Will Ranil W. end up in bed with a WANTED Criminal by doing deals which are not respected by the civilised world?

If and when, VP does an about turn on any form of Agreement, as proven in the past, not only Ranil W. but the entire Sri Lankan nation will be the international laughing stock with a Terrorist Pie in The Face!

Recent events exposed by the Indian Navy proves that the LTTE is not alone. The TamilNadu extremists are on alert to move in on any given opportunity. This is only the beginning.

PEACE Yes! At What Price?

The government of Sri Lanka has a golden opportunity to dissect LTTE points one by one.

1: Only the official flag of the Sovereign State of Sri Lanka will fly at official receptions, on Sri Lankan territory. The only exception is the foreign mission's rights on their diplomatic property, deemed as their Sovereign right by the Geneva Convention.

Raising the Tiger Flag is an act of defiance and provovation, and should not be tolerated.

2: No boundaries within the Island of Sri Lanka. Any person who has the right to enter the Island legally has the right to roam freely within the Island, except for any restricted area defined according to State law.

A pertinent question was raised by many Sinhala citizens - "Why did the Government of Sri Lanka avoid raising the fundamental rights of the Sinhala displaced by the LTTE?"

"Why are LTTE goons allowed to masquerade in French style blue Police uniforms, when that is the function of the Sri Lankan Police?"

Next thing will be a Muslim Police parading in different costumes in Muslim areas.

What is the opinion of the Monitoring Mission?

3: The law of the land is expressly determined by the Government of Sri Lanka. The Immigration and Emigration is strictly administered by the government. Any person who wishes to enter the Sovereignty of Sri Lanka may do so through approved gateways. Exception may be granted to a Head of State. By allowing a representative of the terrorists to enter by private plane through the side door, has degraded the dignity of Sri Lanka.

4: Any changes to policy or law shall be changed only by government decree. Not by a group of internationally proscribed terrorists.

5: Proscription of LTTE stays, as is, until complete peace accord is reached and subject to a cooling off monitoring period of minimum of two years.

This is non-negotiable. The LTTE should be grateful that despite its horrid past, the Sri Lankan government has agreed to face them for discussions.

6: The NE shall have the same status as any other province within Sri Lanka and shall be governed within the current Sri Lanka legislation. None of the discussions of "Chief Minister" since NE is only a province not a Federal State within Sri Lanka.

7: The government shall have in "Stand By" mode, a Rapid Deployment Force in strategic locations within the Island, under the direction of the military command, to be deployed as the military sees fit.

8: The Sri Lanka Navy and the Air Force will have the total responsibility, without any reservations, to protect the territorial integrity of Sri Lanka, and the right to engagement in defence.

9: The Sri Lankan Police shall have the right to establish operational posts within the Island to implement law enforcement. No other "police" shall enter within Sri Lankan territory.

10: There should be definite time scale for peace negotiations, during which time both parties agree on a format. The LTTE as an organisation does not represent all Tamil citizens of Sri Lanka.

Once the terms of peace accord are exchanged, all Tamil and Sri Lankan political parties should be consulted prior to acceptance of terms of the final agreement.

Finally, LTTE is still proscribed by the international community as a Terrorist Organisation. Sri Lankan government should take note of both the Sri Lankan and the International opinion. Do Not Trust The Tiger!


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